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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options January 8, 2016: Sex Education

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Listener comments!

Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/8/16 6:03pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Hi, welcome back. Welcome to 2016!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/8/16 6:03pm Marcel M:

Welcome back girls! Happy New year!
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:03pm Frangry:

Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:03pm RAWisROLLIE:

Sext Ed
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/8/16 6:03pm Marcel M:

Whats with this new theme? I need blackness.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:04pm Mr. Machine:

Happy belated Kwanzikamass year ladies!!!
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:04pm Just Ted:

Hello Everyone.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:04pm MisterJohnny:

This new color scheme...kinda not good, eh...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/8/16 6:04pm Marcel M:

Yeah kinda sucks. Mad white bread. I'm with you Johnny.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:05pm MisterJohnny:

I think I'm even MORE pumped for Frangry & Michele!!!
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:05pm Just Ted:

Is the playlist link on the WFMU main page working????
  Fri. 1/8/16 6:05pm tooplin:

white after labor day??
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/8/16 6:05pm Marcel M:

Frangry attempts being a slut take 23
  Fri. 1/8/16 6:05pm kevlicki:

Hi weirdos, happy new year!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/8/16 6:05pm Marcel M:

@Tooplin: Hahhahaha
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:06pm MisterJohnny:

How much SEX are we talkin' about??? Like 10 dudes each???
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:06pm Just Ted:

Darkness on the edge of Foodbed.
  Fri. 1/8/16 6:06pm giraffe-o:

Wait - 20-sex-teen means Frangry & Michele will be having lots of sex with each other?
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:06pm Mr. Machine:

Nooo...leave it....F everyone else. White is right...lol
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:06pm MisterJohnny:

Make the color PINK in honor of 20SEXteen!!!
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:06pm Doctor Rembrandt:

Hello from San Francisco
  Fri. 1/8/16 6:07pm MONEYBAG$:

Can you say "humping" on the air?
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:07pm Doctor Rembrandt:

It's racist, too whiote
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:07pm Mr. Machine:

People suck...leave it.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/8/16 6:07pm Marcel M:

New website looks good. But black is beautiful.
  Fri. 1/8/16 6:07pm Danne D:

Happy New Year Frangry <3333

Happy New Year Michele <333

Happy New Year Weirdos!
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:07pm MisterJohnny:

Gray sucks - how about biege!!!
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:07pm Doctor Rembrandt:

I'm white trash, I can't appreciate it.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:07pm common:

i like it. happy thingy.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:07pm Just Ted:

Its fine, but the main page link doesn't work for me, had to go through other means to get here.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:07pm dale:

is this color scheme classy? or LAZY?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/8/16 6:07pm Marcel M:

I mean, its hard to turn back after black, am I right guys? ZING!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/8/16 6:08pm Marcel M:

I didn't realize sex was a thing until I had it like 50 times.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:08pm MisterJohnny:

I don't hate on everything!!! That's the OLD me way back in 2015...
  Fri. 1/8/16 6:08pm Danne D:

Prison Gray - sexy comment board color.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:08pm Just Ted:

@MisterJohnny i would prefer taupe to beige.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:08pm RAWisROLLIE:

We had sex education in 1st grade. Thank you New Jersey public schools for being surprisingly progressive.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:09pm glenn:

i grew up on a farm. boom done.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/8/16 6:09pm Marcel M:

@RAW: Did they get raw though? My sex education (much later tho yes) was like total bullshit. They didn't even really say what it was at all. They just talked about reproduction.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:09pm MisterJohnny:

7 is too young for Playboy Channel...this explains a lot about Frangry...
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:09pm Just Ted:

They should have filed a lawsuit agains the cable company. Then Frangry would be even more rich.
  Fri. 1/8/16 6:10pm Mr. Pickles:

