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Options December 5, 2013: Africa, it's getting to the last few countries....

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
Mama Sana  Maromana   Options Madagascar musique des sakalava menabe. hommage a mama sana    0:00:00 ()
Mahaleo  Mpamita   Options Madagascar: Mahaleo    0:04:16 ()
Olombelona Ricky  Imamohamandry   Options     0:07:24 ()
Justin Vali  Baobab   Options     0:12:01 ()
Rabaza  Parepare   Options     0:15:33 ()
Jaojoby  Manantany   Options Mila Anao    0:20:52 ()
Tearano  Hoy Aba   Options     0:23:51 ()
Mily Clement  Banja Malalaka   Options Madagascar: Banja Malalaka    0:29:31 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk       0:34:50 ()
Jeito  Roalia Mboa   Options     0:40:15 ()
Ghorwane  Majurugenta   Options A Week or Two in the Real World    0:43:35 ()
Joana Coana  Nixengiwille   Options     0:47:27 ()
Fany Pfumo  Nita Kukhoma Hi Kwini   Options     0:51:48 ()
Orchestra Marrabenta Star de Mocambique  Matilde   Options Luso Noir- Music from Portuguese-Speaking Africa    0:55:08 ()
Ziqo  Barrakeni   Options     1:00:13 ()
Lizha James feat. Uhuru  Quem Ti Mandou   Options     1:03:36 ()
  Sounds of Sideshows by the Seashore       1:07:54 ()
Tony Bird  Zambezi-Zimbabwe   Options     1:13:15 ()
Donald Kachamba  Musandinene   Options     1:17:03 ()
Esau Mwamwaya & Radioclit  Chikondi   Options     1:21:08 ()
Lucius Banda  Life   Options     1:23:49 ()
Black Missionaries  Mulomo   Options     1:32:47 ()
Tay Grin  Moto   Options     1:37:40 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Beach       1:41:13 ()
Oliver "Tuku" Mtukudzi  Ndima Ndapedza   Options     1:46:23 ()
Khiama Boys  Kuva Nemari   Options     1:52:22 ()
Thomas Mapfumo  Tombi Wachena   Options Spirits To Bite Our Ears: The Singles Collection 1977-1986    1:58:53 ()
Bhundu Boys  Une Shuwa Here   Options     2:02:08 ()
Robson Banda and New Black Eagles  Kafira Mbira   Options     2:08:18 ()
Simon & Naison Chimbetu Marxist Brothers  Hatikanganwe   Options     2:11:31 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Boardwalk       2:24:21 ()
Nata Capricorn  Mandela   Options     2:24:56 ()
Culture Spears  Kuweletsana   Options     2:30:06 ()
Slizer  Singanga   Options Mocha O Chele    2:35:59 ()
Skinflint  Mask of the Dead   Options     2:40:47 ()
Wrust  Why Me   Options     2:45:06 ()
Crackdust  Return of the Gods   Options     2:50:55 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 6:02am Matt from Springfield:

Alright, Madagascar! Antananarivo is one of my fave capital city names. Though not as fun as Ouagadougou...

Morning Meghan and fellow travelers!
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 6:04am fred von helsing:

Dakar Rally RIP. NASCAR in Madagascar? Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/5/13 6:05am Meghan:

good morning! Finding an image that is not that damn Disney movie poster for Madagascar is proving difficult....
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 6:05am Matt from Springfield:

Mada gas stock car racing! First one to loop the island!!
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 6:07am Matt from Springfield:

@FVH: Oh, from the previous list: "Troppio Doppio: The new $6 psychoactive drink at your local Starbucks", I suggest that you order it with "bis-thoughti". Inquiring minds...
Avatar    Thu. 12/5/13 6:09am Guido (Cologne):


Good morning Meghan!
Hello to the rest of the world!
  Thu. 12/5/13 6:10am P-90:

Good Morning Meghan. and good luck finding a non-Disney image. @fred: Are you mad at Dakkar? you left out a "K". Me, I'm mad at Nascar. Just on general principle. @Matt: "bis-thoughti"? *groan*
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 6:10am Matt from Springfield:

Hello Guido, and to Europe, Africa, the Americas and everywhere else!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/5/13 6:10am Meghan:

good morning Guido! Good morning P-90!
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 6:11am Chuck:

Are we there yet?
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 6:13am Matt from Springfield:

Fred's a fan of the Dakkar, disappointed they haven't done it in Africa. Though Dakar with one k is how they spell the capital of Senegal now, I'm inclined to use that spelling.
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 6:14am Matt from Springfield:

@P90: At least UWTP is a free-zone for groaners! ;)
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 6:15am Matt from Springfield:

@Chuck: If you don't change course, you may wind up where you're heading...
Avatar    Thu. 12/5/13 6:15am Guido (Cologne):

