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Options February 6, 2016: Dusting For Fingerprints
This event is FREE and OPEN to the PUBLIC: LIVE tarot readings from Innerstellarmedium! www.innerstellarmedium.com Call: 201-209-9368

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Artist Track Album
The Nude Detectives  Red Handed   Options  
Peter Ivers  Miraculous Weekend   Options  
Sainkho Namtchylak  Worker Song   Options  
El Stew  Vintage   Options  
TIME  Art Shadow's Eye   Options  
Music behind DJ:
Live Tarot with Innerstellarmedium 
Call 201-209-9368   Options Finis Africa - Amazonia 
Gang of Four  At Home He's A Tourist   Options  
Lizzy Mercier Descloux  Milk Sheik   Options  
Hasil Adkins  I Could Never Be Blue   Options  
Peter Ivers  Happy On The Grill   Options  
Waldorf  You're My Disco   Options  
Toni Basil  Mickey   Options  
Secret Ties  Dancing In My Sleep   Options  
Music behind DJ:
Live Tarot with Innerstellarmedium 
Call 201-209-9368   Options  
DJ Flugvel  Og Geimskip   Options  
Francis Bebey  The Coffee Cola Song   Options  
Kink Gong  Shitani   Options  
Music behind DJ:
Live Tarot with Innerstellarmedium 
Call 201-209-9368   Options  
Chat with Joe from Switchboard Infinity     
The Troggs  Love is All Around   Options  
Leanjeans  Runaway   Options  
The Chap  Walter Wendy Stanley Carlos   Options  

Listener comments!

  Tue. 2/2/16 10:20pm MONEYBAG$:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/5/16 8:44pm JakeGould:

Hey, is Neil okay?
  Sat. 2/6/16 1:52am neil:

<wanted by fbi>keeping a low profile...
  Sat. 2/6/16 1:57am neil:

<wearing a monocle><and a dress>gotta be careful!<oven mitts>
  Sat. 2/6/16 2:52am neil:

looking forward to lots ov songs about cops tonite!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 2/6/16 3:04am Jay/London:

good morning Stashu just on first coffee
  Sat. 2/6/16 3:13am is_potato:

Good morning, folks, DJ Stashu. Love the bongos!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 2/6/16 3:16am Stashu:

Are you OK Neil!? Good morning!
  Sat. 2/6/16 3:17am is_potato:

"El Stew" is spanish fot "The Stew".
  Sat. 2/6/16 3:21am neil:

yeah. loopy, id say better than ok!<eatin cookies drinkin coffee>
  Sat. 2/6/16 3:22am neil:

stuff is cool.
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 3:25am is_potato:

Ooo, I want to see a picture of a card from the Japanese tarot deck!
  Sat. 2/6/16 3:26am neil:

tappa tappa tappa
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 3:26am is_potato:

Neil: what songs about cops? F* tha police... I shot the sheriff... dream police...
  Sat. 2/6/16 3:28am neil:

only one i could think ov was the pig was cool, by killdozer. not many cop songs...
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 3:28am is_potato:

Wow. 19 years. That would seem like it would take a long time to recover.
  Sat. 2/6/16 3:29am neil:

unless u count police songs...<or songs by sting>
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 3:29am is_potato:

Dr Seuss is always a welcome guest on the show! In the neighborhood! At the kitchen table!
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 3:31am is_potato:

Not a big fan of Sting. Pleading ignorance on that. But I appreciate his place in pop history. And in Dune, wearing that, uh, winged speedo.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 2/6/16 3:31am Stashu:

Sting vs. Dr. Suess who would win?
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 3:32am is_potato:

Oh, the music fit perfectly for a moment.
  Sat. 2/6/16 3:32am neil:

woa blew my brain
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 2/6/16 3:33am Ken From Hyde Park:

Those are pentacles, I found out recently. Not tentacles.
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 3:33am is_potato:

Well, Sting can't draw, but Dr Suess can't sing. So, combat would be in lyrics. "Sending Out An SOS" vs "Green Eggs and Ham". Hold on... I'm going to look up which has fewer words.
  Sat. 2/6/16 3:34am demcanulty:

What a nice caller!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 2/6/16 3:34am Stashu:

Tentacles mean something completely different
  Sat. 2/6/16 3:35am neil:

are suction cups fingerprints?
  Sat. 2/6/16 3:36am neil:

fish crimes!!!
  Sat. 2/6/16 3:37am neil:

starfish pick pocket?
  Sat. 2/6/16 3:39am neil:

is he driving? this could be dangerous.
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 3:40am is_potato:

Farts are always funny.
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 3:41am is_potato:

TIL, the Police song is called "Message In A Bottle". And it has 150 unique words. So Green Eggs and Ham wins since it's only 50 words.
  Sat. 2/6/16 3:42am neil:

fireman caller fighting fire!<this is intense>
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 3:42am is_potato:

I think he may not know he needs to say stop.
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 3:43am is_potato:

Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 3:43am is_potato:

he was totally not focusing!
  Sat. 2/6/16 3:43am neil:

pilot caller flying airplane.
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 3:46am is_potato:

Are hermits sea-going? I thought they were desert based. Or perhaps in a cave or cabin.
  Sat. 2/6/16 3:46am Marc15:

I'm gay and I will miss having a boyfriend this Valentine's Day. My ex-boyfriend literally abandoned me
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 3:47am is_potato:

Pentacles, tentacles, spectacles, schmectacles.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 2/6/16 3:47am Stashu:

Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 3:47am is_potato:

Marc15, like he took you someplace and left you there?
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 3:48am is_potato:

Ohh, he's an Uber driver, right. So that is so like sea-going. His ship is his car.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 2/6/16 3:50am Stashu:

LOL :)
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 3:50am is_potato:

The secret to Valentines Day is Secret Valentines.
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 3:50am is_potato:

Give out Valentines anonymously. Be extravagant.
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 3:53am is_potato:

Oh, that's way younger than what I was thinking. Kindergarten is great. Don't let 'em do their own things at that age.
  Sat. 2/6/16 3:53am neil:

ooh i can smell crayons right now!! <&none are nearby>
  Sat. 2/6/16 3:54am neil:

songs about crayons?
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 3:55am is_potato:

I wish the bells were stereophonic, cos I'm listening on earbuds.
  Sat. 2/6/16 3:55am neil:

ok every one get out ur coloring books!
  Sat. 2/6/16 3:56am neil:

any one have a yellow i can borrow?
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 3:56am Mary Wing:

I like how Stashu does the play-by-play commentary: "And here is the third card..." :-)
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 3:59am is_potato:

I found a South Korean girl group named Crayon Pop. Here's the video I found- www.youtube.com... and the crazy thing is they're all wearing bicycle helmets, so it makes me think they have mental retardation.
  Sat. 2/6/16 4:02am Marc15:

@is_potato: No, he never said he wanted to break up. He just stopped talking to me. He ignored my texts, my phone calls, and my voice messages. When I finally did get in touch with him, he was with another guy and said I should have "taken the hint." We were together 2 years
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 4:03am is_potato:

Hasil Adkins is from my home state of West Virginia! Peanut Butter Rock N Roll is one of his most rocking songs!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 2/6/16 4:03am Stashu:

I've been in that kind of a situation Marc... :( I was torn apart!!!!!!!!!!!
  Sat. 2/6/16 4:05am Marc15:

I was devastated. It lead me into a very deep depression
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 4:05am is_potato:

That's a coward's way to leave someone. It makes you feel like a non-person and you wonder how they can do that to you.
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 4:06am is_potato:

You need a love-exorcism. See, you're haunted by the ghost of the relationship. He got rid of it and now it's yours.
  Sat. 2/6/16 4:07am neil:

when in doubt, buy ur self something nice.
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 4:08am is_potato:

You could make a voodoo doll. If you can find personal effects, make a doll, print out a picture of his face. Then get rid of the voodoo doll. Leave it somewhere or just release your id on it.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 2/6/16 4:09am Stashu:

Dolls are creepy
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 4:10am is_potato:

neil, what if the something nice I want to buy is too expensive for me or maybe a not-so-good idea to buy because, uh, let's we could totally binge or otherwise do unhealthy things?
  Sat. 2/6/16 4:10am Marc15:

It came out of no where too. We had no argument beforehand, but if he wanted to breakup, he could have told me. I would have been sad, but I would have gotten over it a lot faster than I did
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 4:11am is_potato:

Dolls ARE creepy and therefore suffused with a terrible and awesome power.
  Sat. 2/6/16 4:11am demcanulty:

This song is like sonic coffee.
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 4:12am is_potato:

Raggedy Ann is just an anagram of Ragnarok
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 4:14am is_potato:

Marc15: was it really out of nowhere? Looking back, were there any clues? Things you may have blinded yourself to?
  Sat. 2/6/16 4:14am Marc15:

A love-exorcism? I never thought of it that way
  Sat. 2/6/16 4:14am neil:

been there done that potato. no regrets. <crusher>also i have many cool things.<stuff><!!!!!>!!! everyday can b christmas.<that's how i roll>
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 4:16am is_potato:

Everyday can be Halloween. Hmm, I like fireworks. Everyday can be the 4th of July. Oh, everyday can be St Patrick's Day, but the mornings are hell.
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 4:16am the Canterbury wood-elf:

Good morning Stashu et al. Just here for a few minutes this time : (
This time last week a friend discovered her car had been broken into. The police sent a forensics operative to dust for prints, but he found nothing - apparently that's the norm this time of year, people aren't sweating enough, the air is damp. So it's a good time for criminals.
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 4:16am is_potato:

Every day is Arbor Day and that is how I grew a forest single-handedly.
  Sat. 2/6/16 4:17am Marc15:

Can everyday be Walpurgisnacht?
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 4:18am is_potato:

I didn't know that fingerprints were temperature related. Maybe it's so cold thieves wear gloves.
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 4:18am is_potato:

Canterbury wood-elf! Good morning!
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 4:18am the Canterbury wood-elf:

There was a band from Portsmouth in the late 80s called "70 Policemen In My Kitchen". And the first Caravan album has a (forgettable) song called "Policeman" on it.
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 4:20am the Canterbury wood-elf:

"Sound Of Da Police" by KRS-1 (woop woop)
"Police Officer" by Smiley Culture
  Sat. 2/6/16 4:21am neil:

garfield hates mondays...<cat><like a cat has to do something all day>peeerrhhhaps a cat burgler?
  Sat. 2/6/16 4:21am Marc15:

Arbor Day happens to be Walpurgisnacht Eve this year
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 4:21am is_potato:

I like "Dance With Me, Stanley" because it reminds me of "Three's Company."
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 4:21am the Canterbury wood-elf:

Good morning is_potato!
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 4:22am is_potato:

You can always afford Greek food!
  Sat. 2/6/16 4:22am neil:

man in rags on line one!!!
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 4:23am is_potato:

I wonder what a homeless guys tarot cards look like? Are they worn and look like brown paper bag paper.
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 4:24am is_potato:

My old turf, hit the earth. Rhymes.
  Sat. 2/6/16 4:24am demcanulty:

Thanks for the great show, much enjoyed, heading to sleep out here on the west coast. Best wishes all.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 2/6/16 4:25am Stashu:

:) !!!
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 4:25am is_potato:

nighters, dem!
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 4:27am is_potato:

Pig farkers at the Ren Faire.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 2/6/16 4:29am Stashu:

Dance With Me, Stanley is named after a song I love
  Sat. 2/6/16 4:30am neil:

arbor day card.
  Sat. 2/6/16 4:31am neil:

neil<with a sword>
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 4:31am is_potato:

I never knew that, I must remember so that I can look it up. No! You should play it during fundraising. Like a themesong.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 2/6/16 4:32am Stashu:

Mary Wing! :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 2/6/16 4:32am Stashu:

Neil are you OK?
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 4:33am is_potato:

Then you can do a folksy intro and say, "This is Dance With Me, Stanley with DJ Stashu... I'm DJ Stashu... Welcome!"
  Sat. 2/6/16 4:33am neil:

yes.<its a dull sword>
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 2/6/16 4:33am Stashu:

Neil be OK!
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 4:35am is_potato:

Lot of swords.
  Sat. 2/6/16 4:35am neil:

oh thee devil can b a cool guy too.<many ov my pals r devils>
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 2/6/16 4:35am Stashu:

It's named after a song called "Dance With Me, Henry"
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 2/6/16 4:35am Stashu:

Stanley is my own making. I love that name!
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 4:35am is_potato:

Swords have a penetrative, Freudian thing going for them.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 2/6/16 4:36am Stashu:

Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 4:36am is_potato:

It's not a common name. There's Stanley Tucci.
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 4:37am is_potato:

Flat Stanley. Stanley hand tools.
  Sat. 2/6/16 4:37am neil:

i thought stanley was a power tool thing.<???>
  Sat. 2/6/16 4:38am neil:

nice belt sander!
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 4:38am is_potato:

I used to love going to a local pizza place which had terrible pizza but it had an old arcade game called Joust where you rode an ostrich.
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 4:39am is_potato:

Ralph Stanley the bluegrass god.
  Sat. 2/6/16 4:40am neil:

a stanley power hammer would work well too.
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 4:41am is_potato:

A steam powered hammer
  Sat. 2/6/16 4:42am neil:

stanley power tool motto: inspired by thee chance to make a difference.<true>
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 4:43am is_potato:

Inspired by DANCE. Dance powered tools.
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 4:43am is_potato:

Hmm, Kidnappings in Colombia has its own Wikipedia entry. It's a thing.
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 4:45am is_potato:

This ad lib phone number thing is great!
  Sat. 2/6/16 4:45am neil:

always carry a stanley level to help out!<thee stanley fatmax magnetic level>
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 4:46am is_potato:

We believe. And what we believe, we find evidence and think we know.
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 4:47am is_potato:

... the comment board...
  Sat. 2/6/16 4:47am Ice in Brooklyn:

Lighthouse of disappointment
  Sat. 2/6/16 4:48am neil:

i just dig my pit deeper.<with thee stanley mini shovel>
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 4:48am is_potato:

Neil: what about level apps for smartphones? Do they work? I wonder.
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 4:49am is_potato:

Ice in Brooklyn: hello! You should call in!
  Sat. 2/6/16 4:51am neil:

im not that smart. <me use tools me use hands><whats a s m a r t p h o n e><???>
  Sat. 2/6/16 4:52am neil:

smoke signal with me stanley?<windy day>
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 4:52am is_potato:

This is a cheerful song.
  Sat. 2/6/16 4:53am neil:

e-bola cola! my favorite!!!
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 4:53am is_potato:

What is black coffee cola?
  Sat. 2/6/16 4:56am neil:

have u tried zikacola?<gave me a rash>
  Sat. 2/6/16 5:01am neil:

i prefer disease related beverages...<just in general>
  Sat. 2/6/16 5:02am neil:

also! is switchboard infinity on tonite?
  Sat. 2/6/16 5:03am neil:

caller uv won thee tickets to foghat!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 2/6/16 5:08am Stashu:

Funny you mention Switchboard...
  Sat. 2/6/16 5:09am neil:

is potato. investigating thee coffee lead?<beware the hermit with a sword>its a mystery!<aaarrgh>look its a map!
  Sat. 2/6/16 5:11am neil:

clues written on thee back ov this cookie!
  Sat. 2/6/16 5:12am neil:

  Sat. 2/6/16 5:14am neil:

now i gotta get a little more coffee.<hang on>
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 5:16am is_potato:

I'm a tea drinker and my microwave is broken, so I must use a stove to heat water and I have to watch it so nothing catches on fire.
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 5:17am is_potato:

I am eaten by a grue.
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 5:19am is_potato:

Whoa. I totally missed that you dropped the DJ.
  Sat. 2/6/16 5:22am neil:

k. im back. <said b4 i live in thee future><only a few seconds>hey!!!! super good job with infinity. soooo well done!<funny>
  Sat. 2/6/16 5:22am neil:

thee creativity is in thee water!!!
  Sat. 2/6/16 5:31am neil:

called it!
  Sat. 2/6/16 5:38am neil:

ethereal. <reality>thee cloud which surrounds.<me>fluffy clouds
  Sat. 2/6/16 5:51am neil:

watch thee passion channel<brought to you by stanley power tools>yeah joe you rule!
  Sat. 2/6/16 5:55am neil:

back to thee finger! written on thee wind.<windy>take care ladies! g'night!
Avatar Sat. 2/6/16 5:58am is_potato:

Good night! To all thos who wonder while they wander.
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