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Like a newborn baby discovering the melodies of existence for the first time! Experimental-hardcore-post-pop-punk-nuevo-hippie-dance-noise for the uncontrollably self-conscious. ALSO: Talking!

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Options May 26, 2014: NO REGERTS: A Penultimate Episode! with special human guests Matt Easterham and Jack "The Machine" Silbert

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Artist Track Album Label Approx. start time
amEdeo & Therese  amEdeo & Therese   Options amEdeo & Therese  amEdeo & Therese  0:00:00 ()
Pink Floyd  Prelude   Options The Wall    0:24:32 ()
Kiki and Herb  The Thin Ice   Options Will Die For You - At Carnegie Hall  Evolver  0:26:24 ()
Focus  Hocus Pocus   Options Moving Waves  Sire Records  0:28:22 ()
Dieter Moebius  Schleudergang   Options Nurton  Blue Pole Records  0:34:27 ()
Heterotic  Self-Importance   Options Weird Drift  Planet Mu  0:37:41 ()
Wye Oak  Paradise   Options Shriek  Merge  0:40:23 ()
Ice Cream Mission to Mars  Ice Cream Mission To Mars   Options Ice Cream Mission to Mars  Toy Moon  0:45:00 ()
Avey Taae's Slasher Flicks  Little Fang   Options Enter the Slasher House  Domino  0:47:40 ()
Trans Am  Reevaluations   Options Volume X  Thrill Jockey  0:53:48 ()
Devo  Booji Boy's Funeral   Options Hardcore Devo Vol. 2 (1974-1977)  Superior Viaduct  0:55:09 ()
Smooth Floyd  Mother   Options The Wall  Smooth Floyd Enterprises  0:58:55 ()
Can  Waiting For the Streetcar   Options Lost Tapes Box Set  Spoon Records  1:04:28 ()
Music behind DJ:
The International House of Mojo       1:13:02 ()
Etienne O'Leary  Voyageur Diurne   Options Films Et Musiques Originales D'Etienne O'Leary (1966 - 1968)  Tenzier  1:59:39 ()
Ergo Phizmiz  The Peacock   Options The Peacock  Care In The Community  2:26:26 ()
Jon Hassell  Ituri   Options City: Works Of Fiction  All Saints Records  2:28:46 ()
Pink Floyd  Vera   Options The Wall    2:43:05 ()
Pink Floyd  Comfortably Numb   Options The Wall    2:45:38 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:00am Matt from Springfield:

Shoda Cher
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:01am BadGuyZero:

I don't like where this is going.
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:02am Matt from Springfield:

Seizure-inducing SuperTwitchGIFs™!
  Mon. 5/26/14 3:02am P-90:

He's weirding Therese out again...
I'm gonna miss this suave, elegant banter
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:03am coelacanth:

Pele is still kickin'.
  Mon. 5/26/14 3:03am Tom Foolery:

He is still alive.
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:03am Matt from Springfield:

A Voice-O-Graph! 40s phone booth phono recording.
And yes, Jack White is Wonkaesque in general.
  Mon. 5/26/14 3:05am Tom Foolery:

Suge Knights last words were " I need fudge."
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:05am Matt from Springfield:

The Olsen Twins' secular version of "Gimme Jesus!"
  Mon. 5/26/14 3:05am P-90:

See!!! I've been comparing Jack White to Willy Wonka for years! I'm not alone!
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:05am coelacanth:

...but south america did lose it's greatest- and one of the world's, writers a month or two ago.
  Mon. 5/26/14 3:06am P-90:

There SHOULD be a Mystic Pizza musical
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:06am Matt from Springfield:

"Mystic Pizza: The Musical" was a 30 Rock plot a while ago--yeah what Therese said. A "plot point" only, they didn't cover it.
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:07am coelacanth:

(wow,bad grammar!)
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:07am Matt from Springfield:

"Pizza: The Musical!" sounds a lot like a Mr. Show sketch...
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:07am BadGuyZero:

The Mystic Pizza musical is what was responsible for Jenna gaining weight.
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:08am BadGuyZero:

She had to eat 32 slices of pizza during every performance.
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:08am JakeGould:

I liked Mystic Pizza.
  Mon. 5/26/14 3:08am P-90:

Pizza shop in Mystic Connecticut
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:08am Matt from Springfield:

@BGZ: 64 on matinees!
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:09am BadGuyZero:

"Me want FOOD!"
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:10am Matt from Springfield:

Showed up at the end for the cred--"pizz-cred"!
Nice lady--I can see Ange helping out!
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:10am Kurt Gottschalk:

andrea has not forgotten.
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:11am BadGuyZero:

Let's start a website dedicated to pizza called Wikipizza!
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:11am Kurt Gottschalk:

are you playing songs? is this a song?
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:12am BadGuyZero:

BLERG! I just looked on the interwebs. Somebody already created Wikipizza.

Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:12am Matt from Springfield:

@BGZ: I'll cite Pizza Aficionado reviews as my sources for articles.
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:12am Kurt Gottschalk:

andrea won't her pizza till i die?
  Mon. 5/26/14 3:13am P-90:

Saw the article about pizza debt in the Wall St Journal last Tues.
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:13am Kurt Gottschalk:

thanks for announcing!

no murders!
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:14am Matt from Springfield:

I had only planned to kidnap 2-3 FMU hosts at the KGB bar...
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:14am coelacanth:

(unless it's murder by pizza)
  Mon. 5/26/14 3:14am P-90:

I'm writing this down: "No murdering at meet-up on Wed."
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:14am Matt from Springfield:

@BGZ: How bout "Wiki-pizzia"?
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:15am BadGuyZero:

Hmm...that Wikipizza site is a mess. Links to nowhere and stuff in gibberish language.
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:15am coelacanth:

keep your pizza elevated.
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:16am Matt from Springfield:

Someone seems to have bought wikipizzia.com, but maybe we can have Ike commandeer it (or even wikipizza for that matter...)
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:16am Matt from Springfield:

Good night Therese!
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:16am BadGuyZero:

There's no search option so I have no idea if there's a "Mystic Pizza" article on Wikipizza. That site isn't legit unless it has an article about "Mystic Pizza."
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:17am Kurt Gottschalk:

amadeo's last show ever!
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:17am BadGuyZero:

Good night, Therese! Enjoy your week. See you back here next time.
  Mon. 5/26/14 3:17am P-90:

Wish he'd stop talking like he's not coming back, it's upsetting my cat
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:18am Matt from Springfield:

@P-90: Your cat better tell amEdeo's cat to have a talk with him about that.
  Mon. 5/26/14 3:18am P-90:

Thanks and have a good "go-sleep", Therese!
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:19am Kurt Gottschalk:

wviii, is this a song?
  Mon. 5/26/14 3:19am rw:

Wikipizza website looks a little cheesy to me.
  Mon. 5/26/14 3:19am P-90:

Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:19am ! I X Key !:

That makes me so sad
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:19am Matt from Springfield:

Focus on the Hocus Pocus!
@rw: :O !!!!!
  Mon. 5/26/14 3:20am P-90:

"Focus interuptus"
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:20am ! I X Key !:

It makes me so sad that amEdeo will not be here
  Mon. 5/26/14 3:21am P-90:

HI, IX Key!
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:21am Matt from Springfield:

Finally! :)
  Mon. 5/26/14 3:21am P-90:

Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:22am Matt from Springfield:

Hey I X!
I hope that won't turn out to be the case, myself.
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:22am amEdeo:

Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:22am Kurt Gottschalk:

who has had the freakin' cojones to play k+h at fmu besides me + you, amadeo?

probably someone, that's who.
  Mon. 5/26/14 3:23am P-90:

Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:23am Matt from Springfield:

@Kurt: Probably someone, but they're not as important as you guys.
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:24am coelacanth:

Do you sometimes play "hocus pocus II"?
  Mon. 5/26/14 3:24am P-90:

gotta love the "Popeye" verse
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:25am Matt from Springfield:

He used to play "Hocus Pocus 2010" for a while, the really dubstepped version. We talked of playing "Hocus Pocus 2014", with an autotuned monologue by Sting.
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:26am amEdeo:

@KG & MfS: Someone, someone with the cojones.
  Mon. 5/26/14 3:26am P-90:

Still waiting for "Hocus Pocus the Musical"
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:29am coelacanth:

Matt (fS) -interesting?..Should i seek that;those?

i have a 45 of hocus pocus & the flip is "...II"which starts out slightly funky but then gets faster than the first one. It's good.
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:29am Matt from Springfield:

@P-90: It would have to have other songs, and playing the "Hocus Pocus" riff before building up to the whole performance, which activates some kind of spell.
  Mon. 5/26/14 3:30am P-90:

Whew, I feel like a just shot up my junk and life can go on.
Who's gonna play Hocus Pocus every Sunday night after next week ? Huh?
And who or what is a "Ning Nong"?
Anybody? Throw me a frickin' bone here
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:31am Matt from Springfield:

@coela: Now that is interesting, I should look up that funkier version. As for 2010, you can find that in some of amEdeo's Archives from last year or so. Not really worth seeking out. 2014 *would* be worth seeking out, were it real! ;)
  Mon. 5/26/14 3:32am P-90:

"Hocus Pocus 2014: The Reckoning"
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:34am coelacanth:

It's not really funky...It's just the opening & closing bass riff.
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:37am coelacanth:

...so you jest...And you tease!
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:41am ! I X Key !:

  Mon. 5/26/14 3:42am P-90:

Me, I'm still waiting for Brian Setzer's long-rumored "Swingabilly" style cover of Hocus Pocus.
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:46am coelacanth:

He finished it years ago,i read,and just keeps listening to it over & over- 30-40 X/day because he feels it's missing something.
  Mon. 5/26/14 3:48am P-90:

He's the "Axl Rose of Twang"!
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:49am coelacanth:

(...but not the Duane Eddy of twang.)
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:51am ! I X Key !:

I sadden
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:51am Matt from Springfield:

Devo. Hardcore.
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:52am ! I X Key !:

I go sad
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:53am Matt from Springfield:

"Smooth Floyd"?! :)
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:53am coelacanth:

Long Live Booji Boy.
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:54am ! I X Key !:


  Mon. 5/26/14 3:54am P-90:

!!!Cheer up IXK!!!
We're more than 2% sure he'll be back for the holidays
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:56am ! I X Key !:

oh my god this smooth jazz is heart-wrenching
i can't even
i can't even
  Mon. 5/26/14 3:57am P-90:

Sooth Floyd = bad idea
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:57am coelacanth:

Long Live Can!
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:57am Matt from Springfield:

Can's "Streetcar"!
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:58am amEdeo:

bad ideas = best ideas
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:59am Matt from Springfield:

Best idea? Or, bestest idea?...
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 3:59am Sem Chumbo:

No, waiting for Spadina Bus.
  Mon. 5/26/14 3:59am P-90:

...can't wait for "Smooth Can"...
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 4:01am Matt from Springfield:

@amEdeo: Are you really leaving after next week? Booooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

But seriously, I hope that you're able to come back on another schedule, if not this summer's.
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 4:03am Sem Chumbo:

Shuffle Demons: www.youtube.com...
Good morning from -4 UTC, amEdeo, and hello. Hey, P-90, Coel, !, and the Matt!
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 4:03am amEdeo:

Thanks EVERYONE for all the nice words. I really am leaving after next week, but I will be around doing other things in the meantime. I AM NOT DEAD. Not yet at least...
  Mon. 5/26/14 4:04am P-90:

@amEdeo; Can we be confident there's a better than 2% chance you'll be back in the Fall?
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 4:05am amEdeo:

I will address the 2% rumors during one of the mic breaks.
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 4:05am Matt from Springfield:

Hi, the Sem!
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 4:06am coelacanth:

Long Live Rix; Gabríel Márquez;Ludwig,whose Life our town celebrated yesterday;my leg,which i sawed into with a chainsaw last week;Long Live everybody here;And Long Live amEdeo's radio career.

Good night all.(i'll be hearing,but not internetting.)
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 4:07am Matt from Springfield:

@coel: Ecch, hope your leg's feeling alright now!
And, enjoy listening in the horizontal!
  Mon. 5/26/14 4:08am P-90:

"coe" you soon, coulacanth!
Welcome aboard S. Chumbo!
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 4:10am Matt from Springfield:

Long live machinicals.
Wow, I don't even remember this bed--must've been long long ago!
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 4:12am Matt from Springfield:

General Patton Oswalt??
  Mon. 5/26/14 4:15am P-90:

I'm breaking out in a wheat sweat just thinking about it
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 4:21am coelacanth:

Matt Thank you. If i dont get a raging infection i'll be fine. I took some chunks out of my leg,and a giant chunk out of my ego! but i'm "extremely lucky".
...okay,NOW i'm really turning my computer off!
Peace to you Matt (fS),P-90, & everyone.
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 4:22am Matt from Springfield:

If you get bit by a deer, make sure to place a tick on it. Prevents Lyme disease...
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 4:22am Matt from Springfield:

Good to know! Peace unto you coelacanth!
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 4:22am coelacanth:

aw,crap! Hi Sem Chumbo! ...g'night!
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 4:23am ! I X Key !:

@KG Whom should one contact for questions about pledges & swag?
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 4:27am Matt from Springfield:

@I X: Contact Swagmeister/Listener Services Director Joe McGasko, jmcgasko@wfmu.org
  Mon. 5/26/14 4:28am P-90:

wait, who's "@KG"?
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 4:28am Sem Chumbo:

I suppose those shoes are carnivore?
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 4:30am Matt from Springfield:

@P-90: Internet Golden Boy, DJ Kurt Gottschalk. Who may or may not be still on the board.
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 4:31am ! I X Key !:

Focus on Kurt Gottschalk
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 4:31am Matt from Springfield:

@amEdeo: I NEVER know what you're saying!!..
  Mon. 5/26/14 4:31am P-90:

Ooooooh, He was around, wasn't he? I couldn't figure out who IX meant
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 4:33am Sem Chumbo:

The penultimate ALSO: talking! Where ever will we find it again?
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 4:33am Matt from Springfield:

John Titor! ZOMG wow, I remember him.
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 4:35am Matt from Springfield:

@Sem: I'm gonna miss it :( I hope amEdeo with amEdeo returns with the same format--and hopefully after Therese!
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 4:35am Matt from Springfield:

I always heard him pronounced as "Ti-tor", like "Ti-tan".
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 4:37am Matt from Springfield:

"TITOR VII: Rise of the Machinicals"! :)
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 4:38am Matt from Springfield:

'Ments ref!
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 4:40am Sem Chumbo:

@Matt: we can only hope for the best:)
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 4:42am Matt from Springfield:

"Gets TWO squeaks, 'cause it's the funniest!"

