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Track Artist Album / Format Label Approx. start time
Options Get Happy / MUSIC BEHIND THE DJ: Mr. Lucky   Jane Horrocks / Henry Mancini  fxo mix - mashup (CD-R)   no label  0:00:00 )  
Options I Want To Be Happy (part 2)   Sun Ra Arkestra (featuring June Tyson)  Live - Ohio, 1/5/85 (MP3)   Sun Ra live   0:06:07 )  
Options Frank / We Did It Again   Bongwater  "Double Bummer" Lp (CD)   Shimmy Disc  0:11:49 )  
Options Here To Fall (Pete Rock remix)   Yo La Tengo  "Here To Fall" remixes (CD)   Matador  0:14:14 )  
Options Womack's Lament (featuring Busta Rhymes)   Souls Of Mischief  "Adrian Younge Presents: Souls" Lp (CD) *   Linear Labs  0:19:31 )  
Options Panic Struck / K-now Interlude   Souls Of Mischief  "Adrian Younge Presents: Souls" Lp (CD) *   Linear Labs  0:22:48 )  
Options Open Field   Southpaw Steelnn 'n Twang  "Hale's Pleasure Railway" Lp (CD) *   Bafes Factory  0:26:32 )  
Options Running Bear   Johnny Preston  "Graduation Day: 50 Songs That Shaped The Beach Boys" compil. Lp (CD) *   Fantastic Voyage  0:31:17 )  
Options Without Love   Mother Earth  "Revolution" soundtrack Lp (thanks Artie Bee) (CD)   UA  0:32:29 )  
Options Never Say Never   Basement Jaxx  "Junto" Lp (CD) *   Atlantic Jaxx  0:36:04 )  
Options MUSIC BEHIND DJ: Daly's Tune / FMU Locked Groove   Tom Daly  fxo mix - mashup (CD-R)   Daly  0:40:18 )  
Options My Hope   Debbie Schwartz  "A Garden Of My Own" Lp (CD) *   Twin Lakes  0:44:59 )  
Options Mr. Sandman   The Chordettes  fxo mix - mashup (CD-R)   no label  0:48:08 )  
Options XANAX   BLVCK Vs. Gamespace  "Ascension" Ep (MP3)   Gamespace  0:49:43 )  
Options Test & Recognise   Seekae  Flume rework (MP3)   Flume  0:53:35 )  
Options Love Has Found A Way / Why Can't I Be Free   Spirit  "Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus" Lp (Vinyl)   Epic  0:58:03 )  
Options Chandelier   Sia  Chloe Martini remix (MP3)   Chloe Martini  1:01:48 )  
Options Summertime   The Marvelettes Vs. Mos Def  Rmx/ mashup (MP3)   no label  1:05:07 )  
Options Trouble   Dilated Peoples  "Directors of Photography" Lp (CD) *   Rhymesayers  1:08:43 )  
Options The Somber Goofball   DJ Female Convict Scorpion  "How Metal Is Time Travel" Lp (CD) *   DJ Female Convict Scorpion  1:12:42 )  
Options Red Letter Daze   Sleepyhead  "Wild Sometimes" Lp (CD) *   Carrot Top  1:16:23 )  
Options Look You Up   Ultra Bide'  "DNA Vs. DNA-C" Lp (CD) *   Alternative Tenacles  1:22:31 )  
Options Elvis Rap   Ray Brunelle  "Misc. Tunes & Jethros" Lp (Cassette)   no label  1:26:15 )  
Options MUSIC BEHIND THE DJ: Over The Over The Over, etc.   The Rainbow Guitars  fxo guitar loops (CD-R)   no label  1:31:35 )  
Options One Foot Ahead   Avery Sunshine  "The Sun Room" Lp (CD) *   Shanachie  1:36:55 )  
Options Add Some Music To Your Day (vocal tracks)   Beach Boys  "Brainen's 2013 Marathon Premium" CD (CD)   no label  1:41:22 )  
Options (Doo Wop) That Thing   Ergo Phizmiz and his Orchestra  "Arff and Beef" Lp (CD)   Womb records  1:44:46 )  
Options The English and Western Stallion   FREE-MAN  "FREEMAN" Lp (CD) *   partisan  1:49:29 )  
Options Crimestarters / Bitter Human Interest Reporter/ Information 411   The Onion  "The Onion Presents: Not For Broadcast" Lp (CD)   The Onion  1:54:07 )  
Options Set Me Free (Piano Dub)   Nightmares On Wax  "N.O.W. Is The Time" Lp (CD) *   Warp  1:55:16 )  
Options Motion Sickness   Shabazz Palaces  "Lese Majesty" Lp (CD) *   Sub Pop  2:00:09 )  
Options MUSIC BEHIND THE DJ: Why?... and We Repeat... Why?   Taj Mahal  "Music With Sound" Lp (Vinyl)   Columbia  2:03:49 )  
Options Stare   Luluc  "Passerby" Lp (CD) *   Sub Pop  2:08:46 )  
Options Heavenly   Got A Girl  "I Love You, But I Must Drive On This Cliff Now" Lp (CD) *   Bulk  2:12:46 )  
Options Overdose   Ciara  IAMNOBODI remix (MP3)   no label  2:16:36 )  
Options Don't Let Me   Over Thinkers Anonymous  O.T.A. / FMU, Free Music Archive (MP3)   no label  2:20:20 )  
Options The Loner   Neil Young   Live at Carnegie Hall - 12/5/70 (WAV)   no label  2:26:23 )  
Options How Are Things Where You Are   Ken Nordine  Brian Oblivion mix (MP3)   no label  2:29:27 )  
Options The Lost Master   Warren Cuccurullo & Ustad Sultan Khan  "The Master" Lp (CD) *   SIX Degrees  2:31:50 )  
Options Fortunate Son   Chris Butler  "Easy Life" Lp (CD) *   Future Fossil  2:37:13 )  
Options Jagoda's Dream   Pharoah Sanders with Chicago / Sao Paulo Underground  "Pharoah Sanders with Chicago / Sao Paulo" Lp (CD) *   Clean Feed  2:43:09 )  
Options Dance Macabre   The Westminster Philharmonic Orchestra  "The Bride of Frankenstein (Score by Franz Waxman)" soundtrack Lp (CD)   Silva  2:52:05 )  
Options end theme(s)   Alfred Hitchcock Vs. The Nelson Riddle Orchestra  fxo mix - mashup (CD-R)   no label  2:53:41 )  

