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The Failure of Noise
The Failure of Sound
The Failure of Rock
The Failure of the Avant Garde
The Failure of the Space Age
The Failure of Jazz
The Failure of Psychedelia
The Failure of Krautrock
The Failure of Electronic
The Failure of Pop
The Failure of Free-form
The Failure of the 20th Century

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Options March 27, 2014: Failure is not a veiled attitude

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Artist Track Album Comments
james last  Mr. Giant Man   Options Voodoo Party   
Joe Delia  Voices II (Listen: )   Options Ms. 45  Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 
Bo Anders Persson  Piece II (Listen: )   Options Love Is Here To Stay   
Jaap Blonk  Krak Piekaporr (Listen: )   Options Mixed From Heaven   
Jaap Blonk  The Prime Minister I (Listen: )   Options Mixed From Heaven   
  (Listen to your DJ: )
Courtis/Moore  Punk Butter (Listen: )   Options Kppb   
Giuseppe Ielasi & Andrew Peklar  Olgino (Listen: )   Options Holiday for Sampler   
L. Voag  The Tuned Knife and Fork Toned Down to a Light Lunch (Listen: )   Options The Way Out   
Dean Roberts  The Cold Clear Surface (Listen: )   Options Maschinelle Strategeme (v/A)   
Qubais Reed Ghazala  Silence the Tongues of Prophecy (Listen: )   Options Gravikords, Whirlies & Pyrophones   
P16.D4  Aktion: Leer, Korn; Bier (Listen: )   Options Tionchor   
P16.D4  Physisch Erschopft (Listen: )   Options Tionchor   
  (Listen to your DJ: )
Kirk Thompson  In safe Hands (Listen: )   Options Happy Machine: Standard Music Library 1970-2010   
Brian Hodgson  The Craters of Mars (Listen: )   Options Happy Machine: Standard Music Library 1970-2010   
Elliot Ireland, Alessandro Rizzo, Tom Greenwood  Sous Sol (Listen: )   Options Happy Machine: Standard Music Library 1970-2010   
Emiter  Oscines (Listen: )   Options Air/Field/Feedback   
Franco Battiato  Rien Ne Va Plus: Andante (Listen: )   Options Clic   
Steinbruchel  Interlude 2 (Listen: )   Options Basis   
Relay For Death  Birth of an Older, Much More Ugly Christ (excerpt) (Listen: )   Options Birth of an Older, Much More Ugly Christ   
  (Listen to your DJ: )
Igor Wakhevitch  Danse Sacrale (Listen: )   Options Danse Sacrale (V/A)   
Can  Waiting For the Streetcar (Listen: )   Options The Lost Tapes   
Gunter Schickert  Rabe in der Nacht (Listen: )   Options Kinder in der Wildnis   
Jean Jacques Dexter  Be Quiet (Listen: )   Options Dirty French Psychedelics (V/A)   
The Godz  Permanent Green Light (Listen: )   Options 2   
Kaleidoscope  Faintly Blowing (Listen: )   Options Faintly Blowing   

Listener comments!

  Thu. 3/27/14 3:04pm Cecile:

Hey Fab, all!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/27/14 3:06pm common:

fabio. everyone.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 3/27/14 3:08pm steve:

hey failures
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/27/14 3:09pm tim from champaign:

Howdy Cecile, common, steve and Fab!
  Thu. 3/27/14 3:14pm plaid:

this is some of that monolith worshipping music isn't it?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/27/14 3:15pm common:

hey tim!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 3/27/14 3:15pm DCE:

lovely, lovely! this is the guy from the Parsson Sound and International Harvester, right?
  Thu. 3/27/14 3:15pm Nick in Hudson:

No, I won't give up STF for lent...I..I...just...cant.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 3/27/14 3:15pm coelacanth:

Hello Fabio,Cecile,common,steve,tim,and plaid!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 3/27/14 3:18pm coelacanth:

- and everyone else!
...common,should i assume that's advtisement; or do you own the coveted 1800 sportwagen? (in a peachy color)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/27/14 3:19pm tim from champaign:

Hey coelacanth!

