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Options March 15, 2014: WFMU Live from Beerland in Austin, TX!

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Artist Track Images Approx. start time
Brian Turner & Liz Berg  Live at Beerland   Options
Index  You Keep Me Hanging On   Options   0:15:04 ()
Erkin Koray  Cumbur Cemaat   Options   0:17:12 ()
Protomartyr  Live at Beerland   Options
0:32:43 ()
Brian Turner & Liz Berg  Live at Beerland   Options
0:48:12 ()
Eater  Thinking of the USA   Options
0:58:36 ()
Strapping Fieldhands  Celebrity Art Party   Options
1:01:53 ()
Obnox  Live at Beerland   Options
1:05:14 ()
Brian Turner & Liz Berg  Live at Beerland   Options
1:34:01 ()
The Mirrors  Another Nail in the Coffin   Options   1:45:56 ()
Pere Ubu  Street Waves   Options   1:47:56 ()
Spray Paint  Live at Beerland   Options
1:51:43 ()
Pampers  Live at Beerland   Options   2:40:44 ()
Brian Turner & Liz Berg  Live at Beerland   Options   3:05:46 ()
Chrome Cranks  Little Johnny Jewel   Options   3:12:45 ()
Wreckless Eric  JOE MEEK   Options   3:21:27 ()
Buck Biloxi & the Fucks  Live at Beerland (parts of this set did not air)   Options   3:23:41 ()
Brian Turner & Liz Berg  Live at Beerland   Options
3:49:47 ()
Mark Perry  The Whole World's Down on Me   Options   4:00:02 ()
Television Personalities  Look Back in Anger   Options   4:02:58 ()
Ty Segall  Son of Sam   Options   4:04:57 ()
The Equals  I Can See But You Don't Know   Options   4:06:38 ()
Swell Maps  Harmony In Your Bathroom   Options   4:09:43 ()
Guerilla Toss  Live at Beerland   Options
4:15:59 ()
Brian Turner & Liz Berg  Live at Beerland   Options
4:43:02 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 2:01pm Stevel:

The event that must not be named!!
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 2:02pm Glenn L:

Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 2:03pm common:

wish i could be there!
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 2:04pm CZECHANO:

I am on my way to Beerland! My ride aint coming till later but let me know where the after party is if I'm late. Pleez pleez tweet @esoterroriffik I'm In SAn Antonio right now.
  Sat. 3/15/14 2:05pm royvis:

Sounds like Michael Yonkers playing in the background...
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 2:05pm JakeGould:

Wheel of tattoos? How cuckolded!
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 2:05pm tim from champaign:

Hey Liz and BT! Have fun this afternoon.

Liz Berg, Buck Biloxi and Obnox are gonna mess you up bad!
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 2:06pm common:

my dna is beer.
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 2:07pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Hey there, Brian & Liz. Texas has generally been in a drought lately, but you brought them some moisture. Too bad about the car accident this week that killed & injured some folks there. Are there some record stores in Austin that you like to visit?
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 2:08pm Rhody Chris:

Well, I was going to go, then decided to stay away from the SXSW madness, then I mildly regretted it, and now it just started raining at my house so I'm kinda glad I stayed home.
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 2:08pm CZECHANO:

End of an Ear and Antones Records are really good
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 2:09pm Rhody Chris:

Antone's and Breakaway are my faves
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 2:09pm Liz Berg:

Hi everybody and thanks for joining us! We already hit End of an Ear records yesterday!
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 2:10pm tim from champaign:

End of an Ear is so cool.
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 2:11pm fred von helsing:

Beer! Land! Mein Gott das gefällt mir d'oh
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 2:12pm dw:

Knocks mine ears up with beerslanders!
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 2:12pm Jherweg:

Tuned IN!
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 2:13pm fred von helsing:

is it noon there? how's the weather?
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 2:14pm CZECHANO:

Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 2:16pm Ken From Hyde Park:

One hour time difference, so about 1:16 now.
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 2:17pm Whooda:

It's just like being there in Austin except I don't have to drive past the stockyards outside of Dallas. Yeah!
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 2:17pm Stevel:

I love soundcheck warmups.
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 2:19pm Peteski:

  Sat. 3/15/14 2:19pm FJC:

Hello Beerland...
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 2:19pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Ruh-ro....steel guitars have kicked in.
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 2:20pm Jherweg:

Hey dead air is my move!, Don't be stealing my chops.
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 2:21pm Liz Berg:

Well, that was exciting... thankfully we are back!
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 2:21pm Whooda:

Premature steel guitar alert. No, we're not woozy drunk yet..
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 2:21pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Can Liz or Brian call the station and point the phone toward the stage?
  Sat. 3/15/14 2:22pm FJC:

Hope it's back on in time for PAMPERS
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 2:22pm Peteski:

love it (brian + liz = always perfect together)
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 2:24pm fleep:

For later - Beerland site - band clips beerland.do512.com...
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 2:28pm common:

is the guitarist sans pants?
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 2:35pm CZECHANO:

what time does show end? hopefully ill get there in time to pop my head in
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 2:36pm Liz Berg:

Show ends at 6pm Texas time (7pm Jersey time).
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 2:37pm CZECHANO:

i might get there by 4 cool
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 2:38pm CZECHANO:

i need a new beerland t
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 2:42pm CZECHANO:

my beer suggestion, if they have it, is Hans Pils from Real Ale of Blanco, TX yum
  Sat. 3/15/14 2:42pm C in pensacola:

wow, you think these guys like the Fall or what??
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 2:43pm CZECHANO:

sux by so what
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 2:45pm common:

oh man, that sucks.
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 2:46pm Whooda:

I would share my bed with someone or two or three. Glad to see the open carry parade.
  Sat. 3/15/14 2:49pm jeff-m:

they have crawdad and gator flavored chips at the liquor store by me here in Jersey

scared to try
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 2:49pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Thanks to Rex & Terre T for ceding their time slots today. They get a vacation day after the marathon.
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 2:50pm CZECHANO:

bass like ass
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 2:51pm Guido (Cologne):

OBNOX put tons of records out.
Just right now there's a new one out.
They say the new thing is he enteed a "real studio".
  Sat. 3/15/14 2:55pm Letha:

Howdy BT! Ya'll been eating on some stakes?
  Sat. 3/15/14 2:56pm FJC:

Need to hear some Purple Brain..Kayla and Michelle
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 2:59pm Stevel:

Dude's got guns.
  Sat. 3/15/14 3:02pm FJC:

  Sat. 3/15/14 3:04pm FJC:

Ready for PAMPERS..
  Sat. 3/15/14 3:07pm Marc:

Why do people they have to curse to be funny?
  Sat. 3/15/14 3:08pm Marc:

  Sat. 3/15/14 3:09pm Marc:

Texas is the NRA capital of the world. Heavily armed Whacko Birds.
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 3:12pm Rhody Chris:

I live in Waco, capital of Whack obirds.
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 3:13pm CZECHANO:

Wacko in Waco, love the Dr. Pepper Museum
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 3:15pm Rhody Chris:

Cameron Park is my favorite part. One of the few things I actually like about this town. Year-round killer mountain bike trails.
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 3:18pm Liz Berg:

SXSW Cares fund if anyone wants to donate to help the folks injured this week:
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 3:20pm Whooda:

@Rhody Waco also has the monument to the ATF and Government's reaction to law abiding cititzens and their children. Who's the real 'wackos in Waco'?
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 3:21pm CZECHANO:

All right y'all my Austin chariot is here. I hope to make it in time to see the rest of this show, if not I'll be at Whoopsy Magazine Party hanging out with some old cats- poor dumb bastards, hickoids, the surlys. kissing my baby and out the door and liz, big red and a barbacoa taco is the best combination of authentic tx experience
  Sat. 3/15/14 3:21pm after death:

This is the greatest thing I've ever heard on radio
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 3:23pm Stevel:

Love Obnox. Keeping me from my chores!
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 3:29pm Rhody Chris:

I told myself I was going to read for at least 2 hours today since it's rainy and dreary. Then this happened.
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 3:32pm Whooda:

The lady has a rack but evidently not for guns.
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 3:37pm Whooda:

First day above freezin in weeks, if not months upstate NY, went outside for a walk and it turned cloudy and started to rain / sleet mix. Hellooooo Beerland on FMU.
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 3:38pm Andrew Waterloo:

Just order the Obnox double 7" :)
  Sat. 3/15/14 3:39pm NZ:

that final sonic freakout was amazing, wish it would have gone on for 20 minutes more. OBNOX ROX!!!!
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 3:47pm MikeY:

its too bad that none of these bands have talent and just noise
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 3:49pm Whooda:

Grandpa? Is that you? Your're not supposed to be out of your chair. :) (I agree with you)
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 3:50pm Liz Berg:

America's got talent.
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 3:52pm Rhody Chris:

You're in Texas, Liz. You mean, "Murica's got talent."
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 3:53pm Rhody Chris:

The idea of someone complaining about noise on WFMU is quite comical. That noise is the reason I send WFMU money every month.
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 3:54pm common:

this is fuckin greet!~ love spock fingers!
  Sat. 3/15/14 3:58pm Marc:

Why no Barcelona this year? :'-(
  Sat. 3/15/14 4:00pm Marc:

Yeah Liz, "A Horse With No Name" is a classic.
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 4:01pm Liz Berg:

Sorry for the dropout, guys, we're back!
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 4:03pm Liz Berg:

No Barcelona this year because Primavera is the same weekend as the Record Fair!
  Sat. 3/15/14 4:13pm FJC:

Pampers up next
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 4:20pm Ken:

Confused - Brian and the band said this was Protomartyr playing but the playlist has been saying Spray Paint.
  Sat. 3/15/14 4:21pm dw:

hearing the stream from start again
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 4:22pm Rhody Chris:

This is trippy. Having some serious deja vu.
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 4:22pm Ken:

Hmm dw - you're right! Why would that be happening? That's a first.
  Sat. 3/15/14 4:22pm dw:

daylight savings kick in?
  Sat. 3/15/14 4:23pm NZ:

It's a time warp!
  Sat. 3/15/14 4:23pm dw:

hope it gets live again!!
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 4:23pm common:

we're in a vortex. thought it was just the beer.
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 4:24pm Liz Berg:

Everything sounding ok? Confused about this time-warp vortex talk. All seems ok on our end.
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 4:25pm Ken:

Is everyvody experiencing this or is it just me? What I mean is, I am not hearing the broadcast live. The stream as I am hearing it just had Protomartyr end and according to what BT and Liz are syaing, Obnox is coming up, But the playlist indicates very muh otherwise. So is it like this for everybody?
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 4:25pm Ken:

No Liz, something is not right. see my last comment.
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 4:25pm Whooda:

I think we've been time-punked by the Marfa lights. Dang dem aliens!
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 4:26pm common:

yea, it started over, ken/.
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 4:26pm Glenn L:

What Ken said. Big time. Listening on 91.1.
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 4:27pm Ken:

Liz, the streaming server (I think) fucked up bad and started the stream over from the start. So the "live" stream is WAY delayed,
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 4:27pm Rhody Chris:

Yeah, this is the beginning of the broadcast.
  Sat. 3/15/14 4:27pm ScottC:

I am one the West Coast and the Stream jumped back about an hour and is repeating. This started about 45 mins ago
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 4:27pm Ken:

What the f? It's delayed over the air as well??!
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 4:27pm Liz Berg:

Weird! Jeff says he doesn't remember the fix for this
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 4:28pm common:

oh man, techical problems are so stressful. sheesh.
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 4:28pm Ken:

Liz - EVERYTHING is delayed so it is on your end. 91.1 as well as the streams are ALL delayed. So somehow what you are sending from Beerland has started over and is not live.
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 4:29pm common:

n still good
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 4:29pm Liz Berg:

I restarted our bcast
  Sat. 3/15/14 4:30pm ?:

so when is Pampers on....Pissed
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 4:32pm Whooda:

Techonolgy is our frenemny
  Sat. 3/15/14 4:33pm ?:

  Sat. 3/15/14 4:34pm FJC:

THIS SUCKS...waited two hours for Pampers
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 4:34pm Liz Berg:

Pampers is ON!
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 4:35pm common:

just think of the good peoples freakin out right now. take it easy.
  Sat. 3/15/14 4:36pm FJC:

I can't believe this...Dam gotta wait another two hours to hear Pamps...pissed
  Sat. 3/15/14 4:37pm FJC:

not hearing Pamps..
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 4:39pm common:

see? all is well
  Sat. 3/15/14 4:40pm ScottC:

sounds like it's back live at 1:40 PST
  Sat. 3/15/14 4:41pm FJC:

On now ...great
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 4:42pm Liz Berg:

Sorry guys, we got some real bad internets here at Beerland for a bit
  Sat. 3/15/14 4:43pm FJC:

whoooohooo...Pamps kick ass
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 4:43pm common:

you guys are great, liz and brian and ken and everyone!
  Sat. 3/15/14 4:44pm NZ:

tsall good!
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 4:44pm Whooda:

Remind them that the internet is not tool to catch stray cattle.
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 4:45pm dw:

Cool yoo're back on!
  Sat. 3/15/14 4:48pm FJC:

Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 4:56pm Chris M.:

beerland needs to stop their torrents for a few hours imho
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 5:04pm Whooda:

The Coachwhips!?! Wow, that really is a special treat.
  Sat. 3/15/14 5:07pm BriJet:

Sounds like lots of fun!!!
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 5:07pm Whooda:

Texas flood sky is cryin' tears down the road
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 5:19pm efd:

I sure hope these guys don't say their name a whole lot.
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 5:20pm Whooda:

efd, they should do that 'first letter switch' thing that makes everything ok. Hmmm, I take that back.
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 5:22pm Liz Berg:

Sorry we had to bail on Buck for a bit. We'll try again in a few minutes.
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 5:41pm pacific standard simon:

Hit me with a prick? That's not very nice! :D
  Sat. 3/15/14 5:46pm David:

Hey, what was that song you played during the break after Wreckless Eric? Some DC band? I have always liked that song.
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 5:46pm common:

saw lightning bolt a bunch of times in providence. they always suprised with starting to play behind everyone after the opening band. so good.
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 5:49pm Richard from Venezuela:

Greetings Liz, Brian and all the listeners. Thanks for this broadcast.
  Sat. 3/15/14 5:50pm Letha:

Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 5:51pm common:

yea! thanks liz and brian. this is great!
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 5:58pm Liz Berg:

Thanks for hanging in there everybody! Today has been so full of awesome loud music!
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 6:04pm katie:

BATHROOM!! Soon to be played live.
  Sat. 3/15/14 6:05pm NZ:

anybody knows the title of the Ty Segals song that was playing just a while ago?
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 6:08pm Rhody Chris:

Son of Sam on the playlist NZ
  Sat. 3/15/14 6:09pm NZ:

Thanks Rhody
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 6:13pm Whooda:

Thanks kids. It's been more fun that a backseat ride in a Chevy Vega with a big honkin' V-8 in the front. Even funner'n cow tipping. Enjoy your Coachwhips reunion DJ Liz Berg.
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 6:23pm Whooda:

Did the house cat get it's tail under the rocking chair again? How many decades was Yoko ahead of her time?
  Sat. 3/15/14 6:36pm NZ:

Great show! What a luxury to hear it live online. Thanks!!!
Avatar Sat. 3/15/14 6:39pm Rhody Chris:

Thanks for the show Liz & Brian!
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