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"I fancy him at the court of Minos, anxious to know what sort of unmentionable monster the Minotaur may be, whether he is as frightful as all that or perhaps charming?" - Albert Camus (Visit homepage.)

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Options February 13, 2015: Friday the 13th: Part You
~~Animation by Minnesota Jeff

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Artist Track Album Label Year Format Comments Approx. start time
Sick City Four (minus two)   Friday the 13th   Options none  Sick City Four  2013  MP3     
The Jazz Kissingers  Phoning it In   Options The Jazz Kissingers  Jazz Kissingers  2015  MP3    0:06:29 ()
PJ Harvey  The Devil   Options White Chalk  Island  2007  CD    0:09:31 ()
Bob Bellerue  Side A   Options Damned Piano  Anarchymoon Recordings  2015  LP    0:12:28 ()
Bob Bellerue  Issues   Options Issues  Bob Bellerue  2015  MP3    0:29:15 ()
Music behind DJ:
Bob Bellerue 
B   Options Damned Piano  Anarchymoon Recordings  2015  LP    0:38:56 ()
Unearth Noise  The Dark Arts   Options The Dark Arts  Unearth Noise  2015  MP3    0:43:15 ()
The Jazz Kissingers  3/8 in F   Options The Jazz Kissingers  Jazz Kissingers  2015  MP3    0:50:38 ()
Brian Allen  Friday13   Options Friday13  Brian Allen  2015  MP3    0:53:49 ()
CHANGES TO blind  Friday the 13th   Options Friday the 13th  CHANGES TO blind  2015  MP3    0:55:51 ()
Music behind DJ:
Bob Bellerue 
B   Options Damned Piano  Anarchymoon Recordings  2015  LP    1:03:10 ()
Tom Shad  Friday 13th   Options Friday 13th  Tom Shad  2015  MP3    1:11:50 ()
Floyd Willems  Protect the Cats, It's Friday the 13th   Options Protect the Cats, It's Friday the 13th  Floyd Willems  2015  MP3    1:14:33 ()
Hyena Sparerib Orchestra  My Thirteenth Friday   Options My Thirteenth Friday  Hyena Sparerib Orchestra  2015  MP3    1:18:20 ()
pHoaming Edison  Thank God It's Friday   Options Thank God It's Friday  pHoaming Edison  2015  MP3    1:21:36 ()
Moist Paula  Riskily, she named her 13th child "Friday"   Options Riskily, she named her 13th child "Friday"  Moist Paula  2015  MP3    1:24:36 ()
Rick Morris  David Lynch's Driveway   Options David Lynch's Driveway  Rick Morris  2015  MP3    1:26:45 ()
Heather McIntosh  Sketch of a Theme for a Thing   Options Sketch of a Theme for a Thing  Heather McIntosh  2015  MP3    1:28:33 ()
Musci  Holograma maligno de Oscar Ivan Zuluaga   Options Holograma maligno de Oscar Ivan Zuluaga  Musci  2015  MP3    1:31:23 ()
Sean Seanbelly Sewell  Indozombilly   Options Indozombilly  Sean Seanbelly Sewell  2015  MP3    1:33:33 ()
Chester Hawkins  Parasomnia   Options Parasomnia  Intangible Arts  2015  MP3    1:36:10 ()
Black Sabbath  Black Sabbath   Options Black Sabbath  Warner Bros.  2004  CD  Originally released February 13, 1970 (thanks for the tip, Vincent Priceless!)  1:42:47 ()
Music behind DJ:
Bob Bellerue 
C   Options Damned Piano  Anarchymoon Recordings  2015  LP    1:49:22 ()
Morris Shakespeare  Pharmakoi [for Scott]   Options Pharmakoi [for Scott]  Morris Shakespeare  2015  MP3    1:55:13 ()
Manfred Eicher Haunts My Dreams  Stolen Content   Options Manfred Eicher Haunts My Dreams  Stolen Content  2015  MP3    1:59:27 ()
Vincent Priceless  A Beckoning Through Mist   Options A Beckoning Through Mist  Vincent Priceless  2015  MP3    2:02:53 ()
Chester Hawkins  Bleak Mass   Options Bleak Mass  Intangible Arts  2015  MP3    2:06:57 ()
Alon Nechushtan  Blue Michael for Friday the 13th   Options Blue Michael  Alon Nechushtan  2015  MP3    2:15:01 ()
Astral Knife  Sick As Can Be   Options Sick As Can Be  Astral Knife  2015  MP3    2:16:59 ()
nonnon  Wassles   Options El Socialismo  nonnon  2015  MP3    2:23:06 ()
Ben Richter  Yon   Options Yon  Ben Richter  2015  MP3    2:27:12 ()
Sean Seanbelly Sewell  You Hate the Freak Show   Options You Hate the Freak Show  Sean Seanbelly Sewell  2015  MP3    2:30:02 ()
Chuck Bettis  Thirteenth Nocturne   Options Thirteenth Nocturne  Chuck Bettis  2015  MP3    2:33:56 ()
Frequent Animation  NIght Bird   Options NIght Bird  Frequent Animation  2015  MP3    2:37:44 ()
Horsey  The Moon is Meat   Options The Moon is Meat  Horsey  2015  MP3    2:40:29 ()
Music behind DJ:
Bob Bellerue 
D   Options Damned Piano  Anarchymoon Recordings  2015  LP    2:53:38 ()
Lou Reed  3   Options Metal Machine Music  Great Expectations  1975  LP    2:48:47 ()
Petula Clark  The Show is Over   Options Beautiful Sounds: The Petula Clark Songbook  Castle  2000  CD    2:56:36 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/13/15 3:00pm common:

