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Options June 3, 2014: You're Grounded
Punishment never looked so much like radio.

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
OMD  Radio Waves   Options   0:00:00 ()
Pavement  Cut Your Hair   Options   0:04:01 ()
Magazine 60  Don Quixote   Options   0:06:50 ()
The Frogs  Banjo Bonnie   Options   0:10:01 ()
Waldorf  You're My Disco   Options   0:12:13 ()
Kings of Convenience  Rule My World (Velferd Remix)   Options   0:16:13 ()
Broken Twin  No Darkness   Options May  0:21:34 ()
DJ Tonio & David Caretta  My Telephone is Dead   Options   0:27:07 ()
Worakls  Bleu   Options   0:33:26 ()
The Amish  A People of Preservation Dance Version   Options   0:41:24 ()
Magazine 60  Playa Del Amor   Options   1:06:24 ()
Jungle Jim  Beach   Options   1:10:15 ()
Zombie Zombie  L'Age D'Or   Options   1:14:06 ()
The Zombies  Tell Her No and Summertime MASHED 2gether   Options   1:21:45 ()
Pepito Gutierrez  Noche Y Dia   Options   1:24:49 ()
N'to  Django   Options   1:27:50 ()
Andrews Sisters  I've Just Got To Get Out of the Habit   Options   1:34:59 ()
Space DJz  Crime and Punishment   Options   1:38:12 ()
Chicks On Speed  Time (Strobe Light)   Options   1:43:12 ()
Wolfgang Reichman  Weltweit   Options   1:55:50 ()
Pepito Gutierrez  No Volvere   Options   2:05:05 ()
Timmy Thomas  Why Can't We Live Together   Options   2:08:00 ()
The Chakachas  Cha Ka Cha   Options   2:12:51 ()
Nightcore  Amish Paradise   Options   2:15:18 ()
Simply Saucer  Here Come the Cyborgs Pt 2   Options   2:19:57 ()
David Caretta  Punishment Song   Options   2:22:39 ()
Wolfgang Reichman  Himmelblau   Options   2:30:29 ()
EMA   Cthulu   Options   2:36:35 ()
Giorgio Moroder  Call Me (Instrumental)   Options   2:41:53 ()
Les Baxter and His Orchestra  Love Is a Fabulous Thing!   Options   2:45:15 ()
Les Baxter  Pennsylvania Dutch Remix   Options   2:49:01 ()
PJ Harvey  50 ft Queenie   Options   2:51:30 ()
Chicks On Speed  Time Ripples   Options   2:57:48 ()

Listener comments!

  Tue. 6/3/14 3:03am neil:

greetings! waves. nice knots. yea.
  Tue. 6/3/14 3:06am nah:

  Tue. 6/3/14 3:06am Willy DaLump:

I got wood here.
  Tue. 6/3/14 3:07am J:

are we in trouble because video killed the radio star?
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 3:08am DJ Stashu:

Dazzle ship greetings and dusty 45 wishes
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 6/3/14 3:11am Ken From Hyde Park:

Hi, DJ Stashu and fellow listeners. Did you get some records at the record fair this weekend?
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 3:12am DJ Stashu:

I found some. Magazine 60 45
  Tue. 6/3/14 3:13am neil:

i had a great time.
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 3:16am fred von helsing:

Better late than nefarious !
  Tue. 6/3/14 3:18am J:

while being 'detained', i fully intend to write my autobiography on a piece of toilet paper and hide it in a toilet...
  Tue. 6/3/14 3:18am neil:

magazine 60 45 sounds like a kind ov ammunition that might ov been used in that military armory...<just sayin'>
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 3:23am fred von helsing:

my buttz ain't feelin' da beatz oh noez
  Tue. 6/3/14 3:28am Chris:

This DJ Tonio track sounds a bit like the Hotline Miami soundtrack (or maybe vice versa?). Either way: the right beats to stay awake!
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 3:35am fred von helsing:

beatz for buttz / no Toozday rutz / wah de doo dahz
  Tue. 6/3/14 3:36am J:

A revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having!
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 3:37am fred von helsing:

