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Way-left-of-center music and chatter. Guaranteed less than 2% rock and roll. (Visit homepage.)

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Options May 31, 2015

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Chester Thompson  Weird Harold   Options Powerhouse  0:00:00 (Pop‑up)
Hugh Hopper  Minipax I   Options 1984  0:05:44 (Pop‑up)
Cos  Ixelles   Options Viva Boma  0:09:05 (Pop‑up)
Eartheater  Infinity   Options Eartheater  0:14:18 (Pop‑up)
Humble Pie  As Safe as Yesterday   Options As Safe as Yesterday Is  0:25:46 (Pop‑up)
Iron and Wine  Two Hungry Blackbirds   Options Archive Series Vol. 1  0:31:18 (Pop‑up)
Sam Sklair  Flower Child   Options V/A: The Trouble with Trouble  0:36:51 (Pop‑up)
Bread  Make It With You   Options Retrospective  0:38:51 (Pop‑up)
Thomas Wesley Stern  Bourbon St. Girl   Options Never Leaving  0:41:49 (Pop‑up)
Ornette Coleman  Check Out Time (alternate version)   Options Love Call  0:54:06 (Pop‑up)
Myles Boisen & Jon Raskin  George Cremaschi, bass   Options Music + One: An Improvisation Compendium  1:01:43 (Pop‑up)
Tyondai Braxton  Amlochley   Options Hive1  1:06:03 (Pop‑up)
Ideal Bread  The Precipitation Suite   Options Beating the Teens: Songs of Steve Lacy  1:13:23 (Pop‑up)
Blitzoids  Middle of Nowhere   Options Stealing from Helpless Children  1:25:12 (Pop‑up)
Henry Brant  Angels and Devils, pt. I   Options Music for Massed Flutes  1:31:49 (Pop‑up)
Else Marie Pade + Jacob Kirkegaard  Nimbostratus   Options Svævninger  1:40:28 (Pop‑up)
Mia Doi Todd  Mistérios   Options Floresta  1:44:22 (Pop‑up)
Traffic  John Barleycorn   Options John Barleycorn Must Die  1:49:08 (Pop‑up)
Richard Youngs  Garden of Stones 3   Options No Fans Compendium  2:01:48 (Pop‑up)
Leroy Jenkins feat. Muhal Richard Abrams  The Blues   Options Lifelong Ambitions  2:09:13 (Pop‑up)
Popol Vuh  Mahayana (Karuna)   Options Kailash  2:16:01 (Pop‑up)
Hylozoists  thepeopleisnevercorrupt   Options La Nouvelle Gauche  2:20:22 (Pop‑up)
Noahlewis' Mahlon Taits  Enchanted Farm   Options Gift  2:29:26 (Pop‑up)
Delphine Dora  Vision   Options Près du Coeur Sauvage  2:31:53 (Pop‑up)
Tunng  Bricks   Options Good Arrows  2:39:01 (Pop‑up)
Deadly Orgone Radiation  The Unendurable Delight   Options Power Trips  2:43:21 (Pop‑up)
Angelo Noce Santoro  Odessa part 1   Options For You  2:50:42 (Pop‑up)
Oren Bloedow/Jennifer Charles  Ayyu-Ha S-Saqu   Options La Mar Enfortuna  2:55:25 (Pop‑up)

Listener comments!

Avatar Sun. 5/31/15 9:02pm Dave Mandl:

Bon soir, mes amis.
Avatar Sun. 5/31/15 9:03pm doca:

Bon soir, Monsieur Dave Mandl
Avatar Sun. 5/31/15 9:05pm Dave Mandl:

Hey, doca.
Avatar Sun. 5/31/15 9:06pm doca:

I'm digging this.
  Sun. 5/31/15 9:07pm cheri:

hi dave, i'm shocked! I really can't believe your show has been shortened again! that stinks!
Avatar Sun. 5/31/15 9:07pm Dave Mandl:

It swings.
Avatar Sun. 5/31/15 9:07pm doca:

It was? Now I see how there's one show more on the Sunday schedule.
Avatar Sun. 5/31/15 9:08pm Dave Mandl:

@cheri: Just a little off the sides.
@doca: No more shows. Just an adjustment to the Sunday grid.
Avatar Sun. 5/31/15 9:08pm JakeGould:

Hello people.
Avatar Sun. 5/31/15 9:10pm doca:

The last time your show was shortened the schedule didn't had much of success, but that whole Sunday schedule seemed to be in a hurry.
Avatar Sun. 5/31/15 9:10pm Dave Mandl:

Hiya, Jake.
  Sun. 5/31/15 9:14pm cheri:

I think it's an injustice, dave! well anyway i'm here to enjoy another show.
  Sun. 5/31/15 9:14pm P-90:

Hi Dave. I think I get it. It expands, it contracts, it expands, it contracts... It's a rhythmic oscillation thingie. You're like the heartbeat of the FMU schedule. Far out, man.
Avatar Sun. 5/31/15 9:17pm Dave Mandl:

@P-90: Heavy!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 5/31/15 9:18pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Avatar Sun. 5/31/15 9:19pm Dave Mandl:

Hey, RRN63
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 5/31/15 9:19pm coelacanth:

olá Dave and all yooz
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Sun. 5/31/15 9:23pm BLCKDGRD:

Good thing I have zero fascination in the machinations of WFMU Schedulemanias, cage matches, ladder matches, loser leave town matches, ZZZZ....
  Sun. 5/31/15 9:23pm cheri:

dave I didn't mean to put a damper on things, but on with the show!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Sun. 5/31/15 9:29pm SeanG:

gonna turn this one up
Avatar Sun. 5/31/15 9:29pm Dave Mandl:

@cheri: Nah, no problem.
@BLCKDGRD: Same here, but I've got to let the listeners know that people are moving around. Don't want Daniel's fans to think he's gone.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 5/31/15 9:32pm coelacanth:

should i be envious?.. i guess it's liberating to not give a crap how your favorite radio station is evolving.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Sun. 5/31/15 9:35pm BLCKDGRD:

I was joking. I find it infinitely fascinating.

Ebbs, flows, Dave's had a show.

And plays beautiful Iron and Wine songs sometimes.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Sun. 5/31/15 9:35pm Uncle Michael:

I take an interest and sure, I'm unhappy to hear less of shows I enjoy...and I feel for the folks that don't keep the slots they want, but I also look forward to hearing new voices and approaches. I sure don't envy Ken the responsibility of managing the schedule.
Avatar Sun. 5/31/15 9:35pm Dave Mandl:

@coelacanth: Everyone responds in their own way. There are people who don't even know any of our names (unthinkable!).
Avatar Sun. 5/31/15 9:37pm JakeGould:

People (ie: listeners) tend to portray the schedule/DJ shuffling as punitive. I don’t. I think it’s great a station exists that allows variety and shuffling. And if a DJ needs time off, they decide to take time off. And if they want to come back, they come back. That’s part of the freeform deal. Very good for all.
  Sun. 5/31/15 9:38pm JillT:

Happy to have Dave on as much as possible. I'll be here for the 2 hour show too. Except for shortening World of Echo the new schedule looks better.
  Sun. 5/31/15 9:38pm cheri:

well dave, i'm checking out now i'll listen on my radio, have a great week dave and all!
Avatar Sun. 5/31/15 9:39pm Dave Mandl:

@JillT: Thanks!
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 5/31/15 9:41pm duke:

Two hours of DM is still a pretty good two hours. Not as good as three but still good.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Sun. 5/31/15 9:41pm Uncle Michael:

I hear the Bread track start and I am happy.
Avatar Sun. 5/31/15 9:43pm Dave Mandl:

@duke: Thanks.
Avatar Sun. 5/31/15 9:45pm slugluv1313:

oh wow -- BREAD!!!!!!
my one and only boyfriend in high school (later referred to as "the school hood" by a classmate who also went to my college) LOVED Bread, he would sing their songs to me over the telephone, etc. -- i KNOW he meant well, and was being all "romantic," but still -- felt so weird/funny :)
Avatar Sun. 5/31/15 9:47pm Dave Mandl:

