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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options June 5, 2015: Roommate Stories

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Listener comments!

Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:01pm Just Ted:

Hello Everyone.
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:01pm Frangry:

Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:02pm common:

happy friday!
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:02pm Just Ted:

Well come back to our little slice of Hell Frangry. It sure ain't no Tulum.
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:02pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Ahhh!!! Lasers! You got me!
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:03pm Tome:

hola ~~ bicho raro .
  Fri. 6/5/15 6:03pm cheri:

greetings to all lurkers & listeners!
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:03pm totallybiased:

Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:03pm robyn:

tulum's got nothing on jersey city ted
  Fri. 6/5/15 6:04pm chalmers:

Hope Billy Jam got Michele's "Touch" sequence.
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:04pm Just Ted:

@totallybiased No not THAT!
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:04pm MisterJohnny:

Keep touching it, Michele!!!

Are you down with OCD?!?!?
  Fri. 6/5/15 6:04pm spodiodi:

I remember that PIX business
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:04pm Just Ted:

@chalmers. Yes,
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:04pm MisterJohnny:

You KNOW what do do with it!!!
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:05pm totallybiased:

Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:05pm Marcel M:

Hi weirdos!!!
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:06pm MisterJohnny:

Toxic Shock Syndrome!!!
  Fri. 6/5/15 6:06pm Crumb:

itdoesn't make sense. but is there a chance she liked the feeling of having it in there?
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:06pm robyn:

one of my roommates fed her puppy she didn't tell me she was getting raw red meat off the kitchen floor, leaving blood stains on the linoleum, and stole 1,000 dollars from me, before kicking me out. i "win"?
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:07pm robyn:

@crumb i don't think so
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:07pm Marcel M:

The shocker is something entirely different Michele
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:07pm totallybiased:

put some sriracha on it
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:08pm MisterJohnny:

Michele wears the Southern Gentleman's jogging pants when he's not around...

It's kinda pervy...
  Fri. 6/5/15 6:08pm Hot Bar:

I had to do a project about like a disease in biology in high school and I made a comic book about toxic shock syndrome and I got in trouble
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:09pm Just Ted:

I fantasied about killing my college roommate. I really did not like him.
  Fri. 6/5/15 6:09pm Salamander:

In college on Valentine's Day with my roommate out of town I locked the door and put porno videos on a loop, turned up the speakers and left the dorm
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:09pm MisterJohnny:

You can take SUW out of Frangry & Michele's cold dead hands!!!
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:09pm Mr. Machine:

I totally understand menstrual cycles. Thats when I get the have dinner with ketchup.
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:09pm totallybiased:

it's chimichanga TOBY
  Fri. 6/5/15 6:09pm Smarty Marty:

She probably soaked it in gin or something before inserting it. Ewww!
  Fri. 6/5/15 6:10pm v-dawg:

!?Ke tal bitxoraros¿¡
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:10pm MisterJohnny:

Was she smuggling cocaine in her tampons???
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:10pm robyn:

@smarty marty i forgot people do do that... hmm... if she did i respect her for that. that's determination
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:10pm Marcel M:

Pee is totally sterile. That being said, I would have thrown it all out.
  Fri. 6/5/15 6:11pm chalmers:

You could market it as "shampee."
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:11pm MisterJohnny:

If pee is totally sterile WHY does it smell so fucking BAD???
  Fri. 6/5/15 6:11pm spodiodi:

Is this the ESL room?
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:11pm Just Ted:

@Marcel, yes its sterile, but only when fresh from the source, so to speak.
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:12pm totallybiased:

Pelligrino is owned by Nestle, had to give it up for Gerolsteiner. :(
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:12pm MisterJohnny:

Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:12pm robyn:

yeah IS pee sterile? i have read conflicting accounts
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:12pm Marcel M:

Good question Mr. Johnny.

@Just Ted: Meaning what? If you let it chill a bit it grows bacteria?
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:13pm MisterJohnny:

Frangry & Michele,

Have you been to the new WHITNEY Museum???