Listener comments!

Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 6:04am fxo:

here I be. & you?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/8/14 6:06am fred:

Good morning Frank
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/8/14 6:08am mauri:

Mondy mornin Frank
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 6:10am Sem Chumbo:

Hiya, Frank, hey mauri and fred.
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 6:11am fxo:

hello, fred & mauri. Startin' on the good footin'.
Not to forget Sem. Now we're cookin'.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/8/14 6:14am mauri:

Hey Sem and Fred.

I succeeded in making good muffins :)
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 6:16am Sem Chumbo:

Great, mauri!
  Mon. 9/8/14 6:16am Cooh John:

"Happy" Monday
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 6:25am fxo:

hello, Cooh John.
  Mon. 9/8/14 6:29am P-90:

Good morning fxo and all Frank Followers.
Really nice set to start.
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 6:30am Sem Chumbo:

Cool. Finnish, eh?
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 6:31am Sem Chumbo:

Oh, brother, what a segue, fxo:-D
  Mon. 9/8/14 6:31am P-90:

It's Running Bear!
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 6:34am fxo:

It's P-90!
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 6:37am Sem Chumbo:

Is that Mama Cass wailing back there?
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 6:38am fxo:

maybe, Sem. You'd know it, better than me.
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 6:41am duke:

Is it Monday already? Good morning all.
  Mon. 9/8/14 6:45am P-90:

I remember the first time I heard "Running Bear" on the car radio when I was a kid, I was charged up for about an hour afterward.
Same thing happened one night when i was supposed to be going to sleep, with a small radio under my pillow, and I heard "Guitarzan" by Ray Stevens for the first time. Couldn't sleep, too electrified. Guess I have an innate weakness for "novelty songs", so no surprise I'm currently crazy about that Jeff Goldblum track by Flipshot...
  Mon. 9/8/14 6:47am Jack:

When I was a kid, there was a song by Ray Stevens on the radio - "Ahab the Arab" Ever hear it?
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 6:50am kat330:

Yoo-hoo, cool Mr. O'Toole! Hi good people (and you know if I mean you ;)!

