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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options April 17, 2015: Stand Up Comedy and Knock Knock Jokes

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Listener comments!

Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:01pm Just Ted:

Hello Everyone
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:01pm Frangry:

Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:02pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Hi, Weirdzoes!
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:02pm Carmichael:

Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:02pm common:

good friday to ya
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:03pm Danne D:

Hi Frangry :) <3333
Hi FoodBed :) <333
Hi Weirdos :)
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:03pm common:

and robot beersies, carmichael! yep!
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:03pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Is the topic "The time you saw dots in front of your eyes"?
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:03pm Just Ted:

Surely there are more faithful shut-ins than just us.
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:03pm totallybiased:

Paltrow failed food bed.
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:03pm MisterJohnny:

How was your week, Michele???

You sound much better!!!
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:06pm MisterJohnny:

Does Michele have a special "FEELINGS" t-shirt for spring???
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:06pm Just Ted:

Is there a Spring "feelings" T-Shirt?
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:06pm MisterJohnny:

Good one, @Just Ted!!!
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:07pm Just Ted:

Same MisterJohnny
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:07pm MisterJohnny:

What's the opposite of empathy??? That's what FRANGRY has...
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:08pm dale:

new school probably has that class.
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:08pm MisterJohnny:

What does "periscoping" mean???
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:09pm dale:

maybe you can be a comedy team like stiller and meara.
  Fri. 4/17/15 6:09pm Walter:

I would not say you are a reality show, more like a dock-series (freeformed)
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:09pm Carmichael:

Or Satchell and Paige.
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:10pm Danne D:

They should rename Franklin Street to Frangry Street
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:10pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Lewis & Martin, but female.
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:10pm MisterJohnny:

Michele, you left the record fair to get the sandwich.

There are no good sandwiches at the record fair, but there is some good beer.
  Fri. 4/17/15 6:11pm rereksnake:

yawn .. can we have a falsie-show?
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:12pm totallybiased:

Paltrow failed FOODBED
  Fri. 4/17/15 6:12pm Lemon Juice:

Michele is fun! I want to do stand up also! But all those $500 classes seem like scams. A friend of mine did a standup class and did a show.. It was kinda cool!
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:12pm dale:

maybe periscoping is like prarie dogging.
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:12pm Just Ted:

Topic: Names for Michele's HBO Comedy Special.
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:12pm Danne D:

Dude Caller: "Michele am I allowed to stalk you at comedy class?"
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:13pm Carmichael:

Or gerbiling.
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:13pm MisterJohnny:

Are there some stand up comedy class groupons???
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:13pm totallybiased:

It's s scam because nobody can pull off stand-up. It's EASILY the hardest form of entertainment to excel at
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:13pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Spike lives!
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:13pm MisterJohnny:

I heard Michael Richards teaches a pretty good comedy class.
  Fri. 4/17/15 6:15pm rereksnake:

Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:16pm Danne D:

Burp Porn - a very underappreciated genre
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:17pm MisterJohnny:

Hey, Long-Haired-Guy, you BLEW IT!!!
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:18pm Just Ted:

Morgan Suprlock (Spelling?) did that already didn't he?
  Fri. 4/17/15 6:19pm Hot Bar:

Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:19pm Just Ted:

Some state wanted to pass a law that would restrict foods like Steak and Lobster from foodstamps.
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:20pm MisterJohnny:

Michele should be good at stand up.

She's used to bombing already.
  Fri. 4/17/15 6:22pm Lemon Juice:

Cat fight!
  Fri. 4/17/15 6:22pm P-90:

Just got here, did I miss anything?
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:22pm Carmichael:

Michele, tell a joke to prove how funny you are. 3 rabbis walk into a whore house ...
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:23pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Food stand stand up - a kiosk where Foodbed sells lunch and simultaneously delivers a comedy routine.
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:24pm Just Ted:

Frangry: (about the marathon blood) "Its wet and sticky and disgusting...
Michele: "Just like us."

Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:25pm Danne D:

"Live From Food Bed" - sounds like it'd be like a Gallagher show with a bed.
  Fri. 4/17/15 6:25pm rereksnake:

topic: Describe your weird / quirky personality trait.
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:26pm MisterJohnny:

Be funny - like Michele funny...
  Fri. 4/17/15 6:26pm P-90:

A "Foodbed Kisok"! Could be the biggest thing since Shake Shack!
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:26pm Carmichael:

He met her on scatlovers.com
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:26pm common:

ha! jen, uckk.
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:27pm MisterJohnny:

What if "being you" doesn't funking work???
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:28pm MisterJohnny:

Save the roofies for the second date...
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:28pm Marcel M:

Hi weirdos. Sorry I'm late.
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:30pm Carmichael:

Whatever you do, Michele, don't take any comedy advice from Andy Breckman. Or from this caller.
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:30pm dale:

you've missed nothing marcel.
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:30pm TheMarmot:

Michele, go on the show "KillTony" www.ustream.tv... Open Mic comics perform a minute in front of famous comedians and get critiqued.
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:30pm MisterJohnny:

Feel the WEIRD, Michele!!!
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:31pm Just Ted:

Feel the Fear. Great name for Michele's comedy Special
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:31pm Ken From Hyde Park:

The highlight so far, believe it or not, was Spike's call.
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:31pm dale:

pay AND smell good?! bitch, bitch, bitch!
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:32pm Just Ted:

be yourself, don't rape here, protection, pay. i.e. find a hooker
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:32pm bobdoesthings:

hello all. food boat?!!? who wouldn't love that
  Fri. 4/17/15 6:33pm Hot Bar:

a stand up comedy class sounds like a scam. improv classes seem alright.