@Sem: Fingers crossed, thumbs grasped :)
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 4:44am Matt from Springfield:

Johnny's experience on Roseanne must have given him visionary future-seeing powers.
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 4:44am ! I X Key !:

I love on Coleco Vision you can SHOOT UP OR DOWN
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 4:47am Sem Chumbo:

The hard stuff, Pepsi.
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 4:50am ! I X Key !:

Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 4:50am ! I X Key !:

Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 4:53am Matt from Springfield:

Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 4:53am Sem Chumbo:

The sound of an old man dying: "Whaddya give me for this watch? It's an antique!":
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 4:55am ! I X Key !:

I got fired by my boss
  Mon. 5/26/14 4:55am P-90:

I knew there was hard liquor involved
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 4:55am Matt from Springfield:

Well I'm getting near dreamscape myself. I know I've made it once I see Scott Williams' dream jogging by.

Good night amEdeo, Easterham, Jack and Friends! Night Sem, I X! :)
  Mon. 5/26/14 4:57am P-90:

Guten nacht, Matt von Machinical
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 4:57am Sem Chumbo:

Dream on, Matt.,
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 4:58am bibi:

hi all !
nice blade runner gif.
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 4:58am amEdeo:

Dream on you crazy diamond!
  Mon. 5/26/14 4:59am P-90:

Bonjour! C'est "La bibi"!
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 5:00am Matt from Springfield:

Danke schön, mein Machinical!
Dreamin' on like Steve Tyler and Syd Barrett!
  Mon. 5/26/14 5:01am P-90:

...more like Steve than Syd, I hope
  Mon. 5/26/14 5:04am P-90:

Is there an update on Lord LaserBrain and those guys?
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 5:05am ! I X Key !:

! Outerspace !
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 5:06am ! I X Key !:

Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 5:07am Sem Chumbo:

So a guy in a burning giraffe suit walks into a bar and says: "How about a little conceptual art?" The bartender says "Is this going to take long?" The man says:"Ars longa, vita brevis." The bartender picks up a glass and begins polishing it. He says "Forget it, the smell, that burning giraffe smell. It smells like an exhausted construct."
  Mon. 5/26/14 5:10am P-90:

Hahahahahahahahaha.....wait, what?
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 5:11am ! I X Key !:

!!!!! ViZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZage?????????????????????????????????????????????? !!!!!
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 5:12am bibi:

i bet on my monday morning political hangover more than on yr unquestionable comic skills not to get it...
  Mon. 5/26/14 5:14am P-90:

Dig that crazee Blanche Dubois falsetto
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 5:28am Sem Chumbo:

@bibi, so the far right surge was greater than expected?
  Mon. 5/26/14 5:31am P-90:

Oh no, another far-right surge? Why are things surging in the wrong direction?
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 5:34am bibi:

@sem, yep, almost expected, but it hurts quite a lot.
at least most neighbours havent followed that line (yet).
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 5:38am Sem Chumbo:

Following European politics from this distance it is hard to assess the nuances , but I have the sense that Northern European social democracy is not just faltering but " an exhausted construct." What do you think?
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 5:38am ! I X Key !:

Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 5:42am holland oats:

sing along for those of us who cannot sing along because it's not even 6am and the wife is still asleep
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 5:43am bibi:

yep, traditional right & left look like burning giraffes right now. especially in france where hollande made stupid promises he knew he couldnt hold and right wing are all too concerned about fighting to lead the parti and shenaniganing.
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 5:46am bibi:

no, harrison ford never dies.
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 5:48am Sem Chumbo:

@bibi.They say you can say anything in English and this word,shenaniganing, proves it.
re: Hollande: this series of pictures says much about his appeal abroad www.zerohedge.com...
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 5:48am ! I X Key !:

Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 5:48am Sem Chumbo:

Quoting Winston Churchill now. Educational.
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 5:49am ! I X Key !:

! Good morning (o:
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 5:51am Sem Chumbo:

Stifle, Edith.
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 5:55am bibi:

@sem, it s not so desperate, he won against barroso ;)
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 5:58am ! I X Key !:

! Banana boat with CASHEW BUTTER &c (o:
  Mon. 5/26/14 5:59am P-90:

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