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The Failure of Noise
The Failure of Sound
The Failure of Rock
The Failure of the Avant Garde
The Failure of the Space Age
The Failure of Jazz
The Failure of Psychedelia
The Failure of Krautrock
The Failure of Electronic
The Failure of Pop
The Failure of Free-form
The Failure of the 20th Century

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Options February 19, 2015: What am I gonna do without Failure?

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
James Last  Mr. Giant Man   Options Voodoo Party  0:00:00 ()
David Maranha & Helena Espvall  Sandracca   Options Sombras Incendiadas  0:07:19 ()
Mnemonists Orchestra  Fragments 1-3   Options Some Attributes of a Living System  0:18:22 ()
Audrey Chen & Robert Van Heumen  Endless Summer   Options Abattoir  0:20:50 ()
Lesley Gore  What Am I Gonna Do With You?   Options My Town, My Guy & Me  0:36:20 ()
Vittorio Gelmetti  L'opera Abbandonata tace e volge la sua cavita verso l'esterno   Options Musiche Elettroniche  0:42:14 ()
Lesley Gore  You Don't Own Me   Options The Golden hits of Lesley Gore  0:57:42 ()
Brent Fariss  Folk Song For 27 Oboes (excerpt)   Options Folk Song For 27 Oboes  1:12:54 ()
Tolerance  Untitled   Options anonym  1:20:10 ()
Ludo Mich & Blood Stereo  The Peeling Spirit   Options From Tapes & Throats  1:28:40 ()
Ghédalia Tazartès  Untitled   Options Repas Froid  1:30:46 ()
Bernard Parmegiani  Et Après...   Options Pop Eclectic  1:44:00 ()
Black Hat  Memory Triptych [excerpt]   Options Thought of Two  2:00:10 ()
Jar Mof  Commercial Mouth (excerpt)   Options Commercial Mouth  2:06:13 ()
Enablers  West Virginia   Options The Rightful Pivot  2:15:50 ()
Insect Ark  Crater Lake   Options Portal Well  2:19:35 ()
Kayo Dot  Library Subterranean   Options Coffins on IO  2:35:54 ()
Center Divider  Hank   Options Songs about Women Killing Men  2:38:00 ()
insect Ark  Parallel Twin   Options Portal Well  2:54:57 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/19/15 3:06pm sphere:

hello fabio and folks
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/19/15 3:06pm Rich in Washington:

this looks like a real good place to put my lawnchair down....
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 3:07pm TDK60:

Hello Fabio. The friction emanating from that fiddle will warm us up!
  Thu. 2/19/15 3:09pm bloopy:

Hi fabiio
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 3:09pm doca:

Hello, Fabio, sphere, TDK, Rich and all. This fiddle (un)tune will be my first star of the show
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 3:09pm doca:

BTW, the album's title translates as "Burnt Shadows"
  Thu. 2/19/15 3:11pm TofuGolem:

ahhh... time to relax
  Thu. 2/19/15 3:13pm bloopy:

fabio have you seen seen 50 shades of grey
  Thu. 2/19/15 3:14pm Pidge:

Fabio, have you seen The Ghost and Mr. Chicken?
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 3:15pm V Priceless:

hey Fabio and all!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/19/15 3:17pm Ike:

Fabio, have you seen The Quiet Earth? (Am I doing this wrong? Wait, so I was supposed to pick something schlocky? Oh well.)
  Thu. 2/19/15 3:28pm TofuGolem:

Fabio, have you seen Spongebob The Movie?
  Thu. 2/19/15 3:28pm Jack:

I loved the Holden Torana LJ in The Quiet Earth. I want one.
  Thu. 2/19/15 3:29pm Arnold:

Finally, a waltz.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/19/15 3:31pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Endless Summer? This one must be going out to the Southern Hemisphere.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 3:32pm Sem Chumbo:

Hiya, Fabio, and those getting stronger.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/19/15 3:33pm Rich in Washington:

I recently picked up a James Last record that does the James Last treatment to lots of Glam Rock 70s hits (Hawkwind, T Rex, etc).
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 3:33pm Sem Chumbo:

Unplayable James Last on the Fun 91?
  Thu. 2/19/15 3:35pm TofuGolem:

