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All things avant-retard. A mixture of pop and avant-garde side by side, sometimes on top of one another. (Visit homepage.)

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Options April 21, 2014: Sentient Beings

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Artist Track Approx. start time
Ren and Stimpy   Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy   Options 0:00:00 (MP3 | )
Bugs and Friends   It Won't Be Long   Options 0:01:41 (MP3 | )
The Chipmunks   P.S. I Love You   Options 0:03:49 (MP3 | )
Len Ranle   Going Cuckoo   Options 0:05:14 (MP3 | )
Thai Elephant Orchestra   Gentle Monsoon   Options 0:05:40 (MP3 | )
From Bethany's Premium 2005   Solitary Bee   Options 0:06:54 (MP3 | )
Dave Soldier's Zebra Finches   Gamelan Mix   Options 0:07:06 (MP3 | )
Dave Soldier and Richard Lair   Harmonica Music (Thai Elephant Orchestra)   Options 0:08:12 (MP3 | )
Martin T├ętrault/Otomo Yoshihide   Cartoon   Options 0:08:44 (MP3 | )
The Muppets   On Broadway   Options 0:09:27 (MP3 | )
John The Dog, Bigmouth the Duck, Yuuhi the Crow, Pe The Goat, Booby the Pig, Sexy the Cat, Nyuu the Cow  Scorching Savanna   Options 0:13:33 (MP3 | )
Carl Stalling   Flea-ridden Sheep Dog   Options 0:15:21 (MP3 | )
G. Pacchioni   Ill Grillo   Options 0:15:59 (MP3 | )
Beatle Barkers   Love Me Do   Options 0:16:53 (MP3 | )
Zelda Rose and her Singing Owl   Who   Options 0:19:02 (MP3 | )
Mr Magoo  Magoo in Hi-fi   Options 0:19:53 (MP3 | )
Mel Blanc   Woody Woodpecker   Options 0:21:15 (MP3 | )
Carl Stalling, Milt Franklyn, Treg Brown   Beep, Beep (1952)   Options 0:22:17 (MP3 | )
Zatumba   Wichumbra   Options 0:23:45 (MP3 | )
Mel Blanc  Toot, Toot, Tootsie   Options 0:25:37 (MP3 | )
Namco   Pac-Man   Options 0:26:50 (MP3 | )
Milos Vacek   Krtek a Zvykacka (1969)   Options 0:27:41 (MP3 | )
Victor Cavini   Yodel's Fun (ren and stimpy)   Options 0:28:33 (MP3 | )
Animal   Sings Gershwin   Options 0:29:24 (MP3 | )
Caninus   Locking Jaws   Options 0:29:36 (MP3 | )
Christo Graham - Muppet Christ Superstar   Heaven on their Minds   Options 0:30:08 (MP3 | )
Music behind DJ:
Ken Barrie  
My Family and Other Animals   Options 0:34:09 (MP3 | )
Unknown Geese   Honky Tonk Women Performed By Geese   Options 0:39:27 (MP3 | )
Charlemagne Palestine   Alex!!!!!Alex!!!!!Aude!!!!!   Options 0:42:16 (MP3 | )
Wobbly and Andrea Williams   More Nature (Live at Mills College 9 May 2010)   Options 0:44:07 (MP3 | )
Bruce Broughton   Outdoor Interlude   Options 0:46:30 (MP3 | )
Evan Parker With Birds   erm   Options 0:47:52 (MP3 | )
Leo Eide   In A Monastery Garden - Albert W. Ketelbey   Options 0:49:24 (MP3 | )
Dan McLamb & His 3-Legged Dog Percy   # Holler-01   Options 0:51:35 (MP3 | )
Music behind DJ:
Ken Barrie  
My Family and Other Animals   Options 0:51:50 (MP3 | )
Mel Blanc   I'm Glad That I'm Bugs Bunny   Options 0:53:14 (MP3 | )
Mindaugas Piecaitis   Catcerto   Options 0:56:38 (MP3 | )

Listener comments!

Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:00pm People Like Us:

Evening all
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:01pm Mr. Lowry:

Happy Happy Joy Joy!
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:01pm northguineahills:

W00Hoo! HAppy happy happy joy joy! I have this cd!
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:01pm People Like Us:

Happy Joy
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:01pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Bring back Ren & Stimpy! Can we hear the Log song?
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:02pm People Like Us:

yes they are great
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:03pm People Like Us:

there is something funnier about not seeing these people sing... it's funnier imagining them singing
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:03pm dale:

this sure ain't mel blanc!
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:05pm dale:

ooh, i had this chipmunks/beatles album when it first came out in 63 or 64. f*ck, i'm old.
  Mon. 4/21/14 7:06pm Phil:

Hi all!
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:06pm JakeGould:

Oh hello.
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:06pm People Like Us:

well hello
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:07pm ranjit:

ah hello
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:07pm Andrew Waterloo:

"I'll teach you to be happy, I'll teach your grandmother to suck eggs!"
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:12pm People Like Us:

I don't believe for a minute that it isn't rats singing this with George Benson
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:15pm ranjit:

katamari doggacy!
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:15pm Rich in Washington:

this is a great episode. Even though I am saddened to remember that for some unthinkable reason, I gave my Thai Elephant Orchestra CD away.
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:15pm People Like Us:

Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:16pm Cori:

I saw the rolling katamari as soon as I heard the first few notes. <3
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:16pm ironybread:

The 8-year-old me is currently blowing breakfast cereal out my nose at the sound of that flea circus.
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:17pm People Like Us:

isn't this all just wonderfully visual music
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:17pm People Like Us:

my cat is taking NO NOTICE of this music
  Mon. 4/21/14 7:18pm Phil:

Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:19pm dale:

like to hear how these critters would do their take on 'ram'
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:19pm People Like Us:

I know the Beatle Barkers is sort of obvious but it's making it even funnier
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:20pm People Like Us:

oh yes, would love to hear a Muppet Ram
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:20pm Andrew Waterloo:

It certainly is visual... it would be a heck of a thing to fall asleep too.
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:20pm northguineahills:

@Cori: And after that, I started to have Pizzicato Five playing in my head.
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:21pm Rich in Washington:

I just today heard the parody Muppets doing Jesus Christ Superstar.
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:22pm People Like Us:

funny you should say that, Rich...
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:22pm dale:

i thought the voice of woody was a woman?
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:22pm ranjit:

I think I'm starting to figure out the theme for tonight's show. Rats, right?
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:22pm Rich in Washington:

Whoa! This is amazing!!!
  Mon. 4/21/14 7:22pm Phil:

Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:23pm Ken From Hyde Park:

For a time, Irwin had some cartoon music for his intro song. That was maybe 5 or 6 years ago.
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:25pm People Like Us:

"sentient beings" - as in non-human music
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:25pm dale:

how'd the old codger make it into this show?
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:25pm ranjit:

45 minutes of Warner Brothers cartoon sound effects! www.youtube.com...
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:26pm People Like Us:

Irwin did indeed - elephants parade maybe it was called, something like that - Carl Stalling
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:26pm Rich in Washington:

I remember when those Carl Stalling CDs first came out, I got it and tried listening to it while working and for some reason they made me feel weirdly anxious. Like maybe I thought an anvil was gonna drop on my head or something.
  Mon. 4/21/14 7:26pm Phil:

Muppets doing Jesus Christ Superstar is downloadable at 'name your own price'. Yeah - I went for it...
  Mon. 4/21/14 7:27pm Jon Leidecker:

hey is there a THEME
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:27pm JakeGould:

Ranjit, you know what I want to hear? Source sound effects for Japanese sci-fi cartoons (Sentai even) and source sound effects for Shaw Brothers films.
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:27pm Rich in Washington:

I am being flooded with cartoon and video game memories! Nostalgia overload!
  Mon. 4/21/14 7:27pm Jon Leidecker:

hey is there a THEME
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:28pm Cori:

I think I won.
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:28pm People Like Us:

fast music by cartoon characters makes you anxious
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:28pm SeanG:

  Mon. 4/21/14 7:29pm Phil:

I think we all won
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:29pm Cori:

Try writing education papers during it. Yowza!
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:31pm People Like Us:

yes, on this show everyone's a winner
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:31pm People Like Us:

thanks Phil for alerting me to Muppet Christ Superstar which made me want to do this show
  Mon. 4/21/14 7:31pm Jon Leidecker:

having difficulty determining the theme though
  Mon. 4/21/14 7:32pm Phil:

Bing bing bing bing...
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:32pm People Like Us:

yes, Jon, I believe you
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:32pm ranjit:

Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:32pm People Like Us:

Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:33pm Mr. Lowry:

Muppets are weird. Jesus Christ Superstar is weird. This is off-the-scale.
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:33pm People Like Us:

I want to play the whole album
  Mon. 4/21/14 7:33pm Phil:

Much love!
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:34pm Mr. Lowry:

Is this for real?
  Mon. 4/21/14 7:34pm Phil:

It's all really good - no buyers remorse for me.
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:35pm People Like Us:

I didn't pay for it but then this is the GIFT economy
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:36pm People Like Us:

Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:37pm ranjit:

[thank you note]
  Mon. 4/21/14 7:37pm Sam:

I love this Effin' Show! Bloody brilliant!
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:38pm People Like Us:

ha ha
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:38pm Bethany Ryker:

The "Solitary Bee" sound comes from a very nice animation, I'm sure it can be conjured up online! Thanks for conjuring up the memory!
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:38pm Ken From Hyde Park:

There are plenty of Simpsons or South Park songs that could probably fill an hour. But then, we've heard them all. Do or DIY would mean unknown songs from unknown places. 84% of people here don't know where Ukraine is.
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:39pm People Like Us:

very nice premium it was too
thanks for sitting in on my show :)))))
  Mon. 4/21/14 7:39pm gen ken:

when you want to do your "All Jesus Christ Superstar Show" be sure to include Robin Kahn's acapoco version. It's fabulous!
  Mon. 4/21/14 7:39pm Sam:

The cartoon music mixed with the Pac man music was really cool - it kind of summed up all my childhood memories at once.
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:39pm People Like Us:

yes, I had Robin lined up for that show but then the Muppets took over (hello Gen Ken :))) )
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:40pm Cori:

Honky Tonk Woman! How great! Haha...
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:40pm People Like Us:

this track is almost overwhelming
  Mon. 4/21/14 7:41pm Phil:

JCS by Muppets is on Bandcamp if interested
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:41pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Dog step...goose step. What is next? Elk bugling?
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:41pm People Like Us:

please paste the link, Phil
  Mon. 4/21/14 7:41pm Phil:

Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:42pm People Like Us:

Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:42pm Andrew Waterloo:

This track makes me nervous, it makes me think of all the nesting Canada Geese near walkways and common areas in this city.
  Mon. 4/21/14 7:43pm MrFab:

hey Vicki, I recently posted the album from whence comes these singing geese:
and Ken "tweeted" it.
And I posted "Muppet Christ Superstar" yesterday!
  Mon. 4/21/14 7:43pm Phil:

Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:43pm People Like Us:

why do sheep sound like people pretending to be sheep?
  Mon. 4/21/14 7:44pm Robert:

That's OK, Ken -- at least 84% of the people IN Ukraine don't know where they are.
  Mon. 4/21/14 7:44pm Sam:

Does Kermit play the part of Jesus? I think they should have called it Kermit Christ Superstar, that has a better ring.
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:44pm People Like Us:

oh! Thank you Mr Fab - fantastic
I will grab tomorrow
Kenny had the goose track but I didn't know where from, got it from him a few years ago
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:44pm Rich in Washington:

those goats that sound like people yelling really creep me out.
  Mon. 4/21/14 7:45pm Phil:

Remember the Monty Python sketch about the 'very clever sheep'?
  Mon. 4/21/14 7:45pm Sam:

They're just whales.
  Mon. 4/21/14 7:45pm Robert:

As to that question, Vicki...meh.
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:45pm Rich in Washington:

Yes, Mr. Fab was where I first saw Muppet Christ! Thanks, senor Fab!
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:46pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Elk video - www.youtube.com...
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:46pm People Like Us:

I've BEEN to the Ukraine and I'm not sure where it is
I played on a military base in Sebastopol, which is now not the Ukraine but anyway hi
  Mon. 4/21/14 7:46pm Jon Leidecker:

I get it
The theme is chickens
  Mon. 4/21/14 7:46pm Phil:

Yes, Kermit is Jesus...
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:46pm northguineahills:

Cool, I love Andrea Williams' work! Her projects were so much fun when she lived in NYC.
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:47pm People Like Us:

oh ELKS! Thank you!
yes, it's CHICKENS
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:47pm People Like Us:

yes, she's much better than Wobbly

  Mon. 4/21/14 7:47pm Smurph:

loving the show
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:48pm People Like Us:

hello smurph
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:50pm People Like Us:

what shall I do next week?
  Mon. 4/21/14 7:51pm Sam:

In "The Muppet Movie" they're trying to make him sell out to a frog leg restaurant, but he has integrity and stands up to the bullies, and was ready to die for it, except that Animal saves him at the last minute. Sort of a similar Christ-like character.
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:51pm People Like Us:

Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:51pm dale:

can you devote an hour to the art of playing the musical saw?
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:51pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Next week - nose whistles.
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:51pm ranjit:

play all those frustrating cutups that keep a song from ever resolving
  Mon. 4/21/14 7:52pm Jon Leidecker:

I think a show with a theme would be good
Some of this week's choices were a little confusing, given the stated theme of chickens, but still very very good throughout
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:52pm People Like Us:

maybe I'll just do the whole lot that you suggest between now and the top of the hour
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:52pm dale:

or the spoons. or eefing.
  Mon. 4/21/14 7:52pm Sam:

Next week all martyrs
  Mon. 4/21/14 7:53pm Phil:

Selections from personal friends? Ergo, mr. fab, et. al?
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:53pm People Like Us:

yes, I realise it wasn't all chickens, and it did really NEED to be
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:54pm People Like Us:

I always play my fwends though
  Mon. 4/21/14 7:54pm Thom thumb othalon:

Brazilian theme?
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:54pm Rich in Washington:

I see Eugene Chadbourne wrote a review on AMG for Dan McLamb.
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:55pm People Like Us:

I will play ALL of these things
and we will all be really happy
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:55pm northguineahills:

Thanks Vicki! Beautifully fun show!
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:55pm People Like Us:

no matter what the others have I'm glad that I'm Bugs Bunny
  Mon. 4/21/14 7:56pm Jon Leidecker:

whispering lampshade audio only best-of
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:56pm Rich in Washington:

Thanks again for a wonderful show, Vicki!
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:56pm People Like Us:

I will look at at that tomorrow thankeee Jon :)
  Mon. 4/21/14 7:56pm Phil:

Vicki is always entertaining!
Thanks again!
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:57pm People Like Us:

thanks for listening peoples :) stay tuned for Bethany
  Mon. 4/21/14 7:57pm Santos L Halper:

Great show Vicki! Thanks for the MCSS ; will have to get that (and thanks those who linked to it). BYE!
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:57pm People Like Us:

and THIS is a cat playing a piano with an orchestra
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:57pm People Like Us:

thanks BYE!

Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:58pm ranjit:

I thought the cat playing the piano with an orchestra was Bethany's lead-in!
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:58pm People Like Us:

tell Kermit I sent you
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:59pm People Like Us:

ha ha
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:59pm People Like Us:

it could be!
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:59pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Is there music where the instruments are kitchen utensils?
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 7:59pm People Like Us:

yes, Vegetable Orchestra
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 8:00pm People Like Us:

well actually, they are FOOD
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 8:00pm People Like Us:

  Mon. 4/21/14 8:00pm MrFab:

Yes, ken, i can think of a couple examples...but we're out of time. remind me next week!
Avatar Mon. 4/21/14 8:01pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I imagine a cheese grater could sound like cowbell.

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