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Riff rock for riff raff, pop fizzle for the frazzled, chord changes of life for the menopausal teenagers, a safari in the jingle-jangle jungle. (Visit homepage.)

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Options February 28, 2014

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    A pledge of $75 or more tonight automatically gets you Pseu's premium - the Hook and Heart T-Shirt (see the guy above /\) AND the Sex Clark Five's recorded-especially-for-this-show CD called "Monster Strum & Drum" Hits -- This collectible CD features Cover art by Mad Magazine legend Jack Davis, more art by Oscar nominee Jim Danforth and production advisement by THE Shel Talmy!.(CDs are in limited supply and can only be obtained by pledging while this show is broadcasting LIVE!)!


doug gillard  Thing With A Hook (Pseu's Theme)   Options    
the paparazzi  a little bit of me   Options    
charlotte hatherley  kim wilde   Options    
sex clark five  i was looking at her   Options    
sex clark five  Day Triffid / Satellite Beach   Options    
dave edmunds  sweet little rock & roller   Options    
the waitresses  I Know What Boys Like   Options    
summer twins  got somebody to dream about   Options    
lovey dove   soft sun   Options    
marshall crenshaw  i'll do anything   Options    
three dog night  out in the country   Options    
smithereens  this boy   Options    
cliff hillis  talking tree   Options    
quilt  tired and buttered   Options    
the fresh & onlys  presence of mind   Options    
the ocean blue  between something and nothing   Options    
big star  When My Baby's Beside Me   Options    
bmx bandits  serious drugs   Options    
Beachwood Sparks  watery moonlight   Options    
mike viola  track from "ghoul"   Options    
cheap trick  if it takes a lifetime, come on come one come on   Options    
shoes  three times (see me, say it, listen)   Options    
angel olsen  white fire   Options    
sweet apple  let's take the same plane   Options    
the three o'clock  jetfighter   Options    

Listener comments!

Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 9:05pm Pat of Jolon:

Good evening. Good luck!
  Fri. 2/28/14 9:05pm P-90:

Merry Marathon @DJ Pseu and all the Hooksketeers
  Fri. 2/28/14 9:10pm P-90:

What?! Jack Davis AND Jim Danforth?!
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 9:12pm Monica:

hey kids!!! great to have ya here. pseu has some awesomeness lined up tonight! great time for some kick-off pledges at 1-800-989-9368 or online via the pledgebox at the top of the playlist!!
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 9:17pm doca:

hey, Monica!
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 9:18pm Monica:

yo, doca!
Avatar 🎃 Fri. 2/28/14 9:22pm Snortley:

In case anyone's browser is blocking the webcam on the FMU homepage, you can find it here:
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Fri. 2/28/14 9:28pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I see a nice diagram of a human heart.
  Fri. 2/28/14 9:28pm Toby Record:

$50 if you play The Replacements. I'm gonna donate anyway, but I figured...
Avatar 🎃 Fri. 2/28/14 9:28pm ! I X Key !:

! HOORAY (o:
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 9:31pm doca:

girls night at the FMU!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Fri. 2/28/14 9:32pm SeanG:

Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 9:36pm JakeGould:

Yo! Wide shot on that ink-jet printer to the right plz. Thx!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Fri. 2/28/14 9:37pm Uncle Michael:

I can't resist the chance to comment on Pseu's show!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/28/14 9:38pm Tome:

Hey Pseu ! Hey Monica ! Hey kiddles ! this is just SpecTaCULaR !!!
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 9:43pm doca:

WFMU is doing freeform TV right now
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 9:44pm JakeGould:

So when does the “Al Goldstein Memorial F--k You of the Week” happen?
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 9:46pm JakeGould:

Robert, yes! For the good people! For you!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Fri. 2/28/14 9:51pm Uncle Michael:

Heaven....pure heaven.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 9:53pm Monica:

hey there, Snortley, KFHP, Toby, ! X Key !, SeanG, JakeGould, Uncle Michael, Tome, and Robert! What are some fve acts/tunes you've discovered via Pseus's show??
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Fri. 2/28/14 9:54pm Uncle Michael:

Doug Gillard!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Fri. 2/28/14 9:59pm Uncle Michael:

I was answering your question, Monica...but if it was taken as a request...that's fine too!
  Fri. 2/28/14 10:00pm Steve-O:

Hey there! BTW, who's the lovely redhead on the Livestream? =)
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 10:00pm texas scott:

is Danielle, Pseu's illegitimate love child?
what a looker,that one!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/28/14 10:04pm Santos L Halper:

Evening! Monica, every Pseu show i discover great new tunes. Probably my fave of the past year is I Know i I Love You Now by Tommy Hoehn. Keep the hooks comin'!
  Fri. 2/28/14 10:05pm JonnyGato:

omg <3 Monica
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/28/14 10:07pm Jeezy:

What kind of pledge gets a date with Danielle?
  Fri. 2/28/14 10:10pm JonnyGato:

US Stream is very ahead of iPhone app, interesting
  Fri. 2/28/14 10:12pm tomasz.:

Joe Ducky
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 10:12pm JakeGould:

Robert, are we studying the Talmud or listening to music? Seriously.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 10:13pm JakeGould:

Nice! Show off that printer, duck face.
Avatar 🎃 Fri. 2/28/14 10:13pm Murph 37:

Evening Pseu, love the marathon (and DJ Monica)
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Fri. 2/28/14 10:14pm Ken From Hyde Park:

@JonnyGato - The delay makes it possible to block swear words from leaking out. Michele & Frangry tested it earlier this evening.
  Fri. 2/28/14 10:14pm bill:

Such vamping, such posturing, I am in a delirium!
  Fri. 2/28/14 10:17pm Marci B:

I'd LOVE to pledge but sadly I'm between jobs. Will contribute as soon as I land. Yay Pseu and Monica, my long-time faves.
  Fri. 2/28/14 10:18pm JonnyGato:

omg I grew up on Paisley Underground on KROQ ~1983-86
  Fri. 2/28/14 10:18pm bill:

10 or so more air kisses and I will have no choice but to pledge. What a vixen!
  Fri. 2/28/14 10:19pm Marci B:

ohh rum for Irwin! WOWEE
  Fri. 2/28/14 10:20pm Marci B:

hey Robert- if I could I would!
  Fri. 2/28/14 10:24pm Robert:

Ken from Hyde, it's simple as long as someone's back at the board to dump. Remember when poor Ken made the mistake of leaving the board to witness Andy's being tortured on the fire escape? And then he suspended himself as punishment to be served after the marathon. I felt so bad for them both. Like if they did a fantastic move in a figure skating contest and then fell on the landing. And they did it for us.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Fri. 2/28/14 10:25pm SeanG:

less comments more pledges!
  Fri. 2/28/14 10:27pm bill:

Like the punk and normal Burts - are they married?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Fri. 2/28/14 10:28pm Ike:

@Marci, you don't need to pay now! Pledge now, pay later! We'll bill you. In fact we don't even take CCs over the phone. Call us, the phone room is too quiet. 800-989-9368.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Fri. 2/28/14 10:28pm sugarwolf:

so where is the eye candy for us straight ladies?!?
  Fri. 2/28/14 10:33pm bill:

Ooh la la, may I paint your toenails?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/28/14 10:33pm Tome:

10 years almost now this show I think ,,, !! always looking forward to it ,, as well as the archives and the "other show" that started before this one,,!
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 10:34pm Monica:

good one, uncle michael! i think pseu is pals with him... right on, robert...steve-o , it's danielle!!... t'scott, she sure is!!... evenin', santos - cool... back at ya, jonny... jeezy, better ask her!... hola, tomasz... howdy, murph!...bill, vamping is the right word!... thx, marci!... yes, ike!!... s'wolf - right???... tome, great point!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/28/14 10:35pm Scott Williams:

Ocean Blue=Pseu's Thing With The Hoof one day, I hope!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/28/14 10:35pm Tome:

.. and yours as well Monica ,, *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge* .
  Fri. 2/28/14 10:36pm bill:

That is one sexy-ass brooch! (How much is this costing me?)
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 10:36pm Monica:

scott williams in the house! thx, tome!!
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 10:37pm JakeGould:

JonnyGato, use PayPal like I did. Boom!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Fri. 2/28/14 10:38pm Ken From Hyde Park:

In the next set, put Danielle in front of an old-timey switchboard, like Lily Tomlin on Laugh-In.
  Fri. 2/28/14 10:40pm bill:

I want to make a movie about WFMU. All the orgies, order-out feasts, the decadence. It will be disgusting and so beautiful. Who will support my kickstart?
  Fri. 2/28/14 10:40pm JonnyGato:

Make sure it doesn't come out like "Empire Records"
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/28/14 10:41pm Santos L Halper:

Too late bill, it's been made. Coming out...soon?
  Fri. 2/28/14 10:42pm JonnyGato:

Danielle's very Warholian. Also, when dudes I know act like they're a lady, they act a lot like she's acting!
  Fri. 2/28/14 10:42pm Tony Hawk:

Great show.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/28/14 10:43pm Tome:

...does snoopy dance to the coffee pot ... [\/[\/
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 10:46pm JakeGould:

Nice Brooch. But show me that printer again. Yeah!
  Fri. 2/28/14 10:46pm bill:

Thank you camera person!
  Fri. 2/28/14 10:46pm JonnyGato:

Smoke gets in your eyes cha cha cha
  Fri. 2/28/14 10:47pm JonnyGato:

@Robert: Tell us more?
  Fri. 2/28/14 10:48pm some other guy:

Watching the webcam kinda makes feel like you should just play the whole Mod Fuck Explosion soundtrack.
  Fri. 2/28/14 10:49pm some other guy:

I mean makes me feel... or no, actually "makes feel" is good.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 10:49pm JakeGould:

Yeah, checkout that printer.
  Fri. 2/28/14 10:50pm bill:

Thanks Miss Danielle's mom, fer sure!
  Fri. 2/28/14 10:52pm Webster:

Soubrette: a coquettish maid or frivolous young woman in comedies
  Fri. 2/28/14 10:52pm tomasz.:

did someone just diss Empire Records? oh my days.
  Fri. 2/28/14 10:53pm bill:

I wanna see Danielle clap some more. So pledge you deadbeats!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/28/14 10:53pm Tome:

...is in a van down by the river stealing wif-fi from the bears...
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 10:54pm JakeGould:

Show us the drunk guy! Show us the drunk guy!Show us the drunk guy! Show us the drunk guy!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/28/14 10:56pm Tome:

!!! .. have Danielle do the "mouse" ie . Snoopy Sales ? <DING> :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/28/14 10:57pm Tome:

Soopy soupy even...
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 10:57pm JakeGould:

What’s Danielle’s opinion on the drunk guy?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/28/14 10:58pm Tome:

....Perf amboy over dare ,,,
  Fri. 2/28/14 11:03pm bill:

.org contains the letters OG, as Danyelle just reminded me through her gangsta stylins.
  Fri. 2/28/14 11:07pm imaad m:

tuning in from Sri Lanka. wfmu is godsent!
  Fri. 2/28/14 11:07pm bill:

Danyelle is the best sexy Soviet-era-balaklava-playing dam worker streaming on the internet right now.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 11:07pm JakeGould:

Really? Sri Lanka? Wowweee!
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 11:08pm Monica:

webster - yes!!... hi, some other guy... hi, imaad! whoa!...hell yeah, bill...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Fri. 2/28/14 11:09pm Mike Sin:

Hi Pseu! Monica! Just rolled in. Thanks so much for another year of great programming. I discovered many new and interesting bands on this show. It's really made so many of my Friday nights fun... especially during this bitter cold and snowy winter when I have a tendency to hibernate indoors.
  Fri. 2/28/14 11:10pm bill:

Ah the thing on a hook is a heart. Now it all makes sense. Danyelle!
  Fri. 2/28/14 11:10pm imaad m:

Yes, Colombo! to visit wfmu is on my bucket list (:
  Fri. 2/28/14 11:10pm JSG:

Robin Zander, national treasure.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 11:11pm JakeGould:

Yes, Colombo? Okay.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/28/14 11:11pm Santos L Halper:

Danielle seems very charming, but don't neglect the real stars, our dear DJs (or are they camera-shy?)
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 11:14pm JakeGould:

Pretty sure they are camera shy.
  Fri. 2/28/14 11:14pm imaad m:

JakeGould - Colombo is
  Fri. 2/28/14 11:15pm Christopher Clabbers:

Pseu, happy to offer up my mouse but once again. What, is this the eight time or something?? My dear aural friend, WFMU is such a privilege. Love you and Monica. Where's Crispin Glover to take my pledge when you need him? That was a my big brush with fame, along with drinking with Exene, passing out with The Replacements, doing laundry with The Vandals, slumber party with Black Flag. Ok, maybe it ranks tenth or something. YO GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!! Love you, Chris in Philly....
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 11:15pm doca:

radio people are meant to be heart and not to be seen, station dictator Ken has already said
  Fri. 2/28/14 11:16pm bill:

Why is that guy even there? Seriously
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 11:16pm doca:

Oh WFMU is the best. I'm even sorry that I'm going to travel over the next few days and won't be able to catch all the fun of the marathon. Hope all goes well. And I hope I'll be here Sunday for the Grand Finale
  Fri. 2/28/14 11:18pm bill:

Danyelle, don't drink the soap, silly!
  Fri. 2/28/14 11:20pm bill:

Danyelle, relax, relax...
  Fri. 2/28/14 11:24pm bill:

Thanx FCC for saving us from a Danyelle heart attack.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 11:29pm JakeGould:

imaad m, ahh. Okay. Columbo, Sri Lanka. Cool! Here in the U.S. Columbo is Peter Falk & he’s cool too.
  Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/28/14 11:30pm Ralphine:

I have to hand it to the lady on the webcam. That can't be easy to keep up for all this time.
  Fri. 2/28/14 11:33pm Pete:

Ooh, one of my favorite SHOES songs! Always a great show Pseu!
  Fri. 2/28/14 11:34pm tomasz.:

Sri Lanka checking in, awesome! hi imaad.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 11:35pm Pseu Braun:

Thanks everyone who has pledged -- you are THEE BEST! I'd really like to see WAY MORE of you though. If you have not pledged your support even at $15 this year, you've got to start NOW...
Avatar 🎃 Fri. 2/28/14 11:37pm Danne D:

Wait so is it my imagination or is the phone room all dudes for this shift? :)
Avatar 🎃 Fri. 2/28/14 11:41pm Danne D:

(on the phones I mean obv)
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 11:45pm JakeGould:

She’s whacking the duck.
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 11:46pm JakeGould:

2014: We live in the future!
Avatar 🎃 Fri. 2/28/14 11:46pm Danne D:

This reminds me a little of the Max Headroom Hacking Incident on the webcam right now
Avatar 🎃 Fri. 2/28/14 11:46pm Danne D:

LOL - Of Course it's Joe Duffy :)
  Fri. 2/28/14 11:47pm P-90:

@Jake G: that makes two of us
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 11:50pm Monica:

yo, ralphine, pete, danne d, and p-90.
  Fri. 2/28/14 11:50pm betheatemup:

Avatar 🎃 Fri. 2/28/14 11:50pm Danne D:

Hey Monica :) Another great job emceeing by you :)
Avatar Fri. 2/28/14 11:53pm Pseu Braun:

  Fri. 2/28/14 11:54pm Greese:

Jack Davis and Jim Danforth on one cd ....so cool
  Fri. 2/28/14 11:55pm P-90:

@DJ Monica: yesyes, thanks for the emcee-ing!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/28/14 11:55pm Tome:

great Danielle yes all happy and pepping and bursting with love ,, just this this wonderful show, DJ"s, staff performers and listeners !!!
  Fri. 2/28/14 11:57pm Greese:

I luv Pseu
  Fri. 2/28/14 11:59pm P-90:

Hear that? It's your LAST chance people! Get your heads wired to your asses and make your fucking pledges NOW!
Avatar 🎃 Sat. 3/1/14 12:00am Danne D:

Yay Miss Danielle :)
Yay Pseu :)
Yay Monica :)
Yay Volunteers :)
Yay Pledgers :)
Avatar Sat. 3/1/14 12:01am JakeGould:

Danne, no love for the drunk guy?
Avatar 🎃 Sat. 3/1/14 12:02am Danne D:

I assume he volunteered to be drunk
  Sat. 3/1/14 12:02am Steve-O:

Hi Pseu and company! Great show today, everybody.....enjoy your weekend! =)
Avatar 🎃 Sat. 3/1/14 12:02am Danne D:

(I also only have been tuned in for the last 1/2 hour so I missed the drunk shenanigans for the most part - what happened?)
Avatar Sat. 3/1/14 12:03am Dan B From Upstate:

Cool! I won the Petra Hayden CD! Thanks Pseu and Monica!
Avatar Sat. 3/1/14 12:03am JakeGould:

Danne, he was just in the phone room nodding off all the time.
  Sat. 3/1/14 12:04am P-90:

Cheers, Pseu! one more week to go
Avatar Sat. 3/1/14 12:04am JakeGould:

Danne, here is a screenshot. instagram.com...
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