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The promise of joy, the magic of blather. A call-in show for the New Age of Inquiry. The Man can't bust our chit-chat. (Visit homepage.)

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Options August 23, 2013: Who's the Worst Musician/Band?

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Listener comments!

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:02pm the glowing one:

Hi gals!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:03pm G:

Show prep music loop continues...
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:03pm Frangry:

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:03pm Carmichael:

Shake it, Robots!!! Shake it!!!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:03pm TheMarmot:

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:03pm Caryn:

Hello, weirdos!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:03pm robyn:

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:03pm TheMarmot:

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:03pm robyn:

or not...sies...
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:03pm G:

Topic selection music loop this week, apparently
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:03pm Carmichael:

More like seventhsies, Robyn. :)
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:04pm listenin on an elliptical:

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:04pm Carmichael:

Hair of the dog, Frangry! Get a few beers in!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:04pm TheMarmot:

how much do i have to pledge to get michele and frangry to do a show on ustream in just WFMU tshirts and panties?
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:04pm the glowing one:

If you don't have a topic tell us something about your life then.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:05pm robyn:

i feel like i can hear an ill wind in the background. maybe its these new headphones. ha, carmichael ;)
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:05pm ?:

Hello Frangry!!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:05pm Carmichael:

Michele kicks ass. Literally.
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:06pm lipstick:

u ladies are hottttttt
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:06pm estimo:

hey weirdos. maybe something about saunas.
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:06pm chivalry:

bad-vibes for a topic?
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:07pm estimo:

today i almost burned down a sauna
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:07pm catass:

What are you running from?
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:07pm Danne D:

Hi Frangry :) <3333
Hi Foodbed :) <333
Hi Weirdos :)

I'll only be around for a little bit :( I have to go to the doctor - I might have pinkeye :(
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:07pm Kevlicki:

The eagles!
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:07pm Kevlicki:

The eagles!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:07pm Carmichael:

Worst band ever?? Racey, "Lay Your Love on Me". Worst video ever, too.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:07pm robyn:

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:07pm Danne D:

Spikey :)
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:08pm dreamie:

I have show ideas! Bad ones maybe. Matchmaker who did you matchmaker stories?
The thing you'll never do again
The thing everyone thinks is great but you don't get. Band you like but everyone else hates. Dreams that gave you an idea?
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:08pm the glowing one:

Kid Rock
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:08pm Mafu Fontana:

  Fri. 8/23/13 6:08pm listenin on an elliptical:

Baja Men - who let the dogs out
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:08pm Cap'n Often:

Chris Gaines, alter ego of Garth Brooks
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:08pm chivalry:

@frangry the beatles
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:08pm Geoff:

Jethro Tull is the worst band ever. Is this really your topic for an hour?
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:08pm robyn:

the eagles are fine.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:08pm Carmichael:

Simon & Garfunkel.
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:09pm dreamie:

  Fri. 8/23/13 6:09pm dreamie:

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:09pm Danne D:

I'm gonna guess Frangry sez Mark Wahlberg is the worst cuz of this:
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:09pm Kevlicki:

All Christian rock
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:10pm jean:

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:10pm robyn:

is there a song mike mackenzie broke frangry's heart with
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:10pm dreamie:

  Fri. 8/23/13 6:10pm dreamie:

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:10pm TheMarmot:

Michele likes to Shagg.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:11pm Carmichael:

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:11pm Caryn:

Dave Matthews is a good answer. Not only awful music, but that whole dumping crap on people thing made them even worse.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:11pm robyn:

something by savage garden
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:11pm TheMarmot:

  Fri. 8/23/13 6:11pm Swimmingly:

the beatles
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:11pm Danne D:

@Kevlicki - Glad :( that one CD of theirs that my college roommate would play all the time still haunts my nightmares :(
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:12pm dreamie:

Grateful dead
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:12pm Carmichael:

They Might Be Giants.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:12pm robyn:

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:12pm Caryn:

Counting Crows and Simply Red are tied for "terrible band with awful, dreadlocked singer".
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:13pm dreamie:

I vote for Dave Matthews
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:13pm dreamie:

I vote for Dave Matthews
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:13pm Carmichael:

Midnight Oil.
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:13pm Frank Con:

aerosmith or U2
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:13pm TheMarmot:

  Fri. 8/23/13 6:13pm dreamie:

  Fri. 8/23/13 6:13pm jean:

courtney love
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:13pm Nate:

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:13pm Carmichael:

Sinead O'Connor.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:13pm robyn:

maroon 5?
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:13pm Todd 76%:

Sleigh Bells? The Lumineers? Creed? So many choices...
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:14pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

MiliVanilli - who *got a Grammy*.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:14pm Skirkie:

I wont give away what I think the answer might be other than it rhymes with Earl Ram.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:14pm TheMarmot:

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:14pm Carmichael:

Herman's Hermits.
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:15pm listenin on an elliptical:

rolling stones
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:15pm Kevlicki:

Bono sucks!!!!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:15pm G:

moron 5
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:15pm Caryn:

Based on the "close", I'd guess Rolling Stones.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:15pm TheMarmot:

The Monkees
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:15pm Carmichael:

10,000 Maniacs.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:15pm Skirkie:

The Neptunes?
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:16pm G:

my gf starts to puke any time a u2 song comes on the classic rock station, and she doesn't even know they are all songs by the same band
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:16pm CSPRINGER:

Beach Boys = Pukkeee !
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:16pm chris:

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:16pm Caryn:

Ooh, Phil Collins? Genesis?
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:16pm TheMarmot:

Keep speakin spanish michele
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:16pm Carmichael:

Hey caller, STFU.
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:16pm LSMFT:

Coldplay ? If I'm right don't announce it on air so you can keep buzzing callers !! If close to the Beatles = Rolling Stones, hey, that ain't fair-
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:16pm jean:

Kanye West
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:17pm G:

  Fri. 8/23/13 6:17pm Frank Con:

matchbox 20
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:17pm Caryn:

John Mayer?
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:17pm Carmichael:

Rudy Vallee.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:17pm robyn:

matchbox 20 is a GREAT answer
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:17pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Neither The Beatles (everybody hates the one in pole position), the Stones, Simon&/orGarfunkel, nor even Herman'sHermits. Nor the Monkees, nor Brian Wilson fregawdsake !!!
- Some other answers here have potential...
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:17pm dreamie:

It's electric chair and lipstick that made it awesome though
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:18pm TheMarmot:

I hope johnny muller proposes to frangry on the air
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:18pm Caryn:

Limp Bizkit? Kid Rock?
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:18pm bell:

Rod Stewart
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:18pm Carmichael:

GG Allin?
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:18pm madman:

give us a hint
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:18pm bell:

Rod Stewart
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:18pm bell:

Rod Stewart
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:18pm Cap'n Often:

The Rolling Stones?
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:18pm Nate:

  Fri. 8/23/13 6:19pm Frank Con:

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:19pm robyn:

i have dave matthews in my head now is the problem with this.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:19pm Carmichael:

I got it: ABBA.
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:19pm Todd 76%:

The definitive answer is actually the band known as Complete... Ask Brian Turner! Fun topic!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:19pm Skirkie:

Ohhh I know who they're thinking of.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:19pm Caryn:

Hmm, but it supposedly spans decades... Aerosmith? Elton John? Leonard Cohen?
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:19pm dreamie:

@ LSMFT hi i think I said Coldplay first!!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:19pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

  Fri. 8/23/13 6:19pm listenin on an elliptical:

Bon Jovi
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:19pm Kevlicki:

Jack black
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:19pm Johnny Muller:

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:20pm Carmichael:

Sha Na Na.
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:20pm Kevlicki:

Jack black
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:20pm Caryn:

Oh man, Bon Jovi is a good guess.
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:20pm Salamander:

WFMU Pubic Hair & the WFMU Pubic Hair Orchestra
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:21pm Carmichael:

Adam and the Ants.
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:21pm Todd 76%:

@ Robin, Dave Matthews Band does really suck...
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:21pm Frank Con:

red hot chili peppers
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:22pm Loren:

Rick Astley
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:22pm listenin on an elliptical:

  Fri. 8/23/13 6:22pm michal:

dire strait
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:22pm Carmichael:

Blind Melon Chittlin.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:22pm Loren:

  Fri. 8/23/13 6:22pm CSPRINGER:

TINY TIM = BLOWAGE through the Ages
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:22pm listenin on an elliptical:

I got it. Station Manager Ken!
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:23pm Erin:

Pearl Jam!
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:23pm Frank Con:

billy joel
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:23pm Carmichael:

Ace of Base.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:23pm TheMarmot:

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:23pm Caryn:

  Fri. 8/23/13 6:23pm listenin on an elliptical:

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:23pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...poor Ric Astley will always remind me of that Bill Hicks routine...
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:23pm ?:

solo phil collins is hard to argue with
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:23pm Loren:

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:24pm robyn:

no abba! i love them
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:24pm listenin on an elliptical:

Jefferson Starship.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:24pm Loren:

Must be an East Coast thing...
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:24pm TheMarmot:

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:24pm Danne D:

Damn I was gonna guess Billy Joel :(
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:24pm worst listener of all time:

Billy Joel?!?!? BUT HE'S GREAT!!!!!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:24pm TheMarmot:

oh man this is fucked up if they are gonna really play it
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:24pm chris:

Nice one, Frank! (and Steve)
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:25pm Caryn:

Now, did the comments board say Billy Joel first or second? Hard to tell with the stream delay.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:25pm Carmichael:

I have to agree, Billy Joel does INDEED suck. Ask Tony Bourdain.
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:25pm Kevlicki:

Gross, now we have to listen to this?!!
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:25pm dreamie:

Billy joel is not a rock band!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:25pm Danne D:

Frangry, you and Foodbed have to do this song at the next Hoof N Mouth now :)
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:25pm robyn:

  Fri. 8/23/13 6:25pm Geoff:

You guys are nuts. Pay the song about the red wine, or white rwine or the rose. That's kill some time.
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:25pm Cap'n Often:

But how does he pronounce Often?
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:25pm G:

b.j. so overplayed in the new york market. have heard every single radio hit so many more times than anyone ever needs to.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:26pm Carmichael:

How is this a good thing?!? The winner gets to listen to the worst music ever?!?!?!!??!?!?!?
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:26pm robyn:

right on girls. i had to hear billy joel on repeat during my first high school job at a pharmacy. it was so awful. the sound of bad carpeting and teenage suffering.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:26pm Caryn:

I feel the need to post this link now: www.vulture.com...
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:26pm Kevlicki:

It's fine when yer stuck in the car with no wfmu, but....
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:26pm Kevlicki:

It's fine when yer stuck in the car with no wfmu, but....
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:26pm TheMarmot:

wow this is really really bad
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:26pm Todd 76%:

Disappointed in the obviousness of Billy Joel's suckiness! Love you guys anyway!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:26pm G:

i believe this is killing me too
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:26pm listenin on an elliptical:

can the new topic be the time you messed someone up and ran away?
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:26pm Skirkie:

How interesting could Paul's real estate novels be, I always wonder.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:26pm madman:

what about Elton jonn
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:27pm Danne D:

"Chele I believe this is killing me!"
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:27pm Skirkie:

I can't get married. I'm too busy writing these novels about real estate.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:27pm Carmichael:

@g: !!!!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:27pm robyn:

ok i'm out...everyone enjoy your BJ
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:27pm G:

b.j. is an elton john ripoff. piano and pseuodo rock pop
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:27pm dreamie:

Who's the worst actor?
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:27pm Fredericks:

This is not rock music.
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:27pm Spike:

It could be worse. It could have been Barry Manilow.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:27pm Danne D:

@Skirkie - that would be the most ingenious ghost written thing ever :)
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:27pm LSMFT:

Lovin' the format- Mich and Frangry come up with a question; listeners call in until a winner gets the right answer; then Foodbed & Frangry kick back and finish the drinks !!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:27pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

I have said Billy Joel is the fake Elton John & started a firestorm. Well - one swoosh w/ an extinguisher anyhow...
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:28pm Todd 76%:

'Scenes from an Italian Restaurant' please... Or some horrific Elton John.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:28pm Carmichael:

Danne D, that is a perfect suggestion. Next year's Hoof & Mouth, ladies.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:28pm chris:

Have people call in to tell their Billy Joel horror stories...
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:28pm Caryn:

Yep, Hoof & Mouth material right here, ladies!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:28pm G:

one thing in his favor is he's a great driver when drunk.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:29pm madman:

Carmichael what about glen cambell
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:29pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- more to the point (for me) - I have said people only like BillyJoel instead of the Ramones because they look more like him...but the Ramones looked like 'tards anyhow...
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:29pm Danne D:

This caller could actually BE a real estate novelist!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:30pm Carmichael:

@madman: Glenn doesn't need to drive to get crazy drunk. He just walks around town.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:31pm madman:

good one
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:31pm Mr. Joel:

What is this nonsense?
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:31pm Carmichael:

Too late, Frangry. Piano Man is your punishment.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:31pm Danne D:

Billy Joel has brought the um, different, callers, eh?
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:32pm Caryn:

I like 1 Eagles song, but that's it.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:32pm TheMarmot:

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:32pm Loren:

Yeah! Kids are just people! Live with it!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:33pm Carmichael:

@Caryn: Hoping that song would be James Dean. Because all the rest SUCK!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:33pm Danne D:

Fatal Flaw: Frangry and Michele have now invited a half-hour of Billy Joel apologist calls
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:33pm Caryn:

Yeah, Frangry, Michele, you shot yourselves in the foot with your "for the rest of the show, we'll play the worst band" promise. Come on, give us some "Piano Man" or "We Didn't Start The Fire". You know, something that'll have Ken crapping himself with rage.
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:34pm Todd 76%:

A basic tenant of my life: I survived "Hotel California".
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:34pm Danne D:

What's worse: 1/2 hour of Billy Joel music or a 1/2 hour of callers defending Billy Joel?
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:34pm G:

whenever the classic rock station is on as a car compromise and billy joel comes on, i go to flip the station, and the gf says "oh no, don't turn *that* off!" and i tell myself i can make it through 3:45 of this for the 200th time
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:34pm Carmichael:

Or how about Brenda & Eddie?
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:34pm Kevlicki:

I bet tommy o Shea and mad man love billy Joel
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:34pm Kevlicki:

I bet tommy o Shea and mad man love billy Joel
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:34pm the glowing one:

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:34pm Loren:

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:34pm Caryn:

@Carm: "Journey of the Sorcerer", actually. Hmm, now I need to check out your suggestion...
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:35pm Skirkie:

I'm probably gonna turn off my radio now and read a book.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:35pm Carmichael:

I bet Spike is dancing crazily right now.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:35pm G:

@Caryn: Ken would press the big red button next to his desk at home that crashes the station for the rest of the hour. Rarely used.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:35pm Danne D:

So did Davy who's still in the Navy fight in the Cola Wars?
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:35pm Loren:

Christie Brinkley thought he was something...
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:35pm bell:

You're loosing your fans
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:35pm Carmichael:

Is Debbie Gibson on backing vocals?
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:35pm Todd 76%:

"Uptown Girl" duet at Hoof 'n' Mouth?
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:35pm Todd 76%:

"Uptown Girl" duet at Hoof 'n' Mouth?
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:36pm listenin on an elliptical:

Frangry started the fire.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:36pm Listener David in Budd Lake:

Ken has played BJ to torture listeners in the past.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:36pm Caryn:

What show was it on that the DJs had to sing "We Didn't Start The Fire" and nearly choked on it? I'm tempted to say Fabio was involved.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:36pm Danne D:

Billy Joel FMU plays:
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:37pm hamburger:

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:37pm philodough:

Limp Bizkit, anybody? Break Stuff
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:37pm TheMarmot:

I want to say lewd, yet complimentary, things to michele but out of respect, i digress...
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:37pm Carmichael:

Michele, would do talk some sense into the crazy broad next to you?!?
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:37pm The Big Ragu:

the song is called Iris
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:37pm listenin on an elliptical:

iris by googoo dolls
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:37pm Frangry:

  Fri. 8/23/13 6:37pm J&B:

ok guys you need to get on with this thing -- it's getting arduous.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:37pm hamburger:

90s flashback!
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:38pm listenin on an elliptical:

@michelle 3rd eye blind - jumper
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:38pm the glowing one:

According to the advanced playlist search on the WFMU site, Julie played Billy Joel 5 times, second is Pseu with 3 times, and third Scott Williams(!!!) 2 times.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:38pm Danne D:

The later Billy Joel is understandable though. If I married Christie Brinkley, I'd probably write every song about her too.
(line stolen from someone I heard it from years ago)
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:38pm Carmichael:

The feedback is the best part of the song.
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:39pm MTONN:

THe Goo-GOo Dolls are the Best!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:39pm Danne D:

@glowing one - to be fair I don't think all the Glen/X-Ray shows are reflected in that
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:39pm Carmichael:

Billy Joel was in a band called The Hassles.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:40pm Loren:

I bet Scott used some Traktor on that Joel
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:40pm Danne D:

Anyway I have to leave for the doctor :(
Bye Frangry :) <3333
Bye FoodBed :) <333
Bye Weirdos :)
Have a good one!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:40pm madman:

hey glowing one that was beautiful
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:40pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Eagles fans:
- I don't wanna shock ya - but there is *other* CountryRock : the bYrdS *before* them (Burrito Bros. &tc.) - UncleTupelo & SonVolt - good stuff, sports...
- That's something I think about:
- For Mainstream dittoheads
- if you like this, try that :
- Eagles - those guys I name above
...Sheryl Crow - try Lucinda Williams (she's like, the *real* version...) or even RickieLeeJones
- Aerosmith? - NewYorkDolls
...so on...
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:41pm Kevlicki:

Frangry going sober=downfall of SUW
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:41pm Kevlicki:

Frangry going sober=downfall of SUW
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:41pm Carmichael:

I really used to like this station.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:41pm G:

Many of those joel FMU plays were probably at the wrong speed, tracktored, etc.
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:42pm listenin on an elliptical:

@michelle and frangry, break that record for billy joel plays. 2 more to go!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:42pm philodough:

Limp Bizkit
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:43pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:43pm Loren:

Hey, Fuck you! Live rules!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:43pm the glowing one:

@G: Right, it says "just the way you are Traktor" for one of the plays on Scott Williams's Show.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:43pm philodough:

Hootie and the Blowfish
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:44pm Loren:

"once there was this boy whooooooooooooooo"
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:44pm hog:

as previously mentioned... if you guys want to really get dark, phil collins committed crimes.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:44pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Pseu played a Joel I didn't think utterly meritless. I said it.
- Like the Dead? (Well - I do too.) Try Hawkwind.
...Blootie & the Hofish.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:44pm hamburger:

"anal tight ass soldier" actual Live lyric
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:44pm Loren:

Soul Asylum "Runaway Train"
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:45pm Loren:

Collective Soul "Shine"
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:45pm babyjesus:

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:45pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

All Top40 after the Mid1970s.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:46pm Loren:

Eagle Eye Cherry... Don, WTF?
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:46pm philodough:

what band did the "chickita china the chinese chicken" song? that has to be worst
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:46pm listenin on an elliptical:

sarah jessica parker = horse
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:47pm Caryn:

If we're talking bad songs, Paul McCartney's "Bip Bop" takes the cake. Honestly, love the guy, but that is just... oy vey.
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:47pm bad:

there's only one good way to look like a horse
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:47pm Loren:

Barenaked Ladies!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:47pm madman:

the goo goo dolls are playing tonight I have front row seats
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:47pm Ken From Hyde Park:

@philodough - Yeah, I was just trying to think of that one!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:47pm Loren:

Jilly Boel
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:47pm philodough:

Barenaked Ladies!!!! thanks Loren
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:48pm Loren:

spin doctors
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:48pm Loren:

Right Said Fred
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:48pm Loren:

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:49pm Caryn:

I'm still stuck in my Simply Red/Counting Crows conundrum. Both soooooo bad in similar ways.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:49pm philodough:

one two princes lived before you!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:49pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- oh - Sir Macca felt he was past proving anything to anyone awlright @ one point. Like Clapton.
- That could be a topic: Artisits you know got it in 'em - but lack 'Motivation'...
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:50pm the glowing one:

Bubble Bobble is a cool game! Killer soundtrack.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:50pm Loren:

fu Shnickens
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:50pm The Big Ragu:

the misfits and ted leo are from nj
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:50pm madman:

I play asteroids
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:50pm Loren:

Josh Groban is gross
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:51pm DEAN:

Yes, The Misfits are from Lodi, NJ.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:52pm Caryn:

@Loren: Groban's music = boring, but Groban in interviews = hilarious
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:52pm listenin on an elliptical:

@ michelle http://sarahjessicaparkerlookslikeahorse.com/
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:52pm Loren:

I just get uncomfortbale when I hear him sing... truth be told, I bet he is funny, I forget where I saw him, but he was hilarious, some sketch comedy I think?
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:53pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Idea for a topic - some variation on "live or dead." For example, a person calls in with a name and Frangry & Michele guess if they're living or not.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:53pm Loren:

OMG, Donna from that 70's Show!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:53pm Listener David in Budd Lake:

Should we tell you who dies?
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:53pm philodough:

Two Princes by the Spin Doctors gets my vote. PLAY IT
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:54pm Spike:

i hate those insipid 'HOUSEWIVES'.
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:54pm bell:

You ever hear the shit that came out of William Shatner's mouth? He's the worst faux-musician.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:54pm Loren:

Billy Joel, walks into a bar... that's the punchline, I forgot the joke... oh, wait, Billy Joel is a joke... har har har
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:54pm Caryn:

@bell: worse than Leonard Nimoy?
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:55pm DG:

Someone tell that caller that Lady Gaga is absolutely from NYC, not NJ (she went to school on the UES). However, she appeared on The Sopranos before she was famous.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:55pm madman:

this is sad
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:55pm Loren:

Did anyone ever tell you that you've got incredibly ugly eyes?
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:56pm Loren:

Yo La Tengo!
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:56pm DG:

And yes, "Bip Bop" is awful...there's a new topic, horrible songs by great artists.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:57pm HoofHeartedPA:

Billy Joel is probably sitting at home making fun of Jefferson Starship
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:57pm Loren:

Bon Jovi is HOTTTTT
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:57pm Frangry:

Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:57pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...Thx for proving my strategy of lurking here but listening to News sound this week...
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:58pm Todd 76%:

Ugh ! "The STRANGER! I'm gutted!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:58pm madman:

ho comment
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:59pm madman:

sorry no comment
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:59pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Good night, musical robot!
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 6:59pm Caryn:

Next week: a full hour of Billy Joel to fill in for SUW.
  Fri. 8/23/13 6:59pm Cap'n Often:

Stay tuned for Billy Joel
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 7:00pm the glowing one:

Goodbye, that's what I said now.
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 7:00pm madman:

later wierdos
Avatar Fri. 8/23/13 9:54pm Chris M.:

i like this episode
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