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The Failure of Noise
The Failure of Sound
The Failure of Rock
The Failure of the Avant Garde
The Failure of the Space Age
The Failure of Jazz
The Failure of Psychedelia
The Failure of Krautrock
The Failure of Electronic
The Failure of Pop
The Failure of Free-form
The Failure of the 20th Century

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Options December 17, 2015: The Highs and Lows of Failure (special in-studio guest today: Aaron Moore of Volcano the Bear)

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
james last  Mr. Giant Man   Options Voodoo Party  0:00:00 ()
The Carpenters  Solitaire   Options The Essential Collection (1965-1997)  0:10:02 ()
Vibracathedral Orchestra  Juicy Humans   Options Unnatural with Pain-Relief  0:10:47 ()
ELO  Strange Magic   Options Face The Music  0:19:59 ()
Intersystems  Orange Juice   Options Number One Intersystems  0:30:22 ()
Unknown Artist  Untitled   Options Unknown  0:53:04 ()
Intersystems  Friends laughed at him   Options Peachy  0:57:31 ()
Intersystems  There are no Human Voices   Options Peachy  1:08:32 ()
William Basinski  Voyagers   Options Pod Tune: Whale Human Music  1:07:45 ()
      1:09:54 ()
Volcano the Bear  Horse   Options Commencing  1:24:50 ()
Volcano the Bear  Asian Speedway   Options Commencing  1:28:55 ()
Volcano the Bear  Halo Onna Volcano   Options Commencing  1:35:41 ()
Volcano the Bear  Hello Graham   Options Commencing  1:38:23 ()
Volcano the Bear  Baltic   Options Commencing  2:07:00 ()
Volcano the Bear  Ash Harm   Options Commencing  2:07:17 ()
Volcano the Bear  Phantom, Tha Will Be Done   Options Commencing  2:07:34 ()
Courtis/Moore  Gigngante = Anti egg   Options Brokebox Juke  2:22:03 ()
Volcano the Bear  Elephant Bingo   Options Commencing  2:51:00 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 12/17/15 3:05pm Ross K:

good afternoon everyone
  Thu. 12/17/15 3:06pm nEIL cOMMA wILD:

Hi Fabio! Hi everyone!
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 3:06pm Cecile:

I'm going to start bawling now. This song is ridiculous.
  Thu. 12/17/15 3:06pm Ross K:

dang this is a sweet bummer, I'm into it.
  Thu. 12/17/15 3:06pm listener12485:

fer real--pass the Kleenex
  Thu. 12/17/15 3:07pm nEIL cOMMA wILD:

What Cecile said! YEAAH!!! What is this Karen Carpenter?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/17/15 3:07pm common:

so good
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 3:07pm Cecile:

When my husband is playing card games on the computer, I always bellow at him: "AND SOLITAIRE'S THE ONLY GAME HE PLAYS!"
  Thu. 12/17/15 3:08pm Brownie5:

What clean voice and a nice melody....
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 3:08pm Cecile:

Neil Sedaka also does a devastating version. Shut up.
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 12/17/15 3:09pm ThursdayFernworthy:

she's a drummer tho...
  Thu. 12/17/15 3:09pm Dean:

I tried to start a solitaire club. Nobody else wanted to join.
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 3:09pm Cecile:

he co-wrote it and he had what would become 10cc backing him up on it.
  Thu. 12/17/15 3:09pm Brownie5:

I just heard a little bit of Amy Mann's voice!
  Thu. 12/17/15 3:10pm Ross K:

perfect cross fade
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Thu. 12/17/15 3:10pm redkayak:

Howdy all :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/17/15 3:11pm common:

man, that's a nice piece of trivia, cecile. never knew.
  Thu. 12/17/15 3:11pm Dean:

The Failure of Solitude
  Thu. 12/17/15 3:11pm nEIL cOMMA wILD:

Space jazz...I like it...
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 3:16pm V Priceless:

great new BBC doc on the yootube about 10cc, including their Neil Sedaka team-up...catch it before it vanishes:
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 3:16pm TehBadDr:

Aah! Got home from work early, listening to Fabio play the weird stuff. Life is good!
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 3:17pm Cecile:

VP! Awesome. Will have to watch it tonight.
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 12/17/15 3:17pm Chris from DC:

VP, the making of "I'm Not In Love" is an interesting story in itself.
  Thu. 12/17/15 3:18pm Violet:

I have always loved this song.
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 3:19pm Cecile:

CDC, you ain't kidding.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/17/15 3:19pm common:

elo! and thanks vp!
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 3:19pm V Priceless:

you'll dig it @ Cecile! Indeed it is @ Chris from DC!
  Thu. 12/17/15 3:19pm nEIL cOMMA wILD:

Why play such treacle?
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 3:20pm Cheri Pi:

I gottas see that
  Thu. 12/17/15 3:20pm Ted:

  Thu. 12/17/15 3:20pm Violet:

Is this a kind of AM radio version?
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 3:21pm TehBadDr:

That is some smoof 70's shitza!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Thu. 12/17/15 3:21pm redkayak:

I played that ELO album Eldorado to pieces when I was a youngster
  Thu. 12/17/15 3:22pm Ted:

Recently discovered Daybreaker by ELO. Amazing track.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/17/15 3:22pm common:

since i was a kid i thought that i'm not in love was one of the strangest top 40 hits ever. and i've always loved elo. especially bev bevan
  Thu. 12/17/15 3:22pm Dean:

Always thought "Poker" was ripe for a metal band cover.
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 3:23pm V Priceless:

bev rules
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 3:24pm Risky:

ELO rhymes with Fabio
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 3:24pm Cecile:

yes, they were
  Thu. 12/17/15 3:25pm Dean:

The concerts were spectacular, literally. Dudes sawing away on 'cellos, Mik Kaminsky doing the Paganini thing, the eponymous electric lights. And opening bands? I've said it before, but imagine: Little Feat, Widowmaker, Steve Hillage.
  Thu. 12/17/15 3:26pm Dean:

Even Cheap Trick wrote a paean to them!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/17/15 3:26pm sweeks:

Play on, Fabio!
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 3:27pm V Priceless:

Widowmaker - ha! Ariel Luther-Bender!
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 12/17/15 3:27pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

  Thu. 12/17/15 3:27pm rw:

In my mind without looking it up, I'd say Carpenters predated ELO. My mind isn't always so accurate though.
  Thu. 12/17/15 3:27pm djelrock:

Avatar 🎃 Thu. 12/17/15 3:28pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Guilt-free ELO freak, here.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/17/15 3:28pm common:

here also, rev.
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 12/17/15 3:29pm jeff-m:

box is great. in for a music treat
  Thu. 12/17/15 3:30pm rw:

Also, I agree with elrock even though ELO WAS hugely popular. Not really a pop band.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/17/15 3:31pm common:

still scared by fire on high.
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 12/17/15 3:32pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Eldorado was a huge thing in my brain. Was 6 years old when it came out & was already buying records as much as allowance permitted.
  Thu. 12/17/15 3:32pm Dean:

High on Fire should cover "Fire on High"
  Thu. 12/17/15 3:32pm Violet:

I love these lyrics
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/17/15 3:32pm common:

good call, dean!
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 3:32pm TehBadDr:

I sort of remember ELO as a pop prog theatrical thing, closer to Queen than Genesis. Never liked it much.
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 3:34pm Cecile:

ELO, in the Roy Wood days, were actually poking fun at both pop and classical. They got more serious when Wood left and Lynne took over.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/17/15 3:36pm common:

i still listen to out of the blue. so many good tunes.
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 3:37pm Cecile:

out of the blue is sublime ridiculousness at its most ridiculously sublime.
  Thu. 12/17/15 3:37pm Dean:

"Pop prog theatrical thing" pretty well nails it, with special emphasis, too, on production.
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 3:38pm V Priceless:

Roy = God on my planet
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 12/17/15 3:38pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

I might be in the minority here, but ELO2 is the far favorite. If one could surgically remove the Beethoven tune, it would be 600% perfect.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Thu. 12/17/15 3:39pm Ken From Hyde Park:

ELO had its roots in The Move, right? The Move is probably most famous for being DJ Terre T's opening theme song about the cherry blossom clinic.
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 3:40pm TehBadDr:

Yes, high level producing, clean, polished, and double washed!
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 3:40pm Cecile:

Yes, ELO came from the Move.
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 3:41pm Cecile:

The first ELO record was supposed to be the last Move record, I'm told.
  Thu. 12/17/15 3:42pm Dean:

I remember at the time, mid-'70s, former member Mike de Albuquerque's solo album being a high-demand collectible.
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 12/17/15 3:43pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

yeh, ELO was like The Move + Idle Race, no?
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 3:43pm TehBadDr:

Hey! Enough of the ELO! There's spoken word regarding a rat high on a shelf, pay attention!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/17/15 3:44pm common:

believe so, rev. sorry teh.
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 3:45pm Cecile:

exactly, Rev.
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 3:46pm Cecile:

is this burroughs/gysin?
  Thu. 12/17/15 3:46pm Ross K:

It doesn't sound like Burroughs. Not sure
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/17/15 3:46pm common:

sorry, one more elo thing: what do you think of "the whale" off of out of the blue, cecile?
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 3:48pm V Priceless:

The Move catalog never gets old. Simply brilliant stuff.
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 3:48pm Cecile:

I don't remember that one. It's been a long time. I do love Jungle, and Turn to Stone.
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 3:48pm Cecile:

my long term memory is getting spottier.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/17/15 3:49pm thepalaceat4am:

About a decade or so ago on WFMU ... I think I heard an Intersystems piece that seemed to sample "Sherlock Holmes" by the Red Krayola. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 3:49pm V Priceless:

what other band burned an effigy of the prime minister on stage?
  Thu. 12/17/15 3:54pm Dean:

Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 3:57pm V Priceless:

haha..The Move did that @ Dean. I think they destroyed a car on stage too, way before The Plasmatics.
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 3:59pm TehBadDr:

Meh, I was going to go with "Hitler and the New Kids in the Bunker".
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Thu. 12/17/15 4:06pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I see people who I know and I notice I'm having difficulty recalling their names. It's weird. Makes me think of Bronwyn C's face blindness problem, but I don't think that's what I'm experiencing.
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 4:08pm Cecile:

Ken, maybe try some memory games like Lumosity and Elevate have. They can be helpful. if it's becoming a problem, I think I would get it checked out.
  Thu. 12/17/15 4:09pm Dean:

"Get what checked out?," replies Ken.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Thu. 12/17/15 4:10pm chris:

agreed, Cecile, memory games, playing instruments, crossword puzzles... they all help keep the brain in shape... some of us have a bit more damage to repair than others... its not just age that affects brain function
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 4:11pm V Priceless:

@ Ken FHP: the prob is obvious..there's way too many people : )
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 4:11pm TehBadDr:

Ken, resort to post-its, Polaroids, index cards and tattoos.
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 4:12pm Cecile:

and both apps/programs have specific games that require you to put names with faces and remember them.
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 4:15pm Cecile:

Fabio: Am I still pretty?
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 4:19pm Cecile:

I mean Fabio to ask Aaron if Aaron still thought he was pretty after all those years of marriage, I mean friendship.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/17/15 4:20pm common:

ah, the sound journey.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Thu. 12/17/15 4:22pm Parq:

For the record, Cecile, you're still pretty.
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 4:22pm chocolate monk:

every guitarist should put down their axe and grab a dictaphone.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/17/15 4:24pm Carmichael:

Hey Fabio and Aaron (and fellow failures), I missed all the banter about 2 of my favorite bands. And I'm also having lots of streaming trouble today ...
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 4:26pm TehBadDr:

Every guitarist should put down their axe if they plan on shredding, rather than doing unspeakable things to it!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Thu. 12/17/15 4:26pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Thanks for your good advice. I do work on puzzles each day. Part of it may indeed be too many people. That and you guys are a more important part of my life and I don't have faces to keep track of. My brain is evolving to know people by avatars instead of by faces.
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 4:28pm TehBadDr:

Ken needs to get out more, this is not meant to be mean.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/17/15 4:29pm common:

man. this is great! horse
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 12/17/15 4:30pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Reminding me slightly of a track on Eroc (of Grobschnitt fame)'s first solo record... voice & delay, etc...
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 12/17/15 4:33pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

...or could have been on Eroc 2. memory fails...
  Thu. 12/17/15 4:34pm Violet:

Love these horns and how they were recorded--lots of depth
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 4:34pm Cecile:

or it could have been on an ELO record.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/17/15 4:34pm common:

Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 4:34pm TehBadDr:

No! Just stop that!
  Thu. 12/17/15 4:34pm Violet:

Do I hear the tinkling of a harp?
  Thu. 12/17/15 4:36pm P-90:

These V the Bear tracks are amazeballs! Really beautiful, excellent production quality too.
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 4:36pm Cecile:

What's Aaron's favorite Idle Race/Move/ELO/Wizzard/Travelling Wilburys track?
  Thu. 12/17/15 4:38pm Dean:

Eroc! Wow, it's been a while since I've heard those.
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 12/17/15 4:38pm Chris from DC:

I so want it to be "Mr. Blue Sky".
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 4:38pm chocolate monk:

ask aaron to stand on his head.
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 4:38pm Cecile:

this actually has a kind of a sick riff in its way.
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 4:38pm northguineahills:

gotta dig these wind instruments...
  Thu. 12/17/15 4:39pm Dean:

BTW, word has it Magma is slated to tour the states again. March/April, fourteen dates.
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 4:39pm Cecile:

I was standing in the jungle, I was feelin' alright, mm hm hm, mm hm hm.
  Thu. 12/17/15 4:39pm Violet:

These tunes are gems!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/17/15 4:39pm common:

cecile, chris. slayin me. and this is great
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 4:40pm TehBadDr:

Did that Chris from DC tend at the Ike's upstairs?
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 4:42pm Cecile:

Chooka chooka ho la ley
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 12/17/15 4:43pm Chris from DC:

Nope, never tended bar at Ike's (RIP).
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 4:44pm JakeGould:

Hey everyone! I’m going to see “Star Wars” tonight so if anyone here has any questions, let me know. I’ll spoil the movie for you personally.
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 4:46pm Cecile:

Is that cute Anakin kid going to be in it? What about JarJar Binks? Or the tap dancers from that one ELO record?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/17/15 4:46pm common:

heehee! you mean xanadu? i hope so, cecile.
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 4:47pm Cecile:

No, but that too common.
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 4:47pm V Priceless:

..and what about Pizza the Hutt?
  Thu. 12/17/15 4:48pm Violet:

There's also an animal called "Horse"
  Thu. 12/17/15 4:50pm Tim in VT:

Craving oplong
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 4:51pm TehBadDr:

Jar Jar will be in it! He spins tunes at a strip bat where a grown up Anikin displays his "pod finesse"!
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 4:51pm Cecile:

Avatar 🎃 Thu. 12/17/15 4:52pm Chris from DC:

You played in DC at 611 Florida
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 4:53pm Cecile:

oh, remember you're just doing it for the love of it!

(ITA with Aaron, it's awful to treat people that way)
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 4:53pm TehBadDr:

NE or SE?
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 12/17/15 4:55pm Chris from DC:

Actually 611 was a house show with Volcano the Bear. That was the living room.
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 4:55pm TehBadDr:

In Chris' living room!
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 4:56pm JakeGould:

Does anyone in the “Star Wars” universe ever eat a sandwich? Do they know what a Hoagie is? Anyone in “Star Wars” ever have a Dagwood?
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 4:57pm Cecile:

no, just gruel and blue milk.
  Thu. 12/17/15 4:58pm P-90:

They DO have Grinders and Subs though.
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 4:58pm TehBadDr:

Funny, you never see them eat, though Vader invites the rebels in for such in 1 or 4 ?
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 4:58pm Cecile:

Tauntaun sushi
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 12/17/15 4:59pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

RIP the 611 house... heavy sigh.
  Thu. 12/17/15 4:59pm P-90:

Aunt Beru makes some kind of vegetable thing...
  Thu. 12/17/15 4:59pm P-90:

...before she's incinerated
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 5:01pm TehBadDr:

Tauntaun must be braised. Or cut open to stay warm in.
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 5:02pm Cecile:

they should be like eBates and hold the check until they have enough to send.
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 5:02pm JakeGould:

Also, Yoda eats one of Luke’s energy bars on Dagobah and then offers Luke some nasty soup.
  Thu. 12/17/15 5:17pm Harlan Co:

Fabio + the TNP is freeform heaven
Avatar 🎃 Thu. 12/17/15 5:21pm Chris from DC:

This is pretty amazing.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Thu. 12/17/15 5:23pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Here's a brief tale of failure. I ordered a couple sweatshirts for my daughter on Thanksgiving weekend. The order tracker shows they spent the whole time bouncing between Ohio, New Jersey and Connecticut. They finally reached the local post office and should arrive tomorrow, barring further failure.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/17/15 5:25pm common:

i concur, chris. been standing in one spot for too long listening.
  Thu. 12/17/15 5:26pm Violet:

grreat song!
  Thu. 12/17/15 5:26pm P-90:

@Ken FHP: But the tracking system that lets you follow all the failure in real time didn't fail. Welcome to the 21st Century. Of failure.
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 5:27pm chocolate monk:

sing it with me... "courtis/moore slept on my floor!"
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 5:30pm chocolate monk:

fucking aye!!
  Thu. 12/17/15 5:31pm JakeGould:

So the tracking system is basically saying your packages will arrive late but will still arrive but they are being honest about it.
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 5:31pm chocolate monk:

blackburn, west lothian, home of Su Bo
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Thu. 12/17/15 5:33pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Yep, the package gets here, but just took a long, circuitous route.
  Thu. 12/17/15 5:35pm Fredericks:

Has Fabio ever been more aggressive toward a guest? "Ridiculous song titles."

Clay Pidgin doesn't count as a guest.
  Thu. 12/17/15 5:36pm Larry:

Gospel of Mars is dope!
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 5:36pm Cecile:

He gets quite sassy with Alexander Haacke when he's in town.
  Thu. 12/17/15 5:37pm moaty mogulz:

Aaron did a great solo set at Manhattan inn awhile back. He didn't make the dinners leave.
  Thu. 12/17/15 5:38pm Greg:

Patrick Holmes plays tonight!
  Thu. 12/17/15 5:39pm Dean:

Breathe on vocal
  Thu. 12/17/15 5:41pm Skip:

Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 5:41pm dale:

great show today. but i thought fabio would be a 'superstar' fan - or maybe' calling occupants of interplanetary craft'
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 5:46pm TehBadDr:

Elephant bingo! We used to play a sort of that at The Big Hunt!
  Thu. 12/17/15 5:51pm Violet:

I am working on a series of "elephantine" pieces. They are such amazing aminals!
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 5:52pm TehBadDr:

Yowza! That's exactly the sounds that should have gone along with the game!
  Thu. 12/17/15 5:55pm MONEYBAG$:

roto toms?
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 5:56pm Chud:

Consistently the best 15 or so minutes on radio: when Fabio has a guest and Clay comes in
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 5:56pm TehBadDr:

Moneybags wants to bring back the 80s.
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 5:56pm Cecile:

  Thu. 12/17/15 5:56pm MONEYBAG$:

Clay should have just read Neil Peart's equipment list from A Farewell To Kings
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/17/15 5:58pm Marcel M:

Clay Pidge playin' the foo again.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/17/15 5:58pm common:

my friend is playing a bunch a k.c. in fishtown tonight at atlantis in fishtown in philly. if anyone's around.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/17/15 5:59pm Marcel M:

Wow.. he struts in and screws up Fabio's show and then kicks em' out...
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 6:00pm TehBadDr:

Belew era kc or the way before?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/17/15 6:00pm Marcel M:

Thats our CP!
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 6:00pm dale:

everbody plays the foo.....sometimes.
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 6:00pm Chud:

Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 6:00pm MenfussMike:

red is remarkable
Avatar Thu. 12/17/15 6:01pm Chud:

Haha, probably got them sick, too
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