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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options April 18, 2014: Bad Business Names

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Listener comments!

Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:01pm Frangry:

Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:01pm Studio B Ben:

Looking at my WEIRDO friendship bracelet right now. LET'S MAKE IT WEIRD!
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:01pm Chingadera Con Queso:

Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:02pm robyn:

"Y'all ready for this?" - 2 Unlimited
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:03pm Kevlicki:

Fin du Monde has quite a high alcohol %
Hi Weridos!
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:03pm robyn:

If the Rapture happens when SUW is on, no one will notice.
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:03pm Rob F:

Happy Easter hot nerds!
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:03pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Are HOT SLAGS saved?
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:05pm robyn:

Oh dear god I wish the SUW phone number was "LIL-PINK."
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:05pm TheMarmot:

That trucking company "A. Duie Pyle" Oo
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:05pm Caryn:

Someone once talked about a Christian book and tchotcke store in Connecticut called "The Glory Hole". Apparently, they were unaware of the other meaning of those words.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:05pm Studio B Ben:

Actual business name of convenience stores in the midwest: Kum N Go
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:06pm Studio B Ben:

Another actual midwest business name: Whitey's. It's a ice cream chain, but still...
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:06pm Kevlicki:

Do these have to be real business names? or bad business name iodeas?
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:07pm madman:

hello frangry ,Michele,and fellow weirdos welcome to your weekly dose of shut up weirdo
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:07pm Studio B Ben:

Dance club at the top of a building: Roofie's
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:07pm dale:

greetings and salutations ladies! up here is a chinese restaurant called 'king dong.' chinese have the subliminal signage market cornered
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:07pm Rob F:

There's a furniture store called "Sofa King" and their slogan is "our prices are Sofa King LOW!" - for realz!
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:07pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Frangry's idea of a good time is kinda lame...
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:08pm Chingadera Con Queso:

There's a motel that was converted into a creepy flea market near me called the Ba-Czar.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:08pm Studio B Ben:

Actual Portland chinese restaurant (been around for many years): Hung Far Low. The sign says "cocktails" but someone always blacks out the "tails" part of it.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:08pm robyn:

the South Beach pronunciation of "portlandia"
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:09pm Jason:

Dump em out!!!!
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:09pm TheMarmot:

Turn the Ustream on!
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:10pm Spike:

Beat Meat Burgers and Phallic Frankfurters are bad names.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:10pm Frangry:

@jason only if you whip it out
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:10pm robyn:

There was a chicken place down the street from where I grew up called "Chicken Bucket." A rose by any other name...
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:10pm 4chewnahdoe:

Marmot should win with "A. Duie Pyle" I've seen the trucks too ;)
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:11pm totallybiased:

Chinatowns always have great names.I lived in L.A.'s Chinatown for years, loads of laughs
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:11pm Studio B Ben:

"Not doing the show right"? You say that when Frangry's topless? WHAT?!
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:12pm Caryn:

In Rotherham, there's a hair salon that tried to be "with it" by calling themselves "thehairshop.comb". Not a huge laugh, but hugely lame.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:12pm 4chewnahdoe:

Chinese food is only gross after you microwave it. It tastes gross.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:13pm madman:

good business names topless shut up weirdo!
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:13pm Chingadera Con Queso:

We have a hair salon called 'Curl up and Dye.'
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:13pm 4chewnahdoe:

Microwaved chicken always tastes weird and metal-y
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:13pm robyn:

let us know how quickly it takes frangry to develop a rash..
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:13pm 4chewnahdoe:

@Chingadera: that's on Route 22 in North Plainfield!
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:14pm Caryn:

Bad hair salon names and music of course then lead to the utterly terrible (again in the UK) "Curling U Softley". Ugh.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:14pm Studio B Ben:

Classic Simpson's Gag: Sneed's Feed and Seed (Formerly Chuck's)
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:14pm robyn:

Dirty Dick's is real. I've seen it.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:14pm dale:

these are all legitimate business names, so no foul
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:15pm Studio B Ben:

I saw a store in Tokyo called "Snobberry"
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:15pm Skirkie:

YOU KNOW there's probably a t-shirt that says "I got crabs from Dirty Dick."
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:16pm Chingadera Con Queso:

@4chewn Mine is on highway 58 in Coeburn! Small world!
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:16pm Chingadera Con Queso:

Denty's Discount Grocery
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:16pm dale:

how about haliburton? that's the name of a bad business....
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:16pm Skirkie:

Yup, there it is.

