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Options January 15, 2014: Just say nix to Google. Seriously, you don't need to know that.

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Lee Morgan  Yes I Can, No You Can't (edit)   Options The Gigolo  0:00:00 ()
Eton Crop  It's My Dog, Maestro!   Options It's My Dog, Maestro  0:03:30 ()
ZZZ's  Dystopia   Options Magnetica/Prescription  0:07:33 ()
Evolution Control Committee  Hillbilly Hostess in Haunted Harlem   Options Raymond Scott Rewired  0:13:06 ()
Thundercat  Lotus and the Jondy   Options Apocalypse  0:15:22 ()
Arden Eno  Green Book   Options Arden Eno's 1st, But Not His Last  0:20:12 ()
The Bedroom Philosopher  Sudanese   Options Songs from the 86 Tram  0:22:42 ()
New Pink Floyd ft. Jaimie Sharkey  Poke a Dot   Options The Mona Lisa on Drugs  0:29:33 ()
Elvis Costello & Amy Allison  Monsters of the Id   Options Sheffield Streets  0:33:12 ()
Super Wild Horses  You've Really Got a Hold on Me   Options Crosswords  0:36:32 ()
Brian Auger's Oblivion Express  Compared to What   Options Closer to It!  0:39:30 ()
Valerie June  Tennessee Time   Options Pushin' Against a Stone  0:51:46 ()
Daniel Wylie  A Boat Full of Roses   Options Fake Your Own Death  0:54:36 ()
Andrew Jackson Jihad  Cigarettes   Options Candy Cigarettes and Cap Guns  0:57:16 ()
JOE FRANK  INSOMNIA   Options THE OTHER SIDE (series)  1:02:03 ()
unknown  Publicit√© pour "Les Ondes Musicales Martenot"   Options Au bon vieux temps de la TSF  2:03:59 ()
Jacquel Brel (Sylvette Alart on Ondes Martenot)  Ne me quitte pas   Options original 1959 version  2:07:03 ()
Thomas Bloch, Bernard Wisson, Fernand Quattrocchi & Paderewski Philharmonic Orchestra  Kyriade IV   Options Music for Ondes Martenot  2:10:42 ()
Isla Craig  Messages   Options ... & the Other  2:21:01 ()
Shearwater (ft. Clinic)  Fucked Up Life   Options Fellow Travelers  2:25:00 ()
Lily Allen  He Wasn't There   Options It's Not Me, It's You  2:28:15 ()
Dandy Warhols  Bohemian Like You   Options Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia  2:31:06 ()
Miami Horror  Colours in the Sky   Options Colours in the Sky  2:34:40 ()
Jorge Elbrecht ft. Tamaryn  1/4 Circle Black   Options 1/4 Circle Black  2:38:57 ()
Wolfgang Ruttkowski  Night and Day   Options one of WR's 540 YT vids  2:42:24 ()
Miracles of Modern Science  Singularity   Options Meems  2:46:03 ()
Aileen Stanley  My Hometown is a One Horse Town   Options Music Hall Favorites  2:54:49 ()
Drink Me  Ines   Options Drink Me  2:57:06 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 2:59pm rrg:

Darn it.
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 3:00pm rrg:

Rather than throwing it out, I mean.
  Wed. 1/15/14 3:01pm Kathy:

Use It Up
Wear It Out
Make It Do
Or Do Without

Hi Irwin~
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 3:01pm Mike East:

I taught my daughter how to darn my socks.
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 3:01pm braveness23:

B23 (still) here!
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 3:02pm fleep:

Running with scissors is for thimbleheads.
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 3:03pm common:

i agree with the thimble head.
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 3:03pm braveness23:

My wife and mother-in-law have both made me socks but wont mend the holes in them. That's my job I am told but neither one seems to have the time to show me how or show me where the stuff is to do it....
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 3:05pm Mike East:

I also have some socks that have a lifetime guarantee. My wife will be returning two pairs this weekend cuz they already have holes in them. I think I need to clip my nails more often.
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 3:09pm steve:

someone needs to sell Sock Insurance - buyers can can file a claim when they inevitably lose a single sock at the laundromat
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 3:09pm fleep:

