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Drawing an endless knot. Improvised, international, American, old, abstract, other.

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Options April 30, 2014: Fill-in for Ken

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Artist Track Album Label Approx. start time
Grachan Moncur III  Hipnosis   Options     0:00:00 ()
Belfi/Grubbs/Pilia  The Distance, Cut   Options Dust & Mirrors  Blue Chopsticks  0:11:08 ()
Bora Yoon  O viridissima virga   Options Sunken Cathedral    0:14:14 ()
Muhal Richard Abrams featuring Malachai Favors  Way Way Way Down Yonder   Options Sightsong  Black Saint  0:22:43 ()
Debussy  Petite Suite   Options     0:27:03 ()
George Lewis  Homage to Charles Parker   Options Homage to Charles Parker    0:28:36 ()
TLC  Waterfalls   Options CrazySexyCool    0:40:29 ()
Patti Smith Group  Pissing in a River   Options Radio Ethiopia  Arista  0:44:04 ()
The Afghan Whigs  Debonair   Options Gentlemen    0:49:16 ()
Hans Chew  Strange Love   Options Life & Love    0:53:18 ()
Little Feat  Willin'   Options Electrif Lycanthrope    0:57:15 ()
Astral Blessing  side a   Options Astral Blessing  Mad Monk  1:05:32 ()
Juma Sultan's Aboriginal Music Society  Sundance   Options Father of Origin    1:22:32 ()
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion  She's On It   Options She's On It/Jack the Ripper    1:31:45 ()
Peeesseye  Lets without Feet   Options Sci Fi Death Mask  Human Sacrifice  1:46:37 ()
Sun Ra & His Astro-Infinity Arkestra  Journey Amongst The Stars   Options Other Strange Worlds  Roaratorio  1:46:25 ()
Legowelt  Teen Romance   Options Teen Romance  L.I.E.S.  2:06:45 ()
Horace Andy/Phil Pratt  Roots of All Evil   Options Get Wise  Piccadilly  2:12:14 ()
J. Spaceman & Kid Millions  Misha   Options Live at Le Poisson Rouge  Northern Spy  2:14:27 ()
Anthony Davis  Wayang No. II (Shadowdance)   Options Epistēmē    2:41:04 ()
Ashig Garib  Orta Saritel   Options Mountains of Tongues: Musical Dialects of the Caucasus  Living Music Dupli-Cation  2:41:57 ()
Sir Richard Bishop  Open Season   Options If You Don't Like it ...Don't!  Three Lobed  2:45:36 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 9:01am Scott McDowell:

Hey yo, good morning.
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 9:02am common:

long rally! hey scott!
  Wed. 4/30/14 9:02am That Bipolar Guy:

Morning Scott
  Wed. 4/30/14 9:02am That Bipolar Guy:

Ken took an impromptu day off?
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 9:04am northguineahills:

Hey, it's Scott!
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 9:07am DCE:

RALLY RALLY McDowell's name is Scotty! good morning!
  Wed. 4/30/14 9:07am paula pc:

YAY SCOTT good morning!
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 9:07am BDR:

Hey! Glad you're on. Is this a new song?
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 9:08am Brian in UK:

Hey Scott. Just out of interest, what is your shoe size?
  Wed. 4/30/14 9:09am ?:

Greetings fellow people
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 9:10am Scott McDowell:

I don't know, my feet grew recently.
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 9:10am Scott McDowell:

Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 9:12am northguineahills:

Thought I heard some Grubby guitar in there.
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 9:15am DCE:

Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 9:15am Cheri Pi:

Wow what a delightful suprise Scott!!!
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 9:15am Scott McDowell:

Hello all you sparkling listeners, been WAY TOO LONG
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 9:17am Irene Trudel:

Welcome back Scott! Good to have you filling this grey day with pleasant sounds.
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 9:18am DCE:

I can say I'm sparkling today...no hangover for once.
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 9:20am Scott McDowell:

Thanks, Irene. :)
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 9:21am Sandy in Houston:

Oh look it's Scott! what a lovely surprise.
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 9:21am braveness23:

This Bora Yoon is beautiful!
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 9:32am Davee:

Hi Scott, Mind if we call you Ken to avoid confusion?
  Wed. 4/30/14 9:32am That Bipolar Guy:

Cold wet morning here in Brooklyn but it's nice to hear you filling in for ken. Hope you get your find lot back this summer
  Wed. 4/30/14 9:32am That Bipolar Guy:

Time slot
  Wed. 4/30/14 9:34am That Bipolar Guy:

Charlie Parker aka "the bird" of jazz?
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 9:39am dk:

great surprise to hear the rally, no surprise at all it's perfect music for this morning
  Wed. 4/30/14 9:39am That Bipolar Guy:

I use to listen to another station that has a morning show about Charlie Parker called "bird flight" before I settled on wfmu as my one and only station
  Wed. 4/30/14 9:41am paula pc:

that's what I THOUGHT this was...woohoo
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 9:41am doca:

Yay! It's the Long Rally! Hi Scott and all
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 9:46am DCE:

I like that your background color is neutral. Doesn't stand out so much when the suits walk by.
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 9:47am Cheri Pi:

I need someone to bring me an "everything" bagel, stat.
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 9:49am steve:

hey Scott! good to hear from you as always.
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 9:49am Sandy in Houston:

@DCE - bosses <3 the bright orange ones with the gigantic animated gifs ....
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 9:52am common:

ah, afghan whigs...my divorce soundtrack.
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 9:52am northguineahills:

I have an everything bagel. I still need to go get some tofu lox spread.
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 9:53am DCE:

@ Sandy--Ken's show is typically a nightmare to look at during business hours, but I love those gifs!
  Wed. 4/30/14 9:53am denvereen:

Looking for Ken, found Scott
I think not!
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 9:56am fred:

Welcome back Scott!
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 9:56am Sandy in Houston:

@ DCE I know I know! I can hardly comment I'm too busy looking over my shoulder!
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 9:59am bobdoesthings:

morning all
  Wed. 4/30/14 10:00am Fredericks:

Scott! Missed you.
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:00am Scott McDowell:

Hey hey
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:00am DCE:

I'm totally willin'
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:01am Brian in UK:

Used to have this little live beauty on tape.
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:01am dc pat:

..I had vegan miso soup with buckweat soba. When your hair is sweating, you know you're eating good food.
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:03am Cheri Pi:

breakfast of champions p@!!
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:03am doca:

You should play Arab Strap, Scott, it has been always my "break-up band".
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:03am dk:

that chris forsyth RSD record is fantastic, and not just for the cover.
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:09am dc pat:

I....think....this...is pretty good! I'm stickin with it...
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:10am I k e:

@DCE and @Sandy, yep! I *really* shouldn't be commenting since my boss may burst through the door at any moment at lightning speed, and he recognizes the layout of the comments pages immediately too.
  Wed. 4/30/14 10:11am listener gary:

Wonderful to hear you ...thank g I checked the schedule and caught you early. This rally could be a whole longer longer for my way of thinking.
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:11am Scott McDowell:

Right up your alley, dk!
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:11am Scott McDowell:

Thank you gary
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:12am dc pat:

Funny Ike, you get busted before? Or is he a fan?
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:12am Andrew Waterloo:

My boss sitting right behind me, he may be watching me write this comment right now.
  Wed. 4/30/14 10:13am listener gary:

...lot longer ...I'm so old I repeat myself
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:13am dc pat:

my boss is in North Carolina SO I CAN DO WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT!!!!!
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:13am dk:

"up my alley" doesn't even begin to describe this Astral Blessing. YOW.
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:16am dc pat's boss:

PAT!!!! Get back to work
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:16am joe:

'ello folks
  Wed. 4/30/14 10:16am Tom G:

Gotta get that Feat boot! I was just blastin Rock n Roll Dr the other night.
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:16am KP:

This track gets my Blessing
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:17am fred:

I think a clicky-star is a kind of astral blessing
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:17am Scott McDowell:

Feat boot: archive.org...
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:17am dc pat:

Hey boss! You know those reports you aksed for? Well their on your deks.
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:18am I k e:

I got busted a year ago, and no, not a fan. It's just "that site" to him (though he doesn't mind if I earbud it all the time). Fortunately he's often flying to a beach or running a marathon.

Great track!
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:19am braveness23:

I'm working at a girls catholic high school today that has damned near everything in the world blocked at the firewall. Except for WFMU... I should mention that I control the firewall! hehe
  Wed. 4/30/14 10:19am Tom G:

thanks SM!
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:20am dc pat:

yeah this freakin rules!
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:21am dc pat:

@braveness: nice to control the firewall.
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:24am bobdoesthings:

that was gnarly, but wait why were we talking chris forsyth before , was he on that astral blessing track?
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:25am Scott McDowell:

No b/c his record store day release apes the Little Feat bootleg that wuz played earlier
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:25am Ike:

Ha ha that's awesome B23. Are you also tasked to block unblocking and bypass sites? Is that sort of trickery common knowledge among the brats as a way of reaching their dang newfangled Instaclam or whatever?
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:25am bobdoesthings:

Oh right! now I remember. thanks, groggy morning..
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:25am dk:

... and because chris forsyth rawks and we should always be talking about him.
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:30am Ike:

