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A small-c catholic preaching to the unevensong choir.

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Options January 4, 2015: Seasonal Affection Disorder

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Artist Track Comments
Jeanette  Soy rebelde   Options  
Vashti Bunyan  Across the Water   Options  
Simon Fisher Turner  How Blue Sky Was   Options This is from the soundtrack to Carvaggio 1610. 
Alejandro Jodorowsky  Topo triste   Options This is from the El Topo soundtrack. 
Ghostface Killah/The Revelations  I Love You for All Seasons   Options  
Los Aguas Aguas  El sol   Options  
Caetano Veloso   If You Hold a Stone   Options  
Luther Ingram  Love Ain't Gonna Run Me Away   Options  
James Clarke  Two Lane Blacktop   Options  
White Shoes & the Couples Company  Selangkah Keseberang (Featuring Fariz RM)   Options  
Saint Etienne  Goodnight   Options  
Rumer  Am I Forgiven   Options  
Triste Janero  In the Garden   Options [sic] 
Dump  The Words Get Stuck in My Throat   Options  
Mardi Silhuette  Sol y sombra (I'm schocked)   Options [sic] 
Brigitte Fontaine  Interieur nuit   Options  
Walter Carlos  Variations for Flute and Electronic Sound   Options  
Ataraxia  Seance   Options  
Yma Sumac  Magenta Mountain   Options  
Clinic  Orangutan   Options  
The Deep Freeze Mice  I Lay a Green Egg, It Explodes on Tuesday   Options  
Curd Duca  Feuerzauber   Options  
David Axelrod  Urizen   Options  
Los Diablos  Dong dong diki digi dong   Options  
The Explorers Club  I've Been Waiting   Options  
The Sidewinders  Moonshine   Options  
Foxygen  How Can You Really   Options  
Robert Lester Folsom  Written in Your Hair   Options  
The Twilights  What a Silly Thing to Do   Options  
The Alan Bown  Storybook   Options  
The Golden Earrings  Smoking Cigarettes   Options  
Paul McCartney  Cue 2M5   Options This is from the soundtrack to The Family Way. 
Thomas Group  Penny Arcade   Options  
The Blades of Grass  You Won't Find That Girl   Options  
R. Stevie Moore  You and Me   Options  

Listener comments!

  Sun. 1/4/15 5:06pm sugarwolf:

Hello hello!
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 5:06pm fred:

Happy new year Gaylord, your premium is still bringing me much joy. I can't even tell which track is my fave with any certainty as it changes often. Today it's the Nirvana cover, but that's fleeting
  Sun. 1/4/15 5:06pm sugarwolf:

The best thing happened at work-free doughnuts!
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 5:07pm Gaylord Fields:

@fred: That makes me very happy.
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 5:08pm Gaylord Fields:

@sugarwolf: The absolute best thing would be work-free doughnuts.
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 5:10pm redkayak:

Hi all - 2015 is looking good so far!
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 5:10pm doca:

Olá, Gaylord!
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 5:11pm dale:

happy new year gaylords and lasses. this pastoral set has me well anesthetized, in a good way. or it's just the box wine talking
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 5:11pm Gaylord Fields:

@doca: Feliz ano novo!
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 5:12pm Gaylord Fields:

@redkayak: Let's hope.
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 5:14pm Gaylord Fields:

@dale: Pastures are good for lying in and relaxing. I hope that's what I'm providing.
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 5:16pm dale:

definitely. but i worked on dairy farms as a kid. you have to be careful where you park yourself, is all.
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 5:17pm doca:

@Gaylord: Thanks! For you too
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 5:18pm fred:

Well, Gaylord is on the schedule, Billy Jam said he'd ask for a 3 hour slot (yeah!!!), now if Keili could be back in June 2015 would be a fantastic year. I hear there are things going on outside the station, but I dismiss these as irrelevant noise
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 5:18pm Gaylord Fields:

@doca: I need to delve into your amazing blog when I have a chance.
  Sun. 1/4/15 5:18pm Pete L in Columbus Ohio:

happy new year Gaylord. it's good to know other people like this kind of instrumental stuff too
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 5:18pm Gaylord Fields:

@fred: Good choice to limit your information to station stuff.
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 5:20pm Gaylord Fields:

@Pete L: It's just nice to start off with less wordy stuff.
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 5:22pm fred:

@dale: good advice (I have a farmland background too)
@Gaylord: I wish I'd take my own advice, it's be less depressing
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 5:23pm doca:

@Gaylord: I need to post there, I'll try not to keep it dormant again.
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 5:26pm Gaylord Fields:

@doca: From how prolific you've been, especially with the songs from Jorge Ben's A Tabua de Esmeralda, I see why you'd take a break.
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 5:30pm doca:

@Gaylord: That's true, but it was mostly family things because of New Year that kept me from posting there. Actually, translating doesn't take long, what takes some time is writing the posts, as I lack any way of being concise.
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 5:32pm fred:

I'm reluctantly giving up on this fine show in favor of sleep, but I put my trust in the archive.
Happy new year to everyone I haven't yet inflicted with such wishes, and unlucky bystanders too
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 5:33pm Gaylord Fields:

G'night, fred!
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 5:37pm steve:

hi Gaylord. loving this.
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 5:38pm fleep:

It's like a mimosa for your earholes. Greetings Gaylord and all.
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 5:38pm Gaylord Fields:

@steve: My pleasure!
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 5:39pm Gaylord Fields:

@fleep: Keep waving, not drowning!
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 5:41pm redkayak:

.....having a heck of a time trying to decide who to root for in in this Cowboys - Lions game...
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 5:41pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Health and happiness in the new year, Gaylord. May no football spoilers come your way.
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 5:42pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Writing about cheese, listening to Gaylord Fields. I think that's an ideal Sunday evening, at least for me.
p.s. I love this Saint Etienne track. Wasn't it on your marathon premium with the weird time signatures?
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 5:43pm glenn:

or a samosa.
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 5:45pm Gaylord Fields:

@redkayak: Since the Giants are out of the picture, I'll suspend my no NFL rule for this instance and tell you NOT to root for the Cowboys!
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 5:45pm steve:

writing about cheese is like dancing about chocolate, or so i've heard
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 5:46pm Gaylord Fields:

@Ken From Hyde Park: See my response to redkayak.
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 5:46pm redkayak:

Fair enough. Jerry Jones has to be blowing a gasket about now..... :)
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 5:47pm Gaylord Fields:

@steve: Homer Simpson once danced about chocolate, and it seems like something I'd like to try.
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 5:48pm glenn:

root for the lions. the cowboys have an unfair advantage, what with the horses and guns and all that.
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 5:49pm steve:

oo me too. might as well dance about while we're here.
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 5:50pm Wendy del Formaggio:

But gentlemen, in order to write about cheese, one is required to EAT a lot of cheese. Homer Simpson would be proud.
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 5:50pm steve:

and dance about cheese while we're at it.
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 5:51pm Gaylord Fields:

@Wendy: I don't recall that I ultimately included it, but I know I considered it. It is a wonderful example of odd meter nonetheless!
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 5:51pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Steve, I do that almost every day. :-D
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 5:52pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Gaylord, and a nice song, as well! It's weird pop, which is one of my favorite genres, if I had to acknowledge such categorizing. haha.
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 5:52pm Gaylord Fields:

@glenn: How many cowboys vs. how many lions would make it a fair fight? Cowboys have lassos, guns, horses, etc.; lions have lion anatomy.
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 5:53pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Bang, zoom. Touchdown Cowboys!
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 5:54pm glenn:

true, but still. i like a fair fight / mauling.
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 5:55pm steve:

cheese life sounds pretty awesome Wendy
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 6:01pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Steve, even though I am currently a journalist, and on sort of sabbatical from 'mongering, I still say: Cheesemonger For Life! This year marks my 20th anniversary of Cheese Life, so I'm having many moments to reminisce.
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 6:06pm Mayuko:

Happy New Year, Gaylord!
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 6:08pm dale:

digging this early electronica. should be the soundtrack to a deliciously psychedelic cartoon.
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 6:09pm northguineahills:

I've somehow missed that Walter Carlos before, that was a purdy one!
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 6:12pm Gaylord Fields:

@Mayuko: More adult fun in 2015 for us!
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 6:13pm dale:

gaylord, dip your toe into the krautrock band novalis if you like the wagnerian prog
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 6:16pm Gaylord Fields:

@northguineshills: It's a really early one, ca. 1964.
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 6:16pm steve:

nice Wendy! cheese such a fascinating craft and art/science hybrid. i love it like i love music.
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 6:18pm Wendy del Formaggio:

I hear ya, Steve. I love music, too. With both, you can also learn anthropology, geography, other languages, history, sociology, and the list goes on. It's good stuff all around. And, you can eat cheese while you listen to music. Or, like that Dutch drummer, you can play wheels of cheese as your drum kit.
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 6:19pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Han Bennink is his name. Here's his game: youtu.be...
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 6:19pm Gaylord Fields:

@dale: I do like it, so thanks for the recommendation.
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 6:21pm northguineahills:

I love Han Bennink, he's a treasure to see live.
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 6:25pm bobdoesthings:

Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 6:30pm Gaylord Fields:

@bobdoesthings: Welcome aboard!
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 6:31pm efd:

Good call on this Explorers Club, Gaylord! Reminds me that it's been a while since I've listened to this album.
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 6:32pm Gaylord Fields:

@efd: It was staring at me when I was picking records, so like a misfit toy, it hopped in the sack. And now I'm building a set around it.
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 6:34pm efd:

To the benefit of us all.
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 6:35pm Gaylord Fields:

Thanks, efd!
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 6:36pm Wendy del Formaggio:

The Explorers Club reminds me of GlennL, which is, of course, a good thing.
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 6:41pm dale:

is thhis folsom tune a nuggets-y affair? really great sound!
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 6:42pm Gaylord Fields:

@dale: It's unreleased from the Seventies.
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 6:46pm dale:

it's awesome. which is why you played it.
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 6:48pm JakeGould:

Happy first Sunday of the New Year!
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 6:48pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Hullo FMUvians !
...a typical GF playlist - which is to say surprising, atmospheric & delightful...
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 6:50pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...'Wonderwall' last time - now 'Family Way' - which I've also never~barely heard...
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 6:51pm Gaylord Fields:

@Revolution Rabbit Nov63: I played soundtrack George last week, so all's fair.
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 6:52pm dale:

oooh, 1966 with hayley mills. i LOVED hayley mills! i finally georgy girl on cozi tv - really neat film.
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 6:56pm Gaylord Fields:

@dale: That film marks Hayley Mills' screen coming of age, as the plot is entirely about her trying to find a place to have sex with new groom Hywel Bennett. And in one scene she flashes her naked butt to prove her adulthood.
  Sun. 1/4/15 6:57pm holland oats:

Yeah RSM!!
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 6:58pm Gaylord Fields:

@holland oats: RSM!!!
  Sun. 1/4/15 6:58pm 12539:

Thank you, Mr Fields.
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 6:58pm Big Davy King:

Was Hayley in Georgie Girl? I didn't think she was. Lovely show Mr Fields. x
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 6:59pm Jeezy:

Jeez. I thought every band that put out a record in the 60's were legends till this show... :-P
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 7:00pm bobdoesthings:

thanks gaylord!
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 7:00pm JakeGould:

Thanks to the YouTubes: www.youtube.com...
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 7:03pm dale:

no, lynn redgrave was in georgy girl. i saw hayley in something recently - acutally she might have been in that losing her virginity. or that was some other film. I'M CONFUSED.
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 7:05pm dale:

actually, i think cozi tv showed the family way three weeks ago. i was shocked at the content for sunday afternoon tv and saw her name in the credits.
Avatar Sun. 1/4/15 7:06pm dale:

...and murray head has a bit part in that film too. goodnight.
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