Once you learn how to darn your socks, you can move on and damn your underwear.
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 3:11pm ChrisB.:

Everyone has one minute to find a thimble.
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 3:12pm braveness23:

Does one of those rubber thimble thingies that accountants use to count cash count?
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 3:14pm Droll:

fleep, It's just a stepping stone. You start with darn socks, move up to damn underwear, and eventually you shit your pants.
  Wed. 1/15/14 3:16pm Laura L:

I'd run hollering too like the pot man if I woke up one day and had a horn on my head, a tail, brushy feet, and was being chased by a grinning thimble head with giant scissors.
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 3:17pm common:

strange thundercat song. click.
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 3:19pm Droll:

Too bad about this Thundercat drummer... Imagine what a little practice could do.
Avatar    Wed. 1/15/14 3:22pm Michael:

The forgotten Eno brother
  Wed. 1/15/14 3:32pm LovecraftDude888:

sorry guys busy listening to Thel. Monk's Live at Jazz Workshop CDs....preoccupied today...but good stuff
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 3:33pm Droll:

At first I laughed at the name "New Pink Floyd", but then I thought about The New Christy Minstrels and New Order and suddenly naming your band "New Eagles" or "New Led Zeppelin" didn't seem as dumb as putting a random number in your band name.
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 3:34pm Irwin:

The New Johnny Mathis was a bit much, think?
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 3:35pm fleep:

Another list aborning.
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 3:36pm Droll:

Irwin, I didn't have a problem with both acts touring at the same time, but "The New Johnny Mathis UK" hints things might get out of hand eventually.
  Wed. 1/15/14 3:37pm berbo:

We were going to use a large prime number for our band name, but the NSA told us it was classified.
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 3:39pm Mike East:

was that "I gotta shit now"?
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 3:40pm rrg:

"You don't do shit now."

Oh. You were joking.
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 3:41pm Droll:

List of Music Lists To Compile:
1. Song names partially and/or entirely in parenthesis
2. Bands with more "Greatest Hits" compilations than actual hits
3. Band names that begin with "New" where there also a band without "New"
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 3:43pm Alison Porchnik:

That is an excellent list of lists.
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 3:45pm rrg:

#1 and #3 can be automated. #2 maybe not as easily.
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 3:48pm Droll:

rrg, But who will automate the automator?
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 3:49pm rrg:

What will motivate the automator?
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 3:50pm Mike East:

@rrg - I wasn't...I really didn't hear clearly. I just heard a bleep and know the original line is I gotta split now. Thanks.
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 3:51pm PKNY:

(Eu)gene McDaniels also put out out the classic "Headless Heroes of the Apocalypse" record, which Spiro Agnew allegedly told Atlantic Records to table because of the lyrics:

Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 3:58pm common:

thanks for that link PKNY
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 4:01pm rrg:

I love to hear the word "fortnight". Thank you.
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 4:03pm Sean D. Daily:

Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 4:10pm Roberto:

I saw Michael Tucker in the AT&T store a couple of years ago.
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 4:14pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

@rrg: ...How are you on 'penultimate' ??...
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 4:15pm rrg:

I love that too. Even written, not spoken. Thank you.
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 4:16pm Carmichael:

Just never, ever use the word *synergy*. Ever!
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 4:16pm rrg:

But only if it's used correctly. Sometimes people use it as though it means an emphatic "ultimate".
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 4:17pm rrg:

Or "leverage" as a verb!
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 4:17pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...'sycophant' ?
  Wed. 1/15/14 4:17pm synergy wiz:

Q: What did the HOME GYM's child want for christmas?
A: elyptical me elmo.
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 4:18pm rrg:

Now you're getting personal.
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 4:22pm Droll:

What's wrong with "leverage" as a verb? Why can't I leverage automation?
  Wed. 1/15/14 4:23pm synergy wiz:

did you hear the pet shop boys are touring strictly to millions of adoring beaurocrats? it's a sin-ergy.
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 4:23pm rrg:

You're probably right, but it still makes me cringe.
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 4:25pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

