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Playlist for 30 July 2014 Options | Transmitter Repairing Music

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Artist Song Album Images New Approx. start time
The Soft Pink Truth  Buried by Time and Dust   Options Why Do the Heathen Rage? 
Gudrun Gut / Hans-Joachim Irmler  Noah   Options 500m 
*   0:04:53 ()
Lewis  Good Night in Paris   Options L'Amour 
  0:12:58 ()
Christopher Denny  Happy Sad   Options If the Roses Don't Kill Us 
*   0:17:55 ()
Roxy Music  In Every Dreeamhome a Heartache   Options  
  0:18:05 ()
Echo-Echo  Jeder Tag Mit Dir (Every Breath You Take)   Options  
  0:24:03 ()
Dokaka  Round Midnight   Options 2 
  0:27:43 ()
Matias Aguayo  Ay Ay Ay   Options Title Track 
  0:32:59 ()
Granda & Munder  Torture Tapes 9 & 10   Options  
  0:45:31 ()
Firesign Theatre  Over The Edge   Options In The Next World, You're On Your Own 
  0:54:07 ()
Nihilist Spasm Band  I'm a Meateater   Options  
  1:00:43 ()
Morrissey  I'm Not a Man, in Which Moz Rhymes 'Lonely' with 'Beef-a-Roni'   Options World Peace is None of Your Busines 
  1:02:44 ()
Neil Cicierega  Furries   Options Mouth Silence 
  1:10:02 ()
Zeikratzer  Metal Machine Music Part 1   Options Metal Machine Music: First Full Instrumental Version 
*   1:18:52 ()
London Punkharmonic Orchestra  Germ Free Adolescents   Options       1:26:39 ()
Robin Williamson  Ace of Spades   Options Best of Robin Williamson 
*   1:30:13 ()
Runaways UK  Reflections   Options Classic Tales (A Journey Through A Hip Hop Fantasy) 
  1:34:49 ()
Pr1nce  Reb1rth of the Fl3sh   Options  
  1:41:48 ()
Eddie Hazell  What About It   Options Games Dames and Guitar Thangs 
  1:46:35 ()
Detroit Grand Pubahs  Dr. Bootygrabber   Options  
  1:50:27 ()
Music behind DJ:
Cepus Aleksander 
On je Wannabe   Options Stand By Comedy 
*   2:02:55 ()
Eläkeläiset  Vinaa Hanuristille   Options Humppasirkus 
  2:07:03 ()
Buzzcocks  E.S.P.   Options Love Bites 
  2:10:14 ()
Girls  Jeffrey I Hear You   Options The Elephant Man 
  2:15:43 ()
Wildman Fischer  Circle   Options  
  2:19:44 ()
The Soft Pink Truth  Invocation for Strength / Black Metal   Options Why Do the Heathen Rage? 
*   2:22:39 ()
Satanicpornocultshop   Shining Tear of the Star   Options AtoZ!!!2 
*   2:28:24 ()
Nico  Das Lied Vom Ensamen Madchen   Options All Tomorrow's Parties 
  2:38:48 ()
Lana Del Rey  Fucking My Way Up to the Top   Options Ultraviolence 
*   2:44:45 ()
Zarah Leander  Wo Sind Die Clowns   Options Svenska Sangfavoriter 
  2:48:33 ()
Nina Hagen  TV Glotzer (White Punks On Dope)   Options NunSexMonkRock 
  2:52:20 ()
Peter Wahlbeck  Baby Animal   Options       2:58:05 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 6:29am Ken:

Greetings early risers! I've got 10 GIFS too big to post once the show begins to post before 9am today.
  Wed. 7/30/14 7:49am F◊F◊ (:

Morning Ken!

