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September 24, 2013 Options
"I humbly asked to be given the means and privilege to make others happy through music" (John Coltrane)
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James Brown 
Cold Sweat (pt. 1)   Options b/w Cold Sweat (pt. 2)
(King 1967)

Steve Rowland  Hour #3 of the radio documentary Tell Me How Long Trane's Been Gone   Options
(Artist Owned 2001)

Steve Rowland  Hour #4 of the radio documentary Tell Me How Long Trane's Been Gone   Options
(Artist Owned 2001)

Steve Rowland  Hour #5 of the radio documentary Tell Me How Long Trane's Been Gone   Options
(Artist Owned 2001)

Closing Theme:
Specks Williams 
We Gave the Drummer Some   Options b/w Specks' Blues
(Jax 196?)

Listener comments!

Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 5:56pm Doug Schulkind:

All five hours of this brilliant documentary can be purchased directly from its creator, Steve Rowland:
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 5:57pm Doug Schulkind:

Not purchased directly from our Creator, because that would be creepy.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 9/24/13 5:59pm Parq:

What a splendid photo, man.
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 6:00pm Doug Schulkind:

Have you ever seen JC SMILING in another?
Avatar    Tue. 9/24/13 6:00pm Jeff Golick:

Paying respect/respects.
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 6:00pm northguineahills:

luckily, I still have 80 minutes left of work....
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 6:01pm Doug Schulkind:

Nice to see JG smiling, too.
Avatar    Tue. 9/24/13 6:02pm Jeff Golick:

There are some nice photos here, too:
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 6:03pm Philo Gristle:

Thanks for playing the greatest of Coltrane's tunes, Doug! Will be listening, kat's here too, sends her love to all, but offlist, weary and frustrated ATT the world.
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 6:04pm Doug Schulkind:

Hello and welcome, northguineahills. Hello and welcome, Philo Gristle.

This radio documentary is nothing short of love made audible.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 9/24/13 6:05pm Parq:

Going to do as much paper-pushing, no-brain work as I can, so's as to pay closer attention.
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 6:05pm Doug Schulkind:

I'm sure you will push, virtuosically, Parq.
Avatar    Tue. 9/24/13 6:06pm Jeff Golick:

I think I made this same comment the last time Doug aired this, but here goes again: Michael S. Harper was a prof of mine in college. One of my favorite classes, and one of two classes during which I was truly terrified.
Avatar    Tue. 9/24/13 6:07pm Jeff Golick:

(The other was taught by a former Jesuit priest.)
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 6:07pm Doug Schulkind:

Save that comment for when I re-air this again in 2019.
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 6:08pm Doug Schulkind:

Archie Shepp: "He was my leader."
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 6:13pm Doug Schulkind:

I miss Max Roach desperately. Today, I participated in a blind survey by a psychology student at Duquesne University. I was asked to use the name of someone else. "Pick someone you would like to be," was the suggestion.

I chose Max Roach.
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 6:20pm Doug Schulkind:

Coming next is another wild revelation about Coltrane and his songcraft, specifically concerning "A Love Supreme." Stunning. Mind-blowing. Holy.
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 6:22pm northguineahills:

You did, Jeff. I remember those shows vividly.
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 6:26pm Doug Schulkind:

Zita Carno once transcribed Coltrane's solo on his Blue Note recording performance of "Blue Train." She showed the transcription to Trane, and he said he couldn't play it. "It's too difficult," he responded.
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 6:30pm Doug Schulkind:

So painfully many of the artists interviewed for this work are now gone. Blessings upon you, Makanda Ken McIntyre.
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 6:33pm Doug Schulkind:

You can hear many selections of this interview with JC over at the official Coltrane website:
Avatar    Tue. 9/24/13 6:34pm Jeff Golick:

@ngh: can't believe you remember that...also slightly aghast at how I'm repeating myself.
Avatar    Tue. 9/24/13 6:34pm Jeff Golick:

