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Options June 22, 2015

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Artist Track Album Year Approx. start time
The Doors  L.A. Woman   Options L.A. Woman  1971  0:00:00 (Pop‑up)
Nazareth  Brokendown Angel   Options BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert  1991  0:07:19 (Pop‑up)
Steve Gibbons  Now You're Leaving   Options Short Stories  1971  0:11:02 (Pop‑up)
Wilson Pickett  Get Me Back On Time   Options     0:15:24 (Pop‑up)
Funky DL  Vs Killer Mike   Options     0:22:09 (Pop‑up)
Durrty Goodz  Hot Dis Year   Options Vintage 3000 Vol.2  2015  0:26:18 (Pop‑up)
The Cure  M   Options Seventeen Seconds  1980  0:29:59 (Pop‑up)
Hans Koller  Victor   Options Phoenix  1972  0:33:03 (Pop‑up)
Billy Hallquist  Desert Rats   Options Persephone  1972  0:37:05 (Pop‑up)
The Wedding Present  Sports Car (Acoustic Version)   Options Saturnalia  2014  0:39:18 (Pop‑up)
Ithaca  Times   Options A Game For All Who Know  1973  0:41:39 (Pop‑up)
Trina  Pull Over   Options Da Baddest Bitch  2000  1:01:10 (Pop‑up)
Koan Sound  Dynasty   Options     1:04:03 (Pop‑up)
Missqulater  Tempest   Options CPU II  2015  1:06:26 (Pop‑up)
C. Spencer Yeh  Solo Voice IV   Options Solo Voice I-X  2015  1:08:20 (Pop‑up)
Spires That In The Sunset Rise  Bitchin (For Suma)   Options Beasts In The Garden  2015  1:12:27 (Pop‑up)
Sightings  13   Options Amusers And Puzzlers  2015  1:19:12 (Pop‑up)
Kinski  Flight Risk   Options 7 (Or 8)  2015  1:23:59 (Pop‑up)
False  Hedgecraft   Options Untitled  2015  1:27:30 (Pop‑up)
Svarte  Wanderer Between The Light And Dark   Options Wanderer Between The Light And Dark  2015  1:40:35 (Pop‑up)
Gloom  Mater Tenebrarum XV   Options Doggod  2015  1:46:06 (Pop‑up)
Sleep  The Suffering   Options Vol. 1  2014  1:59:54 (Pop‑up)
In Cauda Venenum  Alpha   Options In Cauda Venenum  2015  2:04:53 (Pop‑up)
Sonorhc  Hulud   Options Outrelande  1982  2:25:52 (Pop‑up)
Paroni Paakkunainen  Vain Kaiku Jää (Only Echo Stays)   Options Plastic Maailma  1970  2:32:51 (Pop‑up)
Komintern  Bal Pour Un Rat Vivant   Options Le Bal Du Rat Mort  1971  2:35:39 (Pop‑up)
Earthless  Foxy Lady   Options Live At Primavera Sound  2015  2:52:10 (Pop‑up)

Listener comments!

Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 9:02am Cheri Pi:

Chris M. I've had your damn "theme song" stuck in my head since upon waking, dagnabbit.
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 9:03am Chris M.:

@Cher Pi: sorry :,(
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Mon. 6/22/15 9:03am sphere:

hello folkz
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 9:05am Cheri Pi:

Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 9:06am Chris M.:

good morning everybody!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/22/15 9:06am Marcel M:

Morning Chris and friends!

Juggalove: juggalove.com...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/22/15 9:06am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...that damn laughable bozo Morrison - all he did was get drunk & fat
...& then they did really great Blusier stuff some like best of all...
Avatar 🎃 Mon. 6/22/15 9:08am Chris from DC:

Morning. Digging this.
  Mon. 6/22/15 9:12am will:

Before Guns+Roses and Axel Foley Rose, there was Nazareth.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Mon. 6/22/15 9:12am Ken From Hyde Park:

Yay, Nazareth!
Avatar 🎃 Mon. 6/22/15 9:13am Chris from DC:

Ooh, '71 show?
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 9:14am Chris M.:

@Chris from DC: sorry, not today. i just manage to play songs from 1971 pretty much every week. great year for music
Avatar 🎃 Mon. 6/22/15 9:17am Chris from DC:

