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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options April 10, 2015: Shit You've Overheard

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Listener comments!

Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:03pm Studio B Ben:

Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:03pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:03pm Just Ted:

Hello Everyone.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:03pm Marcel M:

Weiros! Gotta love that obvious loop point in the intro.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:03pm dale:

what up hot weirdos?
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:03pm Carmichael:

Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:03pm Slick Goldtooth:

Sup Weirdos
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:04pm Frangry:

Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:04pm common:

good friday weirdos
  Fri. 4/10/15 6:04pm Officer Pupp:

It's 11pm UK
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:04pm MisterJohnny:

I'm scared it's gonna be too good!!!
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:04pm JakeGould:

  Fri. 4/10/15 6:04pm Nolij:

Cheers m8
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:05pm Just Ted:

Its Game of Thrones Good.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:06pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I just overheard Frangry's weekend plans.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:06pm cory:

how can someone not like being day-drunk?
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:06pm JakeGould:

DAMMMIT! I was actually twelvsies.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:06pm Marcel M:

I leave the house all day for work so on nice days I'm like whateva and stay inside.

Being in the sun drunk is the best. I agree Frangry! Love walking out of a bar and being drunk when the sun hits me.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:06pm MisterJohnny:

For Frangry "Day Drunk" is just drunk, right?
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:06pm Marcel M:

I also start the day high... and it doesn't shoot my days!
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:06pm dale:

i used to live on the south end of the park. it was really fun and picturesque until kids started setting homeless people on fire.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:06pm Slick Goldtooth:

You take a disco nap at 4 so you can party harder later on
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:06pm JakeGould:

I like the sun. Vitamin D.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:06pm Just Ted:

Michele at the Brooklyn Museum: Marriage Bed vs. FoodBed
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:06pm cory:

and not smoking pot in the morning? dafuq?
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:07pm JakeGould:

@dale: Setting people on fire is not cool.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:07pm Marcel M:

Wait isn't Sweedish the soft one?
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:07pm Slick Goldtooth:

Go to a legit Korean Spa, those places are institutions
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:07pm Mary Wing:

Frangy wants to be carressed, not massaged.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:08pm JakeGould:

@SlickGoldtooth: Spa Castle?
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:08pm MisterJohnny:

Where is Michele getting her massages???
  Fri. 4/10/15 6:08pm hot bar:

I saw a full basquiat show once tons of paintings and I thought that was good. A little on the jazz side.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:08pm Studio B Ben:

And we're off to a great start!
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:08pm Marcel M:

@hotbar: a little on the Jazz side... hahahah
  Fri. 4/10/15 6:08pm Nolij:

Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:09pm JakeGould:

@HotBar: Tons of his notebooks at the Brooklyn Museum.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:09pm dale:

michele didn't freak out at the word 'clit?' - no fear of reprimands from ken?
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:09pm Slick Goldtooth:

@JakeGould I've only gone to King Spa in Palisades Park, but I've heard they more or less do all the same stuff
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:09pm Caryn:

I don't like massages. I got a gift card for a massage for Xmas, but I'm determined to exchange it for one of those treatments where little fish eat the dead skin off your feet.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:09pm MisterJohnny:

I saw Basquiat's grave in Green-Wood Cemetery. Kinda cool.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:10pm Studio B Ben:

SUW: Call in show that's only 5% about clits. (until the topic is clits)
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:10pm Kali G:

Frangry does not like Basquiat!!! My ideal illusion bubble of the hottest DJ in America has been busted,... Ouch!
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:10pm Just Ted:

@Caryn I have to say I am FASCINATED by those little fish.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:11pm MisterJohnny:

The butt-dial confession...
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:11pm Slick Goldtooth:

I thought it'd be bad negative stuff too, i'm forever drinking from half empty glasses.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:11pm Just Ted:

Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:11pm MisterJohnny:

How many times did Frangry listen to the message???
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:12pm Kurt Gottschalk:

i was at the eye clinic and heard an adenoidal adolescent boy in the next room whining "but i don't even wanna be able to read tiny letters from across the room."

i don't expect to win but i did like that a lot.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:12pm Marcel M:

So is the T Shirt the same as the premium T Shirt? Or is it like a whole new thing?
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:12pm glenn:

hello, fellow clit-fish.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:12pm Caryn:

@Just Ted: Me too! Hence the desire to have one of those treatments. Unfortunately the one place where I could get one in my home town has apparently closed down.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:12pm dale:

mr. johnny - have you ever found the little quaker cemetery in prospect park? montgomery clift is buried there -who knew he was a quaker?
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:13pm Marcel M:

HOT DAMN! And Greg no less..
  Fri. 4/10/15 6:13pm chalmers:

As a kid, my teen cousin was on the phone making plans for the night and said, "OK. You know Richard Pryor blew himself up doing that." Referring to free-basing cocaine for you youngsters.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:13pm Just Ted:

@Caryn I heard its illegal in some states. All the more appealing.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:13pm common:

my friend heard a mother and daughter on the street. the young daughter had her hand down her pants and the mother got mad and took her hand out and said, "Now smell your hand." my friend said the little girl sniffed her hand and looked pleased.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:14pm Marcel M:

@Common: hahahhahhhahhahahahahaha
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:14pm Marcel M:

Hmmmmm.... I'm day drunk....
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:15pm MisterJohnny:

@dale - I've never even heard of that. Thanks!
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:15pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I've long forgotten the exact conversations, but as kids, we'd occasionally pick up the phone and listen in on the party line. That's a phone line that's shared among a number of households for you youngsters.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:15pm glenn:

hmmmm. i overheard a reasonably famous singer saying she'd blow a concert promoter if he got her a gig. nothing unusual.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:15pm common:

@marcel: yea, i love that story. wish i could do the voice. and day drunk is great!
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:16pm MisterJohnny:

What should be the penalty for talking on your phone on public transport?

I think the offender should have to eat their phone.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:16pm Marcel M:

Nahhh there was this woman Clay's show that said there is nothing to Google. Was a real revelation for me.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:16pm dale:

Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:16pm MisterJohnny:

Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:17pm Marcel M:

Its Jake!
  Fri. 4/10/15 6:17pm Kevlicki:

Hi weirdos
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:17pm Slick Goldtooth:

nobody says rumble anymore, i like this character
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:18pm dale:

misterjohnny - macafee advised me not to look..
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:19pm JakeGould:

@MarcelM: Yup. That was me.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:19pm glenn:

i call b.s. on this. i've read two variations on the "you're a piece of shit" story this week.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:19pm MisterJohnny:

@dale - McAfee is right - it's disturbing...
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:19pm dale:

why would you want to pierce that? some stranger gets to see your balloon knot.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:19pm Marcel M:

@Jake: Hehe.. I read your book face.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:20pm JakeGould:

And the actual thing he shouted was, “You are an fucking piece of shit of a mother!!!”
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:20pm dale:

hey - that was me!!!! kidding.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:20pm MisterJohnny:

Who is the better candidate for a clitoral glans piercing, FRANGRY or MICHELE???
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:21pm Marcel M:

Haha yay common!
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:21pm MisterJohnny:

Awesome seduction technique, Michele!!!
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:21pm common:

frangry! that sounded just like my friend! good job! and good for her!
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:22pm Kali G:

I grew up with two neighborhood brothers named Pierce and Clint,... for some reason this show has brought there names vividly back into my memory!
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:22pm MisterJohnny:

Rectal Trauma - bad times...
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:22pm Caryn:

Nick Hancock once talked about going to watch a historical drama at the movies and hearing a woman in some row behind him saying, "No, I'm not. My father said, if it don't swim up the Thames, don't put it in your mouth."
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:22pm cory:

one guy, one jar?
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:24pm nickygentz:

I'm not sweater guy but I do own an extensive collection of sweaters, and I'm not a bad looking son-of-a-bitch
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:24pm Marcel M:

Thats a George Costanzaeque story
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:24pm steve:

this guy is a jerk for laughing
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:24pm dale:

'i blew my mai tai all over my wife' - uhhhh, euphimism?
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:24pm dale:

'i blew my mai tai all over my wife' - uhhhh, euphimism?
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:24pm MisterJohnny:

A hot but shy woman like Michele should carry cards with her contact info that she can slip to guys she likes.
  Fri. 4/10/15 6:25pm Crumb:

one time i was in a lady's bedroom and we were making out and stuff. and outside, on the deck, the guy who lived in an upstairs apartment was trying to get some broad to go down on him. he used great lines like "don't you want to show me you like me" and similar faire.
worst part about it was it was too funny and stopped our action.l
  Fri. 4/10/15 6:25pm Marge:

I'm a Hs teacher. Report cards were given out in the morning. I was walking in the hall behind two girls and overheard this:"yeah I failed 2 classes but my mom is not going to say anything because she knows I'll tell my dad about the affair she's having."
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:25pm Marcel M:

I once overheard someone say abstract leopard skin shirt
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:26pm Marcel M:

oops print shirt
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:26pm MisterJohnny:

Michele, take out a "Missed Connections" ad in the Village Voice!!!
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:27pm glenn:

meh. don't fret the creep. guys mostly like it when hot chicks stalk us, ESPECIALLY if they have pierced clits.
  Fri. 4/10/15 6:27pm Jordan C:

Hey MICHELE - Approx how old was the sweater guy?
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:27pm Marcel M:

Omg this guy is great
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:28pm MisterJohnny:

Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:28pm dale:

i overheard my father and mother arguing over her cheating on him. but that's not very funny.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:28pm JakeGould:

Missed connections on Craigslist.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:28pm MisterJohnny:

Frangry needs to manage Michele's love life...
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:29pm MisterJohnny:

Frangry could bring the guy with the toupee...
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:29pm Carmichael:

Michele, go on Craigslist to find your future ex-husband in the leopard shirt.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:29pm Just Ted:

That cannot be true. Manbun?
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:29pm JakeGould:

Someone needs to PowerPoint dating strategies.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:29pm dale:

25 years ago i had a pony tail. as an fyi it will all fall out.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:30pm Slick Goldtooth:

Not to call bullshit but who has cell service strong enough to make a call on subway train?
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:31pm Marcel M:

This guy is using the oldest trick in the book. Everyone has a bad week every week.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:31pm MisterJohnny:

When my man-bun hurts, I can sense that Michele is feeling low.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:31pm JakeGould:

@SlickGoldtooth: There are above ground stations in Queens and Brooklyn and there is now decent cell and data service in midtown subway stations.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:31pm MisterJohnny:

Every fucking week is a bad week, right???
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:31pm Just Ted:

Shouldn't Michele be pumped? Game of Thrones this weekend, and True Detective this summer.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:32pm Slick Goldtooth:

But this guy said PATH train
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:32pm Marcel M:

Yeah Slick you wouldn't last a minute in a NY subway
  Fri. 4/10/15 6:32pm hot bar:

They're more sexual, less sexy
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:32pm Marcel M:

Ahhh touché Slick
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:32pm Just Ted:

AS SOON AS I SAW THAT SHOW, I thought they were ripping off ideas from this show!!! But I thought I was just reading into it.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:33pm Caryn:

Our whole extended family was in a hotel for the weekend. Some of the family decided they wanted to play miniature golf. I was hanging out near the equipment rental desk and overheard some guy who had apparently heard about my relatives' plans renting all the clubs and laughing as he told the rental ladies that he was just doing this to prevent the other people from getting to play. I just thought it was a ridiculous douche move, but my sister wanted to punch his lights out when I told her what I'd overheard.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:33pm dale:

i 'customed' it?
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:34pm MisterJohnny:

Are Frangry and Michele bawdy, raunchy, or risque???

Have you listened to "I'm Worth It"???
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:34pm Marcel M:

Woah woah gotta be fake now way
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:35pm Marcel M:

that is amazing
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:35pm glenn:

oooooh, that's pretty funny.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:35pm Just Ted:

That wins a shirt and a some sort of SUW medal.
  Fri. 4/10/15 6:35pm hot bar:

Things overheard by Mary Lou Retton
  Fri. 4/10/15 6:35pm chalmers:

Mary Lou stuck the landing!
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:36pm Marcel M:

Oh its up
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:36pm Slick Goldtooth:

I think it's even funnier considering she's like a Conservative Christian who was all about Reagan
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:36pm dale:

maybe andy breckman is stealing ideas from the station and pitching them.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:37pm Slick Goldtooth:

Is this guy reading stage directions?
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:37pm Just Ted:

And Jo Firestone was on their show. Coincidence? I think not.
  Fri. 4/10/15 6:37pm hot bar:

GOOD QUESTION last I checked I couldn't find any episodes older than a year (except marathon shows) even on the like html style archives
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:37pm Caryn:

I haven't heard anyone plan a murder, but I was once hanging out on a bench in the backyard of our apartment building. There are these woods and rocks facing the yard. I kept wondering about this guy who was pacing at the edge of the woods, obviously waiting for someone. The next weekend, the local paper had a story about a murder, and how the victim and killer apparently met at those woods on that day. The guy I saw matched the description of the killer.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:38pm MisterJohnny:

What's the 10-Code for sprinkles???
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:38pm common:

man that's creepy caryn!
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:39pm MisterJohnny:

Is John McCabe gonna call in???