I was not aware of Ms. 45. I dig Abel Ferrera.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 3/27/14 3:29pm DCE:

what? what will the PM say and do??
Avatar    Thu. 3/27/14 3:35pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

That last Blonk was phenomenal.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 3/27/14 3:37pm DCE:

Baby Blonk me one more TIME
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 3/27/14 3:37pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Lots of fail going around today.
  Thu. 3/27/14 3:38pm gutzy:

any chance of a power chord in the next three hours?
  Thu. 3/27/14 3:44pm blee:

Greetings everybody! Excellent soundtrack for taxidermy.
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 3:48pm nanantatee:

my brain says, delicious
  Thu. 3/27/14 3:49pm r i s k y:

Hey Fabio, hey all!
  Thu. 3/27/14 3:49pm blee:

@gutsy Here's a power chord for you: #C5
Avatar    Thu. 3/27/14 3:49pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Avatar    Thu. 3/27/14 3:50pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

…damned good chance I'll be all-caps-exclamation-pointing this one as well. Pucker up, clicky-star...
  Thu. 3/27/14 3:52pm Lois Hormel:

My canary is agitated by the music. I am hooding her cage.
  Thu. 3/27/14 3:57pm pussycat:

the failure of canaries
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/27/14 3:58pm common:

@coelacanth: sorry so late. i had to work like a jerk. i stole it from tim's playlist yesterday. it was tooooo good!
  Thu. 3/27/14 3:58pm Lois Hormel:

She likes Bryce, but Fabio's music is too challenging for her. I'm noting feather loss and increased cloacal output during Strength.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 3/27/14 4:00pm DCE:

7 stars in a row, I guess i can safely star the episode
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 3/27/14 4:01pm steve:

sweet speak and spell bendy action
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/27/14 4:02pm dale:

dear god this is creeping me out. fantastic!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 3/27/14 4:03pm DCE:

is the canary still alive?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 3/27/14 4:03pm kirk from beer city usa:

R2D2 stole my speak 'n' spell!
  Thu. 3/27/14 4:08pm nic:

this is great_actually the whole show has been great
  Thu. 3/27/14 4:08pm Lois Hormel:

The canary (Jane) is alive, though poor-doing. I have her on the Starburst diet and the yellow ones seem to please her. Still, I'm concerned. She has quieted since I lowered the hood, but some of these sharper bell sounds of Fabio's music irritate her. I am not surprised. She is small, just under a U.S. pound.
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 4:10pm kat330:

Small, just under a pound?? Sounds like a rather large canary.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 3/27/14 4:10pm DCE:

you could use headphones.
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 4:10pm kat330:

Oh, hi, Fab & folk!
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 4:15pm kat330:

If Jane is named after Martha Jane Cannary (who is in my family tree my mother told me), I suppose she's prone to calamity.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/27/14 4:15pm tim from champaign:

Hey kirk!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 3/27/14 4:19pm steve:

why on earth does Demdike Stare get no play on FMU? i think they're one of the best new artists of the past few years.
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 4:20pm northguineahills:

I agree, steve.
  Thu. 3/27/14 4:20pm Lois Hormel:

Jane is a flightless bird, but she is a fast runner. She enjoys the modified hamster wheel in her cage. She just runs and runs. The hood is down now. She's mostly quiet, save the occasional clicking sound she makes with her hard, parrot-like tongue.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 3/27/14 4:21pm coelacanth:

common- Yes that image is wonderful in many ways!
(of course,i do have a thing for volvos...and bellbottoms!)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/27/14 4:22pm common:

@coelacanth: me too!

wish jardowaski woulda been able to make dune!
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 4:22pm kat330:

Giger is a hoot. The special features with him on the Alien box set are most interesting.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/27/14 4:23pm dale:

piano forte missimo!
pretty fucked much?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 3/27/14 4:23pm Davis:

the 1800 es is the holy grail of volvos (in pink as well!) and the 262. i have a thing for volvos also
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/27/14 4:23pm tim from champaign:

PFM? I know what PSK means but not PFM.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/27/14 4:24pm Mike East:

really wanna see Jodorowsky's Dune...but I doubt I can get my wife to go along with it. Also wanted to catch Hitchcock's Frenzy, but that ain't gonna happen.
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 4:24pm mariano:

Peruvian funk music?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 3/27/14 4:26pm DCE:

I just saw Frenzy about a month ago, Mike East, on TCM. It was good and I got a few really weird samples from it.
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 4:26pm kat330:

Por favor, music!
  Thu. 3/27/14 4:26pm Santos L Halper:

Nice article in WSJ recently on that Dune doc. Wish I was local so I could see it, but hopefully on Netflix soon.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/27/14 4:27pm dale:

posthumous fretting machine
  Thu. 3/27/14 4:27pm Santos L Halper:

Also NYT mag re: Jodorowsky, haven't read yet
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 3/27/14 4:27pm Davis:

@DCE hopefully not "lovely, lovely, lovely"
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 3/27/14 4:28pm DCE:

hahaha, yeah, I'm not sure where I'm going to use it, but I totally stopped the movie and went back and recorded that
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 4:29pm kat330:

I thought Frenzy wasn't a topnotch Hitchcock, but better than "Family Plot."
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 3/27/14 4:29pm Davis:

christ in staples! that will be a scary tune
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/27/14 4:30pm Mike East:

@DCE - awesome. I read a review of it last week and thought "how have I not seen this?"
@kat330 - haven't seen that one either.
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 4:31pm northguineahills:

My gf already got tix for the Jodorowsky Dune doc. She loves Jodorowsky, and got me some old compendiums of his comics he did before Holy Mountain in Mex City.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/27/14 4:32pm common:

JORDOROWSKY. i just can't spell. really wanna see that doc!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 3/27/14 4:32pm Ike:

Frenzy is creepy as hell. It's great if you like your Hitchcock gruesome.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/27/14 4:32pm tim from champaign:

I've caught some gems on the big screen this past month: Holy Mountain, North By Northwest, Bottle Rocket and A Field In England.
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 4:33pm InBrkly:

Mike, my wife isn't into SciFi, and carfe for surrealism (in film), but she liked the Dune doc.
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 4:34pm kat330:

Besides Psycho -- the very first Hitchcock I saw -- I'd go with Notorious and North by Northwest. And no, I'm not some Cary Grant fan grrrrl, just happens that way.
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 4:35pm InBrkly:

I learned from the doc that the comic books preserve some (all?) of the art (and maybe some of the storyline) that was created for Dune.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/27/14 4:35pm common:

i'm with you, kat330. i thought frenzy was pretty good for a later film. pretty brutal, though.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 3/27/14 4:36pm Davis:

i agree with Ike, not pleasant
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/27/14 4:38pm Mike East:

I go NXNW and Rear Window
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 4:39pm kat330:

Yes, Rear Window's a corker, too.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 3/27/14 4:41pm kirk from beer city usa:

tim, could you drink a beer while you watched those movies?
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 4:42pm kat330:

A nanosecond of Chopin's Minute Waltz?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 3/27/14 4:43pm Ike:

Lifeboat, The Lady Vanishes, NXNW, Foreign Correspondent, original Man Who Knew Too Much
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 4:47pm kat330:

Re: Notorious: I think the fact Cary Grant exuded no sexuality -- while Ingrid overflowed with it -- made the film more of a mystery than it might have been otherwise.
Avatar    Thu. 3/27/14 4:51pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

fan bloody tastic audio
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 3/27/14 4:52pm Ike:

What Rev Turnip said. Great show today.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/27/14 4:55pm tim from champaign:

@kirk - nope. I had to get messed up on popcorn and la croix. The theater does serve decent beer though.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/27/14 4:55pm common:

ike, rev...correct!
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 4:55pm V Priceless:

seeing PFM in two weeks!
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 4:56pm northguineahills:

ahhh, I thought I heard PFN, and could only think of a German noise artist.
Avatar    Thu. 3/27/14 4:56pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

I would've won the fix, but alas, I'm way out of town.

Still got my PFM live bootleg VHS tapes, even. "the world became the world" is still a favorite LP of the genre...
Avatar    Thu. 3/27/14 4:57pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

*tix, not fix. alas.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 3/27/14 4:57pm steve:

i zoned out. it was something something Morricone?
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 4:58pm kat330:

@RTD: "Fix" -- maybe a Freudian slip in freeform contest terms?
  Thu. 3/27/14 4:58pm Santos L Halper:

I knew PFM, but didn't know it was a question. Probably opened for Van Dergraff Generator or someone...: )
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 4:59pm kat330:

But I am loving all the backtracking. :)
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 5:00pm V Priceless:

yeah! VDGG! Woo hoo!
Avatar    Thu. 3/27/14 5:01pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

what VP said. Got to see VDGG (trio) a year or so ago, here in DC. Wasn't sure what to expect but t'was shockingly good.
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 5:03pm northguineahills:

Come to think about it, I know PFM, but in the context of Demdike Stare and Phil Niblock, I still wouldn't had gotten it.

