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Playlist for 30 July 2014 Options | Transmitter Repairing Music

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Artist Song Album Images New Approx. start time
The Soft Pink Truth  Buried by Time and Dust   Options Why Do the Heathen Rage? 
Gudrun Gut / Hans-Joachim Irmler  Noah   Options 500m 
*   0:04:53 ()
Lewis  Good Night in Paris   Options L'Amour 
  0:12:58 ()
Christopher Denny  Happy Sad   Options If the Roses Don't Kill Us 
*   0:17:55 ()
Roxy Music  In Every Dreeamhome a Heartache   Options  
  0:18:05 ()
Echo-Echo  Jeder Tag Mit Dir (Every Breath You Take)   Options  
  0:24:03 ()
Dokaka  Round Midnight   Options 2 
  0:27:43 ()
Matias Aguayo  Ay Ay Ay   Options Title Track 
  0:32:59 ()
Granda & Munder  Torture Tapes 9 & 10   Options  
  0:45:31 ()
Firesign Theatre  Over The Edge   Options In The Next World, You're On Your Own 
  0:54:07 ()
Nihilist Spasm Band  I'm a Meateater   Options  
  1:00:43 ()
Morrissey  I'm Not a Man, in Which Moz Rhymes 'Lonely' with 'Beef-a-Roni'   Options World Peace is None of Your Busines 
  1:02:44 ()
Neil Cicierega  Furries   Options Mouth Silence 
  1:10:02 ()
Zeikratzer  Metal Machine Music Part 1   Options Metal Machine Music: First Full Instrumental Version 
*   1:18:52 ()
London Punkharmonic Orchestra  Germ Free Adolescents   Options       1:26:39 ()
Robin Williamson  Ace of Spades   Options Best of Robin Williamson 
*   1:30:13 ()
Runaways UK  Reflections   Options Classic Tales (A Journey Through A Hip Hop Fantasy) 
  1:34:49 ()
Pr1nce  Reb1rth of the Fl3sh   Options  
  1:41:48 ()
Eddie Hazell  What About It   Options Games Dames and Guitar Thangs 
  1:46:35 ()
Detroit Grand Pubahs  Dr. Bootygrabber   Options  
  1:50:27 ()
Music behind DJ:
Cepus Aleksander 
On je Wannabe   Options Stand By Comedy 
*   2:02:55 ()
Eläkeläiset  Vinaa Hanuristille   Options Humppasirkus 
  2:07:03 ()
Buzzcocks  E.S.P.   Options Love Bites 
  2:10:14 ()
Girls  Jeffrey I Hear You   Options The Elephant Man 
  2:15:43 ()
Wildman Fischer  Circle   Options  
  2:19:44 ()
The Soft Pink Truth  Invocation for Strength / Black Metal   Options Why Do the Heathen Rage? 
*   2:22:39 ()
Satanicpornocultshop   Shining Tear of the Star   Options AtoZ!!!2 
*   2:28:24 ()
Nico  Das Lied Vom Ensamen Madchen   Options All Tomorrow's Parties 
  2:38:48 ()
Lana Del Rey  Fucking My Way Up to the Top   Options Ultraviolence 
*   2:44:45 ()
Zarah Leander  Wo Sind Die Clowns   Options Svenska Sangfavoriter 
  2:48:33 ()
Nina Hagen  TV Glotzer (White Punks On Dope)   Options NunSexMonkRock 
  2:52:20 ()
Peter Wahlbeck  Baby Animal   Options       2:58:05 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 6:29am Ken:

Greetings early risers! I've got 10 GIFS too big to post once the show begins to post before 9am today.
  Wed. 7/30/14 7:49am F◊F◊ (:

Morning Ken!