man, I might miss this cause o' work. hey kurt!
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 3:01pm V Priceless:

hey kurt! hey common! happy friday the 13th!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/13/15 3:02pm Ike:

This isn't Kurt! This is K. CONRAD GOTTSCHALK! He is a doppelganger, an imposter! Bring back the real Kurt!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/13/15 3:03pm Webhamster Henry:

It's Gott Kurtschalk.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/13/15 3:04pm Philthy woman:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/13/15 3:04pm Philthy woman:

sorry Common...we will certainly listen again in archives
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/13/15 3:04pm DCE:

boy howdy
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/13/15 3:04pm Stepchild:

'lo all!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/13/15 3:04pm common:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/13/15 3:05pm common:

hey philthy!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/13/15 3:06pm Philthy woman:

Hi Common! Glad your here. Sometimes we all gotta tell the boss where it's at
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 3:07pm Mark Helsten:

Hi KC! good to be back!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/13/15 3:09pm Philthy woman:

Haha! I just hung up on the healthcare market place hold muzac to listen to this, the system was saying similar things to me.
  Fri. 2/13/15 3:12pm Kacy:

Brain ... really digging this PJ Harvey.
  Fri. 2/13/15 3:13pm ?:

Brian I mean, sorry.
  Fri. 2/13/15 3:14pm Ike:

Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 3:16pm Kurt Gottschalk:

hey everyone! happy holidiays.
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 3:16pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/13/15 3:18pm Philthy woman:

You too Kurt! So diggin this already
  Fri. 2/13/15 3:20pm Corky:

This Bob Balaban is spooky.
  Fri. 2/13/15 3:21pm r i s k y:

  Fri. 2/13/15 3:34pm Dean:

That Damned Piano side was spectacular. This Issues sounds through my cheesy PC like Annea Lockwood's Glass World.
  Fri. 2/13/15 3:38pm Dean:

And now Dockstader.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/13/15 3:42pm Mike East:

wait a minute...I know Bob Bellerue - he's from Issue Project Room, right?
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 3:45pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

wait, whut? not THE commander tom, of noom fame?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/13/15 3:45pm Philthy woman:

I'm drowning in quick-mud
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 3:50pm Kurt Gottschalk:

oops, not commander tom, the file is mistagged. hold on.
  Fri. 2/13/15 3:51pm Major Tom:

Beware of Ground Control disorder.
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 3:51pm Kurt Gottschalk:

however, mike east, yes, that bob.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/13/15 3:52pm Mike East:

nice, Kurt. He's a nice dude. Orders backline from us on occasion. Had no idea he was a composer. Thanks for playing!
  Fri. 2/13/15 3:53pm SeanG:

stay high
  Fri. 2/13/15 3:53pm P-90:

Happy Friday/13, K. ("Kosher for Facebook") Conrad and all Mino-toreadors!
  Fri. 2/13/15 3:58pm Roger:

enjoying the show - thanks for playing the Unearth Noise tune!
  Fri. 2/13/15 4:00pm P-90:

"Sargent Tom"? "Ensign Tom"? "Herr Gruppenfuhrer Tom"? "Rear Admiral Tom (of Finland)"?...
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 4:00pm ranjit:

Serpent Tom!
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 4:01pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

BAAH! CTb! Called away to meeting! Nooooo!
  Fri. 2/13/15 4:04pm Nate K:

This is great. All of it.
  Fri. 2/13/15 4:09pm Dean:

Many things sound "like" many other things.
  Fri. 2/13/15 4:12pm Dean:

Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 4:14pm rothwell:

keep on truckin'
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 4:15pm Kurt Gottschalk:

closest the dead have ever come to be played on my show. (unless maybe i played the oswald thing dean referenced.)
  Fri. 2/13/15 4:15pm Mark:

A bunch of us envelope stuffers were sitting around the 4th floor today, speculating about whether or not you were going to do one of your weirdo Friday the 13th shows. Thank you.
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 4:16pm Kurt Gottschalk:

at this point i don't think i have a choice, do i?
  Fri. 2/13/15 4:17pm Mark:

No, we were going to come storming into the studio with torches if you didn't, I think.
  Fri. 2/13/15 4:18pm Jack Sheldon:

Is this Rise II ?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/13/15 4:18pm common:

I have the whole warehouse where I work lisenin'. hee!
  Fri. 2/13/15 4:20pm Connie:

I've been thinking a lot about making a move to country music. That's where the melody's gone. They dance there, too. And they stand for wholesomeness.
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 4:25pm Polyus:

Wholesome and yet soooo sexy.
  Fri. 2/13/15 4:25pm r i s k y:

Riskily.... I like it!
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 4:25pm V Priceless:

BTW, today is the 45th anniversary of the release of the first Black Sabbath album!
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 4:27pm rothwell:

oh no, no, please god help me!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/13/15 4:27pm DCE:

that's an anniversary I can celebrate, V P!
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 4:28pm Kurt Gottschalk:

Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 4:29pm V Priceless:

yeah, I freaked when I read that today!
  Fri. 2/13/15 4:30pm B Pea:

i can dance to this one!
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 4:31pm Mark Helsten:

Also a Friday the 13th for Sabbath release... cool, and makes sense...
  Fri. 2/13/15 4:31pm B Pea:

in a spooky, skeleton decorating the tree blowing around kinda way
  Fri. 2/13/15 4:33pm B Pea:

eye like it when people in Canadia think stuff makes sense
  Fri. 2/13/15 4:34pm P-90:

Those wacky Canadia-ians!
  Fri. 2/13/15 4:35pm Connie:

I hear nothing on this show that gives me the warm feeling country music does. I see no clothing that matches the boots or hats that are fun to wear and give me a feeling of belonging like when I'm part of a line dance or a boot scooting group. Yet, I keep listening to Chalky. Something country about him at his core.
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 4:36pm Mark Helsten:

We are all about sense.
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 4:37pm Mark Helsten:

Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 4:37pm V Priceless:

ok Rev! Woo!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/13/15 4:38pm common:

woohoo! rev!
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 4:39pm Kurt Gottschalk:

i am from corn fields.
  Fri. 2/13/15 4:43pm B Pea:

the tundra is a frozen and the corn she's a all dead
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 4:43pm Mark Helsten:

That was practically Krautrock, Chalky...
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 4:44pm kirk from beer city usa:

this black sabbath record is only a few months older than me.
  Fri. 2/13/15 4:44pm B Pea:

holding up lighter and startin to sway
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 4:45pm Mark Helsten:

Inverting the cross on my office wall.
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 4:45pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Back from meeting in time to have missed Parasomnia..!
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 4:45pm Kurt Gottschalk:

kraut and prog fans are so cute the way they always redefine things to be theirs.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/13/15 4:46pm common:

loved it rev!
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 4:46pm Kurt Gottschalk:

rev t, your other submission is still up and coming.
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 4:46pm V Priceless:

Ha! Great! THANK-YOU, Master Gottschalk!
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 4:47pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

The artist name on that is technically "chester hawkins" but it's almost the same thing.... multiple personality disorder, 'n stuff... (RIP BSI)
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 4:47pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

ah, thankies boss KG!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/13/15 4:47pm Stanley:

BSI lives!
  Fri. 2/13/15 4:48pm emma g balla:

sabbath sounding really good
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 4:48pm Kurt Gottschalk:

ah, i'll change it. i saw yr tag but i thought i knew better...
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 4:50pm Mark Helsten:

"theirs", indeed...
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 4:50pm TDK60:

I didn't like Black Sabbath all that much back then. Still don't much, but after 45 years I can see their place in music history. And the chunky sound they created.
  Fri. 2/13/15 4:52pm Fredericks:

Chunky magic, TDK.
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 4:52pm ranjit:

it's not halloween but it is f the th and B Pea mentioned skeletons so can we hear Skeletons by Invisible Boy Clams?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/13/15 4:53pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Never fear. Next Friday the 13th is in just four weeks. During the marathon times.
  Fri. 2/13/15 4:54pm Fredericks:

May I request some Chadbourne, Kurt?
  Fri. 2/13/15 4:55pm Fredericks:

How about the Skeletons?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/13/15 4:58pm common:

this is great, kurt! thanks! beeeeeersies everyone! to the archives!
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 4:58pm Kurt Gottschalk:

dunno if i have time for requests, fred. still a lot of submissions to get through!
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 4:59pm northguineahills:

grrr..., missed the the rev...., only got here in time for Sabbath.
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 5:00pm Kurt Gottschalk:

another rev coming up soon!
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 5:04pm V Priceless:

more Sabbath fun: when I purchased my beat-up old Mellotron M400 back in the mid-90's, I was impressed to discover that someone had actually made a tape loop of the intro thunder and bell tracks from the song "Black Sabbath" on two separate keys - you'll hear them both in the mix at some point! Thank-you, Kurt!
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 5:05pm TDK60:

If there's time in this show, or if you do another similar show for scary/eerie music, could we hear something off Univers Zero's 'Heresie' album (the 1st track)?
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 5:06pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Jeezus, that Univers Zero release is solid.
....as is this beckoning, VP. Deep yay.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/13/15 5:07pm Carmichael:

Kurt, did you give an oblique "Children of the Corn" reference up there somewhere?
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 5:08pm V Priceless:

thanx and back at ya, Rev! Much Respect!
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 5:08pm Kurt Gottschalk:

HAHA! not intentionally! but yeah, we used to make that joke a lot when i was a kid so probably deep in the recesses somewhere.
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 5:08pm TDK60:

Vincent P.! I didn't know you created sound!
  Fri. 2/13/15 5:09pm P-90:

@V. Priceless: YOU've got an original Mellotron 400?!!
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 5:12pm V Priceless:

indeed, P-90! I'm a bit obsessed with that thing!

@TDK60: don't we all? ; )
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 5:13pm northguineahills:

Thought it'd be this one.
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 5:13pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Much appreciated, Sir Kurt.
  Fri. 2/13/15 5:14pm Butch:

I got a Kimball organ with a foxtrot drum setting.
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 5:15pm Kurt Gottschalk:

and yet you didn't send me a track, butch?
  Fri. 2/13/15 5:16pm Dean:

This foxtrot drum? http://cache1.asset-cache.net/gc/84843171-photo-of-peter-gabriel-and-phil-collins-and-gettyimages.jpg
  Fri. 2/13/15 5:18pm Butch:

I got the Color-Glo keys but the red doesn't work so my learning was hindered from the beginning. I ended up playing bass, but now my band wants a woman bass player.
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 5:19pm Kurt Gottschalk:

there's ways to make yourself a woman bass player, you know.
  Fri. 2/13/15 5:19pm Connie:

I was kidding about the country, Chalky. Love ya!
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 5:20pm Kurt Gottschalk:

no wuckers. i love country!
  Fri. 2/13/15 5:20pm Butch:

I can't go that Wanda Carlos route.
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 5:20pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Closest I ever got to a mellotron was one of the old Optigans. Not as marvelous, but had its own charm. God I miss that thing.
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 5:21pm Kurt Gottschalk:

i'm just saying there's options
  Fri. 2/13/15 5:21pm Butch:

I did dress up like Arlene Galonka once.
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 5:23pm V Priceless:

@ Rev - would love to get my hands on one of those! Did you do any recording with it?
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 5:23pm Kurt Gottschalk:

i dressed like agnetha fältskog once, for about six years!
  Fri. 2/13/15 5:24pm Butch:

She the brunette Abba woman?
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 5:24pm Kurt Gottschalk:

no, the blonde. duh.
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 5:24pm TDK60:

I used to fool around with an Acetone electric organ and was easily amused.
  Fri. 2/13/15 5:24pm P-90:

@Veepee: does it run (well)? I know how hard they are to find in half-decent condition, how tricky they are to service/repair, etc. I mean beyond their famous un-reliability onstage... I assume you wouldn't try to use it "live." Even in the seventies, They were hard to find, I went and looked at a few with a buddy of mine who wanted one, he was handy enough to do minor repairs or even a rebuild, we never saw one in good enough shape to take a chance on. The plan, as I recall: he wanted to get the Mellotron into tip-top running order, and build a nice new wooden cabinet for it that would also incorporate a scratch-built Theremin, with the controls mounted on top...
  Fri. 2/13/15 5:25pm Butch:

Oh the blonde, because the other one did some good work with Phil Collins. Something Going Wrong or something like that.
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 5:26pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