*holds up his lighter* "mr giant man!!!!"
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 3:39pm Cecile:

Rich, Last's version of Silver Machine is pretty great.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/19/15 3:42pm steve:

hello. the Hallicrafters special last week was so good. long live analog.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/19/15 3:44pm Rich in Washington:

Cecile: That's the one! Non Stop Dancing, 1973. Some crazy stuff besides the Hawkwind on that one.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 3:47pm Cecile:

here's a medley
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/19/15 3:52pm steve:

how am i the only person who has clickied this. you people make me sick.
  Thu. 2/19/15 3:53pm Concerned:

Is this psychedelic. Could one classify it as such? If one were forced to do so?
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 3:53pm Sem Chumbo:

@Steve, haven't heard the big finish ( I hope!) yet.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 3:56pm northguineahills:

Been cooking, steve....
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 3:57pm TDK60:

Wow, is the Leslie Gore really in the Gelmetti or is that you, Fab?
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 3:59pm TDK60:

One of the earliest feminist rock tunes!
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:01pm kat330:

Y@ TDK60:Yeah, sort of ironic to hear it on FMU (just joshin' ;)
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:07pm Chris from DC:

Wish I'd seen the Screamers. Amazing band.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:07pm coelacanth:

olá Fabio; Failures.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/19/15 4:07pm DCE:

phew, busy busy, but hello all!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/19/15 4:08pm DCE:

guess who won Swans tickets on my local college station last night? that's right, I did.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:09pm coelacanth:

'not jealous at all...but i was about to go hit my head against a tree anyway.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:09pm Cecile:

pumping iron is a great movie.
and it really makes you appreciate Lou Ferrigno
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:10pm TDK60:

Swans are playin'? When/where?
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:10pm Mary Wing:

Aw, I was hoping for the oboes track...
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:12pm coelacanth:

i'm nearly positive i saw the screamers in the 80s in nj- somewhere small,like the dirt club. it's very hazy.
'saw bands 1-2X/week back then.
  Thu. 2/19/15 4:12pm ?:

only 4 left
but you can get in on DVD from Netflix too
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/19/15 4:14pm DCE:

Swans in CLE next Wednesday, sure they're coming to YOUR TOWN soon
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:14pm coelacanth:

...maybe max's kansas city?
  Thu. 2/19/15 4:15pm Chum:

Hi! I'm Chum. :>)
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:15pm Mary Wing:

(Oh, it *is* the oboes track, my bad. I don't think I ever heard the beginning of it.)
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:16pm Chris from DC:

Yeah, I have that Screamers DVD, recommended.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:16pm coelacanth:

hey there,Chum
  Thu. 2/19/15 4:20pm nic:

love this_audrey chen 2 !!!
  Thu. 2/19/15 4:20pm TofuGolem:

Oh noes, oboes!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/19/15 4:20pm DCE:

hey coelacanth, i was listening to a comp called the Sound of Noise to Come (or something...) the other day, saw a track by a band with your name--was that you? kinda mathy/proggy bass'n'drums
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/19/15 4:23pm Carmichael:

OK, got here finally. Am ready for the drone, not quite for the Lesley Gore.
  Thu. 2/19/15 4:24pm Chum:

The music is complex. :>)
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:26pm mushroomjesus:

Complexity Through Failure
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:27pm coelacanth:

my name:"coelacanth"? no.

...i'll be famous after i'm dead,though!
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:27pm mushroomjesus:

Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:29pm coelacanth:

that reminds me,DCE- i have your bandcamp page bookmarked,and forgot! i'll check out your sounds this weekend. (when i'm home...on a good stereo.)
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:30pm kat330:

@coelacanth: On that subject and the Gore-y truth, female artists have to go to great lengths (or depths) to get airtime on FMU.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:31pm mushroomjesus:

there are three females on this playlist alone, so far
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:32pm kat330:

Yep, it's been very refreshing, too.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:35pm mushroomjesus:

do you have material online somewhere? curious to hear it.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:35pm kat330:

@shroomjesus, sometime you might check out how many playlists don't include even one female artist, let alone anything close to 50%.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:36pm coelacanth:

kat,i doubt there being an ulterior motive; i think it's just a matter of a preference to the sounds more often made by males.
..though i will say- if i had a show,there'd be a little more female presence- just because there are lots of female artists i like,that i NEVER hear on fmu.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:37pm kat330:

@coelacanth: "ulterior motive" wasn't what I was suggesting. Motivation was my point.