Anything from then is always good.
  Mon. 6/22/15 9:20am P-90:

Bang! Loving this show already. Aloha, Chris M and Imaginarians
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/22/15 9:24am MD:

Good Munday morning (at least 1/2 of the world!!!!)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/22/15 9:24am MD:

Yes it's Monday...as you can tell by my MUNDAY!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/22/15 9:25am MD:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/22/15 9:25am MD:

Avatar 🎃 Mon. 6/22/15 9:27am βrian:

Good morning, fellow figments.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/22/15 9:32am Marcel M:

Yay The Cure
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 9:32am Cheri Pi:

double yay
Avatar 🎃 Mon. 6/22/15 9:33am Chris from DC:

Favorite Cure record.
Avatar 🎃 Mon. 6/22/15 9:33am βrian:

Looks like a yaystack.
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 9:37am Chris M.:

FYI this is the cover of this Billy Hallquist record: 1.bp.blogspot.com...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/22/15 9:39am Greg from Bloomfield:

Morning gang! One of my Saturday morning bowling teams was called "The Desert Rats". I think it was a Bones Brigade reference…
Avatar 🎃 Mon. 6/22/15 9:40am bobdoesthings:

good morningg
Avatar 🎃 Mon. 6/22/15 9:41am βrian:

Is that iceberg image from a Tintin panel?
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 9:41am Chris M.:

@Greg from Bloomfield: so weird because my bowling team was called "L.A. Womans". we came in last.
Avatar 🎃 Mon. 6/22/15 9:41am Rev. Turnip Druid:

Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 9:42am pierre:

Chris & people !
  Mon. 6/22/15 9:45am P-90:

Cool Billy Hallquist track and album cover. The art seems strongly influenced by the famed Virgil Finlay, who did a bazillion illustrations for pulp fantasy and science fiction magazines and books back in the 20th century...
  Mon. 6/22/15 9:46am Mark:

Looking out at the Hudson flowing by on a hot summer morning, Ithaca couldn't be more perfect. I actually never heard of them. Nice choice.
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 9:48am Chris M.:

@Mark: check out this album imo. there are some other good songs on it
  Mon. 6/22/15 9:48am Mark:

Speaking of 1971, the deluxe edition of "Sticky Fingers" just came out, with some great live bonus tracks from their '71 tour of England.
  Mon. 6/22/15 9:49am Mark:

I really liked it, Chris--I'll do that!
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 9:49am Chris M.:

@Mark: i played a track off that last week
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Mon. 6/22/15 9:49am sphere:

i love Sticky Fingers. my fave Stones album.
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 9:49am d¢ pät:

that's what I was thinking @βrian
  Mon. 6/22/15 9:50am Mark:

Well you're way ahead of me then. Cheers to you sir!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/22/15 9:50am MD:

Avatar 🎃 Mon. 6/22/15 9:53am βrian:

I've been trying to figure in which world the Hudson flowed through Ithaca …. Got it.
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 9:53am Cecile:

dude, play Bruno Mars.

Seriously, though, the weather here in Minneapolis is pretty terrible.
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 9:56am Cecile:

yes, it's terrible and hilarious.
Avatar 🎃 Mon. 6/22/15 9:56am βrian:

The air is as thick as porridge here in Madison.
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 9:58am Cecile:

You need to make this movie right now
  Mon. 6/22/15 9:58am Marcel M:

Hahahha. This is great
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/22/15 9:58am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

  Mon. 6/22/15 9:58am P-90:

Is there a Kickstarter page yet to crowdfund "Chris M's Oliver Stone's The Doors II" ?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/22/15 9:59am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Is it Hearty time already??
  Mon. 6/22/15 9:59am Mark:

I've heard enough. I'm green lighting this picture right now. Get Harvey Weinstein on the phone. Let's meet at Morandi tomorrow morning at 10. Think of a number. Then double it.
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 10:00am Cecile:

  Mon. 6/22/15 10:01am Marcel M:

I need more!!!!
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 10:01am Cecile:

tell Funny or Die.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/22/15 10:01am Greg from Bloomfield:

I will personally bankroll it, provided your total budget stays under $200.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/22/15 10:02am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Ask Nick the Bard what he'll need for props...
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 10:02am Cecile:

you betta be dancing to this in your booty shorts, Chris M.
  Mon. 6/22/15 10:03am Kevlicki:

Does anyone recall the ray Manzarek songs post doors? There's some ridiculous times where he tries to write lyrics a la Jim Morrison. It's kinda priceless
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 10:04am Cecile:

who was the masked guy who everyone thought was Morrison for a hot minute?
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 10:04am Cecile:

Get Paul Rudd as the Lizard King.
  Mon. 6/22/15 10:04am Mark:

Ray Manzarek gets a lifetime pass (as do all Doors), but he really was a major league tool, wasn't he?
Avatar 🎃 Mon. 6/22/15 10:06am bobdoesthings:

ickkk.. this is great!!
  Mon. 6/22/15 10:07am P-90:

Hey no fair editing listener comments, posted in good faith, to alter the content! No fair!
  Mon. 6/22/15 10:07am Kevlicki:

The solar boat!!!
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 10:09am Utopiast:

@Kevlicki @ Mark RE: Manzarek und Morrison It is futile to try to emulate another poet's efforts, but trying can be good, sometimes.
  Mon. 6/22/15 10:09am P-90:

Please remove my post @ 10:03, it doesn't even make sense any more.
Avatar 🎃 Mon. 6/22/15 10:09am βrian:

Old Leather Lungs.
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 10:10am Cecile:

I watched the official video of Pull Over. It was a simpler time. "Ass" and "bitch" were bleeped out.
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 10:10am Chris M.:

@P-90: you're right. it was pretty derivative and didn't make much sense.
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 10:12am Utopiast:

k..OOps, typo. I really should use that editing window.
  Mon. 6/22/15 10:12am Kevlicki:

Chris M are you talking about the post Doors music by Manzarek, I agree!
  Mon. 6/22/15 10:13am KP:

Good morning, Chris
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 10:13am Cecile:

they could have substituted "bass" (the fish) and "itch" and it would made just as much sense.
Avatar 🎃 Mon. 6/22/15 10:13am Claw!:

Howdy howdy howdy
  Mon. 6/22/15 10:21am trolltoll:

can you just remove that whole exchange from @10:15 -10:20 ?
  Mon. 6/22/15 10:22am trolltoll:

great, thanks!
Avatar 🎃 Mon. 6/22/15 10:22am bobdoesthings:

hahaha did Chris change my comment!?
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 10:23am Chris M.:

i would never change someone's comment. i just sort of make them better.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/22/15 10:24am Marcel M:

Haha... I thought I was loosing my mind when I saw that it changed. Like, how could I misread something so different?!
  Mon. 6/22/15 10:24am P-90:

Oh yeah. "Sort of."
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 10:24am Cecile:

That too is a form of change, grasshopper.

*pull over that bass too fat"
Avatar 🎃 Mon. 6/22/15 10:25am bobdoesthings:

that's debatable but being as I have no say in the matter... fair enough
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 10:25am Polyus:

New Kinski hoo-ray!
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 10:25am Chris M.:

@Cecile: that album was so great oh man
Avatar 🎃 Mon. 6/22/15 10:26am Claw!:

Fuck, I missed Trina. (◕︵◕)
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 10:29am Cheri Pi:

I missed some trolling??? can you please repost?
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 10:29am Polyus:

These young Mpls kids False are getting a lot of love.
Avatar 🎃 Mon. 6/22/15 10:29am Chris from DC:

Not bad at all.
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 10:30am Cheri Pi:

I like these kids. good for them.
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 10:31am Chris M.:

@Cheri Pi: no, there wasn't. that was trolltroll's "joke".
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/22/15 10:32am Marcel M:

Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 10:32am Cheri Pi:

Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 10:32am Cheri Pi:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/22/15 10:33am Marcel M:

Chris you should do a "variety" show where its half music and half comedy. That would be so great!
  Mon. 6/22/15 10:33am P-90:

@Cheri Pi: it was actually that rare case of a giddily over-exuberant DJ trolling his own board.
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 10:35am Chris M.:

@Marcel M: like SNL but with black metal on it?
@P-90: i haven't used the comments page to talk to myself since i was on overnights! i needed company to help stay awake. for three weeks i thought i was Timothy Dalton.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/22/15 10:36am Marcel M:

@Chris M: Basically!
Avatar 🎃 Mon. 6/22/15 10:37am mariano:

Lion in Winter Timothy Dalton, or James Bond Timothy Dalton?
  Mon. 6/22/15 10:37am T. Dalton:

Oh Dear Chris, please let's not start all that again shall we? I thought we agreed to forget the matter a and carry on.
  Mon. 6/22/15 10:39am BriJet:

Good mornin'!
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 10:39am Chris M.:

@mariano: at first it was Living Daylights but it soon turned a corner into Flash Gordon. :(
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 10:40am Cheri Pi:

is it still the same song? they have stamina
Avatar 🎃 Mon. 6/22/15 10:40am Chris from DC:

Absu on SNL. I'd watch that.
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 10:41am Polyus:

No kidding Cheri. Who says this is the ADD generation?
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 10:42am Utopiast:

@Cheri Pi Speaking of stamina, your muppet avatars never take a break. Too funny...
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 10:42am Cheri Pi:

We rock around the clock here at CP/HQ
  Mon. 6/22/15 10:43am ?:

Cheri, I just realized that your Muppet are the visual half of Joe's intro! Color me slow...
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 10:44am Utopiast:

@ Cheri Pi Que CP?
  Mon. 6/22/15 10:44am P-90:

Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 10:45am Chris M.:

i wonder who will get the 100th post today
Avatar 🎃 Mon. 6/22/15 10:45am mariano:

Oh yeah, forgot about Flash Gordon, ashamed to say!
  Mon. 6/22/15 10:46am Freddie:

He'll save every one of us! Ah-Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Avatar 🎃 Mon. 6/22/15 10:48am mariano:

Ooh, remember that Flash Gordon theme song parody called Bush? "Bush! Ah-aaaaa! He's a Methodist!"
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/22/15 10:53am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Guttural outrage w/ some variation. Gutwrench w/ flair. Freakout w/ finesse. We are inspired & amused. This does deserve a measured amount of polite applause...yahs yahs...
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 10:53am Utopiast:

@Cheri Pi Duh, CP= Cheri Pi. Sumtimes I look without seeing.
  Mon. 6/22/15 10:55am Mars I + II:

Yip-yip-yip-yip-yip! Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. "Meth-o-dist."
Mmmmeth-o-dist!" Yip-yip-yip-yip-yip! Uh Huh.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/22/15 10:56am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Jeb. Jeb? Jeb.
Avatar 🎃 Mon. 6/22/15 10:58am Chris from DC:

Avatar 🎃 Mon. 6/22/15 10:58am βrian:

Yawn metal?
  Mon. 6/22/15 11:00am P-90:

Who could decline melon, mimosas, and Tarkus?
Avatar 🎃 Mon. 6/22/15 11:01am Claw!:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/22/15 11:01am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

After all: www.theguardian.com...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Mon. 6/22/15 11:06am sphere:

btw, a Cartoon Network show discussed the differences between grindcore and black metal once:

Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 11:10am Chris M.:

if you can't distinguish the differences between the genres, tune in to next week's show. hearing an hour of each will immerse you in the language enough to pick up on the differences, of which there are many.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/22/15 11:10am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...Sharing that sphere...
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 11:11am Utopiast:

Gotta go and put in my hearing aid. Later.
  Mon. 6/22/15 11:18am Alexis Black:

Awesome show first time listed to Imaginary Radio . Keep the metal going !!!!!!666666
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 11:19am Chris M.:

@Alexis Black: welcome to the show! you'll love next week's all metal show (9am - noon EST).
  Mon. 6/22/15 11:21am Mark:

This In Cauda Venenum is serious shit. This is for like when you're about to seek vengeance on the dude who killed your family or something. I like it.
Avatar 🎃 Mon. 6/22/15 11:21am Chris from DC:

Pretty epic.
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 11:21am Chris M.:

@Mark: someone needs to tell Tarantino about this album
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Mon. 6/22/15 11:25am fleep:

That's 6am West Coast time. Gonna call it "Metal Dawn." Scare the cat, wake the neighbors.
  Mon. 6/22/15 11:25am ?:

What was your first introduction to black metal? Mine was cradle of filth / dimmu borgir in HS... Anyone else?
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 11:28am Chris M.:

the first stuff i listened to was early immortal, darkthrone, emperor, etc.
  Mon. 6/22/15 11:28am Mark:

And of course, what else could you follow it with but this "Kung Fu meditating at the Shao Lin temple" shit. Bravo. This is like after the dude slaughtered his enemies and he's all spiritual afterward. All sweaty and shirtless in the temple, meditating in front of the flame. You know the deal.
Avatar 🎃 Mon. 6/22/15 11:29am Chris from DC:

Immortal, Enslaved, 1349, Leviathan a bit later
  Mon. 6/22/15 11:30am Alexis Black:

Bathory , Hellhammer , Venom .
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 11:32am Chris M.:

@Mark i can't wait to find out what happens in the next scene
  Mon. 6/22/15 11:33am ?:

I expect a curve ball from Chris... =]
  Mon. 6/22/15 11:33am Mark:

Let's see what song you play next. That sets the next scene.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/22/15 11:34am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

His real enemy is himself.
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 11:34am JakeGould:

@Mark: I just finished watching Trial of Billy Jack. Awful, horrendous movie. But Billy Jack goes on a similar sweat lodge journey in there.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/22/15 11:35am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...or, he may need to evict Jim Morrison...
  Mon. 6/22/15 11:36am ?:

Travels to Finland realizes his calling is the sea, bids fair well to all he has loved. The sea is now his life's love.
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 11:37am Chris M.:

?: i'm not playing Looking Glass again this week but i like where you're headed
  Mon. 6/22/15 11:37am Mark:

Oh, then he goes to get some lovin' from his girlfriend. She's the only one who understands, really understands, him. She knows what he needs. And she give it to him, In graphic detail. For some reason, it's shot so we see all of her but only part of him. Hmm. What's that all about?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Mon. 6/22/15 11:37am Carmichael:

Hello Mr. M and all listeners/listenees.
  Mon. 6/22/15 11:37am Mark:

Then they go out for German food.
  Mon. 6/22/15 11:38am P-90:

then the travelling circus came to town, marched right thought the temple...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/22/15 11:39am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Becomes a Poet & a Rockstar. In leiderhosen. What's this?! They got the order wrong...
  Mon. 6/22/15 11:40am P-90:

...and the Kung Fu Rabbis did an ecstatic klezmer dance in the courtyard...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Mon. 6/22/15 11:41am Ken From Hyde Park:

Am I the hundreth commenter?
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 11:43am Chris M.:

@Ken From Hyde Park: so close!
  Mon. 6/22/15 11:43am 86:

"99, you missed it by THAT much!"
Avatar 🎃 Mon. 6/22/15 11:43am bobdoesthings:

Or am I?!?!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/22/15 11:44am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...some sort of chase scene - Terry Thomas, Peter Sellars maybe...David Carradine?...it's going too fast...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Mon. 6/22/15 11:45am Ken From Hyde Park:

Aw, gee whiz!
  Mon. 6/22/15 11:46am P-90:

...then Jaco rode into town...
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 11:46am Chris M.:

my favorite fact about Terry-Thomas is that he changed his name to that from Thomas Terry.
  Mon. 6/22/15 11:50am Mark:

This song sure goes through a lot of twists and turns, doesn't it?
  Mon. 6/22/15 11:54am Mark:

Pretty decent version of "Foxy Lady"--although it's not much different than what Jimi did, which begs the question...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/22/15 11:54am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Nice job Earthless.
  Mon. 6/22/15 11:55am KP:

Avatar 🎃 Mon. 6/22/15 11:57am bobdoesthings:

thanks chris!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/22/15 11:57am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Joke Dickie Peterson of Blue Cheer told me:
How many guitarists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
- One to do it - 100,000 to talk about how Hendrix would've done it...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/22/15 11:58am Greg from Bloomfield:

It's already noon?! Thanks, Chris!
Avatar Mon. 6/22/15 11:59am JakeGould:

Gloves? Dress? Nice Shoes?
  Mon. 6/22/15 12:01pm P-90:

yeah, leave the mocs in the yurt.
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