The syndicated radio show hosted by Dr. Judy, the sex therapist in the nineties was my sex ed (and grandpa's Playboy collection).
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:10pm dale:

growing up in buffalo i would watch the toronto tv station because their bra commercials actually had hot young women in bras. the u.s. had jane russel in a bra over a black turtleneck sweater.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:11pm common:

we had a cable box in the 80s and my brother and i put a toothpick in the channel changer to make the playboy channel stick. i saw my dad doing that same thing.
  Fri. 1/8/16 6:11pm giraffe-o:

Awesome radio banter, women. I can envision the size of the circle you're making with your fingers based on Michele's chuckling.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:11pm Just Ted:

Still no working link on the WFMU Main page.
  Fri. 1/8/16 6:11pm Rob F:

Happy New Weird!
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:11pm MisterJohnny:

The Birds and the Bees...but the Bees are dying - and the Birds aren't feeling too well either!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/8/16 6:12pm Marcel M:

@Dale: I went to Canada as a kid and was thrilled to learn they had boobs on TV.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:12pm glenn:

yeah, but the buffalo channels had clip smith. and nightly fires.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/8/16 6:12pm Marcel M:

Just Ted, the link to this page? It works.
  Fri. 1/8/16 6:12pm robyn:

Hello, pets. Good sex joke I heard recently:

-Hey, have you ever owned a parrot?
-Cause it looks like you've had a cockatoo (cock-or-two)
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:12pm Just Ted:

Hey! I'm one of those degenerate pervs and I completely understand the show concept.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:12pm MisterJohnny:

Does anyone here remember Dr. Ruth Westheimer???
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:12pm RAWisROLLIE:

@Marcel Well, there weren't photos to go along with it, but I knew that "the penis goes in the vagina" which my parents made me repeat that at parties.
  Fri. 1/8/16 6:13pm robyn:

(Works best in a British accent. Stole it from super hans on peep show).
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/8/16 6:13pm Marcel M:

@Raw; Haha.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:13pm glenn:

oh robyn, you crazy kid.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:13pm dale:

modonna's sex book was just our bodies ourselves with less pubic hair.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:13pm Just Ted:

@Robyn is this part of your new years resolution?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/8/16 6:14pm Marcel M:

My wife gave me the sex talk. Actually she gives it to me almost every weekend.
  Fri. 1/8/16 6:14pm Jordan:

MICHELE - Has anyone told you that you look a little bit like Dakota Johnson????
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:14pm MisterJohnny:

Parents should show their kids images of genitals mutilated by horrific Venereal Diseases...
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:14pm Just Ted:

Can't wait for a "When spin the bottle when wrong" story.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:15pm Just Ted:

Went not when.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/8/16 6:15pm Ken From Hyde Park:

If Spike calls, then you can explain it to him.
  Fri. 1/8/16 6:15pm giraffe-o:

I can’t really describe a moment or epiphany I had about sexuality. I had a lot of (3-4 years) older friends I grew up with in my neighborhood - they talked about it a lot & had porn, so I just was kind of in the mix, and I understood what they were talking about.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/8/16 6:16pm Marcel M:

I'm gonna wear something seethru
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:16pm Frangry:

Marcel, I like the way you spell seethru
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:17pm Just Ted:

Marcel you're a tease! you said that about the meet-up. So disappointing.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/8/16 6:17pm Marcel M:

THX, I'm avant, brah.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:17pm MisterJohnny:

If you want to be slutty without heels on your feet - put your feet behind your ears...totally slutty...
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:17pm Frangry:

so should i change the background BACK TO BLACK?
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:17pm Just Ted:

Wonder how Joy learned about sex. Or maybe she invented it?
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:17pm RAWisROLLIE:

@MisterJohnny Maybe there should be a Genitals Cereal for kids.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:18pm MisterJohnny:

Is there a Kama Sutra workout??? Is that what Pilates is???
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/8/16 6:18pm Marcel M:

@Frangry: Yeah bro back 2 black.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:18pm MisterJohnny:

Joy wrote "The Joy of Sex."
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:19pm dale:

RAW - pink penises, blue balls and creamy globes?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/8/16 6:19pm Marcel M:

what if the first time was when you learned about sex?