I'm eating a hoagie.
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:33pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Glen & X. Ray did one in the last year or two.
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:33pm MisterJohnny:

Why does Michele get so excited by pontoon boats???
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:33pm MisterJohnny:

Should we all pool our money and buy Michele a pontoon boat???
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:34pm dale:

thelma and louise!!
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:34pm MisterJohnny:

She could boat up and down the Gowanus Canal.
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:34pm cory:

what is the # ?
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:34pm totallybiased:

HOW fun would it be to just drive while the other sleeps? Kooks...
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:34pm Just Ted:

I did a road trip to the grand canyon. TONS of things to see inbetween, Totally worth it.
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:35pm MisterJohnny:

I want to hear more about Michele's road trips...

Where did she go???
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:36pm Just Ted:

The Painted Dessert, Yellowstone and Sequoia are also must see
  Fri. 4/17/15 6:36pm Hot Bar:

shut up, state troopers
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:36pm MisterJohnny:

Doesn't John McCabe have a van you girls could borrow???
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:36pm Marcel M:

Big B won't give you 2 weeks off Frannie?
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:37pm MisterJohnny:

Frangry, use you pus earlobe as your work excuse...
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:37pm dale:

isn't frangry a graphic designer? i was frangry, and believe me - i never wished i had worked more or harder when i could have had an adventure instead. and they'll fire you in the end anyway so LIVE YOUR LIFE.
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:37pm Just Ted:

My waistcoast and back road trip: 11 days. you just need the right driver.
  Fri. 4/17/15 6:37pm giraffe-o:

some friends made a road-trip documentary in 2001 about quirky roadside America - it's called "Tits and Asphalt". Check it out.
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:38pm Marcel M:

I have a large van. And it has a SUW sticker on it. Lets go!
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:38pm Just Ted:

Oh and a CB Radio
  Fri. 4/17/15 6:38pm Hot Bar:

SUW makes me think of absolutely fabulously because of two ladies and a bottle of vodka
  Fri. 4/17/15 6:38pm Alex:

Don't do standup like that guy
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:38pm Just Ted:

The spell correct is killing me. West Coast not waistcoat
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:40pm Just Ted:

Topic: What is your road trip CB handle?
  Fri. 4/17/15 6:43pm Jim Bob:

My CB handle: Oosik
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:43pm dale:

Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:43pm Just Ted:

  Fri. 4/17/15 6:46pm jables:

if you're planning a trip you should know every last Saturday of the month there's a boat on St. John usvi that serves fresh pizza and they have a movie playing on the beach!
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:46pm bobdoesthings:

I wonder who invented Knock-Knock jokes
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:46pm MisterJohnny:

Knock Knock

Who's there?

Pontoon Boat.

Pontoon Boat who?

You're weird.
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:49pm Danne D:

Wooohooo :) I'm on the list
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:49pm Danne D:

@bobdoesthings probably a landshark
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:50pm dale:

knock knock.
whoe's there?
horton hearsa.
horton hearsa who.
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:50pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Weirdo who?
Weirdo you think you're going?
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:50pm Danne D:

Knock Knock
Who's There?
Boo Who?
Don't be sad!
  Fri. 4/17/15 6:50pm Apples Caruthers:

One has to wonder WHY Ken thought this girl should be on the radio.
Its like listening to a flirty, semi "new" hipster version of a Kardashian.
(purposeful baby voiced giggles over the word poo) really Ken?
I remember when fmu was silly in a smart way, an irreverent way, not cutesy slurring baby talk.
No worries fellow playlist posters who somehow like this show, I'm leaving.
And no, I'm not a troll, just left it on for my animals today while at work & walked in to hear this shite.
Have a lovely evening All.
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:51pm Danne D:

His niece's name is Ella Fence I bet :)
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:51pm Just Ted:

Bye Apples
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:52pm Carmichael:

Enjoy your life, Apples.
  Fri. 4/17/15 6:52pm Hot Bar:

knock knock.
shut up
shut up who.....
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:52pm BennettCap:

Good one Danne D!
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:52pm glenn:

i have a knock knock joke. you start.
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:53pm MisterJohnny:

Knock Knock
Who's there?
The Interrupting Pirate.
The Inter...ARRRRRR!!!!
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:53pm Danne D:

When was J Edgar Hoover president?
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:53pm Danne D:

Knock Knock
  Fri. 4/17/15 6:53pm JakeGould:

Hey! Missed this. Dang.
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:54pm MisterJohnny:

J.Edgar Hoover was not the President, Michele...
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:54pm glenn:

who's there?
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:54pm Danne D:

Knock Knock?
Who's There?
Cockled Who?
Cockle Doodle Doo
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:55pm MisterJohnny:

How about some more first date advice, girls...
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:55pm common:

poo's funny
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:55pm Just Ted:

Jennifer Aniston, she's no Jillian Michaels
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:55pm Danne D:


Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:56pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Willis who?
Willis show be over soon?
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:56pm dale:

i like jennifer aniston better than angelina jolie. i hate rich people who hoard 3rd world children like they're collecting novelty shot glasses.
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:57pm Just Ted:

@Ken oooohh BURN!
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:57pm MisterJohnny:

Are you high, sir???

Good question...
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:58pm Frangry:

Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:59pm Danne D:

Bye Frangry :) <3333
Bye FoodBed :) <333
Bye Weirdos :)
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:59pm glenn:

kit who?
  Fri. 4/17/15 6:59pm Salamander:

knock knock who's there pubic hair pubic hair who wfmu pubic hair
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 6:59pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Have good ones!
Avatar Fri. 4/17/15 7:53pm JakeGould:

Late to the party: The new WFMU slogan should be… “WFMU: Left it on for my animals today.”
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