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May 6, 2014 Options
A taste of Give the Drummer Radio
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Artist Selection Album    (Label / Recording date)
Theme Music:
James Brown 
Cold Sweat (pt. 1)   Options b/w Cold Sweat (pt. 2)
(King 1966)

Roland P. Young  Row Land   Options Isophonic Boogie Woogie
(Flow Chart 1980)
Little Walter  Come Back Baby   Options b/w Mean Old Frisco
(Checker 1959)
Jessie Mae Hemphill  Streamline Train   Options Feelin' Good
(High Water 1185)
Fadaul et Les Privilèges  Sid Redad   Options b/w Tayeh
(Philips )

Talkover Music:
Odell Brown & the Organ-izers 
Tough Tip   Options Ducky
(Cadet 1968)

Amelita Galli-Curci (soprano), Minnie Egener (contralto), Enrico Caruso (tenor), Marcel Journet (bass), Giuseppe De Luca (baritone), Angelo Bada (tenor)  Chi Mi Frena from "Lucia di Lammermoor"   Options
(Victor 1917)
Francisco "Bush" Buckley y Sus Magnificos (Vocal: Anel "Chombo" Castro)  El Tirado   Options Salsita
(Mate 1972)
The Lemon Fog  Summer   Options The Psychedelic Sound of Summer
(Cicadelic 1968)
The Soul Survivors  Expressway to Your Heart   Options b/w Hey Gyp
(Crimson 1967)

Talkover Music:
Odell Brown & the Organ-izers 
Tough Tip   Options Ducky
(Cadet 1968)

Manny Dey & Lata Mangeshkar  Tere Bing Aag Yeh Chandni / Ghar Aaya Mera Pardesi   Options Awara
(EMI 1951)
Peter, Paul & Mary  Leavin' on a Jet Plane (at 33 1/3)   Options
Amps for Christ  Janitor of Lunacy   Options Circuits
(Vermiform 1999)

Closing Theme:
Specks Williams 
We Gave the Drummer Some   Options b/w Specks' Blues
(Jax 196?)

Listener comments!

Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/6/14 5:33pm Artie:

Ooohh, cucumbers and feta!
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 5:35pm Doug Schulkind:

Sorry about the narrow sneeze guard, Artie.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/6/14 5:43pm Artie:

S'OK, Doug. I seem to be the first one thru the line. And if I may say so, those olives look pretty and plump.
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 5:44pm Doug Schulkind:

Just cough into your elbow, Artie, and we'll all be fine.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 5/6/14 5:45pm Brian in UK:

Is that the time?
What the difference twixt Paisley Rock and Parsley Rock?
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 5:47pm Doug Schulkind:

@Brian in UK
Is the curly paisley or Italian paisley?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 5/6/14 5:48pm Brian in UK:

Afro-paisley from Scotland.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 5/6/14 5:51pm Brian in UK:

Cool piece of artwork Mr. S.
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 5:52pm Doug Schulkind:

On my latest marathon premium, I included the Ugandan singer Angela Kalule's version of Me and Bobby McGee from the soundtrack to Last King of Scotland. Does that count?

That's no artwork, silly. It's rolled into the GTDR faculty lounge every lunchtime!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 5/6/14 5:55pm Brian in UK:

Do you mean that you take luncheon? How charming!
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 5:57pm Doug Schulkind:

If we lack nothing, it's charm. We have gobs of charm.
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 5:57pm Gary:

This was my favorite restaurant as a kid:
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 5/6/14 5:57pm Brian in UK:

Ofcourse Angela Kalule is double tops.
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 5:58pm Doug Schulkind:

My favorite restaurant as a kid = Howard Johnson's

For the fried clams.
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:00pm ndbob:

evening Doug and everyone!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 5/6/14 6:00pm Brian in UK:

Cannot get enough clams over here.
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:00pm Doug Schulkind:

Greetings and welcome, ndbob!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 5/6/14 6:01pm Brian in UK:

@ndbob is it seasonally warm right now?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/6/14 6:01pm Carmichael:

Salad Bar! Also the name for my next band.
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:03pm ndbob:

indeed Doug - it's 78 here
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 5/6/14 6:03pm Brian in UK:

@Carmichael and I thought it was Dostoyevsky's Trousers.
  Tue. 5/6/14 6:03pm doca:

Greetings, Doug, Drummers and all.
Say, Doug, will you play Mel Thormé in the music that caught your ear on the last week? (kidding eheh)
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:04pm listener james from westwood:

Heya all! Caught the intro from the kitchen; cool concept!
Avatar    Tue. 5/6/14 6:04pm hyde:

HoJo's! we used to call those "fried rubber bands"
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:05pm Doug Schulkind:

For years I used to say that my next bound would be called Spatula. Then a listener gently informed me there was already a band in North Carolina by that name.

