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I play rhinoceros and psychedelic fork.

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Options September 15, 2015: Tony Coulter Presents Tape Hiss: "Collectif et Cie 2," Tasaday, Les Maudits, & We [PLEASE NOTE: "Tape Hiss" shows are not archived.]

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Artist Track Album Label Year
The In-Theme  Holger Hiller: Toyshopshoptoy   Options      
WE  side A   Options Now That's What WE Call Music  no label  2015? 
Les Maudits  side A   Options Les Maudits  no label  1982 
Les Maudits  side B   Options Les Maudits  no label  1982 
Tasaday  side A   Options Riflessi Sensibili  ADN  1984 
Tasaday  side B   Options Riflessi Sensibili  ADN  1984 
Philippe Moënne-Loccoz  Stokhastes   Options Collectif et Cie 2  Collectif & Cie  1988 
Lieutenant Caramel  Escalier de Service   Options Collectif et Cie 2  Collectif & Cie  1988 
Patrick Rutgé  2 Fuite 1, Nuit des Temps   Options Collectif et Cie 2  Collectif & Cie  1988 
Joseph Raguin  Aria Condizionata   Options Collectif et Cie 2  Collectif & Cie  1988 
Frédéric Obringer  Ailleurs et Après   Options Collectif et Cie 2  Collectif & Cie  1988 
Bernard Donzel-Gargand  Transparence   Options Collectif et Cie 2  Collectif & Cie  1988 
Alain Basso  Exocet   Options Collectif et Cie 2  Collectif & Cie  1988 
Ron Nagorcka  Little Penguins   Options Atom Bomb Becomes Folk Art  Pogus  2014 
The Out-Theme  Gelbart: My Favorite Vacation [part of] + Die Trip Computer Die: Airborn [part of]   Options      

Listener comments!

Avatar    Tue. 9/15/15 12:00pm V Priceless:

Hey Tony! Que Pasta?
Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 12:02pm Tony Coulter:

Greets, VP! I've made a special pasta out of strands of discarded cassette tape. The sauce is so tasty you won't notice the difference.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 9/15/15 12:03pm mauri:

slurping it in is like fast forwarding.
  Tue. 9/15/15 12:04pm Dean:

Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 12:05pm Doug Schulkind:

Happy Tonyday, everyone!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 9/15/15 12:05pm Webhamster Henry:

Checking in for my hiss fix.
Avatar    Tue. 9/15/15 12:06pm V Priceless:

I'm fit for hissy!
Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 12:06pm βrian:

Experiencing hisstory first hand ...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 9/15/15 12:07pm listener james from westwood:

Howdy, Tony and all!! Someone was in a "Aleksandr Nevsky" mood on that top tape.
Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 12:07pm Tony Coulter:

Ahoy there, Mauri, Dean, Doug, Webhamster Henry, and βrian!!
Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 12:08pm Tony Coulter:

As I said, big thanks to listener Danko for sending me this tape!!!!
  Tue. 9/15/15 12:08pm Dean:

2014: http://www.kollectiv.co.uk/WE/Buy.html
Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 12:09pm Tony Coulter:

Heya, Listener James!!
Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 12:09pm Tony Coulter:

The top tape is from Les Maudits....
Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 12:10pm still b/p:

So the cassetti pasta is prepared "al danko."
Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 12:10pm Tony Coulter:

Ha! (Greets, still b/p)
Avatar    Tue. 9/15/15 12:11pm V Priceless:

digging this! thanx for link, Dean!
Avatar    Tue. 9/15/15 12:12pm Rich in Washington:

allo, Tony!
Avatar    Tue. 9/15/15 12:12pm Rich in Washington:

This sort of reminds me of the Hybrid Kidz..
Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 12:12pm Tony Coulter:

Hey, Rich! See what you mean for sure....
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 9/15/15 12:14pm Uncle Michael:

Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 12:14pm Tony Coulter:

Gratings, Uncle M!
  Tue. 9/15/15 12:16pm Dean:

What would these guys do with "We Are the World"?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 9/15/15 12:16pm Uncle Michael:

Does this predate Flying Lizards?
Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 12:17pm Tony Coulter:

@ Dean: Flip the concept on its head? "I Is the World"?
Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 12:17pm still b/p:

It would happen in a smaller room than the original anyway.
Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 12:17pm Tony Coulter:

@ Uncle Michael: Nope -- this is brand new.
Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 12:18pm Tony Coulter:

They're the vanguard of the Flying Lizards/Hybrid Kids revival.
Avatar    Tue. 9/15/15 12:19pm V Priceless:

apparently they all wear what look like black boxes on their heads! Nice!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 9/15/15 12:19pm JtotheK:

hi everybody!
Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 12:19pm Tony Coulter:

Hey ho, JtotheK!
Avatar    Tue. 9/15/15 12:20pm Rich in Washington:

I love the plurality of it all...
Avatar    Tue. 9/15/15 12:20pm V Priceless:

  Tue. 9/15/15 12:20pm Dean:

I thought We were a Yes cover band from France.
Avatar    Tue. 9/15/15 12:22pm V Priceless:

haha, good one, Dean - looks like they have a FB page too
  Tue. 9/15/15 12:24pm Dean:

And there's a pretty nifty video of a live show on the kollectiv site, too. They're a little more ragged live.
  Tue. 9/15/15 12:28pm Dean:

Dolly tribute!
  Tue. 9/15/15 12:29pm Dean:

With a dose of Vivabeat, I'll add.
Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 12:29pm still b/p:

Maybe they could work up an Yma Sumac tribute.
  Tue. 9/15/15 12:30pm Dean:

Wyma Sumac
Avatar    Tue. 9/15/15 12:35pm Rich in Washington:

Yma Winehouse
Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 12:36pm Tony Coulter:

As I said, the two main members of Les Maudits were DZ Lectric (www.discogs.com... ) and Lucas Trouble (www.discogs.com... )
Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 12:39pm Tony Coulter:

Wyma Nuestramac?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 9/15/15 12:40pm Carmichael:

I thought I heard hissing ... Hiya Tony and Coulterians.
Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 12:40pm Mayuko:

Hello Tony and everyone. Missed the first side A but glad I made it in time for this Les Maudits, sounding so good.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 9/15/15 12:42pm Carmichael:

I'm up for some Amy Camus.
Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 12:43pm Tony Coulter:

Hey there, Carmichael and Mayuko!!
Avatar    Tue. 9/15/15 12:47pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

what it is!
Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 12:47pm Tony Coulter:

WE it is! Heya, Turnip!
Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 12:54pm Tony Coulter:

Forgot to ask: Can anyone ID the LP underneath today's cassettes? Free trip to Blunderville for anyone who can.
  Tue. 9/15/15 12:54pm Mark Williams:

right up my alley, is this Tasaday.
Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 12:56pm Tony Coulter:

Hey, Mark!
Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 12:57pm Tony Coulter:

It's funny, but the image on the cover of this Tassaday cassette is easier to make out somewhat shrunken down. Those two tooting figures pop out more.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 9/15/15 12:59pm Uncle Michael:

I'm still here...in case anyone's become concerned.
Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 1:00pm Tony Coulter:

Thank God. I thought you'd passed out after all the cocktails you've been downing.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 9/15/15 1:02pm Uncle Michael:

I can drink you all under the table.
Avatar    Tue. 9/15/15 1:03pm Chris from DC:

yay, tape hiss.
Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 1:04pm Tony Coulter:

Ahoy, Chris!!
Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 1:12pm Tony Coulter:

I highly recommend the ADN label -- virtually everything on it is great: www.discogs.com...
Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 1:12pm Tony Coulter:

They released this Tasaday thing, on now....
  Tue. 9/15/15 1:12pm Mark Williams:

and there's never been an attempt at any reissuing of their catalogue, has there Tony?
Avatar    Tue. 9/15/15 1:13pm Chris from DC:

Thinking perhaps there should be.
Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 1:14pm Tony Coulter:

@ Mark: Now that you mention, no. Can't think of a single ADN release that's been reissued.
Avatar    Tue. 9/15/15 1:15pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Avatar    Tue. 9/15/15 1:15pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

  Tue. 9/15/15 1:16pm Mark Williams:

I only have the one which has Bourbonese Qualk outing on one side. That alone would be worth a reissue, but I have a feeling it's the BQ guy's decision. Probably the case with all the music.
  Tue. 9/15/15 1:17pm Mark Williams:

oy, Revvy.
  Tue. 9/15/15 1:18pm Mark Williams:

Rev - what kind of set you got planned for us at this year's Sonic Circuits? Tame Impala covers?
Avatar    Tue. 9/15/15 1:19pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

