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Ken and Andy further lower WFMU's already abysmal standards as the program enters its death throes. Stunt radio which subjects the radio audience to concepts and topics which mature adults should not have to endure. Find the fatal flaw. (Visit homepage.)

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Options March 26, 2014: Six Co-Hosts Fill in for Ken

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Ken & Andy 

Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:01pm Ken From Hyde Park:

It's Seven Second Delay with Andy and Without Ken!
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:01pm Studio B Ben:

I thought a large group of DJs was called "The Unemployment Office"
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:02pm glenn:

a welfare of deejays?
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:03pm Studio B Ben:


Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:04pm dale:

long time listeners, first time hosts
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:05pm Ken From Hyde Park:

They can't believe they got through to the air.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:05pm -max-:

Good one, dale!
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:07pm Ike:

Wow, an actual GOOD concept for an SSD, at least for us FMU junkies who like the insidery stuff.
  Wed. 3/26/14 6:07pm mrmucho:

mike's show ruled!
  Wed. 3/26/14 6:08pm Andrea:

I think Ken might try to call in....
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:09pm sc123:

I can't believe that people still want to host music shows. We have Pandora/Spotify/Google Play/YouTube/THE INTERNET. That blows my mind.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:09pm common:

andy, you know roxy music.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:10pm Studio B Ben:

There's that 7SD level of quality we expect.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:11pm dale:

how many people know brian ferry? now how many people know BILLY JOEL!!!!!
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:12pm Nick the Bard:

I still do a music show here, under the assumption i'm the one exposing people to new music instead of computer algorhthyms and whatever.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:12pm Ike:

@sc123, Pandora blows. I want humans curating my music, not goddamn robots. Robots are good for lots of things, but not DJing. I spend lots of time hunting down music across the Internet too, but that gets exhausting after a while. Why not let a volunteer human do it for me?
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:13pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Can someone at the station please post a list of the names of the DJs in the studio? I only caught a couple of the names. Thanksy!
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:14pm sc123:

Humans don't KNOW me. Google does. I want Google to play music it knows I'll love so I can just sit back and relax and not have to listen to whatever horrible garbage the hippies are playing on WFMU. I think we can all agree that WFMU plays terrible, terrible music.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:14pm Nick the Bard:

then leave.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:15pm sc123:

I can't because I love the show.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:15pm Ike:

Wow, somebody who only listens to FMU's talk shows? Fascinating.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:15pm Golde:

My ex boyfriend would get pissed off everytime I played fmu. broke up with him over this. True story. I wonder if he would be willing to talk about it on the air...
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:15pm glenn:

welll, robots CAN weld a car frame and curate a music stream at the same time. try getting irwin to do that.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:16pm Studio B Ben:

sc123 is obviously Andy Breckman.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:16pm common:

hate me some padora.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:17pm common:

padora? where's my fadora?
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:17pm common:

fedora? i cant spell.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:18pm sc123:

Listen to Andy run the show! He's doing a good job keeping things moving, even if it's going nowhere.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:18pm Ike:

Careful, Golde, you're undoubtedly about to get pelted with ridiculous marriage proposals from lonely FMU comment hippies and beardos. Hmm, sounds like a Why Oh Why episode.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:18pm northguineahills:

my gf (7 years) hates it when I play house/techno, or metal but she digs noise and avante garde. She does dig WFMU 95% of the time.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:19pm golde:

I was in that couple, once. until he crossed the river Styx!!
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:19pm sc123:

lol @Ike
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:19pm northguineahills:

I broke up w/ two girls b/c they told me they hated jazz.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:20pm glenn:

"she liked every kind of music but country" - robbie fulks.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:21pm Danne D:

Looking forward to hearing you on Why Oh Why, golde.

Oh, count this as marriage proposal #1....
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:21pm glenn:

at the same time, ngh?
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:21pm northguineahills:

I've noticed lately that Ike's gif makes me nauseous. Stop spinning Ike!
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:21pm dale:

i was hoping john sebastian would cohost this week.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:21pm Danne D:

Why does it say there are SIX co-hosts when there are 4 names?
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:22pm Danne D:

@ngh that's Ike flaunting his big-time FMU supporter status :)
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:22pm Skirkie:

Is this a new number, Andy?
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:22pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Four plus Andy & Ken?
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:22pm Fredericks:

That was the loudest dial tone I ever heard. Please, leave it on in the background.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:23pm Danne D:

I though Andy was the Host though. And Ken was the co-host. Now I'm confused :)
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:23pm Nick the Bard:

OK, if you're prank calling this show, STOP IT.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:24pm Danne D:

I feel especially bad for Nick tonight :(
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:25pm golde:

quite frankly, i have wanted to submit quite a few pieces of experience over to why oh why. this would be incredible for radioland because it would grip viewers of all backgrounds. crazy stuff. nice german russian jewish new yorker. like eloise, for adults!
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:26pm Studio B Ben:

I LOVE these callers
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:27pm Danne D:

@golde I am certain Andrea would enthusiastically accept your submissions/love to interview you. Either contact her through the e-mail on her playlist page or via the twitters @andreasilenzi
  Wed. 3/26/14 6:29pm Cliff:

I knew it had to be that the mics weren't in mono.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:29pm Danne D:

I think this multi-way co-host gig is Ken's way of trying to weed out potential new full time slot hosts. Like the Apprentice for radio DJs.