@VP 5:23: I did record with it, but we're talking mid 1980s era, when my recording gear was crap & the overall sound was more about lo-fi noise. Mostly I distorted the hell out of it with an ancient Norelco reel-to-reel...
  Fri. 2/13/15 5:26pm Rick Morris:

thanx for the plays, man. proud to be part of the show.
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 5:26pm Kurt Gottschalk:

he produced an album for her even. it wasn't bad.
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 5:26pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

in other words, "for archival interest only" and that's on a good day.
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 5:27pm Kurt Gottschalk:

thanks for submitting, rick!
  Fri. 2/13/15 5:27pm Butch:

You know that Phil Collins was a good drummer. Folks pick on him, but he could play those drums.
  Fri. 2/13/15 5:28pm P-90:

Frida Lyngstad
  Fri. 2/13/15 5:28pm Butch:

This sounds like the Craftwork boys!
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 5:29pm northguineahills:

I really liked that nonnon. (it's like a sober autechre, and I mean that in a good way)
  Fri. 2/13/15 5:30pm Dean:

This Phil Collins? http://cache1.asset-cache.net/gc/84843171-photo-of-peter-gabriel-and-phil-collins-and-gettyimages.jpg
  Fri. 2/13/15 5:31pm Clay:

Gotta run, Chalky. Great show! Play some Kanye!
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 5:31pm Mark Helsten:

Alright Sean! I missed the last one...
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 5:32pm TDK60:

Kurt thanks for the tunes and the audience interaction. Later...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/13/15 5:32pm Carmichael:

RTD, I just got an Akai 3000D Reel Deck for free. I'm gonna play with delay effects, and tape loops on carts. Just to be old school.
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 5:34pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

@carm: holy crap, that's a bloody happy-box right there. Proper tape-loops are the bee's knees. I haven't got the hardware for it anymore, else....
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 5:35pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

WHOA! Bettis!
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 5:36pm northguineahills:

Cool, Bettis...!
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 5:41pm V Priceless:

Yo common! woo!
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 5:43pm V Priceless:

@ P-90 - It's an old one, early 70's, and it's complete and works, but at times I have to bang the cabinet to get the fly wheel to start! Ha! Streetly Electronics in the UK - the original Mellotron people - still making new ones and doing repairs/restorations!

@ Rev - very cool - I wish I still had my four-track reel-to-reel too. Thought of hunting down a used one, but concerned I wouldn't be able to find tape media any longer! Optigans are out there - a local one just sold on ebay for $ 200, which is a bargain, as you wouldn't wanna pay to ship the bugger.
  Fri. 2/13/15 5:43pm mike east:

Cool, home in time for common. Nice sounds, mate!
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 5:45pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Horsey = Common?
ROCK. clicky.
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 5:48pm V Priceless:

thank-you, Kurt! Fun show! Great vibe!
  Fri. 2/13/15 5:51pm Fredericks:

I actually recognize this piece. Is it from track three of the eight track?
  Fri. 2/13/15 5:52pm P-90:

@V.P: Cool! Now that you mention it, I remember reading some where that Streetly was making new ones again...I bet the new ones still need a "kick-start" now and then...
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 5:52pm Kurt Gottschalk:

horsey=common, yes!
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 5:53pm Whooda:

Hey Kurt, just showing off FMU to a friend here in WV, couldn't of picked a better moment. THanks!
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 5:54pm Kurt Gottschalk:

Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 5:54pm Mark Helsten:

Great show and thanks!
  Fri. 2/13/15 5:55pm P-90:

Yo Whooda!!! In WV now, ol' buddy?
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 5:55pm Kurt Gottschalk:

lou reed did everything thurston moore did, only backwards and in high heels!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/13/15 5:56pm Ken From Hyde Park:

@Whoda - Let them know that the next show is nothing like this one. And the ones after that are not like those preceding them, either.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/13/15 5:56pm Carmichael:

Lou's dead now, but his music lives on, in super hi-fi stereo.
  Fri. 2/13/15 5:56pm P-90:

@Kurt: that's the Quote of the Week, right there
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/13/15 5:57pm Philthy woman:

Yes! Common + Myself+ James Tressel= HORSEY.
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 5:57pm V Priceless:

what P-90 said!
  Fri. 2/13/15 5:57pm Dean:

If Lou Reed is Ginger Rogers, then Butch can be the woman bass player.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/13/15 5:58pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...the week? - hell - that's a keeper...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/13/15 5:58pm Ken From Hyde Park:

(Whooda, not Whoda. Sorry.)
Avatar Fri. 2/13/15 5:58pm V Priceless:

nice work, Philthy w.!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/13/15 5:58pm Carmichael:

I like the part in the interlude when she says, "yeah!"
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/13/15 6:01pm Philthy woman:

Thanks. V. And thanks Kurt for playing us and along with all this swell and swelling music
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