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All things avant-retard. A mixture of pop and avant-garde side by side, sometimes on top of one another. (Visit homepage.)

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Options May 26, 2014: Everything-at-once-since-it's-the-last-show Show on NATIONAL BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE DAY. Delibes Goes Weapon Training and other stories - can't get into this show BYE

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Artist Track Approx. start time
5 mins...    0:00:00 ()
Davy Jones   I Can Make You Happy   Options  
Richard Grossman   g g g g   Options 0:00:29 ()
Sigge Hill   Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh   Options 0:00:45 ()
Various   Me And My Shadow   Options 0:00:57 ()
Victor Cavini   Yodel's Fun (Ren and Stimpy)   Options 0:01:36 ()
Animal   Sings Gershwin   Options 0:02:28 ()
Christo Graham - Muppet Christ Superstar   Heaven on their Minds   Options 0:02:37 ()
Woody Phillips   Beethoven's Fifth   Options 0:05:16 ()
Hugh Le Caine  36 Organ Experiment With Pitch Control (1956)   Options 0:07:59 ()
Free Pop Electronic Concept   Cosmos Rhythms   Options 0:09:16 ()
Felix Kubin   Miraculous Rescue   Options 0:11:20 ()
Terry Riley   G Song   Options 0:14:02 ()
Paul Giovanni   The Wicker Man (Main Title)   Options 0:14:56 ()
Matmos   Regicide   Options 0:16:16 ()
Huun Huur Tu   Chylandyk   Options 0:18:17 ()
China Radio International   Guqin: 6020 kHz, 11.19.05 (0137 UTC)   Options 0:19:30 ()
Philip Jeck   Spirits Up   Options 0:20:46 ()
Music behind DJ:
Percy Faith  
Summer Place '76   Options 0:20:57 ()
Throbbing Gristle   Weapons Training   Options 0:23:57 ()
Delibes   Coppelia Waltz   Options 0:25:03 ()
Stanley Unwin  Hi De Fido   Options 0:25:47 ()
Alvin Curran   Endangered Species   Options 0:26:32 ()
Milos Vacek   Krtek v Zoo (The Mole In The Zoo)   Options 0:26:42 ()
Roadrunner    0:27:50 ()
Washboard Serenaders   The Shiek of Araby   Options 0:28:33 ()
Roadrunner    0:28:43 ()
Ant Farm   CarMen… The Opera, November 22, 1976 - Closeradio Podcast, Getty Research Institute   Options 0:29:01 ()
Giusto Pio - Motore Immobile   Motore Immobile   Options 0:29:10 ()
Caroline Bergvall   Via - MOMA - Writing In Time - March 29th, 2007   Options 0:30:25 ()
Meredith Monk   Procession   Options 0:32:45 ()
Hermann Nitsch   Sunrise-Music-11 - Das 6-Tage-Spiel Des Orgien Mysterien Theaters   Options 0:35:52 ()
Avalon   The Sheik of Araby   Options 0:36:43 ()
Paul Dutton   Ummm…   Options 0:37:27 ()
Celtic Mouth Music    0:38:14 ()
Mme St Onge   Chez Moi   Options 0:38:40 ()
Werner Muller   Downtown   Options 0:41:21 ()
Heino  Bier Bier Bier   Options 0:42:33 ()
Jonas Nordwall   My Life (Organ Grinder Pizza - OGD)   Options 0:43:44 ()
Italie, Sardaigne - Chant d'hommes Tenore (Les Voix Du Monde   Une Anthologie des Expressions Vocales - CMX)   Options 0:46:18 ()
Max Goldt   Dürrenmatt   Options 0:47:03 ()
Jimmie Riddle   Yakety Eeeph   Options 0:47:23 ()
Jimmie Riddle   Jimmie's Last Known Recording   Options 0:47:52 ()
Buttress O'Kneel   Hot as an Oven (Circus Maximus Mix)   Options 0:48:16 ()
Christian Bök autotuned by Eric Schmaltz   Ursonate   Options 0:50:49 ()
Okapi   Rameau / Indes Galantes / Les Fleurs / Air Pour Boree Et La Rose   Options 0:53:01 ()
The Alan Lomax Collection   Abenduko Hilaren Hogeitalauean (On Christmas Eve)   Options 0:53:14 ()
Gen Ken Montgomery   The Race To Warm Up (from The One Sided Triangle)   Options 0:53:35 ()
Carl Stalling    0:54:01 ()
Music behind DJ:
Percy Faith  
Summer Place '76   Options 0:54:29 ()
Mel Blanc   I'm Glad That I'm Bugs Bunny   Options 0:57:29 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 12:21pm ranjit:

Is this the earliest playlist ever??
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 6:14pm People Like Us:

Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 6:58pm People Like Us:

  Mon. 5/26/14 7:02pm Phil:

Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 7:02pm amEdeo:

scrooby droob
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:02pm Danne D:

Hi Vicki! I hope you have a lovely summer - we'll miss you around here!
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:02pm Jeff In Puna Hawaii:

Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 7:02pm charlespowne:

Hi Vicki, is it you? this is me.
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:02pm People Like Us:

herro - and you too!
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:03pm People Like Us:

hello, it is iyou, yes
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/26/14 7:03pm dale:

nothing finer than some yodeling to settle the digestion.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 5/26/14 7:03pm Cliff:

Hello hello
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:03pm People Like Us:

last show tonight for 6 months
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:04pm People Like Us:

so I'm changing track every 10 seconds
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 7:04pm tim:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/26/14 7:04pm dale:

i wonder if the muppets would do arcesio?
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:05pm Danne D:

Okay this is surreal
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/26/14 7:05pm dale:

...or beatle barkers.
  Mon. 5/26/14 7:05pm Phil:

I will miss the show - thankfully a huge archive
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:06pm Danne D:

a nod to Night People, eh?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 5/26/14 7:06pm davex:

Hi Vicki, starting Night People a week early?
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:06pm People Like Us:

I will miss it too, but it's good to not do things all year round
  Mon. 5/26/14 7:06pm Phil:

Nice !
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:07pm People Like Us:

Night People Like Us?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 5/26/14 7:07pm Cliff:

Bach can be played on anything, even industrial equipment
  Mon. 5/26/14 7:07pm Phil:

I don't blame you at all Vicki
  Mon. 5/26/14 7:07pm nobunny left:

...so - what you're saying is you just can't get into this for half a year?; yet another utterly unique & uplifting program yanked out from under us...for a bit anyhow
- Thx & enjoy your break !
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:08pm People Like Us:

I yanked it
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/26/14 7:09pm dale:

damn yankee
  Mon. 5/26/14 7:09pm Phil:

  Mon. 5/26/14 7:10pm Phil:

Nice Dale
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:10pm People Like Us:

ha ha - yes, very stereo, this
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 5/26/14 7:10pm davex:

Toccata and Fugue like us.
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:11pm People Like Us:

I remember doing a concert and the host offering me all kinds of gadgets and multichannels and surround sound and I had to inform him I was mono
  Mon. 5/26/14 7:13pm Carmichael:

Well, was hoping to catch a Vickie show. No time like the present.
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:13pm People Like Us:

so are we all having a holiday today?
I forgot
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:13pm People Like Us:

  Mon. 5/26/14 7:14pm Phil:

The U S of A is
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 5/26/14 7:14pm davex:

On Thursday over here.
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:15pm People Like Us:

oh so you're all normal today? Isn't it nice?
  Mon. 5/26/14 7:15pm Carmichael:

Today we honor those we drafted and killed. We love them all now.
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 7:16pm tim:

In the US, today is Drone Day. A pre-emptive holiday. Blowing up hearts and minds, and all that.
  Mon. 5/26/14 7:16pm Phil:

Shall BBQ some stuff and have a beer or two a little later
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/26/14 7:16pm dale:

we're celebrating all the people who died protecting our oil and anticommunist interests.
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:16pm People Like Us:

In Europe it's We All Voted Fascist Day
  Mon. 5/26/14 7:17pm P-90:

@PLU: Ha! Mono and proud!
--and may I join the chorus lamenting your impending absence?
  Mon. 5/26/14 7:17pm MrFab:

The return of this here show this season inspired me to make some avant-tard mixes, but just for my own amusement - no-one's taking over this show once Vicki's on vacation. Believe me, I'd like to! But this is her way of making sure no-one's taking it for granted.

