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Options January 6, 2014: unknown farts

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Artist Track Approx. start time
Ergo Phizmiz   Could It Be Magic (For Rococo Chanel's Birthday)   Options 0:00:00 ()
Trygve Seim   Intangible Waltz   Options 0:05:13 ()
Kipper Kids   Buben   Options 0:07:46 ()
Okapi and Aldo Kapi Orchestra   Cherubini / Medea / Taci Giason   Options 0:08:59 ()
Laurel and Hardy's Music Box   Cops Me Ow   Options 0:10:00 ()
fart    0:12:30 ()
Jaap Blonk   Buitenboordspuug (Outboard Saliva)   Options 0:12:39 ()
"unknown farts"    0:14:08 ()
I'm On My Journey Home   Eephing   Options 0:14:16 ()
Woody Phillips   Flight of the Bumble Bee   Options 0:14:40 ()
Great Gonzo   The Great Gonzo Eats A Rubber Tire To Flight Of The Bumblebee   Options 0:15:06 ()
John Deere   Manure Handling Equipment Side A   Options 0:15:57 ()
Harry Breuer and his Quartet  Glockenspiel Gavotte   Options 0:17:44 ()
Music behind DJ:
John Oswald  
Track 19 from WX09   Options 0:19:32 ()
Chicha Libra   Sonido Amazonico   Options 0:24:34 ()
Frank Pahl and Klimperei   Charlotte Russe   Options 0:28:38 ()
Ennio Morricone  Indagine Su Un Cittadino Al Di Sopra Di Ogni Sospetto   Options 0:30:05 ()
Frank Pahl   The Cowboy Disciple   Options 0:32:38 ()
Ergo Phizmiz   Boris Von Horace   Options 0:36:19 ()
Shiina Ringo  Torikoshikurou   Options 0:39:14 ()
Hans Reichel   The Duke Of Syracuse   Options 0:41:47 ()
Brian Eno   Silver Morning   Options 0:42:36 ()
Grippy and the Pads  Grippy Pads   Options 0:44:41 ()
Matmos  Action At A Distance   Options 0:44:44 ()
Coil   Who'll Tell   Options 0:47:16 ()
Music behind DJ:
Misfit Toys  
Alone Again Naturally   Options 0:50:26 ()
Doopees   Love In Gas Music #2   Options 0:54:38 ()
GRIPPY PADS  GRIPPY PADS   Options 0:54:58 ()
Grippy  Pads   Options 0:55:09 ()
Grippy and the Pads  The Pad Song   Options 0:55:19 ()
Grippy and the Pads  we got royalties   Options 0:55:37 ()
Grippy Pad  Climbing Up that Grippy Building   Options 0:57:04 ()
Grippy the Pad  I Can't Do Anything Without My Grippy Pads   Options 0:58:36 ()
Doopees  Love In Gas Music #2   Options 0:59:21 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 3:06pm People Like Us:

Back here later!
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 6:58pm People Like Us:

back now...
  Mon. 1/6/14 7:00pm Listening Out There:

Being Back is Good
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:01pm People Like Us:

Good evening
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:02pm Rich in Washington:

Yay! It's Do or DIY time!
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:02pm People Like Us:

it's magic time
  Mon. 1/6/14 7:02pm MrFab:

unknown farts? My three-year-old will love this episode. She's at the phase where farts are just the funniest thing ever.

I fear I have yet to grow out of the stage...
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:03pm Revolution Avant Retard Nov63:

We got your back.
...Send money if you want to see it again.
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:03pm People Like Us:

I have known and unknown
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:03pm Revolution Avant Retard Nov63:

...the fizz, the fazz, the fizz-fazz
...& the one that goes 'whooosh'...
  Mon. 1/6/14 7:04pm PuffTheMagicPhoonter:

My theme song
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:04pm tim:

It just doesn't get any better than this!
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:05pm People Like Us:

I agree, it's a slippery slimey slope from here
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:05pm Revolution Avant Retard Nov63:

- as Bill Hicks said - don't worry - there will be more fart jokes...
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:05pm tim:

Wait, scratch that last comment. It has to get better.
  Mon. 1/6/14 7:05pm Listening Out There:

Could It Be Phiz
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:06pm fleep:

Scratching a comment can lower its resale value.
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:07pm Revolution Avant Retard Nov63:

...I kinda like...a Barry Manilow song...& I thot things would get better after Werk got out tonight...
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:08pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Please send our regards to birthday boy Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson turns 59).
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:08pm People Like Us:

