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Options February 26, 2014: Marathon Week 1: co-host Clay Pigeon

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Groundbreaking 1950s-60s-70s jazz, rock, & folk helmed by the legendary, enigmatic Tom Wilson (1931-1978), who produced early recordings of Dylan, Sun Ra, Mothers of Invention, Velvet Underground, Nico, Cecil Taylor, Donald Byrd, Soft Machine,
Blues Project, Simon & Garfunkel, Eddie Harris, Eric Burdon & the Animals, Benny Golson, and others.

Matt Farley's songs about: New Jersey, New York, California,
Texas, Connecticut, Great Britain, Canada, Australia

Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Lee Morgan  Yes I Can, No You Can't (edit)   Options The Gigolo  0:00:00 ()
Matt Farley  I'm Gonna Punch You in the Face   Options Matt Farley  0:04:21 ()
Click  I Never Said She Was   Options Produced by Tom Wilson (Irwin's 2014 cd premium)  0:05:01 ()
Sun Ra  Sun Song   Options Produced by Tom Wilson (Irwin's 2014 cd premium)  0:22:49 ()
Matt Farley  Scotch Plains, NJ   Options The Guy Who Sings Songs About Cities and Towns  0:25:20 ()
Courtney Barnett  Avant Gardener   Options   0:38:04 ()
New Pink Floyd ft. Jaimie Sharkey  Basket Shallow Hanging   Options New Pink Floyd sampler from Kilowatt Tango Records  0:42:34 ()
Matt Farley  South Gate, Oh Yeah!   Options The Guy Who Sings Songs About Cities and Towns  0:45:06 ()
Barrence Whitfield & the Savages  Oscar Levant   Options Dig Thy Savage Soul  0:46:46 ()
Joe Frank  The Loved One (excerpt)   Options In the Dark (series)  1:02:31 ()
Matt Farley  Irving TX is a Great City!   Options The Guy Who Sings Songs About Cities and Towns  1:11:53 ()
Matt Farley  The Best Song About Kingston NY   Options The Guy Who Sings Songs About Cities and Towns  1:12:39 ()
Matt Farley  Song About Waterloo, Ontario   Options The Guy Who Sings Songs About Cities and Towns  1:13:52 ()
Matt Farley  A Song About Jersey City   Options The Guy Who Sings Songs About Cities and Towns  1:25:37 ()
Amanda  Cookie Train   Options Don't Mess With The Power Child (Irwin's 2010 premium)  1:25:57 ()
Super Wild Horses  You Really Got a Hold on Me   Options Crosswords  1:28:41 ()
Velvet Underground  White Light / White Heat   Options Produced by Tom Wilson (Irwin's 2014 cd premium)  1:31:32 ()
Matt Farley  New Haven, What a Great City!   Options The Guy Who Sings Songs About Cities and Towns  1:38:04 ()
Matt Farley  Davis is a Good Place   Options The Guy Who Sings Songs About Cities and Towns  1:41:59 ()
Mike Doughty  Super Bon Bon   Options Circles Super Bon Bon Sleepless ...  1:54:01 ()
Dion & the Wanderers  Now   Options Produced by Tom Wilson (Irwin's 2014 cd premium)  1:57:29 ()
Brian Dewan  Coconut   Options This is the Town: A Tribute to Nilsson Vol 1  1:59:49 ()
Matt Farley  Middletown is a Good City   Options The Guy Who Sings Songs About Cities and Towns  2:07:42 ()
The Mothers of Invention  Brown Shoes Don't Make It   Options Produced by Tom Wilson (Irwin's 2014 cd premium)  2:15:02 ()
Beatallica  I Saw Her Standing There   Options Abbey Load  2:21:37 ()
Marco Benevento  Limbs of a Pine   Options TigerFace  2:48:04 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:03pm Goyim in the AM:

SWEET opening segue, Irwin (and Duane)!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:05pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- yeah! - right on the beat
- & premium cover likewise sharp !! - wish I had the scratch...
  Wed. 2/26/14 3:05pm Clay Pigeon:

Hey everybody! Let's make it happen for Irwin!!! Pledge like there's no tomorrow ...
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:06pm tim from champaign:

Is it allowed by the FCC to have Clay Pigeon and Irwin on at the same time? It seems like the potential lunacy could cause some serious airwave damage.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:07pm MD:

Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:09pm common:

yay! clay! irwin! all yoos!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:10pm Matt from Springfield:

YEAH Irwin and Clay!
Can't listen in now, but this looks like an Archive for the ages! Pledge coming this way soon.
  Wed. 2/26/14 3:11pm LovecraftDude888:

RR are you back in action?
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:11pm SeanG:

Was is this BED MUSIC right here?

is it Spoon?
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:12pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- feeling better daily, Thx.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:12pm MD:

Clay in the day!!! This man will never let you down!!!!
  Wed. 2/26/14 3:12pm Dustin Hoffman:

Marathons make my teeth hurt.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:13pm MD:

Push the Envelope Clay!!!! Rip the Envelope Clay!!!!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:14pm Skirkie:

Tom Wilson was the guy who played Biff Tannen in the Back to the Future movies.

I suspect a different Tom Wilson.
  Wed. 2/26/14 3:14pm LovecraftDude888:

RR very good...just checking. I hate colds that linger for weeks or coughs even more so....
  Wed. 2/26/14 3:17pm JF:

Whats this song in the background?
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:18pm Caryn:

Ooh, Matt Farley has a song about Huddersfield! I'm strangely excited.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:19pm TDK60:

Has he done NYC?
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:20pm RSB:

oh my god joe frank
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:21pm RSB:

magnum man
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:21pm Nick the Bard:

Wait a minute, he did a song about Union City but not Union?
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:21pm RSB:

Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:23pm RSB:

oh my sous vetements
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:23pm SeanG:

Hey Matt from Springfield when you listen to this on the archive can you tell me what song this is on right now?
Pretty sure its Spoon
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:24pm RSB:

orange like the jail and Joe mu socks too
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:24pm RSB:

this fantastic orange
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:24pm Matt from Springfield:

@SeanG: Okay, I'll type it in, if I know it!
Irwin's said most of his music beds before, but scattered over many episodes. I'll take a guess!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:25pm TDK60:

And this is the very first Sun Ra album?!!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:26pm SeanG:

Thanks dude!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:27pm MikeY:

My uncle played with Sun RA IN THE EARLY sixties
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:28pm rrg:

Well, thank you for that, Matt and Irwin and Clay.

I guess it is a good ol' township.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:29pm 4chewnahdoe:

Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:30pm rrg:

Yes, I would like that, Clay. I don't suppose you have it with you today.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:32pm 4chewnahdoe:

Is this the same Matt Farley who did the Scotch Plains song? www.businessinsider.com...
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:33pm Mike East:

yes, the same, 4chewnahdoe
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:33pm whiteslice:

Irwin sounds angry as hell.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:33pm TDK60:

You're not a contrarian.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:33pm rrg:

Yes, 4chewnahdoe. Same guy.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:38pm Uncle Michael:

Myabe JJ pledged due to Spoon...assiciated with the Saddle Creek label...in Omaha.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:38pm SeanG:

Thanks for that bed music info. Clay and Irwin!
  Wed. 2/26/14 3:40pm Robert:

Irwin is probably adoptable for enough rum.
  Wed. 2/26/14 3:41pm Joseph Bacon:

I just tossed $$$$ in the pot. I'd love to hear Matt's song about South Gate, CA since that's where Grandma Bacon lived! THANKS!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:41pm MikeY:

Hey this song is getting some national Air play
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:42pm Matt from Springfield:

Music bed already revealed--then I can't wait to find out myself!
@Robert: Irwin will PLAY whatever you want, provided you give him enough rum!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:44pm Mike East:

speaking of Australians, Hugh Jackman was here today. He rides a bicycle.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:46pm Cheer:

Oh man no Matt tunes about Aberdeen or Glasgae! in fact no Scotland! Och Weil!
  Wed. 2/26/14 3:47pm Robert:

@Matt, how much rum to have Irwin play rugby football?
  Wed. 2/26/14 3:49pm Joseph Bacon:

South Gate--where they tried to assassinate the mayor a couple years ago...
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:49pm John McCabe:

Is this randy newmen?
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:51pm Carmichael:

No, its Barry White.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:51pm Mike East:

don't Carm...you'll confuse Clay again
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:52pm John McCabe:

Clay Pigeon & Irwin Chusid the dream team of sardonic wit
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:52pm Carmichael:

In my last job, I worked with Gary Puckett, Diana Ross and Linda Tripp.
  Wed. 2/26/14 3:55pm bipolar guy:

Ok if you want my pledge? I want the Akan watts lecture series back on every 6pm Monday through Friday
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:55pm Caryn:

Sinatra: so classy that even his supposed porn career doesn't mess with the classiness.
  Wed. 2/26/14 3:56pm bipolar guy:

Hey nice video feed? What happened to it?
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:57pm MikeY:

Video feed for 7 second delay whats the link address
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:57pm Matt from Springfield:

@Robert: One shot of rum to whet his taste buds, then tell Irwin that the rugby winner gets a whole bottle..
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:58pm efd:

damn, that was a better legal ID than most WFMU DJs!
  Wed. 2/26/14 3:59pm LovecraftDude888:

I quit after Webelos too....i Weebled and Wobbled
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 3:59pm Matt from Springfield:

@Caryn: Ol' Blue Eyes was so classy, if he was in porn he wouldn't do anything demeaning--in fact all he'd *do* is light his cig, and the rest would "just happen" around him!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:01pm Husband Man:

Whaddaya mean you don't know why it stops at WEBELOS? It's a frank declaration most 13-year-old boys aren't ready to make: WE BLOW.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:03pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...bring Ava or Rita into it & I might care
...ref: 'Kicked Out of the Weebelos' by the Queers - Punkers...
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:04pm John McCabe:

Webelos is when you can go camping with out your parents, some kids just can't make the cut.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:07pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Ava Gardner on Mia Farrow: 'I always knew Frank would end up w/ a little boy'...
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:07pm MD:

How did Joe Frank become me?!?!?
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:07pm rrg:

Is that "% raised" number on the top of the page for the whole two weeks of the "Marathon"? Or is it just for this three-hour program?

It's coming along nicely in either case.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:07pm Alex of Chicago:

I think there's another, slightly different, version of this Joe Frank piece.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:08pm ᏧᏣ ᎮᎯᎱ:

Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:08pm Skirkie:

You can also start wielding pocket knives in Webelos.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:09pm John McCabe:

this guy is the original douche
  Wed. 2/26/14 4:10pm LovecraftDude888:

I don't think we were allowed knives when I was in the Cubs....had my camping dining kit, though aluminum one etc. and all that stuff. knives were Boy Scout action for sure, in the 70s...80s
  Wed. 2/26/14 4:11pm LovecraftDude888:

wait: does anybody remember the radio bit similar to this, where the guy recites litany of "I will keep my house and car METICULOUSLY CLEAN" etc. etc.? My friend used to play that on his show...
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:11pm glenn:

i got the boot from the cubs. they frown on 12 year olds smoking weed.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:12pm chris:

Sounds like an excerpt from the true story of the Most Interesting Man...
  Wed. 2/26/14 4:12pm ses:

what's the music in the background?
  Wed. 2/26/14 4:12pm LovecraftDude888:

Glenn: haha! that might do it!
  Wed. 2/26/14 4:14pm ses:

ohhh that was brilliant!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:14pm Husband Man:

Dead air... the best!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:14pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...the riff was '3rd Stone from the Sun' by Hendrix...
  Wed. 2/26/14 4:14pm ses:

@husbandman lol
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:15pm Peanut Gallery:

No knives in the Cub Scouts is still is the rule.
  Wed. 2/26/14 4:15pm LovecraftDude888:

hrm Katy Perry broke up with Mayer....time for me to straighten her right out
  Wed. 2/26/14 4:16pm LovecraftDude888:

PG: yeah I would imagine esp. today, that would be policy. Ray guns are ok though
  Wed. 2/26/14 4:16pm Clay Pigeon:

Keep pledging. Webelos where are you?
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:17pm Andrew Waterloo:

Didn't expect that
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:17pm Peanut Gallery:

It is safety...knives everywhere in Boy Scouts! Lots of band-aids needed when the new scouts finish the training and start buying blades.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:18pm ᏧᏣ ᎮᎯᎱ:

OK. Think I'm all caught up on Matt Farley.
  Wed. 2/26/14 4:18pm Mike East:

hmmm...maybe I could get a job in Waterloo
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:18pm northguineahills:

How are you supposed to get your whittling chip in cub scouts any more?
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:18pm northguineahills:

/eagle scout
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:18pm rrg:

Where are you from, Andrew Waterloo?
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:18pm Skirkie:

It would be interesting if some of the songs trashed the cities.

