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Less yakkin', more trackin'

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Options September 4, 2015: Kitchen Cinq
 photo finger_zps01wulo9s.jpg

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Artist Track Approx. start time
Bentbeaks  Think   Options 0:00:00 ()
The Fabulous Apostles  Dark Horse Blues   Options 0:02:30 ()
The Argyles  Farmer John   Options 0:04:59 ()
The Driving Wheels  Don't Be Bad   Options 0:06:47 ()
Kitchen Cinq  If You Think   Options 0:10:04 ()
Kitchen Cinq  The "In Sound" With Harry Harrison   Options 0:12:19 ()
Kitchen Cinq  Determination   Options 0:13:17 ()
Pendletons  Itchy Bon Mash   Options 0:15:16 ()
Bobby Dee & the Crestliners  Graveyard Twist   Options 0:17:04 ()
Andy and the Classics  Wilma   Options 0:19:48 ()
The Galaxies  Crazy Woman   Options 0:22:12 ()
Teenagers  You Don't Love Me   Options 0:24:24 ()
Hub Kapp & The Wheels  I'm Happy Too   Options 0:27:52 ()
Los Darts  Pregunto   Options 0:29:14 ()
The Ghouls  Coffin Nails   Options 0:32:34 ()
The Electras  This Week's Children   Options 0:34:46 ()
Nancy Sinatra  Friday's Child   Options 0:37:10 ()
The North Stars  Eenie Meenie Minie Moe   Options 0:40:04 ()
Toni McCann  Saturday Date   Options 0:43:36 ()
Gaylan Ladd  Her Loving Way   Options 0:44:33 ()
Reigning Sound  Baby, It's Too Late   Options 0:46:24 ()
Miriam  Questioningly   Options 0:49:34 ()
Jerry Cole & His Spacemen  Outer Limits   Options 0:53:16 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:00pm mikeharding:

Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:02pm Debbie D.:

Hi, Mike! Happy Friday.
  Fri. 9/4/15 7:03pm cheri:

hello Debbie,great picture!
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:03pm Melissa Jean:

good evenin!
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:06pm Debbie D.:

Thanks, Cheri! Hay, MJ! Hope everyone has a 3 day weekend coming up! :)
  Fri. 9/4/15 7:07pm nitty gritty tania:

Hey !
  Fri. 9/4/15 7:08pm cheri:

hey Tania!
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:08pm Debbie D.:

Hey Tania!
  Fri. 9/4/15 7:11pm nitty gritty tania:

There they are! Ah
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:14pm Debbie D.:

What are you guys doing this weekend?
  Fri. 9/4/15 7:15pm nitty gritty tania:

There's a Torments show tomorrow night...then just hanging out watching sleaze and listening to records!
  Fri. 9/4/15 7:16pm cheri:

just hanging out Debbie, nothing real special
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:16pm Debbie D.:

Sounds like the perfect weekend.
  Fri. 9/4/15 7:16pm nitty gritty tania:

And doing the Ichiban mash!
  Fri. 9/4/15 7:17pm nitty gritty tania:

Texas punk yeehaw!
  Fri. 9/4/15 7:17pm nitty gritty tania:

Who are the Bent Beaks?
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:18pm Debbie D.:

World Beaters!! That's all I know.
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:18pm Debbie D.:

Yeah! Already planning for Halloween.
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:18pm Richard.Whig:

HEY!! Happy Friday! I thinq this is a great show!
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:18pm Glynis GirlGroupGirl:

I like the way you wash the dishes in the Kitchen Cinq Debbie!!!
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:19pm Debbie D.:

  Fri. 9/4/15 7:19pm nitty gritty tania:

Yay Glynis Whiggy Cheri MJ Debbie party!
  Fri. 9/4/15 7:20pm nitty gritty tania:

And pleased to meet you, Mike!
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:20pm Debbie D.:

Hey You Guys!! I'm filling in for Bill Kelly in the Teenage Wasteland Sept. 20th! He never takes a day off so, excited!!
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:21pm Glynis GirlGroupGirl:

Oh! That's pretty cool Debbie. I had the pleasure of meeting Bill a few years ago. He's one of my radio Rock Stars!
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:21pm Richard.Whig:

that's great!!
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:21pm Debbie D.:

Plus, that's my old time slot when I did a Summer show on WFMU.
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:22pm Debbie D.:

Bill is a peach!! And a Woggles fan, of course.
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:22pm Richard.Whig:

Bill has imbeqqable taste!!
  Fri. 9/4/15 7:24pm cheri:

greetings glynis and Richard, glynis about the other night what could I say that I ha'nt said before?
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:24pm Debbie D.:

Will make sure his listeners know about Fringe Factory and Whig Out!!
  Fri. 9/4/15 7:25pm cheri:

that meant a lot to me, glynis!
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:26pm Debbie D.:

Crayons To Perfume was Spectacular, as always!!
  Fri. 9/4/15 7:27pm nitty gritty tania:

Yes it was!
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:28pm Glynis GirlGroupGirl:

Thanks Debbie! I'm glad to do it for you Cheri! Thanks for tuning into all the Ichiban shows!
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:28pm Richard.Whig:

Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:30pm Glynis GirlGroupGirl:

I have to live this ^
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:30pm Debbie D.:

Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:30pm Glynis GirlGroupGirl:

Plus he's standing in the kitchen as he says all this nuckleheaded stuff with Q's.
  Fri. 9/4/15 7:30pm cheri:

so, I won't be be around next week, glynis i'll be out of town, i'm sorry!
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:31pm Glynis GirlGroupGirl:

Well Cheri, I hope you have a great time where ever you may be!
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:32pm Debbie D.:

Pregunto: What are you guys doing for Halloween this year?
  Fri. 9/4/15 7:32pm cheri:

see you all in two weeks. but i'll be here on sunday no doubt!
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:33pm Richard.Whig:

  Fri. 9/4/15 7:33pm nitty gritty tania:

The Ghouls!
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:33pm Debbie D.:

Really! I'll probably be in Georgia late November...
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:33pm Richard.Whig:

that was in response to Debbie/s Q
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:34pm Richard.Whig:

Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:35pm Richard.Whig:

actually, we don't know yet....targeting Nov...but we will see how thee wynds blow
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:35pm Glynis GirlGroupGirl:

I dunno if we'll be around then Debbie!
Goal is to bug outta here mid-Nov.
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:36pm Richard.Whig:

Debbie, you will have come out and help scout for west coast ichiban studios
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:36pm Debbie D.:

I'm not set in stone yet either. Could come earlier for the yard sale!! :)
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:36pm Richard.Whig:

but baq to the show on right now....dig the electras!! yeah!
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:36pm Glynis GirlGroupGirl:

Jaguar has been hard at work scoping out the goods but he hasn't found anything yet. I'm putting his pay in the mail on Tuesday!
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:38pm Glynis GirlGroupGirl:

  Fri. 9/4/15 7:38pm cheri:

no not moving Richard, well goodnight all
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:38pm Debbie D.:

She will be happy to hear that! Nip time!!
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:39pm Glynis GirlGroupGirl:

And a little something for those after nip munchies!

Goodnite Cheri!
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:41pm Debbie D.:

Jaguar gets ravenous munchies!! She will eat anything in her path unless there is wet food in the bowl. We are at her mercy!! I've lost mags and books and, yes, even records. I've learned my lesson though.
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:43pm Glynis GirlGroupGirl:

It's like Chester. He spent half the day trying to eat plastic. His snack of choice.
  Fri. 9/4/15 7:43pm nitty gritty tania:

I took a document out of my bag in a meeting today and it had a bunny bite taken out of it.
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:44pm Richard.Whig:

haha tania!! that happens to me too, but from kitties....usually....CHESTER!
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:45pm Glynis GirlGroupGirl:

  Fri. 9/4/15 7:45pm nitty gritty tania:

They can't write or spell too well so they leave us little notes in the only way they know how
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:46pm Richard.Whig:

  Fri. 9/4/15 7:47pm nitty gritty tania:

Snoot : )
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:47pm Debbie D.:

Jags loves plastic too!! The weirdest thing I've ever seen is her in the shower between the curtain and liner, licking the plastic during my shower!! WTF?
  Fri. 9/4/15 7:47pm nitty gritty tania:

I gather jaguar is an only cat? And Chester has miss kitty, yes?
  Fri. 9/4/15 7:48pm nitty gritty tania:

I had a cat that ate aluminum foil
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:48pm Richard.Whig:

Chester has Miss KItty....plus FOUR MORE!!! MIAOU!!!
  Fri. 9/4/15 7:49pm nitty gritty tania:

Whoa! Y'all are gonna move cross country in a kitty Winnebago !
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:49pm Debbie D.:

Jags is solo. I once delivered a cat to Glynis & Richard. True story of Panda...
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:50pm Richard.Whig:

yes..serious logistical planning will be required
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:51pm Richard.Whig:

correct...Panda was the Reigning Sound kitty but she is now GA-SD bound!
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:51pm Richard.Whig:

the others are Endora, Monkee and Baby Kitty (who is now 14!)
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:51pm Debbie D.:

Panda is living the dream.
  Fri. 9/4/15 7:52pm nitty gritty tania:

Aww the kitty clan!
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:52pm Richard.Whig:

sounds like s it pretty good
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:53pm Richard.Whig:

Jags I mean....????
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:53pm Richard.Whig:

and by the way...thanks for playing Miriam....I LOVE THIS!!
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:53pm Glynis GirlGroupGirl:

Miss Kitty does the same thing Debbie, with the shower curtain but only in the tub and not in the shower??? She also shreds the tub liner. Next house has glass!
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:54pm Debbie D.:

I visited Billy last night and he looks great! On the mend. Norton Record store coming soon!!!
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:54pm Richard.Whig:

YES!!!!!!!!!!!! Go BILLY!!!
  Fri. 9/4/15 7:55pm nitty gritty tania:

That's all good to hear
  Fri. 9/4/15 7:55pm nitty gritty tania:

Hey thanks for mentioning Torments!
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:55pm Richard.Whig:

ha!!! DAHLINQ!!!
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:56pm Glynis GirlGroupGirl:

Oh, wow! I'm so glad to hear Billy is doing better!
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:56pm Debbie D.:

You got it!! Can't wait!
  Fri. 9/4/15 7:56pm cheri:

I hope I see you all on sunday!
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:57pm Debbie D.:

See you Sunday, Cheri! Enjoy the weekend. Summer is almost over!!!
Avatar Fri. 9/4/15 7:58pm Glynis GirlGroupGirl:

another fun show Debbie!
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