@shroomX: Are you asking me about material?
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:37pm Mary Wing:

I'd just like to point out that I play lots of chicks on my show!
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:37pm coelacanth:

(there are also many male artists i never or rarely hear on fmu.)
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:39pm kat330:

@Mary: Coool! I know, I'm sure there are a lot of DJ's I just never get to hear in the course of the day -- but then, one wonders why the ones who do are at late (for me) or even overnight hours. Some by choice, no doubt, but others .... ?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/19/15 4:39pm steve:

can anyone name any other pieces which mix abstract/avantgarde/etc with 60s pop, besides the piece we just heard, and "You're No Good" by Terry Riley?
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:39pm mushroomjesus:

@kat330 yes, i want to hear what you have. Honestly, I rarely pay attention to the gender of who I'm listening to but maybe that's because I'm male.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:39pm Cecile:

what about women who play in co-ed bands with a male lead singer?
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:40pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:41pm kat330:

@shroomX: Several of my pieces have kindly been aired on these waves and streams, but you can get the collection here: soundcloud.com... or freemusicarchive.org... [Bandcamp, too, but those links are at FMA]
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:42pm coelacanth:

it's true. Mary does. so does Irene.Trouble,Irwin,Rob,Bryce,Doug on the dtds stream...they all give a hearty dose of fe.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:42pm kat330:

@Cecile: Yes, I know there are a few females in bands played, too, but it doesn't boost the ratios very much even if a M/F duo only.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:43pm kat330:

Irene not so much actually.
Is my kettle whistling?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/19/15 4:44pm Carmichael:

Leave it to Cecile to throw the spanner in. :)
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:45pm Cecile:

*shrugs shoulders* I would have never learned about Linda Lewis, Clare and the Reasons, Kylesa and Annette Peacock if I didn't listen to FMU.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:46pm Cecile:

I was heatedly debating the definition of chili while judging a contest at work, and someone asked me if I was a lawyer. hahahahhaha as if.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:46pm mushroomjesus:

What's the proper ratio of female to male? Is that something DJs should even be paying attention to, instead of what sounds good for their set?
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:46pm kat330:

Hey, I'm just trying to open the conversation and maybe raise a little consciousness. For the most part, I personally prefer male vocals to female vocals, but that's a "courtship" response, as Mike East pointed to an article about.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:46pm mushroomjesus:

@Cecile meat only, duh
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:47pm mushroomjesus:

@kat330 Oh, I prefer no vocals. Maybe that explains why I don't think gender matters in what's being played.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/19/15 4:49pm Carmichael:

Now an all-female all-instrumental band, that would be something.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:49pm Cecile:

I allowed for California and Midwest variations with beans and peppers, but not the cabbage soup with white beans someone tried to sneak in.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:50pm kat330:

@shroomX: In that case, it will be slim pickings in my work, though my tribute to Jeff Buckley,"Gracewater Waltz" (Lamenstrumental™) and "Resolution #9" have little vocal.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:51pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:51pm Mary Wing:

Carmichael, may I present to you Batala NYC: batala.nyc
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:52pm Cecile:

right on, mary!
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:52pm coelacanth:

does it matter? djs at fmu play what they want to hear,and if the ratio leans one way or the other,it's coincidence.
...of course,if you're trying to get a record deal,it probably wont be very fair. But that's a different group of people. Females are a hot commodity now-more than ever before,so a female can get signed more easily...but you'll probably be taken for a ride- and be expected to sell your music with sexiness.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/19/15 4:53pm Carmichael:

Awesome, Mary!
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:54pm mushroomjesus:

The Failure of Genitalia
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:55pm coelacanth:

...and i don't think djs should ever consider it, because i wouldn't want protocol to interfere with good programming.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:55pm Cecile:

I dunno. Although I hate more current pop music, there are a lot of strong female players who can read the legal fine print, and if they want to dance around in the altogether, then right on.

