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Power ballads, toy commercials, items from the buzz bin, and other happy singalong songs. The best of the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and today!

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Options June 11, 2014: RIP Rik Mayall

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Artist Track Album Label Year Format Comments Images Approx. start time
Rik Mayall  The Theatre   Options     1981        0:00:00 ()
Amazulu  Moonlight Romance   Options Amazulu  Mango  1986  LP      0:13:30 ()
Kevin Rowland and Dexys Midnight Runners  Jackie Wilson Said   Options     1982    Spotify    0:16:44 ()
Cliff Richard & the Young Ones  Living Doll   Options     1986     
0:20:13 ()
David Bowie  Ashes to Ashes   Options The Platinum Collection  Virgin / EMI  1980  CD      0:24:47 ()
Nine Below Zero  Eleven Plus Eleven   Options     1982    YouTube    0:27:49 ()
Rip Rig and Panic  You're My Kind of Climate (7" version)   Options I Am Cold (Reissue)  Cherry Red  orig 1982  CD      0:30:15 ()
Rik Mayall  interview   Options From "The Making of the Young Ones"    200?    DVD extra    0:32:55 ()
Cliff Richard  The Young Ones (version 2)   Options     1961        0:35:44 ()
Motörhead  Talking Head   Options Bomber  Bronze  1979  LP      0:53:57 ()
Alexei Sayle  'Ullo John! Got a New Motor?   Options     1982    YouTube    0:57:15 ()
The Young Ones  from "Flood"   Options         YT 
1:00:38 ()
Echo and the Bunnymen  Rescue   Options Echo and the Bunnymen (EP)  Sire  1983  LP      1:08:14 ()
Jane Morgan  The Day the Rains Came Down   Options At the Cocoanut Grove    1961    S'fy    1:12:15 ()
Henry Hall  The Teddy Bears Picnic   Options     1932    Sfy    1:14:59 ()
Lulu and the Luvvers  Satisfied   Options     1965        1:17:48 ()
The Damned  There Ain't No Sanity Clause   Options The Best of the Damned  Ace  orig 1980  CD      1:20:09 ()
Shudder to Think  Day Ditty   Options Shudder to Think  Epic  1994  CD      1:34:04 ()
Madness  The Return of the Los Palmas 7   Options   Stiff  1980  7"      1:37:44 ()
Flash and the Pan  Lady Killer   Options Flash and the Pan  Epic  1979  LP      1:40:15 ()
Rik Mayall, Rowan Atkinson, Hugh Laurie, Tony Robinson  "Flashheart's Flying Visit"   Options         Blackadder Goes Forth (YT) 
1:44:24 ()
?  Fungi in the Afternoon       19??        1:47:29 ()
Big Audio Dynamite  Stone Thames   Options This Is Big Audio Dynamite  Columbia  1985  LP      1:50:27 ()
Marianne Faithfull  For Beautie's Sake   Options Dangerous Acquaintances  Island  1981  LP      1:53:45 ()
Cliff Richard  Devil Woman   Options I'm Nearly Famous  The Rocket Record Company  1976  LP      1:57:18 ()
The Young Ones  "Hands Up, Who Likes Me?"   Options from "Cash" (Series 2 episode 2)            2:00:37 ()
Cliff Richard  Summer Holiday   Options     1963        2:08:15 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 12:01pm listener james from westwood:

The People's Poet!
Afternoon, Amanda, and howdy, all!
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 12:02pm DeaconDave:

Hi Amanda Lyn
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 12:07pm Doug Schulkind:

The people's DJ!
Afternoon Amanda, Listener James and all! I am cleaning today, so I'll try to keep the Electroluxing to a minimum.
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 12:07pm fleep:

Amazulu appeared on "The Young Ones" so that works.
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 12:08pm Amanda:

Hi guise! Please, dust all you want but NO vacuuming. Also no blender-based drinks.
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 12:08pm Artie:

Today's become Nazzarrific!
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 12:11pm listener james from westwood:

"The Young Ones" was my introduction to, among other musical acts, Motörhead.
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 12:11pm Brian in UK:

Hello Amanda. Very sad news about Mr Mayall, so different in private to his public persona.
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 12:13pm Brian in UK:

Was it Yip Yip Coyote?
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 12:14pm Artie:

Have we got a video?
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 12:14pm Brian in UK:

Harry Webb gets to be played on WFMU.
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 12:19pm Stevel:

"I'm stuck with a valuable friend."
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 12:24pm listener james from westwood:

"TYO" intro'd me to RR&P too! The program that keeps on giving.
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 12:29pm listener james from westwood:

Oh no, technofear!
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 12:29pm Mike East:

oh no crap! that dude is hilarious!
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 12:29pm DeaconDave:

Great show
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 12:30pm Brian in UK:

Amanda, this was my first single. Oh my gawd.
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 12:31pm Brian in UK:

Arrangements by Norrie Paramour?
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 12:35pm ndbob:

afternoon Amanda and everyone!
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 12:40pm Dominick:

the p is silent
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 12:41pm listener james from westwood:

It's spelled "Rick" until Vyv adds a P to it on University Challenge. :D
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 12:42pm listener james from westwood:

Now THAT is dedication.
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 12:42pm Mike East:

The first time I saw the Young Ones was on a JetBlue flight
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 12:42pm Stevel:

Great letter-writing story. I can definitely relate.
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 12:44pm listener james from westwood:

OMG I would kill for a kicking-in-the-TV GIF.
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 12:45pm Uncle Michael:

The Huffington Post headline called Mayall "Drop Dead Fred Star."
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 12:46pm Mike East:

saw that in the theater, UM. Loved it.
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 12:46pm coelacanth:

Hi Amanda. Thank you for the education. I'd never heard of Rik Mayall before yesterday. Though i've heard of "the young ones",& that movie you didn't see,i'm not much into tv,or movies...though i often enjoy it when i'm subjected to it.

i'm sad for your loss.
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 12:46pm Mike East:

especially when he tracks dog doo all over the white carpet.
  Wed. 6/11/14 12:47pm Sean:

Vyvyan: That's a friend of mine named Neil, that's a friend of mine named Mike... and that's a complete bastard I know named Rick.
Rick: [laughing] He's just joking Mrs. Vyvyan, we're actually terrific friends.
Mrs Vyvyan: Ooh-err. He is a bastard, isn't he?
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 12:47pm Uncle Michael:

Never saw it. Just seemed like a sad reference. The movie tanked and dashed any hopes of further American films. I blame Phoebe Cates.
  Wed. 6/11/14 12:48pm jay c:

waoooooooh motorhead morning alright
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 12:50pm Brian in UK:

If you met Rick at a party you would want to lump him, push him through the nearest window or completely ignore him. The great thing was that you believed the character.
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 12:50pm Mike East:

I think it was geared towards kids, but was a maybe a bit too dark for a mass audience.
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 12:51pm Brian in UK:

Us late twenty years olds loved it over here. Sit com was shite. Still is.
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 12:53pm Mike East:

also, Phoebe Cates.
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 12:53pm listener james from westwood:

I was wondering when we might hear from the Balowski family.
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 12:55pm northguineahills:

Nice... tribute w/ the Young Ones, thanks!
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 12:57pm Amanda:

Yay! I am having a fun time. Any of you who have never ever seen the Young Ones, they are all on YouTube and I recommend them very very highly.
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 12:57pm listener james from westwood:

The visual on "'S only spitting" is horrific.
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 12:58pm coelacanth:

right now?..But i wanted to listen to your show!
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 1:02pm Amanda:

OK, OK, you can wait until after the show... @james, I always liked when he comes back with a puppy and a kitten.
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 1:03pm Brian in UK:

Do you remember Neil saying 'Boomshanker' after the toilet exploded when he was sitting on it?
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 1:04pm listener james from westwood:

@Brian in UK: Didn't that stand for "May the seed of your loins be fertile in the belly of your woman"?
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 1:06pm Brian in UK:

I thought it was when you had just got a good hit off the chillum.
  Wed. 6/11/14 1:06pm Sean:

Yeah, James. They used that as the closing to Neil's letter to his banker.
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 1:08pm Brian in UK:

.....never tried that at the bank, nice one james.

Amanda, I was walking Spencer in the woods today and this song came into my head. Really.
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 1:09pm listener james from westwood:

Now imagining Bart singing "Teddy Bear" while dancing on Moe's bar. "He's a pip, this one is!"
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 1:10pm Amanda:

I was gonna say... are you sure THIS wasn't yr first record? ;-)
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 1:11pm Brian in UK:

Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 1:11pm northguineahills:

I have to admit, I saw every episode of the Young Ones when MTV put them on late night syndication in the 90s.
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 1:12pm Brian in UK:

Lulu had a belting voice at seventeen.
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 1:13pm ndbob:

sure did Brian!
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 1:14pm Uncle Michael:

Was Satisfied before or after her version of "Shout?" I'll bet after.
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 1:14pm Brian in UK:

@Uncle a fair bet it was the same sessions.
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 1:15pm Uncle Michael:

Sounds like an attempt to catch the same lightning in a bottle a second time, to me.
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 1:15pm Brian in UK:

That Henry Hall begs for the Spike Jones treatment.
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 1:18pm listener james from westwood:

UM, sounds like a sort of a "Heat Wave"-"Quicksand" thing.
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 1:22pm listener james from westwood:

@Amanda I could go on and on too; that show is wall to wall quotable. Watched it initially with my friends, so we ground those episodes into our DNA.
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 1:24pm Brian in UK:

Was the bus driven by Cliff Richard circa 'Summer Holiday' cannot remember.
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 1:24pm listener james from westwood:

Also an important feature of "TYO" Appearances by Laurie and Fry.
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 1:31pm Brian in UK:

This is what I love about WFMU that Amanda can do this tribute when the rest of America is going 'Rik who'. I know an exaggeration but still true. Thanks dog walker.
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 1:31pm Amanda:

No, but they drove through a Cliff Richard billboard before driving off the actual cliff.
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 1:33pm Amanda:

Aw, that is nice Brian. Thanks!
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 1:34pm Uncle Michael:

ooh, nice one
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 1:44pm Brian in UK:

The end of Blackadder was not disimilar to Young Ones.
To the kitchen.
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 1:48pm Doug Schulkind:

@Brian in UK
The rest of the world WHO?
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 1:55pm Slater:

very metal
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 1:55pm ndbob:

excellent show Amanda!
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 1:56pm listener james from westwood:

[Vyv peers curiously at Rick's bum]
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 1:56pm Uncle Michael:

Thanks for the fine tribute to the People's Poet, Amanda.
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 1:57pm listener james from westwood:

Thanks, Amanda! This "Young Ones" freak raises his can of cure for being an axe-wielding homicidal maniac in salute.
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 1:59pm northguineahills:

Thanks Amanda, great show!
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 1:59pm coelacanth:

Thank you Amanda.
Avatar Wed. 6/11/14 2:01pm Amanda:

Thank you, everyone! xoxoxo
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