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Playlist for 11 September 2013 Options | Life Without the Cow

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(* = new)
Artist Song Album Label Comments New Approx. start time
Fuck Buttons  Brainfreeze   Options Slow Focus  ATP 
*   0:00:00 ()
TV Ghost  Five Colors Blind   Options Disconnect  In the Red 
*   0:08:09 ()
JC Satan  Hell Death Samba   Options Title Track  Slovenly 
  0:12:12 ()
The Limiñanas  I'm Dead   Options Cristal Anis  Hozac 
  0:14:30 ()
Music behind DJ:
Curd Duca 
  0:17:51 ()
Dan Deacon  Crystal Cat   Options Spiderman of the Rings  Carpark 
  0:21:28 ()
MV & EE with The Golden Road  Canned Happiness   Options Live at Zebulon  Three Lobed 
*   0:25:08 ()
Bondage  En La Moto   Options Mini-LP  Passion and Torment 
  0:33:54 ()
Kim Fowley  Up   Options Outrageous   
  0:37:10 ()
Khlam  Uncle   Options Sverkh Novy Sverkh Russkie  United Sound Art 
  0:47:01 ()
The Phantom Cheese  Goats Really Like to Nibble   Options Will Play For Root Beer  Cheese Mouse 
*   0:51:49 ()
God  Silent Night   Options    
  0:58:03 ()
Johnny Cash  I've Been Everywhere   Options    
  1:03:09 ()
Music behind DJ:
  1:06:05 ()
Ivor Cutler  Im Happy   Options Lido  Rev-Ola      1:15:51 ()
Detroit Grand Pubahs  Sanwiches   Options    
  1:16:30 ()
David Grubbs  I Started to Live When My Barber Died   Options The Plain Where the Palace Stood  Drag City 
*   1:19:42 ()
Julian Cope  Hymn to the Odin   Options Revolutionary Suicide  Head Heritage 
*   1:24:02 ()
Tomita  Snowflakes are Dancing   Options    
  1:30:13 ()
Throbbing Gristle  AB / 7A   Options Synthaesthesia: Scott Williams' 2013 WFMU Premium (V/A)   
  1:33:51 ()
Klaus Dinger and Japandorf  Cha Cha 2008   Options Self-Titled   
  1:38:48 ()
Clare and the Reasons  Obama the Rainbow   Options    
  1:51:12 ()
Black Blood  A.I.E. (Mwana)   Options African Disco: Deep Disco From 1970's Africa   
  1:52:55 ()
Yamasuki Singers / Daniel Vangarde & Jean Kluger  Yamamoto Kakapote   Options Le Monde Fabuleux des Yamasuki   

  1:55:42 ()
Kletka Red  Eighth Day   Options Hijacking   
  2:04:59 ()
The Ex & Brass Unbound  Our Leaky Homes   Options Enormous Door   
  2:08:12 ()
Veveritse Brass Band  Mouser   Options Brasslands  Meerkatmedia 
*   2:12:40 ()
Szeki Kurva  Goat Dance   Options The Sound of Dead Goats  Iris Light 

Click for the full size image
  2:16:33 ()
Der Plan  Junger Man   Options Die Letzte Rache  Atatak      2:19:49 ()
Losfeld  Um   Options 1   
  2:22:46 ()
The Kids of Widney High  Life Without the Cow   Options Act Your Age   
  2:26:35 ()
The Clouds  No, You Can't Take Them!   Options Self Titled   
  2:30:35 ()
Clothesline Revival  I'm Troubled About My Soul   Options Long Gone   
  2:35:11 ()
Little Axe  Ride On   Options The Wolf That House Built   
  2:37:33 ()
RIAA  Down At Mississippi   Options Foolklegs - Folkloric Mashups   
  2:42:34 ()
Dave Cloud  Take You Slow   Options Dave Cloud Does Sexton Ming   
  2:46:15 ()
Joanna Gruesome  Anti-Parent Cowboy Killers   Options Weird Sister   
*   2:48:16 ()
Boom Bip  Manzabozh   Options Zig Zaj   
  2:50:49 ()
  2:54:48 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 6:24am Station Mgr Ken:

Morning everybody - I'm planning on ignoring 9/11 today but I am as always open to good suggestions.. get 'em in now before the show starts while I can still deal...
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 6:34am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...well - no need to suggest more cowbell...
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 8:44am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...& do *not* play Hüsker Dü.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 8:51am Okasa:

Good Morning Mr. Ken and all the little Ken-sters out there in WFMU land.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 8:59am Rick from SC:

I guess you'll play something with cowbells, then
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:00am Dr. Goot:

Hello Sweden!
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:02am common:

yes. more cowbell.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:04am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...especially do not play 'Makes No Sense @ All'...
  Wed. 9/11/13 9:04am fංfං (:

Ken, Rev Rabbit, Rick, Okasa, Dr Goot, common...Hello and Good morning!!!
  Wed. 9/11/13 9:04am fංfං (:

what is a 9/11 ?
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:04am Ken:

Something died in my office!! What do I do? I cannot find the body.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:05am egal:

Body finder app.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:06am Cheri Pi:

Dr Bootygrabber should be able to locate the corpse in no time. send a limo 'round to collect him.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:06am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...the red-headed FuckButton is native only to a tiny environmentally threatened area of the Amazon rainforest - that is to say, it's fucked.
- Febreeze Ken? Burn Sage - it's good w/ Meat...
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:07am Cheri Pi:

OK, think Ken, where was the last place you saw the body?
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:07am Ken From Hyde Park:

Is that the right way to hold a cowbell? I don't think you get a good sound when you're holding it by the main body.
  Wed. 9/11/13 9:08am fංfං (:

I hope is not the DJ from the previous show.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:09am Dr. Goot:

Are you sure it's not your upper lip that stinks Ken?
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:11am KOTJ:

Ken thought you may like this. Think a Can/I Wanna Be Your Dog 13 min
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:11am Ken:

I cant bring Dr Bootygrabber to the station because he will puke all opver the place and then I will have TWO smells to deal with.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:12am common:

gooood morn everybody!
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:13am amanda c:

Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:13am Roberto:

Dr. B is a chronic puker like my kitteh? Speaking of which, you haven't played Puker in far too long.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:13am Okasa:

Yeah, check yourself, Ken. Could be you've just got a bad case of booty stank.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:14am Cheri Pi:

the only thing left to do is call a psychic, I recommend Psychic Dina in Jersey City for locating the dead
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:14am Uke Goldberg:

In France, it's 11/9
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:15am Cheri Pi:

let's hear some of the "good" Hawkwind.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:15am other eddie:

Ken, ya gotta grab your go-bag and trade offices before anyone else gets in. DON'T THINK!
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:15am Andrew Waterloo:

@Ken, have you tried a dowsing rod?
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:16am Uke Goldberg:

In Sweden too.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:17am the glowing one:

Peter Tosh died 26 years ago.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:17am Revolution Rabbit Nov63: some Nurse with Moon.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:17am the glowing one:

how about you play one of his songs, Ken?
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:18am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...really enjoying the music today - just like a normal Program.
...*What* is going on??...
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:18am Okasa:

If'n your thinkin' of playing a Tosh song, I'll vote for "Mystic Man".
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:19am common:

ken, is there a fridge in your office, perhaps?
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:19am the glowing one:

You sure that dead thing isn't Andy Breckman?
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:20am MD:

Good Morning my Faithful FMU friends....XOXO!!!
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:21am Uke Goldberg:

Stink's Gone
  Wed. 9/11/13 9:22am fංfං (:

All this reminds me of the anti-smoke maggot-poem-song !
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:23am the glowing one:

@uke: one of those products where you can't tell if it's a hoax or real
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:23am Uke Goldberg:

Most products are a hoax.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:23am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...ever notice when you got a slight hangover headache that a fast pulsing robo-4 beat is no fun @ all?...Have ya??...Just wondered...
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:25am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...Have to imagine my previous above ^ said in yer best Irwin-voice...
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:25am common:

i hear you, revolution rabbit...
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:26am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...ya gotta get into it if ya wanna get out of it
...& aspirin & green tea & brekkies...
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:28am DCE:

good summer jam here
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:28am Cheri Pi:

Like who now?
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:31am DCE:

Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:32am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- yerknow - The Irster? He's on @ 3.
...Scorpios love killer birdies...
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:32am Lonious Monk:

bonjour ken and listeners !
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:33am amanda c:

i dig this. sounds like neil young.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:34am doca:

@Ken: the gifs to dan deacon and mv & ee are a perfect match to the songs.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:35am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...& it would segue all smooth-like w/ 'On the Road Again' by Canned Heat - just for Canned H the Parallel Universe, where you care....
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:36am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...Send In the Clowns Baybeeee!!
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:36am still b/p:

I WORKED to get here. Chrome can't get to FMU this morning...maybe a java-update-junked up-my-browser-yesterday situation? Like the song says, "If you don't know how to do it, I'll show ya how to balk and clog."
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:37am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...don't Leave Home Without Them...
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:38am KOTJ:

Clowns, Bra.
  Wed. 9/11/13 9:38am mikey capone:

Hey Ken, sorry to hear about the dead animal in your office. I actually operate an animal removal service here in Austin and get dead animals out of walls all the time. The trick is to follow your nose and methodically sniff every square inch of wall and ceiling until you find the point of greatest stench. Cut a hole and remove the carcass. If I were in Jersey, I'd offer to do It myself.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:38am Dr. Goot:

The bouncing brain GIF is killer!
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:39am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...let the Disturbing begin
...I already had a bit to eat 1st this week tho' - so haha neener...
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:39am DCE:

Kim Fowley IS outrageous!
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:40am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

true dat
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:40am Andrew Waterloo:

That Karl Malden album cover is fascinating
  Wed. 9/11/13 9:42am fංfං (:

'Sniff every square inch of wall and ceiling to find a mice's carcass' almost sounds like a theme for a 7SD show.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:42am Ken:

Yeah, isnt that LP cover amazing? Too bad it's fake. I want it to be real.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:42am DCE:

there's only one're not dead. uh huh.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:43am Ken:

f0f0, brilliant idea!
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:45am Andrew Waterloo:

@Ken, it could be real though.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:47am Irene Trudel:

Hearing Kim Fowley reminds me that Brute Force is apparently reading his poetry at Poetas Con Cafe Modesto Flores Community Garden, Lexington Ave. bet. 104th and 105th St in NYC on Sept. 14th.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:47am amanda c:

does 7sd have a theme for tonight?
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:48am doca:

  Wed. 9/11/13 9:48am fංfං (:

Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:49am doca:

@Ken: when will khlam play live on wfmu?
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:49am thedunkel:

Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:49am w41:

I feel sorry that you guys can't understand the lyrics lol
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:49am doca:

I would pledge to a mini marathon dedicated only to that.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:49am Ken:

No idea what SSd will be tonight. Did anybody see the Khlam moment in the WFMU Fuse TV story?
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:49am KOTJ:

Weeks w/o fans were Khlammering
  Wed. 9/11/13 9:50am fංfං (:


We first need to reunite the band, and then, yeah. let's bring them over (there in the wfmu)!
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:50am common:

still need to watch the fuse khlam thingy.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:50am Dominick:

Brute Force was on top of his game at Otto's last week
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:50am KOTJ:

I did. Last seconds.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:50am Ken:

w41, fill us in!
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:50am MD:

Good morning NYC....The Town I love So Well...
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:51am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

>>☆ ☭ ♪ ☆ ☭ ♪ ☆ ☭ ♪ ☆ ☭<<
Stick Khlam in yer pooter, Putin !
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:51am thedunkel:

SSD tonight should be the adventures of Andy retrieving the decaying rodents in the walls
  Wed. 9/11/13 9:52am fංfං (:

what? fuse, khlam?!