Just remeber ther Rosewood Controversy
... since we are into music ...
... Maybe some of you remember the raid at Gibson guitars for illegal Rosewood-Imports.
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 6:16am fred von helsing:

bis-thoughti ? no comprende
  Thu. 12/5/13 6:16am P-90:

@Chuck: whaddya mean "WE", white man?
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 6:18am Matt from Springfield:

@FVH: Psychotropic "thought" cookies to dip :)
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 6:19am fred von helsing:

biscotti for longhair intellectual druggies ?
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 6:19am Matt from Springfield:

Nice job with the Madagascar poster, Meghan!
In line with the art of your previous posters, too!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/5/13 6:20am doca:

Hello Meghan and fellow travelers. As I'm on vacation, I'm gonna lie down to read a little bit, Meghan, but I'm here listening!
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 6:21am Matt from Springfield:

@FVH: Sure. As for bordellos, they could sell you coffee with bis-naughti..

Morning doca! Hope these tunes generate great vacay vibes for you!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/5/13 6:23am Meghan:

Why thank you! I was not letting Disney win!
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 6:24am fred von helsing:

I want to try that booze made from cashew husks. Mozambique.
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 6:26am Matt from Springfield:

For sure Meghan!
Now that's something completely different, Fred. Know what it's called?
  Thu. 12/5/13 6:27am P-90:

@Guido: I remember when non-sustainable woods were first restricted from import, at first the guitar companies rushed to comply and stay out of trouble. After a few years they drifted back to a few of timbers because they really do sound different from anything else. Then came this big Gibson factory raid. Now there are certified sources for some of these products, they use stumps or other sources that don't require felling the trees. The truth is, the guitar industry uses a miniscule amount of these rainforest products, compared to the enormous market for furniture, paneling, etc. BTW: the controversial rosewood is from Brazil, when used in guitars.
  Thu. 12/5/13 6:28am The Score:

Meghan 1, Disney 0.
  Thu. 12/5/13 6:32am Ben Stiller:

Am I losing any income from this unlicensed Madagascar radio thing in Jersey? I hope not.
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 6:36am Matt from Springfield:

You could prob fill MORE than 3 hours of "Stagger Lee"...yeah, 300, knew it!
Avatar    Thu. 12/5/13 6:37am Guido (Cologne):

@P-90 thanks for the info.
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 6:37am Sem Chumbo:

So I am guessing we won't be hearing that anthem by Toto :)
Good morning, Ms. Meghan and other underwater parkers.
  Thu. 12/5/13 6:51am P-90:

This particular track sounds a bit like Nigerian Juju music.
Avatar    Thu. 12/5/13 7:01am Dave B:

I forgot today was thursday.

Good morning.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/5/13 7:02am Meghan:

SHAME on you!
Avatar    Thu. 12/5/13 7:03am Dave B:

crazy week
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:05am Chuck:

Ha! Ya think, DB?! You should see what I've got on deck!
Avatar    Thu. 12/5/13 7:07am Dave B:

"open all hailing frequencies!"
  Thu. 12/5/13 7:12am NAMBLA:

Do you say we'll be featured next week?
  Thu. 12/5/13 7:16am BurkeBob:

This tune really...world-musics (not sure of verb)

Nambla? Boy, oh boy!
  Thu. 12/5/13 7:17am BurkeBob:


I studied at Ouagadougou U
Avatar    Thu. 12/5/13 7:23am Dave B:

I studied at Wossamotta U

(along with Bullwinkle)

Avatar    Thu. 12/5/13 7:41am Dave B:

this is some good stuff...
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:45am tomasz.:

Zimbabwe, this should be good!
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:46am tomasz.:

NASCAR in Madagascar, but no Grand Prix in New Jersey
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/5/13 7:49am Meghan:

There is going to be a Grand Prix in Jersey! In West New York. Formula One even!
Avatar    Thu. 12/5/13 7:49am Dave B:

personally I'm looking forward to the NJGP.
Avatar    Thu. 12/5/13 7:50am Dave B:

rather I WAS looking forward to NJGP

Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:52am Chuck:

But New Jersey has always had Grand Pricks....
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/5/13 7:54am Meghan:

Chuck, weren't you FROM Jersey......
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:55am Chuck:

Actually, I was born in Virginia and only raised in NJ....
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/5/13 7:56am Meghan:

Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 7:57am Chuck:

Like you we're born in Boston....
  Thu. 12/5/13 7:58am King Tut:

I was born in arizona and moved to babylonia
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/5/13 8:01am Meghan:

yeah, but I find I am more Masshole than Kansas City or Allentown.....
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 8:06am fred von helsing:

Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 8:08am Chuck:

Now that I think of it, Meghan, I lived in NJ for 15 years. I've lived in New Paltz for 30 years (wow!)! So, I guess I consider myself from here now...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/5/13 8:09am Meghan:

Chuck, I am getting close to that here now! Scary!
  Thu. 12/5/13 8:12am KP:

Hey Meghan.
  Thu. 12/5/13 8:12am BurkeBob:

Born in VA; raised the roof in NJ.

