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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options March 20, 2015: Marathon 2015 Week Two!

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Listener comments!

Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:04pm Frangry:

  Fri. 3/20/15 6:05pm Kevlicki:

Frickin rookies running this playlist. Finally I can comment
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:05pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Weirdothon 2015 - Drink Drink Drink!
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:05pm Just Ted:

Hello everyone.
  Fri. 3/20/15 6:05pm Kevlicki:

Hi weirdos
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:05pm MisterJohnny:

I pledged!!!
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:06pm Carmichael:

Jesus, finally.
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:06pm Just Ted:

Make those phone ring so I can answer
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:06pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Michele missed the meeting?
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:06pm MisterJohnny:

$1000.00 foursome is awesome
  Fri. 3/20/15 6:06pm Mister:

The camera is out of focus.
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:07pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:07pm MisterJohnny:

Wait, Frangry isn't a little drunk already???
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:08pm MisterJohnny:

Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:08pm madman:

  Fri. 3/20/15 6:08pm SeanG:

McCabe rules!
  Fri. 3/20/15 6:08pm Kevlicki:

Madman, where you been? Working hard so you can donate and get these ladies and ken drunk?
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:08pm Just Ted:

You must LOVE sending flowers Mr Johhny
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:09pm MisterJohnny:

McCabe, where have you been, man??? Prison???
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:09pm MisterJohnny:

I get a bulk discount on bouquets...
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:10pm Carmichael:

Frangry's always drunk.
  Fri. 3/20/15 6:10pm Kevlicki:

You're gonna do swirlies as your stunt if you make your goal tonight, right?!
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:11pm Danne D:

Hi Frangry :) <3333
Hi FoodBed :) <333
Hi Weirdos :)
Hi Ken!
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:12pm Danne D:

Whoa fancy phone room - people wearing ties and stuff
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:12pm MisterJohnny:

There's something wrong with the audio on the video stream!!!
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:12pm tomasz.:

  Fri. 3/20/15 6:13pm Kevlicki:

Where's Robyn and that biting humor?
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:13pm Carmichael:

Sounds OK on my iPhone, Johnny.
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:13pm MisterJohnny:

Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:13pm Danne D:

@MisterJohnny - have you tried reloading the page?
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:14pm MisterJohnny:

It's skipping and freezing...
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:14pm tomasz.:

it's been skipping and freezing a tad for me too, though ok at the moment
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:14pm MisterJohnny:

Is Station Manager Ken gonna cock-block on the date???
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:14pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Mine froze a couple times. Been running smoothly the last few minutes.
  Fri. 3/20/15 6:14pm Liz:

How much of a donation is required to have Clay Pigeon as a guest on Shut up Weirdo?
  Fri. 3/20/15 6:15pm Kevlicki:

Michele you could hire Robyn to write some material for you
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:15pm Danne D:

Happy Birthday Michele :)
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:15pm MisterJohnny:

What if Michele's funniest joke already happened and nobody laughed???
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:15pm tomasz.:

happy birthday!
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:16pm tomasz.:

didn't Noah design that Fat Boys pizza box?
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:16pm MisterJohnny:

  Fri. 3/20/15 6:18pm Kevlicki:

Ken should give the ladies swirlies!
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:18pm Ken From Hyde Park:

If there's glue left over from 7SD, maybe the stunt will be a glued-up Oreo with Ken and the SUW team.
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:18pm MisterJohnny:

Are the girl's gonna slap each other or not???
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:20pm tomasz.:

oh my god
  Fri. 3/20/15 6:21pm Robert:

Katonah hardware must've supplied the solvent to unstick Andy & Ken. You know you've got leverage for a plug when you're the only means of getting Ken loose from Andy.
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:22pm MisterJohnny:

Who's blood???
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:22pm Paul D:

If you pledge $15 to one show, and $15 to another, do you still get the stickers?
  Fri. 3/20/15 6:23pm Robert:

Toddophonic must stand back in the next room from the mic.
  Fri. 3/20/15 6:23pm just ted:

Thats true no sink. Call the board of health
  Fri. 3/20/15 6:23pm Marcel M:

Yooooo I saw Ken mixing blood
  Fri. 3/20/15 6:23pm Marcel M:

Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:23pm Danne D:

@Paul D swag accumulates for the totality of pledges over the marathon.
  Fri. 3/20/15 6:24pm SeanG:

good one Robert! todd rules!
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:24pm Paul D:

@Danne D oh great thanks!
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:24pm Danne D:

So yeah
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:24pm MisterJohnny:

I bet Michele really has rage-filled Carrie powers, and wipes WFMU the fuck out.
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:25pm cosmickitty:

  Fri. 3/20/15 6:27pm Robert:

Taken-back pledge means they have to vomit up some vodka?
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:28pm MisterJohnny:

Where does the foursome date happen???

Is there a horse drawn carriage ride through Jersey City???
  Fri. 3/20/15 6:28pm James:

is that volunteer selecting prime seats for a sporting event or concert?
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:28pm TheMarmot:

I'm trying to pledge online but I'm only given the option for 'one time payment' instead of breaking it up into installments. What gives?
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:28pm MisterJohnny:

How many buckets of blood are we talking about???
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:29pm Mary Wing:

Select "swag for life" and it will be monthly installments, Marmot.
  Fri. 3/20/15 6:29pm just ted:

What would 50 shades of FooBed be like???
  Fri. 3/20/15 6:29pm Kevlicki:

This is frustrating, I want my SUW hosts drunk when I listen to the show. But I don't have the doing to make then drink. Listeners pledge up!
  Fri. 3/20/15 6:29pm just ted:

Has to include hot cheese. Burning hot cheese.
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:30pm MisterJohnny:

Can I throw blood on Station Manager Ken on the foursome date???
  Fri. 3/20/15 6:30pm robyn:

Can't listen or pledge today :( I look forward to watching whatever demented stunt you do at home in the fetal position while I recover from this workweek
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:30pm Skurky:

  Fri. 3/20/15 6:31pm Kevlicki:

Robyn that's BULLSHIT!
  Fri. 3/20/15 6:31pm just ted:

God Robyn. So sad.
  Fri. 3/20/15 6:31pm robyn:

The good news is, if you do a "got fired episode", I might have a good story to call in with soon! Woo-hoo
  Fri. 3/20/15 6:32pm Kevlicki:

I'll take my shirt off for $12gs for wfmu
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:33pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Cats vs. Dogs led to a great remix that Billy Jam played last week. www.wfmu.org...
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:33pm MisterJohnny:

Come on, girls!!! GET PUMPED!!!
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:33pm TheMarmot:

ah, they rolled the monthly payments into the swag for life auto renewal. Sneaky devils! Im trying to give another pledge on top of swag for life, but only for this year.
  Fri. 3/20/15 6:34pm Kevlicki:

Oh Robyn, and still with a good sense of humor
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:34pm MisterJohnny:

Frangry & Michele - keeping it real
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:34pm Carmichael:

Now my video AND audio is whacking out on me. Thanks, Mister Johnny.
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:36pm Skurky:

This blood HAD to be Michele's idea.
  Fri. 3/20/15 6:36pm Marcel M:

It felt good taking that 1K pledge
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:36pm MisterJohnny:

It's Michele's Carrie powers fucking up the video stream...
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:36pm Video Booth:

safari and firefox stable- chrome needs refreshing . thank you :P
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:37pm MisterJohnny:

How much $$$ for Rich to put his shirt back on???
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:38pm Carmichael:

Stay cool, Robyn. Are you getting micro-managed like Frangry and Michele?
  Fri. 3/20/15 6:39pm just ted:

Robyn winning another show. What else is new.
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:39pm Carmichael:

Just Ted, are the guy sitting next to Ken?
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:40pm Fuzzy:

Chrome: Google "ustream wfmu" and use the resultant link:
That's how I got ustream working in my Chrome browser -- doesn't show up in wfmu page for some reason.
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:41pm MisterJohnny:

We need Blood money...
  Fri. 3/20/15 6:41pm SeanG:

  Fri. 3/20/15 6:42pm just ted:

Which guys? Marcel and kevlicki and bennet are here
  Fri. 3/20/15 6:42pm Robert:

I'd like to believe they're just an act (38 YO going on 14), and that in real life they're perfectly mature & would be able to do a regular radio show elsewhere if they so chose. But I'm afraid Frangry & Michelle are for real.
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:42pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Fake blood? Cow blood? Human blood? Chicken blood? What suspense!
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:43pm Fuzzy:

I drink your milkshake!
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:44pm Rick Heinegeber:

Hi Ken.
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:44pm Carmichael:

@Ted: I can only see the guy next to Ken. I was wondering who that was.
  Fri. 3/20/15 6:44pm SeanG:

Just Ted you're the dude with the shades?
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:45pm madman:

  Fri. 3/20/15 6:47pm Flyinghair:

I think I actually heard Frangry scoff at my $15 dollar pledge
  Fri. 3/20/15 6:48pm robyn:

thanks guys. Btw Michele and frangry, can we get some women's SUW shirts or what. I don't know how people are gonna feel about a legless cat crop top
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:49pm tomasz.:

Ken could do ring announcements for wrestling or UFC or something
  Fri. 3/20/15 6:49pm just ted:

Michele's eyebrows are on fleek.
  Fri. 3/20/15 6:50pm robyn:

Careful with those buckets of blood. Gotta save some for dinner
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:51pm Danne D:

Awesome Ted :)
  Fri. 3/20/15 6:52pm Kevlicki:

5 phones off the hook!
  Fri. 3/20/15 6:52pm robyn:

Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:52pm Carmichael:

God DAMN, boy!
  Fri. 3/20/15 6:52pm Mark Williams:

this is nuts. Ted... you beautiful maniac.
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:53pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Are you going to do the stunt over the part of the roof that leaks into the room below?
  Fri. 3/20/15 6:55pm just ted:

Its only money that i dont spend on liquor anymore.
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:56pm tomasz.:

ha ha yup
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:56pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Call The Main Event Caterers and see if they have any money left that they could send in!
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:58pm Danne D:

Go Go Go!
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:58pm Danne D:

Bye Frangry :) <3333
Bye FoodBed :) <333
Bye Weirdos :)
Bye Ken :)
Great Job!
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:58pm MisterJohnny:

Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:59pm Dan B From Upstate:

Thanks for the Cohen book, Michele, Frangry, and Ken!
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:59pm Carmichael:

It's not over. Did we give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?!?!
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 6:59pm Danne D:

Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 7:00pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Good gravy! I mean BLOOD!
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 7:00pm tomasz.:

Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 7:03pm Carmichael:

That was awesome!!!
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 7:05pm PortableAnarchy:

THAT WAS THE MOST BIZARRE FMU MOMENT I HAVE EVER SEEN! Especially with Billy's mix playing while Ken dumped the blood!
Avatar Fri. 3/20/15 7:07pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:38pm BennettCap:

After hearing about Michele's lingerie pics, my roommate said, "80% of their listeners are vigorously masturbating right now."
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 6:59pm BennettCap:

My roommate just scolded me for cursing: "You got cutoff mid-story because you can't control your mouth?! We could have won the t-shirt!"
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