And so the airwaves shall now be sadly fart-sound-effect free for 6 months...
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 5/26/14 7:18pm davex:

Thursday is Ascension Day here, also known as Men's Day, also known as an excuse for men to go out in groups, sometimes all wearing identical clothes, and drink.
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 7:18pm tim:

I noticed a little extra goose in your step.
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:18pm People Like Us:

thanks for all saying hello on the comments board
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 7:18pm tim:

Very fatty, goose is. Just by the way.
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:18pm People Like Us:

yes I have no one to pass the fart baton to
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:18pm fleep:

Today is National Blueberry Cheesecake Day nationaldaycalendar.com...
  Mon. 5/26/14 7:19pm Phil:

No one can fart sound and boing boing like the master.
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 7:19pm tim:

The fart baton... there's your next marathon giveaway.
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:19pm JakeGould:

This is a bittersweet night.
  Mon. 5/26/14 7:20pm P-90:

@PLU Yes, can you explain (in 99 characters or less) what's up with this monstrous swing to the right in Europe we're hearing about?
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:20pm People Like Us:

oh I think I need to change the show title
  Mon. 5/26/14 7:20pm Carmichael:

Is this a Tuvan throat singer, or Marianne Faithful?
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:20pm ranjit:

MrFab, do you post your mixes anywhere?
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 7:21pm tim:

"Passing the Fart Baton - BYE."
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 5/26/14 7:21pm Davis:

i didnt vote for the councillors, they are too clean, they have every whisker surgically removed and are pickled in cologne, they are surely hiding something
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:22pm People Like Us:

can't get into this

Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 7:22pm tim:

Blueberry cheesecake... pour pouttie! HI.
  Mon. 5/26/14 7:23pm otak:

well it's been lovely
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:23pm JakeGould:

Vicki, you know that the d-bag who said, “I can’t get into this. bye.” is now gone from WFMU’s e-world?
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:23pm JakeGould:

Passing of the Batton Funk.
  Mon. 5/26/14 7:23pm P-90:

@ fleep: I wonder if the blueberry cheesecake people knew that there day would sometimes coincide with an overbearing national holiday?
  Mon. 5/26/14 7:23pm Phil:

Gone how?
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:23pm People Like Us:

really? that's a shame
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 7:24pm tim:

Amazing! We used to sing "Guqin: 6020 kHz, 11.19.05 (0137 UTC)" in the car on vacation when I was a kid. Such nostalgia!
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:24pm JakeGould:

Should mention the handle of the user? He went a bit too far a few months back & got the boot.
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:25pm JakeGould:

The user was banned electronically.
  Mon. 5/26/14 7:25pm Phil:

Ahh - wonderful for a Memorial Day mix
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:25pm People Like Us:

It's always good to share a day with a cake
  Mon. 5/26/14 7:26pm P-90:

Yep, Station Manager Ken has drone strike capability
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:26pm fleep:

@P-90 There is a national food holiday for every day in the year, so one way or another we find solace in our national mourning via yummy tasty snacks.
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:28pm JakeGould:

I will not mention the d-bag again. He is with Terrence Stamp floating in a 1 dimensional glass plane in space known as the Phantom Zone.
  Mon. 5/26/14 7:28pm P-90:

@ fleep: blueberry and cherry were always my favorite races of cheesecake
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:28pm People Like Us:

Altogether Now!
  Mon. 5/26/14 7:28pm Phil:

Seems to be a fair punishment
  Mon. 5/26/14 7:30pm P-90:

@ Jake: gotta love that one-dimensional plate, but I feel sorry for poor Terrence Stamp now, he's decidedly NOT in good company for eternity
  Mon. 5/26/14 7:30pm Marc:

I will miss you Vicki. Have a great summer.
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:30pm People Like Us:

paste paste paste pasting
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:30pm People Like Us:

and you too!
  Mon. 5/26/14 7:30pm MrFab:

ranjit: my old life as RIAA is housed here, tho not sure how much is still on line:
Includes plenty of stuff Vicki commissioned me to do for this show. (I like to say "commissioned" instead of "asked." It sounds so...fine-art.)
  Mon. 5/26/14 7:31pm Phil:

I'm enjoying the mix very much - though it changes so quickly any comment would become quickly meaningless.