/I have hard time hearing speech. Not surprisingly, I get accused of not enunciating well enough quite often.
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 5:04pm kat330:

@Lois: How's Jane doing now?
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 5:06pm northguineahills:

Flightless parakeet, is that like a kakapo? B/c if they weren't critically endangered, I would so totally want one.
  Thu. 3/27/14 5:07pm Reno Dakota:

Fabio, I'm delighted to know I'm the only one in your audience that knew of PFM. I used to go to bed every night in '78 listening to the one and only album of theirs that we had.
Avatar    Thu. 3/27/14 5:08pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 5:09pm kat330:

Well, at least we know Canary Jane is 499-lbs.+ less than the proverbial 500-lb. canary.
  Thu. 3/27/14 5:09pm Bjornscht:

"I must...but I CAN not..." ---Robot Monster
  Thu. 3/27/14 5:09pm Reno Dakota:

Sorry about the tix letdown. I missed those details in a rebuffering moment.
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 5:10pm kat330:

Lyrical mastery.
  Thu. 3/27/14 5:12pm pollen:

yes...yes i am.
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 5:14pm glenn:

actually, i just disembarked from the 504 streetcar.
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 5:15pm kat330:

Verschmutzen Sie nicht die Reinheit der Texte mit Ihren Antworten!
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 5:15pm northguineahills:

@kat: I was thinking of the 4-5 lb bird that's not quite extinct, Now the Moa, that would be a sight to behold!

Missed that the canary was 1lb in the earlier comment.
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 5:15pm V Priceless:

@ Rev - I caught that VDGG tour in NYC - first time they played the states since '75! They are mind-bogglingly excellent! To me, Peter Hammill is, in many ways, the bridge between Prog and Punk!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/27/14 5:16pm tim from champaign:

I might be riding the Blue bus later. This song's much cooler.
  Thu. 3/27/14 5:17pm nic:

such an insane song_great
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 5:17pm kat330:

@ngh: Still a significant canary I think.
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 5:18pm V Priceless:

I stand corrected - it was the "Trisector' tour from about 3 or 4 years back that was their first return stateside...
  Thu. 3/27/14 5:19pm Jonathan Herweg:

I'm tuned in Fab...all the way!
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 5:20pm kat330:

Enjoying the guitar on this.
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 5:20pm Philo Gristle:

Although....Werner Herzog would consider that an insignificant canary.
Avatar    Thu. 3/27/14 5:21pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

working from home & listening with cheap mac speakers -- the lo-fi midrange really brings out the intense/subtle pattern shifts in Holger's bass in Streetcar. Never really noticed before, while blasting it on yonder hi-fi.
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 5:23pm kat330:

@Philo: Well, but yeah, hunaja, Werner considers his being shot at as "an insignificant bullet."
  Thu. 3/27/14 5:23pm Mott:

YES!....Waiting For the Streetcar
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 5:24pm kat330:

@Mott: that must be the record for stream delay.
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 5:25pm Philo Gristle:

How does "Streetcar" compare to the rest of the "Lost Tapes"? Curious how the whole compares to Bamyasi... Delay... Tago etc.
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 5:25pm kat330:

I am *truly* digging this Schickert, Fab. Grazie!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 3/27/14 5:33pm Davis:

@philo, i thinnk you could get by with a record collection consisting of only the lost tapes box
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 5:34pm nanantatee:

love love love... rainbows faintly glowing... great show today
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 5:35pm nanantatee:

oh it's blowing. well, they're glowing in my mind anyway.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 3/27/14 5:36pm coelacanth:

Rev. -I wish i could relate. I'm not home,& i'm working,so just a crappy macbook across the room. Barely decent midrange;nonexistent bass.
...'could be worse,of course.
Avatar    Thu. 3/27/14 5:36pm Fredericks:

Great set you got going there, Fabio.
  Thu. 3/27/14 5:37pm Bjornscht:

First time I heard the Godz went right out to get a record, but came home and put it on and ugh - it was by the eponymous mid-70s hair metal band. Was like buying a nickel bag in Washington Square Park and going home to make a piquant tomato sauce instead of getting zooted.
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 5:37pm northguineahills:

Haven't heard this Godz in a while... nice!