Barry the Manilow is fantastico
  Mon. 1/6/14 7:08pm tom:

intangible farts
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:09pm Revolution Avant Retard Nov63:

...Atkinson a ♑Capricorn...that's...confusing...he was the Cheif in ThinBlueLine...yes awlright...
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:10pm Rich in Washington:

Kipper Kids!
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:11pm People Like Us:

cup of tea?
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:11pm steve:

this is some classy stuff
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:12pm Revolution Avant Retard Nov63:

- Cheers but vino tinto time these parts
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:12pm Revolution Avant Retard Nov63:

...Stan & Ollie set the standard for Anglo-American partner abuse...
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:13pm People Like Us:

I've had a glasso of vino tinto and now a cuppa tea
  Mon. 1/6/14 7:13pm Listening Out There:

Well, Stan and Ollie -were- consenting adults...
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:13pm Revolution Avant Retard Nov63:

...that can be good...
  Mon. 1/6/14 7:14pm Cliff:

Too much eggnog?
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:14pm People Like Us:

is true
  Mon. 1/6/14 7:14pm Listening Out There:

Ulp. Typo in the playlist. "fart" should read "frat," right?
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:14pm fleep:

Stuff a cork in this person before he deflates in to a husk on the floor.
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:15pm Revolution Avant Retard Nov63:

E. L. James is British & writes about Mericans.
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:15pm glenn:

i bet noel coward never did fart jokes.
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:17pm tim:

A filmstrip!
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:17pm fleep:

Everyone needs a dependable spreader.
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:17pm People Like Us:

Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:18pm People Like Us:

Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:18pm People Like Us:

  Mon. 1/6/14 7:18pm Listening Out There:

Tubular Steel Booms. Know what I'll be dreaming about tonight...
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:18pm Rich in Washington:

clean dumping...
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:19pm Revolution Avant Retard Nov63:

- raise my loaded bucket rapidly E.L. - oh yeah - like that...
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:19pm tim:

Gawd, I'm in 2nd grade again. (I went to an agriculture-focused Catholic school, Our Lady of the Furrows.)
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:19pm People Like Us:

Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:19pm glenn:

massey ferguson made better spreaders.
  Mon. 1/6/14 7:19pm Listening Out There:

..."adjust suck"...
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:19pm People Like Us:

Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:20pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Manure disposal week always stunk.
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:20pm Pseu Braun:

Did I just hear "dump loads"?
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:20pm Michael:

I heard dump loads too.
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:20pm People Like Us:

well I certainly hope you did dear
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:21pm People Like Us:

we need to stay regular
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:21pm tim:

Well, I hate to be contrary, but International Harvester had the spreader action sown up... until they became Cub Cadet and turned to REAL shite.
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:22pm People Like Us:

the fart section is now officially over, while I blah blah blah blah and can't pronounce anything blah
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:22pm Revolution Avant Retard Nov63:

E.L. James is an international harvester. She sews up w/ consenting adoolts.
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:22pm ranjit:

I've got a whole studio full of people listening to the show tonight, whether they want to or not. We all tried to pronounce Buitenboordspuug.
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:23pm People Like Us:

Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:23pm Rich in Washington:

that Eephing guy was Jimmy Riddle. It's kind of sad that I know that right off hand.
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:24pm Revolution Avant Retard Nov63:

BoingyBuitenboordspuug - ting!!
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:24pm People Like Us:

oh thank you - do you know what the album actually is? I have it but er, don't know what it is...!
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:24pm People Like Us:

Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:25pm Revolution Avant Retard Nov63:

John Oswald is Innocent.
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:25pm Rich in Washington:

Not exactly sure where that eephing tutorial audio comes from but Riddle did a few records under his name and on other people's records (he was in demand being an Eephing expert, apparently).
  Mon. 1/6/14 7:27pm MrFab:

Which album, Vicki? "I'm On My Journey Home"? It's various Amrican folk field recordings, not all eephing.

Evolution Control Committee sampled eephing on his song "Hillbilly Beatboxing."

