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Three unstoppable hours of Dave playing face-melting hot rock jams, talking with extremely important guests, answering the telephone, and trying to figure out what all those knobs and buttons are for. A sincere effort to get the original members of Dokken back on speaking terms will also be made whenever possible.

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Options August 12, 2014: Dave Hill discusses the death of Robin Williams, mental illness, and other fun topics. Then he chats with comedian Seth Herzog and musician John Herguth aka Kitten. Plus live in-studio performance from Dark Mirrors.

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Kyuss  Thee Ole Boozeroony   Options And The Circus Leaves Town  0:00:00 ()
Music behind DJ:
Dave welcomes you to the G-D show! 
    0:02:40 ()
Music behind DJ:
Dave takes phone calls 
    0:27:01 ()
Simon Scott  Give It Some Love   Options Rhythm Guitar  0:46:42 ()
Small Faces  All or Nothing   Options The Very Best of Small Faces  0:51:45 ()
Music behind DJ:
Dave Hill back announces 
    0:54:16 ()
R.L. Burnside  It's Bad You Know   Options   0:58:36 ()
Shirley Ellis  Soul Time   Options Classic Soul Anthem  1:02:01 ()
Music behind DJ:
Dave takes calls and back announces 
    1:03:41 ()
The Atomic Bitchwax  So Come On   Options   1:23:42 ()
Chain & the Gang  Never Been Properly Loved   Options   1:24:43 ()
Nick Lowe  So It Goes   Options   1:25:21 ()
Music behind DJ:
Dave welcomes Seth Herzog into the studio 
    1:34:27 ()
Johnny Thunders  You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory   Options So Alone   
Pantera  I'm Broken   Options Far Beyond Driven   
Music behind DJ:
Musician John Herguth rocks the studio 

Listener comments!

Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:01pm bobdoesthings:

Did I beat Danne D?
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:01pm T90FANCY:

  Tue. 8/12/14 9:02pm P-90:

Meltage imminent
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:02pm F-berg:

Good evening everybody!
  Tue. 8/12/14 9:04pm P-90:

Hi Shaina!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:04pm cameron_michael:

Hell yes.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:05pm cameron_michael:

Bob, Danne is probably all tuckered out from his trip to Toronto this weekend.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:07pm F-berg:

Hi P-90!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:08pm M.J:

Ready for face melting in 5-4-3-..
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:09pm VealCutlet:

Hello every body
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:09pm M.J:

already chatting like the wind
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:09pm T90FANCY:

Ahoy Ahoy!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:10pm chad from oregon:

I'm not ready for this.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:16pm Erma Gherd:

hi chickens!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:16pm cory:

of course you didn't see it coming. it was in you pants
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:21pm JakeGould:

And now… R.I.P. Lauren Bacall… www.nytimes.com...
  Tue. 8/12/14 9:23pm P-90:

WTF? Who's number three gonna be? Is someone keeping an eye on Betty White?
  Tue. 8/12/14 9:24pm Kathy:

Thank you David!!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:24pm Matt from Springfield:

We are the Dave-oh-one / We are the central shaft!

Hi Dave and Shaina and Goddamn Fans!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:24pm VealCutlet:

Was around this time of year in 1977 that Bing Crosby, Elvis, and Groucho Marx died
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:24pm Erma Gherd:

as someone who just started therapy again, oof. This is really good.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:26pm JakeGould:

@VealCutlet: I remember that because there were Marx Brothers revivals at places like the Thalia back then.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:26pm Matt from Springfield:

@Jake: Oh no!! She had to go sometime I guess, but she lasted really really long. Almost hadn't thought about her possible death.

OTOH, check out that pic with her on top of the piano w/ Truman! :)
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:26pm cameron_michael:

Guys, this is the best Dave has been on the radio. Dave you should be very proud of this.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:27pm VealCutlet:

Dave, this is great. Real stuff.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:27pm T90FANCY:

Nicely done, Dave. Tuesday night is my therapy.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:28pm Matt from Springfield:

@VC: Groucho died a few days after Elvis, so he was overshadowed. There's always someone like that--C.S. Lewis and Aldous Huxley before JFK, Mother Teresa after Princess Di, etc etc

@Erma: A wake up call for all of us - hope you're feeling okay!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:28pm DanH:

If a lot more people were like Dave, we as a human race and a civilization would be on track to a better world.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:31pm Matt from Springfield:

@Fox News Moron: Which one? Not nearly specific enough
  Tue. 8/12/14 9:31pm adrian in mpls:

Thanks for talking about depression--as someone who is finally at a somewhat better place after 20+ years dealing depression, it's profoundly difficult. Especially if people around you don't really get it.
  Tue. 8/12/14 9:31pm r i s k y:

This show is showing it's skin. Cheers Dave!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:31pm Erma Gherd:

@Matt from Springfield - thank you, that is really kind. It was time for me to deal with the black dog in the room, and it has been hard but good. Depression and anxiety are no joke and hard to talk about.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:32pm Danne D:

Hi Dave!
Hi Shaina!
Hi everyone!

@Bob why no, you didn't beat me. How can the comments start before I get here?!?
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:32pm JohnEBGood:

This guy is all BS. Tried suicide 3 times? And you play for it? Where's your screen caller ?
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:32pm DanH:

@ Matt, Shepard Smith
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:33pm JakeGould:

OCD about calling people back in 20 minutes.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:33pm M.J:

I agree with you @DanH
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:33pm Matt from Springfield:

@Danne: You mean you can't think comments to the board yet? ;)

Hi Danne! :) And everyone else I haven't said Hi! to yet! :)
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:33pm VealCutlet:

Danne d is the Satchel Paige of WFMU....can't start the chat without him
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:33pm bobdoesthings:

Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:33pm F-berg:

Danne D!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:34pm Danne D:

lol by the way I really have no such pretense about myself and the comments.

Shaina! Back 100% I hope
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:34pm F-berg:

@JohnEBGood: I screen the calls.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:34pm JakeGould:

Also, I am so sick of people saying “How can successful people kill themselves like this?” It’s as if getting good employee review means something outside of the concept of getting a better salary. Work & material success are not life. Period.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:34pm bobdoesthings:

@danne. uhh. ok.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:34pm F-berg:

Yep!! Thanks Danne. Feeling much better.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:35pm Danne D:

This caller is living proof that he failed at suicide
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:35pm JakeGould:

Anyone else remember the B.S. gossiping when Dave Chapelle quit Comedy Central and became a recluse? Doing something like that is considered as bad as attempting suicide… But is more productive… You get yourself into a new mindspace by “destroying” the life you don’t recognize anymore.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:35pm Danne D:

Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:36pm JakeGould:

Anyway, anyone have a picture or video of a kitten or a puppy or a Capybara to share?
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:36pm Matt from Springfield:

@DanH: ooof, he's one of the least egregious ones too...sad to think of what the *rest* of the anchors would say...

