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Southern inspirational dada.

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Options December 5, 2013: Miracle Nutrition with Hearty White

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Hearty White  
hearty white 
Hearty White  
Hearty White  

Listener comments!

Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:01pm spodiodi:

Hail! Hearty White! (and Mr. Pibb!)
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:05pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...*not* rushing to the Pub on Tuesday !!...
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:05pm dale:

good bless us, everyone.
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:06pm spodiodi:

For the Yankees: Mr. Pibb is (was) the Dr. Pepper of The South (hick).
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:06pm spodiodi:

Most mangers scenes are missing steaming piles of barn-animal excrement.
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:08pm spodiodi:

I like the "moss" on most "woodsy" N.American mangers.
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:08pm Matthyou Springwater:

Welcome to Thursdays, Hearty!
Pleased to join the rest of y'all Heartyfolk right after Dusty! :)
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:09pm spodiodi:

Hearty makes WFMU a HOME.
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:09pm glenn:

figgy duff. visitnewfoundland.ca...
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:10pm Matthyou Springwater:

@spodi: Or the very least, straw reeking of mold and animal waste.
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:10pm spodiodi:

Matthyo, its about Tha Steam
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:11pm spodiodi:

Wear Halloween on Xmas! Same thing.
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:12pm spodiodi:

G or K
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:12pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...waxpaper comb kazoo featured on 'Crosstown Traffic' by Hendrix; amusing if you know & listen...
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:13pm spodiodi:

World Peace, pls.
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:13pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...it's one long Holiday now...
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:13pm dale:

mork stole gazoo's whole m.o. - sentanced to live with dum dums on earth.....except mork's dum dum was pam dawber.
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:13pm glenn:

meta world peace, even.
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:14pm spodiodi:

Those words sound Yiddish
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:14pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

'Visit to a Small Planet': 'Then there's the pain of pain, & that's the worst pain of all!'...
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:15pm spodiodi:

Pam Dawber... such relief. wow. many teenage smiling.
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:16pm dale:

that the one with jerry lewis written by vidal? had all the same trappings of an episode of mr. ed for me..
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:17pm dale:

...but those words are still fine.
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:17pm spodiodi:

I never knew Pam Dawber (Fox!) married The Sexiest Man (something, something, in 1980-something) Mark Harmon... nice.
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:19pm spodiodi:

roasting chest nuts?
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:19pm dale:

yeah, i think they took in the nelson twins cuz their mom kristen (his sister) was all drugged up.
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:19pm Matthyou Springwater:

Could Santa retrofit my windows with more energy efficient ones? That would be his gift.
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:21pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

I know Hearty's a genius - because he's talking about Xmas & I like it...
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:21pm spodiodi:

I hope Santa considers using wood... vs plastic framed crap windows, which are, in fact plaguing these great los estados unidos.
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:21pm spodiodi:

settles the tummy -- it's science
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:22pm glenn:

oh matt. energy efficient windows is a big ass scam.
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:22pm Matthyou Springwater:

@RRN63: Never too early to start on Dada reflections of Xmas!
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:22pm spodiodi:

100+ yr old drafty single-pane lead windows with wood frames 4LYF
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:23pm dale:

i have an apple pie in an antique camp oven on the wood stove. i feel like such a pioneer. that and i don't want to replace the control board and gas valve on my gas oven
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:23pm glenn:

you're better off taking the casing off around the window and insulating that area. and make sure you have good storm windows.
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:23pm Matthyou Springwater:

@glenn: EnergyStarâ„¢ is the scam--but there does exist windows more efficient than others. Particularly my old-ass windows. No working screens either.
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:23pm dale:

i always loved gertrude and heathcliff. and heckyl and jeckyl
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:23pm spodiodi:

petrify it, dale. lower the temp, increase the bake time
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:25pm dale:

it's not that hot in the oven, even though the stove is crankin' away. 300 according to it's thermometer. the thermometer on the top of the woodstove is over 500.
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:25pm Matthyou Springwater:

In any case, I should upgrade the windows I have now. Upgraded my front door and sliding glass door after I moved in, that was a big help in keeping heat and AC in. Windows should be the next job.
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:25pm spodiodi:

Hearty, would you care sto speak about your feelings regarding pimping the Grinch's Sleigh??? UNPRECEDENTED!
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:25pm glenn:

i've installed pretty much every brand of window there is, and i've come to the conclusion that 99% of the time, the old windows were just as good, and only needed a little t.l.c.
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:27pm spodiodi:

Hearty should inspire singing. Everyone should sing. Next time somebody asks you something... sing an answer.
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:27pm dale:

matt - mortite rope caulk is your friend. frost king makes it too. i have to go around every fall and put it back on the lower sashes
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:27pm Matthyou Springwater:

Well thanks for your suggestions glenn--I didn't quite expect that to be the case.
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:28pm spodiodi:

windows is junk. i have a coulpe xp boots for gaming. fin.
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:28pm Matthyou Springwater:

@spodi: JUDGE! We can sing our testimony in court!