(had a dream about the Fugs last night, odd).
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 5:37pm Philo Gristle:

@Davis That may set the bar TOO high! But appreciate the sentiment.
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 5:39pm Philo Gristle:

What Fredericks said. No filler.
Avatar    Thu. 3/27/14 5:39pm Guido from Cologne:

heavent heard the set, but logged in for star-clicking "Permanent Green Light".
Godz 2 is their most enjoyable.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 3/27/14 5:40pm steve:

Philo - Lost Tapes could not be more all over the place and yet consistently head exploding. tight, album ready songs, jams, spaced out freeformness, polished studio recordings, live recordings, rough outtakes. i was ready to spend the cash on the vinyl when it came out but it appeared to sell out before i could even see it in a store...
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 5:42pm kat330:

Raven in the Night -- nevermore.
Avatar    Thu. 3/27/14 5:42pm Guido from Cologne:

"Lost tapes" is worth for "Das Millionespiel" and "Dead Pigeon Suite" alone.
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 5:43pm Philo Gristle:

Thanks Steve! Sounds like all their records, except even moreso. Sold.
  Thu. 3/27/14 5:44pm nic:

really great show thx
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 5:45pm kat330:

People are no longer taught to read and write, so how could journalism not be affected?
  Thu. 3/27/14 5:45pm Bjornscht:

Ridgeway, Hoberman, Hentoff, Barrett, et al., long gone. What a rag.
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 5:45pm InBrkly:

in order to govern others one must first govern oneself
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 5:47pm northguineahills:

Fabio keep us hosers out here sane, so, there's that....
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 5:48pm kat330:

More than literacy, critical thinking skills are no longer expected in the current education system. All focused on some test scores.
Avatar    Thu. 3/27/14 5:48pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

I'm anti-earbuds. And I vote.
Avatar    Thu. 3/27/14 5:48pm Guido from Cologne:

You must buy quality in ear phones. there are some.
  Thu. 3/27/14 5:50pm pollen:

Etymotic for the best ear budz..
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/27/14 5:50pm tim from champaign:

Thanks for the great show, Fabio. Adios amigos!
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 5:50pm kat330:

No buds for me either.
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 5:50pm InBrkly:

I dont like buds. I used to buy grados but they always broke like a day after the warranty. Not gone buy a 4th set at that price range.
Avatar    Thu. 3/27/14 5:50pm TDK60:

Of course we must try to change individually but societal changes are needed too.
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 5:51pm InBrkly:

I'm happy with my 25$ Sennheiser hd202s
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 5:51pm Philo Gristle:

No Bud for me, either. Weihenstephaner today.
Avatar    Thu. 3/27/14 5:52pm Guido from Cologne:

I kinda regret having missed it.
This show is like a comfortable living room with some weird and familiar aural furniture.
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 5:54pm northguineahills:

Only turtle shells for me, and that's only at work (hi-fi for home).
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 5:55pm kat330:

Guido, from early morn to dinnertime, you are a presence!
  Thu. 3/27/14 5:55pm Ono:

Stick a fork in society, it's up to the individual. Focusing on personal improvement. Interesting way of putting our current situation. Please expand more in the future. Thanks, Fab.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 3/27/14 5:55pm coelacanth:

I can handle buds for only about 45 minutes,then my ears still hurt for another 20...
I think kids dont usually mind them because they're pretty much growing with things stuck into their ears,so they're used to it.
Avatar    Thu. 3/27/14 5:56pm TDK60:

There was a time when one sought out the Village Voice for writing but also gig ads. Ono I think is wrong. Individuals can only do so much. Collective action is still needed.
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 5:57pm kat330:

After spending too many hours even with big headphones for recording, I need long breaks. My hearing is pretty excellent for boomers my age, and I intend to keep it that way.
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 5:57pm mariano:

Rabe I thought was the stalks, no? What do I know...
Avatar    Thu. 3/27/14 5:57pm Guido from Cologne:

I'm working and doing sports in between. ;-)
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 3/27/14 5:58pm coelacanth:

...I don't much like big heavy things on my head either,though.
Thank you Fabio.
(mmm broccoli rabe!)
Avatar    Thu. 3/27/14 5:59pm Marshall Stacks:

Rapini is really a mustard, not a true broccoli.

Regardless, it's delicious.
  Mon. 4/7/14 3:57pm Lulu:

are you kidding me? This is Can - "Waiting for the Streetcar" - I never would have guessed. Sounds more like something else, like Come On or I don't know what..
  Mon. 4/7/14 4:15pm Lulu:

PS - this Jean Jacques Dexter "Be Quiet" = so good
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