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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options March 21, 2014

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Artist Track Album Label Approx. start time
Terry Riley  You're Nogood   Options You're Nogood  Organ of Corti  0:00:00 ()
John Oswald  Fence   Options Discosphere  Cuneiform Records  0:20:13 ()
Carl Stone  Mom's   Options Mom's  New Albion Records  0:32:20 ()
People Like Us  Sound Escape   Options Jumble Massive  Caciocavallo/Soleilmoon  0:43:39 ()
Richard Trythall  Ommagio a Jerry Lee Lewis   Options CMCD  RéR Megacorp  1:03:50 ()
Yann Tomita  Talk To Me, Talk To Me   Options Music for Living Sound  For Life Records  1:10:23 ()
Stock, Hausen & Walkman   Hairballs   Options Hairballs  Hot Air  1:22:47 ()
The Evolution Control Committee  Star Spangled Bologna   Options Plagiarythm Nation  Seeland  1:25:37 ()
The Tape-Beatles  Microphone Burning In Flames   Options A Subtle Buoyancy of Pulse  Soleilmoon Recordings  1:27:00 ()
Martin Tétreault  Induction   Options La Nuit Où J'Ai Dit Non  Audioview/Lowlands  1:30:07 ()
Tom Recchion  Out of the Dunes   Options Chaotica  Birdman  1:38:42 ()
Tom Recchion  A Smaller Pulse   Options Chaotica  Birdman  1:44:30 ()
Foom  Tieu   Options Surface Noise and Imperfections  Chris Lichatz  1:46:18 ()
Paul DeMarinis  Grand Canyon   Options The Edison Effect  Het Apollohuis  2:01:27 ()
Christian Marclay  Jane Birkin/Serge Gainsbourg   Options More Encores  No Man's Land  2:06:56 ()
Philippe Petit  Salaryman's Dream   Options Henry: The Iron Man  Beta-lactam Ring Records  2:09:33 ()
Philip Jeck  Vinyl Coda IV [excerpt]   Options Vinyl Coda IV  Intermedium Records  2:29:42 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 12:14pm fred:

Hello Bryce. I love this Terry Riley track
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 12:15pm kirk from beer city usa:

Love this, both the Riley phasin' and the original
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 12:16pm coelacanth:

okay,i understand. But i already knew.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 12:18pm George of Troy:

Hey Bryce!
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 12:19pm ranjit:

I wonder if anyone's ever tried to do a live performance of this version of nogood?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 12:22pm tim from champaign:

Hey Bryce and folks!
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 12:22pm Sandy in Houston:

Hi Tim!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 12:22pm Cheri Pi:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 12:22pm steve:

i wish this type of thing became a whole genre unto itself
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 12:23pm tim from champaign:

Hey kirk! Sorry I won't be hanging tonight. I still need to stick close to home unfortunately. Are you going to the AMT/Brown Company show in May? I'll be there for sure.

Hey Sandy!
  Fri. 3/21/14 12:26pm Yvonne:

Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 12:27pm Bryce:

howdydoodiddle, peepazoids
  Fri. 3/21/14 12:27pm Yvonne:

mind blown. New look.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 12:28pm Bryce:

hope you're wearing something dark!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 12:30pm coelacanth:

steve- It pretty well is,though not mainstream. A few years ago mash-ups were all over wfmu.(esp Ken's show,as i remember)
Oh hey,Bryce.
and all.
My halo is dark.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 12:30pm kirk from beer city usa:

hey tim - bummer that we won't see you tonight, but it will be great to hang out with Tracy. I'll plan on seeing you back in action for that Brown Acid show!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 12:30pm tim from champaign:

I appreciate my weekly Bryce brain scrubbing.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 12:31pm Cheri Pi:

I just got dropped off at the office, in the car Mr CP was tuned into a little po-dunk station where a man and a woman were both channting Hail Mary's. It was mesmerizing, of course we vowed to do the same later tonight and record dat.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 12:33pm tim from champaign:

Yeah! The Brown Acid show. Great description.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 12:34pm coelacanth:

...i guess it wasn't really a bona fide (sp?)mash-up. Anyway,that kind of thing is also represented here.(Nat's show comes to mind,& some others- going back at least as far as the Kozmic Cowboy.(sp?)
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 12:35pm tim from champaign:

One more thing then I'll shut up...