@dale: And thank you too!
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:29pm spodiodi:

that snare is sloppy loose, g.
  Thu. 12/5/13 7:29pm Working girl:

Welcome to thursday on the best ever station! Good show! We never listend after clay for years.
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:29pm spodiodi:

Mattt - that's the kind of forward thinking our campaign needs
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:31pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

_ I *think* it's this PBS show they take a helicopter over the country & show in infrared all the heat energy coming out of houses & being wasted :
...as the Middle East explodes & they try to sell us Fracking...
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:32pm spodiodi:

Fracking puts the POW! in Your drinking water!
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:32pm Matthyou Springwater:

And sing constantly and relentlessly during cross-exams--made the prosecutor sing in response! ;)
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:33pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...I'm not sure how much fuel the helicopter used...
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:33pm Matthyou Springwater:

"Now THAT'S Fracked-Up Water!" (boom!)
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:33pm spodiodi:

Hey dumbasses! Your overlords decided they'd like YOUR WATER! Cool? Ok, have a cheeseburger and a large truck, patriot!!!
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:33pm spodiodi:

Hearty White is LOVE
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:35pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:35pm Matthyou Springwater:

Love is all, love is Hearty!
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:36pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Art for Art's Sake...Art's a self-absorbed bastard...
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:36pm spodiodi:

What do you call a guy with no arms and no legs, hanging on a wall...
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:37pm glenn:

Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:37pm Matthyou Springwater:

University quality lecture on art, Hearty!!! :D
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:37pm spodiodi:

Gold Star for Glenn.
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:37pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...nice singing voice tho', Artie...
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:37pm glenn:

what do you call a guy with no arms or legs, floating in the ocean?
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:38pm glenn:

Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:38pm spodiodi:

Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:38pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...if he's inferior - Buoy ??
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:38pm spodiodi:

what do you call a guy with no arms/legs under a car?
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:39pm glenn:

what do you call a dog with no arms or legs?
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:39pm glenn:

Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:39pm spodiodi:

Think: The Joker
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:39pm Matthyou Springwater:

@spodi: I like your "body" of art...
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:39pm glenn:

it doesn't matter. he can't come to you anyway.
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:40pm spodiodi:

Thanks, Matt. I've drank many beers to get here.
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:40pm spodiodi:

You guys are too sharp for me. Cheers!
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:41pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...Hearty would've taken The Shaggs to whole other level...
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:42pm glenn:

my bus rides to high school were spent telling bad jokes and playing euchre.
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:42pm Matthyou Springwater:

@glenn: Ain't youth wasted on the young... :)
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:42pm spodiodi:

Hearty should start his own cable-tv animated comedy jam.
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:43pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- is Faye busy - ??...
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:44pm glenn:

well, it made me a great euchre player.
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:45pm spodiodi:

euchre sounds like puker
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:45pm spodiodi:

Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:47pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...Catholic Priest told me that Eucha's all in the rist...
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:47pm Matthyou Springwater:

You're a Part--a Hearty Part!
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:47pm dale:

HA! not the smartest person in the room - and he's alone...HA! brilliance.
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:49pm dale:

i need to break out my copy of truman capote's christmas memory and give it another read. joyous and heartbreaking.
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:50pm Matthyou Springwater:

Old whiskey in new bottles...
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:51pm dale:

wasn't wally cox room ma\tes with marlon brando by the studio back in the day and they became lovers and that's all natural and wonderful and a little weird and creepy all at the same time?
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:52pm spodiodi:

I feel for Tony
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:53pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...the horror...the horror...
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:53pm Matthyou Springwater:

@dale: As long as it involves love and studio backlots, I approve!
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:53pm spodiodi:

He's talking about dogs.
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:54pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...Wally & Marlon...trying to come up w/ bad joke on word 'underdog'...
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:54pm Matthyou Springwater:

I remember that--that's a great Flannery O'Connor story! :)
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:55pm dale:

sweet polly purbread!
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:55pm spodiodi:

Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:56pm spodiodi:

and so on..
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:56pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...no Matt's right - more people like Wally & Marlon...
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:57pm spodiodi:

Hearty White = World Peace
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:57pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:57pm Matthyou Springwater:

@RRN63: If only more people were like Wally & Marlon...then more people would be actors...
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:58pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...so true Matt...
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:58pm Matthyou Springwater:

Woooo! Excellent episode Hearty! Merry Pre-Christmas! Keep Jean Shepherd out of your dreams!

Have a good night, Hearty Humans! :)
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:58pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

>Clay>Hearty>Gospel...that makes sense!...
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:59pm spodiodi:

i agree w/ rr63
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:59pm Matthyou Springwater:

For WFMU can mold a Hearty Gospel, out of Clay!!
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