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Music to slaughter livestock to; 5,000 factory farmers can't all be wrong. (Visit homepage.)

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Options August 22, 2013: JR Robinson (Wrekmeister Harmonies) on Peer Pressure at 1pm

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
Accept  No Shelter   Options     0:00:00 ()
Blue Oyster Cult  True Confessions   Options   RIP Allen Lanier  0:08:34 ()
Blue Oyster Cult  Career of Evil   Options     0:13:27 ()
Blue Oyster Cult  Before the Kiss, A Redcap   Options     0:18:36 ()
Blue Oyster Cult  Tenderloin   Options     0:22:28 ()
Patti Smith  Elegie   Options     0:26:37 ()
The Clash  Julie's Been Working For The Drug Squad   Options     0:28:57 ()
Tuxedomoon  No Tears   Options Desire    0:32:10 ()
Wrekmeister Harmonies  You've Always Meant So Much To Me   Options     0:46:34 ()
Kylesa  We're Taking This   Options     0:56:10 ()
PEER PRESSURE SEGMENT WITH JR Robinson (Wrekmeister Harmonies) as Guest DJ!
Interview with JR Robinson        1:19:42 ()
Weakling  Cut Their Grain and Place Fire Therein   Options     1:29:47 ()
Lurker Of Chalice  Piercing Where They Might   Options     1:39:47 ()
Venom  In League With Satan   Options     1:45:59 ()
Puffy Areolas  Noble Rot   Options     1:49:20 ()
Vatican Shadow  Chopper Crash Marines' Names Released   Options     1:53:09 ()
Interview with JR Robinson        1:58:16 ()
Author and Punisher  Women and Children   Options     2:17:48 ()
Anatomy of Habit  After the Water   Options     2:23:14 ()
Swans  Lunacy   Options     2:30:30 ()
Codeine  Cigarette Machine   Options     2:36:47 ()
Afflicted Man  Crazy Ead   Options     2:41:55 ()
Rotting Christ  Cold Colours   Options     2:46:35 ()
Thrones  Gifthorse   Options     2:50:32 ()
Voivod  Kluskap O'Kom   Options     2:55:20 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 8/22/13 12:12pm Óskar Jökull:

You're playing two songs at the same time. It's making my head hurt.
  Thu. 8/22/13 12:12pm r i s k y:

Whoa hectic!
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 12:12pm Cecile:

RIP Allen
Avatar Thu. 8/22/13 12:13pm Mike East:

I'm sure your band is awesome, LCP, but most people who listen to this station and frequent these comment boards do so because of the lack of advertising. I fear you may be turning some potential fans off with your marketing strategy.
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 12:15pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- yeah you got 'NoShelter' & BOC @ once
- ah - there
...an interesting sort of NatRoe effect...
- Yes - read about Alan in Patti Smith's 'Just Kids'
- since subject is broached, even just lower case letters - a mention of the gig rather than an Ad...
Avatar Thu. 8/22/13 12:18pm Mike East:

yeah, lowercase, fewer exclamation points, maybe a different message rather than copied and pasted, perhaps some relevance to the show or song that is playing...or maybe just save it for facebook.
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 12:18pm Cecile:

I saw him a few times with BOC in the early 00's. He looked like hell, but still killed on guitar and keys.
Avatar Thu. 8/22/13 12:18pm Diane Kamikaze:

Wow, for a second I thought we were broadcasting to a prison....
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 12:19pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Allen Glover Lanier (June 25, 1946 – August 14, 2013)

Avatar Thu. 8/22/13 12:19pm Mike East:

I think that's called a bait n switch...
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 12:20pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 12:20pm Cheri Pi:

  Thu. 8/22/13 12:22pm JC Mike:

Diane, I am sure there's a prison somewhere that is tuning in. If I were locked up and had a radio, I'd tune in. Plus there's a good chance it's used as an enhancement method of interrogation someplace with no natural light.
Avatar Thu. 8/22/13 12:25pm Diane Kamikaze:

You're probably right JC Mike, especially with my fabulous mix early on! :)
  Thu. 8/22/13 12:25pm common:

i enjoyed that mix!
Avatar Thu. 8/22/13 12:26pm efd:

If I had a dollar for every time I listened to _Agents Of Fortune_ in high school I could have retired by now. (Assuming I'd invested those dollars wisely.)
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 12:27pm Cecile:

Here's something I wrote ages ago:

(the editor inserted some stupid jokes in there that still make me cringe. She now plys her trade at Entertainment Weekly)
Avatar Thu. 8/22/13 12:27pm philodough:

why have i never listened to blue oyster cult?
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 12:29pm Cecile:

I don't know. Start with their first four records.
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 12:31pm Cecile:

my favorite is Secret Treaties, but they're all really excellent.
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 12:35pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 12:42pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...okay - it took me all the way up to just the other week to figure out the bed music had Zoro sword swishes
- & not piggie squoinks as I thot...
  Thu. 8/22/13 12:47pm GUMBY:

Whenever I hear someone do Jim Carrol's "These Are People Who Died" I dance like crazy and am happy because I think that's what my friends who have died would want me to do to celebrate their shortened lives.
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 12:48pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- like when Mike Shaw died they said do *anything* but have a moment of silence. Ha!
  Thu. 8/22/13 12:49pm jmr3:

those aren't oinks? I've been listening for years . . .
Avatar Thu. 8/22/13 12:51pm Wretch:

You guys have damaged hearing.
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 12:51pm Cecile:

yeah, i always heard them as whipcracks
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 12:51pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 12:52pm Dave B:

Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 12:53pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- or call him Mike Shaw when he was GREG Shaw :
- anything I else I can misinterpret before they lock me up in the old folk's home?
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 12:53pm Cecile:

Is this a live interview? May I ask weird questions of a person whose music I know nothing about?
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 12:54pm Cheri Pi:

mercyful fate this is nice and heavy. mommy likes
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 12:54pm Cecile:

i want my passing to be like a pebble dropped into a pond. First a ripple, and then no evidence there way anything ever there.
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 12:56pm Cheri Pi:

Cecile, your questions are legend, fire away.
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 12:57pm Cecile:

well, if he's not going to answer live...it's kind of silly to come up with them.
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 12:57pm Cecile:

oh, Diane, are you gonna play something from that Free Fall disc?
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 12:58pm Cheri Pi:

I will drink some Ripple® when you pass, C$.
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 12:58pm Cheri Pi:

Yes, he's live-I checked
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 12:59pm Cecile:

aw, good Pi. Save the good stuff for the special occasions. hahaha.

Laura Pleasants is so awesome.
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 1:01pm Cecile:


Iron Maiden or Judas Priest? And what is your favorite album by them? And if neither, what is wrong with you?

Which Big Four thrash metal band do you want to hit with a cinder block?
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 1:01pm Cecile:

How much has Godspeed You Black Emperor been an influence on you?
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 1:02pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

The cinderblock question needs to be a boilerplate opening salvo for every interview.
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 1:02pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

...including presidential debates.
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 1:02pm Cecile:

What is your favorite modern classical composer?
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 1:02pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Cram time :
- kewl heaviness awlright !

...I think I figured it out because someone played the whole Zoro tune...
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 1:04pm Cecile:

What is your favorite weird Chicago sandwich?
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 1:04pm Cheri Pi:

What is wrong with you? [in general]
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 1:05pm Cecile:

What is your favorite weird Chicago sandwich?
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 1:06pm Cecile:

what is about black metal that appeals to you eggheads?
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 1:06pm Cecile:

how did you get started in music?
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 1:07pm Cecile:

are you a grizzled prospector beard artist, or a shaved head and black rimmed glasses artist?
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 1:07pm Cheri Pi:

Which well known or obscure music producer aggrieves you the most, and why?
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 1:08pm Cecile:

are you a grizzled prospector beard artist, or a shaved head and black rimmed glasses artist?
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 1:08pm Cecile:

Would you like a burger named after you at Kuma Corner? What would be on it?
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 1:09pm Chris from DC:

Ah, missed the BOC. RIP Allen.
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 1:11pm Cecile:

you do sound bossy. hahahaha
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 1:14pm Cecile:

crowd mentality, riots, The Power Station.
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 1:15pm Cecile:

ah, Fred Longberg-Holm is great.
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 1:17pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- I can hear him a lot better w/ headphones...
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 1:20pm Cecile:

He's totally into you, Diane.
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 1:20pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- movie wiki :
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 1:22pm Cheri Pi:

Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 1:23pm Cecile:

hahahahaahah, yeah.
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 1:27pm Cecile:

good choice, 12 tone fan
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 1:28pm Cheri Pi:

atonality is where it's at.
  Thu. 8/22/13 1:30pm common:

is mercury in retrograde? Nothing is working where i am either.
  Thu. 8/22/13 1:30pm Chris d:

Win amp ?!? Please explain
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 1:32pm Cheri Pi:

Winamp is a media player for Windows
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 1:33pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

WinAmp :
- it is not iTunes...& not giving away a Marshall stack...
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 1:36pm Cheri Pi:

this song is like an entire film.
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 1:37pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

☿ Rx :

Avatar Thu. 8/22/13 1:46pm cthulhu:

everyone at work loves this!
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 1:49pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- appreciate people who keep it Heavy but also Smart & Interesting. Thanx !
Avatar Thu. 8/22/13 1:52pm Sean D. Daily:

  Thu. 8/22/13 1:53pm tom:

Venom doesn't sound as evil as it once did. I guess their influence has more staying power than the actual music? Still great, though, and I listen to them often. But mostly on shuffle when they come up. Great show!!!!!
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 1:53pm Cheri Pi:

"In League With Satan" = already clicky-starred :)
Avatar Thu. 8/22/13 1:54pm Stevel:

Just stopped by my desk to print stuff for a meeting. Venom and Puffy Areolas are going to get me fired. That is all.

Cheri Pi: Very clicky-starred.
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 1:55pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- venom may cause puffiness...
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 1:55pm Cheri Pi:

I recently drank a beersie on my patio with A) my cat [pictured] and B) this Venom cassette.
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 1:56pm Cecile:

Diane should have special pentagram stars for her playlist.
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 1:57pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...puffywhitecat ♪
- in leeeg w/ sayyytan! ♩...
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 2:15pm Chris from DC:

Cecile, fine idea. Sure would be cool if Venom got invited back for a full set at Deathfest this year.
  Thu. 8/22/13 2:16pm common:

mmmm beersies, cats and venom...
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 2:16pm Cecile:

well, gotta run.
Thanks for the great show JR and Diane.
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 2:17pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Yes - Thx sir, & DK!
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 2:18pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Sir !
- that should be cap...
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 2:22pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- I really appreciate artist interviews like this - getting a bit of their personalities & insight into creative process & realities.
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 2:23pm Cheri Pi:

Thanks so much Diane and JR! I'm checking out all these bands that you played today.
  Thu. 8/22/13 2:29pm Kathy:

Wow What does this all mean?
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 2:32pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Too damned hot out there. I regret ever leaving you, my venomous family of pixels and metal.
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 2:33pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- yes, I think that's it.
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 2:33pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

...a favorite latter-day swans piece, there.
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 2:34pm Cheri Pi:

It's like hell's fire in the air here too RTD. mixed with hell's humid bathwater.
Avatar Thu. 8/22/13 2:37pm Sean D. Daily:

I think the theme of this Swans song is that I will see. It's very subtle, but I think they manage to convey it successfully.
  Thu. 8/22/13 2:44pm Maury P:

A flicted M A N damn yeah damn!!!
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 2:52pm Cheri Pi:

Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 2:57pm Cheri Pi:

  Thu. 8/22/13 2:58pm common:

Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 2:58pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

  Thu. 8/22/13 2:59pm Maury:

vOivOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! +
Avatar    Thu. 8/22/13 2:59pm Cheri Pi:

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