Holy Mountain is playing at the local art theater this weekend. I'm so stoked to see it on the big screen.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 12:35pm steve:

coelacanth - any examples? i associate mashups with um, things i'm not so into which i won't mention. also i don't think of You're No Good as a mashup - i think of it as tape loop tape collage music based around accessible pop/dance music.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 12:36pm common:

hey everyone! BRYCE!
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 12:36pm common:

hey everyone! BRYCE!
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 12:36pm common:

sorry bout that.
Avatar Fri. 3/21/14 12:36pm Sem Chumbo:

Bryce is nicer twice.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 12:37pm common:

my life is echo-ing
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 12:37pm DCE:

had the chance to see Carl Stone earlier this month, but I failed. Hello everyone!
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 12:39pm Bryce:

steve, you're in luck! this week's a SoundExchange Reporting Period at fmu (they distribute royalties), and for some reason that has me in a plunderphonic mood...
  Fri. 3/21/14 12:39pm Yvonne:

LOL. Black is not a color.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 12:41pm kirk from beer city usa:

That rules, Tim. Jealous. ONce I had a work thing in Vancouver BC and was so pissed to learn that the previous week there was a screening of Holy Mountain and El Topo, introduced by Jodorowsky hisself.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 12:41pm common:

boogarins (boogerins?) and lonnie hollie (holly?) are playing this week in philly and i'm broke. i'll just echo my way theres.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 12:42pm common:

wow kirk!
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 12:43pm DCE:

boogarins would be a fun show to see
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 12:44pm coelacanth:

steve,i'm trying but not remembering an overnight show from last year's schedule that had such things,i thought....But maybe it was more mixing (somewhat without direction) things together. So again i'm mistaken:I don't think there has been all that much focus on it.
It does exist though.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 12:45pm coelacanth:

(as is presently evident!)
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 12:45pm Carmichael:

Bryce appears to be on the air!
  Fri. 3/21/14 12:45pm r i s k y:

  Fri. 3/21/14 12:46pm Yvonne:

Bryce appears in air.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 12:46pm steve:

woo hoo! on a related note - i just resucitated a broken reel to reel that's been sitting in my closet for years. i think my parents have tape splicing equipment in a box in their basement. i may finally fulfill my loopy plunderphonic tape-space-disco-techno dreams.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 12:47pm coelacanth:

there's a Bryce in the air.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 12:47pm dc pat:

hello everyone.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 12:48pm DCE:

brrrr, I feel it too
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 12:48pm stefica:

hooray for the reel to reel!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 12:48pm coelacanth:

steve! You are the one! You will fill the void.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 12:49pm common:

hell yea, steve!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 12:49pm stefica:

this is great packing music!
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 12:52pm DCE:

this is really good, yes
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 12:52pm Bryce:

Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 12:54pm Bryce:

a bowl?
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 12:54pm Bryce:

concealing a revolver?
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 12:54pm Sandy in Houston:

Splendid radio show. A shame I've got to leave for lunch!
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 12:55pm Bryce:

thanks, sandy! :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 12:56pm stefica:

bryce: all of the above!
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 12:57pm Sandy in Houston:

I'll be back in an hour.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 12:57pm common:

Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 12:57pm DCE:

I don't bowl well. Less than 100 pins.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 12:57pm dc pat:

I like this PLU, very right on.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 12:58pm ranjit:

bowl of revolvers?
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 12:58pm common:

hee hee hee!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 1:01pm tim from champaign:

A friend gave my his bowling ball. Been rolling over 150 regularly since then.
I took bowling for my college phys ed credit.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 1:02pm common:

i love bowling but i suck. you can drink beer and smoke (used to be able to) and play a game!
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 1:02pm Carmichael:

Steve, my 1st job in radio was to edit commercials and place into tape carts. A splice box and razor blade were my tools of trade. I sacrificed several fingers for the greater good of having beer money.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 1:03pm DCE:

haha, so did I, tfc.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 1:07pm tim from champaign:

This just dawned on me, dce. We can say "I studied bowling at a college level" the next time we want to sound important or pull rank on Joe Six Pack bowlers.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 1:07pm DCE:

right as they bowl a 280...and I throw my 9th gutterball
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 1:11pm Jesse K:

I never had a passion for bowling until moving to boston and now I'm completely stuck on candlepin. Can't go back...
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 1:11pm steve:

thats pretty awesome Carmichael. when i was in college i took a film production class and they made us shoot on b&w film and then edit our films together on a massive beast like one of these. so cool. a2.ec-images.myspacecdn.com...
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 1:13pm common:

oh man, steve! i was a film student in the 90s and worked on one o those. my pardner and i collect super 8 cameras and still shoot stuff when we can get film. haven't developed anything yet. it's all in the fridge next to the sour kraut.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 1:15pm Richard Nixon:

I love German film
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 1:20pm Carmichael:

I love German beer.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 1:21pm steve:

nice. yeah its totally one of those things many of us wish we could do if we had the time and money...
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 1:24pm common:

yes, steve. and i love fassssbinder and german beer at the same time, richard.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 1:25pm coelacanth:

I love filming german beer.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 1:26pm steve:

i love German techno and Germanium diodes.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 1:27pm common:

@coelacanth and steve: who don't?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 1:27pm kirk from beer city usa:

I haven't bowled in years, but the last time I did, I took advantage of the internet jukebox and went for the super-long tracks. It was fun to bowl to Oneida's "Sheets of Easter" and the longer live versions of "Calvary Cross" and "Night comes in" by Richard & Linda Thompson.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 1:29pm DCE:

that would make it better, kirk
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 1:29pm Cecile:

those are all great tracks kirk.

Bryce, one of my favorite deconstructed tracks is "Maintain" by Fabio Gianelli. Do you have it around?
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 1:32pm Cecile:

he messes up a Dead Prez sample and sets it to a ridiculously tough dance beat.

Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 1:32pm common:

my god! that was one of the best things i've ever heard
  Fri. 3/21/14 1:32pm wooden peg:

God bless you wiener!
  Fri. 3/21/14 1:34pm ian:

listen to this AT the same time as the youtube link!
  Fri. 3/21/14 1:34pm Will in Paris:

What a great example of co-branding!
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 1:35pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

what in tarnation is gonnon in har?
Avatar Fri. 3/21/14 1:35pm northguineahills:

Cool, thanks Cecile!
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 1:36pm common:

rev. i still laugh with joy every time i see your wonderful doggie!
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 1:36pm Bryce:

intellectual property review
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 1:37pm Bryce:

cecile, not sure! i'll have a look though
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 1:38pm coelacanth:

It's good she didn't request a burning dj from that accommodating person.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 1:40pm common:

no pun intended there, rev.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 1:43pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Thee tongue ov Gomez is a force of nature...
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 1:45pm common:

looks like a heart. awwww gomez! cutie!
  Fri. 3/21/14 1:45pm ian:

cool set so far!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 1:46pm coelacanth:

Rev. Yeh that's a great god ,i mean,dog...And a miserable hare... and i'm going to check out your arts later,when i'm not already on a soundcloud. (the seconds i gave it sounded good.)
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 1:46pm steve:

Chaotica... so great
  Fri. 3/21/14 1:47pm ian:

why is there that page that you have to click to return to the playlist after your comment is posted? I know its easy to be a critic but if there is only a single option you may as well just do it automatically. Reminds me of a time warner cable box..
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 1:47pm DCE:

ach, I missed the Tape Beatles track...gotta dig out that old cassette from the basement
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 1:50pm Andrew Waterloo:

Good afternoon everyone
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 1:50pm coelacanth:

'Reminds me- steve,you may want to check out distant past archives of Bethany's...She used to play (Tom Recchion,which reminded me,but) tape-loop kind of stuff.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 1:51pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

  Fri. 3/21/14 1:51pm ian:

I house sat last week for some people with time warner cable. The wfmu website in general is far superior as far as usability. Just that one thing reminds me of every aspect of trying to use the interface of the cable thing. How anyone can actually find any specific show to watch is utterly beyond me. Kids..
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 1:52pm steve:

thanks coelacanth, i think i will.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 1:52pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

@coelacanth: thanks much - that site is kind of a dumping-ground for odds & ends & discarded vegetable ends... a mixed bag, listener beware..
  Fri. 3/21/14 1:54pm ian:

I wound up spending a good half hour just trying to figure out the options, then settled for a marathon of some car restoration show. I was hoping I could find the new "cosmos" but i guess you have to set it up to record like a VCR if it was broadcast live? wtf? It should be like the PRISM system and have it all in reserve. I mean, WFMU does that. GO FMU.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 1:56pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Love me some foom.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 1:56pm coelacanth:

I'm a "vegetarian" 5-6 days/week,and very resilient too,so throw whatever vegetables you got at me.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 1:56pm Bryce:


i sure love this record
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 1:57pm common:

turnip s
  Fri. 3/21/14 1:58pm ian:

did you know wzbc in boston played this same track in january of this year?
  Fri. 3/21/14 2:01pm ian:

I only know that because I just googled the band. Thanks for turning me onto this :) Some weird vietnamese results also come up, but I think I figured it out.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:02pm DCE:

coupla CLE programmers have played this as well...great stuff
  Fri. 3/21/14 2:02pm ian:

  Fri. 3/21/14 2:04pm mick:

man, this foom stuff is excellent.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:05pm DCE:

CLE=216=Cleveland, OH, USA
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 2:06pm thedunkel:

yeah brycetime!
  Fri. 3/21/14 2:07pm ian:

glad the heart of rock n roll still beats
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:07pm Bryce:

Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:10pm common:

bugs bunny
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:12pm Cecile:

wow, did Carl Stalling lift some of this for his Warners music?

Jinx, common.
  Fri. 3/21/14 2:12pm ian:

cause you know, in the huey lewis song, the lyric the heart of rock and roll is still beating, was going to be the heart of rock and roll is in cleveland?http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Heart_of_Rock_%26_Roll so yeh great pun eh?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 2:12pm tim from champaign:

I was hoping Christian Marclay would show up.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:13pm Cecile:

I knew that from the BEHIND THE MUSIC.
The most boring one after Hall and Oates because they all like each other so much.
  Fri. 3/21/14 2:15pm Will in Paris:

This is so weird. I understand all the words and can probably name most of the artists... including Jane Birkin
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:15pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

  Fri. 3/21/14 2:15pm ian:

Cool, I am just online, aside from last weekend with the TIME WARNER CABLE, for the past 10 or os yrs, so that factoid just crossed my path recently, and I was so happy that I got the chance to actually use it in conversation. WFMU rules that way.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:15pm common:

i owe you a drink, cecile
Avatar Fri. 3/21/14 2:15pm northguineahills:

I love more encores. But I can't clicky star it!
  Fri. 3/21/14 2:16pm ian:

they were never actually that popular, aside from their MTV presence. but their videos totally suck and are boring too. no arguement.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:16pm Sandy in Houston:

oh darn I missed the Christian Marclay!
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:16pm Cecile:

hahah, I'll take you up on it some year.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:16pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Time to revisit the Henry release.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:17pm DCE:

isn't the salaryman's dream just to get a bigger salary? or retire?
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:18pm Cecile:

The News were really very popular in the Midwest.
They sold tons of records and can still have records go gold with no publicity. They are the kind of band I'd love to go have a drink with, but not listen to.

As for Hall and Oates, I quite like them. But their Behind the Music was pretty free of internal tension, most of their beef was with record companies and changing tastes.
  Fri. 3/21/14 2:18pm ian:

it's to bang a secretary
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:18pm DCE:

I shouldn't stereotype. Every salaryman has his own version of the dream.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:19pm DCE:

haha ian...possibly so
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:20pm Cecile:

and H&O hate their videos, too.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:20pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Celery Man has no dreams, for he is mostly water and plant fiber. But he is a Man.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:20pm common:

@cecile: ok. maybe the afterlife.
  Fri. 3/21/14 2:21pm ian:

I can totally beleive huey lewis was big in the midwest. geez. thats damning with faint praise. has clay pigeon ever played that?
  Fri. 3/21/14 2:21pm nic:

i love this_crazy wonderful show !!!
  Fri. 3/21/14 2:21pm P-90:

In Japan, that's pronounced "sa-ra-ri-man"
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 2:23pm Cheri Pi:

What in fresh hell??? I approve this message
  Fri. 3/21/14 2:23pm ian:

maybe one of his sidewalk finds..
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:24pm Cecile:

yeah, but they didn't come out of the Midwsst - they came out of San Francisco. Who'da thunk?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 2:24pm tim from champaign:

We're listening to the Dusty Show?
  Fri. 3/21/14 2:24pm ian:

you can have an animated gif as a custom avatar?? mind = blown. Maybe I will actually sign up for an account now.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:25pm Bryce:

how could you hate this?