Guys come hang out at my dog sit in BK Heights and we'll get high.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:20pm Just Ted:

@Mister Johnny Can't wait for her new book: "The Sex of Joy"
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/8/16 6:20pm Marcel M:

Its a fancy town apartment
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:20pm RAWisROLLIE:

@dale purple WhoreShoes
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:20pm Kevlicki:

b-a-c-k in b-l-a-c-k
yeah I'm back in black!
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:21pm Kevlicki:

Any of you Warlock Pinchers fans?
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:21pm Just Ted:

Playboy Shamayboy. I learned the old fashion way. Univision.
  Fri. 1/8/16 6:21pm robyn:

@justted my resolution is to straddle the line between good taste and bestiality, just like last year.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:21pm MisterJohnny:

O R L A N D O is S L O W M O T H E R F U C K E R . . .
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:22pm Kevlicki:

This is the first time I haven't been totally annoyed by orlando
  Fri. 1/8/16 6:22pm Sean D:

I learned from andrew dice clay, that jack and jill went down the hill...err jack went down on jill on the hill...somethin like that.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:22pm Just Ted:

@Robyn Now thats the Robyn I know.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/8/16 6:22pm Marcel M:

Aw, you guys were kinda sweet to Orlando tonight.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:22pm glenn:

jeeez. even blind people say back in the day.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:22pm MisterJohnny:

Dr. Ruth was a sniper in the Israeli Army...

How many confirmed kills do you think she had???
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:22pm Kevlicki:

@Sean d each with a buck and a quarter..
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:23pm dale:

heh heh, RAW...
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:23pm Kevlicki:

back off Michele
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/8/16 6:23pm Marcel M:

Michele is like totally stalking me
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:24pm dale:

....and the balloons are condoms.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:24pm MisterJohnny:

I wanna give Michele "The Westheimer."
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/8/16 6:24pm Marcel M:

Balls out? I'ma dip.
  Fri. 1/8/16 6:25pm Geoff in Ottawa:

Dr. Ruth's son was one of my teacher's at teacher's college.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/8/16 6:25pm Marcel M:

My parents moved far away from where I grew up. To a pretty place. So being home is kinda like being away. Its cool.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:25pm Kevlicki:

This show is sex education.
Frangry: "What do you mean, I have feelings on the inside"
  Fri. 1/8/16 6:25pm Geoff in Ottawa:

He was my best teacher at teacher's college. No joke.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:25pm MisterJohnny:

Dr. Ruth is 4 foot 7 inches!!! I've had bigger dumps than that...
  Fri. 1/8/16 6:26pm Danne D:

Dr Ruth link: http://www.snopes.com/medical/doctor/drruth.asp#
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:26pm Just Ted:

You shouldn't feel like a child Michele for your dad serving you food, unless he cut it into little pieces
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:26pm MisterJohnny:

Westheimer was seriously wounded in action by an exploding shell during the Israeli War of Independence in 1948, and it was several months before she was able to walk again.

Holy Crap!!!
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:27pm JakeGould:

Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:27pm Just Ted:

Yes, naps are planned. But in a semi-spontaneous way.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:27pm glenn:

just wait until your parents die and you're an orphan. that's way weirder.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:28pm dale:

my parents are dead. i try to not go there for a few years at least.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:28pm Just Ted:

Nothing is the epitome of enjoyment.
  Fri. 1/8/16 6:29pm Mike:

This show makes me want to plan a nap
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:29pm MisterJohnny:

Westheimer decided to emigrate to the British Mandate of Palestine. There, at 17, she "first had sexual intercourse on a starry night, in a haystack without contraception."

