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All things avant-retard. A mixture of pop and avant-garde side by side, sometimes on top of one another. (Visit homepage.)

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Options March 3, 2014: WFMU 2014 Marathon! Week Two with co-host TIM LACY

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    This coming Monday 3rd March is our last chance this year to help raise funds to keep our lovely WFMU radio station on the air. A lot of friends here like People Like Us and listen to our show, download/listen to our work and radio archives for free... and we would really appreciate hearing from you with a pledge (and you get prizes!) between now and Monday evening when we broadcast live on the air. Pledge direct here - some great t-shirts, CDs and more in return for pledges of 15 dollars or more. https://www.wfmu.org/marathon/pledge.php?pr=PL   
On the air at the top of the hour       
The Doopees - Doopee Time / The Muppets - Simon Smith and his Dancing Bear / Karel Svoboda - La La Lied / RIAA - The Joy of Noise       
The Doopees - Doopee Time / The Muppets - Simon Smith and his Dancing Bear / Karel Svoboda - La La Lied / RIAA - The Joy of Noise       
PLEDGE FOR DO OR DIY NOW  1-800-989-9368   Options   0:01:08 (MP3 | )
The Muppets - Simon Smith and his Dancing Bear / Karel Svoboda - La La Lied / RIAA - The Joy of Noise      0:01:52 (MP3 | )
1-800-989-9368      0:02:33 (MP3 | )
Karel Svoboda - La La Lied / RIAA - The Joy of Noise      0:03:01 (MP3 | )
RIAA  The Joy of Noise   Options   0:04:22 (MP3 | )
Blanketship  Pledge $15 or more to get in the running for this!   Options   0:11:49 (MP3 | )
Music behind DJ:
And here is our Premium CD! 
Pledge 75 dollars or more and get this, a T shirt and a sticker! 1-800 989 9368   Options   0:15:59 (MP3 | )
Bugs and Friends  The Long And Winding Road   Options   0:19:20 (MP3 | )
      0:21:11 (MP3 | )
JG Thirlwell/Foetus 2 CD pack  Pledge 15 dollars or more and get this   Options   0:27:54 (MP3 | )
Dondero High School - Satellite of Love       0:38:11 (MP3 | )
Mme St Onge - Call Me (1-800-989 9368!)      0:40:44 (MP3 | )
Can I have a mouse pledge please?      0:41:03 (MP3 | )
Mme St Onge - Call Me (1-800-989 9368!)      0:41:11 (MP3 | )
Pierre Bastien 2 CD pack  Pledge $15 or more to get in the running for this! 1-800-989-9368   Options   0:47:34 (MP3 | )
Pierre Bastien 2 CD pack  Pledge $15 or more to get in the running for this! 1-800-989-9368   Options   0:47:34 (MP3 | )
DO or DIY Megamix - Wouldn't It Be Noise - Otomo Yoshihide & Yamatsuka Eye / Beach Boys / Inhuman Screams / one fart / Nihilist Spasm Band / Zorn & Eye / Leif Elggren & Thomas Liljenberg / Floom / Koi  Pledge for DO or DIY now at 1-800-989-9368   Options   0:48:39 (MP3 | )
XANADU! FMU!!!!!    FMU A place where nobody dared to go The love that we came to know They call it FMU (It takes your breath and it'll leave you blind) And now, open your eyes and see What we have made is real We are in FMU (A dream of it, we offer you) A million lights are dancing And there you are, a shooting star An everlasting world And you're here with me eternally FMU, FMU (Now we are here) In FMU (FMU) FMU, FMU (Now we are here) In FMU FMU, your neon lights will shine For you FMU The love, the echoes of long ago You needed the world to know They are in FMU (With every breath, you drift away)  0:56:10 (MP3 | )
THANK YOU      0:57:56 (MP3 | )
THANK YOU      0:58:03 (MP3 | )

Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 11:06am People Like Us:

You can pledge to our show now... no need to wait until Monday - just point your mouse to SUPPORT DO or DIY on WFMU and the woofmoo cow logo to the left!
Avatar Sat. 3/1/14 5:22am People Like Us:

Coming up on Monday at 7pm NY Time!
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 6:37pm People Like Us:

Coming up...
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 6:51pm ranjit:

Rushing to get dinner ready before it starts...
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 6:52pm People Like Us:

sitting here tapping my fingers and waiting...
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 6:52pm People Like Us:

I won't be typing in comments so much this week since i'll be on the air
  Mon. 3/3/14 6:54pm MrFab:

You didn't make your goal last week?! Hope you don't get fired from the station as a result. Did Ken call you? "Uh, Vicki, can I see you in my office..."
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 6:56pm People Like Us:

I hope to make up for that this week!
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:02pm People Like Us:

  Mon. 3/3/14 7:02pm irene:

doopee time!
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:02pm JakeGould:

Hello lady.
  Mon. 3/3/14 7:04pm Phil:

Just love this!
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:04pm glenn:

'erro, vicki.
  Mon. 3/3/14 7:05pm irene:

should sneeze or something so we know its really live!! sounds perfect
  Mon. 3/3/14 7:05pm MrFab:

Yeah, come on people, if Vicki gets fired she'll be out on the streets...starving...playing yodeling records to strangers for tips...we don't want that to happen now, do we?
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:05pm Ken:

Hi Tim, Hi Vicki. Had to come home but i can do my job from here.
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:05pm People Like Us:

not much typing from me since I have to talk and everything but I am here, hiiiii
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:05pm People Like Us:

Hi Ken :)
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:06pm faharrington:

WFMU needs money even when they're funny, that's who!
  Mon. 3/3/14 7:06pm Phil:

La la la. La la la
La la la la la la la la la
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:07pm Andrew Waterloo:

now this is a good mashup
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:07pm Danne D:

Oh man this is great :)
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:07pm JakeGould:

Whoa, Ken’s here. Hello station overlord.
  Mon. 3/3/14 7:07pm irene:

wont be funny if they are out of money
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:07pm glenn:

yodelling? hells no. she'll bust out the whole slim whitman catalogue.
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:07pm Rich in Washington:

That's right people! Make the phones light up with people that CARE!
(as Rev. Gene Scott used to say)
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:08pm JakeGould:

Hey folks, sorry but I ate all the money. I thought it was kale. :/
  Mon. 3/3/14 7:08pm irene:

its about the $$$$$$$$$$. Pledge isnt just for polishing furniture!!!
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:09pm Andrew Waterloo:

@Rich, the taste and chew ability should have been enough of an indication that wasn't kale.
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:11pm JakeGould:

Andrew, I ate it. Not Rich. Get you snark right.
  Mon. 3/3/14 7:12pm irene:

Gift Away!!
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:15pm Rich in Washington:

Make the phones light up with people that kale.
  Mon. 3/3/14 7:19pm irene:

whew! I just ate some popcorn.
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:20pm People Like Us:

I feel like I ate popcorn
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:20pm People Like Us:

help me reach my marathon goal peoples :))))
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:21pm Rich in Washington:

Pop the lid off of DIY's pledge popcorn popper!
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:22pm People Like Us:

thanks people
  Mon. 3/3/14 7:25pm irene:

  Mon. 3/3/14 7:26pm P-90:

Is Victoria on Skype tonight?
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:26pm dale:

i'm wondering if i can give something UP for adoption to fmu?
  Mon. 3/3/14 7:28pm irene:

Whats the name of that duck with the green head? Its a common duck.
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:29pm Danne D:

Lizard Duck?
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:29pm JakeGould:

  Mon. 3/3/14 7:29pm oh darn!:

wait! i havent pledged yet!!!
  Mon. 3/3/14 7:29pm P-90:

  Mon. 3/3/14 7:29pm MrFab:

  Mon. 3/3/14 7:30pm irene:

yes that one.
  Mon. 3/3/14 7:30pm P-90:

@Danne D: of course, the N. American "Lizard" or "Sleestak" duck!
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:31pm Danne D:

you're welcome, Irene :)
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:31pm Rich in Washington:

We have ducks. People ask what kind they are all the time - as if it's important. They're covered with feathers and crap everywhere.
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:31pm People Like Us:

hello peoples - I don't know how people talk and type at the same time - call in now
  Mon. 3/3/14 7:32pm MrFab:

The Do Or DIY listenership answers your zoological questions!
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:32pm JakeGould:

“They're covered with feathers and crap everywhere.” Crap Ducks
  Mon. 3/3/14 7:32pm P-90:

"...if it's feathered like a duck, and it craps like a duck..."
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:32pm Rich in Washington:

Although they do this in sync quacking which is quite amusing, then slip out of phase like a Steve Reich piece. That alone makes them worth having.
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:32pm listener james from westwood:

Via duck?
  Mon. 3/3/14 7:33pm Chico Marx:

But: why a duck?
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:33pm JakeGould:

They are talking about Mal-ards.
Avatar    Mon. 3/3/14 7:33pm cklequ:

Watch it... some of us are complete idiots.
  Mon. 3/3/14 7:34pm irene:

  Mon. 3/3/14 7:34pm Chico Marx:

Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:34pm JakeGould:

Rich, I think you are talking about geese. Canadian geese?
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:34pm ranjit:

Duck phase!
  Mon. 3/3/14 7:34pm MrFab:

The home of all things avant-mallard.
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:34pm Rich in Washington:

Support WFMU and open your third ear...
WFMU shows will tear you a new earhole..
  Mon. 3/3/14 7:35pm P-90:

  Mon. 3/3/14 7:35pm tomasz.:

i've said it elsewhere, i'll say it again here - incredible show, one of the best things on radio in general. from yr countryman in Glasgow (currently in Jersey City)
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:35pm sinister dexter:

greetings all from grand rapids michigan .. love your show Vicki
  Mon. 3/3/14 7:35pm irene:

quacks. all of us.
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:35pm Rich in Washington:

I don't know. They're duck shaped. They even walk and talk like ducks. Not geese because they can't seem to fly. Or don't want to.
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:36pm pezonik:

I've just donated! I saw you in play in Waterloo/Kitchener some years ago. Really nice.
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:36pm Danne D:

Probably the Happy Listener's Guide to Mind Control :)
  Mon. 3/3/14 7:36pm tomasz.:

wait, where did the duck chat come from? i take my eyes off the comment board for a few minutes...
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:37pm JakeGould:

Rich are you in North America?
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:37pm Danne D:

Bas :)
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:37pm Rich in Washington:

yes. I just checked. Yes.
  Mon. 3/3/14 7:37pm P-90:

@Rich: so they have a duck-like quality, but they never fly? or can but prefer to avoid it?
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:38pm Andrew Waterloo:

@pezonik, that was a good show.
  Mon. 3/3/14 7:38pm P-90:

Victoria has GLOBAL appeal
  Mon. 3/3/14 7:38pm irene:

  Mon. 3/3/14 7:38pm tomasz.:

Bas is killing it on the pledges. Utrecht in the house!
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:39pm JakeGould:

Okay, you are most likely experiencing the lives of North American shit birds. Have fun!
  Mon. 3/3/14 7:40pm GOAL:

right not a duck? its a mouse or a chicken.
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:40pm Rich in Washington:

@P-90. I think they just lack motivation. They have all of their needs taken care of - a nice view, kiddie pool, water, garbage and utilities paid, etc.
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:41pm People Like Us:

mouse pledge from anyone please?
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:41pm Andrew Waterloo:

ducks are much nicer than Canadian Geese. Canadian Geese are jerks. Jerks that hang out near walking paths and then squawk at you like they own the place.
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:42pm faharrington:

It was Lou's birthday yesterday. Bum bum bum wherever you are
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:42pm JakeGould:

Duck is delicious. Roasted shit ducks are great. First step is to get all the shit off of them. Then roast them. Some 20 dollar bills sautéed in garlic make a fine accompaniment. Tastes like garlic!
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:42pm ! I X Key !:

im ordering food right now what kind of food should i order?
  Mon. 3/3/14 7:42pm irene:

and poop everywhere!
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:43pm JakeGould:

IX Key, you should order food that is delicious, cruelty free & is not made of synchronous quacking duck shit birds.
  Mon. 3/3/14 7:43pm irene:

we are close to goal!. You should order a ham sandwich or pizza with ham.
Avatar    Mon. 3/3/14 7:44pm cklequ:

A pizza with ham and shit duck?
  Mon. 3/3/14 7:44pm tom from o'fallon, mo:

Yessssss!!!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I'm a huge J.G. Thirlwell fan.
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:44pm JakeGould:

A ham sandwich is just a ham sandwich. Pizza with ham is pizza with the added bonus of ham.
  Mon. 3/3/14 7:44pm pledge for someone else!:

great version of Satellite of Love
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:46pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Behold the meta pizza - thisiswhyyourehuge.com...
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:46pm ranjit:

Satellite quacks, up in the sky...
(bum bum bum) Satellite of ducks!
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:49pm JakeGould:

Satellite of ducks! Satellite of ducks! Sa-tel-lite of ducks!
  Mon. 3/3/14 7:50pm pledge for someone else!:

i looked for duck shaped pizza and came up empty
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:52pm JakeGould:

Things shaped like ducks. www.geekadelphia.com...
  Mon. 3/3/14 7:53pm marmalade kitty:

devil ducks!
  Mon. 3/3/14 7:54pm one fart:

time is short!!!
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:54pm JakeGould:

I like devil dogs. Ring dings. Yodells. SNACK CAKES!
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:54pm ranjit:

Why does a search for duck-shaped pizza return lots of pictures of heart-shaped pizza? Are ducks really hearts? Are hearts ducks?
  Mon. 3/3/14 7:54pm one fart:

how much further do we need to go?!?!?!??
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:55pm Danne D:

about $300 to go
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:56pm Santos L Halper:

Quack! Moo!
  Mon. 3/3/14 7:56pm one fart:

Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:57pm Danne D:

Didn't realize it's been 10 years since you've been on the marathon schedule Vicki so I just put one of my serial pledges your way just now :)
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:57pm JakeGould:

You quack me up, Vicki!
  Mon. 3/3/14 7:57pm one fart:

QUACK!!!! wait do we get to hear the special track????
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:58pm People Like Us:

Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:58pm Rich in Washington:

Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:58pm faharrington:

Hooray for People Like Ducks
  Mon. 3/3/14 7:58pm Phil:

Thanks Vicki!
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:58pm listener james from westwood:

Yay, Vicki! WFMU is unimaginable without People Like Us!
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:58pm Bas NL:

Jippie! Hoi, hoi hoi!
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 7:59pm Ken From Hyde Park:

"Well, that's just ducky!"
  Mon. 3/3/14 8:00pm P-90:

Thank you PLU and Tim!
Avatar Mon. 3/3/14 8:02pm People Like Us:


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