@P-90: Re: Running Bear, aren't we all just waiting for that sax section to enter?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/8/14 6:50am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...& 'RunningBear' gives an excuse (should you need & want one) to sing 'Run little white girl !' in public...
- GutenTZAG GoodPeople...
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 6:52am kat330:

Mr. Sandman was your calling card that first sold me on listening most every Monday 6-9 am, Frank. Still love it! :)
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 6:53am fxo:

hallo, duke, Jack, kat330, and RevRab. Thanks, for the reference, kat.
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 6:53am duke:

Somehow I mix up Running Bear with Wolverton Mountain, but Clifton Clowers isn't in the Running Bear song.
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 6:54am kat330:

@P-90: If you enjoy novelty, pls. check out my "Play on Words" or "Bipolar Vortex Boogie" [ soundcloud.com/kat330 ], to toot my own horn (and I toot more than a couple on them ;).
  Mon. 9/8/14 6:56am P-90:

@kat330: Thanks for the tip, will do.
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 7:00am Philo Gristle:

Hiya Frank! Morning, owl! The mellow sounds fit my waking mood today.
  Mon. 9/8/14 7:01am Jack:

Here's my Spirit trivia for the day: Jay Ferguson wrote the theme music to "The Office".
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 7:02am fxo:

morning Philo.

Jack, as well as, Jo Jo Gunn.
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 7:03am Philo Gristle:

Kat's detained in the kitchen, but I'll second toot her stuff (alas, I'm biased :) @P-90 We caught LAND UNKNOWN yesterday. Not even second tier, but enjoyed it much more than Liam Neeson's NON-STOP on Saturday...
  Mon. 9/8/14 7:03am P-90:

@Jack: That there's some good Spirit trivia. Didn't know that.
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 7:07am Philo Gristle:

And speaking of Chordettes; Kat once had a cat who enjoyed playing with the flashlight beam, and so when Kat would sing out "Mr. Flashlight" to the tune of "Mr. Sandman," Shelley would know what was coming.
  Mon. 9/8/14 7:09am P-90:

Ky cat loves the little laser pointer, which is attached to a little keychain. At the very first rattle of a single link on that chain, she's up and hunting...
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 7:09am kat330:

"Mr. Flashlight, bring me a beam / Make it the brightest that I've ever seen" and she'd come running wherever she was in the house. Awww, I still miss her sweet ol' soul.
  Mon. 9/8/14 7:09am P-90:

"MY cat"
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 7:10am kat330:

Yeah, flashlight is old school.
  Mon. 9/8/14 7:12am P-90:

My cat will do the flashlight beam OR the laser dot. She'll chase either one til she's panting from exhaustion, and still doesn't want to stop.
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 7:13am fxo:

as long as yer all not looking at pilot's eyes.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/8/14 7:15am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...this is why the domestic cat cannot be a commercial pilot...
  Mon. 9/8/14 7:15am P-90:

My cat quit flying when she failed the test for Instrument Rating, so no prob.
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 7:15am kat330:

Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 7:16am Philo Gristle:

She could still go for sports pilot license.... unless she's a nighttime kitty.
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 7:17am Sem Chumbo:

Short stay this morning, Frank. Gotta fly, thanks for the spins, See you, and all, next Monday, Monday.
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 7:18am kat330:

Hardly knew ye, Sem -- Bye!
  Mon. 9/8/14 7:18am P-90:

Tried to get her interested in gliders and sailplanes, no dice, she's very finnicky.
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 7:18am fxo:

have a good day / week, Sem.
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 7:19am kat330:

@RR63: This wildkat's glad the restrictions apply only to domesticated kitties.
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 7:19am Philo Gristle:

Kat sometimes calls me Finn-Icky.
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 7:20am fxo:

ah, Morris, what happened to you...
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 7:21am kat330:

Moonces, the flying cat. Oh, yes, another magnificent moon at 5:30 am this morn.
  Mon. 9/8/14 7:36am Jack:

Hey, I just remembered; Glenn Cornick died last week. A great bass player. Those first three Tull albums are still the best.
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 7:37am Philo Gristle:

Work beckons, thanks as always for the lovely sounds, Frank. Toodles.
  Mon. 9/8/14 7:39am P-90:

"Elvis Rap" was cute, but I'd really like to hear more of "Rainbow Guitars"
  Mon. 9/8/14 7:43am 3d-nyc:

Morning Frank, all,
I am getting a later start this morning, just tuned in-
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/8/14 7:45am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

(...think BeachBoys Vocals my 1st experience of isolated tracks trend - via PetSounds box...& maybe still the best justification of it...)
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 7:48am fxo:

be careful, gang, but I might bring more "treated" guitars, in the future.
Morning, 3d.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/8/14 7:50am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...now that you mention it - I think a spin of Tull's 'Stand Up' album is long overdue...
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 7:52am fxo:

Stand Up is a fave-rave Lp. Maybe next week. ...or Benefit.
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 8:01am kat330:

OK, back after an extended kitchen session slicing up a carton of strawberries -- messy! but still w/radio to listen.
  Mon. 9/8/14 8:09am 3d-nyc:

kat 330, I ran across your mix :
"(God Only Knows) You Make Me Feel"
during re-plays of last weeks show, delightful!
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 8:10am kat330:

@3d-nyc: Why, thank you three'd! :) It was great fun putting it together. And I'm sure Frank's pleased to hear folks are delving into his archives.
  Mon. 9/8/14 8:14am 3d-nyc:

Last week, I tuned in while folks were chatting about it here, so went back an check it out-
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 8:19am 3d-nyc:

Yes, the archives are an amazing evolution in radio.
There are several wfmu DJ Achives that
I delve into in but Franks is special :-)
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 8:20am kat330:

If you -- anyone here -- appreciates superior, goose-bumping female vocals, I'd recommend a SC artist I've collaborated with, Lisa West (faerytale). She literally soars on a recent track "Monster," (and she put lyrics w/a lovely lead vocal on my Gracewater Waltz lamentrumentalâ„¢ for Jeff Buckley, too).
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/8/14 8:21am common:

good morning frank and everyone
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 8:22am kat330:

Oops, that should be lamentstrumental â„¢ (which you can find in Irene Trudel's archives somewhere)
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 8:23am fxo:

listen to kat, she knows. 3d, special? me?

morning, common.
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 8:28am kat330:

Loner live -- oh, yeah, baby!
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 8:33am kat330:

Did Nordine actually say "women are revered here"? Beam me up, ET -- things gotta be better where you are.
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 8:37am fxo:

Nordine is an authentic voice.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/8/14 8:40am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...when there was controversy because they were building a Gym @ Kent State on the sight of the shooting(s) - I thot - why not just Dedicate the thing to the victims ? & in what world would that happen, ET ?
...Gotta Werk, yaknow
- Thx Frank - & All for company : )
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 8:41am kat330:

@fxo: Yep, used to listen to his shows regularly.

Here's that soaring faerytale rock vocal (w/Telefan) collab on SC: soundcloud.com...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/8/14 8:42am Guido from Cologne:

Must say "hello":
Hello Frank and everyone!
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 8:43am kat330:

Kent State: I was literally at JFK airport with my HS boyfriend awaiting an Iceland Air flight to Luxembourg when the news arrived to us on May 4, 1970. THroughout major cities of Europe, we followed in the wake of demonstrations. Wasn't sure if we'd come back to a military state.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/8/14 8:46am Brian in UK:

Hello Boss. D'you ever get downwind of 'Spirit of '76'? Great double album.
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 8:48am fxo:

GutenTZAG, Guido.

Don't me get it started. I have a complex about our military/iindustrial...

hello Brian.
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 8:50am kat330:

It's a complex issue all right.

Frank, you are finishing up with such a super set. Thanks for another sonic boost to start off another week!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/8/14 8:50am maestroso:

G'morning FXO, checking in late... great show.
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 8:52am 3d-nyc:

@ sonic boost-yes, agreed!
later all,
Avatar Mon. 9/8/14 8:54am fxo:

and here is 'stroso...hallo.
We're closing on this live webcast. This will be archived, in a few hours, at WFMU.org. Available 24/7.
Thanks for the comments, peeps. It means a lot. I'll be back next week, with a new webcast.
  Mon. 9/8/14 8:56am P-90:

Thanks, Alfred Hitchcock, Jane Horrocks, Comments cast, and fxo for yet another hugely enjoyable Filmways Presentation!
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