Forsyth appeared a couple of times on Dan Bodah's most excellent Airborne Event program, a show which does not always receive the massive gobs of radiant adoration it richly deserves.
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:31am Scott McDowell:

Yeah and also on a little tiny show called The Long Rally
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:32am dc pat:

Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:35am Ike:

OOPS, sorry, forgot about that one Scott! Um, I need more caffeine.
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:38am bobdoesthings:

Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:39am Scott McDowell:

:) no problem Ike you are not required to recall every thing ever played on WFMU though that would be a good game show
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:42am bobdoesthings:

OK Next question for contestant Ike, for 200 points and the lead... What shows has Chris Forsyth played on?!
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:43am steve:

there needs to be an FMU gameshow.
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:44am Ike:

I already flunked that one... 0 points for me! Next question?
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:44am bobdoesthings:

Playing America's FAVORITE Gameshow, NAME THAT WFMU!
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:46am common:

wow! scary and great!
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:46am bobdoesthings:

What would the grand prize be?
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:48am steve:

lifetime supply of WFMU miracle soap and rolling papers?
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:49am steve:

uncomfortable dinner at Andy Breckman's house?
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:50am bobdoesthings:

I want an anger management sleepaway camp lanyard, custom made!
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:51am Ike:

Ha! Speaking of Breckman: Question for competing contestants: What's the name of Breckman's (fictional) WFUV show (a running gag on 7SD)?
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:51am thunderish' Jay:

good Mourning Every1 / just stoped to say hi, and things looking good here / gained independance and my home will be only for me / concentrate on organizing priorities and start building positive stuff (if you are being negative 4 your mother and she to you as well, time to break apart)
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:54am steve:

[beep boop] arg, i think times up Ike. that's a tough one.
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:55am bobdoesthings:

@steve.. I vaguely recall that.. something with a cohost right? cowboy bill? what is the answer?!
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:57am steve:

i think you're right bob, i also recall talk of the cohost. besides that i got nothin!
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:59am thunderish' Jay:

but don't forget a nomad always wants a good travel! Love U ALL
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:59am thunderish' Jay:

and of course, hope meeting you soon
  Wed. 4/30/14 10:59am 12539:

The opposite of disappointed.
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 10:59am Ike:

Ha ha, I don't even recall the answer myself (though I think I'll recognize it if someone comes up w/it) so I should be docked 200 pts. for putting up a Q w/out remembering the answer. Now I'm in last place with a negative score like the worst of the poor schmucks on Jeopardy!
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:01am thunderish' Jay:

nomad in spirit of course, cuz i know where is my "shire" and it has a local on Earth
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:01am thunderish' Jay:

just some few hundred kms away from home
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:03am bobdoesthings:

@ike.. ugh, now I need to find out!
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:04am Carmichael:

Good morning Scott, AWOL Ken, and others.
  Wed. 4/30/14 11:05am joe:

Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:10am Ike:

Wait, was it the Indian Bob show or something like that?
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:11am bobdoesthings:

hmm that sounds correct.. more so than cowboy bill..
  Wed. 4/30/14 11:16am Robert:

Andy B.'s fictional WFUV program is, of course, The Big Broadcast.
  Wed. 4/30/14 11:17am adam_nspy:

Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:18am steve:

Injun Bob or something like that, yes, that sounds familiar. bob you may be thinking of Andy's song Railroad Bill?
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:21am Mike East:

When was this Live at LPR recorded?
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:22am Scott McDowell:

last year sometime?
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:22am Scott McDowell:

Oh actually, let me stop being lazy DJ and look for you.
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:23am Scott McDowell:

Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:23am bobdoesthings:

@steve, ah yes. it's all coming together
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:28am Mike East:

Thanks Scott!
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:30am northguineahills:

Gotta jump, awesome hearing ya Scott!
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:33am osvi:

The Long Rally, right on time to send me off to work. Scott, almost World Cup time...
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:33am bobdoesthings:

you said soccer wrong.
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:34am bobdoesthings:

ugh sorry had to be that guy...
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:34am Scott McDowell:

Hi osvi, can't wait!
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:34am joe:

43 days 10 hours 25 minutes
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:34am Scott McDowell:

Haha bob, no it's ok!
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:35am Scott McDowell:

Oh ok, thanks!
  Wed. 4/30/14 11:43am adam_nspy:

I hear this in Sun City Girls stuff for sure.
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:43am pierre:

Bonjour Scott ! Toujours un plaisir to see you around
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:44am Scott McDowell:

Very nice antipation adam
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:45am Scott McDowell:

Gracias pierre
  Wed. 4/30/14 11:46am adam_nspy:

What?! Yes! Bens radio is my guess
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:47am bobdoesthings:

ah the remix!
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:48am DCE:

oh Scott!
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:48am bobdoesthings:

maybe the song ends on a locked groove?
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:48am V Priceless:

good time to insert a "Hey!"
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:48am Sem Chumbo:

Love this picking.
  Wed. 4/30/14 11:48am 12539:

This takes courage.
  Wed. 4/30/14 11:49am adam_nspy:

Misfortunately timed bathroom break
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:50am bobdoesthings:

ugh, wish I wasn't at work.. I want to jam over it!!
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:50am probablyjohn:

doodeedeedododum, doodeedeedododum, doodeedeedododum
  Wed. 4/30/14 11:50am Kagi:

Dude, make it stop...
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:50am Jeroen Kuster:

I love your show super good
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:51am holland oats:

rare copy of the bish
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:51am tidalene:

This has got a good groove. I can really bug out to it.
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:51am V Priceless:

everybody sing "oh the record's skip-ping"....
  Wed. 4/30/14 11:51am kme in chi:

Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:51am Mike East:

I bet Scott's just sitting there zoned out on this...someone tap his shoulder
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:52am holland oats:

milgram experiment, wfmu-style
  Wed. 4/30/14 11:52am ?:

wow. torturous skip. my head hurts
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:52am paul b:

If I confess will this stop?
  Wed. 4/30/14 11:52am kme in chi:

This would make a nice cut for the wfmu 'return of the locked groove lp' premium
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:52am YETI BOB:

this is Sir Richard, maybe it's supposed to sond like this!
  Wed. 4/30/14 11:52am 12539:

I'll bet Sir Richard can't do this live, though.
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:52am V Priceless:

it's perfect, actually
  Wed. 4/30/14 11:53am paula pc:

@ holland oats -- if we leave, how will he know? I guess we could tell him here...and maybe really NOT leave because we are secretly enjoying this
  Wed. 4/30/14 11:53am anton:

damn.. this is soooo close to a perfect loop...
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:53am Mike East:

If you don't like it, don't
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:53am bobdoesthings:

what if this closes his set for the next 8 mins?
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:54am holland oats:

oh i'm not gonna let this beat me, no way
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:54am Sem Chumbo:

Then it is open season on Scott.
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:54am holland oats:

Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:54am V Priceless:

(starting to think this is the arrangement)
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:54am Jeff:

I think it's turned into a game of DJ Chicken.
  Wed. 4/30/14 11:54am 12539:

Beginning to sound like Ken's show.
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:55am steve:

i just put a record on on top of this. good times.
  Wed. 4/30/14 11:55am paula pc:

@ holland oats -- but Duane might decide HE likes it, and then this is what we got for 3.1 more hours...and yes, I want to know if Sir Richard planned this
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:55am Jeff:

...but probably not Traktor.
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:55am Sem Chumbo:

"The Long Rally" now has a different resonance for me.
  Wed. 4/30/14 11:55am Brian in UK:

'Have you got first world war noises'.
'Is it by the Ronettes?'
'No the French & the Germans'
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:55am V Priceless:

conga line!
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:56am Parq:

<a la Looney Tunes> Monotonous -- isn't it?
  Wed. 4/30/14 11:56am dave:

IT'S SKIPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:56am steve:

now i got this and RRR500 locked groove lp going
  Wed. 4/30/14 11:56am Ashok:

You could play this all day as far as I am concerned. This has made my morning.
  Wed. 4/30/14 11:56am paula pc:

it's sounding slightly different now, but I bet that's just the groove that's been worn inside my ears
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:56am Sandy in Houston:

The right channel has some interesting overtones
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:57am steve:

put it back!
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:57am Kurt Gottschalk:

oh, i think richard could do that live actually
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:57am Mike East:

oh man, I miss it now that its gone
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:57am Parq:

Dave, that's the thing -- with FMU, you can never be sure.
  Wed. 4/30/14 11:57am ?:

Ken needs to do a 3 hour show of nothing but that skip.
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:57am DCE:

Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:58am bobdoesthings:

clicky starred that loop for sure!
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:58am DCE:

I think Scott just threw in the towel and went home
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 11:58am holland oats:

that skip needs its own stream
  Wed. 4/30/14 11:58am anon:

"...and that was groove number 12 of the third song on side two..."
  Wed. 4/30/14 11:59am 12539:

Thanks, Scott.
  Wed. 4/30/14 12:02pm mb:

I'm dying to know what the next note was. Always leave them wanting more I guess.
Avatar Wed. 4/30/14 1:12pm Van in DC:

Oh man. I picked the wrong show to skip.
  Wed. 4/30/14 8:55pm eschoderanarchie:

Kind of late to the game but the comments about the Smiths were epic -- my sediments exactly! (said the creek to the river ..)
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