RE: the reissue question -- I know that in my own experience, sometimes just finding the people one released on cassette in the '80s is a big enough challenge. I'd love to reissue a couple of comps I put out but half the artists dropped from obscurity to complete non-existence. Black Holes-ville...
Avatar    Tue. 9/15/15 1:20pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

MW: live soundtrack to Kenneth Anger's 'inauguration of the pleasure dome' with the big beefy projector. It may hurt people. [self promo ends]
Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 1:21pm Tony Coulter:

Saw Aki Onda for the first time last night, here in Portland. Wuz very good.
Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 1:21pm Tony Coulter:

He did hurt my ears a little bit.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 9/15/15 1:25pm northguineahills:

How many 'We's are there out there? This one earlier is probably the third I've heard of.
Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 1:27pm Tony Coulter:

WE don't know. (Hola, NGH!)
Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 1:30pm Tony Coulter:

Cassette on now is the drippy one in the middle.
Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 1:36pm Tony Coulter:

So, no one recognizes today's mystery LP, I guess. It's this Smegma LP ("Morass Live"): rymimg.com...
Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 1:37pm Tony Coulter:

In udder woids, that's the LP under the cassettes in the pic above the playlist.
Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 1:42pm Tony Coulter:

What last night's Aki Onda concert reminded me of again is that when experimental music is presented in a visual art/performance art/gallery context, hundreds of people show up. When it's just presented as music, 10 people show up.
  Tue. 9/15/15 1:44pm Mark Williams:

soon as WFMU merges with Cirque du Soleil, Tony, you'll have one million listeners.
  Tue. 9/15/15 1:45pm Mark Williams:

twenty more than now, in other words.
Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 1:45pm Tony Coulter:

Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 1:47pm Tony Coulter:

Psi-a-lent Nite, Psi-a-lent Nite....
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 9/15/15 1:49pm northguineahills:

I've seen Aki in both gallery and music contexts, and he would usually pulled in the crowds. However, half of the audience were usually his friends. He's a swell lad!
Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 1:54pm Tony Coulter:

Ah, the old audience-of-friends trick. I thought it was because he was performing in a museum, as part of an arts festival.
Avatar    Tue. 9/15/15 1:54pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Aki played the fest here a while back. Outstanding set.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 9/15/15 1:55pm northguineahills:

Did he play his tape collages along w/ his photos?
Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 1:56pm Tony Coulter:

No photos, no -- but a big theatrical element courtesy of lighting and movement (plus bouncing balls).
Avatar    Tue. 9/15/15 1:57pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Cassette collage + battery-powered creepy birds.
Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 2:18pm Tony Coulter:

Most of the people on this cassette don't seem to have many other releases -- but Lieutenant Caramel (Philippe Blanchard) certainly does: www.discogs.com...

It's all great stuff, too.
Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 2:19pm Tony Coulter:

Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 2:20pm Tony Coulter:

(Not a real link, I hope.)
Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 2:24pm Tony Coulter:

Bernard Donzel-Gargand -- on now -- also has a couple of fine CDs: www.discogs.com...
  Tue. 9/15/15 2:39pm josh:

I'm very excited to be heading to the land of Coulter this weekend!
Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 2:44pm Tony Coulter:

Hey, Josh! You mean this place: en.wikipedia.org...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 9/15/15 2:45pm northguineahills:

This whole cassette is rather sportingly righteous!
  Tue. 9/15/15 2:49pm josh:

I actually meant Portland... Going to see Kraftwerk!
Avatar    Tue. 9/15/15 2:51pm V Priceless:

thanx Tony!
Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 2:51pm Tony Coulter:

@ Josh: Are they playing here? Didn't even know that!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 9/15/15 2:51pm listener james from westwood:

Glad to have caught the Hiss live this week—there ain't no other way to catch it! Thanks, Tony!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 9/15/15 2:52pm northguineahills:

Wells, I gotta go, thanks Tony!
Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 2:52pm Tony Coulter:

Thanks everyone!! See you next week!!
  Tue. 9/15/15 2:53pm josh:

Yes, at Keller Auditorium. I've never seen them, and I've passed through but never really been to Portland before.

Thanks Tony, great show!
Avatar Tue. 9/15/15 2:57pm Mayuko:

Thank you, Tony! It was a great show!
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