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A small-c catholic preaching to the unevensong choir.

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Options October 19, 2014: Meet the Gaylords
This show's guest is Gaylord Rice Young, who discusses the given name she shares with the program host.

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none  Gaylord toy commercial jingle   Options  
Carlos Leresche  Mon Ami Gaylord   Options  
Jessica Williams  Dear Gaylord   Options  
James Last   Gaylord   Options  
Plastiq Phantom  Yoyo for Gaylord   Options  
none  Lady Gaylord toy commercial jingle   Options  
Music behind DJ:
Raymond Scott 
Lady Gaylord   Options  
  Conversation between Gaylord Fields and Gaylord Rice Young, Part 1
Gaylord  Walking 42nd Street   Options  
Gaylord   Sheep Asleep   Options  
Gaylord D'or Diam  Lapin   Options  
Gaylord Lapel  NoWhere   Options  
Gaylord Rieta  Guitar Shuffle   Options  
Gaylord Carter  Great Day   Options  
Music behind DJ:
Raymond Scott 
Lady Gaylord   Options  
  Conversation between Gaylord Fields and Gaylord Rice Young, Part 2
The Gaylords  Ma Ma Ma Marie   Options  
The Gaylords  Femme Marie   Options  
Gaylords   Never Going Back to Ga.   Options  
Chester Gaylord  Mean to Me   Options  
Dean Ford and the Gaylords  That Lonely Feeling   Options  
Music behind DJ:
Raymond Scott 
Lady Gaylord   Options  
  Conversation between Gaylord Fields and Gaylord Rice Young, Part 3
The Lyrics  So What!!   Options The singer and songwriter of this tune is named Chris Gaylord. 
Marvin Holmes and the Uptights  Ooh Ooh the Dragon   Options This song features the funky drumming of the incomparable Gaylord Birch. 
Big Bob  Wowsville   Options Jim Gaylord is the cool cat doing the recitation. 
Slim Gaillard and His Peruvians  Soony Roony (Song of Yxabat)   Options  
Ronnie Cook and the Gaylads  The Scotch   Options  
The Gaylads  Give a Helping Hand   Options  
The Gaylettes  Silent River Runs Deep   Options  
Music behind DJ:
Raymond Scott 
Lady Gaylord   Options  
  Conversation between Gaylord Fields and Gaylord Rice Young, conclusion

Listener comments!

Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 5:08pm kat330:

Hi, Mr. Fields and kids! What exactly happens when your leash is pulled?
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 5:09pm Gaylord Fields:

Ranking of the name "Gaylord" in the top 1,000 names in the U.S. by decade: www.babynamewizard.com...
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 5:10pm Gaylord Fields:

@kat330: You heard the jingle: I fetch my bone.
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 5:10pm kat330:

I won't touch that.
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 5:11pm Philo Gristle:

Arf, Gaylord and Gang!
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 5:12pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...what could be as good as listening to TheZombies in headphones back from Werk ??
...I just may have the Program for you...
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 5:13pm Gaylord Fields:

@Philo Gristle: We Gaylords say hello back!
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 5:13pm Gaylord Fields:

@ Revolution Rabbit Nov63: Recommend away!
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 5:13pm Gaylord Fields:

My guest, Gaylord, will be on in less than 10 minutes.
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 5:14pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...I mean you ('Silly') !
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 5:15pm Gaylord Fields:

@Revolution Rabbit Nov63: I'm not Silly; he's the man pictured running.
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 5:16pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...Okay: Silly Names down the hall from Ministry of Silly Walks I presume...I didn't come for an Argument ! (- that's next to Abuse)...
  Sun. 10/19/14 5:16pm Robert:

Someone explain to Mr. Kelly the difference between city of license and studio location. Or was he just joking?
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 5:16pm kat330:

Check your console, Gaylord milord. :)
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 5:18pm Gaylord Fields:

@kat330: What do you mean?
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 5:19pm Gaylord Fields:

Oh, that console!
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 5:21pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- tell you a secret?: My last name is 'Basso'.
...being a Musical term is some consolation (if no console)...
...Silly's Mum told him he'd just have to Run w/ that name...
  Sun. 10/19/14 5:29pm Jack:

So, Gaylord, if you were to marry Gaylord, you could both call yourselves Gaylord Rice-Fields.
  Sun. 10/19/14 5:29pm ashley morey:

The most insane part of that to me is that someone would be volunteering at WFMU and not know Gaylord Fields. You're a legend!
  Sun. 10/19/14 5:30pm 12539:

But Gaylord, you're legendary at the station. What kind of volunteer wouldn't have heard of you?
  Sun. 10/19/14 5:30pm 12539:

Ashley, you beat me to it.
  Sun. 10/19/14 5:30pm doca:

Hey, Gaylords and sorry Mr. Fields, because I have to say that the first WFMU show I've listened was yours mostly because I was interested in finding out how the show by someone named Gaylord sounded like. Sorryyyyy
  Sun. 10/19/14 5:31pm rw:

Jack, my friend Dave's parents were Gene and Jean.
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 5:32pm kat330:

Pleased you're having this name conversation. Caused me to look up the popularity of "Kathleen" which led to finding out of a Randy Newman "Kathleen" song I'd never heard of. And I know Newman's oeuvre fairly well. Cool.
  Sun. 10/19/14 5:33pm ScottC:

I think we have 50's TV comedy to blame for this "name" conundrum. I remember when a friend named his son "George". The voice in my head was that of a 50's TV sitcom character saying "Oh George". But I thought of it and "George" is a great name!
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 5:34pm t_J:

ahahaha since I first heard it I thought if it could be artistic, but immediately understood upon hearing you Mr Fields it was real . powerful name btw, enjoy it
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 5:35pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...he compensated for being 'Silly' by being quite literal...you see...

...@ the other end of the Spectrum - you could be a 'David' like me - & that's even claustrophobic in FMU Comments ! Even being a 'DaveB.' !...
...If I'm annoyed or don't really want someone to know my name, I just tell 'em I'm 'Fred'.
...I kinda *like* 'Fred'...

...'FagBreath' in England could mean you SmokeTooMuch - which is another Python bit...
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 5:36pm common:

nice to hear the gaylords
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 5:37pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...if you think about it - Gaylord meaning 'Pleasant Authority' even *makes sense* for our Host...
  Sun. 10/19/14 5:38pm Jack:

Are there any other Gaylords out there in the WFMU listening audience?
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 5:38pm JakeGould:

I really like this show. Great!
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 5:39pm kat330:

Music soon, yes??
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 5:43pm Gaylord Fields:

@kat330: I play music all the time! I meet namesakes NEVER!
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 5:43pm efd:

As someone with a name that was very uncommon when I was a kid (but considerably more common now) I greatly enjoyed that conversation and am looking forward to more.
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 5:44pm efd:

Also I can't believe Census Bureau Gaylord was such a drip!
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 5:45pm Gaylord Fields:

@doca: Apology accepted.

Also, are you familiar with the Portuguese name Galhardo? Same name as Gaylord.
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 5:45pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...Glumlord of the Bureau...
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 5:45pm dale:

i can see the lockers dancing to this.
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 5:46pm Gaylord Fields:

@efd: Typical numbers guy! If I had told him my Social Security number had similar digits to his, he would have been excited.
  Sun. 10/19/14 5:46pm rw:

I feel like everybody is embarrassed by their name at least a little bit at some point in their life.