  Fri. 4/18/14 6:17pm MISTER JOHNNY:

When FRANGRY took her shirt off it got way hotter in that room.

Take off your pants, FRANGRY.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:17pm Carmichael:

I apologize for my tardiness, robots. I was detained by management for a Friday afternoon, hence useless, meeting.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:17pm dale:

victoria's secret is kinda dumb, too
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:17pm folsom:

Chicago had a chimney sweep named the ashwipe.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:17pm robyn:

Michele if I ever see you in person I'm going to pull your pretty little hair for that one.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:18pm Caryn:

In Ireland, a flooring shop manager is clearly a fan of 80s music. He named his shop "Lino Richie". Sheesh.
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:18pm LSMFT:

Victim of gentrification: the liquor store on Avenue C that was "always open for booze-ness"
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:18pm Myra:

I saw a place in Bushwick that sold strange world goods called JAMERIFRICAN. I bet that guy was high fiving all night!
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:18pm Studio B Ben:

Pete's Plumbing: Your #1 and #2 bathroom store.
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:18pm jeff in Puna:

"Pants Pantry" in Ridgewood. I wish I could include a picture.

Aloha to you both beautiful ladies
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:19pm Kellie:

There is a chinese restaurant in our town called "Wok in Wok out"! Side note: its next to Wal-Mart!
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:19pm Caryn:

In Sydney, there's a hair salon called "Blonde Dye Bleach". Sigh...
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:19pm Rob F:

Sofa King furniture. Our prices are Sofa King low! (Read about their ad being pulled because it sounded like the F bomb --- NY Post?)
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:19pm Carmichael:

There is a Chinese restaurant in San Francisco called Fuke Suke. I have the picture to prove it.
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:20pm King Dean:

Attempted crepe french cooking school
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:20pm Rob F:

Phuket Thai Food in San Francisco.

Turns out Phuket is a city in Thailand.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:21pm 4chewnahdoe:

LOL THIS: www.orlymoving.com
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:21pm Greetings from near Asbury Park:

My friend's sister lives in Havana, has a bookstore called "Cuba Libro". Is that bad or good?
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:21pm dj:

God. Why do people like this show? 2 uninteresting women that haven't got anything interesting to say. Once u see their faces they r so not sexy. I regret pledging money to u losers.
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:21pm Eric:

the hole in a barrel of wine or liquor is called the bung hole
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:21pm Kevlicki:

Johnny Mullers graduation party at Madman's place in joisey!
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:21pm Catherine:

Dog Groomer in town called Dog Gone Gorgeous
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:21pm heyjoletsgo:

a crepe shop called "cut the crepe", a hair salon called "curl up and die"
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:21pm 4chewnahdoe:

Yes! Post it! lol
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:21pm robyn:

In-n-Out, right. The nonetheless religious burger chain.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:21pm Carmichael:

I love you, dj.
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:22pm cglenn:

i'd come to jonny's get together...
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:22pm dale:

at the very least where an open cup bra for your on-air antics
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:22pm Studio B Ben:

Failed Dreams Temp Services
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:23pm folsom:

How about the pen Web store pen Island?
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:23pm Carmichael:

College students here used to trim the In-N-Out Burger bumpersticker so it said "In-N-Out Urge". So they quit making them.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:23pm Skirkie:

Muller's graduation is within a few weeks of the record fair.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:23pm Studio B Ben:

To enter Curry Heaven you must believe in Jesus Curry-rist.
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:24pm Eric:

those restaurants with nobody in them are set up for money laundering
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:24pm robyn:

Frangry's Flowers - Stems Only, Boys!
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:24pm Carmichael:

Just ditch the bra entirely, Michele.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:24pm Just Ted:

Robyn and Danny D thanks for the well wishes you left on the tattoo show.
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:24pm LSMFT:

Frangry's flower shop: Pussy Willows Galore !
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:25pm O-O:

Flower store name: "Orchids smell"
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:25pm Caryn:

There's a greengrocer's in the UK called "Melon Cauli". I wonder if the owner suffers from depression and the name is a cry for help?
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:25pm Skirkie:

There's a print shop in Nutley called "Prints Charming"
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:25pm Greetings from near Asbury Park:

Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:25pm dale:

port-o-potty service up here called 'poppa squat'
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:25pm Jim F:

Wine shop in San Francisco: Que Syrah. What is it about wine shops?
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:25pm ahmad:

Has Cluck-U Chicken been mentioned yet? http://www.cluckuchicken.com/
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:25pm TheMarmot:

Michele, hate to be a buzzkill but vomitorium refers to a feature of an ampitheatre / arena, not a place where people threw up after overindulgence in food and drink
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:25pm Spot:

When Frangry gets hungry and irritable does she call herself Hangry?
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:25pm robyn:

@Just Ted xoxo!! @LSMFT oooo good one.
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:26pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Should the Weirdos stop by Michele's home now that she told us where she lives?

Hey Burglars!!! Now would be a great time to steal all of Michele's shit.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:26pm dale:

j.c. penney is pretty awful
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:26pm TheMarmot:

  Fri. 4/18/14 6:26pm dj:

I don't Car
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:26pm Studio B Ben:

Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:27pm Just Ted:

once again thanks robyn
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:27pm adl:

There is an Orthodox Jewish lingerie store on the outskirts of Bensonhurst named Underworld Plaza.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:27pm Caryn:

@TheMarmot: that's something I always have to be a buzzkill about to my friends. But at least Ken's masturbatorium is what people think it is.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:27pm Studio B Ben:

Portland restaurant: Pho Kim
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:27pm Carmichael:

I car, everywhere I go. Cuz I live in the suburbs.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:28pm Studio B Ben:

Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:28pm robyn:

Thai Me Up
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:28pm robi:

Hung Far Low in PDX.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:29pm robyn:

@studio b ben good one
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:30pm 4chewnahdoe:

Barb Dwyer lmao
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:31pm P-90:

That's a nasty sounding cough, had that for long?
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:31pm Carmichael:

I have a picture of the Hung Far Low place. There's also a Poo Ping Palace and Phat Cock.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:31pm Chingadera Con Queso:

There is also a strip club nearby called 'Fuzzy Holes.'
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:31pm dale:

the old log in was a good joke - 'how far is the old log in?'
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:31pm Greetings from near Asbury Park:

Port-Lawn-Dia Landscaping. Boom!
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:31pm dj:

The theme of this show is: Two sad women looking for a husband. Blagh. Stick to music WFMU.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:32pm TheMarmot:

G.Fried Carpet
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:32pm dj:

Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:33pm Studio B Ben:

Kentucky Knife Kare
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:33pm MISTER JOHNNY:


That will be the title of her tell-all memoirs.
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:33pm P-90:

Oh. that's the left-over cold from last week. Sorry. forgot you were sick, glad you're getting better. I had a nasty 2-week cold myself, it sucked...
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:33pm Studio B Ben:

Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:33pm Carmichael:

Oh, there's actually a real place called Big Dick's Halfway Inn.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:33pm dale:

there's a 'lawn in order' up here. prolly a lot of them
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:33pm Caryn:

Sometimes, little things in a name can make you laugh. "Mr. Cho's Italian Restaurant" for instance. Mr. Cho... Italian? Okay.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:34pm 4chewnahdoe:

What about a store in Long Island that sells lawn ornaments called "Lawn Guy Land"?
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:34pm Ramou:

Lawn & Order would be a good landscaping business though. Snaps to Michelle.
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:34pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Would Frangry & Michele make a good lesbian couple?
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:34pm Chingadera Con Queso:

There is an IHOP on Cox avenue in Charlotte, NC, and they answer the phone, "IHOP on Cox..."
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:34pm Sammy:

Brand New Dead Things - a taxidermist shop I passed somewhere in Arizona.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:34pm robyn:

yeah i'm sure if you guys were lesbians all the guys would tune out. cos that's how the world works.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:34pm dale:

people went to google images - where a lot of the callers are getting their ideas
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:35pm Caryn:

Norway is clearly the place for weird hair salon names. For instance, "Hair and There". And "Cut the Crap".
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:35pm TheMarmot:

Man if you thought the creep factor was high now, if you girls admit to, I mean, IF you girls were esbians, it would be astronomical.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:35pm robyn:

we've already discussed this. frangry would be a "pillow princess."
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:35pm henrymiller:

My friend Tony in Atlanta wants to open a record store called Ear Wax
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:35pm dale:

frangry would beat michele. divorce would ensue. i hope michele gets everything.
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:35pm dj:

No because neither of you are hot.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:35pm Carmichael:

  Fri. 4/18/14 6:35pm Danne D:

Hi Frangry :) <3333
Hi FoodBed :) <333
Hi Weirdos :)

heading home from volunteering at the station so oddly enough I have to listen on archive this week.

so good to see you Frangry and Michele :)
Have a good one!
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:36pm Studio B Ben:

Guns & Roses Shooting Range & Florist
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:36pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Curl Up & Dye Hair Salon
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:36pm Caryn:

My favourite shop name suitable for Easter: the Norwegian cheese shop called "Cheeses of Nazareth".
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:36pm heyjoletsgo:

One of my local bars is called Disgracelend
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:36pm P-90:

"Sad women?" "Husband?" Is dj listening to the same show I am?

If you were lesbians, most of your listeners wouldn't be women, but you'd probably have an even large audience of devoted male followers. That's just how it works
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:37pm Studio B Ben:

Get In My Pants! Clothing Company
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:37pm robyn:

@dale michele would definitely beat frangry. and then frangry would go sleep with some grungry man. basically The Kids Are All Right
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:37pm madman:

lord of the fries
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:38pm Carmichael:

DJ's a troll, P-90. Don't go under the bridge and you'll be fine.
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:38pm heyjoletsgo:

Bob Lawblaws' Loblaws
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:38pm 4chewnahdoe:

Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:38pm Carmichael:

There's a bar here called The Office.
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:38pm mikey_germany:

"we suck and blow" - sewer cleaning company
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:39pm robyn:

Michele you should become like a Pizza Johnny Appleseed. The pizza in austin sucks.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:40pm kevin g:

There was a pizza place on 14th St called "Pete's A Place".
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:40pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:40pm Studio B Ben:

Jimmy's Hats
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:41pm heyjoletsgo:

  Fri. 4/18/14 6:41pm Spot:

There was once a woman-run construction company in Texas called "Tongue and Groove"
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:41pm Carmichael:

Oh yeah, There's a mexican place here called Juan in a Million.
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:41pm dj:

Frangry has a husband? Then she's not getting enough satisfaction from him cause shes always drunk.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:42pm BennettCap:

Restaurant/Vomitorium? Michele's One-Stop Slop & Glop
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:42pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Do they crucify people in Nicaragua for Easter?
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:42pm totallybiased:

SOY DIVISION. drrrrrrrr
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:42pm P-90:

Real window replacement service: "Pane in the Glass"
Real furniture refinisher in London: "Jack the Stripper"
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:42pm Skirkie:

Cheeses of Nazareth should win if you ask me.

Made me think of "Cheeses Fries Superstar"
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:43pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Michele, please take Frangry's car keys!!!

She's in no condition to drive, for the love of God.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:43pm Chingadera Con Queso:

Vacuum repair shop called 'we make it suck!'
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:43pm 4chewnahdoe:

What about this: felonyfranks.com
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:43pm Carmichael:

Jesus, Spike has a sense of humor.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:44pm 4chewnahdoe:

It's called a palindrome
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:44pm Studio B Ben:

PDX Food Truck: Kim Jong Grillin'
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:44pm dj:

Hey 'FMU. Nice going promoting alcoholism with this show. Frangry is a one person booze advert. AA members everywhere thank u.
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:44pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Are you guys gonna color eggs tonight???
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:45pm totallybiased:

There's a "Bustop" titty bar in Boulder
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:45pm MISTER JOHNNY:

FRANGRY is NOT an alcoholic!!!

She's a drunk, OK?
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:45pm robyn:

I have a running joke with my friends, based on our college lifestyles, of one day opening a for-profit college called RELAXXXXX: College, Bar & Grill
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:45pm 4chewnahdoe:

DUDE you can't forget about TheMarmot with "A. Duie Pyle"
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:46pm 4chewnahdoe:

Yeah alcoholics go to meetings, drunks don't
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:46pm Carmichael:

Yreka Bakery is a palindrome.
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:46pm mikey_germany:

dr. hammer - orthopedist (actually exists)
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:47pm P-90:

Easy, she's a drunk for sure. A drunk is fun, an alcoholic is tragic
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:47pm dj:

Same difference dumb asses.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:47pm Skirkie:

A troll started it and the rest were joking around I think.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:47pm dale:

i'm on my third drink. still have my shirt on - for NOW.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:48pm Frangry:

two beers doesnt make me a drunk or an alchy, dummies.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:48pm robyn:

omg frangry. the name of your flower shop should be "Just the Tip"
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:48pm Studio B Ben:

  Fri. 4/18/14 6:48pm dj:

Face ur fears Michelle. FACE THEM!! It's true. Saying u r drunk every other show is terrible for the kids listening.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:48pm madman:

  Fri. 4/18/14 6:49pm dj:

Doh Ben.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:49pm Skirkie:

I never knew a troll to be a "think of the children!" troll. Interesting.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:49pm Studio B Ben:

Frangry's Magic Tulips
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:50pm Carmichael:

Can someone zap the troll? Kenzo?
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:50pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Do Frangry and Michele's Moms still sent them Easter Baskets???
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:50pm Andrew:

There is a Porta-potty company in New England called Blow Bros and their slogan is "We're #1 in the #2 Business"
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:51pm robyn:

Chris I'm not sure whether to go a KKK or Trayvon Martin route with the stocking of my store.
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:51pm dj:

A 37 year old party girl!!!! Yeeeehaaaa!!
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:52pm Jay-Z:

I wanna start an E.D. support blog for my boy 'Ye, "www.Surf_Bored.org"
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:52pm dale:

if frangry has sex with micheles father the whole dynamic of the show will change
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:52pm Listener Terry:

I'm pretty sure there is actually a Vietnamese noodle shop called "Pho King".
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:53pm MISTER JOHNNY:

What's the best Easter Candy?

The worst is obviously black jelly beans.
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:53pm A:

Bunghole Liquors (in Salem)
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:53pm robyn:

like a Game of Thrones family
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:53pm Greetings from near Asbury Park:

Lingerie shop: One Girl Two Cups
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:53pm Frangry:

i love black jelly beans
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:54pm Carmichael:

@Johnny: Solid Chocolate Bunnies, which is also the name of my next band.
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:54pm dj:

That's ok. Can't take criticism is typical of ppl who h8 themselves. Come next year I aint spending $1 on Shut Up Weirdo.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:54pm madman:

  Fri. 4/18/14 6:54pm MISTER JOHNNY:

I don't think FRANGRY would go past second base with Michele's Father.

She's a classy broad.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:54pm robyn:

I would totally hang out at Eating Disorder all the time.
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:55pm P-90:

Cousin crushes are way hot!
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:55pm Listener Terry:

My friends had a record store called "The Vinyl Solution" in Port Chester.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:55pm Kevlicki:

Good to hear ya madman!
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:55pm Mutant:

There is a Seattle MMJ store called Seaweed. I always thought that was good.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:56pm Carmichael:

Nazi references always draw the crowd, Terry.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:56pm robyn:

lol @terry and carmichael
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:56pm chalmers:

Dentist in Berkeley Heights is Dr. Fang
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:57pm MISTER JOHNNY:

FRANGRY, take off your shirt in front of Michele's Dad. He'll LOVE it!!!
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:57pm Kevlicki:

Robyn, again Its so hard to talk on the radio!
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:57pm Frangry:

bye weirdos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:57pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:57pm 4chewnahdoe:

@chalmers I'm googling that
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:57pm Kevlicki:

Have a good weekend weirdoa
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:58pm 4chewnahdoe:

@chalmers www.fangdental.com
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:58pm Carmichael:

Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:58pm Chingadera Con Queso:

Bye errbody!
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:58pm robyn:

Kevlicki please open that cafe. Seriously that's so fucking awesome. I feel like I'd run into 90s winona ryder there. and what more could you ask for
  Fri. 4/18/14 6:59pm dj:

Total waste of an hour.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:59pm robyn:

other frangry flower shop names: "Pee-on-these"
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:59pm Kevlicki:

coming to a gentryfying neiohborhood soon, Eating Dis-order
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 6:59pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 7:00pm Kevlicki:

@Dj, did you just sit on your ass and listen?
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 7:00pm Kevlicki:

@dj you wasted your own time
  Fri. 4/18/14 7:01pm Spot:

For his next trick, dj will climb back up his own ass.
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 7:02pm Kevlicki:

reminder, there's plenty of archives to listen to
Avatar Fri. 4/18/14 8:03pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Hey, gang! I am home now.
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