Howdy doca!!! And Listener James from Westwood!!!
Avatar    Tue. 5/6/14 6:05pm holland oats:

well whaddya know, roland young! :)
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:06pm Doug Schulkind:

Now that I have announced my distaste for Mr. Tormé, I surely must spend the time find a song to play. Now I don't think I'll be as charitable to Weather Report, but never say never!

Hello hyde!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/6/14 6:06pm Carmichael:

I used to cook at a HoJo's (among other places) for my college $$. Can't say I miss it, cuz I don't.
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:07pm ndbob:

ever hear Mel's version of "The Power of Love"? - cover of a Shindogs song
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:09pm Doug Schulkind:

No, ndbob. No ever.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/6/14 6:09pm Carmichael:

Doug, you don't like I'm Comin' Home Baby? Nice and hep-catty ...
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:11pm ndbob:

and with The Cookies backing Mel
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:11pm Doug Schulkind:

I am genetically predisposed to find Mel Tormé unpleasurable. Kind of like cilantro.
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:13pm listener james from westwood:

At least he doesn't affect you as asparagus affects some folks.

Or does he?
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:14pm Gary:

Jessie Mae! Yae!
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:14pm ndbob:

I'm genetically disposed to love asparagus and hate broccoli
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:15pm Doug Schulkind:

I have never smelled my pee after overhearing Mel Tormé. Not and remained conscious, that is.

Hey Gary!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 5/6/14 6:17pm Brian in UK:

Great set, time to fall into the arms of Morpheus.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/6/14 6:17pm Carmichael:

Torme did a short a cappella version of Spinal Tap's *Big Bottoms* on their live DVD.
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:18pm Doug Schulkind:

Give ol' Morph an earlobe nibble for me, Brian!
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:20pm Gary:

Find of the year!
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:20pm ndbob:

this is great!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/6/14 6:20pm Carmichael:

So James Brown influenced Moroccan soul?
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:21pm Doug Schulkind:

Thanks to Adam Lore of 50 Miles of Elbow Room for the sending along the link to download this burner!
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:21pm Doug Schulkind:

Precisely, Carmichael.
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:23pm listener james from westwood:

Rix! Good ol' Rix! Hope he's out and about soon.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/6/14 6:23pm northguineahills:

Couldn't resist playing something from Isophonic Boogie Woogie, could you!
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:27pm Doug Schulkind:

No, northguineahills, I really couldn't. Out of guilt as much as pleasure. But mostly pleasure.
Avatar    Tue. 5/6/14 6:28pm hyde:

have i missed anything lately about the ballyhooed new show on Drummer Radio, or are we still in supersecret teaser mode on that angle?
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:28pm Gary:

Dang, that Fadaul record went for nearly $400:
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:29pm Doug Schulkind:

Yeesh! And we got it for $0,000!

This next track is in deliciously crappy condish...
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:30pm Gary:

Song still available via divshare, too:
Avatar    Tue. 5/6/14 6:30pm hyde:

@Gary how much is that in dirham?
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:31pm Gary:

Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:31pm Gary:

Hyde, it's 0,000,000.00 dirham
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:31pm Doug Schulkind:

You are a goodman, Gary!
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:32pm ndbob:

Thanks Gary!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/6/14 6:32pm Carmichael:

@hyde: Yeah, I was about to mention that GTDR has a gaping hole in it's early Thursday schedule.
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:34pm Doug Schulkind:

Still working on it, hyde. Our newbie is still gathering equipment for the home studio.
Avatar    Tue. 5/6/14 6:34pm hyde:

@Carmichael there have been allusions, of a cagey nature (what a showman)
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:34pm Doug Schulkind:

The next track, heard on Tony Coulter's show has the most Tony Coulter show of band names.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/6/14 6:35pm davex:

Hi Doug, Gary, everyone...
Avatar    Tue. 5/6/14 6:35pm hyde:

@Doug thanks. I will try to remain patient. I'll....try.
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:37pm Gary:

Hi Dave!
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:37pm Doug Schulkind:

Hey there davex! Thanks for staying up late!
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:38pm ndbob:

Hi Dave!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/6/14 6:38pm Carmichael:

Avatar    Tue. 5/6/14 6:39pm hyde:

what is that vibe-y sounding thing in this (great) Lemon Fog record? Is that mellotron or something? sounds wild.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/6/14 6:39pm davex:

Hi ndbob and Carmichael! Yep, up late as usual on a Tuesday...
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:40pm ndbob:

Heya Carmichael!
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:40pm Doug Schulkind:

Ask Tony Coulter. I bet he knows what the lads ate for breakfast before the recording session.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/6/14 6:40pm davex:

Well technically it's Wednesday here now.
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:41pm Doug Schulkind:

Call it Thursday, davex. We're a pretty easygoing bunch.
Avatar    Tue. 5/6/14 6:41pm hyde:

I hate that I always miss Tony Coulter.
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:43pm listener james from westwood:

Tony's archives are like chili. They're even better after they've been sitting in the fridge a bit.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 5/6/14 6:44pm Uncle Michael:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/6/14 6:44pm Carmichael:

Tony's right in my wheelhouse, time-wise. That's why I notice the missing Thursday DJ, as I don't care for the FMU programming at said time.
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:44pm ndbob:

Hello UM!
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:44pm listener james from westwood:

Ask not for whom the Soul Survivors' horns were honking, UM; they were honking for thee.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 5/6/14 6:45pm Uncle Michael:

I was on the expressway to my house.
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:47pm Gary:

Uncle Michael, that expressway song I think I first heard on the Oldies But Goodies series of records I was collecting as a kid. I loved it so much (that song in particular) ... was I the only sucker who bought a bunch of records in that series?
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:47pm Doug Schulkind:

Glad the 405 Aorta wasn't clogged, Uncle Michael!

How about this sizzling music from Shankar Jaikishan!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/6/14 6:48pm Carmichael:

Strangely, I'm getting some Martin Denny vibes here.
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:49pm Doug Schulkind:

Sorry to say, but the new GTDR show will not be on Thurdsay. At least I don't think so.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/6/14 6:49pm davex:

Can't get enough of this. Will have to look for the film.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/6/14 6:49pm Carmichael:

Gary, you were not. I have a Sierra Nevada 12-pack box full of those 45s.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/6/14 6:50pm Carmichael:

I'm planting the seed, Doug. You are now under my control, just like the beginning to Outer Limits.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/6/14 6:51pm davex:

And finally caught up with your China show, Gary, another good one...
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:51pm Doug Schulkind:

Jesse Kaminsky is next on the stream with Kaminsky Kamoutsly at 7pm (eastern). Playlist page here:
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:52pm Doug Schulkind:

Keeping wishing it into the cornfield, Carmichael!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/6/14 6:53pm northguineahills:

Thanks Doug! Always nice to have a sonic appetizer!
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:53pm listener james from westwood:

Mmmm ... Sierra Nevada 12-pack.
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:55pm Gary:

Thanks, Dave!
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:55pm ndbob:

excellent show Doug!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/6/14 6:56pm Carmichael:

Mary Travers' voice is even lower! She sounds like Cher, or maybe Mel Torme.
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:56pm Doug Schulkind:

Chew thoroughly before swallowing, northguineahills.

Thanks ya, ndbob!
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 6:56pm Gary:

Ha ha, this is brilliant
Avatar    Tue. 5/6/14 6:56pm hyde:

I want a whole hour of records at the wrong speed!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/6/14 6:57pm davex:

That hour would take about 81 minutes, though.
Avatar    Tue. 5/6/14 6:58pm hyde:

they don't all have to be too slow!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/6/14 6:59pm Carmichael:

My 1st player had a 16 speed setting, as well as the other three. Always thought it strange.
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 7:00pm Doug Schulkind:

Gack, Carmichael! Maybe I'll spin some Tormé at 78. Hahaha!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/6/14 7:01pm davex:

I remember the 16 setting, too. Never found that kind of record, though.
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 7:01pm Gary:

@Hyde: When I was (briefly) studying music, I went into the listening lab and asked to hear Beethoven's Pastoral. I sat with the headphones and listened. Side one was over rather quickly, I thought. When I took the headphones off, the person in the listening lab, grinning at others in the room, asked how I liked it. I said something like, "yeah, really great." Then the lab person told me I'd just listened to it at 45 instead of 33. I never lived it down
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 7:01pm listener james from westwood:

Loved the revue! Thanks for playing some of the faves!
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 7:01pm Gary:

Thanks for the wonderful music, Doug!
Avatar    Tue. 5/6/14 7:01pm hyde:

I had an old turntable with all 4 speeds too. i also had a klh from a kit that you could spin backwards and also played normally at about 8 rpm. (you had to kickstart it to go 33 1/3).

thanks Doug!
Avatar    Tue. 5/6/14 7:02pm hyde:

heh the old play the beethoven at the wrong speed gag. love it.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 5/6/14 7:03pm davex:

Thanks, Doug!
Avatar Tue. 5/6/14 7:03pm Doug Schulkind:

Thank YOU, Gary! And thank EVERYbody!
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