Overpaid some local fellows to repair roof; relocated to Brooklyn.

Ran out of money; back to VA.
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 8:13am Chuck:

Could be why 80s music always gives me serious flashbacks! I'm in the SAME place as I was then!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/5/13 8:13am David L.B. is RRN63:

...delayed reaction (65million years?) - but T.Rex's are kewl! I believe they've only found about 14 of them - & they usually don't find complete skeletons of dinosaurs. They've abandoned the idea of dinos standing upright for the most part - but a T. Rex could still look in your 2nd-story window. & I prefer to think of their movements - esp. the Theropods as bird-like (birds are actually more warm-blooded than we are - warmer) - so an ostrich that size, if you will - w/ a mouth full of six" serrated steak knives. What's not to love ??...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/5/13 8:14am Mayor J-Rex:

That Mozambique poster is freaking awesome
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 8:14am fred von helsing:

Didn't Martin Mull say that he was born a poor black man in Mississippi ? And, CAN blue men sing the whites ?
  Thu. 12/5/13 8:14am KP:

Grand Prix! Where is West New York?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/5/13 8:15am David L.B. is RRN63:

- yeah hadda steal that Mozambique poster.
- 'Zimbabwe' is just a word that has always brought me pleasure...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/5/13 8:16am Meghan:

hahaha... morning Jeff!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/5/13 8:20am David L.B. is RRN63:

...altho' if I understand right there is debate if Rex's moved like an ostrich or had their tails attached to their hips like an alligator & waddled a bit ? - which I don't see w/ that upright shape - but prejudiced from kewl monster movies...
- Morning Marxist bros. !
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/5/13 8:21am Mayor J-Rex:

You'd better get on top of it!
Avatar    Thu. 12/5/13 8:22am Dave B:

my google doc is still out there... I've been plugging in some dead ones
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 8:23am fred von helsing:

"Lowest of the Lowe"
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 8:24am groucho:

Good morning. Before I was fully awake I thought the radio was playing a half hour instrumental by Vampire Weekend. I hate myself
Avatar    Thu. 12/5/13 8:24am Dave B:

\m/ (@_@) \m/

Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 8:25am groucho:

That Botswana metalheads video made my night!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/5/13 8:29am Meghan:

KP... West New York.... is, well..... West of New York! ha! morning!

Awww groucho..... I am not playing a half hour of instrumental Vampire Weekend! silly!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/5/13 8:35am David L.B. is RRN63:

T-Rex: Bang a Gong ! :
- wiki says they've found 30, which is considered a lot...I learn things...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/5/13 8:41am common:

thanks for all this goodness, meghan!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/5/13 8:42am Meghan:

I am so glad you have been enjoying it!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/5/13 8:47am David L.B. is RRN63:

I once knew a Zebbra named Debra
old B&W movies she was fonda
- do you like Barbarella?
...didn't like 'FishCalledWanda'
- watch alone or w/ a fella?
- she said no but w/ MST3K Bots I Wanna...
  Thu. 12/5/13 8:48am Dave B:

No cellular love for me. Archives it'll be
  Thu. 12/5/13 8:48am huana:

ahhhhhhhhhh, yes!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/5/13 8:49am Meghan:

oh no Dave! You are missing the Botswana metal!?!
  Thu. 12/5/13 8:50am P-90:

@David: That was primo! No one will top that one.
  Thu. 12/5/13 8:50am huana:

really sweet
  Thu. 12/5/13 8:50am mark in the train:

Foggy morning
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 8:52am Chuck:

Unbelievable that this is African music....
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/5/13 8:54am Meghan:

it's amazing..... on so many different levels. Chuck, did you see the video I posted on the Facebook page about the Botswana Metal? you should take a look. it's AMAZING
  Thu. 12/5/13 8:55am huana:

METAL!!! .|..|
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/5/13 8:56am David L.B. is RRN63:

- oh yeah

\m/_(>L < 2)))
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 8:57am fred von helsing:

(Sex) Bots Wanna
  Thu. 12/5/13 8:57am huana:

youre beautiful Meghan
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Thu. 12/5/13 8:58am Ken From Hyde Park:

Is Diane Kamikaze aware of the Botswana metal sound?
Avatar    Thu. 12/5/13 8:58am Guido (Cologne):

Seen it this morning.
Wonder how it feels to wear all those black leather clothes (considering temperatures).
Avatar Thu. 12/5/13 8:58am groucho:

Crackdust lol
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/5/13 8:58am Meghan:

Love finding stuff like that.... so amazing.....
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/5/13 8:58am David L.B. is RRN63:

...BunnyHugging Metalheads...ahm down...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 12/5/13 8:59am Meghan:

I sent it to her and the rest of the WFMU DJ's....
  Sun. 12/15/13 8:46am cie:

what is this website?
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