My parents are Roland and Harriet. Neither of them likes their name.
  Sun. 10/19/14 5:47pm Jack:

@efd - Is "Funk" a more common name these days?
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 5:48pm efd:

@Jack, It's sweeping the nation! ;)
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 5:49pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...better to *be* a Funk than be *in* one. Ask Glumlord of the B ...
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 5:50pm kat330:

Shakespeare said it best perhaps: "What's in a name"? I'm OK with my name, even though considered an "old lady's name" according to that popularity site. I just hate the nickname "Kathy," which, of course, everyone called me growing up.
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 5:50pm Philthy woman:

I relate to some of this, especially people trying to 'correct' your name cause they can not grapple with it.
My name is Anna but it is pronounced the Ukrainian way which is more like the spanish or italian Ana (really kinda Ahh-na). So when I go to banks n o places tellers/strangers have asked my name; I have said (Ah-na) and been corrected- 'oh, you mean Anna' (pronounced Eeah-neh).
sometimes I want to say: yes you are right after decades I forgot how to say my name -but I keep that smartass in my pocket
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 5:52pm Gaylord Fields:

@Philthy woman: It's a fool's errand trying to get people to pronounce your name right, but it's so key to who we are that we do it anyway.
  Sun. 10/19/14 5:52pm Jack:

Wikipedia lists several Gaylords, and a few TV characters named Gaylord.
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 5:53pm Gaylord Fields:

@kat330: My wife is a Kathleen who was a Kathy growing up.
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 5:55pm kat330:

No shit?! Wow, that's cool to know. And this Kathleen is married to a guy with a name FAR less common and FAR more difficult to pronounce than "Gaylord" is: Try Juha on for size.
  Sun. 10/19/14 5:55pm Julie:

is this the doogie howser theme?
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 5:56pm Philthy woman:

Agreed, Gaylord, and I am a fool (in many ways) many times but I choose my battles especially with strangers. It is sort of a moment of passage (for me at least) from aquaintance to friend or beloved fellow person, when I want someone to know my real name and correct them.
  Sun. 10/19/14 5:56pm Jack:

I always wanted to be called "J'ack"
y'know like J'onn J'onzz Martian Manhunter
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 5:57pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Re the 'Anna' thang: ...It's amazing how short-sighted some Americans are about this; yes, there is American English (we say 'Saynt Lew-iss' Missouri - not 'Sahn Lew-ee') - but it's no more than which Europeans (English, French, Spanish...) decimated which Natives where in the Western Hemisphere. The Superiority Complex - like people who think Chinese is babbling because it's not English, rather than the language more people speak than anything else (Mandarin, in fact) - & the language that gave us Lao Tzu, & so on
...Maturity is the bottom line awlright...
  Sun. 10/19/14 5:58pm Julie:

Juha = Finnish for John
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 5:59pm Gaylord Fields:

@kat330: I know the name "Juha" because there was a hockey player on the Rangers ca. 1970 named Juha Widing.
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 5:59pm kat330:

We gave up trying to get anyone to correctly pronounce "Juha" around here -- my family got sadistic pleasure out of calling him "Yahoo." So we caved in rather than fight it. He's now just initials (when he's not "Philo").
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:00pm dale:

my wife's name is kyle. people always think my name is hers and vicey versy.
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:01pm Philthy woman:

Speaking of chinese- we should try poppin our last names !st and then see how wonderfuly confused it all gets!
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:03pm Philthy woman:

Loving hearing so much from so many Gaylords!
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:03pm kat330:

@Julie: I think Joni is closer to John in Finnish. Juha, best we can figure, leans more toward Joseph.
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:04pm Philo Gristle:

Kat's family also got 'sadistic' pleasure from calling her "Kathy." I thought of taking Kat's surname, but I'm already foiled by my first name.
  Sun. 10/19/14 6:05pm Julie:

Yeah I guess it's up to them, my friend's dad would occasionally use John.
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:06pm kat330:

Per this conversation, yeah, we always give my last name on take-outs or other such situations. Philo has first and last name weirdness for middle America.
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:07pm kat330:

@Julie: Here's the funny thing we discovered when typing "Juha." Because it looks so much like "Julia" in a quick glance, we often get mail for Julia.
  Sun. 10/19/14 6:09pm rw:

Gaylords, This discussion brings me to something I've been wondering... do you think the name makes the person or does the person make the name? Do you think that having an unusual name has made you a different person than you would have been if you had a more common name?
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:12pm JakeGould:

“Gaylord Buzzard is the scholar and intellectual in the forest.” www.weirdspace.dk...
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:12pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

I know a Deborah who will *not* respond to 'Debbie'.
As a 'David' (what name could be more JudeoChristYawn common - no worries, right? ) - you *must* come to terms w/ 'Dave' if you wish to Socialize - *whatsoever*. Okay by me.
...Now - 'Davy':
- a divergent but exclusive set has been allowed to use this ;
1.) My beloved eccentric Fundamentalist Auntie w/ a heart of gold...
2.) A stunning self-described NeoPagan SexRadical lady friend who is tall & blonde like myself...
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:13pm dale:

i thought david was a fine name. it's not your name but its fine just the same.
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:15pm kat330:

Whatever other issues you guys find with "Gaylord," at least spelling and pronunciation aren't among them.
  Sun. 10/19/14 6:15pm Robert:

Try Google Ngrams for trends over time of occurrence of words in print.
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:16pm JakeGould:

My birth name is Yakov, which translates to Jacob, but really means “Country Bumpkin” in Yiddish and also sounds like “Jack Off” to 11 year old kids. Which basically means if you know what my name means, you know it means bumpkin. And if you don’t you think it sounds like “Jack Off.” Unless we are talking about Yakov Smirnoff who actually made me feel less awkward about my name when he became a thing… WHAT A COUNTRY!
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:16pm Amanda:

I love the name Dorcas. I realize this is the opposite of what you guys want to hear, but we used to have a Dachshund by that name!
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:17pm Gaylord Fields:

@rw: I do think I have a different social relationship with people because of my name.
  Sun. 10/19/14 6:18pm Robert:

But that's just a 2ndary meaning in Yiddish that's derived from the name Yakov.
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:18pm JakeGould:

@rw, “Do you think that having an unusual name has made you a different person than you would have been if you had a more common name?” I will insist you call me Max Power from now on & let’s see how you deal with that.
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:19pm kat330:

What's in a name for The Gaylords? Clearly it's "Marie."
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:20pm JakeGould:

@Robert, “But that's just a 2ndary meaning in Yiddish that's derived from the name Yakov.” True, but the only people I know who mention the Biblical meaning tend to be religious folks who i don’t get along with anywhere. If I go to Borough Park or Williamsburg or any deeply Jewish community and tell people my name I am “Bumpkin.”
  Sun. 10/19/14 6:20pm Robert:

Unfortunately that tends to happen. People in whatever language at some time arbitrarily pick a name as representative of a stereotype for derision.
  Sun. 10/19/14 6:21pm Ice in Brooklyn:

Gaylord Effect

Pardon I'd I'm large listing this.

Comments down before
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:22pm JakeGould:

@Robert, FWIW when I do go to neighborhoods like that, I will see shop signs with “Yakov” in the name… But it is usually a shoe repair shop or handy man… Basically, everyone’s superintendent in Borough Park is named Yakov.
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:22pm Gaylord Fields:

@kat330: Maybe I should make "Marie" my Starbucks name and see how baristas react to that.
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:22pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Generally defer to the Bard - but I'm the sort
- I *do* believe there's a lot in a Name:
...There's the actual Etymological Meaning of a name (Gay Lord presumably ~=s Titled Person of Pleasant Disposition...) - which I believe has Resonance in the Collective Unconscious
- as well as all the more basic Psycho-Social resonances (Jake's point above); remember: 'Person' means 'Mask' (like 'Persona')
...& there's Numerology, in which Letters = Numbers & add up to different values & so Meanings...
...& even Yogic things in which different Sounds create different Effects in Subtle Energies (M is 'Yummy Mommy-ish', if you get me, for example)...
  Sun. 10/19/14 6:22pm Robert:

The Hungarian-style Yiddish version of Yakov in the derisive sense is Janosh, which is not far from Yankee.
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:23pm dale:

did gaylord sartain ever sing on hee haw?
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:24pm Gaylord Fields:

@dale: He was a comedian.
  Sun. 10/19/14 6:24pm Robert:

Come to think of it, even a customer of a prostitute is known as a john.
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:24pm Gaylord Fields:

@JakeGould: It takes just one famous person with your name to take the heat off you.
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:25pm kat330:

@Gaylord: Or Maria? Rilke did OK with that.
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:25pm JakeGould:

I think the “Gaylord Effect” would be a nice sequel to the “Butterfly Effect.”
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:26pm dale:

even junior samples and archie campbell sang. maybe even misty rowe.
  Sun. 10/19/14 6:26pm Robert:

The one-famous-person rule doesn't work for everyone. Daddy thought his middle name of Abraham was too Jewish, even with the precedent of Lincoln!
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:26pm Gaylord Fields:

@kat330: Many men have female saints' names, especially in France. I know a kid name Billy whose middle name was Marie.
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:28pm dale:

gale gordon - how many men are named gale? is it a derivation of gayle or gail?
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:28pm JakeGould:

Abraham is scary to me. Because he’s the guy who decided to circumcise kids because some voice told him to. Which makes me think of the name… HAGAR!
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:29pm kat330:

Welcome! :)
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:29pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- Famous Person: not the Collective Unconscious, but the Collective Conscious - esp. w/ MassMedia & exponential overpopulation

...It's an interesting question - ! - why this Abstract Symbol of a Word for us
- a Name
- has so much relevance for our Identity - as opposed to our Clothes or Voice or how we look naked or something...huh...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 10/19/14 6:35pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Is it Gaylord Aloysius Fields? I think that has a nice rhythm to it.
  Sun. 10/19/14 6:36pm Ed Smith:

There is an Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota, and I'm convinced that I should get free admittance for life.
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:36pm Wendy del Formaggio:

What a lovely idea for a show. It's always a pleasure hearing your voice, Gaylord Fields!
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:36pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Slim Gaillard!
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:38pm luca:

even in outhern dutch dialect we also knosw the word 'galjaar' (< gailiard)...meaning a clever, witty and humorous guy
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:40pm luca:

Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:40pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...btw ! : the ability to create a Playlist of Gaylords up to your standard is most impressive ! (...altho' can imagine you've maybe been motivated to note such tracks for some time...)
  Sun. 10/19/14 6:42pm Ice in Brooklyn:

Right Jake.
We are al Gaylord's
  Sun. 10/19/14 6:43pm Robert:

But when I look up gaillard in Wiktionary (French), meaning #1 is indeed "happy one", so it IS cognate to "gay" after all.
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:45pm Gaylord Fields:

@Wendy del Formaggio: Stay tuned!
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:46pm Wendy del Formaggio:

I'm all ears, Mr. Fields! Like, wowsvile. (I love this song.)
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:46pm Gaylord Fields:

@luca: Thanks for supplying the Dutch cognate!
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:48pm Gaylord Fields:

@Wendy del Formaggio: You called it! Here's Slim "Gaylord"!
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:49pm Wendy del Formaggio:

YES!!! One of Slim Gaillard's finest, and there's so many gems to choose from.
  Sun. 10/19/14 6:49pm ?:

@DJ Gaylord and G. Rice-Young: "Gailliards" were popular dances (duets, for couples) during the 16th and 17th centuries in France and all over Europe; there is a whole tradition, or genre, of classical (or "Spanish") guitar pieces called Gaiilards, originally performed at gatherings to accompany the dances but remained part of the repertoire even after the Gaillard dance "craze" was over. Classical guitar players are usually familiar with one or more "Gaillards" to this day. Just some FYI background...
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:51pm kat330:

@Wendy: Any wind of Chazaloo coming back to the stream?
  Sun. 10/19/14 6:51pm ? = P-90:

Ooops. That's me above, stand by for a link...
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:52pm Gaylord Fields:

@P-90: I have a few 16th century gaillards; I've played a few on occasion in the past.
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:53pm Wendy del Formaggio:

kat330, I wouldn't claim to speak for Charlie, but I believe he shall return to the airwaves at some point in the not-too-distant future. Maybe he's listening now and can give us some details. Yoooo hooooo, Charlie!
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:53pm Uncle Michael:

I would love to play Slam Stewart to Gaylord's Slim Gaillard.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 10/19/14 6:53pm Ken From Hyde Park:

So how big a jump is it to get to Doug Gillard?
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:54pm Gaylord Fields:

@Uncle Michael: And don't forget Scatman Crothers!
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:54pm Uncle Michael:

I'd be pretty stoked to hear Charlie again.
  Sun. 10/19/14 6:54pm doca:

@Gaylord: sorry to only appear here now, I was studying! Really that Gaylord and Galhardo are the same name? Usually Galhardo is a surname, but it may have the same root as Gaylord. BTW, I loved the show and thanks for being my introduction to the world of WFMU!
  Sun. 10/19/14 6:54pm JakeGould:

Isn't there some chocolate named "Guy
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:55pm Gaylord Fields:

@ Ken From Hyde Park: Not far at all! "Gillard" is a variation of Gaylord/Gayleard/Galliard/Gaillard.
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:55pm Uncle Michael:

Never forget Scatman Crothers!
  Sun. 10/19/14 6:55pm Robert:

Back at Wiktionary, this time on the English side, the etymology of "gay" shows it to be pretty easily related to French, so I'd say that part of the name carries over just fine from the Roman languages into English.
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:55pm kat330:

OK, Wendy. He "promised" to send email notification, so I'll patiently await.
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:56pm kat330:

Gaylord and Gaylord, thanks for these two hours of entertainment! Have a great night y'all!
  Sun. 10/19/14 6:57pm ? = P-90:

Excerpt from "The Little Gailliard" by Steve Howe:

Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:57pm Gaylord Fields:

Gaylord and I thank you all for listening!
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:57pm Wendy del Formaggio:

kat330, I can report he's doing well! I had dinner with him last night.
  Sun. 10/19/14 6:57pm 12539:

Thanks, Gaylords!
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:58pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...is said Marvin Gaye was self-conscious about his last name...but that's probably nothing compared to how his Dad's 'eccentricities' effected him (which is all too demoralizing to think about)...

- Thx Gaylord x2.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 10/19/14 6:58pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I have one more to add. On the Beavis & Butt-head cartoon, there was a kid named Gaylore. Outstanding program today. The more Gaylords, the better.
  Sun. 10/19/14 6:58pm JakeGould:

I meant to say "Guy and Galliard."
  Sun. 10/19/14 6:58pm Ice in Brooklyn:

And he's from Cleveland!
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 6:59pm kat330:

Before I sign off for good, P-90's "Steve Howe" reminded me of a cute "Pearls Before Swine" comic this week: www.gocomics.com...
(I thought his "Howe" was Gelb, but dunno)
  Sun. 10/19/14 6:59pm flashbazbo:

Didja forget gaillerd sartain?
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 7:00pm Philthy woman:

right on! fabuloso! Thank you Gaylords!
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 7:01pm Uncle Michael:

Thanks for the music, Gaylords.
  Sun. 10/19/14 7:01pm rw:

Thank you Gaylord and Gaylord!
  Sun. 10/19/14 7:01pm Tommy:

GREAT SHOW I have often wondered what you felt about you Gayloardness
  Sun. 10/19/14 7:02pm P-90:

Thanks, Gaylords, Gaylordians, and Gaylordophiles!
There's gonna HAFTA be a Part II to this!
Avatar Sun. 10/19/14 7:06pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- Thx 4 link kat !
Avatar Mon. 10/20/14 8:18am kat330:

Welcome, RRN63! But here's the more *permanent* link to that PBS comic of intent: www.gocomics.com...
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