...also slightly aghast at how I'm repeating myself.
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 6:35pm Doug Schulkind:

Here is a story about Don DiMichael's infamous piece in Downbeat:
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 6:35pm Doug Schulkind:

Jeff, you're aghast of your former self.
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 6:37pm Doug Schulkind:

John Coltrane: "I was so far in this thing, I didn't know where I was going to go next."
Avatar    Tue. 9/24/13 6:37pm Jeff Golick:

Well, Halloween is coming up...
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 6:39pm Doug Schulkind:

Here is Bobby Zankel's Facebook page:
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 6:42pm Doug Schulkind:

I'm so glad you're all "nutting out" with me this evening.
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 6:43pm northguineahills:

I pretty much memorized this back in 2007, Didn't get much work done when it was on.
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 6:46pm Doug Schulkind:

I will forever be grateful to Steve Rowland for (1) creating this amazing work. (2) Allowing me to air it on my show. (3) Permitting me to give it away as a marathon premium in spring 2008.
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 6:48pm Doug Schulkind:

Coltrane NOT a baseball fan? My heart is broken.
  Tue. 9/24/13 6:55pm cosmic matrix:

so so so so good
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 6:56pm Doug Schulkind:

The poem:

A Love Supreme

I will do all I can to be worthy of Thee, O Lord. It all has to do with it. Thank You God.

Peace. There is none other. God is. It is so beautiful. Thank You God.

God is all.Help us to resolve our fears and weaknesses.In you all things are possible.Thank you God.
We know. God made us so.Keep your eye on God.God is. He always was. He always will be.
No matter what... it is God.He is gracious and merciful.It is most important that I know Thee.
Words, sounds, speech, men, memory, throughts,fears and emotions--time--all related...all made from one... all made in one.
Blessed be his name.Thought waves--heat waves--all vibrations--all paths lead to God. Thank you God.
His way... it is so lovely... it is gracious.It is merciful--Thank you God.One thought can produce millions of vibrations and they all go back to God... everything does.
Thank you God.Have no fear... believe... Thank you God.The universe has many wonders. God is all.
His way... it is so wonderful.Thoughts--deeds--vibrations,all go back to God and He cleanses all.
He is gracious and merciful... Thank you God.Glory to God... God is so alive.God is.God loves.
May I be acceptable in Thy sight.
We are all one in His grace.The fact that we do exist is acknowledgement of Thee, O Lord.Thank you God.
God will wash away all our tears...He always has...He always will.
Seek him everyday. In all ways seek God everyday.Let us sing all songs to God.To whom all praise is due... praise God.
No road is an easy one, but they all go back to God.
With all we share God.It is all with God.It is all with Thee.
Obey the Lord.Blessed is He.
We are all from one thing... the will of God...Thank you God.
--I have seen ungodly--none can be greater--none can compare Thank you God.
He will remake... He always has and He always will.It's true--blessed be His name--Thank you God.
God breathes through us so gently we hardly feel it... yet,it is our everything.
Thank you God.
Thank you God. Amen.
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 6:58pm Doug Schulkind:

Greetings and welcome, cosmic matrix.
Avatar    Tue. 9/24/13 6:59pm duke:

This an amazing documentary about an amazing human
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 7:00pm Doug Schulkind:

amazing duke.
  Tue. 9/24/13 7:00pm cosmic matrix:

WOW!! hello and thanks doug! and WOW again, what a poem.
  Tue. 9/24/13 7:01pm cosmic matrix:

time for hearty white....! :)
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 7:01pm Doug Schulkind:

Two more BIG hours to go, cosmic matrix!
Avatar    Tue. 9/24/13 7:04pm Jeff Golick:

ooof --- and now to the subway, alas...
Avatar    Tue. 9/24/13 7:05pm Jeff Golick:

Thanks, Doug!!