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 2:25pm tim from champaign:

My friend who lives in SLC, Utah said that Styx is the state band there.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:25pm common:

Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:26pm common:

absotutley, bryce!
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:26pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

TfC: all the more reason why we're bypassing Utah on the Great Random Drive Out There 2014...
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:26pm Cecile:

never saw that one. And their christmas song one is at least funny.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:27pm common:

Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:27pm Cecile:

Santana is the state band for huge chunks of Michigan.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:28pm DCE:

this is wonderful
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:28pm Chris from DC:

A lot of Styx on the board this week.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 2:28pm Cheri Pi:

Doo eet IAN!
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:28pm Sandy in Houston:

There is a box company that started putting out solo albums by both hall and oates. My friend works in the shipping department of an art supply store and they get free promo copies.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:28pm Cecile:

the Styx behind the music is actually hilarious.
They're such wieners.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 2:28pm Cheri Pi:

Michigan is not afraid to choogle.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:29pm common:

so much styx. phillippe is twistin my mellon! vonderbar!
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:29pm Cecile:

Pink Floyd is probably the state band of Ohio, and also most stepmoms.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:29pm Cecile:

stepmoms of a certain age.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 2:30pm Cheri Pi:

I've seen that one C$~ I can't believe I wasted almost 2 hours of my life watching it.
Avatar Fri. 3/21/14 2:30pm northguineahills:

Wow, really digging this Philippe Petit.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:30pm Chris from DC:

I want a Phillippe Petit Behind the Music.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:30pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

I stocked up on the Petit catalog last time he blew thru town. Great stuff..... incl. the massive pizza-box vinyl set... all wonderful
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 2:30pm Cheri Pi:

Michigan transplant to Ohio moms claim Floyd as their state band too...
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:30pm DCE:

*purchasing NOW*
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:31pm Cecile:

It's hysterical. Especially the part where the audience in Houston starts pelting them with cups during the Kilroy was Here tour.
  Fri. 3/21/14 2:31pm ian:

only the crappy roger waters pink floyd. I thought this was an edumacated crowd. oy vey.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:32pm Cecile:

Some of the smartest people I know like the worst music.
  Fri. 3/21/14 2:32pm ian:

are we going to start saying neutral milk hotel is the official band of unemployed 38 year old art majors who live off of their girlfriends in the service industry next?
  Fri. 3/21/14 2:33pm ian:

cause that would hit pretty close to home and also describe most of the other people when I saw the reunion show whenever that happened.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:34pm Cecile:

Why not? This is a comments board and we're making idle conversation.
  Fri. 3/21/14 2:35pm ian:

well I just don't see the need to be all fox news and make blanket judgemental statements ;)
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:35pm DCE:

true, Cecile--just killin' time til that bell rings
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:35pm common:

man, cecile. the kilroy tour. tommy shaw looked so embarrased. thanks dennis deyoung. still an insane concept thing
  Fri. 3/21/14 2:36pm ian:

ask not for whom the bell tolls
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:36pm common:

however one spells embarassed.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:37pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

hate to be a playlist praise machine, but this is WORKING.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:37pm Cecile:

I am not judging. But drive through Central Michigan, and turn on the radio.

Common, it's so amazing. They were done in by their own hubris. It's like watching them burst into flames and freefall in to the ocean.
  Fri. 3/21/14 2:38pm ian:

however one likes, m'dear..
Avatar Fri. 3/21/14 2:38pm northguineahills:

Has finger baitedly waiting over Jeck's clicky star....
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:38pm Carmichael:

@Cecile@2:32: That will become my life mantra.
  Fri. 3/21/14 2:39pm nic:

this 2 jeck is wonderful
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:40pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

What NGH said. Jeck is new to me. Though a quick google reveals he's been in the game for some time...
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 2:42pm kirk from beer city usa:

clicking the star isn't enough. I must declare that this Philip Jeck track is fabulous!
Avatar Fri. 3/21/14 2:42pm northguineahills:

Jeck did a piece where he sent a tape recorder through the post (mail) around the world which would only record when it was jolted by movement. Fun.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:43pm common:

@cecile: it is. and i fucking love styx for all the wrong reasons. grew up on them. had a poster on my wall! oh boy.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:43pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 2:43pm steve:

sweet, sweet crunchy action here
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 2:44pm steve:

crunch crunch cruncha crunch
  Fri. 3/21/14 2:44pm ian:

it's really creepy for me because I am surrounded by taxidermied animals right now. WFMU is so weird man.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:45pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

I must be where Ian be.
  Fri. 3/21/14 2:45pm ian:

the animals aren't mine, i'm house sitting again. no cable TV here, no problem.
Avatar Fri. 3/21/14 2:45pm northguineahills:

It's like Marclay's Record w/o a Cover mixed w/ Kurt's super scratchy 45s looped/
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:46pm common:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 2:46pm steve:

goddammit, great show today
  Fri. 3/21/14 2:46pm BriJet:

  Fri. 3/21/14 2:47pm ian:

styx is good for karaoke. Though huey lewis could be worse for that purpose. If you are wasted enough to put some effort into styx, it will definitely get you more props.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:47pm Cecile:

@comon yeah, i have some bands I inexplicably like.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:47pm Bryce:

  Fri. 3/21/14 2:47pm ian:

apparently it's quite cheap to do taxidermy as a hobby. I also just saw alfred hitchcocks psycho for the first time last night. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEANNNN
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:48pm Cecile:

I hate Styx, but I grew up with them. They are part of my cultural DNA. They are like a crazy uncle I have to say hi to at Thanksgiving.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:49pm DCE:

well, if it's cheap, then by all means I'll get started on that taxidermy hobby today!
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:49pm common:

@cecile: that would be me
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:49pm Cecile:

I heard it's not, DCE. Not if you're going to do it right.
Glass eyes, funnily enough, are pricy.
  Fri. 3/21/14 2:50pm ian:

well take that up with normal bates cecile...
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 2:51pm kirk from beer city usa:

I prefer Philip Jeck to Styx.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:51pm DCE:

awww shucks
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:51pm Cecile:

I think someone who did taxidermy as a hobby was on the board one day and was giving us the details.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 2:51pm cklequ:

If it's taxidermy you're after, the "annual" experimental taxidermy contest is happening in just a few short weeks.... secretscienceclub.blogspot.com...
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:52pm Cecile:

me, too, Kirk. By far.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:52pm Chris from DC:

I'd like to hear Phillip Jeck use Styx records.
  Fri. 3/21/14 2:53pm ian:

I was trying to remember why the hell we are talking about this, but now I remember, philip jeck..
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:53pm common:

me too!
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:53pm Cecile:

that would be kind of awesome, Chris.
  Fri. 3/21/14 2:53pm ian:

chris with the tip-in!
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:53pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

holy crap.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:54pm Bryce:

see you, all!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 2:54pm kirk from beer city usa:

what Chris said. best of both worlds.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 2:54pm kirk from beer city usa:

thanks Bryce!
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:55pm Cecile:

you, too!, Bryce!
  Fri. 3/21/14 2:55pm ian:

but still you feel that you're leaving there too soon.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:57pm DCE:

damn, what is that from, ian...tip of my tongue
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:57pm ranjit:

I haven't been able to get any work done this afternoon because of you, and Kurt's not gonna help either. But thanks anyway!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 2:57pm crazy uncle:

Thank you Bryce. Brilliant as always. ...Even Brillianter.
Avatar Fri. 3/21/14 2:57pm northguineahills:

awesomenessess sounds, Bryce!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 2:57pm jk:

great show today Bryce, thanks!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 2:57pm coelacanth:

sugar mountain.
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:57pm DCE:

oh yeah yeah buffalo springfield
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:58pm DCE:

oh yeah just Neil...brain slow today
Avatar    Fri. 3/21/14 2:58pm DCE:

bye, Bryce, it has sincerely been a pleasure, sir
  Fri. 3/21/14 2:59pm ian:

its under control :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 3/21/14 3:00pm coelacanth:

oh,no. no-nothing is under control.
or everything is...i dont know.
  Wed. 4/2/14 9:01am 118664:

loved the Foom.
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