Not every place is great.

And yeah I did cut myself almost immediately in Boy Scouts.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:19pm rrg:

He has a lot more to say about all these places than he did about Scotch Plains, I'll tell you.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:19pm Andrew Waterloo:

Waterloo, Ontario
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:19pm Cheer:

Matt Farley sounds like Party Bacon, without the meat references!
  Wed. 2/26/14 4:19pm LovecraftDude888:

I think we had to do all that stuff with adult present or parent....whittling or anything involving knives or tools mainly
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:19pm Dan B From Upstate:

Some of Matt Farley's songs make me think of Frannie, the singing psychic.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:19pm SeanG:

Hey Clay, your songs are better than this dude!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:19pm ᏧᏣ ᎮᎯᎱ:

Oh I could right a dis song about Houston, TX.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:19pm rrg:

Yeah, I figured.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:20pm glenn:

he could have done a song about oshawa. the 'shwa.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:20pm ᏧᏣ ᎮᎯᎱ:

Farley makes $23,000/year on these tunes so...
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:20pm northguineahills:

I still accidentally cut myself. That's what stitches are for.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:21pm rrg:

You played Katy Perry at least once, Irwin. She covered a FOW song ("Hackensack").
  Wed. 2/26/14 4:21pm LovecraftDude888:

Mayer's actually a pretty talented guy I think....I'm not massive into him, but he's ok...a good guitarist and some of his songs are decent. That's about the best I can say. At least he writes actual pop and rock music..and can play
  Wed. 2/26/14 4:21pm Joseph Bacon:

Thank you for nor playing Katie and John. PLEASE promise you won't allow Justin Bieber on WFMU!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:21pm glenn:

vicki bennett did show in waterloo a couple years ago, if i remember correctly.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:21pm Webhamster Henry:

Sheesh that Matt Farley will sing about anything. But at least he's not an automaton. I hope.
  Wed. 2/26/14 4:22pm LovecraftDude888:

i want him to do a Commack, LI song..."nothing to do in Commack It's so Wack"
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:22pm ᏠЄႶႶỊѺµЄ:

Amanda! I would have never come across her if it weren't for Irwin.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:24pm Dan B From Upstate:

I remember wehn MTV 2 went on the air in 1996. In the hours before the channel kicked on, they had an Indian-Head test pattern.

Prolly ironic.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:25pm glenn:

anybody know who eve babitz is? www.vanityfair.com...
  Wed. 2/26/14 4:25pm Laura L:

I have a copy of Please Stand By.... Whoever wins that pledge prize will love it!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:25pm Matt from Springfield:

Irwin's my gateway drug to FMU..and how fortunate to premiere Amanda around that same time! It helped get me hooked to this station.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:27pm Andrew Waterloo:

@glenn, Yah, I went to that Vicki Bennett show.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:28pm bobdoesthings:

clearly he hasn't been
  Wed. 2/26/14 4:28pm Marc:

The dynamic duo is back! Clay Pigeon
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:28pm ᏧᏣ ᎮᎯᎱ:

glenn: she's a nude.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:29pm common:

cookie train!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:29pm TDK60:

Get this guy a gig at the local Holiday Inn now. Songs about towns all night.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:29pm V Priceless:

Farley's positive energy is all-consuming.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:29pm glenn:

and what a nude.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:30pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...suddenly reminded of 'Road Race' Jason Elbogen would sometimes play - Thx for that...
  Wed. 2/26/14 4:32pm mg:

when i hear those dulcet tones, I know it's time to switch stations.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:33pm Husband Man:

Dude, Irwin LOVES the low-impact female vocalist pop country sound!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:34pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...I went to Matt Farley's site & got on the e-mail list er somethin' - & I got sent like a couple CDs & DVDs - very kewl...which I probably shouldn't even say in case he's low on stamps er somethin'...
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:35pm Husband Man:

Like that Australian woman he always plays, who sings about going into anaphylactic shock.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:36pm TDK60:

One of the strangest tunes ever, especially toward the end.
  Wed. 2/26/14 4:36pm josephebacon:

I remember when the Velvet Underground did their gig on the Lawrence Welk show!

Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:37pm Caryn:

Irwin, are you going to be doing this Matt Farley thing next week as well?
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:37pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...that's like a 'Brave New World' description - 'low-impact female vocalist'...
- wull TDK - considering White Light is LSD & White Heat is Amphetamine...so I hear...
- MOO !
...oh - good video josephb ...
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:39pm Caryn:

@josephebacon: love how Welk calls the pop charts "the popularity charts".
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:41pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Matt - sucha doood !
- Hey ! YLT request video toonight ! - Yeah - ?!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:41pm Matt from Springfield:

@Joe Bacon: That's a good one!
"Tank you, tank you, fine young band from New York City, they provide industrial sounds for Mr. Warhol's factory. Let's hope that boy finds his sister Ray."
  Wed. 2/26/14 4:41pm LovecraftDude888:

I think The Doors would disagree....they hated New Haven
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:42pm chris:

Isn't Liz B from Davis?
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:42pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...speaking of pepper spray...
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:43pm Matt from Springfield:

Let us spray...
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:43pm Caryn:

Hm, did Matt try for a Massachusetts accent (weird, since it was a Connecticut song) when saying "wicked smart"? Or maybe my brain automatically makes that pair of words sound like someone from Boston is saying it.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:43pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...or if it were a donkey not cow - bray...
  Wed. 2/26/14 4:44pm josephebacon:

Trivia--"Please Stand By" was the original title for "The Outer Limits"...
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:44pm Irwin:

Liz went to school in Davis.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:45pm V Priceless:

this tune has a bridge!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:45pm chris:

ah, cheers, Irwin... that's the connection...
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:49pm Matt from Springfield:

@RRN63: Is "wicked" an adjective in the Bahstin area only, or does the rest of New England also like saying "wicked"?
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:49pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Page Reloading dragging for anybody else?
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:49pm rrg:

Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:50pm V Priceless:

yes! dragging all day!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:51pm steve:

yup same here RR, all day
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:51pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

@Matt: Reaches up heahr Northward - altho' esp. associated w/ Beantown I'd say. Don't know much about all the way down theahr in the durned Flatlands...
  Wed. 2/26/14 4:52pm Mike East:

I don't think its there...Wayne is the closest on that list
  Wed. 2/26/14 4:53pm LovecraftDude888:

RR: been doing that all day for me, too
  Wed. 2/26/14 4:53pm Mike East:

(pompton plains, that is)
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:53pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...wonder if they're working up to the videofeed...I can only speculate wildly...busytime mebee...
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:53pm steve:

is Flipside Records still there?
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:55pm Caryn:

Wait, what were the prizes they just put up? Honestly, in one ear and out the other...
  Wed. 2/26/14 4:55pm josephebacon:

BURT WARD????????
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:56pm Danne D:

Occupy Irwin?!?
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:56pm Caryn:

Sinatra, Burt Ward... It's all "famous people who also did a bit of porn" tonight.
  Wed. 2/26/14 4:57pm LovecraftDude888:

never been to Flipside but apparently it's in biz Pompton Lakes
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:57pm Mike East:

@steve - that's in Pompton Lakes, just across the highway, and conveniently located down the road from the stop & shop that I go to...I've got a weekend routine of grocery and record shopping. That dude always has WFMU rocking on the house speakers.
  Wed. 2/26/14 4:57pm Clay Pigeon:

Caryn ... right now it's Mike Doughty LP.
  Wed. 2/26/14 4:57pm josephebacon:

Holy Obscenity, Batman! Sinatra and Burt Ward did porn??????
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:58pm Caryn:

Thanks, Clay.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:58pm Matt from Springfield:

"Burt Ward in: Man Up To Bat"...
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:59pm steve:

d'oh. Pompton Lakes. that's GREAT he's still in business... i loved that place when i used to live in Jersey (like 10 years ago)
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 4:59pm Caryn:

@josephebacon: supposedly, Sinatra was in a porn film when he was starting out. He was 19 or something. Burt Ward did some porn after the Batman tv show fame fizzled out.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:00pm Matt from Springfield:

Thanks RevRab. Beantown, now I'm curious again about their beans...