...and a deep bow of thanks and reverence in JC's general direction.
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 7:05pm Doug Schulkind:

@Jeff Golick
Tell me how long you'll be on train.
Avatar    Tue. 9/24/13 7:06pm Jeff Golick:

Too long, my friend, too long. (And not the A train.)
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 7:08pm northguineahills:

Well, crap, I need to leave work, and I have to run some errands, so, I'll probably only get the tail end at home.
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 7:09pm Doug Schulkind:

Safe travels, ngh.
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 7:16pm Doug Schulkind:

"Very little meat." — Don Ellis
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 7:23pm Doug Schulkind:

The revelations come fast and furious.
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 7:25pm Doug Schulkind:

The bridge between Olatunji and Coltrane = Yusef Lateef
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 7:26pm Doug Schulkind:

One of Coltrane's earliest introductions to Eastern religion, non-Western music and instruments = Yusef Lateef
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 7:28pm Doug Schulkind:

On the bill with Coltrane at his last ever public performance (at Olatunji Center for African Culture) = Yusef Lateef
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 7:35pm Doug Schulkind:

It is almost too agonizing to carry the knowledge that Trane in his last few years played in almost unbearable pain. He had horrible mouth problems—the tenor sax requires a firm-gripping embouchure on the mouthpiece. For Trane, to play was to hurt. Unbearable indeed.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 9/24/13 7:38pm Uncle Michael:

I'm a self-proclaimed mythical being too.
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 7:39pm Doug Schulkind:

"Art was not art." — Steve Coleman
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 7:39pm Doug Schulkind:

Merry evening, Uncle Michael!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 9/24/13 7:40pm Uncle Michael:

Maybe art was not Art.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 9/24/13 7:40pm Uncle Michael:

Hola Doug.
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 7:41pm Doug Schulkind:

You gotta have Art, Uncle Michael.
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 7:41pm Doug Schulkind:

The Pat Patrick you are hearing is the father of the current governor of Massachusetts.
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 7:46pm Doug Schulkind:

Trane now leaving for the frontier of tonality and sound. All aboard!
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 7:48pm Doug Schulkind:

Trane with Bob Thiele:
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 8:00pm Doug Schulkind:

Four more minutes of Hour #4 before we take a ride on Hour #5.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 9/24/13 8:03pm Uncle Michael:

I'm with ya.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 9/24/13 8:05pm davex:

Just want to say, we're out there, listening, and appreciating...
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 8:06pm Doug Schulkind:

Great to have you aboard, davex!
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 8:14pm Doug Schulkind:

"He ran out of horn." — Rashied Ali
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 8:45pm Doug Schulkind:

Remember, all five hours of this documentary can be purchased directly from its producer Steve Rowland:
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 8:47pm Doug Schulkind:

"You start playing yourself after a while." — Rashied Ali
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 8:56pm Doug Schulkind:

"To be that good. A saxophone player." — Unidentified child
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 8:57pm Doug Schulkind:

Six more minutes. Then you can go get dinner.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 9/24/13 8:59pm Uncle Michael:

That great African-American composer Eden Ahbez.
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 9:00pm Doug Schulkind:

Back to nature, boy.
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 9:01pm Doug Schulkind:

The late, great Jayne Cortez...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 9/24/13 9:02pm Uncle Michael:

Thanks for sharing this, Doug.
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 9:06pm northguineahills:

I'm here!
Avatar Tue. 9/24/13 9:07pm Doug Schulkind:

Uncle Michael, northguineahills and everybody. Big radio hugs to you all.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 9/24/13 9:40pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

I'm confused about when you played this
- but Thx!: I cassette taped this special off the radio (KCRW) years ago & am very glad to have all the dots connected about Steve Rowland & everything !
  Tue. 9/24/13 10:09pm Marmalade Kitty:

cooking late night xtra hot vindaloo! Good job drummer some is here
  Wed. 9/25/13 7:10am Doug Schulkind:

@Revolution Rabbit Nov63
This particular program ran from 6-9pm Tuesday night. Because this documentary is still available to purchase, I did not archive this program.
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