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Ken and Andy further lower WFMU's already abysmal standards as the program enters its death throes. Stunt radio which subjects the radio audience to concepts and topics which mature adults should not have to endure. Find the fatal flaw. (Visit homepage.)

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Options April 9, 2014: Vinyl vs. Digital

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Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:02pm groucho:

Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:03pm Mike Noble:

it was up, now it's fixed
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:03pm Carmichael:

OK, its fixed.
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:03pm Mike Noble:

It was on Why oh why for a bit
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:04pm Nick the Bard:

it was practically joke
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:04pm groucho:

Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:04pm Listener Julian:

I smell a trap...
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:04pm Mike Noble:

Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:04pm ottovonbqe:

why oh why am i listening to 7 second delay
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:04pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Can't believe I got through tonight (to the playlist).
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:05pm Carmichael:

I didn't. Jew?
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:05pm Mike Noble:

Sounds like a conversation at my house: "Jeet?" "Nah, Jew?"
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:06pm Chris M.:

i will never testify against Andy if he destroys NPR
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:06pm ottovonbqe:

i wish this show was more like car talk.
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:07pm Ange:

That's what happens if I do my playlist before they've created theirs! Sorry for the confusion!
  Wed. 4/9/14 6:07pm someguy:

Is Ken actually saying that he has people claiming they can tell the difference over the radio, web-stream or phone??? I'm a vinyl fetishist extraordinaire but I wouldn't claim that at all. Of course you can't tell the difference over the radio.Possible fatal flaw...
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:08pm cklequ:

I'm with you, Chris. In this case the end justifies the means.
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:08pm Carmichael:

Ange, I was hoping the FMU feed would change, not the playlists.
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:09pm ottovonbqe:

If car talk can fix your car over the radio, it should be possible to hear tell a vinyl player from a cd player.
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:10pm Listener Julian:

Seriously, this is some kind of trap topic, isn't it?
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:10pm earrie:

So digitized vinyl = digital. Yes?
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:10pm Ken From Hyde Park:

A CD player will have a lot less wow and flutter.
  Wed. 4/9/14 6:10pm someguy:

I think you're right Julian
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:11pm Carmichael:

Don't call in. Andy will force you to listen to the Eagles.
  Wed. 4/9/14 6:13pm jeff in Puna:

128k streaming, vinyl or not. ya? I feel a prank coming up. Shhhh.....
  Wed. 4/9/14 6:14pm f@f@ (:

Yay! So happy to be here and listen to the show live for the first time! Although I know andy would think that's pretty sad.
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:14pm BadGuyZero:

This caller has Turntable 3 at home?
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:17pm cklequ:

You have to get 3 out of 3?
This hardly seems fair.
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:17pm BadGuyZero:

50% chance. They're either correct or they're not.
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:18pm Mike Noble:

Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:18pm map:

Trying to guess over the phone would be next to impossible
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:18pm Carmichael:

I missed the songs. Did Andy play Footloose?
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:21pm cklequ:

makes you wonder which episode they tuned in for.
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:22pm the glowing one:

that's tape.
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:23pm Listener Julian:

That's great life advice!
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:23pm Andrew Waterloo:

did I hear it ramp up?
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:24pm ottovonbqe:

I think if you call on a copper landline you could still be getting a pure analog experience.
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:24pm the glowing one:

wasn't just you
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:24pm the glowing one:

FM is analog
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:25pm Carmichael:

What if you listen on ham radio?
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:25pm earrie:

Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:25pm the glowing one:

and big deal of current vinyl releases were produced digitally
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:26pm ottovonbqe:

that's analog, but not kosher.
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:26pm Carmichael:

I listen on my yogurt maker.
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:28pm the glowing one:

  Wed. 4/9/14 6:28pm someguy:

Doesn't matter if phone or radio is analog - the overall fidelity and volume over the radio won't be enough to tell the difference between the sound sources