I gotta run - have a good night everyone :)
  Wed. 3/26/14 6:29pm Julian:

your call pre screener is just hanging up on people.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:30pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Thirty minutes in and Andy isn't losing the will to live yet.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:31pm Nick the Bard:

Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:31pm golde:

what's the numba?
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:32pm Danne D:

Nick is tough but fair - you callers have to bring it folks.

201-209-9368 is the number.

Bye for real now - please be nice to Nick!
  Wed. 3/26/14 6:32pm Julian:

I was saying hello, over and over again. did you hear that?
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:32pm golde:

thanks d!
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:33pm madman:

1800 989 9368
  Wed. 3/26/14 6:34pm Julian:

Or maybe Nick should sound like he's answering a phone at WFMU, not Dominos
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:34pm Nick the Bard:

yes, i know you were saying hello over and over, but you weren't getting to what you wanted to get on the air about right away
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:36pm Nick the Bard:

also, golde, I was trying to e-mail you about something through the e-mail thing here, but i don't know if you got whatever notice it sent?
  Wed. 3/26/14 6:41pm marie:

wht happened to the spring brk theme?
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:41pm northguineahills:

Rudy Vallee, lol! That's awesome!
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:42pm joe:

This has all been worth it just to hear the Rudy Valli fan recite Marilyn Manson lyrics.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:42pm northguineahills:

(I have have some Rudy Vallee).
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:44pm golde:

my email is bngolde@gmail.com, Nick!
  Wed. 3/26/14 6:44pm conrad:

Hey, Mac probably plays Rudy Vallee and Russ Columbo on the Antique Phonograph Program.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:45pm glenn:

get ready for the marriage proposals, b.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:46pm madman:

andy is looking for the marathon money
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:47pm golde:

Douglas is the best. I wonder what his girlfriends name is?
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:48pm Nick the Bard:

best billy joel song - easy money
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:48pm Fredericks:

Don't forget to thank Nick for screening calls.
  Wed. 3/26/14 6:49pm Kathy:

Amplifier FIRE
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:49pm common:

nice, nick! i have to say, it's just a fantasy. is that the joel song?
  Wed. 3/26/14 6:49pm marie:

Not Piano Man?
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:49pm madman:

frangry hates billy joel
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:50pm davex:

Is not letting calls through a practical joke on the co-hosts?
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:51pm Guido from Cologne:

The Hassles weren't bad!
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:51pm glenn:

i fucking loathe billy joel. i want to poke his eyes out with g.g. allin's rotting dick.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:51pm northguineahills:

I don't remember being screened while calling into Clay & Fabio while at happy hour a few months back.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:51pm Nick the Bard:

no, not letting calls through is me keeping the train from derailing
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:52pm golde:

wow, that is some intense imagery...
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:52pm davex:

@Nick: haha, were they all that bad?
  Wed. 3/26/14 6:52pm marie:

jeez glenn
  Wed. 3/26/14 6:53pm Rocket J Squirrel:

But the train derailing is why we're all here.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:54pm Nick the Bard:

ken and andy derailing the train is why you're here, not YOU GUYS derailing it before it's even gotten out of the railyard :P
  Wed. 3/26/14 6:55pm marie:

yeah, like, wakes bj so scorned by so many? His rock hard sincerity? His hokiness? Why can't we love those qualities?
  Wed. 3/26/14 6:56pm marie:

major typo, which I blame on my f'ing keyboard: wakes = why is
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:56pm madman:

andy ken has cameras in that room
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:57pm glenn:

well, i loathe g.g. allin too, so i'm killing two birds etc. etc.
  Wed. 3/26/14 6:58pm Bongi's Secret:

When I was a kid in 70's WaffleSteak jukebox BillyJoels CptJack !
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 6:59pm glenn:

BUT : uptown girls is the BEST music video ever. (except maybe for my chinchilla by cub)
  Wed. 3/26/14 6:59pm marie:

I'm gonna check that video out Glenn.
Avatar Wed. 3/26/14 7:00pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Andrea has Randy tonight? Talk about a train derailment!
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