@Erma: No problem, I haven't had it as bad as some commenters and callers here, but I know that depression and anxiety are terrible beasts. Wish you the best of hope, as all of us here do.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:36pm bobdoesthings:

@jake - here! i.imgur.com...
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:37pm Danne D:

gato! :)
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:38pm JakeGould:

That cats like all step off.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:39pm JohnEBGood:

I know Tom was off the hook but this is nothing to joke around. Midwest Garbage.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:39pm Matt from Springfield:

@Jake: Oh yeah, I remember that. The $55 million deal was obviously to show Dave Chappelle's value and to prevent any such quitting the show - but, no money is worth the control of your life. Of course you can refuse the money! Even *if* it's $55 mil. Of course people were shocked when he actually DID walk away..
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:39pm JakeGould:

I like this cat’s style. www.youtube.com...
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:40pm JakeGould:

@Matt The thing is if you have enough money to simply quit a toxic gig, it’s better to “lose” some money in the short term rather than strain yourself.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:41pm Matt from Springfield:

@Jake: Amen, brutha!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:41pm cameron_michael:

This might be my favourite episode of the Goddamn Dave Hill Show. Dave, you're doing an awesome job.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:42pm bobdoesthings:

@jake That parrot is a bully.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:42pm Danne D:

Cameron is on the money
  Tue. 8/12/14 9:42pm Kathy:

a little B-Complex doesn't hurt!!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:43pm JakeGould:

That parrot is a dick. But the cat is really patient. I like that.
  Tue. 8/12/14 9:43pm Walt:

The only way out is through
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:44pm bobdoesthings:

Also some Vitamin D - www.psychologytoday.com...
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:44pm Erma Gherd:

@Kathy: vitamin D as well!

I am thoroughly enjoying this ep. I hope this guy gets to a good place.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:45pm Erma Gherd:

jinx, @bobdoesthings, you owe me a Coke.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:45pm JakeGould:

Sunlight helps as well. Which is vitamin D.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:45pm Matt from Springfield:

@Kathy: B-vitamin complex, like B-100 (mcg)? HELLZ YEAH!!! :D

I started taking B-12, then added a B complex vitamin--so great for energy and metabolism levels!
  Tue. 8/12/14 9:45pm Kathy:

oh yes, every two days I take my D
: )
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:46pm Erma Gherd:

what is this sunlight of which you speak @JakeGould?!?
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:46pm bobdoesthings:

@erma - nah I included a link.. that like.. reverts.. or something
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:46pm VealCutlet:

Do those things do anything other than make your urine glow in the dark? Could be a placebo effect?
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:46pm JakeGould:

“oh yes, every two days I take my D : )” That’s a lot of D, K.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:46pm F-berg:

Vitamin B? I need that.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:46pm Matt from Springfield:

@Erma: I don't know..I'm told it's the antithesis of goths like myself - I think that hellfire burning your eyes during the daytime, is that sunlight ;D
  Tue. 8/12/14 9:47pm CRUMB:

not to bust up all the seriousness of the start of this evening's program. but last week i was a little let down with the lack of shredding by the host of the program. i hope that this evening there is a return to shredding of past programs.
  Tue. 8/12/14 9:47pm Kathy:

Soul Shredding!!
  Tue. 8/12/14 9:48pm CRUMB:

also the lack of Shaina segments is also disappointing
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:48pm Matt from Springfield:

@F-berg: I highly recommend! B-12 is great, B-6 especially for the ladies, B-2 and 3 are outstanding for any sex. A B-complex will give you all of these, and individual B supplements can help your particular body!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:48pm T90FANCY:

Dave handled that very well.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:48pm Erma Gherd:

I'm going to go buy some B and hopefully get some more D.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:49pm bobdoesthings:

we all could use some B's or D's... hell I'll take what I can get
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:50pm Matt from Springfield:

Give it some love!!

"A truth should be known always, and spoken sometimes."
--Kahlil Gibran
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:50pm Erma Gherd:

how 'bout a Coke, since I guess I owe you one? ;)
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:50pm JakeGould:

My advice is to avoid supplements & try to avoid carbs. Not completely eliminate it, but carbs nowadays in bread are just such crap you are basically eating something 1 step away from sugar. And sugar is just not great in excess for stuff like basic health. Which is all to say I am not one of those health just, but I am the reasonable, “Just eat a vegetable now and then, okay?” kind of guy.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:50pm F-berg:

Thanks @Crumb. I think I'll get on tonight!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:51pm bobdoesthings:

Sounds good erma.
  Tue. 8/12/14 9:51pm Kathy:

B complex will help any brain work better.
A good greenfood based multi vitamin.
Lotsa C : )
Good brands! at your health food store not the dollar store!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:52pm bobdoesthings:

I agree with Jake.. stay away from supplements and just eat healthy - fruits veggies and whole grains.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:52pm bobdoesthings:

I say this as I pour a budweiser and eat some pretzels..
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:52pm Erma Gherd:

Jake, I avoid carbs to the extent I can/am willing to and that does seem to help me. Except fucking beer. DAMN YOU BEER.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:53pm Matt from Springfield:

@bob: Eat some kale w/ the pretzels, and add a supplement to the beer! Evens it out!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:53pm Erma Gherd:

I had kale today! Fucking kale.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:53pm JakeGould:

@bobdoesthings As long as you are aware of how the beer & pretzels will affect you, it’s fine. And FWIW, cut out beer for the past 9 months and it’s helped immensely. Yup, I guess I am “one of those guys” so sue me!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:54pm JakeGould:

Fuck Kale. Fuck Kale. Fuck Kale. Fuck Kale. Fuck Kale. Fuck Kale.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:54pm T90FANCY:

Kale is satan's pork rinds.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:54pm Erma Gherd:

Do you mind if I ask what you drink instead, or are you on the wagon?
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:55pm bobdoesthings:

@jake - 9 months! hot damn. I did 3 weeks a month ago and that felt like a livetime
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:55pm bobdoesthings:

Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:55pm JakeGould:

Kale is B.S. Period. Also, brewer’s yeast is a good natural source of B-12.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:55pm Supermeowy:

Ooooooh hellllll nooooo!! I will not stand for kale dissension !!!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:56pm Supermeowy:

Hi everyone.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:56pm bobdoesthings:

@erma - I drink lemon/lime seltzer.. it's like a beer and cold and in a can.. and I love it.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:56pm Matt from Springfield:

Hot kale! - a lot of strong emotions on a green veg :)
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:56pm T90FANCY:

Bring it, hippie.
  Tue. 8/12/14 9:57pm r i s k y:

Best Goddamn Dave Hill Show I've ever heard. Cheers!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:58pm Matt from Springfield:

@bob: American light beer is basically beer-flavored seltzer anyway, according to Bronwyn C. - anything offering refreshment on a hot day can fill that void.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:58pm Erma Gherd:

I like seltzer and I drink it all the time, but it's no beer.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:58pm JakeGould:

@bobdoesthings, my drinking habits came when I realized how depressed drinking made me feel in the winter. So I just stopped. And decided to only drink when I am truly celebrating & want to. It was less impulsive than more like it felt right. And so far, so good. Normal sleep patterns like I haven’t had in years.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:58pm DaveHill:

Hey all, thank you and thanks for listening!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:58pm bobdoesthings:

I'm jussss sayin... when I'm going on the sober train.. seltzer is my go-to
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:59pm Erma Gherd:

thank you for your honesty, Dave.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:59pm Matt from Springfield:

Hi Dave!
Thanks for this show, very timely and very necessary!
  Tue. 8/12/14 9:59pm GeesyCreesy:

This is the exit music for crowds at Wiley's Comedy Club in Dayton, OH
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 9:59pm bobdoesthings:

@jake - winter -time blues is a real thing - SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:00pm Erma Gherd:

and Bob and Jake - you're both right, of course! Jake, where do you put brewer's yeast - I'm thinking in yogurt it could be good?
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:01pm chad from oregon:

Thank you for another show, Dave, and well done with that last call.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:01pm JakeGould:

I just mix the brewer’s yeast in juices. Or will take a teaspoon instead of a vitamin every few days. Or you can sprinkle it on popcorn… OMFG LOOK AT WHAT I AM WRITING!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:02pm T90FANCY:

Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:02pm Matt from Springfield:

They're gawhnnn!...
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:02pm VealCutlet:

Brewers Yeast probably goes good on pizza too
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:02pm Erma Gherd:

you're making me laugh, I've been trying to eat better for the last year and a half and it's totally foreign to me! I don't drink juice but we do have Blueprint hippie juice at work. HMMM.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:03pm Supermeowy:

Kale is like heaven. Yeah, I'm a hippie, too!!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:03pm Matt from Springfield:

2!!!!! :D
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:03pm T90FANCY:

It goes best in BEER.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:03pm Erma Gherd:

@T90FANCY I like the way you think.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:04pm bobdoesthings:

I like to sprinkle some yeast onto kale leaves and then slowly grind it into a paste which I spread over some gluten free whole wheat locally sourced bread and then eat my own farts.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:04pm Matt from Springfield:

SHIRLEY ELLIS! Should've known! :D
Singer of "The Name Game", and especially "The Clapping Song"! This has the playground game spirit of those songs, but whadda solid boomin' soul beat bass and percussion in the back! :D
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:04pm F-berg:

haha @bobdoesthings
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:04pm JakeGould:

@bobdoesthings: Ever meet someone who drinks their own urine? Those people.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:05pm T90FANCY:

Organic air...
  Tue. 8/12/14 10:05pm CRUMB:

that's the stuff
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:05pm Erma Gherd:

I laughed. And then ate some Montessori-educated, leash-walked CHICKEN.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:06pm Matt from Springfield:

Montessori-educated meats, nice! I need to remember that! :)
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:06pm Matt from Springfield:

Late 70s concerts integrated into every riff!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:06pm T90FANCY:

Good stuff.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:07pm DanH:

Can Dave play a different Danzig song next week? Twist of Cain?
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:07pm JakeGould:

I had deep friendship with my chicken before I roasted it because I respected it’s packability & religious views.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:07pm bobdoesthings:

@danH - NO! DISAGREE!!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:07pm Supermeowy:

Aaaw man, my son is in Montessori school AND we love kale!! I'm about to get a wedgie aren't I?
  Tue. 8/12/14 10:07pm andy from australia:

love that danzing riff
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:08pm JakeGould:

@DanH He never plays anything but the same 5 riffs.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:08pm Erma Gherd:

You haven't lived until you've eaten a locally-sourced kale-eating little kid. With organic ketchup.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:08pm Matt from Springfield:

"I don't know, chicken - what do YOU think your goal in life should be?..."
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:08pm T90FANCY:

Paggliacci, NO!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:08pm bobdoesthings:

@Matt - hahaha
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:08pm Erma Gherd:

Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:09pm bobdoesthings:

Does anyone listen via the actual FM signal?? My signal just started spazzing out.. been fine all day. Rain I guess..??
  Tue. 8/12/14 10:09pm r i s k y:

This dude is COOKED.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:10pm Supermeowy:

This chat room idea has really gone brutal. I need to cry in my hemp, organically grown pillow.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:10pm JakeGould:

My signal is fine because I avoid carbs & respect my chicken.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:10pm Matt from Springfield:

@bob: The FM signals have been skittish lately--FMU or MFU or both. Not sure what's driving that.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:10pm Matt from Springfield:

@risky: Dave Hill and Clay Pigeon, that's just the best way to call in ;)
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:10pm Erma Gherd:

I listen online, sorry, that's not helpful!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:12pm JakeGould:

Also, to explain what my fave non-wine non-beer drink is: Soju! Korean hooch! Like $5 a bottle. Good friends. Like 5 of them. And 5 dollars and there is a sad little party.
  Tue. 8/12/14 10:12pm r i s k y:

That caller just said 'Alright' to the host. Oh man, these paranoid pre-meteor shower schizoids. Cheers Dave!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:12pm T90FANCY:

That Korean gin is the shit.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:13pm Matt from Springfield:

Soju! Never tried that but know of it. What brands of soju are good, Jake?
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:13pm Erma Gherd:

Soju is awesome! Potato voddy, no?
  Tue. 8/12/14 10:13pm JeffHQ:

Strolling down Fourth Ave in BK. how are we? Whats the score? Whats next here? Who's on first? Gotta read the scroll...
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:15pm Supermeowy:

@ermagherd my kid is not on the menu!!! Even if you ask nicely.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:16pm Erma Gherd:

Aw, just joshing, supermeowy! I just like that dumb line. "I like kids ... with ketchup."
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:16pm Matt from Springfield:

WAV file?! That's CHEATING!!! Somehow.
  Tue. 8/12/14 10:16pm JeffHQ:

Too fast for me... Still sharpening my pencil.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:17pm Matt from Springfield:

@Erma: Always ask with mustard, at the Jewish delis :)
  Tue. 8/12/14 10:17pm JeffHQ:

Zog jersey
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:18pm Supermeowy:

I take nothing seriously, @ermagherd. All in good fun :)
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:18pm Matt from Springfield:

All right! Werner Herzog and Seth Rogen rolled together into a single comedian! I don't know who he is so this shoddy assumption will have to hold up for now!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:18pm DaveHill:

I thought the same thing about that damn WAV file too, Matt!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:18pm bobdoesthings:

Dick Cavett talk from last week or the week before Dick said they use to announce black athletes as "A credit to his race" -- Dave should announce Seth Herzog as "a credit to his State.. Seth Herzog!"
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:19pm Matt from Springfield:

Ha ha, Dave! :)
Or maybe it was the "Googling" of it that felt like a gyp to me! Oh well, a fine product in the end!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:20pm Erma Gherd:

Kids with MUSTARD would be much better, why didn't I think of that? I don't even like ketchup that much and I have SIX mustards in my fridge.
  Tue. 8/12/14 10:20pm herb.nyc:

Since i heard dick cavett's voice, From his Brief Encounters bk, his story of george s Kaufman and telescope / Eddie fisher is great. (FM signal is fine in nyc 10013)
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:20pm hola-soymilk:

Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:21pm VealCutlet:

Yo soy
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:21pm Danne D:

Hola Hola :)

All this healthy eating talk. I'm not qualified for any of this.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:21pm Erma Gherd:

there she is! hola hola! I peeped your Insta and is that Pringles shirt real? Because I want it.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:21pm Matt from Springfield:

Six mustards? French's yellow! Dijon! Spicy! Seedy organic! What else?...:)

Yo yo hola!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:21pm DaveHill:

No Danne D call this week?! WTF?!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:22pm Supermeowy:

Hola, hola!!!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:23pm Supermeowy:

Danne D!!! Call in!!!
  Tue. 8/12/14 10:23pm CRUMB:

cavett watergate program was even better than promised by the by
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:24pm bobdoesthings:

Dave switching up the bed music huh?
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:25pm Danne D:

:) And so it goes :)
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:25pm bobdoesthings:

YES!!! MY LINE!! I feel cool!
  Tue. 8/12/14 10:25pm CRUMB:

i hope shaina didn't get bumped again this week.
  Tue. 8/12/14 10:25pm nate:

for a second, I was afraid this was "desire" by U2
  Tue. 8/12/14 10:25pm P-90:

Hey! bobdoesthings FTW
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:25pm Matt from Springfield:

Steely Dan / Thin Lizzy tribute sound! Nice! :)
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:26pm Erma Gherd:

I have French's yellow, Grey Poupon, Maille Dijon Originale (probably the same as GP but it's burnier), GP Country Dijon, JD Horseradish Mustard and Durkee's (which may not count since it's also got mayo).
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:26pm Supermeowy:

Glenn Campbell soon? A little sad music for all the sad news.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:26pm Erma Gherd:

Nick Lowe is so underrated.
  Tue. 8/12/14 10:26pm JakeGould:

@Matt: No specific brand to be honest. Most places in NYC have two basic brands. So do a taste test for $10. But I also haven't touched that stuff in 11 months. So hey.
  Tue. 8/12/14 10:27pm herb.nyc:

Uh, dave never says if he washes his hands after using the bathroom. For the record, does he? Oh wait, he said OCD earlier.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:27pm bobdoesthings:

@P-90 - hello. (FTW? F-- The world?)
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:27pm VealCutlet:

chocolate covered kale
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:27pm Matt from Springfield:

Thanks for the enumeration Erma!
Mayostard/Mustardaise/Mayostaraionaise does count as one. I'll have to sample GP and Maille back to back to taste the differences, now!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:28pm Supermeowy:

Methinks @ermagherd wins the award for most brands of mustard!!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:28pm Matt from Springfield:

@Jake: I'll pick up soju and see - thanks!
  Tue. 8/12/14 10:29pm JeffHQ:

Candy-OMG. Lets destig-...
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:29pm bobdoesthings:

Dave does his crunches inbetween airtime.. so.. no need to go to the gym
  Tue. 8/12/14 10:30pm P-90:

@ Hola: Aloha! Join the fray!

@bobdoesthings: FTW = "For The Win!"
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:30pm Erma Gherd:

I am either ashamed or proud to say that my mustard collection can't cut the mustard (see what I did there) compared to my dad's. My dad has Polish and Chinese and ... I have to ask how many, now I want to know.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:31pm Matt from Springfield:

"Schizophrenics in Asbury Park" - good name for a band??

Although I've heard that "schizophrenic" is a poor term to diagnose the condition. Even the name seems outdated (schizo+phren = "split head" in Greek). While that person may be losing touch with reality, that descrip alone is a better way to help them than to slap on an old term like that.
  Tue. 8/12/14 10:31pm herb.nyc:

NPR had a chocolate chicken segment. There's an L.A. Restaurant for this!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:31pm bobdoesthings:

@Matt - have you considered Duckbutter? Even better band name.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:33pm Matt from Springfield:

@bob: Say that fast..! :)
  Tue. 8/12/14 10:33pm JeffHQ:

The social workers are killing time until burnout.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:34pm bobdoesthings:

@Matt from SF - I did.. it's fun.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:34pm Matt from Springfield:

@Dave: How insulting! By tone, at least!

If they say "Prozac, what's that?" I would say "Fluoxetine". That's WHAT it is! YOU do the math, medical professional! :)
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:34pm Erma Gherd:

My sister is a social worker and she has crazy amounts of vacation saved because she doesn't feel like she can take time off.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:35pm Erma Gherd:

@Danne D, it's time!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:35pm hola-soymilk:

@erma not sure about the Pringles shirt! I hope it's real because I need it!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:35pm bobdoesthings:

A thousdandaire! ooooooo I like that, I'm a thousdandaire!
  Tue. 8/12/14 10:36pm JeffHQ:

Yeah, Sweet-en things up.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:36pm Supermeowy:

I had chocolate with a Frito this week and now I want to launch an artisanal Frito chocolate place (that serves chickens that have been walked and kale)
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:36pm bobdoesthings:

goddammit Dave didn't mention my name! booo. I wana feel cooler
  Tue. 8/12/14 10:36pm JakeGould:

Chocolate Chicken = Racist. Just saying.
  Tue. 8/12/14 10:37pm Clayton:

great show Dave
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:37pm bobdoesthings:

What about Hot Cheetos and Takis? www.youtube.com...
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:37pm hola-soymilk:

Step away from the mic so you can breathe chocolate rain
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:38pm Danne D:

ugh, work stuff - just saw the outpouring of demand :)
Thanks guys! Will try but as Cam said, still discombobulated from coping with Canada and its plastic money.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:38pm hola-soymilk:

What about jalapeno cheetos
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:38pm Erma Gherd:

I love Hot Cheetos and Takis, those kids are adorable!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:39pm Danne D:

@bobdoesthings I think you're cool :) I also think you should call in Bob :)
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:39pm Matt from Springfield:

"Stage Left" and "Stage Right" are from the actors' POV (the audience's right and left, respectively). But "Upstage" and "Downstage" are the back and front of stage, the same for actors and spectators.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:39pm Erma Gherd:

chocolate rain! Hola busting the serious internet memes! (and I WANT THAT SHIRT too!)
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:40pm bobdoesthings:

@danne - You are correct - I'm very cool. But I only call in when I got something to say.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:40pm hola-soymilk:

I miss king of Miami
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:41pm Danne D:

@bob which makes you cool :) I wish I always had such discretion. Last week was better. Two weeks ago, not so much.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:41pm hola-soymilk:

Danne go back to Toronto in October!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:42pm Danne D:

No can do Hola :(
  Tue. 8/12/14 10:42pm JeffHQ:

Hey sorry im distracted. No joke, my ill homeless brother is calling me...
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:42pm Matt from Springfield:

True patriot love. At all thy sons command.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:42pm hola-soymilk:

Fine get away from me
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:43pm T90FANCY:

Time to drop the puck.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:43pm steve:

hey you nutty funsters!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:43pm hola-soymilk:

Aw jeff
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:44pm Matt from Springfield:

Those idiots don't know when to laugh, that's what!
Be yourself - keep it subtle!

Hey hey, funster steve! :D
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:44pm Erma Gherd:

so sorry, Jeff, hope you can check in later. I hope he is as OK as possible.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:46pm Erma Gherd:

I have had two older bosses that I couldn't call by their first names. They never told me to call them by their first names and so I never did. I love that Dave calls him Mr. Cavett.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:46pm Matt from Springfield:

The Rev. Dr. Lt. Sir Dick Cavett, PhD, MD, DD, KG, FRS, Bt.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:46pm hola-soymilk:

Senor Cavett
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:46pm bobdoesthings:

Don Cavett
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:48pm Matt from Springfield:

I'm the same way, Erma. Way to keep it respectful!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:48pm hola-soymilk:

Smash fruit with a sledgehammer?
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:49pm T90FANCY:

Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:49pm Danne D:

From WFMU's front page btw:

"Fill-in DJ extraordinaire Todd-o-phonic Todd interviews the legendary Ace Frehley on Saturday, August 23rd (11am-1pm, fill in for Michael Shelley). Discussion will range from the early years of Kiss to Ace's brand new LP "Space Invader.""
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:50pm hola-soymilk:

What if I hate kiss?
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:50pm cameron_michael:

Hey guys, I've been making dinner, just wanted to chime in again and say that this show has been great.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:51pm hola-soymilk:

We get it, Cam, you wanna kiss Dave
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:51pm Erma Gherd:

Matt, it's how I was raised. I still call my parents' BFFs Mr. & Mrs. It is probably excessively polite/formal, but until someone says, "Call me XXX" I can't do it.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:51pm Matt from Springfield:

Wow - you were steppin' out with Joe Jackson?! Nice!
  Tue. 8/12/14 10:53pm JeffHQ:

Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:53pm cameron_michael:

@hola He wouldn't have me. My beard is probably too scratchy.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:54pm Matt from Springfield:

Whoa - The Caroline Rhea Show!? Surprised anyone still recalls that!
  Tue. 8/12/14 10:55pm JeffHQ:

Thanks all for support. Carry on with Rhea of Light.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:55pm Erma Gherd:

I like Caroline Rhea! Not as much as I like Bonnie Hunt, but she's very charming!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:56pm hola-soymilk:

Drowning in pussy at the Caroline Rhea
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:57pm Supermeowy:

Carry on my Rheaward Song
  Tue. 8/12/14 10:58pm JeffHQ:

Live to re-live
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 10:59pm VealCutlet:

They tried with Bonnie Hunt but just couldn't find the right vehicle for her
  Tue. 8/12/14 10:59pm JeffHQ:

Fisher Price calling
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:00pm steve:

stay hydrated. truth.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:00pm hola-soymilk:

Ask about the Taylor ham
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:01pm Matt from Springfield:

Good morning Vietnam! Appropos.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:01pm hola-soymilk:

Oh god feelings
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:01pm Erma Gherd:

I missed who this is, I'm a jerk - who is this?
  Tue. 8/12/14 11:01pm JeffHQ:

Is Anselmo there?
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:02pm bobdoesthings:

hahahahaha "the echo sounds vietnamese" I wast thinking it.... and then he said it ...
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:02pm Matt from Springfield:

Baloney - this could be a pho/banh mi shop cook in Scranton! I want GPS tags!! ;)
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:03pm T90FANCY:

This is insane.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:03pm Matt from Springfield:

OTOH...I'm liking this concept! Every week, put on a random non-English caller for a few minutes on Air! :)
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:03pm hola-soymilk:

Haha what is going on
  Tue. 8/12/14 11:04pm JeffHQ:

Very industry.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:04pm steve:

no joke, i had taylor ham for the first time ever today and holy moly it was good.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:05pm bobdoesthings:

@steve.. WHAT?! Where you from bro?
  Tue. 8/12/14 11:05pm JeffHQ:

Caffeine content in mg?
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:05pm hola-soymilk:

I refer to the king of Miami... in my heart. You thought I was going to say pants tho
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:06pm Matt from Springfield:

Condensed milk in condensed caffeine - nice stuff!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:06pm T90FANCY:

HAHA Wacky Vietnam Stuff!
  Tue. 8/12/14 11:06pm JeffHQ:

First class air
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:07pm Matt from Springfield:

"Summer rolls" in hillbilly USA. Cellophane clear mung bean shell. Spring rolls are the opaque egg based shell.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:07pm steve:

bob - im from New Jersey! yes, i know, what the hell. its possible i had it as a child and don't remember.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:07pm Erma Gherd:

Vietnam is my next international trip and I will eat the HELL out of that place, plus Vietnamese coffee? Om nom nom.
  Tue. 8/12/14 11:07pm JakeGould:

And Arlene Martel (Spock's paramour in "Amok Time"), R.I.P. http://www.treknews.net/2014/08/12/arlene-martel-dead-dies/
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:07pm Matt from Springfield:

Congrats, steve! Danne D can fill you in on all the ins and outs of Taylor ham :)
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:07pm hola-soymilk:

Danne talk about this Taylor ham, everyone wants to know about it
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:08pm Erma Gherd:

ahh, is she #3, Jake?
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:08pm bobdoesthings:

@steve - south or north Jersey? I heard taylor ham is rarer in south jersey.. so it's understandable there. North Jersey and you never had a taylor hm egg and cheese... blows my mind.
  Tue. 8/12/14 11:09pm JakeGould:

I believe so.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:09pm VealCutlet:

Can someone compare Taylor Ham vs. head cheese, or olive loaf? Need to know
  Tue. 8/12/14 11:09pm JeffHQ:

Too legit to quit
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:09pm steve:

i was in Asbury Park today - played pinball and ate lots of meat (i usually drink veggies out of a blender all day most days). the pinball museum just smells like delicious greasy fried dough and meats, you can't fight it.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:10pm cameron_michael:

Hey, its Danne. He's been to my house. No lie, guys.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:10pm Matt from Springfield:

@bob: Taylor ham is known as "pork roll" in South Jersey, but it's the same thing. The FDA said they couldn't call it "ham", but North Jersey always calls it that.

