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Options January 28, 2014: Tomorrow-Land: the 1964 World's Fair
PEACE THROUGH UNDERSTANDING was the theme of the1964 New York World’s Fair. Chris T. and author Joseph Tirella (“Tomorrow-Land: The 1964-65 World’s Fair and the Transformation of America”) celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Fair and help you understand why its creation was anything but peaceful.

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World of Aerial View Tomorrow  Walt Chris T. Disney   Options

Listener comments!

  Tue. 1/28/14 6:02pm P-9Ø:

Dude: I TOTALLY LOVE the Unisphere motif, Great design!
Hats Off, Sir!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/28/14 6:04pm Mike East:

The world's not fair.
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:06pm P-9Ø:

Trivia Question for the Comments Colony, first with the correct answer wins a Hope Sandoval refrigerator magnet:

Q: What do the three rings encircling the Unisphere represent?
Avatar Tue. 1/28/14 6:07pm Elliott Simon:

umm...the rocket orbits?
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:08pm LovecraftDude888:

urgh Yuri Gagarin etc.
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:08pm marmalade kitty:

world fayres; always slightly arrogant and fascist idealistticssly
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:08pm LovecraftDude888:

plus says Telstar and John Glenn's flight
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:08pm P-9Ø:

...getting warm...
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:08pm LovecraftDude888:

was hoping for a date with Hope haha
Avatar Tue. 1/28/14 6:09pm Elliott Simon:

yeah ....like John Glenn
Avatar Tue. 1/28/14 6:09pm Elliott Simon:

right...rocket orbits that is what i said
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:09pm P-9Ø:

You'll have to settle for a date with the magnet. IF you provide the correct answer.
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:10pm LovecraftDude888:

says on Wiki supposed to be for all the satellites then in orbit but proved not workable..so...3
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:11pm LovecraftDude888:

I was just playing the new CD earlier here...zoning to it
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:11pm P-9Ø:

@LCD888: You are correct! One "orbit" for each of the three communications satellites then in orbit.
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:12pm LovecraftDude888:

says first Cosmonaut, first astronaut, and first satellite the Sputniiii
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:13pm P-9Ø:

@LCD: now you're fucking it up. don't change you're answer now
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:14pm P-9Ø:

Now i have to see what WIKI says about "not workable"
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:14pm LovecraftDude888:

haha sorry. Telstar was 1961 or 62...longgg after Sputnik was up
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:15pm LovecraftDude888:

i also read that the orbits depicted may not all be even accurate
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:16pm P-9Ø:

Sputnik was not a "comms" satellite, and it had come down long before the '64 Fair.
Avatar Tue. 1/28/14 6:16pm Elliott Simon:

they actually had concerts in the NY State Pavillion after the Worlds Fair...I saw the MC5 there, the Stooges and David Peel in like 68 or 69
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:16pm LovecraftDude888:

I was actually over at that park and museum a few times the past several years....so much fun. But wish they'd restore the fountains and things.....Right, P90...Sputnik was not like Telstars
Avatar Tue. 1/28/14 6:17pm Elliott Simon:

I think FMU might have sponsored it
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:17pm LovecraftDude888:

I heard they had concerts there..they still do, but usually nothing fabulous, alas. They really should....they have that theater there
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:18pm P-9Ø:

@LCD: No, the design with the three "rings" was purely aesthetic, where does it say on the Webs that they were alleged to represent the actual positions of the satellites?
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:18pm LovecraftDude888:

even Bruce Vilanch was there a while back
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:19pm LovecraftDude888:

ahh a few places...

  Tue. 1/28/14 6:19pm P-9Ø:

Bruce really gets around, that little slut.
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:20pm P-9Ø:

"the city's master-builder" Haha
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:22pm LovecraftDude888:

heehee I was over there 2 summers back and the fountains were going full on...it was too cool.
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:23pm LovecraftDude888:

also wasn't Elliott Murphy's Dad involved with the AquaShow in that area years ago???
Avatar Tue. 1/28/14 6:23pm Elliott Simon:

I havent been there probably sonce the 60s..ridden by it it looks pretty effed up
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:24pm LovecraftDude888:

that NYC diorama is great...inside the museum,..also they renovated the whole museum I need to go back and soon to see that! I just recalled that.
Avatar Tue. 1/28/14 6:25pm Elliott Simon:

really?.....am I remembering right that there is a huge map of NY State on the floor of the NYS pavillion
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:25pm LovecraftDude888:

the park itself is kept up pretty well...although lack of restrooms which is really infuriating....Tennis centres great....not that I use them. The Museum though is great though smallish
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:25pm P-9Ø:

I hate to date myself like this, but I was there many times as a kid. One of the things about the Fair was that it lasted a couple years, so folks living in the area could keep going back, hang out and really soak up the vibe
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/28/14 6:25pm dale:

the worlds fair was exciting because everyone got their world picture from movietone news and the dumont network and this was mind blowing. i don't think it would play today.
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:26pm LovecraftDude888:

I dunno about that..the 3D diorama Map of NYC and topological maps are inside the museum now
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:26pm marmalade kitty:

Jimi hendrix experience performed electric lady land, and soft machine played there at flushing meadows in August 23 1968..
Avatar Tue. 1/28/14 6:27pm Elliott Simon:

Yeah...I was at the WF lots of time too....it was fairly commercial as I remember
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:27pm LovecraftDude888:

I love the burnt out empty fountains and weird lake....I figured, J. G. Ballard would have LOVED it now...I mean, the ghosts of the orig. Grounds
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:27pm LovecraftDude888:

ha, Soft Machine! crazee
Avatar Tue. 1/28/14 6:27pm Elliott Simon:

I didnt see Hendrix there
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:28pm P-9Ø:

@Elliot: there was a huge scale model of New York City, it's been updated several times and is still on display:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/28/14 6:28pm dale:

chris - you could do a great show on moses, the master builder.
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:29pm LovecraftDude888:

yep, seen that 2x now. inside the museum building closer to front right of the entrance area...but could be a bit different post-renovation. Mainly it's a nice art museum, and exhibits on the Fairs and other old NYC artifact collections
Avatar Tue. 1/28/14 6:29pm ottovonbqe:

AP Mike wrote a book?
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:30pm marmalade kitty:

  Tue. 1/28/14 6:31pm LovecraftDude888:

I like it cause parking always near the museum, and nice park to roam around and get some exercise and sit and stare at the Uni
Avatar Tue. 1/28/14 6:33pm Elliott Simon:

Now there was Singer Bowl but that wasn't the World's Fair site was it?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/28/14 6:33pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Looks like this would go well w/ the PBS 'American Experience' '1964' episode I thot quite good:
...altho' looks like they took the video down ? Hmm. Their premise that America was still more or less still in the 50s until '64 - & then very much not - seems good. It was *my* 1st year of Life...There'll be all the 50th Anniversary stuff - British Invasion & so on...
Avatar Tue. 1/28/14 6:33pm Elliott Simon:

I think I saw the Doors there or the Who.....
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:35pm P-9Ø:

There was a big outdoor stage, with dance floor (!) in front of it, lots of Pop acts played there, and "the kids" would dance. The Watusi, The Twist, The Frug, The Monkey, The Crawl, etc.
I'm trying to find a list of the acts that played there; I remember it was like Three Dog Night, Blood, Sweat & Tears, those kind of things. Creedence?
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:36pm LovecraftDude888:

I had to settle for walking around with my IPod on
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:37pm LovecraftDude888:

this book looks great. Gonna have to get it...and should be right front n center at the museum shop
Avatar Tue. 1/28/14 6:37pm Elliott Simon:

I am thinking Singer Bowl was different than the Pavillion, Singer Bowl was huge
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:40pm P-9Ø:

I'm trying to find the place where I read that the designer, Gilmore Clarke, had originally conceived of the rings as representing the first three communications satellites, which were the only ones in orbit at the time he did the design. (There were more by the time the Fair opened.)
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:41pm LovecraftDude888:

too many rings to put up by the time the Fair was gonna open and erect the Unisphere i guess
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:43pm LovecraftDude888:

an Undersea Colony sounds keen to me...I have a secret one off Bayside, Queens....a well kept secret. my weekend digs.... live like Sea Monkeys!
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:44pm marmalade kitty:

sounds about right..
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:44pm jt:

I have a 16mm film of the Worlds Fair in Queens.
But am unable to view it... Anyone have a 16mm projector and want to set up a viewing? Is it worth anything? I am just curious, enjoying the show!
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:45pm P-9Ø:

@Chris T & Joseph Tirella(ay! Paisano!): Don't forget the fabulous corporate-sponsored pavilions, the GE Carousel of Progress, the Chrysler Pavilion where you could ride in time-traveling automated cars through immersive Disney-designed animated panoramas...
Avatar Tue. 1/28/14 6:45pm Elliott Simon:

and by 1967 no one really cared about the WF anymore or even remembered it much, and then they had this one in Canada that was supposed to be less commercial
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:45pm jt:

ps. I believe it is a "Professional Promotion film" , not a home movie.
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:46pm LovecraftDude888:

what's that lyric in They Might Be Giants "Ana Ng" tune....who had been there? etc. hehe wow your film might indeed be valuable archival. don't have a projector, alas
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/28/14 6:46pm dale:

i'll bet irwin has some fine corporate records from the time.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/28/14 6:47pm dale:

sounds like bob and ray
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:47pm LovecraftDude888:

there was the little-known HPLDude Pavilion which presciently predicted my later birth in 68 in Queens....and my holding forth on WFMU
Avatar Tue. 1/28/14 6:48pm Peteski:

What about the amount of criticism leveled towards the World's Fair coming from Hip New Yorkers (like us), about suburbanites waiting online for hours in August in a parking lot to see a dishwasher
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/28/14 6:48pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

'Tomorrowland' - that 60s Optimism - & that blend of Innocence & its' Loss that characterizes the 60s & makes its' Expressions so powerful & enduring
...that is dead & gone - & that is the over-arching timewarp feeling I got watching the PBS 1964 thing - & LittleSteven remarked on exactly this on his latest show interviewing David Chase...
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:49pm P-9Ø:

@Elliot; "Expo '67", yeah , it was a famous dud, by that time "establishment", "square" things like World's Fairs were passe. Also, it was in Montreal and Canada was still kind of a joke...
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:50pm LovecraftDude888:

then the Expos were a joke but that's another tale....
Avatar Tue. 1/28/14 6:50pm Elliott Simon:

which resulted in teh Montreal Expos Baseball team...another famous dude
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/28/14 6:50pm George of Troy:

Great show, guys. I grew up in Maspeth Queens, and spent a lot of time in Flushing Meadows Park in the late 70s-early 80s. My recollection is very much the same as Chris's: Awesome, otherworldly structures everywhere, seemingly forgotten and overgrown. I recall an aviary in one section of the park that was closed to the public by that point, but I desperately wanted to break into it.
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:51pm LovecraftDude888:

I wasn't too sure about the Mariners, either as a kid...but they later got going a bit
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/28/14 6:51pm dale:

Peteski - it was a talking dishwasher maybe?
Avatar Tue. 1/28/14 6:51pm Elliott Simon:

dud....but then didn't Shea open with this Worlds Fair in Queens
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:51pm P-9Ø:

@RevRab: You've been ravin about that PBS 1964 thing all week, I've gotta see it. Does it mention "Jonny Quest", by ant chance?
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:51pm LovecraftDude888:

George..that's amazing. I walked around the entire grounds about 5x the past few years...except the zoo which I need to get back to
Avatar Tue. 1/28/14 6:51pm Peteski:

@dale - probably, ha!
Avatar Tue. 1/28/14 6:53pm Peteski:

(for some reason they left me home - my brother went - I am not bitter, I swear)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/28/14 6:53pm dale:

gents - they'll be saying the same thing about don la fontaine 50 years from now about his voice. 'why does he sound so hokey?'
Avatar Tue. 1/28/14 6:53pm Elliott Simon:

No..the blue and orange is from the NY Giants and Brooklyn Dodgers
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:53pm jt:

The automatic dishwasher is a great 'peace-keeper" in this house hold.. Ours doesn't talk but it sings
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:54pm jt:

I hear the Phillip Johnson "thing" is not long for this world...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/28/14 6:54pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

@P-90: No cartoons - but in two hours they did mention even Sitcoms getting weirder & expressing the Social Change.
Avatar Tue. 1/28/14 6:55pm Peteski:

Jean Sheperd did nothing but make fun of the fair on the radio at the time
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 1/28/14 6:55pm George of Troy:

LovecraftDude: I really need to get back there soon. It's been too long.

Ha! I was just going to mention the movement to save the pavilion.
Avatar Tue. 1/28/14 6:56pm Elliott Simon:

yeah that is a big problem that it is Queens and not Manhatan about a 50 million dollar problem
Avatar Tue. 1/28/14 6:57pm Peteski:

  Tue. 1/28/14 6:58pm P-9Ø:

When you hear the soundtracks of these promos and newsreels, the rhetoric is very much in a style that exemplified a 1930's-1950's mindset, all that Civics-class mentality. The actual experience of the Fair for those who attended, was much more contemporary to the early 1960"s: Corporations as the friendly producers of the products that would make life great in the Future, for a happy, employed, affluent middle-class
  Tue. 1/28/14 6:59pm P-9Ø:

"...controlled nucular fusion...."
  Tue. 1/28/14 7:00pm marmalade kitty:

never innocent RR63
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