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Options October 24, 2013: Singles Going Steady Week

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Artist Track Album Label Approx. start time
John Paul Keith  Night Time All The Time   Options 7"  Last Chance Records  0:00:00 ()
John Paul Keith  Jesus Jokes   Options 7"  Last Chance Records  0:03:44 ()
Bobby Fuller Four  I Fought The Law   Options 7"  Mustang  0:07:20 ()
Bobby Fuller Four  Little Annie Lou   Options 7"  Mustang  0:09:46 ()
Creedence Clearwater Revival  Green River   Options 7"  Fantasy  0:11:36 ()
Creedence Clearwater Revival  Commotion   Options 7"  Fantasy  0:14:12 ()
The Troggs  With A Girl Like You   Options 7"  Fontana  0:16:53 ()
The Troggs  I Want You   Options 7"  Fontana  0:19:03 ()
The Rolling Stones  Heart Of Stone   Options 7"  London  0:21:20 ()
The Rolling Stones  What A Shame   Options 7"  London  0:24:10 ()
Dave Edmunds  I Hear You Knockin'   Options 7"  MAM  0:27:07 ()
Dave Edmunds  Black Bill   Options 7"  MAM  0:30:03 ()
The Coasters  Young Blood   Options 7"  Atco  0:36:14 ()
The Coasters  Searchin'   Options 7"  Atco  0:38:34 ()
The Coasters  Along Came Jones   Options 7"  Atco  0:41:18 ()
The Coasters  That Is Rock and Roll   Options 7"  Atco  0:44:11 ()
The Coasters  Down In Mexico   Options 7"  Atco  0:46:44 ()
The Coasters  Turtle Dovin'   Options 7"  Atco  0:49:30 ()
The Coasters  What About Us   Options 7"  Atco  0:52:38 ()
The Coasters  Run Red Run   Options 7"  Atco  0:55:26 ()
Neil Diamond  You Got To Me   Options 7"  Bang  1:00:39 ()
Neil Diamond  Someday Baby   Options 7"  Bang  1:03:28 ()
Lee Dorsey  Get Out Of My Life, Woman   Options 7"  Amy  1:05:56 ()
Lee Dorsey  So Long   Options 7"  Amy  1:08:25 ()
Irma Thomas  Time Is On My Side   Options 7"  Imperial  1:10:53 ()
Irma Thomas  Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand)   Options 7"  Imperial  1:13:42 ()
Arthur Alexander  Soldier Of Love   Options 7"  Dot  1:16:47 ()
Arthur Alexander  Where Have You Been   Options 7"  Dot  1:18:58 ()
Percy Mayfield   Lost Mind   Options 7"  Specialty  1:21:50 ()
Percy Mayfield   River's Invitation   Options 7"  Specialty  1:24:30 ()
The Ramones  Do You Wanna Dance?   Options 7"  Sire  1:32:12 ()
The Ramones  Babysitter   Options 7"  Sire  1:34:19 ()
Sir Douglas Quintet  The Rains Came   Options 7"  Tribe  1:37:00 ()
Sir Douglas Quintet  Bacon Fat   Options 7"  Tribe  1:39:15 ()
James Brown & The Famous Flames  Oh Baby Don't You Weep (part 1)   Options 7"  King  1:41:52 ()
James Brown & The Famous Flames  Oh Baby Don't You Weep (part 2)   Options 7"  King  1:44:47 ()
Elvis Presley  I Want You, I Need You, I Love You   Options 7"  RCA Victor  1:47:55 ()
Elvis Presley  My Baby Left Me   Options 7"  RCA Victor  1:50:33 ()
Johnny Cash & the Tennessee Two  I Walk The Line   Options 7"  Sun  1:52:47 ()
Johnny Cash & the Tennessee Two  Get Rhythm   Options 7"  Sun  1:55:37 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 1:55pm listener james from westwood:

quick dash across the street for fooood and then i'm ears-on for singles!!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:00pm Doug Schulkind:

Food? Where are your priorities, man?
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:01pm pacific standard simon:

I'm eating food while listening.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:01pm Uncle Michael:

If you have 7" for more than four hours, consult your DJ.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:02pm Matt F:

PSS! Long time no see!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:02pm Parq:

Just got back with my eats, too. Caught the start of the first track, though regretfully missed Fiveash's genial intro. Bon apitit, everyone.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:05pm Dominick:

Just slap it in the groove and let it wail
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:05pm pacific standard simon:

I'm enjoying a rare Thursday off work. (Be assured that I catch all the shows in the archive.) Bad news for Uncle Michael -- gotta work tomorrow.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:05pm Uncle Michael:

Wait, Matt doesn't have two copies of all these 45s so that he can have the b-sides cued up?
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:07pm Matt F:

You guys can write my bon mots for me this week as I'm busier than usual...
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:08pm listener james from westwood:

the day got away from me. eyes-deep in editing, and lost track of time. (which is why the gtrd emails and facebook updates are KEY.)
  Thu. 10/24/13 2:08pm sugarwolf:

Is everyone having lunch now?
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:08pm pacific standard simon:

Anybody got any good Jesus jokes?
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:09pm Simon Le Bon Mot:

You call that busy? Piffle, my good man.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:09pm listener james from westwood:

poor joe mcgasko was caught in a bind earlier, it sounded like, with the 2nd-floor bathroom out of commish and no "stairway"-sized singles to throw on while escaping to another floor's loo.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:09pm pacific standard simon:

Late breakfast -- got out of bed just for this show.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:10pm Uncle Michael:

I know a good joke. PETE KOZMA.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:11pm Matt F:

For once being in crummy studio C on the 3rd floor pays off!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:13pm listener james from westwood:

dial "c" for crapper!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:15pm Doug Schulkind:

Glad to hear you like the GTDR email blasts. I sometimes get the feeling that everyone hates the in-box clutter.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:15pm Stanley:

Eating and listening at the same time! Hey-hey!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:16pm pacific standard simon:

Hey Mr. Web DJ, you can cuss while flipping the records!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:16pm MattBelow:

I like this whole thingy
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:16pm listener james from westwood:

not me! i do occasionally need the cue.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:18pm kat330:

Hi, Matt! May have mentioned it 2 or 3 (or 300 times) before, but I do love the Fogerty oeuvres.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:18pm pacific standard simon:

So far, Yahhhooo hasn't decided that they're spam, like it did with the Blast of Hot Air.
  Thu. 10/24/13 2:21pm Ralph and Susan (UK):

I want you is one of our favourite Troggs tracks
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:22pm kat330:

Oooh, like this early Stones!! :)
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:23pm pacific standard simon:

Leave it to Matt to raise the bar for singles-playing.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:24pm kat330:

@PSS: Hear here!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:24pm Uncle Michael:

Tomorrow a DJ walks into a bar.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:25pm kat330:

A singles bar I presume (though your wife might not appreciate that ;).
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:26pm pacific standard simon:

...and mind that trip-wire, UM.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:26pm Uncle Michael:

I'm just opening a lowered bar...come noontime.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:29pm listener james from westwood:

good one, kat!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:29pm pacific standard simon:

All the patrons are on the floor.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:29pm Parq:

Good a chance as any to find out -- who does Dave namecheck after Huey Smith?
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:29pm Uncle Michael:

Oooh, this'n has a good b-side!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:31pm Uncle Michael:

No idea, Parq.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:32pm Parq:

Always sounded to me like "must do it".
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:35pm Parq:

By the way, I am way-digging this flip-the-flip bit. Can't think of any S/G/S participant who's done it before.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:36pm kat330:

I recall some great A+B by the Kinks back in the day/
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:37pm Stanley:

Do you remember the double A-sides?
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:38pm Matt F:

All Day and All Of The Night/I Gotta Move. Just barely didn't make the cut for today's show. They had a bunch though, it's true!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:38pm kat330:

Don't know who you're addressing Stanley, but for myself, no, not specifically. Do tell?
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:38pm MattBelow:

On a roll
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:39pm pacific standard simon:

Strawberry Fields/Penny Lane?
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:39pm kat330:

Yeahhhh! Great Coasters double play!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:41pm Uncle Michael:

Best Bulldog Drummond reference ever.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:42pm Stanley:

@kat330 - I remember they were a bit of a gimmick but would confuse the radio deejays. Also some artists put two tracks on the B-side. Had a bunch until my record collection got stolen in the '80's. Since then no vinyl, no cry.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:42pm listener james from westwood:

heh, sounds like we might have a coasters quad play!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:43pm pacific standard simon:

Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:45pm kat330:

Oh, two tracks per side -- yeah, I think I do recall something like that. I didn't have much of a 45 collection really. That was more my older siblings era. When I discovered the better cost value of an LP, I dispensed with 45's.. :)
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:47pm pacific standard simon:

Sure, why not go for a whole set?
  Thu. 10/24/13 2:48pm john funke:

Oh, to be 45 again. Keep 'em spinnin', pallie!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:48pm listener james from westwood:

coasters set = instant house party
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:48pm kat330:

Thanks, PSS!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:49pm kat330:

I'm sure jumpin' and a-jivin' (as evidenced in my typing).
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:49pm pacific standard simon:

You're welcome. The practice was actually much more common than I remembered.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:49pm Stanley:

A large part of my rekkids were ex-jukebox bought cheap with the centre's pushed out of them. Scratchy but good.