@Danne: That would be Irwin drumming, while Clay performs Led Zep's "Your Time Is Gonna Come", 99% edition! :)
  Wed. 2/26/14 5:02pm LovecraftDude888:

holy Georgina Spelvin Batman!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:03pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...it couldn't be Yvonne Craig...
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:04pm Caryn:

Then again, in the old days there was lots of that going on. Heck, Joan Crawford did plenty of lesbian porn when she was still a young actress.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:05pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Mommie Queerest - ??...
  Wed. 2/26/14 5:06pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

Oh, Brian Dewan. How far you have come from "Wastepaper Basket Fire."
  Wed. 2/26/14 5:06pm Clay Pigeon:

I couldn't hit Plant's high notes, Matt. He can't either!
  Wed. 2/26/14 5:07pm Ralphine:

I should've watched more of Crawford's movies when she was the star of the month on Turner Classic Movies a couple of months ago!
  Wed. 2/26/14 5:08pm LovecraftDude888:

Yvonne Craig was as hot as it gets....Batgirl used to give me a raging woodie! each and every time riding by on the bat bike
  Wed. 2/26/14 5:10pm Ralphine:

That woman that played Isis was pretty hot, too.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:10pm Carmichael:

Is there a site with all the cities and towns listed? Now I'm curious ...
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:10pm iambeardo:

Madison NJ? I have a Madison song!
  Wed. 2/26/14 5:10pm josephebacon:

Caryn, I googled Burt Ward porn and I can't stop laughing!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:10pm Kevlicki:

Middletown blows
  Wed. 2/26/14 5:11pm Clay Pigeon:

C'mon guys! Irwin needs you. Pledge now!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:11pm Caryn:

Still, mid-1930s-mid-1940s Crawford was significantly more attractive than early-1920s porn Crawford. The Hollywood studios knew how to pretty up their stars.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:13pm iambeardo:

madison song: soundcloud.com...
  Wed. 2/26/14 5:13pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

Ball State in Indiana has a Center for Middletown Studies.
  Wed. 2/26/14 5:13pm josephebacon:

Irwin needs to break out The Transformed Man!!!!!
  Wed. 2/26/14 5:15pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

Week 1 kicks Week 2's butt. What's that, Week 2? Oh yeah, nothing, because you can't be bothered to show up until next week.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:15pm Kevlicki:

I presume Matt Farley never went to Middletown. It wasn't a terrible place, it had the fairgrounds where I saw many concerts in my childhood. It was strip malled and had the Orange Plaza Mall where I spent many hours doing absolutely nothing. Otherwise not a whole "lot going down, in middletown". Happily not living in Orange County in my adulthood
  Wed. 2/26/14 5:16pm LovecraftDude888:

ha no bookstores in Middletown, but one adult video shop!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:17pm Stanley:

Here we go, All together now "Brown shoes don't make it, quit school, can't take it"
Avatar    Wed. 2/26/14 5:17pm cklequ:

Brown Shoes Don't Make It!!

Always my favorite Zappa song.......
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:20pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...now it's really starting to sound like the chatboard...
  Wed. 2/26/14 5:20pm josephebacon:

It's so nice to know that Frank Zappa warned us about Woody Allen and Ted Nugent!
  Wed. 2/26/14 5:21pm Amandafan:

Brown Shoes Don't Make It!!!
  Wed. 2/26/14 5:21pm Clay Pigeon:

Waaay too quiet in here. Please consider pledging. Perhaps sacrifice a meal or delay a bill payment. Priorities are in order! 800 989 9368.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:25pm Andrew Waterloo:

That is a spot on impersonation of james
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:28pm Caryn:

Sheesh, just glanced at the tv listings, and they're showing "30 Century Man" for like the 9th time in 6 months! Then again, I immediately switched to that channel, so I guess it's a working strategy.
  Wed. 2/26/14 5:30pm P-90:

@Beatallica: gear-fab, thrashin' gear-fab, a winner, want moar
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:31pm ᏠЄႶႶỊѺµЄ:

A good follow up to Beatallica would be Dread Zeppelin.
  Wed. 2/26/14 5:32pm Amandafan:

Hey Clay, yer right it feels good to be a first week pledger, in the cool clique!
  Wed. 2/26/14 5:33pm P-90:

RIP crate-diggin...
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:34pm SeanG:

The Tom Wilson story is blowing my mind!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:34pm TDK60:

I just knew you two were going to sing! Sounds great!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:35pm Matt from Springfield:

Beatallica! One of the best INDIE-indie Internet band discoveries in '04 for me!

Dread Zeppelin, also outstanding!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:35pm SeanG:

here we go!!!!
  Wed. 2/26/14 5:35pm P-90:

Is there really a place called "New Baltimore"?
sounds made-up
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:36pm northguineahills:

That's my gf's name... jaja, rare to see....
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:36pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Twisted Tributes - bring 'em on.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:36pm Ken From Hyde Park:

There's a New Baltimore exit on the NY State Thruway. It's south of Albany.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:39pm glenn:

there's a baltimore in ontario, notable for the "carhenge"
sculpture some farmer erected in his front field.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:40pm KevinfromBayRidge:

How dare Farley not do Brooklyn!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:41pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...unfairly unFarleyed...
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:42pm Caryn:

Irwin, play the Huddersfield song! I pledged 50 bucks and requested it!
  Wed. 2/26/14 5:45pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

New Baltimore has a rest area I'm sure I've slept at.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:45pm Lewis:

Is this incorrect music?
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:47pm rrg:

Yes. If you drive north to Montreal from the New York area you go past the New Baltimore rest area on the Thruway.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:47pm rrg:

The pledge meter is at 82%. Maybe this is working.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:48pm V Priceless:

can this duet be part of next year's premium?
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:48pm Studio B Ben:

This is amazing.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:48pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Clarwin Pigesid - playing peripatetically for Pledges opposite Ruttkowski !
  Wed. 2/26/14 5:48pm P-90:

You guys really should do a regular show together...
maybe do fill-ins as a team? hmmmm....
  Wed. 2/26/14 5:48pm ?:

Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:49pm Lewis:

what @V Priceless said!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:49pm Webhamster Henry:

You should try chanting "Got To Investigate Silicones" next week.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:49pm MikeY:

100 dollars hot wax on Brekmans balls
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:49pm RSB:

Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:50pm Caryn:

I'm fine with the singing, but seriously, Irwin, Clay read out my pledge to you as well as the town name, and... nothing. I'm tempted to retract my pledge.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:50pm RSB:

tangerine dream
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:51pm RSB:

love that beat
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:52pm KevinfromBayRidge:

Irwin, you might be gettin Fabio a bit jealous with the duet
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:52pm RSB:

Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:53pm Whooda:

Full movie Local Legends by Matt Farley; very, very funny
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:55pm RSB:

Love Utica
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:55pm RSB:

I think
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:56pm RSB:

where the hel is Ithaca?
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:56pm rrg:

99% is as good as 100%. We can stop now.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:56pm RSB:

I was told I was born there by the nuns.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:56pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- a well-earned WOOOF !
  Wed. 2/26/14 5:56pm josephebacon:

Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:57pm rrg:

And the dog wags its tail. Good show, chaps.
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:57pm Andrew Waterloo:

there's a wagging dog
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:57pm Benjamen Walker:

all viewers should be greeted with Ken rubbing his belly as I just was tuning into the video! haha - cheers Irwin - great marathon show
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:57pm Matt from Springfield:

Woohoo! Way to go Irwin, Clay, volunteers and pledgers! 100% in just one week!
Let's REPEAT this next week!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:57pm RSB:

Still, Utica. How Poetic
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:58pm Bas, NL:

One show for the gold archive!
Avatar Wed. 2/26/14 5:59pm Caryn:

So, no song. Now I'm pissed.
  Wed. 2/26/14 6:01pm P-90:

congrats, boys, superbly well-done!
Avatar Thu. 3/27/14 9:28pm tomasz.:

oh god the two of you singing was such a beautiful moment.
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