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Scratchy vanity 45s, pilfered field recordings, muddy off-the-radio sounds, homemade congregational tapes and vintage commercial gospel throw-downs; a little preachin', a little salvation, a little audio tomfoolery.

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Options February 18, 2016

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Artist Track Album Label Year Format Images Approx. start time
Silver Quintette  Sinner's Crossroads   Options No LP  VJ  1956  78 
0:00:00 ()
Crossroad Gospel Singers  Witness   Options Forgive Me Lord  Mainstream Records  1974  LP 
0:04:18 ()
Pilgrim Travelers  Call On Jesus   Options Pilgrim Travelers of Los Angeles: Gospel Boogie, Rare Recordings 1947-1958  Gospel Friend    CD 
0:05:44 ()
Morning Echoes of Detroit  House of Mercy   Options No LP  B.C.    45 
0:11:25 ()
Gospel IQs  I Found Him   Options No LP  H. R. L.  c.1966  45 
0:16:16 ()
Gospel Four of Miami  Christian Love   Options No LP  Cathedral    45 
0:20:52 ()
Gates of Heaven  If You Ever Needed The Lord Before   Options No LP  Gates of Heaven    45 
0:22:24 ()
Gospel Clouds of Joy  Prayer Changes Things   Options No LP  Big J   c.1978  45 
0:26:48 ()
Pilgrim Travelers  Jesus Travels   Options Pilgrim Travelers of Los Angeles: Gospel Boogie, Rare Recordings 1947-1958  Gospel Friend  2015   
0:30:15 ()
Southern Four Singers of Detroit  Who Is The Stranger?   Options Who Is The Stranger  Champ  c.1975  LP 
0:35:17 ()
Seniors of Harmony  Swing Down Sweet Chariot   Options Seniors of Harmony  HSE  c.1975  LP 
0:39:33 ()
Stars of Glory  Somebody Gone   Options I'm On My Way  Champ  c.1975  LP 
0:43:12 ()
Mighty Golden Crown  Witness   Options Jesus Is Always There  Sav-a-Soul  c.1970  LP 
0:46:09 ()
Indiana Soul Searchers  I Don't Need No Doctor   Options Living On Mother's Prayer  Champ  c.1977  LP 
0:50:51 ()
Brother Otis Blaylock and His Swan Civil Stars  I Know I Got Religion   Options No LP  SherMar     
0:57:02 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:02pm glenn:

hello, sin bin.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/18/16 8:03pm Uncle Michael:

Praise be...
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:03pm JakeGould:

Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:03pm sinner:

Hello glenn. Unca mike.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:04pm Brother Ray:

Missed my connection on the 5:30 bus; caught a ride with Bernice's brother Claude Ray. Hey to the beloved.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:07pm coelacanth:

greetings Kevin and sinners
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:07pm sinner:

No worries, BR. I have seen how you move in a pinch.

Hey, hey cee-low-canth.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:08pm Brother Ray:

Yo, Co!
  Thu. 2/18/16 8:08pm P-90:

Evening, sinner! And Sinners.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:08pm sinner:

Claude Ray's out of jail??
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:09pm sinner:

P-90, hello, hello.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:09pm Brother Ray:

Early release. Working at Temple of Bountiful Blessing's halfway house on Cater Street.
  Thu. 2/18/16 8:10pm P-90:

Just don"t nobody tell Clause ray I um, "escorted" Bernice to the Groun'hog Day square dance.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:11pm Brother Ray:

He was delivering meals for the shut-ins and gave us a lift.
  Thu. 2/18/16 8:11pm P-90:

*Claude Ray I mean
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:12pm glenn:

what's this about claude rains escaping jail?
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:13pm Brother Ray:

Claude won't mind. And you KNOW Bernice can handle herself if need be.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:14pm Brother Ray:

No escape. Reverend Izear interceded on his behalf and got him a gig at The Temple.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:15pm dale:

will god get me a new car?
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:15pm Brother Ray:

See, opening jail doors...
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:15pm sinner:

Out of Jail Candle.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:15pm JakeGould:

Wow! God can get me a car? Hook me up with that shit!
  Thu. 2/18/16 8:16pm Clawed Rains:

Oh, she can handle herself, all right. Ooch.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:16pm Brother Ray:

Dale, you know that Electra 225 is doing fine for you.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:17pm Brother Ray:

JG Izear's Tote the Note Palace is waiting on you.
  Thu. 2/18/16 8:18pm P-90:

What color is that Electra? I just might make you an offer.
  Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/18/16 8:18pm Lonely Planet Boy:

my dad had two Electra 225s; a '68 and a '72. Best looking dash panel arrangement I've seen.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:18pm glenn:

don't do it, dale. the lat time i asked god for a car i got a dodge demon without a firewall.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:19pm glenn:

and by god, i mean my dad, but still, a dodge demon.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:21pm Brother Ray:

Gospel IQs. Cool name.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:22pm coelacanth:

'nothing ironic about that...
  Thu. 2/18/16 8:22pm mink:

I like that House of Mercy song. Probably sacrilege to say OI like it because it sounds like dr. feelgood (but with sweeter vocals, obvs)
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:22pm Brother Ray:

Lonely---Yeah, that Deuce and a Quarter was a fine ride.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:23pm glenn:

cool, except the gospel bullies stole their lunch money every day.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:25pm glenn:

nice. a 225 in person.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:26pm JakeGould:

Reverend Snotty Nose!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/18/16 8:26pm Ken From Hyde Park:

There's a nice red Buick converitble! My uncle drove a 225 at one time.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:26pm Brother Ray:

Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:26pm sinner:

Rev Izear's ride.
  Thu. 2/18/16 8:26pm jon:

evening brother kevin and sinners
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:27pm dale:

in sub lime or plum crazy, glenn?
  Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/18/16 8:27pm Lonely Planet Boy:


musicradio WABC sounded good on that radio
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:27pm Brother Ray:

Here's the song. Bernice ready to dance. Tighten up!
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:28pm glenn:

here's one. www.kijiji.ca...
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:29pm Brother Ray:

Smooth harmonies.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:30pm dale:

i like how g.m. in the 70s started to do styling nods to the 30s and 40s, with boat tailed things like the riviera
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:30pm glenn:

my demon was blue, with strainless steel panels riveted over all the rusty spots. i couldn't drive it if the sun was shining. the other drivers on the road would be blinded.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:32pm coelacanth:

there was a time when, looking down on them driving by from a second story window, the riviera looked to me like a large corvette stingray.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:32pm coelacanth:

that sounds beautiful glenn!
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:33pm Brother Ray:

Yeah, Glenn. Nice ride for real.
  Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/18/16 8:34pm Lonely Planet Boy:

Up until the second gas crisis ('78?), each car had a distinctive look. After that, they all began to look the same.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/18/16 8:35pm common:

good eve! nice to hear you, kevin!
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:35pm glenn:

oh yeah. it was slicker than whale shit.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:35pm Brother Ray:

Yep, LPB. Gas crisis messed the artistry in a bad way.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:35pm coelacanth:

like this? mapleleafmopars.homestead.com...
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:35pm sinner:

Hey hi, common.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:36pm Brother Ray:

Good looking vehicle, Coel
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:37pm Brother Ray:

Bass singer got head cold.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:37pm glenn:

that's a much better looking car than mine, and it would probably pass a safety inspection.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:39pm coelacanth:

this is the dash of my favorite car i ever owned : www.germancarforum.com...

-it had a red ribbon that unwound as the speed increased.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:40pm Brother Ray:

Swing Time!
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:40pm coelacanth:

...not the most beautiful, but cool in its weirdness.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:40pm Brother Ray:

Like that pencil-thin steering wheel.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:41pm glenn:

i don't know, i think it's pretty nifty looking.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:41pm JakeGould:

That Volvo steering wheel will really gash your head efficiently in the case of an accident.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:42pm dale:

i had an amc hornet. a green turd.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:42pm Brother Ray:

Crush that windpipe, too
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:44pm Brother Ray:

1974 Dodge Coronet Dark green interior and exterior. No AC.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:44pm coelacanth:

yeah, it was collapsible -maybe the first to do that...but it was so big it was a pain to get in and out, until i got used to it.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:44pm Brother Ray:

Thinking of many somebodies gone...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/18/16 8:46pm common:

i almost bought a 72 dodge dart when i was a young-un. mustard yellow. but i got an engagement ring instead.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:46pm dale:

had an 85 cadillac fleetwood brougham back in the 90s. red on red and a re opera roof. felt like the mayor of whoretown driving that. truck picking up a dumpster ripped the whole front clip off while it was parked in my driveway.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:48pm Brother Ray:

"Mayor of Whoretown"---man, you slayed me on that.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:50pm coelacanth:

oh my. that sucks dale. (the part about the front getting ripped off! the rest is pretty cool!)
  Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/18/16 8:50pm Lonely Planet Boy:

brougham. Love it.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:51pm Brother Ray:

Everybody clap and sway!
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:52pm dale:

I paid 1,700 for it - no one wanted a car like that then. i was into the white thom mccann loafers and polyester look then.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:52pm coelacanth:

those darts had longevity though...
common, how did that engagement ring ride?!
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:52pm Brother Ray:

Fill that prescription!
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:53pm JakeGould:

Who got the Jesus?
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:53pm coelacanth:

this is the right script!
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:54pm Brother Ray:

Reverend Mozell speaking it..
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:55pm coelacanth:

this is what that volvo looked like when i bought it.
i eventually painted it almost-black green, put nice wheels on, took all the trim off and put the side-views above the wheelwells.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:56pm Brother Ray:

Aw, Dude! Time for hitting the door. Think we'll have grilled cheese with provolone and applewood bacon. And maybe some tomato basil soup. Yeah, that's the ticket...
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:56pm JakeGould:

Nice profile on that Volvo.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:56pm Brother Ray:

Spy Car, Co-El.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:57pm dale:

sweet lookin car - old volvos have a presence.
  Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/18/16 8:57pm Lonely Planet Boy:

have a good week
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:57pm Brother Ray:

C'mon, Bernice.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:57pm sinner:

....meanwhile, the radio show is winding down. Plymouth Valiant for me, boys, 1972. Slant 6.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:57pm coelacanth:

oh yeah, i tinted the glass too!
Thanks Kevin!
see y'all.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:58pm Brother Ray:

Good evening, Rev Kev
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:58pm sinner:

Ray-Ray, peace.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 8:59pm coelacanth:

i had that for 14 years. killed me to just junk it, but i couldn't afford to fix it.
Avatar Thu. 2/18/16 9:01pm coelacanth:

those slant sixes were indestructible! good cars.
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