@pss - that's quite a list but doesn't do justice to the amount that came out in the punk heyday. Not to mention the fun with colours, shapes and all sorts of cover novelty.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:49pm Matt F:

Johnzie Wonzie Berlusconi! Hi pallie!
  Thu. 10/24/13 2:51pm john funke:

You play the music like an angel!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:54pm pacific standard simon:

There's a big pile of punk-era 45s in my cupboard, but nothing to play 'em on, so I rarely look at 'em. The Pink Parker on pink vinyl, that's a fave.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:54pm pacific standard simon:

yakkety-sax solo!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:56pm listener james from westwood:

boogety boogety boogety boogety!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 2:57pm kat330:

@PSS: An ex of mine abandoned a rather large collection of punk 45s with me -- a lot of Stiffs and the like -- and in one of my shedding myself of all things associated with him, I let a Louisville DJ go through and cherry pick all the best and valuable. Stupid, stupid.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 3:01pm pacific standard simon:

I predict! This show will be to short for the listeners, and too long for Matt.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 3:02pm MattBelow:

These early Diamond singles are thee tops
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 3:02pm Scott C.:

Hooray, it's 8-for-Thursday with The Coasters! A set of Coasters, if you will.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 3:03pm Matt F:

Scott, that's how it'd be every week if it were up to me. Wait, it is up to me! Hmmm...
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 3:03pm listener james from westwood:

a veritable platter of coasters!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 3:06pm pacific standard simon:

@kat - The subject of Roxy Music came up on EFD's show last night, and I remarked that I gave my copy of one of their singles to an ex-girlfriend. Actually, I gave her ALL my Roxy singles and, memories of awesome b-sides notwithstanding, I don't feel too bad about it -- because she had her own vintage jukebox for them to live in.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 3:08pm kat330:

Well, I'd have felt better about the DJ mining a motherlode if not for the fact he was a *classical music* 'jay. Locally, there are 3 separate public radio stations rolled into one partnership. No doubt he wound up selling them on eBay for a mint. :/
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 3:09pm Parq:

I assume that at least some of you are familiar with the scene in the novel "High Fidelity" -- not used in the movie, but shot and included as a deleted scene on the DVD -- where the record store owner goes to examine a cache of 45s for sale. They turn out to be a dream collection of punk and old-school 45s, and the woman is offering the lot for $50 to get revenge on her cheating husband.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 3:12pm kat330:

Hey, at least SHE got $50! :) After he got all the goods, I accompanied this DJ over to a now-closed earXtasy record store, where I was schooling him on LPs to get. Specifically recall rec'ing he buy "Shoot Out the Lights" and Sweet's "Girlfriend," which he did. Never trust a DJ! ;)
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 3:13pm pacific standard simon:

Hey now!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 3:14pm kat330:

Hey, I put a winkie there! Can't paint them all with the same brush, I know.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 3:15pm Stanley:

This Irma Thomas single is a belter!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 3:18pm Matt F:

Well, this record is in worse shape than I remember. Don't drink too much at your DJ gigs, kids!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 3:20pm Joe B:

Hey Matt!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 3:20pm pacific standard simon:

You could go all "meta" if you could locate a promo Rice Krispies jingle 45 in bad shape.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 3:21pm Matt F:

Hey Joe! Where you goin with that... oh, never mind
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 3:21pm kat330:

And when you drink, make sure you have coasters for protection.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 3:23pm pacific standard simon:

Save the bottlecaps. If you can't stack them on the tone arm without toppling them, it's time to pack it in.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 3:24pm kat330:

Matt, I'm super impressed with your multi-tasking! Doctor Octopus & Kali rolled into one.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 3:24pm Monica:

ginormous enjoyment, matt. double the pleasure, double the fun!!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 3:28pm pacific standard simon:

Jumpin' Joe!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 3:29pm kat330:

Matt, Joe B and now Joe McG -- a rock troika!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 3:30pm MattBelow:

A Matt and Joe singalong
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 3:31pm listener james from westwood:

pledge to install a porta-john in studio A!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 3:32pm northguineahills:

Thanks Matt. Going into the office to do my time sheet. Feel 90% right now. Cheers!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 3:32pm SeanG:

Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 3:34pm Matt F:

Hey Mo! SeanG in da hizzouse!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 3:38pm kat330:

Trademark organ interlude.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 3:38pm Dominick:

Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 3:39pm Matt F:

Just a reminder folks, if you dig this nonsense, you can still pledge: www.wfmu.org...
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 3:42pm kat330:

About the best live concert I ever attended, Mr. Brown's.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 3:42pm listener james from westwood:

the godfadda!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 3:43pm Matt F:

This one is more trashed than I remember too... Whoops.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 3:43pm kat330:

I guess *show* is the better term over "concert."
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 3:44pm SeanG:

woo hoo!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 3:46pm kat330:

Isolate some of those screams for a Halloween mix.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 3:49pm listener james from westwood:

the day i quibble over pops and crackles is the day i merge with the infinite.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 3:50pm kat330:

Sis had this one all right, and about all his others, too.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 3:53pm kat330:

This is such a fine, fine song.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 3:55pm listener james from westwood:

if this had been his only song, it would still sum the man up.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 3:56pm kat330:

An A+, Matt, for all the A's & B's this afternoon. Thanks, and bye all!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 3:58pm pacific standard simon:

Most likely won't be here next week, so thanks for sharing a wonderful show in real time.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 3:58pm listener james from westwood:

see ya later, kat!
matt, a stellar programme!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 3:59pm Stanley:

Loved it!
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 3:59pm Parq:

A S/G/S Week classic.
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 4:00pm kat330:

S'long, listenerd James! :)
Avatar Thu. 10/24/13 4:02pm Matt F:

Thanks for the moolah SeanG! Thanks everyone for listening to this low-tech jamboree. See you in the future.
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