If YES, thumbs up or thumbs down???
  Fri. 6/5/15 6:13pm Paul:

I am the terrible roommate.
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:13pm Just Ted:

@Marcel, basically yes. At least as far as I know. I'm a chemist, not a micro-biologist.
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:13pm robyn:

this is the opposite of horrible
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:14pm Marcel M:

Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:15pm Marcel M:

Oh shit, the everyman is on the phone!
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:15pm Ken From Hyde Park:

My college roommate and another guy went out at Christmas time and stole some strings of lights from nearby houses. We had a very colorful ceiling the rest of the year.
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:15pm Marcel M:

Maybe the renaissance man will call next
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:16pm MisterJohnny:

Do you leave your unshaken hand hanging there, or sweep it through your hair???
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:16pm robyn:

my brother was briefly my roommate in my then 400 sq ft apartment.. that devolved quickly.. by which i mean i devolved
  Fri. 6/5/15 6:17pm Smarty Marty:

If Spike ever had a roommate, that person should call in. Need some dirt on Spike.
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:17pm robyn:

into threatening him with a vacuum, not as a chore, but as a weapon.. a low moment.
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:17pm MisterJohnny:

Has Michele come close to delivering her FUNNIEST JOKE yet???
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:17pm Mr. Machine:

10 years ago I had a roomate that would wait till I went out on a date with a girl. Then he would go on gay porn sites and print out pictures and put them up on the walls in my room so I would have a lot of explaining to do when I bring the girls home. FML
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:17pm totallybiased:

DOESN'T MATTER...bring back the pizza T
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:18pm MisterJohnny:

I got the kit-TEN shirt in the mail.

They sent me the WRONG SIZE!!!

Thanks for nothing, WFMU!!!
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:18pm Frangry:

@misterjohnny email joe mcgasko
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:19pm robyn:

frangry totally did not know blt was a dj...
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:19pm Frangry:

@robyn: no idea who he is, not ashamed
  Fri. 6/5/15 6:19pm Hot Bar:

I heard shit was going down on the comment's board on BLT's show the other day
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:19pm Just Ted:

LEROY!!!!!!!!!!! Kitten.
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:20pm MisterJohnny:

I did.

Joe was cool, but now I have to go to the fuckin' post office and shit...
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:20pm Marcel M:

I'm calling bros
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:20pm dale:

HA - this gay is a little french girl with all the screaming
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:20pm Frangry:

If he wasnt a DJ, i would have hung up. no offense, BLT
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:20pm robyn:

@frangry that's why we love you.
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:20pm dale:

i meant this GUY! but, whatever.
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:21pm MisterJohnny:

Has FRANGRY posted photos of her tan lines on her INSTAGRAM???
  Fri. 6/5/15 6:21pm Marmaduke:

Why don't u hang up on him Frangry? Huh? U would've done so already.
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:21pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Same roommate blew up an M-80 firecracker on the doorknob of an RA who was a real weenie. There were big blast marks on the door.
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:21pm Marcel M:

"Can you smell this?!" hahahah
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:21pm MisterJohnny:

Why does MICHELE smell bad???
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:22pm common:

love the funk
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:22pm MisterJohnny:

Does MICHELE smell like Louis C.K.'s crotch???
  Fri. 6/5/15 6:23pm Goyum:

I was the bad roommate...in college, my orthodox Jewish roommate could not turn on or off switches on their sabbath. He was going to have friends visit after Friday services, so he left the lights on before leaving before sundown. After he left, before I went out for the night, i turned off the lights. He and his friends had to sit in the dark when they returned.
  Fri. 6/5/15 6:23pm Hot Bar:

Man the ladies' relationship is pretty bipolar today.
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:23pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Billy Jam's first 3-hour show is going to be 50% SUW remixes at this rate. This is remix gold.
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:23pm MisterJohnny:


How did MICHELE find her current Roommate???
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:26pm robyn:

I have been the bad roommate several times.. I'm a night owl which can be a problem
  Fri. 6/5/15 6:26pm Hot Bar:

I wanna hear some more of that toy
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:27pm robyn:

my craigslist roommate adventures have been AWFUL.. glad yours worked out michele.. gives me hope
  Fri. 6/5/15 6:27pm chalmers:

Michele's Mom listens to "What's Up, Stupid?" at this hour
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:28pm dale:

i was never the bad room mate. i was the one with a job. they used to get government cheese and watch tv all night and i had to get up at 6 for my job so i hated it all. they never cleaned up after themselves either'
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:28pm MisterJohnny:

Craigslist??? SERIOUSLY???

