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Three unstoppable hours of Dave playing face-melting hot rock jams, talking with extremely important guests, answering the telephone, and trying to figure out what all those knobs and buttons are for. A sincere effort to get the original members of Dokken back on speaking terms will also be made whenever possible.

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Options January 1, 2014: Fill-In for Seven Second Delay

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Kyuss  Thee Ol' Boozeroony   Options And The Circus Leaves Town  0:00:00 ()
Doug Gillard  Time Is Nigh   Options Call from Restricted  0:02:49 ()
Slade  When The Lights Are Out   Options Old New Borrowed and Blue  0:06:56 ()
Sleep  The Druid   Options Holy Mountain  0:36:47 ()
The Kinks  This Time Tomorrow   Options Lola Versus Powerman And The Moneygoround, Part One  0:37:12 ()
Ghost  Body and Blood   Options Infestissumam  0:43:58 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:03pm dale:

first poster ever! huzzah for me! good luck and welcome mr. dave hill!!
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:03pm Rick from SC:

good start
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:03pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Welcome to 2014 and good luck with your new show, Dave.
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:05pm LAZCAD:

Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:05pm Dan B From Upstate:

Best of luck, Dave! :-)
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:05pm glenn:

it doesn't look like dave took any of our awesome show name ideas seriously.
i specifically refer to "suck a bag of salted raccoon dicks" with dave hill.
  Wed. 1/1/14 6:07pm RCinMT:

I was told there would be punch and pie?
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:07pm SeanG:

I love winter.
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:08pm James in ATL:

2 for 2 on great songs.
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:08pm dale:

i was told there would be alkyhol. oh - there it is.
  Wed. 1/1/14 6:08pm THE REAL SEAN G:

Me, too, SeanG!
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:09pm James in ATL:

The Cheap Trick cover of this is good as well.
  Wed. 1/1/14 6:12pm THE UNREAL SEAN G:

I anti-love winter.
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:13pm James in ATL:

Hundreds of years before the dawn of history
Lived a strange race of people... the Druids
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:16pm SeanG:

Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:16pm Big Schwanz (truck) Driver:

Is it safe to come out from under the bed yet? I won't be hit by any falling bullets or blown up by any firery loud explosive shit...right? Only this loud explosive music...right??
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:16pm Ike:

Welcome, Dave Hill. You've switched the comments on, so you're already one-up on Tom in one respect. Or maybe one down, if we turn out to be mostly evil bastards and scumbags.
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:18pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Winter: I find the 1st slush is always the most beautiful.
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:18pm dale:

cleveland is nice on he university end. the rest, well....it's off the thruway and convenient anyway.
  Wed. 1/1/14 6:20pm LovecraftDude888:

I got a feeling I'm gonna be hunkered down here tomorrow night in storm listening to FMU... esp .when Iggy Pop shows up...i mean, at bar
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:20pm JakeGould:

Welcome to your “If he screws up now, there is no later!” show.
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:20pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

There's Wing Night - & there's Wing*Nut* Night...
  Wed. 1/1/14 6:21pm cactus:

If you come to cleveland, it will definitely be a long weekend.
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:21pm Ike:

Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:22pm belly dragger:

You know you live in a police state when 15 cops join into your circle jerk.
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:22pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

I know you gawdam are but what am i ?
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:22pm steve:

goddamn is definitely one word
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:23pm Kurt Gottschalk:

I'd go with one word as an adjective.
  Wed. 1/1/14 6:23pm ...:

Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:23pm James in ATL:

It's one Goddamn word.
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:23pm dale:

perhaps it should be the goldarn dave hill show and avoid the debate all together. or altogether.
  Wed. 1/1/14 6:23pm cactus:

  Wed. 1/1/14 6:23pm listener g:

It's radio, not a spelling bee
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:23pm Ike:

I reference Merriam-Webster: www.merriam-webster.com...
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:24pm berlusconi's nose:

God-damn is hyphenated!
  Wed. 1/1/14 6:24pm RCinMT:

This is nsome goddam good radio
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:24pm dime store slugger:

One word or two do you capitalize "G" in Goddamn to show respect to God?
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:24pm steve:

who wants to start a betting pool on how soon there will be a Passionate and Objective Jokerfan song about Dave? i say it'll be on Irwin's show in two weeks
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:24pm JakeGould:

Guard Danned: That’s when security guard Dan shoos you away from the food court at the mall.
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:26pm Greg from Bloomfield:

Saying "Goddamn" is two words: "God" and "damn" is like saying "graveyard" is two words: "grave" and "yard."
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:27pm Ike:

Goddamn, a talking ellipsis beat me to it.