Most releases are digitally produced but they're recorded as 24-bit wav files which are much higher fidelity than CDs.
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:28pm Danne D:

I think vinyl
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:28pm Danne D:

yep I heard the pop :)
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:28pm Andrew Waterloo:

@the glowing one, Kevin Shields said the Loveless vinyl was masted to video tape.
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:29pm chris:

and thus the fatal flaw reveals itself
  Wed. 4/9/14 6:29pm jeff in Puna:

Ah, the secret is in the surface noise.....
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:29pm Andrew Waterloo:

@the glowing one, I say a very small minority of releases in the last 10 years are the result of a pure analog process.
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:29pm Listener Julian:

Something's fishy about this episode: Eerily banal topic, Andy's level of engagement in the topic, Ken's interest in drawing out the creepier elements of FMU's listenership...
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:30pm Danne D:

Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:31pm chris:

correction, Andy, the listeners are not 0 for 5.... the callers are 0 for 5. the listeners are 2 for five at least.
  Wed. 4/9/14 6:31pm Robert:

See if they can tell the difference between a 33 & 78 needle.
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:31pm Nick the Bard:

here's the secret to the show tonight - all the bands being played tonight are live in the studio
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:32pm Chris M.:

i've gotten the last two right
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:32pm Danne D:

me too
  Wed. 4/9/14 6:33pm Robert:

Wait, so the program, 7SD, is misnamed?
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:34pm chris:

@Nick, lol :-)
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:35pm the glowing one:

Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:36pm chris:

Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:36pm Danne D:

almost guessed Vinyl because I thought it was digital :D

I shoulda called from the scratchy land line
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:37pm chris:

Phones lines suck for listening to music, it is proven now.
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:37pm earrie:

The 'we can't hear shit episode' ?
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:37pm Danne D:

I have absolutely no idea what was up with the clack in the middle of the call - it reminded me of those old-school hearing tests they give you in school where you'd hear this big CLACK when they switch ears.
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:38pm Risky:

Oh man this is so great! Cracking up over here.
Andy is endlessly entertaining.
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:38pm Danne D:

maybe the giveaway is the answer to the "do you have a vinyl player" question? If you say "no" they play vinyl if you say yes they play digital?
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:39pm Danne D:

I'll say digital
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:39pm earrie:

Ding ding ding ding ding.
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:39pm Listener Julian:

@Danne D - That's what I was thinking!!!
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:39pm chris:

Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:39pm Danne D:

Oh my God - we were supposed to guess 3?!?
Jeez - easier to get the perfect bracket.

I'll say digital again
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:39pm chris:

Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:40pm chris:

Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:40pm Danne D:

I shoulda turned off the phone and done the delay on my computer :D
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:40pm Danne D:

I bet earrie would be good at this game with a name like that - you should call :)
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:42pm Danne D:

lol digital
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:43pm Danne D:

Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:43pm earrie:

No way. I'm wearing headphones and have only gotten one myself. I listen to some digitized vinyl, too.
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:43pm Danne D:

damn broke my computer streak
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:44pm Danne D:

you should try anyway :)

this is a good show for shy callers - straightforward topic
  Wed. 4/9/14 6:45pm Robert:

No Approxi-play list of these snatches?
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:46pm Danne D:

Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:46pm Andrew Waterloo:

Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:46pm Risky:

Andy had got me cracking up so hard
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:46pm chris:

Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:48pm groucho:

this is awful. The first time I ever listen in live (I usually listen on a thursday, I'm in England so it's quite late for me) and it's the worst show idea ever. I love you guys, but next week I'll be back to listening to the archives (though, typically, I bet next week's episode is gold, damn you beautiful, weird people)
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:48pm Danne D:

LOL I bet Andy is flipping coins and just saying Vinyl or Digital
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:49pm Danne D:

You should call Groucho - that will pick things up I bet :)

I will say vinyl
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:50pm Andrew Waterloo:

I had digital
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:50pm groucho:

...and it'll cost me about £50
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:50pm Danne D:


Andy mentioned coin flipping again - groucho should call and ask if they are just flipping coins and it's all digital:)
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:50pm earrie:

Aw groucho. It's not the worst by a long shot.
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:50pm Risky:

@groucho I think its always funnier on archives! Its absurdly great!
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:50pm Bas NL:

I'm getting a slight prejudice against music released on vinyl AND digital..
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:51pm BadGuyZero:

Andy is correct.
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:51pm Danne D:

@Groucho - yeah Earrie is right - they have sunk much lower. I mean Andy seems like he's nowhere near losing his will to live.
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:51pm groucho:

@earrie - you're right, yes
@everyone saying I should call in - I can't afford to call america. Someone call pretending to be me.
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:51pm Andrew Waterloo:

We'll just pretend he's wrong because he's Andy
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:51pm Danne D:

BAS :)

It could be Digital Records of Vinyl Records :D
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:52pm Risky:

I like grouchos idea!
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:52pm BadGuyZero:

When I rent a car I always check the arrow when pulling into a gas station.
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:52pm Danne D:

good idea, groucho :)
BGZ should try calling as you :)
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:52pm groucho:

yes @Danne D, plus there's been some 'perfect calls' with Zingers and everything
  Wed. 4/9/14 6:52pm Tom:

You Rite Andy
  Wed. 4/9/14 6:53pm Robert:

What you have to do is get out and see which way the ash you flick fro your cigaret blows.
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:53pm Bas NL:

@Danne D.. Yeah, could be!
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:53pm Andrew Waterloo:

Your tire sizes and pressures are on the side of the driver's door too.
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:54pm Danne D:

Somebody guess digital recording of vinyl!!!
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:54pm cosmic matrix:

Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:54pm cosmic matrix:

WE'RE ALL RIGHT! we're alright?
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:54pm chris:

German cars have gas tank on right-hand side; Japanese and British cars have gas tank on left... both so you won't get run over if you need to put gas in your car on the side of the road... American cars are hit and miss, so to speak.
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:55pm Danne D:

i guess vinyl vinyl vinyl :)
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:55pm Andrew Waterloo:

@chris, that is an appropriate metaphor.
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:55pm earrie:

Digital recording of vinyl that was pressed on to new vinyl.
  Wed. 4/9/14 6:56pm Pete the Flicker:

I discovered that life advice factoid a few years ago, but it does not hold true to all cars. But it is fun when you finally discover it on your own car.
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:57pm Risky:

Looking forward to nuthin! LMAO!
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:57pm Ken From Hyde Park:

To access the gas filler in our 1966 Impala, you had to swing the rear license plate down & out of the way. Neither left nor right....it was directly in the middle.
  Wed. 4/9/14 6:57pm herb.nyc:

I have a vinyl-cd indicator on my stereo. You don't?
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:57pm Bas NL:

I got a digital box adding and mimicking vinyl; scratches, dust and you can even set RPMs!
  Wed. 4/9/14 6:58pm Stau:

Not true. I have a 2009 German car. No arrow.
  Wed. 4/9/14 6:58pm Stau:

Could be US mfg cars
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:58pm Ken From Hyde Park:

How often should one change the blinker fluid?
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 6:59pm Danne D:

take care everyone :)
  Wed. 4/9/14 6:59pm Stau:

Ken should get an arrow tattoo now
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 7:00pm earrie:

I learned a lot.
  Wed. 4/9/14 7:00pm Robert:

They don't allow clowns on airliners now?
Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 7:01pm cosmic matrix:

Avatar Wed. 4/9/14 7:01pm Bas NL:

Interesting show!
Avatar Wed. 4/16/14 11:51am Mdurek:

This would have been a good show for post April fools day! I only heard some of it, but I'm curious if the hosts were secretly laughing at how any fidelity benefit of vinyl would be destroyed by the compression used to get the sounds to 8bit 15kHz or so required for FM radio. I suspect they were :D
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