@slugluv1313: "I want to make it with you" is a pretty awkward line.
  Sun. 5/31/15 9:49pm cheri:

thnx dave for a wonderful show tonight!..so far.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 5/31/15 9:51pm coelacanth:

i enjoy the ebbs,flows...new life every 6 months.
i don't enjoy the excellent & very popular shows that disappear- more often than not against the wishes of the dj.
and Jake,i don't know what listeners you're referring to- and neither do you!...but that's not me. i'm considering my own loss; and i'm considering the station- in terms of variety and in terms of maintaining something beautiful that when it becomes attractive to the "mainstream" people will bring fmu down to the level of mainstream radio.
Avatar Sun. 5/31/15 9:52pm slugluv1313:

ha ha! the whole situation was *awkward* in the sense that i knew his heart was in the right place, just could not handle all the mushy/"romantic stuff!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 5/31/15 10:01pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

In fact, Change, even for its' own sake, is probably (?) written right into the 'FreeForm Constitution'.
Be that as it may (after all, what's FreeFrom about a written Constitution?)
- one hopes a Schedule Change means an improvement / improvementS plural. Hopes.
Yeah - we care - because a mere WFMU Program generally represents & delivers an entire genre or sub-genre of music &/or culture, as curated by a unique expert. Really.
&! - the micro-community of persons - starting w/ the DJ - that develops - right here - around & as adjunct to that. Losing that *is* a loss.
& stuff.
There's always lots & new & different.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 5/31/15 10:09pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

(Change 'written in' because FreeForm gives voice to the yet unheard.)
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 5/31/15 10:14pm ! I X Key !:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 5/31/15 10:14pm coelacanth:

RR i totally agree. and also concur with Uncle Michael that i dont envy Ken that responsibility. i don't know if i'd do a better job.
...that's why i don't think it should be all on one person.
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 5/31/15 10:16pm ! I X Key !:

! This music has been so wonderful (o:
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 5/31/15 10:17pm coelacanth:

(but i don't forget that it's listener-sponsored - not listener-owned!)
  Sun. 5/31/15 10:17pm Kreg:

Hey! Question : before there was a song by "Sunshine and the rain" called "Pale blue skies" around 6:43 PM, any idea where I can find this track? Any help would be great! Thanks!
Avatar Sun. 5/31/15 10:18pm Dave Mandl:

@IXK: Glad you like it.
  Sun. 5/31/15 10:21pm trs:

Ideal bread- the light rye followup: maybe not pizza dough, but flatbread baked like a pizza. Relax and rise. Cook light for sandwich flatbread. Cook more for light rye crackers. Hi
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Sun. 5/31/15 10:23pm Ĩkє:

@Kreg: that was during this previous show: www.wfmu.org...
  Sun. 5/31/15 10:25pm listening out there:

Mandl Lite
  Sun. 5/31/15 10:34pm Kreg:

Ah thank you for the link! I gotta find that track to purchase somewhere since theres no info on that album. Thanks a bunch! Much apperciated!
  Sun. 5/31/15 10:36pm Carmichael:

Dave! Just wrapped up a grad party for the kids. You now have my full attention.
Avatar Sun. 5/31/15 10:40pm Dave Mandl:

@Carmichael: Congrats to the kids, and welcome.
  Sun. 5/31/15 10:44pm Carmichael:

Hey, some Bread on the playlist. I just played a reunion DVD of Loggins
  Sun. 5/31/15 10:49pm cheri:

dave, I just have to say that your shows every week are simply mindblowing, thnx to you dave!
Avatar Sun. 5/31/15 10:50pm Dave Mandl:

@cheri: Thanks. Just doing my job here.
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 5/31/15 10:55pm Irwin:

Who's singing with Winwood — Capaldi?
  Sun. 5/31/15 10:56pm cheri:

i'll be back next week! night.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Sun. 5/31/15 10:56pm Uncle Michael:

Avatar Sun. 5/31/15 10:56pm Dave Mandl:

@Irwin: Good question. Winwood overdubbed? I don't have the liner notes here.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Sun. 5/31/15 10:57pm Uncle Michael:

Irwin surmises correctly. It's Capaldi.
Avatar Sun. 5/31/15 10:58pm slugluv1313:

yes, Capaldi!
  Sun. 5/31/15 10:58pm cheri:

goodnight Irwin.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Sun. 5/31/15 10:59pm Uncle Michael:

Capaldi cowrote almost all of the album and he and Wood play on all of it. I'm not seeing the Winwood solo album thing.
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 5/31/15 11:01pm Irwin:

JBMD started as a Winwood solo project, but he brought in Capaldi and Wood to play on sessions and it ended up as a Traffic reunion.
  Sun. 5/31/15 11:02pm PMD:

I am hopping aboard. Do I have to be intelligent?
Avatar Sun. 5/31/15 11:05pm Dave Mandl:

@Irwin: Yup, that sounds right.
@UM: So Capaldi on backing vocals. Cool, I didn't know that (or I forgot).
  Sun. 5/31/15 11:05pm Carmichael:

No PMD, attitude goes a long way.
Avatar Sun. 5/31/15 11:05pm Dave Mandl:

@PMD: You are, just by being here.
  Sun. 5/31/15 11:06pm Carmichael:

Youngs again. He is an awesome mood maker.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Sun. 5/31/15 11:10pm Uncle Michael:

Yeah, the studio time was booked for a solo album that wasn't bearing much fruit. A couple of songs Stevie recorded before calling Capaldi and Wood eventually made it out as JBMD bonus tracks. I think it's fair to say that the solo sessions culminated in a release by the reunited Traffic but that the album that resulted wasn't the album the time had been earmarked to make. I enjoyed seeing Winwood and Capaldi perform as Traffic in '94. Where did 21 years go?
Avatar Sun. 5/31/15 11:11pm Dave Mandl:

@Carmichael: That new box set is monumental.
  Sun. 5/31/15 11:15pm Carmichael:

I think you've played him before. He's mesmerizing.
  Sun. 5/31/15 11:16pm PMD:

Oh yay! I now have both attitude and intelligence. I must say, I have a difficult doing anything else during these three hours. Listening and learning.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Sun. 5/31/15 11:16pm Gaylord Fields:

@Kreg: The Sunshine and the Rain song you ask about, which I played during my program, is unreleased; I got it directly from the band. (For clarification, on WFMU each individual DJ programs his or her own show 100%, so if you have a question about a song you hear, check schedule times and ask the DJ whose program you heard it on by dropping him or her a message through the DJ's playlist.)
  Sun. 5/31/15 11:22pm Carmichael:

After a weekend of Primavera, this is a great downshift.
  Sun. 5/31/15 11:32pm rw:

Hey Dave, Glad to hear you're still on the schedule, that Faye's back and that DB has an extra hour. Sorry to hear that WoE will be cut back to 2 hrs. but we all know you'll be able to make those two hours count.
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 5/31/15 11:33pm Irwin:

Kreg, Gaylord, Ike: Sunshine & the Rain plays the opening set at next Weds. night's Monty Hall triple bill. Tickets the link: www.brownpapertickets.com...
  Sun. 5/31/15 11:33pm Carmichael:

Oh and Gaylord, that Pet Sounds/Beach Boys premium of yours still wows the family and friends. It's on heavy household rotation ...
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 5/31/15 11:34pm Irwin:

Sunshine & Rain on FB:
  Sun. 5/31/15 11:36pm cheri:

cheers to you, dave mandl may the echo go on and on!
Avatar Sun. 5/31/15 11:39pm JakeGould:

Hello again.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 5/31/15 11:53pm joeray:

Fantastic sets tonight, thank's Dave!
  Sun. 5/31/15 11:54pm Carmichael:

Yes Dave, as they say in Holland, gracias.
Avatar Sun. 5/31/15 11:55pm Dave Mandl:

@joeray, @Carmichael: My pleasure.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 5/31/15 11:59pm coelacanth:

Thanks Dave
ciao people
  Mon. 6/1/15 12:00am trs:

Thanks Dave.
Avatar Mon. 6/1/15 12:00am Dave Mandl:

Night, all. Have a great week.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Mon. 6/1/15 12:00am Ken From Hyde Park:

Hi, Dave. Enjoyed the show. See you next time.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/1/15 12:01am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Thx DM!
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