DSS/Whooda, I say no, because you're disrespecting god by putting him in some delightful profanity, so why bother capping it?
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:27pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...is the goshdarn playlist upsidedown - ??...
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:30pm take that back:

@Ike If I don't capitalize the "G" then I'm afraid my entire religious upbringing is called into question because I was taught to ALWAYS capitalize the "G". I mean, if I don't capitalize, I'm disrespecting the guy twice!
  Wed. 1/1/14 6:31pm dc waters:

Yep, this caller expressed my opinion: goddam with no "n" unless two words or grammatical correctness as goddamned.
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:32pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Goddamn - Noun
Goddamned - Adjective
- & I Don't Care is our Shortstop...
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:32pm Kurt Gottschalk:

As a subject/verb it should be two (ie "God damn Dave Hill to Hell"). But one word ("goddamn show") is definitely one.
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:33pm Little Navajo Racist:

God and Dam don't make sense. There is no shock value in "daming' god like a river. It must be "damn" to be politically correct.
  Wed. 1/1/14 6:33pm Momushka:

play music…stop with the nonsense
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:34pm dale:

but goddammit just rolls off your keyboard.
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:35pm Jeff:

For branding purposes, the one word is the only way to go.

And I think those who want to lose the final "n" might be yokels.
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:35pm Ike:

Merriam-Webster says spelling it without the N is an acceptable variant, but I prefer with.
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:35pm Alex of Chicago:

Goddamn, complaints about an old show. Hit the archives, buddy. Glad to have you, Mr. Hill.
  Wed. 1/1/14 6:35pm Momushka:

is this a talk show?
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:37pm JakeGould:

No, it’s a goddamned talk show, Momuska!
  Wed. 1/1/14 6:37pm LovecraftDude888:

That Slade was a failed comeback attempt methinks..i recall that video hitting MTV and we liked the song but....I dunno but I didn't know the early stuff then. They were pushing Quiet Riot, too..awful
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:38pm dale:

is motherfucker one word or two? does it depend on how pissed off you are when you say it?
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:39pm smoking textter:

If were're talking about 'branding' then it should be spelled in the shape of an evil-eye pyramid with a "z" in it somewhere.
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:39pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- to Pagans - Gawd *is* a Dame.
  Wed. 1/1/14 6:40pm JenZahara:

I vote for goddamn and I am right. :-)
  Wed. 1/1/14 6:41pm beetkid:

I'd go with "goddamn" -- the "n" really makes it pop
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:42pm shootin' blanks:

@Dale Hah! You are exactly right about that! This is probably where all the confusion is coming from. It's in the expressive intent, not the grammatical authority.
  Wed. 1/1/14 6:42pm Hungover In Seattle:

Goddamned enjoyable so far, new guy.
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:42pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

You know Slade if your older brother was into Glitter Rock (I don't remember hearing it called 'Glam' back then).
  Wed. 1/1/14 6:42pm Momushka:

damn good music
  Wed. 1/1/14 6:45pm Minnie Soda:

Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:46pm JakeGould:

What is up with the playlist?
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:46pm Callieflower:

Welcome to FMU, Dave!
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:46pm dale:

Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:46pm dale:

did they rebuild galveston after it got wiped out after that last hurricane?
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:47pm Nigh:

Hello and welcome Dave!
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:47pm dale:

Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:48pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Teasing, tunes and tumult. Works for me.
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:48pm Color Me Carrot:

@dale They've been working for decades to improve Galveston with no success. What's another hurricane? More dirty grey sand deposit?
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:48pm Ike:

@Momushka, FMU has had talk shows most weeknights at 6:00 ET since at least the early 90s. Sometimes a little music gets thrown in for variety but that's not the main ingredient at 6.
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:49pm glenn:

Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:50pm dale:

i remember his show and there was this sweet ballerina sort of dance to 'such are the dreams of the everyday housewife.' i LOVE that song...
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:50pm glenn:

why yes, dave hill, the kinks ARE the greatest rock band ever, since you're asking.
  Wed. 1/1/14 6:51pm Momushka:

@Ike - thanks for the info, usually listen at other times.
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:51pm dale:

...and john hartford was his sidekick.
  Wed. 1/1/14 6:51pm thatsyourtrouble:

Welcome, Dave, and Happy New Year!
  Wed. 1/1/14 6:53pm Johnny Gr:

More music and much more talking please.

70s Ukrainian sports thrash pls
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:57pm JakeGould:

More talking. No fake calls.
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:58pm steve:

i did the same research... Tasteful Nudes is so good, funniest book i've read in ages
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:58pm dale:

i think you're girly screener sidekick should join the conversation.
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 6:59pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- Gawddamm waste of time. Mission Accomplished.
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 7:02pm dale:

were we gonna cure cancer?
Avatar Wed. 1/1/14 9:20pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...(just goofing)...
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