Dan from Kearney/Bergen County!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:11pm T90FANCY:

Ham Hippies.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:11pm Matt from Springfield:

Awesome, cam :)
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:11pm bobdoesthings:

Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:11pm Matt from Springfield:

Born with a silk shirt on his back!!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:12pm cameron_michael:

Listen, not everyone gets a visit from a person as high quality as a Danne D.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:12pm hola-soymilk:

Ok we get it, cam and we are jealous you met danne
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:12pm bobdoesthings:

I was born in Ridgewood Hospital in NJ in the mid 80s.
  Tue. 8/12/14 11:13pm JeffHQ:

Oh boy creamy
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:13pm F-berg:

Mid 80s! You're a pretty young thing, Bobdoesthings
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:13pm Matt from Springfield:

Regulations only started in 1976 (no Lawn Dart games in birthing wards).
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:14pm Erma Gherd:

haha, I laughed at that too, Shaina. 70s represent.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:14pm steve:

bob - im from Allendale and was also born in Ridgewood Hospital in the mid 80s. i have no recollection of pork roll or taylor ham being a thing.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:14pm bobdoesthings:

@F-Berg(shaina) I'm 28.. I suppose it's still young-ish.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:14pm Matt from Springfield:

Onandaga Co. Hospital NY (Syracuse) also in mid-80s, anyone?!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:14pm cameron_michael:

Getting called out again, Danne. Goddamnit! You keep hanging me out to dry!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:14pm Supermeowy:

Danne D will you visit me in Austin so I can feed you kale free-range chicken tacos?
  Tue. 8/12/14 11:14pm JakeGould:

"Fly By Night" yeah!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:15pm cameron_michael:

By the way, totally nailed that Rush riff.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:15pm T90FANCY:

I was born at Ridgemont High in the ladies room.
  Tue. 8/12/14 11:15pm JeffHQ:

Tertiary markets are united, never divided.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:15pm F-berg:

28 is very young, if you ask me.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:15pm Erma Gherd:

jesus, you are ALL pretty young things.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:15pm bobdoesthings:

@steve - dude.. how!? How did you not go to a bagel place and get a taylor ham egg and cheese!?
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:15pm Danne D:

LOL well if Dave calls me out to call then I have to call out you.

I know I'm right about Hola writing the fan fiction though.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:15pm hola-soymilk:

Danne come visit Chicago!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:16pm bobdoesthings:

@erma - Yeah.. I'm just a pretty young thing from the mean streets of Jersey
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:16pm Danne D:

@Supermeowy Oh my. Um, I'll take some kale-free chicken cooked in a range :)
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:16pm hola-soymilk:

Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:16pm Danne D:

@hola I've already been to Chicago.

Jeez folks seem to think I have a travel budget.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:16pm cameron_michael:

If I call can I talk about Danne's inability to drive in the city of Toronto?
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:17pm Danne D:

Sorry Hola :( maybe I'll get back out there someday :)
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:17pm Supermeowy:

I'm visiting Chicago on Thursday, Hola!!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:17pm cameron_michael:

Full disclosure: Danne does not like cheese curds/poutine.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:17pm Danne D:

Can I talk about Cam's inability to live in a city with streets that are sensbily laid out and that don't split into parts that don't actually meet each other?
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:17pm Danne D:

Oooh there needs to be an Hola-Meowy meeting :)
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:18pm Erma Gherd:

YES, cameron! That was a totally entertaining set of tweets. DISCLOSE.

Hola, I will look you up next time I am in Chicago. Love that city.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:18pm Danne D:

Then Cam can write the fan-fiction about that :)
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:18pm VealCutlet:

Well you Canadians do drive on the wrong side of the road, right? Not liking poutine? was there kale in it?
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:18pm Supermeowy:

What kind of heathen doesn't like cheese curds???
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:18pm bobdoesthings:

does anyone else cal cheese fries with gravy "disco fries".. that's what I called them at so many Diners. also blown away when someone from Jersey never had them...
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:18pm hola-soymilk:

Meowy what part are you visiting and for how long
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:19pm hola-soymilk:

Erma please do :)
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:19pm steve:

ok i just looked it up and Bernies Bagels in Allendale (where ive been going since i was 10) DOES have taylor ham egg and cheese on the menu... but i just don't remember anyone ever ordering it, or ever discussing it. or what i can only refer to now, having listen to Jones and XRay, as "the cult of pork roll".
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:19pm cameron_michael:

Cheese and cheese curds are VERY different, Bob.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:19pm VealCutlet:

In Queens diners, in the early 90s, those were known as Potato Delights
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:20pm cameron_michael:

Jesus Christ, Don Cherry.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:20pm Supermeowy:

I'll be downtown thru Sunday morning.
I'm really not feeling the kale love.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:20pm hola-soymilk:

I love poutine so much it's ridiculous.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:20pm Erma Gherd:

disco fries = I only learned that in NYC but yes that's what I call them! Not the same as poutine!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:20pm Danne D:

@bob is right about disco fries
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:21pm bobdoesthings:

@cam up of course... we had the Jersey greasy equivalent.. diner trash food
  Tue. 8/12/14 11:21pm JeffHQ:

Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:21pm Danne D:

Believe me disco fries are not the same as poutine.