Sounds like a euphemism for swearing: "Get that eephing thing outta here!"
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:27pm Rich in Washington:

He does a great version of Boots Randolph's Yakity Sax, as Yakety Eeeph.
You can search it out. I think posting youtube clips on people's shows is rude, so I won't.
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:27pm Revolution Avant Retard Nov63:

- he did *not* kill Lee Harvey Rabbit Kennedy alone.
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:27pm People Like Us:

yes, that album - I don't know any more about it
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:28pm People Like Us:

(my mp3s are not tagged, I mean)
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:28pm Rich in Washington:

I knew Fab would have the goods. Howdy, Mr. Fab!
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:28pm People Like Us:

I have the album, to clarify, but untagged
Avatar    Mon. 1/6/14 7:28pm cklequ:

I keep forgetting that this show is on again. It's the wrong day.

Would it be too much trouble to change all the world calendars so that Monday will fall on Wednesday and winter take the place of summer? That might help me remember.
  Mon. 1/6/14 7:28pm MrFab:

I meant "American" folk field recordings. But you knew that.

Lots of other cool acapella vocal traditions on that album.
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:29pm People Like Us:

I do too
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:30pm Revolution Avant Retard Nov63:

Monday is my Friday.
- below the Equator it is Summer.
- Dogs came from the DogStar. I'm Sirius. Everything You Know Is Wrong.
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:30pm People Like Us:

yes, I love that album
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:31pm tim:

Eephing was also called "ham-boning" at some juncture,if memory serves. Mac Davis was a skilled eepher, as was Jim Stafford (I think) .
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:31pm Rich in Washington:

I wonder if he's on that American folk yodelliing album 'Hollerin'? Eephing should be treated like throat-singing. It's really interesting.
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:31pm People Like Us:

I used Eephing in this show too on Radio Boredcast www.wfmu.org...
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:32pm Revolution Avant Retard Nov63:

- hamboning involves thigh-slapping, no?
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:32pm People Like Us:

I have the Hollerin album too, ALSO untagged!
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:32pm People Like Us:

yes I mixed with throat singing in that link just up there for radio boredcast
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:32pm tim:

Morricone greatly admired Wagner for his use of the jews harp.
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:33pm Rich in Washington:

Non-taggers unite!!
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:33pm Revolution Avant Retard Nov63:

Untag ! Not it !
Avatar    Mon. 1/6/14 7:33pm cklequ:

It's hard to not admire a man with a jews harp.
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:33pm Rich in Washington:

I recently looked through my untagged stuff in a neglected hard drive and it's mind-boggling what a packrat I've become.
  Mon. 1/6/14 7:34pm MrFab:

Hi Rich!
I was behind Crispin Glover in line at a Target store today on my lunch break. He was buying plastic containers and grippy pads. Makes me want to listen to that insane album he made where he screeches out a version of "Boots Are Made For Walking" and covers Charles Manson..
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:35pm Revolution Avant Retard Nov63:

- E.L. has amazing grippy pads. What a coincidence.
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:35pm People Like Us:

far better than harmonicas (jews harps) - Blob Dylan should have played one on all his songs
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:35pm Rich in Washington:

I once stood in line for hours in the rain for his big slide show in Portland in the 90s, only to be turned away due to it being sold out. No grippy pads.
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:36pm People Like Us:

grippy pads? what are grippy pads?
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:36pm Revolution Avant Retard Nov63:

- grippy pads are unkewl in Portland.
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:36pm Rich in Washington:

I just missed him visiting the station once by an hour. He was interviewed by a friend on his show.
Avatar    Mon. 1/6/14 7:36pm cklequ:

Have you been to one of Crispin Glover's slide shows/film screenings, Mr Fab?
Intense stuff.
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:36pm Rich in Washington:

Yes, Fab. I want to know too!
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:37pm tim:

Love grippy pads.
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:38pm Revolution Avant Retard Nov63:

Monica Lewinsky had Presidential grippy pads. & never shot anyone.
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:38pm People Like Us:

what's a GRIPPY PAD?
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:39pm Revolution Avant Retard Nov63:

...or did she...
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:39pm ranjit:

Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa + iPad = grippy pad?
Avatar    Mon. 1/6/14 7:39pm cklequ:

  Mon. 1/6/14 7:40pm MrFab:

I have! Glover reading from his Victorian book about rat catching. And movies starring the muscular dystrophy guy having sex. There isn't much "outsider film" compared to music, but those films were.