What did your ad say???

"Neurotic lady seeks southern gentleman roommate."
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:28pm JakeGould:

I have been fortunate enough never to have room mates. *sips tea*
  Fri. 6/5/15 6:28pm Hot Bar:

Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:29pm common:

Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:29pm Just Ted:

Making sure to secure a window AC and using Craigslist to find roommates not make sense to me.
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:30pm MisterJohnny:

It's gonna be a loooong summer, people...

Does SUW need a call screener???
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:30pm MisterJohnny:

If you're hiding under the bed you can't SEE ANYTHING!!!
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:30pm Marcel M:

Frat boy bros have done waaaay worse things
  Fri. 6/5/15 6:31pm AZ Dave:

Party like it's 1999.
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:31pm MisterJohnny:

Tee-Shirt sheets are too clingy and are not crisp!!!

Thumbs down...
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:31pm robyn:

you had to go to CVS and get that shit developed
  Fri. 6/5/15 6:33pm Marmaduke:

I hav an amazing topic for this show. Where can I send you suggestions for topic? Txs. Gr8 show.
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:33pm robyn:

actually i did have one good craigslist roommate find. i think "420 friendly" is the key word to look for. at least it means they're relaxed
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:33pm Just Ted:

I was totally thinking this was going towards V like Vagina.
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:34pm Marcel M:

We all were, Ted.
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:34pm MisterJohnny:

FRANGRY hands out naked Polaroids of herself with her handmade Papier-mâché roses in Washington Square Park.

She's kinda famous for it...
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:35pm Just Ted:

I guess I know how the person on the phone felt when they heard WXYZ
  Fri. 6/5/15 6:35pm ADA:

me too... I wanted it to be :(
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:36pm robyn:

MMM.. vomit vagina..
  Fri. 6/5/15 6:37pm v-dawg:

Putting actual condoms on fingers, instead of regular finger condoms. Good improvisation.
  Fri. 6/5/15 6:38pm Kevlicki:

Hi Robyn, weirdos and hostesses
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:38pm robyn:

yikes.. i feel bad for this guy.. i kinda think simon should win
  Fri. 6/5/15 6:39pm Hot Bar:

I like to keep videos of myself sleeping on in the background while I paint
  Fri. 6/5/15 6:40pm chalmers:

Things ended quickly and Pee-Wee said "I meant to do that."
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:40pm totallybiased:

Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:40pm robyn:

Hi Kevlicki... seen any bald but beloved comedians lately
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:41pm totallybiased:

best if you wrest
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:41pm MisterJohnny:

Can I hide under the bed while FRANGRY dry-humps PANKAKE???
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:41pm JakeGould:

Dry humping is like two packs of sausages rubbing up against each other.
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:41pm robyn:

dry humping.. where SUW meets I'm Worth It
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:42pm Just Ted:

So much information on this episode.
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:42pm Just Ted:

@Robyn I was thinking the same thing.
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:43pm MisterJohnny:

May I dry-hump your Lovely-Lady-Lumps???
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:44pm Marcel M:

OMG Frannie and Michele are on the list!
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:45pm MisterJohnny:

Some interesting near misses...

Will anyone have a DEAD ROOMMATE Story???
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:46pm MisterJohnny:

FRANGRY is like the Sherlock Holmes of cocaine stories...
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:46pm Marcel M:

Probably not cocaine, probably heroin. Thats why she was ready to admit cocaine.
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:47pm robyn:

yeahhhhh... this is sad/crazy/sad
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:47pm Just Ted:

Good point Marcel.
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:47pm MisterJohnny:

What was the ethnicity of FRANGRY'S Alcoholic Roommate???

Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:47pm robyn:

this is the only time i've ever thought Frangry would be a good social worker.
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:47pm Marcel M:

Man thats a bad roommate.
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:47pm Just Ted:

Wasn't this on an episode of COPS?
  Fri. 6/5/15 6:48pm Kevlicki:

Just the free lance art handlers that've been telling me jokes all week
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:48pm robyn:

"law and order" as a verb is the gift of this show
  Fri. 6/5/15 6:48pm wizard frog:

"off her rocker"? /cockney frangry?
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:48pm MisterJohnny:

Frangry, you need to buy a .45 to keep you safe...
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:49pm robyn:

@Kevlicki i guess that means we'll stay out of trouble for this week...
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:49pm totallybiased:

there is such thing, Michelle. I'm presentlyin a platonic roomie sit
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:49pm MisterJohnny:

Some tough love from FRANGRY...
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:49pm ! I X Key !:

  Fri. 6/5/15 6:50pm Duker:

"Never have a roommate again" is a major milestone
  Fri. 6/5/15 6:50pm Kevlicki:

I'm trying to think of bad roommates but it's generally good. Crept that asshole that asked me to move out after 8 months of living together. Not because anything I did, I figured out in a roundabout discussion that she had a friend coming from Berlin and wanted me to leave.
She coulda started with that...
  Fri. 6/5/15 6:50pm Goyum:

What am I, chopped liver?
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:51pm MisterJohnny:

Will FRANGRY living with her husband count as having a roommate???
  Fri. 6/5/15 6:52pm Marmaduke:

If you had to apologize to someone who you absolutely don't want to apologize to but not apologizing is making you really horrible and depressed, who would u apologize to and why? Topic suggestion.
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:52pm robyn:

i feel like the solution to all of these roommate stories is to create a website where alcoholics can meet each other and have an unending party. i will be the first member
  Fri. 6/5/15 6:52pm Duker:

Frangry has a husband?
  Fri. 6/5/15 6:53pm bren:

Does ur mom count as a roomie?
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:53pm Marcel M:

Woah woah Bennett thats your roommate now?!?!?!

Michele you are going to the Dreamhouse? Cool!
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:53pm MisterJohnny:

Sexual Health Quiz: Test Your Knowledge on this "Dry" Subject!

1. How would you describe/define the following terms?
- Dry Humping
- Dry Sex
- Dry Intercourse

2. What specific behaviors am I engaging in if I do any of the following?
- Dry Humping
- Dry Sex
- Dry Intercourse

3. Can you "get" pregnant from any of the following sexual activities?
- Dry Humping
- Dry Sex
- Dry Intercourse

4. Can you spread or contract an STI/STD from any of the following sexual behaviors? (STI/STD = sexually transmitted infections or diseases)
- Dry Humping
- Dry Sex
- Dry Intercourse
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:55pm robyn:

was Mike McKenzie ever on the lease
  Fri. 6/5/15 6:55pm SeanG:

turn this dude off!
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:55pm MisterJohnny:

I dry humped Mike Mackenzie...
  Fri. 6/5/15 6:55pm Kevlicki:

We interviewed folks for a room in our apt last fall, there was a dude that worked for FMA and his lady friend. They were rad, but we went with a single French girl
  Fri. 6/5/15 6:55pm Hot Bar:

Orlando is dry humping right now
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:55pm robyn:

"a circular saw missing" is a good start to a story
  Fri. 6/5/15 6:56pm Salamander:

I did that to my roommate to make it sound like he was having sex while he wasn't there!
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:56pm Marcel M:

Haha... Orlando drunkenly thought he stole the saw, and then found it. So he stole that guys cymbals.
  Fri. 6/5/15 6:56pm Duker:

age limit for roommates- discuss
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:57pm robyn:

what music DOES frangry listen to. seriously
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:57pm Marcel M:

I am can has going to Big Blood show.
  Fri. 6/5/15 6:57pm Tommy:

Great topic , great show
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:57pm robyn:

eric clapton?
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:57pm Marcel M:

@Robyn: The listens to the Ladytron song on repeat all day, duh.
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:57pm Marcel M:

she* not the
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:58pm robyn:

@marcel m just the loop
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:58pm JakeGould:

@MarcelM: Just the into to the Ladytron song. *sips tea*
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:58pm Just Ted:

@Robyn Well it is the "Tip" of the song.
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:59pm Marcel M:

Haha. Yeah exactly. With the obvious point when it loops. All day.
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:59pm MisterJohnny:

Hoarder Roommate is the FUCKING WORST!!!
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:59pm Frangry:

Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:59pm Marcel M:

Sleeping dream guy!
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