And taylor ham is not the same as canadian bacon. Or as canadians call it, bacon.
  Tue. 8/12/14 11:21pm CRUMB:

poutine is french for canadians trying to best american cuisine
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:21pm cameron_michael:

Oh, poutine is most definitely Canadian trash food.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:21pm hola-soymilk:

Adios don cherry when I was in Quebec last week I talked about him with actual Canadians!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:22pm steve:

ah yes disco fries. yes.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:22pm Danne D:

Hey Hola did you meet Nardwuar?
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:22pm Matt from Springfield:

@VC 11:18: "I didn't know you drived on the left side of the road up here"
"No ma'am, I'm drunk..."
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:22pm cameron_michael:

Hola, I'm guessing Quebecers HATED him. Or did you only talk to Anglos?
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:22pm hola-soymilk:

Cam did you take danne to smokes I heard people in Toronto like it
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:22pm bobdoesthings:

Disco Fries is another good band name...
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:23pm Matt from Springfield:

@cam: But, it's sophisicated multi-ethnic global-consciousness American trash food when WE eat it ;)
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:23pm Danne D:

If you ever wanna piss off a random person call directory assistance in Quebec and ask for an english speaking operator.
  Tue. 8/12/14 11:23pm JakeGould:

What B.S. is that? New Jersey invented Disco Fries. NYC invented Disco Stew.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:24pm cameron_michael:

Nope. Its way better. But knowing that he hates poutine I won't take him to the good place.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:24pm bobdoesthings:

We're Disco Fries!! - We'll melt your face as well as the cheap cheese on your potatoes! LET'S DO THIS!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:24pm hola-soymilk:

I talked to an anglo and a quebecoise, quebecoise said she hatred him until she watched a film about him haha
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:24pm Danne D:

why were you in Quebec Hola?
  Tue. 8/12/14 11:24pm CRUMB:

i had gluten free, vegan disco fries the other night at a gluten free, vegan establishment. it was quinoa with kale.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:25pm cameron_michael:

@CRUMB that sounds like a complete nightmare.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:25pm hola-soymilk:

@danne obvs because I wanna be canuck
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:25pm bobdoesthings:

@crumb did they spread brewer's yeast on it? If not.. I wouldn't revisit
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:25pm Matt from Springfield:

Fair-trade chocolate covered kale..:D
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:26pm Supermeowy:

@crumb sounds delicious!! With a side of cheese curds& Taylor ham?
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:26pm Danne D:

LOL Hola wants to be a Canucks and goes to...Quebec?
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:26pm hola-soymilk:

My bae fenriz
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:26pm steve:

i tried "quinoa milk" the other day and it was fucking disgusting... and i have a high tolerance for disgusting health food
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:26pm Erma Gherd:

crumb, I just laughed loudly, appreciatively, and unattractively. Fortunately I am alone.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:27pm hola-soymilk:

I'm trying to get on all the Canadian good sides
  Tue. 8/12/14 11:27pm CRUMB:

my date for the evening had the ever popular gluten free and all vegan welsh rarebit. it too was quinoa and kale.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:27pm Matt from Springfield:

Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:28pm hola-soymilk:

I want to be quinoa milk
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:28pm bobdoesthings:

@steve - have you had Spirulina? or other algaes... UGHHH.. I'll just eat some kale, thanks.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:28pm Erma Gherd:

hola, I think you need to reference winegums and liquorice all-sorts if you want to get to canuck hearts. But I might be talking shit.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:28pm hola-soymilk:

Love you shaina xoxo not in a weird way I appreciate you
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:29pm VealCutlet:

spirulina? I used to feed that to my pet fish. Eek!
  Tue. 8/12/14 11:29pm JeffHQ:

Sept 3: Dave or Jen? Hmm.
  Tue. 8/12/14 11:29pm JakeGould:

Disco Stew: Salisbury steak chunks stewed in a broth with lentils, onions, peas, big croutons
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:29pm Supermeowy:

SEE!! I told y'all kale was great!!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:29pm T90FANCY:

I'm on a strict red tide diet.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:29pm cameron_michael:

@Erma: Winegums are good. All sorts can burn in hell.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:29pm hola-soymilk:

Cam is erma on the right track?
  Tue. 8/12/14 11:30pm JakeGould:

Big croutons with cheese on top.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:30pm hola-soymilk:

What is salt water taffy and why does it sound not fun
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:31pm Matt from Springfield:

Call back in 20 seconds??
  Tue. 8/12/14 11:31pm CRUMB:

does everything produce milk these days?
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:31pm Danne D:

Hola it's good :) You need to come to New Jersey and have some :)
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:31pm VealCutlet:

salt water taffy is the reason I need to see a dentist regularly
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:32pm bobdoesthings:

@hola - Taffy is a stretchy chewey mess of candy that your molars will hate you for.. but is pretty great
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:32pm Matt from Springfield:

@hola: If you like taffy (or gum) you might like it - they sell it at the beach, I think that's why they call it "salt water".
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:32pm Erma Gherd:

Jake, that is the first comment you've made tonight that I want to take back behind the grocery store and make out with. Fuck healthy eating, I want some croutons & cheese.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:32pm hola-soymilk:

@danne I do plan on coming to Jersey..
  Tue. 8/12/14 11:32pm JeffHQ:

Anger is a gift but it doesnt resell
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:32pm steve:

can i get some kale taffy
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:33pm Supermeowy:

Salt water taffy milk with kale & chocolate chicken
  Tue. 8/12/14 11:33pm Patrick:

Saltwater taffy is the best.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:33pm hola-soymilk:

Well I hate gum so
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:34pm Erma Gherd:

I don't think you will enjoy salt water taffy if you hate gum...
  Tue. 8/12/14 11:34pm JakeGould:

Erma that is the part of my Disco Stew recipe that got cut off in the app post comments. Read my whole recipe. Disco Stew.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:34pm hola-soymilk:

I can understand having depression in lansing
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:34pm bobdoesthings:

who is this amateur? give me an axe!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:34pm VealCutlet:

salt water taffy is like gum that you swallow
  Tue. 8/12/14 11:35pm JeffHQ:

Rock on, Lansing. See you Stobers.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:35pm Danne D:

Everybody loves Shaina :)
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:35pm Matt from Springfield:

See you in NIGHT COURT!!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:35pm hola-soymilk:

Night court theme song used to make me cry
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:36pm T90FANCY:

Lansing rocks.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:37pm hola-soymilk:

Uh huh
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:38pm Matt from Springfield:

@hola: Compelling. A lot of TV themes were surprisingly beautiful. I'll have to examine that theme again.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:38pm Supermeowy:

Salt water taffy is like a fluffy starburst
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:38pm Erma Gherd:

OK, Jake, I've been in NY a long time and I have never heard of Disco Stew, unless it was a Simpsons character. Where can I eat this abomination? I am not on board with onions or peas, is this real?
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:38pm hola-soymilk:

Yo this song is good
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:39pm Supermeowy:

Fluffy Starburst and the Kaleheads is my new age cover band.
  Tue. 8/12/14 11:39pm Mark, from Michigan:

@T90FANCY and @JeffHQ: Capitol city awaits you!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:39pm F-berg:

I didn't get to mention this...but I was going to talk about a sandwich I had in Jersey City that blew my mind. It's a chicken cutlet sandwich from, I think, A-Plus. Pat Burn told me about it. Anyone else had one?
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:39pm Matt from Springfield:

What's the title of this? I AM enjoying it! Like I'm @ the old 9:30 club in DC in the early 80s! :)
  Tue. 8/12/14 11:40pm JeffHQ:

I think I need to "Drive" somewhere.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:40pm Erma Gherd:

it feels a little New Wave (in a good way) which apparently some of you guys were too young to appreciate at the time!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:40pm Matt from Springfield:

@Supermeowy: GO 4 IT!
  Tue. 8/12/14 11:41pm JeffHQ:

Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:41pm Erma Gherd:

Shaina, I haven't been to JC in a year but now I want to go to have that.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:42pm Matt from Springfield:

@F-berg: Actually, what you should do is post these studio tracks in the last hour of Dave Hill's show on the Free Music Archive -- all the amazing Yesway, Lucy Wainwright Roche, and other live songs separated and made avail on the FMA!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:42pm F-berg:

I'll meet you there, Erma, and we can feast on chicken cutlet sandwiches.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:42pm Matt from Springfield:

WOOOOOOO!!! *clap clap clap*!!
  Tue. 8/12/14 11:43pm JeffHQ:

  Tue. 8/12/14 11:43pm JeffHQ:

Be kind please rewind.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:43pm F-berg:

Good idea! I don't know how to do that though. Help!!
  Tue. 8/12/14 11:44pm CRUMB:

i had a vegan and gluten free chicken cutlet sandwich from an establishment i mentioned earlier. it was again, just quinoa and kale.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:44pm Erma Gherd:

Let's do it, I'm in, F-berg!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:44pm Matt from Springfield:

Andrea Silenzi! I know Ange will be happy to show you how! :D
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:44pm F-berg:

I would like that too. I love food. And I am hungry when I am here.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:45pm Erma Gherd:

CRUMB, seriously, you are killing me. I work with all these goddamn paleo people and they would say that with a straight face.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:45pm F-berg:

Awesome! Let's do it, Erma. I can do weekdays! I want one of those sandwiches right now.
  Tue. 8/12/14 11:45pm JeffHQ:

@Matt: 930 F St. Sigh. Its a Crate and Barrel now or smthg.
  Tue. 8/12/14 11:45pm CRUMB:

@Shaina, has the success of dave's program gone to his head to such an extent that he has bumped you to discuss his affection for salt water taffy?
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:46pm Supermeowy:

@F-berg what is your stance on kale?
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:46pm bobdoesthings:

my go to in drunk deli sandwich ordering is a chicken cutlet with melted mozzerlla, pepporoni and italian dressing. - its greasy and hard to mess up.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:47pm Matt from Springfield:

@Jeff: sigh...never had the opportunity to go to that location, but I know why it's still named 9:30, and of the great shows that used to go on there.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:49pm Danne D:

She sounds nice. We should introduce this caller to Cam.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:49pm hola-soymilk:

Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:49pm Erma Gherd:

F-berg, maybe a Tuesday night before the show? I work in Manhattan and my workdays are long but yay! That would be fun.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:50pm hola-soymilk:

Meet ups!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:51pm Danne D:

@Shaina, I'd e-mail Ken about it (ken@wfmu.org) :)

The music was great btw :D
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:51pm T90FANCY:

Love you, goodnite!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:51pm Danne D:

(I meant that you Shaina should e-mail Ken about it - that was a poor word choice on my part)
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:51pm Matt from Springfield:

I'm pro-cannabis too. Wait, what...?...
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:51pm Erella:

Hey wait,
That's enough Canada-Bashing. I live in Toronto and it is ok.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:51pm Erma Gherd:

where is @mme_luke tonight?
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:52pm Supermeowy:

Goodnight all!! SWEET dreams of chocolate chicken kale cutlets of Frito jalapeno. All walked & organically grown.
  Tue. 8/12/14 11:53pm JeffHQ:

Nothing ventured nothing stained.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:53pm Danne D:

@Erella do you know Canadian Cam? I assume everyone in toronto knows each other
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:53pm Matt from Springfield:

G'night T90 and Supermeowy!

MORE Dark Mirrors! L-U-V LOVE this stuff!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:53pm F-berg:

@Danne, ok cool!
@Crumb, Dave knows he can bump me for saltwater taffy anytime.
@Erma, yes to a Tuesday night! I have to be here at 8:30. Let's do it!
@Supermeowy, I love Kale. I'm not picky!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:54pm Matt from Springfield:

@Danne: They must all know each other, after all there's *only one* road in Canada ;)
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:54pm F-berg:

Goodnight guys!
  Tue. 8/12/14 11:54pm JakeGould:

Disco Stew is real. You need to ask for it. Only available in diners in deep Brooklyn.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:55pm Erella:

Nope I don't know him. I am easy to find. Not many Erellas here.
  Tue. 8/12/14 11:56pm JeffHQ:

Keep the beat all. Good night.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:56pm Matt from Springfield:

Great rollercoaster of a show! Poignant, sensitive, funny, silly, musical, rifftastic, more musical, what a ride! Thanks Dave, Shaina, Seth, callers and commenters!

Have a good night! Always, Remember!...
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:56pm F-berg:

Erma, we will arrange a food outing next week when we meet in the chatroom!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:57pm Danne D:

A GDDHS meet-up would be quite an epic thing I think :)
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:57pm Danne D:

Have a great night everyone :D
Good night Dave and Shaina thanks for taking my call :)
And props to Seth and John - great guests tonight :)
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:57pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Have a drink to mental health and then have a good night's rest. Tell those close to you how much you love them. Savor the smell or roses or something nice like that.
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:58pm Erma Gherd:

@F-berg, that sounds perfect, I like it. I have no plans next Tuesday. Maybe make it a whole GDDHS thing?
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:58pm bobdoesthings:

Let's have a wine and cheese party next week. Get your own..
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:59pm F-berg:

Let's do it! I have to be here at 8:30 so maybe meet in JC at 7? Email me: shainafeinberg@gmail.com!
Avatar Tue. 8/12/14 11:59pm Erma Gherd:

I mean, I am FINE having @F-berg all to myself, but a big meet-up works for me too!
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 12:00am bobdoesthings:

Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 12:00am cameron_michael:

Hey gang, have a good night/week. And thanks Dave, this was an amazing show.
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 12:00am Danne D:

I think an Erma/Shaina summit would be appropriate :) A GDDHS show blowout can be at a later time :) I think that's fair to Erma :D
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 12:02am Matt from Springfield:

Great advice Ken HP!
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 12:02am cameron_michael:

Good night everyone. Legitimately fantastic show, Dave. One you should be really proud of.
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