I think grippy pads are just rubbery things used to open jars'n'stuff.
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:40pm Revolution Avant Retard Nov63:

...they use them in Colorado now:
...a pot-holder - ??...
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:40pm People Like Us:

oh! I thought it was something really exciting and amazing but it's not, I think I will pretend I don't know
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:41pm People Like Us:

I assumed they were for walking up the sides of buildings
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:42pm Revolution Avant Retard Nov63:

Monica has silicone grippy pads. Few know the truth.
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:43pm Rich in Washington:

This is a great mix, Vicki!
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:43pm People Like Us:

thanks :)
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:44pm Revolution Avant Retard Nov63:

...no - those are gecko scalers...
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:45pm People Like Us:

Grippy Pads.
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:45pm tim:

The Old Codger is filling in for Bethany's A440 tonight. Very last minute. I just met the man. He smells codgery.
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:46pm People Like Us:

then after that it's Chris and Cosey on Dan Bodah's show so listen to that peoples
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:46pm groucho:

late again. sorry, Monday nights aren't very good for me. been listening to your show via the archive at least 3 times a week though & there's not a lot of shows I listen to more than once. I've never met you but I fckin love you. so glad you're back, please never stop.
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:48pm Revolution Avant Retard Nov63:

C&C from the Psychotic Troublemakers !!
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:49pm tim:

Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:50pm Rich in Washington:

Mondays are great for me. It's like the carrot at the end of the stick on my otherwise unendurable back-to-work day.
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:50pm Rich in Washington:

That voice sounds like Ken Nordine.
  Mon. 1/6/14 7:50pm Listening Out There:

No Bethany = We are sad
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:51pm People Like Us:

yes, I don't know who that is, that voice. That'll surprise you eh, ha ha
  Mon. 1/6/14 7:51pm Ghoul:

  Mon. 1/6/14 7:51pm Listening Out There:

Don't get me wrong. The Codger is a perfectly good codger when it comes to codgers. I just like A440. Thassall.
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:52pm tim:

Nous SOMMES tristes, sans elle.
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:52pm People Like Us:

ha ha, hi Ghoul
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:52pm Revolution Avant Retard Nov63:

Sad. Very sad. Ken Nordine talks about the color - Moosh sad.
  Mon. 1/6/14 7:52pm Ghoul:

Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:53pm JakeGould:

Oh hai!
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:54pm People Like Us:

ok so I'm actually asking you here for PREMIUM ideas, not prizes
I am stupid.
  Mon. 1/6/14 7:54pm Listening Out There:

I will email you a car, Vicki.
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:54pm People Like Us:

so please tell me now if you can think of something other than a CD or s t-shirt
  Mon. 1/6/14 7:54pm MrFab:

Give away grippy pads!
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:54pm tim:

Pressed, smoked pemmican picture disk.
Avatar    Mon. 1/6/14 7:54pm cklequ:

I want a grippy pad type premium.

That's all i want.
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:55pm groucho:

I'd pay anything for a wfmu/Do or DIY t shirt
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:55pm People Like Us:

Premium Prize ideas, as opposed to Swag
shut up Vicki
Smoked Salmon? OK
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:55pm People Like Us:

Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:55pm Revolution Avant Retard Nov63:

Pink Fairies sign moosh colored grippy pads all the way.
  Mon. 1/6/14 7:56pm Listening Out There:

Preppy Grads
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:56pm Revolution Avant Retard Nov63:

Pervy Guards.
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:57pm groucho:

5 minutes ago I didn't know what a Grippy Pad was, now I suddenly need at least 4, but should buy 6 to be sure
Avatar    Mon. 1/6/14 7:57pm cklequ:

Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:58pm People Like Us:

Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:59pm JakeGould:

Vicki, what about stickers?
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:59pm Revolution Avant Retard Nov63:

permanent graft
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:59pm People Like Us:

GIANT stickers
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:59pm Andrew Waterloo:

This music reminds me of the video game I've been playing
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 7:59pm Rich in Washington:

Crisp'n Grippy Pads
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 8:00pm Revolution Avant Retard Nov63:

Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 8:00pm JakeGould:

How about a creatively defaced 1 dollar bill or 1 pound note?
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 8:00pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Coming next week: Manure Handling Equipment Side B!
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 8:00pm People Like Us:

goodnight :)
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 8:00pm Rich in Washington:

thanks, Vicki!
  Mon. 1/6/14 8:01pm Listening Out There:

Thx! Until we meet again, somewheres...
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 8:01pm People Like Us:

don't forget to listen in to the Chris and Cosey interview on Airbourne Event later this evening
See you's next week
Avatar Mon. 1/6/14 8:01pm Ghoul:

Goodnight Mrs!!

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