'I'd like to synergistically leverage this comprehensive elliptical thrombosis - fortnightly - as the penultimate personal sycophant.'
...Annoying as hell but so pleasurable somehow...
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 4:26pm common:

aaahhhhggg!! i had to have a cystoscopy. never do it!
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 4:35pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...to Irwin's point how different it effectively is when someone Not Joe reads it...interesting though...
  Wed. 1/15/14 4:36pm P-90:

@Rev-Rab: Pretty good! Now, can you compose a sentence utilizing the antonyms of all those words?
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 4:40pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

? - 'You wouldn't hate (not to) antagonistically collapse that reductive rectilinear fluency - annually - in opposition to the second-primary collective contrarian.'
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 4:41pm Droll:

Only JF can find a way to make NOT having your testicles cut off sound worse than having them cut off.
  Wed. 1/15/14 4:41pm P-90:

Gold Star!
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 4:45pm Stanley:

Sounds business as usual for me.
  Wed. 1/15/14 4:46pm P-90:

Was wondering what might count as an "antonym" for "fortnightly", but "annually" works fine in this context.
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 4:47pm braveness23:

I've got to learn this bass line
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 4:47pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- yeah - it's a cheat...'Weekly' or 'monthly' might've been better - as per paychecks...
  Wed. 1/15/14 4:48pm ?:

Its fucking great.. Pissing my pants
  Wed. 1/15/14 4:48pm P-90:

Poor Joe, if anyone deserves to have his tissue samples and testicles put on ice and shipped to a clonong lab, it's Joe.
  Wed. 1/15/14 4:50pm ?:

Hes still alive doing these shows out west somwhere.. Ask Irwin
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 4:50pm rrg:

Maybe the antonym of "fortnightly" is the inverse of it. Thus, 14 times in one day rather than once every 14 days.

But there's no word for that unless we coin one.
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 4:50pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...Joe's one of those Artists who does something both pretty unique & exceptionally well...
  Wed. 1/15/14 4:52pm bloopy:

I don't often listen closely or understand what the hell is going on these Joe Frank songs but i like the voice & music playing in my head in the background
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 4:52pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...I can just almost remember young & callow enuff I thot Joe Frank & Ken Nordine were the same person...
  Wed. 1/15/14 4:52pm P-90:

Only Joe could transition from a boozing/gorging/farting/diarrhea/overflowing toilet epic to a pick-up scene with an attractive woman like it was the most natural thing in the world
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 4:54pm braveness23:

And on THAT note, I gotta run kids.
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 4:55pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...if there's a word for '14' we could tag onto 'diurnally'...
Interviewer: Why do you have serious compositions interspersed w/ fart jokes & 'Louie Louie' - ?
Zappa: Because that's Life !!
...or something like that...
  Wed. 1/15/14 4:56pm P-90:

@? : Yeah, I think he's at the NPR station in Santa Monica, same one where Harry Shearer used to produce his weekly one-man show
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 4:56pm Conan the Grammarian:

...remember BEING young enuff...
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 4:59pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...KCRW - but I don't think either one is there now ! ? Harry's outta N'Orleans now...Well - I don't think Joe is producing periodic 'radio' now...had a few on 'Unfictional'...
  Wed. 1/15/14 5:01pm mike Y:

  Wed. 1/15/14 5:01pm P-90:

"...this week's in-STALL-ment..."!
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 5:03pm rrg:

That's in Astoria. Who goes there? Ever?
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 5:07pm Droll:

Whoever is playing can make the Theremin sound like anything! Phrasing is everything...
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 5:07pm rrg:

Wow! Jacques Brel.
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 5:07pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- yes - Thx mike Y.
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 5:08pm rrg:

Why don't I have this? I have to fix that.
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 5:10pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

'Don't quit me' - in essence ? Damn language barriers. Brel is better than them - no fair...
  Wed. 1/15/14 5:12pm P-90:

Colloquially translates as "don't break up with me!"
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 5:13pm Carmichael:

Yay! Having found what I believe is the Greek word for 14 times per day (quatuordenary), I thought all of you uber-focused word nuts ("Present [raises hand]!") would enjoy the site: phrontistery.info...
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 5:13pm luca:

yep...don't leave me...one of the few people who knew my country pretty well
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 5:13pm rrg:

"If You Go Away" is the English language version (lyrics by Rod McKuen), sung by many, many people.
  Wed. 1/15/14 5:13pm Thierry:

Man, this program is way past radio, it's architecture!!
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 5:15pm rrg:

My puny iTunes library has versions by Judy Collins, Cyndi Lauper, and Holly Cole. But there are so many more out there.
  Wed. 1/15/14 5:16pm P-90:

Yup, "quatuordenary" would be 14x/day. But the idea that that would be the inverse of fortnightly and thus serve as an antonym was inspired
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 5:17pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...'quatuordec-diurnally', if you please...
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 5:17pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- jinx !
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 5:18pm rrg:

I'll take YouTube, thanks.
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 5:26pm glenn:

oooh. i like phrontistery.
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 5:27pm Irwin:

FYI, the commercial version is NOT censored. And that is the band Clinic doing the backing.
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 5:28pm rrg:

It's hard being a DJ.
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 5:28pm rrg:

All that bleeping.
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 5:29pm rrg:

This song is about her dad.

I read that somewhere. Wiki-something.
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 5:29pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...that *was* the topic @ hand - the effrontery of phrontistery...
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 5:30pm Carmichael:

Let's go to a piano bar and lean on it while listening.
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 5:32pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...will Lily sit w/ her legs crossed & sort of swing the one in front - ??...
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 5:43pm rrg:

You said we'd like Wolfgang Ruttkowski, and you were right.

You know us so well.
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 5:45pm Carmichael:

Irwin, I bought a friend your Key of Z book (and CD) for Xmas. He seems to enjoy it, Particularly Arcesia. I think I have him hooked ....
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 5:45pm Droll:

Like I was saying earlier, phrasing is everything.
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 5:47pm Irwin:

Thanks, Carm! There's now four digital (only) volumes of KoZ available at better music download sites in your neighborhood.
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 5:50pm rrg:

Are these separate from the 2-CD collection, Irwin?

Or is it those two CDs, plus two more digital-only volumes?
  Wed. 1/15/14 5:52pm app uzr:

hey Irwin, say 'spleen'
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 5:54pm Ken From Hyde Park:

7SD looks to be a go for today. I got the newsletter. Since my name is Ken, I guess I'm invited to call in.
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 5:58pm rrg:

Thanks for all that stuff, Irwin. Good luck moderating that bunch on 7SD. Such a job you have. But you like it so much that you'd do it even if they didn't pay you, right?
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 5:58pm rrg:

G'night, listeners. There will be other times.
  Wed. 1/15/14 5:59pm Listening Out There:

What?!?!? I just got here...
Avatar Wed. 1/15/14 6:02pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Thx Again Irwin ! - All for company...
  Wed. 1/15/14 11:06pm daisy:

Hey Irwin, thanks for playing Arden Eno, he's my 8 year old son, and he's over the moon to hear his song on the radio. Very cool.
  Thu. 1/16/14 9:42am arden:

Erwin thank you so much for playing me. Now this is not a joke but I am arden eno commenting on you. Oh and also just to finish this comment how much money do I get for playing green book.I don't know how much I should give you for this?
  Fri. 1/17/14 7:26pm arden eno:

Hey Erwin how many songs would I have to put on wfmm radio to get 40 dollors.
Avatar Fri. 1/17/14 7:28pm Irwin:

AT $0.00000043 per spin, you'll have to do the math, Arden. And you can't use a calculator!
  Fri. 1/17/14 10:02pm arden eno:

Oh also that was just a recording of me. This is a big big secret don't tell any of your friends that I made a video were you could see me and I was in bad with my dad's best friend land Steinberg a member of the wind was taping with his phone and I was in my pjs.
  Fri. 1/17/14 10:07pm arden eno:

Michal dum dum I/m eight years old and there is no such band as the eno brothers and anyways being single led zeplin did not get as much money as elvis.
  Sun. 1/19/14 9:16am arden eno:

What the heck does that mean?
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