The cauliflower GIF would make an amazing screen saver!
  Wed. 7/30/14 7:52am Jack:

It must be too early, gifs #1 and #3 are making me nauseous.
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 8:30am groucho:

Good Morning! Have you seen Reddit Live yet? it makes it's threads into chatroom-y things, I only really look at the 24/7 GIFs one a constant stream of gifs!
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 8:36am Asheville Jon:

good morning. well, it's morning anyway.
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 8:51am Marcel M:

Mornign Ken morning all, finally got to make it early enough to catch the big GIFS
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 8:52am Marcel M:

If you stare at a fixed point on the first one... wow.
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 8:53am Marcel M:

Oh wow its cauliflower?! I thought it was a mushroom cloud...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/30/14 8:59am Dan B From Upstate:

It's done so well. I can't find the point where it loops. I love it.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/30/14 9:01am common:

ladybug! hey ken and everyone!
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 9:01am Marcel M:

@Dan: I can't either, and I'm embarrassed to say I've been staring at it a LONG time to try and find it. Really seems like it just keeps getting closer... You are the GIF master Ken.
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 9:01am Marcel M:

Morning Common
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:03am Roberto:

Signed in just in case I decide to post a comment.
  Wed. 7/30/14 9:04am JPow:

Good Mornin' y'all
  Wed. 7/30/14 9:07am Brendan:

Ken, all ...
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:10am Ellirb:

I'm in love with Gudrun Gut!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/30/14 9:11am common:

hey marcel!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 9:11am Ken:

Morgen again everybody!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 9:12am Ken:

Hey! Is anybody in Rockland County, NY? I have a report that our signal is down up there.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 9:13am DCE:

heavy man
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 9:14am MD:

We are all just Radio refugees making our way north of the boarder to WFMU!!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 9:16am MD:

Yes...I know...Border vs boarder...
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 9:17am rob t:

hello all.
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 9:17am jpow:

finally made a user account...
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 9:19am rob t:

that ladybug is weirding me out.
  Wed. 7/30/14 9:19am paulWCBN:

oh no i missed Lewis
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:19am fred:

One of the few Roxy Music tracks I actually like, even though I think Talk Normal's cover is better
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/30/14 9:21am braveness23:

My mom told me I can't listen to songs like this...
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 9:21am Dr. Goot:

I like it!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/30/14 9:23am Goyim in the AM:

Features the best Peter Lorre imitation in music outside of Spike Jones.
  Wed. 7/30/14 9:24am Brendan:

Every home is wired by pt would be a nice segue
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:25am Webhamster Henry:

I need to hear the Echonest swing version now.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 9:25am MD:

i have made friends with the ladybug...she is after all...a Lady!!!
  Wed. 7/30/14 9:26am Robert:

I remember Sledge Hammer's saying (in English) the words to this one, pausing, and saying, "That's police talk." OK, it made sense in context.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:26am fred:

Ken's "affinity" for the German language strikes again
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:26am ᏠЄႶႶỊѺµЄ:

Just tuned in and had to star click this Echo-Echo song. How is it possible that a German version of Every Breath You Take could be so cheery?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/30/14 9:27am braveness23:

Wow, that beats the help out of the original version
  Wed. 7/30/14 9:28am Brendan:

The roxy music thing made a big impression on me in my formative years, namely the country life album cover
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:28am fred:

  Wed. 7/30/14 9:29am Robert:

Have you dipped into "Mouth Silence" yet? Unfortunately Neil Cicierega doesn't have its bits cut into singles at SoundCloud, so not so convenient for airplay.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:29am Neg-guh-tor:

What Fred said!
  Wed. 7/30/14 9:30am OTB:

This guy kicks Bobby McFerrin's ASS!
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:31am bbell:

The 91.9 signal isn't working!
  Wed. 7/30/14 9:31am Tom G:

I thought Dokaka was Robert Wyatt
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 9:33am Ken:

Thanks Bbell, that confirms it.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:33am Asheville Jon:

hey Ken, has anyone pilfered the $20 fro the Jandek box set?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 9:37am Ken:

Yes Jon! It has been taken.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:37am Sem Chumbo:

Ai, Ai, Ai. Hiya, Ken and assistant station managers.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:38am Asheville Jon:

i hope they let you know this time! bastids!!!
  Wed. 7/30/14 9:38am Brendan:

I heard some Jandek on one of the shows this week. I hope dj followed the honor system and absconded with the booty
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:38am Asheville Jon:

but i guess the real question is: did they play the Jandek after they took the money?
  Wed. 7/30/14 9:40am Brendan:

Oh boyardee
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/30/14 9:40am common:

scott took it!
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 9:40am Marcel M:

@Asheville Jon: I believe a few people have played it by now.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:41am Okasa:

Not a Morrissey fan, but a quick Google search says the song is "I'm Not A Man"
  Wed. 7/30/14 9:41am Bz:

song is I’m Not a Man
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/30/14 9:41am Dan B From Upstate:

Morrissey - I'm Not A Man.
  Wed. 7/30/14 9:42am F◊F◊ (:

Matias Aguayo is from Chile, South America.
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 9:42am Mark S:

Wheeler-dealer, mover, shaker, Casanova/ Beefaroni, oh but lonely
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 9:45am MD:

clean da heads!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 9:47am MD:

it sounds fine....i'm just flashing back!!!
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:47am Webhamster Henry:

featuring The (Travellers Insurance) Triumph of Man!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 9:49am DCE:

little bit of Renaissance in the mix there
  Wed. 7/30/14 9:50am Brendan:

This is epically bad Ken! Don't forget to jiggle the handle when you're done
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:51am Ellirb:

Are you taking any requests today Ken? The Nihilist Spasm Band - Meateater?
  Wed. 7/30/14 9:52am F◊F◊ (:

My search for "Granda & Munder" only returned 7 results from the interwebz (all from WFMU). What is this ? Sounds intriguing, ahead of time and most importantly, doesn't sounds like dada crap. I missed Ken's explanaition about this tapes.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/30/14 9:52am Goyim in the AM:

Ah, Mrs. Frumpington!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 9:53am MD:

i can feel my fingernails being ripped out right now!!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/30/14 9:53am common:

fantastic, this!
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 9:53am jpow:

I just found the Arbitrary Guide - thanks WFMU! gonna see a show when I come up to NYC
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 9:54am bobdoesthings:

good morning.. god damn train delays!
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:55am Sem Chumbo:

In the next world you are on your own.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:57am Irwin:

One of my favorite Firesign lines: "You owe a lot of people ... a lot of money ... for a LOT of airports."
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:57am Neg-guh-tor:

Thanks for the FIresign Theater, Ken!
  Wed. 7/30/14 9:58am Brendan:

Kens fixing the transmitter, kids. Right this very minute , he's heroically climbing the tower , with a screwdriver and a hammer. Pray kids ,, pray
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/30/14 9:58am common:

dr. fork. hee hee!
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:58am fred:

@Ellirb: I second that, and any other NSB request. Meateater is awesome
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:58am Neg-guh-tor:

Hello, Ken!
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:59am Sem Chumbo:

Woodrow Stool.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:01am fred:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 10:02am cory:

ya know Ken, if you're ever hurting for a show you could always play Over The Edge from KPFA
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 10:03am Andrew Waterloo:

Yah NSB!
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:03am fred:

I didn't crawl to the top of the foodchain to eat salad
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 10:05am Marcel M:

And theres the line! Wow, how dumb...
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 10:05am bobdoesthings:

beefaroni rhymes with lonely... genius
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 10:05am rob t:

oh. my. god. he did it.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:05am Sem Chumbo:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/30/14 10:06am common:

there it was! excellent.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/30/14 10:06am Dan B From Upstate:

Thirteen-year-old me couldn't get enough beefaroni. Twenty years later I wanna smack that little smart ass young me for putting that crap in his body. What? That's not the kind of beefaroni he's talking about?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 10:06am adrian in mpls:

Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:06am Sem Chumbo:

high colon-y.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:06am Webhamster Henry:

I spell M-A-N.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/30/14 10:06am Goyim in the AM:

There was a time that this dude (he's not a man, remember) was considered a huge talent.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:07am fred:

Never misunderestimate Moz' ability to underwhelm
  Wed. 7/30/14 10:07am paulWCBN:

beefaroni is murder
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 10:07am adrian in mpls:

cancer from the beefaroni
  Wed. 7/30/14 10:07am Dave B:

Greetings Ken and Krewe. I hope that AV rack comes in handy. I'll have another for you in a week or so.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 10:08am cory:

if I give $200 during the next pledge drive would you guys stop playing Morrissey?
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 10:08am Mark S:

this is funnier than the Firesign Theatre piece
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 10:08am love in the ruins:

in which people inexplicably call this dude moz
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/30/14 10:09am tikk:

It sounds like Morrissey is trying to get some message across but I'll be roasted over a spit if I knew what it was.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/30/14 10:09am Goyim in the AM:

He's wrong about not destroying this planet. This song is making big chunks of it flake off and fly into the sun.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 10:09am Ken:

What did he rhyme with 'cancer of the prostate?'
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:09am Sem Chumbo:

@Goyim: oh, yah.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 10:10am rob t:

"T-bone steak."
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:11am fred:

@tikk: Is that Ken's prompt to pull out a German cover of "message in a bottle"?
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:11am Roberto:

Now this right here is the good musics.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:11am Sem Chumbo:

Are you furry experienced?
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:13am Okasa:

My favorite gang from the Warriors were the Baseball Furries.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:13am Webhamster Henry:

Cuing Monty Python's Mouse Problem sketch.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 10:13am Andrew Waterloo:

CBC had a late night TV show called Big Life in the 90s that did an episodes on things like furries, Nambla, and Fishing with John.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:14am listener mark:

Good morning Ken. Today's radio programme is exceptionally exceptional.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:15am fred:

Next kickstarter sensation: the Moz rhyming dictionary
  Wed. 7/30/14 10:18am Brendan:

Sorry Ken feel bettter.
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 10:18am jpow:

Is there a Warriors guided tour in NYC?
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 10:19am love in the ruins:

favorite novel: the sound and the furry
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 10:20am Andrew Waterloo:

song: You furred me all night long.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:20am fred:

Damn, Zeikratzer were the only set I missed in this year's Sonic Protest. I'm so dumb
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 10:22am cory:

one of my dishwashers is a furry. he's a wolf.
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 10:23am Marcel M:

This is pretty damn cool...
  Wed. 7/30/14 10:24am Brendan:

There is a pitcher who plays for the Mariners named Charlie Furbush
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 10:25am Mark S:

I give it a 10 it has a great beat and you can dance to it
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:27am cthulhu:

CTHULHU likes this, so I will not crush your soul Ken.
  Wed. 7/30/14 10:27am F◊F◊ (:


Protip: If you shout out loud the name of the band you might be perceived as a big fan of the band although you might have never heard the band before.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:27am slugluv1313:

excellent! "I'm a Meateater" leading into "I'm Not a Man"
ahhhhh gotta *love* Morrissey (and i am not just saying that b/c i am crazy-ass-vegan-animal-rights-"extremist" :) )
ooooooooooh and now METAL MACHINE MUSIC! Ken, YOU are just too perfect!
please FEEL BETTER SOON!!!!!!!!
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:31am ᏠЄႶႶỊѺµЄ:

Okay I'm gonna have to go with the original version one this one. Lemmy beats Robin Williamson and the harp any day.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 10:32am rob t:

I never dreamed that Motorhead would sound so right like this.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 10:32am bobdoesthings:

what game is this guy playing...
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:34am Guido from Cologne:

Just sayin' hello and star-clicking ...
... Lemmy and the lamp ... is this a pun?
  Wed. 7/30/14 10:34am F◊F◊ (:

Is that one of your velvet paintings, Ken ? It's very good!
  Wed. 7/30/14 10:34am JimW:

Great cover.
  Wed. 7/30/14 10:35am F◊F◊ (:

Ken has perfect taste for instrumental songs.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 10:37am MD:

Why the sky???
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 10:37am MD:

Sea for mE!!!!
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 10:39am jpow:

transmitter repairing music
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 10:40am Ken:

Yes f0f0, it's one of my favorite velvets. And Lemmy really was a sheep and goat herder once upon a time, in Wales.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:42am listener mark:

This is radio!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 10:42am MD:

I think Lemmy is still a sheep and Goat herder...still..sometimes...
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:43am Okasa:

One of my favorite old Blues singer was Furry Lewis.
  Wed. 7/30/14 10:43am Brendan:

Lemmy had a way with sheep and goats. .. His way
  Wed. 7/30/14 10:45am Brendan:

Okay that crossed the border (collie) of sheep jokes
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 10:46am Ken From Hyde Park:

I understand a movie about James Brown is coming out soon. Do they play to release any new long-lost JB material? If they did, that would be cool.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 10:46am MD:

OH WOW!!! I just saw the most Holy painting of our Lord and Shepard!!!
  Wed. 7/30/14 10:46am nate:

Now I want to hear "Wham Rap"
  Wed. 7/30/14 10:48am mrdangel:

Ken, you played an awesome cover of Smiths How Soon is Now as background on like a toy piano. Who did that?
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:51am Roberto:

Bootygrabber! Aw hellz yeah
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 10:51am Ken:

Mr Dangel, that was Rockabye Baby.
  Wed. 7/30/14 10:51am Brendan:

@mrdangel that was rockabye baby
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 10:51am love in the ruins:

the importance of being Earnest (bootygrabber)
  Wed. 7/30/14 10:52am nate:

Ernest Goes To Booty Camp
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 10:55am Marcel M:

Gotta love the flakes of moisture flying off that butt...
  Wed. 7/30/14 10:57am ?:

Flakes? whats-his-face would say that would be a good name for a rock band: Flakes of Moisture
(what *is* his face, the miami herald writer)
  Wed. 7/30/14 10:58am Comma:

  Wed. 7/30/14 10:58am F◊F◊ (:

Dr Bootygrabbber makes a living selling sandwiches. His Booty Clinic is just a facade.
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 10:59am Marcel M:

Yes I thought it might not have been the most accurate description but I went for poetry over making sense.
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:00am ?:

google to the rescue: Dave Barry
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:01am Kathy:

It's SO easy to laugh
It's So easy to hate
It takes strength to be gentle and kind : )
MOZ 4ever!!
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:02am F◊F◊ (:

And don't forget to hug Andy when in the wedding. He loooooves being hugged by WFMU listeners.
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 11:06am Marcel M:

Did I just hear "Facebook"? Haha
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:07am F◊F◊ (:

I also heard him saying "Facebook". I wonder what it means.
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 11:08am Dr. Goot:

Nice Buzzcocks cover!
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:08am fred:

Hug Andy longer than he's comfortable for me
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:08am nate:

this is the best Buzzcocks cover since SS Decontrol
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:09am F◊F◊ (:

Of course is a good cover! Its
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:09am fred:

This is great!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 11:10am MD:

Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 11:10am Dr. Goot:

Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:11am fred:

@MD: no contest
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 11:13am Marcel M:

the "who will love me" bit on last weeks 7SD was so freaking funny
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 11:14am KOTJ:

I hear you!
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:15am F◊F◊ (:

Isn't this the most creepy song ever recorded ? Also...

Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 11:16am KOTJ:

One of the greatest club shows I ever saw...Pere Ubu, Wall of Voodoo. Girls-1981, Paradise Boston.
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 11:16am love in the ruins:

run, jeffrey
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 11:17am Marcel M:

Wall of Voodoo and Pere Ubu... COOL!
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:19am F◊F◊ (:

Is that his face or is it another tattoo ?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/30/14 11:19am Dan B From Upstate:

Nyuck Nyuck.
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:21am F◊F◊ (:

Ok. Disregard what I said before. THIS has to be the creepiest song ever recorded!
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:22am nate:

I would give the creepy nod to "no tears" by tuxedomoon
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:23am Cottage Cheese:

Creepiest song ever has to be "My Favorite Things," any version.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 11:24am MD:

Pagans ROCK....With real ROCKS!!!
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:26am fred:

Ken hasn't played Gnod in a while. I wonder why. Khlam either, something's wrong, very wrong
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:26am nate:

You know who's kind of creepy? JANDEK
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 11:27am bobdoesthings:

@fred... hmm he definitely has recently.. last week I think!
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:31am fred:

Jandek's not creepy anymore, he's just lame. I hoped to see him live for years, and when I did it was crap
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:31am F◊F◊ (:

Some several albums ago Satanicpornocultshop was ahead of their time. Not anymore.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:34am fred:

@bobdoesthings: one week is plenty when it comes to Ken's attention span. What's next?
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:35am Webhamster Henry:

It's a hard business (Wild man Fischer + Rosemary Clooney)
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 11:35am egal:

Time catches up with everyone, FOFO.
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:37am F◊F◊ (:

I guess you are right. Thing is musicians of today don't make music that sounds like it is from the future like they did before in the past.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/30/14 11:37am Lewis:

what if you just eat the cashews?
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:39am rw:

Why would you eat cashews when you could rub yourself with cashew oil instead?
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 11:41am jpow:

aerosol cashew spray
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:42am Cottage Cheese:

Cashew?! Gezundheit.
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:44am nate:

Does Dr. Bootygrabber practice cashew oil therapy?
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:44am F◊F◊ (:

Who taught Nico how to bicycle? Damn him/her!
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:44am Guido from Cologne:

Comprehension error:
Why does the DeeJay call me "Miss Guido" ?!?
... and why is he looking so hard for the best way to get rid of me?
I feel still pretty male and (even though I'm from Cologne) noone has ever seen me in drag !!!
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:45am Guido from Cologne:

... and on the top play NICo afterwards.
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:45am Cottage Cheese:

Nice gif c/o liartown.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/30/14 11:46am Dan B From Upstate:

Ken, are you coming around on Lana Del Rey, or do you just like this song?
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 11:47am egal:

It's a nice association of Nico and Lana.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 11:48am Ken:

Dan B, I've always liked her actually. I love those female baritones.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:50am Guido from Cologne:

unnoticed by the general public Keili has become new genaral music director @ WFMU and instructed everyone that one Lana Del Rey is a must!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 11:50am MD:

Not this song!!! will make me cry in German!!!
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:50am F◊F◊ (:

I propose a minor change to Ken's show introduction:

Freeform Radio für chronisch ungeduldig. Avantgarde-Pop-, Mohn-Avantgarde, Zug pfeift, laute Gitarren und gutturalen Schreien. Playlists und Fotos in Echtzeit im Web veröffentlicht, so können Sie zusammen spielen oder kommentieren zu Hause oder am Arbeitsplatz.
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:50am Hanswurst:

Am in der overload....
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 11:51am love in the ruins:

sie sind im Neu Jersey
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:51am Brendan:

Baby mammal please
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:51am nate:

I have heard a wfmu DJ refer to LDR as album of the year
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/30/14 11:51am Dan B From Upstate:

Boy, fofo, that german just rolls right off the tongue.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:52am Guido from Cologne:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 11:52am bobdoesthings:

@ken - do you get ASMR triggers from ladies speaking german softly?
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 11:52am KOTJ:

White dopes on punk.
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:53am whattawino:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 11:53am Ken:

Thank you f0f0! I will change my blurb to that later today!
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:54am Brendan:

Soylent green is people and veal is baby animal
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:54am Guido from Cologne:

It's NOT from Nun-Sex-Monk-Rock but by self-titled "nina hagen Band" 1978.
Maybe a Bonus CD-track in the USA?
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:54am OTB:

Ken - Where did the altered bunny rabbit book come from? My late father worked for Rand McNally for 40 years, so that one really got my attention....
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:54am Asheville Jon:

meh. the Tubes' version kicks this one's ass to the curb
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:55am Sem Chumbo:

@A.Jon: agreed.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/30/14 11:55am Goyim in the AM:

Lyrically, she's trying to do Black Flag's "TV Party" and failing.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:55am Guido from Cologne:

this one:
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 11:56am Ken:

Jon, I didn't notice any German in the Tubes version.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:56am Okasa:

@OTB - As someone mentioned previously, it is from Liar Town. Follow them on Tumblr or your favorite social media, they are awesome.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 11:57am bobdoesthings:

@Ken - look up ASMR + German - on the youtubes.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/30/14 11:58am bobdoesthings:

ASMR - autonomous sensory meridian response = those strange tingles you may (or may not) feel when you hear certain sounds . I just learned not everyone gets these.... weird
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:58am OTB:

Okasa & all - sorry, running around at work and can't keep up with all the comments. Thanks!
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:58am F◊F◊ (:

Ja! More German bitte, Ken!! Ich liebe Germanish! Till next Mittwoch volks! Auf vidersehen!!! Danke!
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 11:58am Mark S:

must be the end of the show
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:59am F◊F◊ (:

Say the legal ID in German, Ken!!
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 12:00pm Guido from Cologne:

Thanks Ken
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