The cauliflower GIF would make an amazing screen saver!
  Wed. 7/30/14 7:52am Jack:

It must be too early, gifs #1 and #3 are making me nauseous.
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 8:30am groucho:

Good Morning! Have you seen Reddit Live yet? it makes it's threads into chatroom-y things, I only really look at the 24/7 GIFs one a constant stream of gifs!
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 8:36am Asheville Jon:

good morning. well, it's morning anyway.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 8:51am Marcel M:

Mornign Ken morning all, finally got to make it early enough to catch the big GIFS
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 8:52am Marcel M:

If you stare at a fixed point on the first one... wow.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 8:53am Marcel M:

Oh wow its cauliflower?! I thought it was a mushroom cloud...
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 8:59am Dan B From Upstate:

It's done so well. I can't find the point where it loops. I love it.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:01am common:

ladybug! hey ken and everyone!
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:01am Marcel M:

@Dan: I can't either, and I'm embarrassed to say I've been staring at it a LONG time to try and find it. Really seems like it just keeps getting closer... You are the GIF master Ken.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:01am Marcel M:

Morning Common
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:03am Roberto:

Signed in just in case I decide to post a comment.
  Wed. 7/30/14 9:04am JPow:

Good Mornin' y'all
  Wed. 7/30/14 9:07am Brendan:

Ken, all ...
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:10am Ellirb:

I'm in love with Gudrun Gut!
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:11am common:

hey marcel!
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:11am Ken:

Morgen again everybody!
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:12am Ken:

Hey! Is anybody in Rockland County, NY? I have a report that our signal is down up there.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:13am DCE:

heavy man
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 9:14am MD:

We are all just Radio refugees making our way north of the boarder to WFMU!!!!
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 9:16am MD:

Yes...I know...Border vs boarder...
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:17am rob t:

hello all.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:17am jpow:

finally made a user account...
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:19am rob t:

that ladybug is weirding me out.
  Wed. 7/30/14 9:19am paulWCBN:

oh no i missed Lewis
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:19am fred:

One of the few Roxy Music tracks I actually like, even though I think Talk Normal's cover is better
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 9:21am braveness23:

My mom told me I can't listen to songs like this...
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 9:21am Dr. Goot:

I like it!
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:23am Goyim in the AM:

Features the best Peter Lorre imitation in music outside of Spike Jones.
  Wed. 7/30/14 9:24am Brendan:

Every home is wired by pt would be a nice segue
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:25am Webhamster Henry:

I need to hear the Echonest swing version now.
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 9:25am MD:

i have made friends with the ladybug...she is after all...a Lady!!!
  Wed. 7/30/14 9:26am Robert:

I remember Sledge Hammer's saying (in English) the words to this one, pausing, and saying, "That's police talk." OK, it made sense in context.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:26am fred:

Ken's "affinity" for the German language strikes again
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 9:26am ᏠЄႶႶỊѺµЄ:

Just tuned in and had to star click this Echo-Echo song. How is it possible that a German version of Every Breath You Take could be so cheery?
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 9:27am braveness23:

Wow, that beats the help out of the original version
  Wed. 7/30/14 9:28am Brendan:

The roxy music thing made a big impression on me in my formative years, namely the country life album cover
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:28am fred:

  Wed. 7/30/14 9:29am Robert:

Have you dipped into "Mouth Silence" yet? Unfortunately Neil Cicierega doesn't have its bits cut into singles at SoundCloud, so not so convenient for airplay.
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 9:29am Neg-guh-tor:

What Fred said!
  Wed. 7/30/14 9:30am OTB:

This guy kicks Bobby McFerrin's ASS!
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:31am bbell:

The 91.9 signal isn't working!
  Wed. 7/30/14 9:31am Tom G:

I thought Dokaka was Robert Wyatt
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:33am Ken:

Thanks Bbell, that confirms it.
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 9:33am Asheville Jon:

hey Ken, has anyone pilfered the $20 fro the Jandek box set?
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:37am Ken:

Yes Jon! It has been taken.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:37am Sem Chumbo:

Ai, Ai, Ai. Hiya, Ken and assistant station managers.
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 9:38am Asheville Jon:

i hope they let you know this time! bastids!!!
  Wed. 7/30/14 9:38am Brendan:

I heard some Jandek on one of the shows this week. I hope dj followed the honor system and absconded with the booty
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 9:38am Asheville Jon:

but i guess the real question is: did they play the Jandek after they took the money?
  Wed. 7/30/14 9:40am Brendan:

Oh boyardee
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:40am common:

scott took it!
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:40am Marcel M:

@Asheville Jon: I believe a few people have played it by now.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:41am Okasa:

Not a Morrissey fan, but a quick Google search says the song is "I'm Not A Man"
  Wed. 7/30/14 9:41am Bz:

song is I’m Not a Man
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:41am Dan B From Upstate:

Morrissey - I'm Not A Man.
  Wed. 7/30/14 9:42am F◊F◊ (:

Matias Aguayo is from Chile, South America.
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 9:42am Mark S:

Wheeler-dealer, mover, shaker, Casanova/ Beefaroni, oh but lonely
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 9:45am MD:

clean da heads!!!
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 9:47am MD:

it sounds fine....i'm just flashing back!!!
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:47am Webhamster Henry:

featuring The (Travellers Insurance) Triumph of Man!
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:49am DCE:

little bit of Renaissance in the mix there
  Wed. 7/30/14 9:50am Brendan:

This is epically bad Ken! Don't forget to jiggle the handle when you're done
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:51am Ellirb:

Are you taking any requests today Ken? The Nihilist Spasm Band - Meateater?
  Wed. 7/30/14 9:52am F◊F◊ (:

My search for "Granda & Munder" only returned 7 results from the interwebz (all from WFMU). What is this ? Sounds intriguing, ahead of time and most importantly, doesn't sounds like dada crap. I missed Ken's explanaition about this tapes.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:52am Goyim in the AM:

Ah, Mrs. Frumpington!
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 9:53am MD:

i can feel my fingernails being ripped out right now!!!!
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:53am common:

fantastic, this!
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:53am jpow:

I just found the Arbitrary Guide - thanks WFMU! gonna see a show when I come up to NYC
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:54am bobdoesthings:

good morning.. god damn train delays!
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:55am Sem Chumbo:

In the next world you are on your own.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:57am Irwin:

One of my favorite Firesign lines: "You owe a lot of people ... a lot of money ... for a LOT of airports."
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 9:57am Neg-guh-tor:

Thanks for the FIresign Theater, Ken!
  Wed. 7/30/14 9:58am Brendan:

Kens fixing the transmitter, kids. Right this very minute , he's heroically climbing the tower , with a screwdriver and a hammer. Pray kids ,, pray
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:58am common:

dr. fork. hee hee!
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:58am fred:

@Ellirb: I second that, and any other NSB request. Meateater is awesome
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 9:58am Neg-guh-tor:

Hello, Ken!
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 9:59am Sem Chumbo:

Woodrow Stool.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:01am fred:

Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 10:02am cory:

ya know Ken, if you're ever hurting for a show you could always play Over The Edge from KPFA
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 10:03am Andrew Waterloo:

Yah NSB!
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:03am fred:

I didn't crawl to the top of the foodchain to eat salad
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:05am Marcel M:

And theres the line! Wow, how dumb...
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:05am bobdoesthings:

beefaroni rhymes with lonely... genius
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:05am rob t:

oh. my. god. he did it.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:05am Sem Chumbo:

Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:06am common:

there it was! excellent.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:06am Dan B From Upstate:

Thirteen-year-old me couldn't get enough beefaroni. Twenty years later I wanna smack that little smart ass young me for putting that crap in his body. What? That's not the kind of beefaroni he's talking about?
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:06am adrian in mpls:

Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:06am Sem Chumbo:

high colon-y.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:06am Webhamster Henry:

I spell M-A-N.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:06am Goyim in the AM:

There was a time that this dude (he's not a man, remember) was considered a huge talent.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:07am fred:

Never misunderestimate Moz' ability to underwhelm
  Wed. 7/30/14 10:07am paulWCBN:

beefaroni is murder
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:07am adrian in mpls:

cancer from the beefaroni
  Wed. 7/30/14 10:07am Dave B:

Greetings Ken and Krewe. I hope that AV rack comes in handy. I'll have another for you in a week or so.
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 10:08am cory:

if I give $200 during the next pledge drive would you guys stop playing Morrissey?
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 10:08am Mark S:

this is funnier than the Firesign Theatre piece
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:08am love in the ruins:

in which people inexplicably call this dude moz
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:09am tikk:

It sounds like Morrissey is trying to get some message across but I'll be roasted over a spit if I knew what it was.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:09am Goyim in the AM:

He's wrong about not destroying this planet. This song is making big chunks of it flake off and fly into the sun.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:09am Ken:

What did he rhyme with 'cancer of the prostate?'
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:09am Sem Chumbo:

@Goyim: oh, yah.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:10am rob t:

"T-bone steak."
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:11am fred:

@tikk: Is that Ken's prompt to pull out a German cover of "message in a bottle"?
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:11am Roberto:

Now this right here is the good musics.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:11am Sem Chumbo:

Are you furry experienced?
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:13am Okasa:

My favorite gang from the Warriors were the Baseball Furries.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:13am Webhamster Henry:

Cuing Monty Python's Mouse Problem sketch.
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 10:13am Andrew Waterloo:

CBC had a late night TV show called Big Life in the 90s that did an episodes on things like furries, Nambla, and Fishing with John.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:14am listener mark:

Good morning Ken. Today's radio programme is exceptionally exceptional.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:15am fred:

Next kickstarter sensation: the Moz rhyming dictionary
  Wed. 7/30/14 10:18am Brendan:

Sorry Ken feel bettter.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:18am jpow:

Is there a Warriors guided tour in NYC?
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:19am love in the ruins:

favorite novel: the sound and the furry
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 10:20am Andrew Waterloo:

song: You furred me all night long.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:20am fred:

Damn, Zeikratzer were the only set I missed in this year's Sonic Protest. I'm so dumb
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 10:22am cory:

one of my dishwashers is a furry. he's a wolf.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:23am Marcel M:

This is pretty damn cool...
  Wed. 7/30/14 10:24am Brendan:

There is a pitcher who plays for the Mariners named Charlie Furbush
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 10:25am Mark S:

I give it a 10 it has a great beat and you can dance to it
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 10:27am cthulhu:

CTHULHU likes this, so I will not crush your soul Ken.
  Wed. 7/30/14 10:27am F◊F◊ (:


Protip: If you shout out loud the name of the band you might be perceived as a big fan of the band although you might have never heard the band before.
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 10:27am slugluv1313:

excellent! "I'm a Meateater" leading into "I'm Not a Man"
ahhhhh gotta *love* Morrissey (and i am not just saying that b/c i am crazy-ass-vegan-animal-rights-"extremist" :) )
ooooooooooh and now METAL MACHINE MUSIC! Ken, YOU are just too perfect!
please FEEL BETTER SOON!!!!!!!!
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 10:31am ᏠЄႶႶỊѺµЄ:

Okay I'm gonna have to go with the original version one this one. Lemmy beats Robin Williamson and the harp any day.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:32am rob t:

I never dreamed that Motorhead would sound so right like this.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:32am bobdoesthings:

what game is this guy playing...
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:34am Guido from Cologne:

Just sayin' hello and star-clicking ...
... Lemmy and the lamp ... is this a pun?
  Wed. 7/30/14 10:34am F◊F◊ (:

Is that one of your velvet paintings, Ken ? It's very good!
  Wed. 7/30/14 10:34am JimW:

Great cover.
  Wed. 7/30/14 10:35am F◊F◊ (:

Ken has perfect taste for instrumental songs.
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 10:37am MD:

Why the sky???
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 10:37am MD:

Sea for mE!!!!
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:39am jpow:

transmitter repairing music
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:40am Ken:

Yes f0f0, it's one of my favorite velvets. And Lemmy really was a sheep and goat herder once upon a time, in Wales.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:42am listener mark:

This is radio!
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 10:42am MD:

I think Lemmy is still a sheep and Goat herder...still..sometimes...
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:43am Okasa:

One of my favorite old Blues singer was Furry Lewis.
  Wed. 7/30/14 10:43am Brendan:

Lemmy had a way with sheep and goats. .. His way
  Wed. 7/30/14 10:45am Brendan:

Okay that crossed the border (collie) of sheep jokes
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:46am Ken From Hyde Park:

I understand a movie about James Brown is coming out soon. Do they play to release any new long-lost JB material? If they did, that would be cool.
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 10:46am MD:

OH WOW!!! I just saw the most Holy painting of our Lord and Shepard!!!
  Wed. 7/30/14 10:46am nate:

Now I want to hear "Wham Rap"
  Wed. 7/30/14 10:48am mrdangel:

Ken, you played an awesome cover of Smiths How Soon is Now as background on like a toy piano. Who did that?
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:51am Roberto:

Bootygrabber! Aw hellz yeah
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:51am Ken:

Mr Dangel, that was Rockabye Baby.
  Wed. 7/30/14 10:51am Brendan:

@mrdangel that was rockabye baby
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:51am love in the ruins:

the importance of being Earnest (bootygrabber)
  Wed. 7/30/14 10:52am nate:

Ernest Goes To Booty Camp
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:55am Marcel M:

Gotta love the flakes of moisture flying off that butt...
  Wed. 7/30/14 10:57am ?:

Flakes? whats-his-face would say that would be a good name for a rock band: Flakes of Moisture
(what *is* his face, the miami herald writer)
  Wed. 7/30/14 10:58am Comma:

  Wed. 7/30/14 10:58am F◊F◊ (:

Dr Bootygrabbber makes a living selling sandwiches. His Booty Clinic is just a facade.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 10:59am Marcel M:

Yes I thought it might not have been the most accurate description but I went for poetry over making sense.
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:00am ?:

google to the rescue: Dave Barry
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:01am Kathy:

It's SO easy to laugh
It's So easy to hate
It takes strength to be gentle and kind : )
MOZ 4ever!!
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:02am F◊F◊ (:

And don't forget to hug Andy when in the wedding. He loooooves being hugged by WFMU listeners.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:06am Marcel M:

Did I just hear "Facebook"? Haha
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:07am F◊F◊ (:

I also heard him saying "Facebook". I wonder what it means.
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 11:08am Dr. Goot:

Nice Buzzcocks cover!
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:08am fred:

Hug Andy longer than he's comfortable for me
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:08am nate:

this is the best Buzzcocks cover since SS Decontrol
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:09am F◊F◊ (:

Of course is a good cover! Its
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:09am fred:

This is great!
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 11:10am MD:

Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 11:10am Dr. Goot:

Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:11am fred:

@MD: no contest
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:13am Marcel M:

the "who will love me" bit on last weeks 7SD was so freaking funny
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 11:14am KOTJ:

I hear you!
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:15am F◊F◊ (:

Isn't this the most creepy song ever recorded ? Also...

Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 11:16am KOTJ:

One of the greatest club shows I ever saw...Pere Ubu, Wall of Voodoo. Girls-1981, Paradise Boston.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:16am love in the ruins:

run, jeffrey
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:17am Marcel M:

Wall of Voodoo and Pere Ubu... COOL!
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:19am F◊F◊ (:

Is that his face or is it another tattoo ?
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:19am Dan B From Upstate:

Nyuck Nyuck.
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:21am F◊F◊ (:

Ok. Disregard what I said before. THIS has to be the creepiest song ever recorded!
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:22am nate:

I would give the creepy nod to "no tears" by tuxedomoon
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:23am Cottage Cheese:

Creepiest song ever has to be "My Favorite Things," any version.
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 11:24am MD:

Pagans ROCK....With real ROCKS!!!
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:26am fred:

Ken hasn't played Gnod in a while. I wonder why. Khlam either, something's wrong, very wrong
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:26am nate:

You know who's kind of creepy? JANDEK
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:27am bobdoesthings:

@fred... hmm he definitely has recently.. last week I think!
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:31am fred:

Jandek's not creepy anymore, he's just lame. I hoped to see him live for years, and when I did it was crap
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:31am F◊F◊ (:

Some several albums ago Satanicpornocultshop was ahead of their time. Not anymore.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:34am fred:

@bobdoesthings: one week is plenty when it comes to Ken's attention span. What's next?
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:35am Webhamster Henry:

It's a hard business (Wild man Fischer + Rosemary Clooney)
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:35am egal:

Time catches up with everyone, FOFO.
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:37am F◊F◊ (:

I guess you are right. Thing is musicians of today don't make music that sounds like it is from the future like they did before in the past.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:37am Lewis:

what if you just eat the cashews?
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:39am rw:

Why would you eat cashews when you could rub yourself with cashew oil instead?
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:41am jpow:

aerosol cashew spray
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:42am Cottage Cheese:

Cashew?! Gezundheit.
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:44am nate:

Does Dr. Bootygrabber practice cashew oil therapy?
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:44am F◊F◊ (:

Who taught Nico how to bicycle? Damn him/her!
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:44am Guido from Cologne:

Comprehension error:
Why does the DeeJay call me "Miss Guido" ?!?
... and why is he looking so hard for the best way to get rid of me?
I feel still pretty male and (even though I'm from Cologne) noone has ever seen me in drag !!!
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:45am Guido from Cologne:

... and on the top play NICo afterwards.
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:45am Cottage Cheese:

Nice gif c/o liartown.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:46am Dan B From Upstate:

Ken, are you coming around on Lana Del Rey, or do you just like this song?
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:47am egal:

It's a nice association of Nico and Lana.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:48am Ken:

Dan B, I've always liked her actually. I love those female baritones.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:50am Guido from Cologne:

unnoticed by the general public Keili has become new genaral music director @ WFMU and instructed everyone that one Lana Del Rey is a must!
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 11:50am MD:

Not this song!!! will make me cry in German!!!
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:50am F◊F◊ (:

I propose a minor change to Ken's show introduction:

Freeform Radio für chronisch ungeduldig. Avantgarde-Pop-, Mohn-Avantgarde, Zug pfeift, laute Gitarren und gutturalen Schreien. Playlists und Fotos in Echtzeit im Web veröffentlicht, so können Sie zusammen spielen oder kommentieren zu Hause oder am Arbeitsplatz.
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:50am Hanswurst:

Am in der overload....
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:51am love in the ruins:

sie sind im Neu Jersey
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:51am Brendan:

Baby mammal please
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:51am nate:

I have heard a wfmu DJ refer to LDR as album of the year
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:51am Dan B From Upstate:

Boy, fofo, that german just rolls right off the tongue.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:52am Guido from Cologne:

Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:52am bobdoesthings:

@ken - do you get ASMR triggers from ladies speaking german softly?
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 11:52am KOTJ:

White dopes on punk.
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:53am whattawino:

Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:53am Ken:

Thank you f0f0! I will change my blurb to that later today!
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:54am Brendan:

Soylent green is people and veal is baby animal
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:54am Guido from Cologne:

It's NOT from Nun-Sex-Monk-Rock but by self-titled "nina hagen Band" 1978.
Maybe a Bonus CD-track in the USA?
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:54am OTB:

Ken - Where did the altered bunny rabbit book come from? My late father worked for Rand McNally for 40 years, so that one really got my attention....
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 11:54am Asheville Jon:

meh. the Tubes' version kicks this one's ass to the curb
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:55am Sem Chumbo:

@A.Jon: agreed.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:55am Goyim in the AM:

Lyrically, she's trying to do Black Flag's "TV Party" and failing.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:55am Guido from Cologne:

this one:
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:56am Ken:

Jon, I didn't notice any German in the Tubes version.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:56am Okasa:

@OTB - As someone mentioned previously, it is from Liar Town. Follow them on Tumblr or your favorite social media, they are awesome.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:57am bobdoesthings:

@Ken - look up ASMR + German - on the youtubes.
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 11:58am bobdoesthings:

ASMR - autonomous sensory meridian response = those strange tingles you may (or may not) feel when you hear certain sounds . I just learned not everyone gets these.... weird
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:58am OTB:

Okasa & all - sorry, running around at work and can't keep up with all the comments. Thanks!
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:58am F◊F◊ (:

Ja! More German bitte, Ken!! Ich liebe Germanish! Till next Mittwoch volks! Auf vidersehen!!! Danke!
Avatar Wed. 7/30/14 11:58am Mark S:

must be the end of the show
  Wed. 7/30/14 11:59am F◊F◊ (:

Say the legal ID in German, Ken!!
Avatar    Wed. 7/30/14 12:00pm Guido from Cologne:

Thanks Ken
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