I just want Weird Al Yankovic to parody a Sia video.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:56pm kat330:

@Mary: Yes, thank you for that link /info! We just revisited the film "Cabaret" a few days ago. Now there's your all-female band!
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:56pm Cecile:

she is so fucking unintentionally hilarious.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:56pm Cecile:

Beyoncé has an all female band.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:58pm coelacanth:

i don't have a problem with that. i just think the execs will assume otherwise & write up a lesser deal for females, some of the time.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:58pm kat330:

On some other list I made the distinction about lack of F representation *not* being such an issue in Top 40. That's not my thing, however, and FMU often is. There are plenty of great experimental, Indie females: Tuneyards, St. Vincent to name a couple.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/19/15 4:59pm steve:

you people may be interested to know... the tides may be turning - im teaching a class on electronics for analog synthesizers and effects at a college music department and, for what has to be the first time in the program's history, students are over 50% female.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:59pm Cecile:

they'll do that for black artists, and Latino artists, and pretty much anyone who doesn't have a high-powered lawyer on retainer.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:59pm Cecile:

that's cool, steve
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 4:59pm kat330:

I do hear them on WFPK, my local public radio, but I'd like not to channel hop or spin the dial so much.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:00pm kat330:

@steve: That is indeed encouraging.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:00pm Cecile:

Sia is almost as hilarious as Swans.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:04pm coelacanth:

ooioo,nervous cop,magik markers-back in the day...
but the ratio is far from even,and the selections played reflect that.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:04pm Mary Wing:

Sia should do a Swans cover album.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:04pm kat330:

"Sambalanche of music and dance," ha!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/19/15 5:06pm Carmichael:

It sounds like a good thing that I don't know who Sia is.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:07pm kat330:

For a flower of a different color: apod.nasa.gov... -- and then compare with this lavender chrysanthemum:
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:08pm mushroomjesus:

Glad I'm not the only one wondering about this "Sia" person/thing/band.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:09pm Claw!:

Cecile, this is for you:
Just got this in my inbox, and I immediately thought of you. ;)
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:10pm kat330:

@coelacanth: I must disagree. While true, the ratios are certainly not 50/50 as fair representation would dictate, but they *are* far better than the playlists here reflect. People just have to spend a moment to hunt and listen instead of going by each other's or a blog's recommendation.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:12pm Cecile:

claw, that article is so hot that it makes a dragon want to retire, man.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:13pm Cecile:

Carm, I envy your Sia-free existence.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:13pm mushroomjesus:

Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:13pm kat330:

I'm equally Sia-free. I've seen only as much as a platinum hairball when fast-forwarding.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:14pm Claw!:

Haha.... yeah, I thought you'd feel that way.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:14pm Claw!:

What is a Sia? Is that a new car model?
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:14pm mushroomjesus:

The guest ratio today seems to be 1:1 female to male. Oh wait, maybe 1:2, I can't tell.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:16pm V Priceless:

saw Sia with Zero 7 back in '07 - I think her stint singing with them kinda put her on the map, though I could be mistaken.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:16pm kat330:

Something tells me Jesus, even on mushrooms, would not be quite so snarky.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:16pm coelacanth:

as i said,if I had a show,there'd be more female.
ooioo,nervous cop,Scout Niblett,Joanna Molina,Katell Keineg,Susie Ibara,Margaret Lang Ten,Trost (etc)
i rarely or never hear these people here.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:17pm Cecile:

I love some of her stuff with Zero 7, but the stuff she writes now is kind of batshit crazy emo drool.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:17pm Cecile:

I would only play Hatebeak and the Singing Dogs and whale sounds.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:18pm coelacanth:

(JUANA Molina...and Joanna Newsom!)
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:18pm mushroomjesus:

I would only play female choir music.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:19pm mushroomjesus:

On another note, or not, I did miss the two-night all-female experimental showcase here in town last week :-/
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:19pm Cecile:

I would only play music of animals who have been neutered. Break the tyranny of gendered human superiority!
  Thu. 2/19/15 5:19pm Mark:

Such as Trio Medieval, which is in my heavy rotation this week. Three amazing voices. Warning: It's very churchy, though. But beautiful
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:20pm V Priceless:

@ Cecile: I haven't heard it...she has a kinda pouty delivery that is borderline maddening, even on some of the Zero 7 tracks.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:20pm Claw!:

Hatebeak?? Singing Dogs??? NOW you're speaking my language!
Cecile, I love you.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:21pm coelacanth:

or animals in the process of being neutered.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:21pm Cecile:

yeah, well, she's made a huge run for the border now, VP.

back at you claw!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/19/15 5:22pm Marcel M:

Fabio and friends. Hello!
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:22pm kat330:

Yes, Juana Molina!
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:22pm V Priceless:

haha...glad I've missed it then!
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:23pm Claw!:

Hola, Marcel!
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:23pm Cecile:

if you really want to have a WTF moment, watch Sia's "Chandeliers" video. I think it's awesomely bad, but YMMV
  Thu. 2/19/15 5:25pm Mark:

Love Juana Molina. Also, is it lame to love Fiona Apple? I think she's brilliant. She releases albums very infrequently, though. I'm actually a little worried about her.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:25pm kat330:

@coelacanth: And Rita Indiana.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:26pm Cecile:

my friend adores Fiona.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:27pm kat330:

@Mark: I say a fervent "no." I don't know why certain artists are deemed "taboo" to play here. It seems there are personal reasons why many artists are ignored, esp. when you compare their output with what *is* aired.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/19/15 5:27pm Marcel M:

Hi Claw! Finally inside from the cold.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:28pm kat330:

Once a top-dog "purveyor of taste" says so-and-so is "no good," then there is a trickle down effect where it becomes general agreement. I hate that.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:29pm mushroomjesus:

Personally, I think Fabio should play more Kanye West.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/19/15 5:29pm Stepchild:

Hi all. *Are* there taboo artists here?? I think if we want to compare them, we should be fair and name them and who we think *is* being played that "compares"...
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:29pm kat330:

It's high school.
  Thu. 2/19/15 5:30pm Donkeyking:

get to the Center Divider already!!!
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:31pm kat330:

@Stepchild: It's an implicit rather than explicit thing. Being explicit would require explanation why someone who creates a great something from nothing is overlooked in favor of a screaming child, for e.g.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/19/15 5:31pm Marcel M:

I think individual DJs choose not to play things because of their own taste, and looking at it as WFMU as a whole having an agenda is wrong. Sort of like false pattern recognition.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:32pm mushroomjesus:

I don't know, I think it's more fun to have a conspiracy.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/19/15 5:32pm Stepchild:

Yeah, I'm comfortable saying I'd require explanation
  Thu. 2/19/15 5:32pm sdfjoness:

Nice, thanks.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:33pm kat330:

@Marcel: Hey, I know I'm not going to even begin to convince anyone of what I've observed, so I'll just stop trying. The proof is in the playlists, and now I'm off to prepare an evening repast. Maybe I can convince Philo to take over. ;)
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:34pm V Priceless:

Really digging this Crater Lake track!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/19/15 5:34pm Carmichael:

As someone eloquently stated earlier, FMU DJs usually play what THEY like, so listen or don't. I thought I knew a lot about artists in general, but my FMU batting average is only about .125. That's why I listen to most shows here.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/19/15 5:34pm Marcel M:

I think we've all observed that Fiona Apple doesn't get heavy airplay here Kat hehe. I see your point but I just don't see it as problematic.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/19/15 5:35pm Marcel M:

Amen Carmichael
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:38pm JakeGould:

Hi all! @kat330: Take a nap.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/19/15 5:39pm A Screaming Strawchild:

Hey everyone. Loving the show today Fabio!!
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:40pm V Priceless:

if there's one thing I've learned from listening to FMU, it's how much I don't know about all kinds of music, and how such a big chunck of it is joined at the hip in some subtle way...well, that's two things..see, what do I know?
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:40pm Cecile:

connections are everywhere.
  Thu. 2/19/15 5:40pm Donkeyking:

tears in my eyes. thats beautiful stuff!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/19/15 5:42pm Marcel M:

We are getting deep on the boards tonight!