I bet he's overheard some fucked-up shit...
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:40pm Carmichael:

Dog wipes??
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:41pm Marcel M:

Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:42pm Marcel M:

Then he has a lame girlfriend
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:43pm cory:

i would kinda hope that bono and sting kill each other
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:43pm MisterJohnny:

I heard a rumor that Sting has a clitoral glans piercing.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:43pm Just Ted:

Siting is pretty ripped. But Bono has size.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:44pm common:

hahahahha! but i gotta say...the first 4 police records and unforgettable fire...pretty good.
  Fri. 4/10/15 6:44pm Kevlicki:

Sting was at least in the police which was talented for a bunch of white dudes ripping off many different genres
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:44pm Marcel M:

Sounds like a story from Grease or something
  Fri. 4/10/15 6:44pm Kevlicki:

Bono is just a choad
  Fri. 4/10/15 6:45pm ADA:

what up weirdos! yes, great radio voice that one
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:46pm Marcel M:

Oh no I hope he took off his flannel
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:46pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Off to the ice skating rink for me! If I overhear anything good, I'll post it later. Have a good one!
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:47pm MisterJohnny:

Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:47pm JakeGould:

Sting has better tantric ejaculation control.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:47pm Just Ted:

I once overheard Ron Jeremy yelling at someone on the phone. But I was in a rush so I just shook my head and kept walking.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:48pm MisterJohnny:

McCabe overheard the hitchhiker tied up in the cab of his truck calling the police...
  Fri. 4/10/15 6:48pm Kevlicki:

Everyone in front of the whole foods on 14th street is overhearing SUW, cod I don't have headphones to listen to the stream
  Fri. 4/10/15 6:48pm drunken monkey:

Andy Cohen sighting!
  Fri. 4/10/15 6:49pm hot bar:

I don't do any drugs any more. Just crack.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:49pm kevin g:

In Prince Street pizza one day, a guy came in and started chatting up one of the guys who runs the place, asking him about the location as well as personal questions. The pizza guy mentions that he's been married to his wife for twenty-some years. The customer then said "Did you try her out before?" The pizza guy was stunned.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:49pm Mary Wing:

He's saying THUG LIFE! Tupac, maaaan!
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:50pm MisterJohnny:

I'm look classically American with a man bun.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:50pm Studio B Ben:

I had to step away for a bit; who is winning so far?
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:50pm MisterJohnny:

Was it the old finger in the butt-hole???
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:51pm Slick Goldtooth:

Whoaaaa shut up weirdo on shutup weirdo
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:53pm MisterJohnny:

"What I expected but better" would be a good name for a U-2 album...
  Fri. 4/10/15 6:53pm Kevlicki:

Shit up pervert
  Fri. 4/10/15 6:53pm hot bar:

This is a good show
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:54pm Kali G:

Some conversations are one way, but they are no less meaningful when you're drunk.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:54pm JakeGould:

Finger in the butthole, I know, I know, it’s serious.
  Fri. 4/10/15 6:54pm giraffe-o:

You meant, "the show is going well" (not good). Which is not true.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:55pm common:

bono and sting really should just not be here.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:56pm Kali G:

No one used the word Dark Matter during the entire show!
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:56pm Just Ted:

Platform shoes! That explains it.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:56pm Marcel M:

Hehehe good show tonight
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:56pm common:

andy summers! stewart copeland! even though stewart is an asshole. great, great drummer though.
  Fri. 4/10/15 6:56pm giraffe-o:

this Bono hate makes up for the whole show
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:57pm dale:

don't wanna say it, but shut up weirdo is much funnier than dr. game show.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:57pm Just Ted:

Just how short is he?
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:57pm Marcel M:

In that movie they made with Jimmy Page and Jack White The Edge seemed so fucking out of place... I mean they are all lame but... The Edge? Come on...
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:57pm MisterJohnny:

Beer - it's what's for dinner!!!
  Fri. 4/10/15 6:57pm hot bar:

No I didn't mean that
  Fri. 4/10/15 6:58pm Kevlicki:

Great topic. Love you ladies, have a good week!
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:58pm Kali G:

It was Camilla Tilling's fault,... no doubt!
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:58pm Studio B Ben:

Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:58pm Slick Goldtooth:

Ghoooooostssssss , have an exorcism
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:58pm Just Ted:

Do it again. Billy Jam material?
  Fri. 4/10/15 6:59pm Jordan C:

No, we can hear it too
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:59pm Studio B Ben:

Billy Jam's gonna remix that feedback so hard.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:59pm common:

ghost feedback!
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:59pm cosmic matrix:

Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:59pm cosmic matrix:

are these guys on acid or something?
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:59pm Caryn:

My dad and his brother would mess with their mother by waiting until they were in the middle of a grocery store, and then both of them would say really loudly, "Please don't hit us again, mommy!" I imagine the people overhearing it were disturbed.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:59pm MisterJohnny:

Has Michele's crush called in yet???

Has Michele told her funniest joke evah yet???

What's the fucking hold up???
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 6:59pm Frangry:

Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 7:00pm Kali G:

That was Frangry's biological clock giving wake up call.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 7:00pm Just Ted:

Michele is hyperventilating.
Avatar Fri. 4/10/15 7:00pm Marcel M:

Great show!!!! Byeeeee
  Fri. 4/10/15 7:00pm hot bar:

Billy jams gonna remix "I have a picture of your vagina"
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