Ok. googled and found the WFMU facebook page:

Fuse TV’s Story on WFMU, with Station Manager Ken Distorting the Russian Hippie Band Khlam:

But link is broken!
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:53am Rev. Turnip Druid:

Tar in whutnation is going on in here?
  Wed. 9/11/13 9:53am fංfං (:

Did I said it is broken? Pff. I mean to say the link is alive and kicking!
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:53am doca:

f0f0: it's on wfmu main page, on the news
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:54am bobdoesthings:

more chewing gifs!
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:54am KOTJ:

More Chewdaica!!
  Wed. 9/11/13 9:54am fංfං (:

thanks doca!
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:56am mauri:

this is great
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:56am dc pat:

Avatar    Wed. 9/11/13 9:56am The Guz' Slim Pickins:

this song is literally un-listenable.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:57am rsj:

haven't heard the goats in a long time
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:57am dc pat:

Ken, can you puhLEEASE wait until I log on to play Khlam? Ok?
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:57am bobdoesthings:

how are we all listening then..1?!?!
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:57am Roberto:

Goats really do like to nibble. My kid worked at the Central Park Children's Zoo this summer and can definitely attest to that.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:57am the glowing one:

The stereo seperation is awesome, it's like the Beatles! (see, I managed to compare this music to the Beatles!!!)
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:58am still b/p:

Was that from Wagner's Ring of the Nibblings?
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:58am common:

ah! I knew it was comin!
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:59am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- flute like 'Fool on the Hill'...
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:59am Dan B From Upstate:

Oh, god.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:59am Roberto:

Oh G-d. Not "God" again. Oy.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 9:59am Dr. Goot:

I thought you were not going to get lugubrious Ken...
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:00am DCE:

there he goes again...
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:00am Stevel:

"I killed you all. Yes, it was I."
  Wed. 9/11/13 10:00am fංfං (:

This recording gives me the impression 9/11 happened in the late 70's
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:00am MD:

I been everywhere man!!!
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:00am Sean D. Daily:

Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:00am Uke Goldberg:

Ken, you lied.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:01am Rick from SC:

Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:01am Mark S:

not very Joe Frank at all
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:02am Uke Goldberg:

What happened to your plan? Did G-d make you do it?
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:02am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...Ron Nasty of The Rutles compared himself to God 'who never had a hit record' - but later apologized to Rod, God & the Press...
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:02am DCE:

God is just so damned needy
  Wed. 9/11/13 10:02am Jerry J:

You can't spell WFMU without 91.1!
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:02am egal:

Just call my name, I'll be there - God
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:02am Stevel:

Somebody make a joke. Geeze.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:02am dc pat:

Exactly what I was going to say Sean Daily, thank you.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:02am the glowing one:

He'll be there for me... sounds like a threat to me.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:02am Roberto:

If they ignored you it was probably because they were too distracted by their heads being on fire.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:02am Michael:

Scottso...British things, things from Britain.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:03am DCE:

"the stairwell of your final moments" eh?
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:03am Roberto:

Thank G-d that's over.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:03am MD:

No you didn't!!!!
I love you Ken........God
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:04am Ken From Hyde Park:

Now we need some of those George W. Bush funnies to get us back into a jovial mood.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:04am the glowing one:

Johnny Cash is god.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:04am w41:
  Wed. 9/11/13 10:04am fංfං (:

Very comforting, God. Just like that anti-smoke poem tirade.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:04am dc pat:

man. I'd like to been everywhere right now. Johnny is making a lot of sense to me...
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:07am Andy in Berlin:

after that god thing I was going to suggest that you play Deteriorata but then I looked it up in the playlist search and found your finger prints all over it.
  Wed. 9/11/13 10:10am fංfං (:

Andy, we also have 'I am the Grass'. It's not the cosmic muffin but still, funny godlike song.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:13am common:

ken. you must share that video!
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:14am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Rush Sucks.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:15am Uke Goldberg:

Ken, are you sure it was Lyme Disease? It could have been a MDMA overdose.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:16am amanda c:

play some MBV cuz i just got tickets to see them in november!!
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:17am YETI BOB:

I read once that Ivor Cutler owned a set of ivory cutlery.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:17am βrian:

I fully expected Karl Malden's nose to be wriggling in time with the dancer.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:17am Andrew Waterloo:

I am still contemplating MBV in Toronto, already got tickets to Goblin in October
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:18am KOTJ:

Poooooooooo Baaaaahs
  Wed. 9/11/13 10:20am trish:

Music behind DJ during the egg break was what did you say, Ken ?
Rockabye Baby ?
  Wed. 9/11/13 10:21am fංfං (:

From sandwich making to booty grabbing, Detroit Grand Pubahs covers everything.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:21am amanda c:

i saw mbv play roseland in nyc in 2009 and it was entirely worth it. plus, they're new album is great so i'm psyched to see them again.
  Wed. 9/11/13 10:22am fංfං (:

Yup, trish. That was Rockabye Baby
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:23am common:

@andrew: goin' to goblin in oct. also. very exciting!
  Wed. 9/11/13 10:23am trish:

Thanks, fංfං(:
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:24am Ike:

I wonder if MBV will sell out Hammerstein Ballroom. I haven't used Ticketbastard in years and years but maybe I will give in for this.
  Wed. 9/11/13 10:24am fංfං (:

That's how Japandorf pressed their vinyls.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:25am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:27am Mark S:

perhaps skip the whole thing
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:27am Andrew Waterloo:

@common Goblin with Secret Chiefs 3 opening!
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:27am Andrew Waterloo:

ah.. Ken's playing the DJ mix
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:28am Ken From Hyde Park:

Is the CD player getting Lyme disease?
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:29am Okasa:

Why would Odin all father allow the CD of HIS HYMN to be scratched? Perhaps Odin is displeased.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:29am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...dead rat's in Player two dude...
  Wed. 9/11/13 10:30am paulWCBN:

Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:31am common:

quite a sound collage, ken!
  Wed. 9/11/13 10:31am fංfං (:

The anti-smoker fella, the ambulance & mummy guys on the same, the nihilist man and Zatumba...all together at last!
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:31am kham:

Jack Horkheimer!! Keep looking up! Call Hearty White
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:32am Uke Goldberg:
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:32am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...Astronomy of the Day kinda thing on public radio used intro to this...
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:33am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- Jack! Yup - Thx.
  Wed. 9/11/13 10:34am Martin:

Very joe
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:35am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Very Joe Frank thing to say.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:35am Rev. Turnip Druid:

back now, just in time for something from favorite TG record. Perhaps everything is gonna be........ all-rite.
  Wed. 9/11/13 10:35am fංfං (:

Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:36am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...I'm a beat behind kind boho tooday...boohoo...
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:36am dc pat:

Oh yeah! the Star Hustler, I remember...
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:37am Roberto:

Aww cute li'l vole
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:38am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:


...Vole - are ye? Wo-oh-oh-oh...
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:40am Rev. Turnip Druid:

Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:41am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Sake to me !
  Wed. 9/11/13 10:41am fංfං (:

Klaus & Japandorf! かたかながえし! (fuck yeah!)
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:42am Rev. Turnip Druid:

jack horkheimer, if memory serves. star hustler. a reference to the tomita track? It seems tomita got picked up a lot for stuff like that, mid 80s... the go-to science NPR background vibe dude.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:43am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:50am fred von helsing:

dang hot hop
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:52am northguineahills:

Man, I loved that MV & the Golden Road track. I believe I was at that show.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:54am cthulhu:

  Wed. 9/11/13 10:55am fංfං (:

the Waaarrior

Ooo baa maa!
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 10:59am Stevel:

That looks like John Kerry on bongos.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:00am Mark S:

beating the drums of war?
  Wed. 9/11/13 11:00am beth:

Ken said "Mardonna"! My day is made!
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:00am dc pat:

Maradona is shaking his bootie? What else is new?
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:01am dc pat:

Looks like Tony Perkins to me.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:03am Uke Goldberg:

Mini-Bloomberg failed, gloriously.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:04am Mike Noble:

The bell was a gift from Pete Wentz.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:05am rsj:

i too was dissappointed there was no surprise showing
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:05am dc pat:

Kletka Red!! Nice choice!
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:05am rsj:

it's dissappointing because his views were so balls-on
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:06am Uke Goldberg:

He petered out.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:06am YETI BOB:

  Wed. 9/11/13 11:07am Laura L:

Speaking of politics, I just got my Toxic Together commemorative 7SD plate in the mail. I have faith in the commemorative plate!
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:08am still b/p:

Faith In The System = FITS. Pitch some.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:08am other eddie:

Sounded like Mary Wing's bell. Love her show, HATE that bell. Please take it with you.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:08am KOTJ:

I knew the Ex was next!
  Wed. 9/11/13 11:09am Cecile:

  Wed. 9/11/13 11:09am Cecile:

Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:09am dc pat:

oh man, an ALL ANDY EX SET!! Play Dogfaced Hermans next
  Wed. 9/11/13 11:10am fංfං (:

Hola, hola Cecilia !
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:11am Uke Goldberg:

Are we not men?
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:12am Rev. Turnip Druid:

Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:12am Okasa:

Sorry to interrupt your fun, but I recently finished a dumb little web project that might interest the right sort of person. (Please to be clicking on my profile for the URL.)
  Wed. 9/11/13 11:12am fංfං (:

Peoples, I'm going to translate all your usernames into Spanish! Why? Just because I can! Gimme a sec.
  Wed. 9/11/13 11:13am fංfං (:

Ocasa, Uke Oroberg, Cecilia (already said it), común, Reverendo Turnip Druido...
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:13am cthulhu:

good luck FOFO...
  Wed. 9/11/13 11:14am fංfං (:

el luminiscente, Roberto (hey, this is already translated!), Ken de Parque Hyde, Miguel, DC Patricio, Estebanel...
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:16am bobdoesthings:

what about me fofo
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:16am Ken de Parque Hyde:

¿Y ahora qué?
  Wed. 9/11/13 11:16am fංfං (:

Conejo Revolución Noviembre63, Andrés Waterlú, Doctor Panocha, Gerente de la Estación Ken, Ricardo de Carolina del Sur...
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:16am YETI BOB:

My Spanish name is "Pepe El Malo" (from
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:17am Rev. Turnip Druid:

YAY! Turnip esta universal!
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:18am Mike Noble:

what is "Noble" in Spanish?
  Wed. 9/11/13 11:18am fංfං (:

...Todavía b/p, Monje Lonio, Los Sobrantes Delgados del Guz, RobertoHaceCosas...
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:19am dc patricio:

thanks Fofo
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:19am Dan B From Upstate:

I have to assume my name doesn't translate well.
  Wed. 9/11/13 11:20am fංfං (:

...Otro Eduardito, Beto Yeti, Monte de Guinea del Norte, Basura (That's for the Khlam user)...
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:21am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Gustar! Gracias!
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:21am Rev. Turnip Druid:

sounds like a good time to play that "dueling baños" track. If it existed. Oh if it only existed...
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:21am dc patricio:

did you know that "Der Plan" means "the Plan"?
  Wed. 9/11/13 11:22am fංfං (:

...Miguel Honoroso, Daniel B de ArribaEstado (yes, you are right!)...

hold on Cthulhu!
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:22am the glowing one:

Junger Mann:
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:22am YETI BOB:

fofo: no, it's not Beto, it's Pepe!! Pepe el Malo!!! :-)
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:23am Dr. Goot:

Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:24am dc patricio:

I'll bet Der Plan is from southern Germany...they had southern accents.
  Wed. 9/11/13 11:24am Ken D:

We'd never hear this one on WBAI.....
  Wed. 9/11/13 11:25am fංfං (:

...and Federico Von Helsing!!