Hi Priceless!
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:42pm coelacanth:

what you've observed is a free form station. there is certainly no agenda,which is your implication.
yes,there are people who are deemed "un-cool"...by the comment-board people as well. But there are djs brave enough to ignore that,fortunately.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:43pm mushroomjesus:

How appropriate... "songs about women killing men"
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:43pm V Priceless:

Meat Loaf, on the other hand....is what's for dinner!

Hey Marcel!
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:43pm Cecile:

it's all beautiful, even when I don't like it.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:45pm Cecile:

I used to get all your answers, but I don't live in NYC, oy
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:45pm JakeGould:

Atticus Finch!
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:45pm Cecile:

Atticus Finch!
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:45pm Cecile:

once again, no tix. But right answer.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:46pm JakeGould:

I like all of the “No Prizes” I have won already.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:49pm coelacanth:

i could name 100 artists i like that are nowhere in the playlist search. some are commercially successful,which probably influences the majority of djs here to not play it; & some are as obscure as anything...of both sexes.
it is a non-issue.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:49pm dale:

no one knows the answer to this? if i lived in the city i would have been on the phone in two seconds
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:50pm Cecile:

Me and jake had the answer
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/19/15 5:50pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Failure to miss the show entirely.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:53pm JakeGould:

@coelacanth, give it a rest. Kat330 is simply being a troll. When people point out to her that there are female DJs playing music by female fronted bands and provide proof, guess what? She then goes on a screed about how it’s only a certain type of female music that is played. It’s all nonsense.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:53pm dale:

i know, i did too, but no one in radiola land
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/19/15 5:54pm A Screaming Strawchild:

Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:54pm mushroomjesus:

@Revolution Rabbit You only missed some good music and some trolling.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:54pm coelacanth:

right,Jake. i guess it's pointless.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/19/15 5:55pm Matt from Springfield:

Clay's Panel!
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:55pm MenfussMike:

i heard the other day that Harper Lee makes $9000 per day on royalties.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:55pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/19/15 5:56pm Matt from Springfield:

@MenfussMike: Pretty fine for a one-hit wonder! I hope her new book will add another worthwhile story to her bibliography.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/19/15 5:57pm Matt from Springfield:

"Flushed and Hot: The guest panel with Fab and Clay"
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:57pm coelacanth:

i could only see lynard skynard by accident.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/19/15 5:57pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...I'm ♌Leo Rising...means I care about my hair but I don't have enuff...
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:57pm Cecile:

Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:57pm mushroomjesus:

Fabio and Clay should have a buddy cop show, with lots of interrogation.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:58pm MenfussMike:

i love FOGHAT, saw em open for Triumph
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:58pm JakeGould:

@MenfussMike: And her laywer takes a good chuck of whatever she makes per day. That’s part of the controversy with this “new” novel: Her sister who was here lawyer for years passed away… And then suddenly after she passes away a “new” book comes out? Smells fishy.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:58pm V Priceless:

Clay, u gotta lobby for 3 hours...
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:59pm Cecile:

the Fool for the City album is great pop-blues.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:59pm dale:

i'd like that - good cop wacky cop
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:59pm david_:

Your Dusty intensive coming up at 6…
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 5:59pm MenfussMike:

I could't believe it when I heard it that she made a cool 9K per day, but the radio source graduated from Harvard, so....
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 2/19/15 6:00pm Matt from Springfield:

Buckling up for the Dusty Intensive Collision!
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 6:00pm MenfussMike:

The first Foghat and Live albums were killer.
Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 6:00pm Cecile:

Avatar Thu. 2/19/15 7:21pm Philo Gristle:

@JakeGould How brave to wait until kat leaves the room to start bitching. If she has an opinion, she’s a troll? All of her comments were reasonably stated, but sounds like you think women shouldn’t speak their mind. And then you say so after she's off the list? How very manly.

Feel free to check some playlists to see that the gender disparity is also very true. Not just music, but also due to the dismissal of many female djs recently. DJs are welcome to play what they like, but what's wrong with discussing and bringing attention to the subject?
  Wed. 2/25/15 5:28pm Lulu:

Lesley Gore <3
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