@J thus spake Emma Goldman
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 3:39am DJ Stashu:

Emma Goldman loves polka dots
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 3:43am fred von helsing:

Here, "Dutch" is a bastardisation of "deutsch"
  Tue. 6/3/14 3:45am J:

@ fred, oddly i own 95% of the 'thus spake' series...
  Tue. 6/3/14 3:46am marmalade kitty:

"The only way to support a revolution is to make your own!"
  Tue. 6/3/14 3:46am J:

Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 3:48am fred von helsing:

@J what's a "thus spake" series? You mean EPrarthana? I used spake in my email Sigs way back in the early daze of teh interwebz :)
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 3:48am fred von helsing:

I've always wanted to dance to amish kulchur
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 3:49am DJ Stashu:

Now is your chance
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 3:50am DJ Stashu:

@ Marmalade: SO TRUE
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 3:51am fred von helsing:

OK but a revolution without a posse is just self-delusion. Mind you, I'm not knocking self-delusion.
  Tue. 6/3/14 3:53am J:

in India, they have a series of small books called 'thus spake'... each one is quotes from a different spiritual figure, Buddha, Rama, Krishna, Ramakrishna, polka roo... etc... ; )
  Tue. 6/3/14 3:54am marmalade kitty:

the posse is delusionary also :)
  Tue. 6/3/14 3:56am neil:

what a revoltin' situation...<this is nice>
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 3:56am fred von helsing:

"Sire! The peasants are revolting!"

"You can say THAT again..."
  Tue. 6/3/14 3:57am marmalade kitty:

you can change yourself! to each their own.. no delusion
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 3:58am fred von helsing:

the other alternative is to leave the country
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 6/3/14 3:58am Ken From Hyde Park:

For several years, there was an Amish Market grocery store here, but they closed down in 2008 or 2009. They had good produce, but the prices were kind of high.
  Tue. 6/3/14 3:58am J:

drifting to the left...
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 3:59am fred von helsing:

We had some Mennonites. They were OK with running electric-powered cash registers 'n stuff.
  Tue. 6/3/14 3:59am neil:

hey. here comes thee bench wagon.<excited>
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 4:00am fred von helsing:

Battle of Seattle
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 4:00am fred von helsing:

Holy crap dat was de Voice of God
  Tue. 6/3/14 4:02am marmalade kitty:

leave the zombies..
  Tue. 6/3/14 4:04am J:

all hail the Metatron!!!! lol!
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 4:08am DJ Stashu:

The zombies just walked away with no ado.
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 4:12am DJ Stashu:

What's a do?
  Tue. 6/3/14 4:12am marmalade kitty:

Zombies tend to follow o.O watcha!
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 4:14am DJ Stashu:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 6/3/14 4:15am Ken From Hyde Park:

Must be zombie power.
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 4:16am fred von helsing:

this sounds like Kraftwerk's Autobahn but with a hangover
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 4:18am DJ Stashu:

Knock Knock
  Tue. 6/3/14 4:20am J:

who's there?
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 4:22am fred von helsing:

  Tue. 6/3/14 4:23am marmalade kitty:

"I believe in compulsary cannibalism, if people were forced to eat what they killed there would be no more war."
? I've been reading some abbie hoffman. :)
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 4:24am fred von helsing:

@MK there's a similar argument to bring the guillotine to the US of A. Bloodthirsty cap.pun assholes are trying to make it too easy for themselves. Wankers.
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 4:24am DJ Stashu:

Zombie Zombie
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 4:25am fred von helsing:

@J Orange!
  Tue. 6/3/14 4:26am marmalade kitty:

Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 4:27am fred von helsing:

eat to the amish beat
  Tue. 6/3/14 4:27am J:

orange who?
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 4:28am DJ Stashu:

Orange you glad Zombie Zombie so good
  Tue. 6/3/14 4:28am J:

orange who?
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 4:29am fred von helsing:

hah! Beat me to it.
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 4:29am fred von helsing:

Orange you glad Stashu is at the controls ?
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 4:30am DJ Stashu:

WHAT CONTROLS!>!>?!?!?!?!?!?!
  Tue. 6/3/14 4:30am neil:

thee craftsmanship. wooden stains.
  Tue. 6/3/14 4:31am J:

berry funny!! :)
  Tue. 6/3/14 4:32am neil:

tears ov thee tree...<who weeps for thee willow?>
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 4:32am fred von helsing:

Stashu is using psychokinesis only
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 4:38am fred von helsing:

A nun's habit ? An Amish habit ? Get out of it ASAP
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 4:39am fred von helsing:

  Tue. 6/3/14 4:40am J:

zombie zombie is like couscous and NY,NY... anything nice has to be named twice...
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 4:48am fred von helsing:

Devo goes reggae
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 4:50am DJ Stashu:

It's made in England
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 4:50am bibi:

hello stashers stashers.
this is new chicks on speed ? weirdly good.
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 4:52am DJ Stashu:

That's what I thought Bibi
  Tue. 6/3/14 4:55am J:

cannibals beware the wendigo!!!/// thank you dj stashu for dancing with me... the sandman is calling... nite nite!! :)
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 4:56am DJ Stashu:

Goodnight J! Thanks for all yr silly/cool comments!
  Tue. 6/3/14 4:58am J:

you're an inspiration, dj!!!! : )
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 5:03am bibi:

i would add an ounce of phaser and a slice of pitchshifter. just an idea.
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 5:05am DJ Stashu:

That's too fatty for me.
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 5:05am fred von helsing:

Yes more voice like Moet & Chandot plz! :-D (or whatever the heck their names are)
  Tue. 6/3/14 5:05am neil:

welcome to thee future. so new. newwwwwwww
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 5:08am fred von helsing:

Uh oh it's the Ken's pinchin' a loaf loop
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 5:08am fred von helsing:

or maybe not
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 5:09am fred von helsing:

the e-drums had me fooled
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 5:10am bibi:

nothing too fatty for stanley. nothing.
  Tue. 6/3/14 5:11am neil:

beastie boy sample.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 6/3/14 5:12am Guido from Cologne:

Good morning everyone!
The comments board is readable?
Is this " Dance With Me, Stanley"?
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 5:13am Sem Chumbo:

Hiya, all. Did someone mention a fatty?
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 5:14am DJ Stashu:

Things change
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 5:15am fred von helsing:

@guido you're late to the groove!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 6/3/14 5:15am Guido from Cologne:

Bibi is right: some Electro-harmonix Effect Units can do good jobs on well known evergreens.
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 5:16am nah:

Speaking of fat, I just had a wonderful mini donut with a caramel centre. FYI.
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 5:17am fred von helsing:

oh man... donuts
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 5:18am bibi:

@guido, haa ehx, one of my favourite wallet leakage.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 6/3/14 5:18am Guido from Cologne:

I'm late @ work!
Yay, Coolio deserves this treatment!
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 5:18am Sem Chumbo:

A...mini do-nut? I admire such restraint.
  Tue. 6/3/14 5:18am neil:

al. on helium.
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 5:19am nah:

@Sem: I got four of them.
  Tue. 6/3/14 5:21am neil:

sugar high. trippy.
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 5:21am Sem Chumbo:

Now you're talking.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 6/3/14 5:23am Guido from Cologne:

I've seen that "EHX" was written between your lines.
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 5:23am fred von helsing:

"wallet leakage", dig
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 5:24am bibi:

argh, mini donuts, i just got a mini banana to eat in here.
vitamins, beurk.
  Tue. 6/3/14 5:25am neil:

you always gotta wait for thee punnishment....argh. <tee hee hee it tickles>
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 5:25am bibi:

@fred, transposing an expression in another language always tends to be diggable. give us some finnish englicism.
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 5:28am Sem Chumbo:

@bibi: so in French is there an equivalent of "diggable?"
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 6/3/14 5:28am Guido from Cologne:

i thought "wallet leakage" hit the spot!
toys for joys and never ebdig desires can drill considerable holes ...
... anyway as far as "EFX" is concerned ...
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 5:28am bibi:

@sem : quiphant (well thats my way to write it, people usually write it 'kiffant')
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 5:30am bibi:

but the whole 'kiff' thing is kind of 2000s. just like i guess 'dig' is a 2 decades trend. isnt it ?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 6/3/14 5:32am Guido from Cologne:

"diggable" if not taken as a slang term, is sand and pebbles, is that right?
Google translator says "lösbare Bodenarten".
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 5:32am fred von helsing:

@bibi hmm let's see if one pops into my haid in the next 28 minutes
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 5:38am Sem Chumbo:

@bibi: dig, digging and diggable, all resurgent usage. I do not know if this is a hipster/ironic/retrograde phenomenon, or the words have entered the mainstream of English vocabulary, rather than remaining archaic slang, referenced for effect.
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 5:38am bibi:

this looks diggable.
  Tue. 6/3/14 5:40am neil:

pretty sure the prospectors dug it. dig? <stay golden>
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 6/3/14 5:40am Rob W:

Didn't know Wolfgang Riechmann although I see Stashu has played him before... interesting, another member of the German Sky records / electronic music cadre of the late 70s, but his time was brief; he passed away young...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 6/3/14 5:41am Guido from Cologne:

According to German Wikipedia the whole "dig"-thing is directly derived from the original 40ies/50ies hipster language. It seems logical if it made its way from Jazz-talk to common music-scene lingo during the decades.
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 5:42am bibi:

i mean 'digging' is just for music ? you cannot dig a mini donut ?!!
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 5:42am fred von helsing:

Cool track! & reminds me of Amy Ward's version of Knock on Wood.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 6/3/14 5:43am Guido from Cologne:

Wolfgang Riechmann's "Wunderbar" was a posthumous hit over here in the late 70ies. he was murdered. His time with streetmark is relatively obscure.
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 5:43am nah:

if you have a tool you can dig into the mini donut and scoop out the caramel
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 5:45am bibi:

if one needs a tool to dig a mini donut in this world, then i ll switch to another mutliverse.
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 5:45am Sem Chumbo:

@bibi: a love letter to someone you really dig?
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 5:47am fred von helsing:

@bibi tic tac toe done well
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 6/3/14 5:48am Guido from Cologne:

My Linux shell says:
"no crontab for guido"
The shell isn't nice to me.
I'm gonna be a super-user!
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 5:48am fred von helsing:

blecch, just started raining
  Tue. 6/3/14 5:48am neil:

ok maybe the prospectors in thee 1800's didnt think digging was cool. <pretty hard work> <old clem is lookin hot tonight under thee moonlight...><or is it festus?><dig?>
  Tue. 6/3/14 5:49am Paul:

...what an inspiring start into the day!
Bets from Berlin,,, Paul
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 6/3/14 5:50am Guido from Cologne:

Don't scare me Fred!
we have the bluest of skies here in Köln.
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 5:51am nah:

off to lunch under grey skies in southern Sweden
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 5:51am fred von helsing:

hey Köln had its spring blowout yeah ? and married ppl can cheat without legal problems ? how did it go this year ? too much beer ? too many tourists ?
  Tue. 6/3/14 5:52am neil:

i subscribe to "the stylish prospector"...<thee latest in fashionable shovels>
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 5:53am Sem Chumbo:

Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 5:53am fred von helsing:

Countdown to... dead ass ?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 6/3/14 5:54am Guido from Cologne:

beer and tourists make up a never ending stream ...
... who really understands why ...
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 5:54am bibi:

it's already over ?! thx stashy stashu.
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 5:54am fred von helsing:

"DJ Stashu: Getting Europe on the move !"
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Tue. 6/3/14 5:55am Guido from Cologne:

Most daring of battle mixes this morning!
Compliments Stashu!
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 5:55am fred von helsing:

"When you think it's Jersey... but it's yacht !"
Avatar Tue. 6/3/14 5:57am fred von helsing:

fellows and... fellettes ? oh dear
  Tue. 6/3/14 5:57am neil:

good night all. <morning> have a fancy week!
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