Will just smile quietly to myself...
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:31pm People Like Us:

much like life, Phil
  Mon. 5/26/14 7:31pm P-90:

different translations of the first line of the Divine Comedy
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:32pm ranjit:

Thanks, MrFab!
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:32pm People Like Us:

correct, P-90
  Mon. 5/26/14 7:32pm P-90:

great idea!
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:33pm JakeGould:

Vicki, this Dante… Fucking great. You are great!
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:34pm People Like Us:

yes it's fantastic - it's Caroline Bergvall who is great
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:34pm JakeGould:

No. It is you who is great for curating this. As well as she.
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:35pm ranjit:

Bergvall goes really well with Meredith Monk (that is Monk yes?)
  Mon. 5/26/14 7:35pm P-90:

@PLU: how do you describe her regional accent?
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:35pm People Like Us:

oh ok, ha ha
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:35pm People Like Us:

she's Scandanavian/British
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:35pm People Like Us:

yes, Bergvall speaks, singing/piano is Monk
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:36pm JakeGould:

I work in the art world. I realize the value of curators.
  Mon. 5/26/14 7:37pm conrad:

thx to mr fab for the RIAA link, but where else can we get our avant-tarde fix?? after today, i'll be hurtin, man...
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 7:37pm tim:

Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita mi ritrovai per una selva oscura ché la diritta via era smarrita. BYE.
  Mon. 5/26/14 7:38pm P-90:

Ahh, she's not a British native, that's why her accent sounds so odd.
----this is cool, the voice fading into the reverb
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 5/26/14 7:39pm Cliff:

Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:40pm People Like Us:


Can we all thank Tim for tirelessly board-opping this show for half a year?

(everybody clap please)
  Mon. 5/26/14 7:40pm Phil:

Mr Fab - really enjoy your 'USA' thing from awhile back. Sorry- forgot the exact title..
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:40pm JakeGould:

Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 7:40pm tim:

No, cuz I did it tirefully.
  Mon. 5/26/14 7:41pm Phil:

Thanks Tim !
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/26/14 7:41pm dale:

huzzah! for tim
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:41pm fleep:

Hooray for Daddy's Hideaway and Tim.
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:42pm ranjit:

Thank you Tim and PLU!
  Mon. 5/26/14 7:42pm MrFab:

Big ups, Tim!

conrad: this oughta last you for a while:

Thanks Phil, the exact title was in fact "USA"!
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 7:43pm tim:

You grace me. I am filthy.
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:43pm People Like Us:

ha ha
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 5/26/14 7:43pm Cliff:

Thanks Tim and thanks Vicki!
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:44pm People Like Us:

Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 7:44pm tim:

A large, steel-toed hepplewhite to Vicki for THIS SONG!!!!! (Billy Joel is Bog.)
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:45pm People Like Us:

I love this song
I think I got it from Charlie! Who NEEDS TO GET BACK ON THE AIR
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 7:45pm tim:

The roller rink at the Minsk central detention center couldn't do better than this.
  Mon. 5/26/14 7:45pm P-90:

@ Tim: thanks for opping the hell out of that board for Ms. Vicky, tirelessly and all
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 7:46pm tim:

Such a faithful rendering (like a fine, economical sausage).
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:46pm People Like Us:

ha ha Tim
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:46pm ranjit:

The carousel in Prospect Park has an organ grinder - calliope sort of thing, and it plays songs like Georgy Girl and the Welcome Back Kotter theme.
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 7:47pm tim:

Don't sneeze at John Sebastian. He slept with Woody Allen... once.
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:48pm JakeGould:

John Sebastian is cool. Seriously.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/26/14 7:48pm dale:

what the eefin' heck!
  Mon. 5/26/14 7:48pm P-90:

@ Tim: I thought I read in Playboy that the Minsk Detention Center rink is pretty posh, didn't they re-do it or something? Hired a famous designer?
  Mon. 5/26/14 7:48pm MrFab:

Holy cannoli, "The Welcome Back Kotter" theme?! GOT to get an mp3 of that!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 5/26/14 7:48pm davex:

Yackety Dürrenmatt?
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:48pm fleep:

[sudden need to chase a young lady in lingerie at double speed]
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 7:49pm tim:

I mean he actually slept. Cuz he's cool. Seriously.
  Mon. 5/26/14 7:49pm P-90:

@ ranjit: Georgy Girl is a great carousel song
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:49pm People Like Us:

ha ha
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/26/14 7:50pm dale:

this is giving me a seizure.
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:50pm People Like Us:

yes, I'm a bit worn out too
  Mon. 5/26/14 7:50pm Phil:

It's a shame this must end...
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 7:50pm tim:

@P-90: Rien endure.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 5/26/14 7:50pm davex:

Have a look for Ernst Jandl.
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:51pm People Like Us:

no, it's just as well it must end
  Mon. 5/26/14 7:51pm P-90:

@ dale: but a good seizure, right?
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:52pm People Like Us:

Good seizure, Bad seizure
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 7:52pm tim:

I'll see your good seizure, and raise you a conniption.
  Mon. 5/26/14 7:52pm Phil:

Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:53pm ranjit:

seizure salad
Avatar Mon. 5/26/14 7:53pm tim:

Bethany just got here... I gotta say it for real... BYE.
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:53pm Danne D:

Farewell and thank you Vicki! Until we hear you on these airwaves again :)
  Mon. 5/26/14 7:54pm P-90:

@ DJ Vicky: Take good care of yourself! Button up your overcoat etc. We want you back in good condition.
I'll be wearing out the archives til then...
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:55pm People Like Us:

thanks all people BYE
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:55pm Jeff In Puna Hawaii:

This is pure cake!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 5/26/14 7:55pm davex:

Thanks, Vicki, enjoy your summer...
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:56pm People Like Us:

thanks all for listening, and you can listen to it all again now
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:56pm JakeGould:

Cake. Cake. Cake. Cake. Cake. Cake. Cake. Cake. Cake. Cake. Cake. Cake. Cake. Bake Cake. Cake. Cake. Cake. Cake. Cake. Cake. Cake. Cake. Cake. Cake. Cake.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 5/26/14 7:56pm Cliff:

Enjoy your summer Vicki, bye now!
  Mon. 5/26/14 7:56pm P-90:

Maestro Carl Stalling = TRUE GENIUS
  Mon. 5/26/14 7:56pm Phil:

Thanks so much Vicki and ALL.
Until next year!
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:56pm fleep:

Have a happy hiatus, and thanks, Vicki.
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:56pm People Like Us:

Happy Hiatus, ha ha
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:57pm ranjit:

Thanks for all the sounds! We'll all hum Guqin 6020 kHz, 11.19.05 (0137 UTC) until you come back.
  Mon. 5/26/14 7:57pm P-90:

I can't get into these long good-byes

  Mon. 5/26/14 7:57pm otak:

aww bye thanks for everything have a good journey
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:57pm People Like Us:

don't forget the archives!
and also there's a radio boredcast stream on the wfmu front page
thanks Tim! Stay tuned for Bethany!
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:57pm People Like Us:

can't get into this
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 5/26/14 7:57pm dale:

godspeed miss vicki
  Mon. 5/26/14 7:58pm MrFab:

Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:58pm People Like Us:

bye for now, see you later in the year
stay tuned!
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:59pm People Like Us:

th-th-th-th-thththe-that's all folks!
  Mon. 5/26/14 7:59pm P-90:

*clicks heels*
Avatar    Mon. 5/26/14 7:59pm JakeGould:

Hope you get into all kinds of wacky & reasonable hi-jinx!
  Mon. 5/26/14 7:59pm P-90:

All rise

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