C = Camarero
T = Terco
H = Hóstil
U = Ubríaco
L = Libidinoso
H = Horripilante
U = Urente
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:25am Ken:

Der Plan were from Hamburg. But the female singer on that track was not from the band. She may have been fro, Die Doraus und Die Marinas.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:26am Rev. Turnip Druid:

hostile urine?
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:26am cthulhu:

"Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn"
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:27am dc patricio:

sheiBe! thanks for making me look like a idiot Ken.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:27am cthulhu:

very nice FOFO, for the time being CTHULHU will not drive you insane and then devour you whole...
  Wed. 9/11/13 11:27am paulWCBN:

oh dear i forgot about this song
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:27am Davee:

or dangerous pee pee?
  Wed. 9/11/13 11:27am KP:

Hey common
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:27am northguineahills:

I usually use colinas de guinea norte when in Mexico. thanks fofo!
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:28am the glowing one:

Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:28am Davee:

Martin: What exit?
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:29am dc patricio:

I meant: Scheiße.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:29am Ken:

Goodbye Martin.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:30am the glowing one:
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:30am ᏠЄႶႶỊѺµЄ:

I always loved the driving by the Cow Palace in Daly City, CA.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:32am Carmichael:

In Deteriorata, when the guy gives out a phone #, he says "Ask for Ken."

Where's Caryn?? Daddy needs gif data!
  Wed. 9/11/13 11:33am fංfං (:


Oh, yes. You can also say 'Colinas'. I said Monte in singular, didn't noticed the last 'S' (so it can also be 'Montes de Guinea del Norte o Montes de Guinea Norte).
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:34am KOTJ:
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:34am Carmichael:

Jennique, you know of course that your best buys are ALWAYS at Fry's!
  Wed. 9/11/13 11:34am KP:

scoobie do
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:35am Caryn:

Hello all! So, gif check:
-Beastie Boys' "Hey Ladies" music video
-Shirley Temple in "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm"
-Miss America from "Battle Fever J" rocking out
-Glenda Farrelly in "Lady for a Day"
-aagh, those beatniks I can't ID!
-I'll try to ignore Madonna in her "Give Me All Your Luvin" phase
-Richard Arlen and Kathleen Burke in "Island of Lost Souls"
-Claudia Cardinale on the set of "The Leopard"
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:37am dc patricio:

I like these here CLothesline Revival folks.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:38am dc patricio:

Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:38am northguineahills:

also, monte de guinea norte, is too close to my gf's last name (she has a "monte de.." in her name)
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:39am dc patricio:

impressive Caryn. Is the Cow In Bed from Un Chein Andalou?
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:40am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...Herbie da Mix...
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:40am Caryn:

That Malden album cover puzzles me. It's one thing if he had an actual album of songs out, but who decides that an album of LBJ's speeches should have a chick with clowns on her boobs on the cover? I feel like the cover designer was not properly briefed on the album's contents... Or maybe when they thought of LBJ, they automatically thought of clown tits?
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:41am Bryant:

It's "L'age d'Or", Patricio. Was just watching it on Netflix the other night ...
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:41am pacific standard simon:

Ugh. I was run over by a runaway show from Kenzo, last night.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:41am dc patricio:

Hey, LBJ always reminds me of clown tits....but I believe Ken said it was fake.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:41am Caryn:

@dcp: nope, from "L'Age d'Or". So, same director.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:41am dc patricio:

my next group will be called Clown Tits.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:42am Okasa:

I have such fond memories of watching "The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin" every Sunday night on my little b&w set.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:42am KOTJ:

Clown Boobs
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:42am Rev. Turnip Druid:

Now that you mention it, current USA foreign policy is clearly lacking clown tits, which I'm sure explains a lot.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:43am dc patricio:

huh. I don't think I saw that though. I will have to check out...
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:43am Okasa:

Ken, if you can find and play the theme song to "The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin", that would make me so happy!
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:43am dc patricio:

more Wolf sampling
  Wed. 9/11/13 11:43am kabuki scentymint:

I bet kitten carrion covered in rabbit hair smells pretty bad too so it could be worse. Have you tried Uncle Jemima soap?
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:44am Rich in Washington:

RIAA - the musician and not the organization - is a freeking genius.
  Wed. 9/11/13 11:44am Neg-guh-tor:

I love this RIAA mash up. Love you, Ken! Great show, as usual.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:44am Carmichael:

This dude is a soulful Dokaka.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:44am dc patricio:

man I love Youtube:
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:45am glenn:

generally i consider fucking with the wolf to be sacrilege, but this is pretty good.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:45am dc patricio:

yeah glenn...I'm still on the fence at the moment...
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:46am glenn:

howlin' wolf is the greatest. full stop.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:47am Mike Noble:

who is the MC in that mashup?
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:47am dc patricio:

^glenn is right.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:48am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

The Mighty Wolf.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:48am ᏠЄႶႶỊѺµЄ:

300 pounds of heavenly joy can't be wrong.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:49am Rev. Turnip Druid:

For the bluesies, I'm fully in the Son House camp, but Wolf is a top-shelf 2nd.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:50am Dr. Goot:

Thanks for the link DC Patricio.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:50am Caryn:

Would've been here sooner, but just as I was about to sign in, my internet crashed and then refused to start again for a bit.

Anyhoo, robot Maria in "Metropolis".
  Wed. 9/11/13 11:51am kabuki scentymint:

The Burger King girl's name is Heaven. I bet her boyfriend loves to say, "I'm in Heaven!"
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:51am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...toldya not to sink yer money in the horserace...
- So many great Bluesmen...been said if Son House is a bare crooked tree onna hill, & Skip James is a wind blowing - then Robert Johnson is that wind blowing thru that tree...
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:51am dc patricio:

^the Rev is also right.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:52am dc patricio:

^the RevRabbit is also also right.
  Wed. 9/11/13 11:52am Ashok:

delightful set and wonderful gifs. Don't mind the other comments--my Mississippi makes dirty mashups of whatever it wants. Nothing is sacred.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:52am KOTJ:

I like the Magritte like horseman running in the sink
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:53am dc patricio:

I watched most of Metropolis the other night by accident. It was on TCM and I didn't know until I bumped into it.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:54am Carmichael:

Is that Herbie Hancock stuck in the soundboard?
  Wed. 9/11/13 11:54am fංfං (:

Wohoo! The more I hear Boom Bip, the more I like him/her/it!
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:54am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

'Metropolis' - *1927* - knocks me on muh tookster...
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:55am pacific standard simon:

The Clubfoot Orchestra soundtrack to Metropolis is teh awesome.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:55am northguineahills:

Thanks Ken, kept work fun for me!
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:55am Mark S:

Certainly looks like Herbie Hancock
  Wed. 9/11/13 11:56am kabuki scentymint:

Is that a shot of the WFMU marathon fund thermometer in that crazy woman gif?
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:56am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Clubfoot Orch. !
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:56am Okasa:

Thanks Ken! *ding*
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:56am other eddie:

NO. MORE. BELL. [please]
  Wed. 9/11/13 11:56am fංfං (:

What?! Just 3 minutes to go and the show's over?! But if it only lasted like 45 minutes! Oh. well. they say when you have a good time, time flies. Till next episode everybody! Take care! And thanks Maestro Ken!
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:57am fleep:

Izzat Mary Wing? Don't sound like Mary Wing.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:57am KOTJ:
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:57am pacific standard simon:

Next week, BICYCLE HORN!
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:57am Caryn:

So, the end title card of "The Red Shoes".
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:57am Mike Noble:

hey, is hector salamanca visiting the station?
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:58am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...@ least, unlike Mary Wing - I'm not trying to sleep thru the damn one-note samba of the bell...
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:58am glenn:

weirdness in texas.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:58am Caryn:

@kabuki: that would be nice, but sadly not. It's the city's water pump system meter. She's just sabotaged (or about to sabotage) the system and flood the workers' city.
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:58am other eddie:

Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:59am dc patricio:

great show thanks Ken!
Avatar Wed. 9/11/13 11:59am still b/p:

Lot of good old classic and not so common films being shown in conjunction with film history series currently on TCM, but not always at practical hours.
Have to give Haxan another viewing next month!
  Wed. 9/11/13 11:59am ?:

PLEASE - not another bell ringer! I already have to tune out that chick who always rings it (remind me of a school teacher trying to get me to shut up or pay attention).
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