Having sex in a haystack is on my bucketlist!!!
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:31pm Just Ted:

This is exactly what I commented 5 minutes ago.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:31pm glenn:

that's one way to find the needle.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:31pm MisterJohnny:

Nap vs Siesta vs Sexiesta vs Shower Sex???
  Fri. 1/8/16 6:32pm TIMYTHY:

Michele makes ceramic art? Swoon.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:32pm dale:

shower sex is good. no need to clean up after.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:32pm glenn:

robin bird? hmmmmm. i smell fake name.
  Fri. 1/8/16 6:33pm Holly:

I love these girls so much.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:33pm JakeGould:

@glenn: Yup.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:33pm MisterJohnny:

Porn IS demeaning to women...if it's done right!!!
  Fri. 1/8/16 6:33pm Ricardo Cabeza:

@Dale: my hand and I agree.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:33pm Just Ted:

Also "naptime" is not really napping. Its "lay down and shut up so I don't go crazy and strangle you."
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:33pm Kevlicki:

huh, my mom told me the same story when she realized I had watched some porn as a 12 y/o. the whole "its not real" shpiel
  Fri. 1/8/16 6:34pm drunken monkey:

Did anyone have a creepy friend who brought out porn & then asked you to re-create some of the scenes in the photos?
  Fri. 1/8/16 6:34pm Ricardo Cabeza:

@glenn: no fake names allowed in here.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:34pm MisterJohnny:

Frangry watches more pornography than Orlando...
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:35pm Just Ted:

I'm fairly certain that the most conservative areas consume the most porn.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:35pm Just Ted:

But I can't remember were I read that.
  Fri. 1/8/16 6:35pm Danne D:

Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:35pm MisterJohnny:

Naked pictures of Frangry are high caliber erotic art...
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:35pm dale:

jenna jameson? michele IS old!
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:36pm Kevlicki:

reasons humans made the internet=Pornography and streaming WFMU
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:36pm RAWisROLLIE:

Maybe she sent them to the wrong number?
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:37pm glenn:

well, the most conservative areas definitely have the highest teen pregnancy rates.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:37pm MisterJohnny:

What do Frangry and Michele look at or read when they self-love???
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:38pm RAWisROLLIE:

if they don't take another call, Orlando's going to win.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:38pm Just Ted:

A delicate wildflower animal.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:38pm MisterJohnny:

Does Michele look at crows and stuff???
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/8/16 6:38pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Please provide a youtube link for the hair cutting shenanigans. Thanks!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/8/16 6:39pm Marcel M:

I don't think I ever had a THE sex talk. Just scattered fragments of things.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:39pm MisterJohnny:

Next Topic - What was the first pornography you bought???
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:39pm Just Ted:

@MisterJohnny I would guess Michele goes more hard core: Ravens.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:40pm Kevlicki:

@Michele, you have to post the deets on your March exhibition.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:41pm dale:

michele, do you produce enough moisture, you know - down there?
  Fri. 1/8/16 6:41pm robyn:

My parents just played the lime and coconut song and walked away
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:41pm Just Ted:

Frangry and Michele marathon duet: You're the one that I want from Grease. IN COSTUME.
  Fri. 1/8/16 6:41pm Sean D:

i got dry eyes too...from all the reefer
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:42pm Kevlicki:

tears from a Frangry, like blood from a stone.
supposedly she has "feelings on the inside"
  Fri. 1/8/16 6:42pm giraffe-o:

This is the most awesome anatomy lesson from Frangry that we could get about anatomy above the neck
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:42pm MisterJohnny:

Wait - does Michele cry out of her vagina???
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:42pm glenn:

lol at michele. can they plug your vagina, indeed.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:43pm Just Ted:

Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:43pm Fuzzy:

This show is soundbite GOLD
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:44pm glenn:

ummmm. hotness has sweet fuck all to do with glasses, yo.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:44pm dale:

i like girls in glasses. the hot librarian thing.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:44pm MisterJohnny:

Boys Don't Make Passes At Girls Who Wear Glasses
  Fri. 1/8/16 6:45pm King Dean:

I tried to use as many euphemisms as possible and scientific terms
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:45pm Just Ted:

Michele's jokes aren't the "A Priest, a Rabbi, and a Lawyer...." type. They're the random one-liner ones like "Is this Frangry from the future" and "can you rub it out?"
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:45pm MisterJohnny:

Filipino Porn!!! Holy Crap!!!
  Fri. 1/8/16 6:46pm Sean D:

i like nerdy girls with those extra thick glasses
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:47pm Just Ted:

@MisterJohnny you haven't lived until you hear porn in Tagalog.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:47pm MisterJohnny:

Are you a Friend of Dorothy???
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:47pm JakeGould:

What was the book the nice lady said had the bad illustrations from some assistant or all that?
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:48pm Just Ted:

Turned on but by the yummy entrails just like a bird.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:49pm Fuzzy:

Subic Bay liberty call: indeed, I have lived.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:50pm JakeGould:

Saw two dogs doing it outside of a car wash when I was 12, so that was an eye-opener.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:50pm MisterJohnny:

What wuz Frannie typing???
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:51pm Frangry:

Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:51pm MisterJohnny:


Michele FoodBed Tongue-Thruster Colomer!!!
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:52pm Just Ted:

@MisterJohnny Typing her letter to Penthouse
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:52pm glenn:

of course we're selfish. don't blame us, blame evolution.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:53pm MisterJohnny:

Is Frannie answering work e-mails on the radio??? LAME!!!
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:53pm JakeGould:

OMFG! “The Popsicle Twins!” youtu.be...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/8/16 6:53pm Marcel M:

"He explained to me the truth about everything."
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:53pm Just Ted:

Yes, this has been well documented in the Chuck Barris documentary.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:53pm Fuzzy:

Have you got a nickel?
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:54pm sporkman:

  Fri. 1/8/16 6:54pm Flubber:

Lady: "Who do plan on pleasing with that little thing?"
Man: "Me!"
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:55pm Just Ted:

Michele: Do you feel like a child when Frangry serves you food?
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:55pm MisterJohnny:

Keep on Tongue-Thrusting in 2016, Michele!!!
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:56pm MisterJohnny:

Ever since Frannie saw Bieber's dick she loves his music!!!

Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:57pm glenn:

snow's a moron
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:57pm Just Ted:

I totally thought of Marathon Premium a CD of Frangry Fresh and MC Footbed rap hits of the 80's and 90's
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/8/16 6:57pm Marcel M:

Goodnight weirdos. See you bitches tomorrow.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:57pm Kevlicki:

You should do Shaggy, "It wasn't me"
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:58pm Frangry:

Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:58pm Just Ted:

Bye Everyone.
  Fri. 1/8/16 6:58pm @0@:

You guys started the year good.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:58pm RAWisROLLIE:

@Just Ted Chuck Barris and Dr. Ruth were assassins together
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 6:58pm Just Ted:

Don't forget Mr. Rogers.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/8/16 7:03pm Marcel M:

Comment board open fa lyfe
  Fri. 1/8/16 7:04pm tooplin:

Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 7:04pm Just Ted:

Hey Marcel.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/8/16 7:36pm Marcel M:

This shit is still live yo
  Fri. 1/8/16 7:37pm tooplin:

keep going!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 1/8/16 7:47pm Marcel M:

Its poppin' in here
  Fri. 1/8/16 7:51pm tooplin:

Face Red And No Good Ruler? Yes.
  Fri. 1/8/16 7:52pm tooplin:

"Mad", I Cried, Her Eyes Looked Like Eagles.
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 8:19pm BADBRAIN:

it was a good start for 20 sexteen
Avatar Fri. 1/8/16 9:07pm SirJames:

Hey guys, have a good one.
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