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Playlist for 24 July 2013 Options | A Musical Tribute To Carlos Danger

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Jim Price  Stalling Tape   Options  
Wendy Carlos  The Shining - Theme   Options       0:02:55 ()
Wendy Carlos  Beethoven's Ninth   Options A Clockwork Orange 
  0:06:53 ()
Antonio Carlos Jobim  Aguas De Marca   Options  
  0:11:29 ()
Carlos Gardel  Adios Muchachos   Options  
  0:14:47 ()
Wendy Carlos  March From A Clockwork Orange (9th Symphony, Fourth Movement, Abridged) (exc)   Options  
  0:25:57 ()
Wazmo "Carlos" Nariz  The Mind is Willing But The Flesh Is Weak   Options Things Arent Right      0:32:06 ()
Cheap Trick feat Bun E Carlos  Surrender   Options  
  0:35:57 ()
Luis Carlos Vinhas  Ye Mele   Options Brazilian Beats 1 & 2 
  0:42:12 ()
Tom Danger Ze Carlos  Gloria   Options Grande Liquidação 
  0:44:44 ()
Bahia Black feat Lil' Carlos Brown  Follow Me   Options Ritual Beating System 
  0:47:52 ()
Carlos Hawkwind  Magnu   Options Warrior on the Edge of Time 
*   0:56:33 ()
Wax Carlos  Whole Lotta Sabbath   Options  
  1:04:37 ()
Carlos Snoopelin  Drop It Like Its a Whole Lotta Love   Options  
  1:07:54 ()
Music behind DJ:
  1:12:08 ()
Carlos Alvara  Pajaritos Manquehue   Options Manana 
  1:18:33 ()
Shirley and Company  Shame Shame Shame   Options  
  1:25:15 ()
carlos Verde  Home in the Highrise   Options Haven't Slept All Year      1:29:19 ()
Kenny G & Stephen Colbert     
  1:35:55 ()
Neil Young & Crazy Horse  Oh Susannah   Options Americana 
  1:41:20 ()
Tuxedomoon  No Tears   Options Desire 
  1:49:30 ()
The Stranglers  Walk on By   Options  
  1:54:30 ()
The Fall  No Respects Rev   Options Re-Mit 
  2:00:44 ()
Music behind DJ:
Jonathan Kane 
I Looked at the Sun   Options Live on WFMU 

Click for the full size image
  2:05:37 ()
Television  Aint That Nothin'   Options Live At The Old Waldorf, San Francisco, 6/29/78 
  2:17:42 ()
Pere Ubu  Final Solution   Options Live at the Longhorn 
  2:24:46 ()
Bob Hund  Jag Tror Jag Ar Kat   Options 10 Ar Bakat & 100 Ar Framat 
  2:28:26 ()
Sonic's Rendezvous Band  City Slang   Options  
  2:32:01 ()
No Sleep Nigel  Abstract Nympho   Options       2:37:10 ()
Mars  Helen Forsdale   Options  
  2:37:42 ()
Khlam  Winter   Options Sverkh Novy Sverkh Russkie 

A Stump Caryn CHALLENGE!!
  2:40:34 ()
Marzipan Marzipan  Lighter   Options The Trees Open Their Eyes On Us 
  2:51:09 ()
Naing Naing  Organic Orgasm Remix   Options  
  2:54:41 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 6:42am Ken:

Morning everybody! get your animation, image and song requests in NOW, before the show starts!
  Wed. 7/24/13 7:44am Pete:

Maybe a couple of tunes that Andy would like- but at the same time!
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 7:45am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

〒 <...heh??...uh may rise but I won't ▇ shine...
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 8:13am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...I would like to see & hear something that really ▇▇▇▇▇ the NSA...
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 8:22am groucho:

The new Placebo song is hilarious. it's about iPhones. there's actually a lyric in it that says 'the applications are to blame, for all my sorrow and my pain' ...not a brilliant request but it's the funniest thing I've heard in music this week. Other than that I've just been listening to Strachan by Hitchers and Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star (they're like Rock A Bye Baby) 's Radiohead covers. Hello by the way.
  Wed. 7/24/13 8:25am Ken:

Got a link Groucho? I feel a Carlos fixation coming on... I got some Cheap Trick (Bun E Carlos) and Im now looking for that Portugeuse guitar player Carlos Gardel. What other Carloses are there? And Wazmo Nariz of course, whose name SHOULD be Carlos Nariz.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 8:25am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...&/or something that let's them damnLiberals really know we'll have fewer guns not when their whelpin' spolied offspring get shot - but when they've pried them from our cold dead hands &/or we're outta ▇▇▇ ammo - whichever come 1st...
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 8:27am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...This is the best!: I can annoy two DJs @ once! I could go home early!...
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 8:30am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 8:38am groucho:

Sure do, here's Fake Plastic Trees, but they have a big back catalogue, just like Rockabye Baby's. coincidentally A friend's just sent me this too, Pearl Jam for Babies!
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 8:54am Dr. Goot:

Good Morning early birds. What about Carlos Alomar?
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 8:55am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...Wendy Carlos...
  Wed. 7/24/13 8:59am ◐ɟ◐ɟ (:

Hola Ken, and wonderful people of the interwebz and beyond!
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 8:59am Dr. Goot:

Carlos Caballero -
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:00am Roberto:

  Wed. 7/24/13 9:00am ◐ɟ◐ɟ (:

Not Carlos Gardel, please, nooo! That's even worst than Mariah Carey. Carlos Gardel it's the Argentinean tango icon.
  Wed. 7/24/13 9:02am Sam:

Ah, great radio!
  Wed. 7/24/13 9:03am ◐ɟ◐ɟ (:

Carlos Santana of course!

No, I'm kidding.
  Wed. 7/24/13 9:03am Sam:

Sorry to see the Maxwell's-Funk Davies show is sold out tonight.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:03am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...hadn't heard this Carl Stalling before - was it a good cartoon - ?!?...
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:03am bobdoesthings:

Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:04am AnAnonymousParty:

Is that Cornholio in the background?
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:04am Roberto:

Your disc jockey is incontinent.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:05am DCE:

I would crap in that thing, oh yeah...
  Wed. 7/24/13 9:05am ◐ɟ◐ɟ (:

What about Roberto Carlos? It's like a pop version of Caetano Veloso.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:06am KP:

Signing in.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:07am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...Margaret! Your b-room looks well-fertilized - what a great housekeeper you are...
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:07am Okasa:

Ohayo Gozaimasu!
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:08am Pine:

I wanna go to Mount Splashmore
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:08am KP:

I bought a Wendy Carlos CD boxset. It has interviews throughout, making whole thing useless.
  Wed. 7/24/13 9:09am ◐ɟ◐ɟ (:

I really like Wendy Carlos without any irony.
  Wed. 7/24/13 9:10am max (the one):

it's wendy, not Wednysday Carlos ,-)

is he/she still arount?
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:11am bobdoesthings:

beethoven would roll over in his grave mannnn
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:12am Brian in UK:

Hello Ken and listeners-in.
It was Walter when this wonderful Clockwork Orange soundtrack was recorded. 'I want to marry a lighthouse keeper and live by the side of the sea'
This sounds like Joe McGaskos intro.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:12am Dr. Goot:

Carlos Danger indeed -
  Wed. 7/24/13 9:12am Ralphine:

Who saw Kenny G on The Colbert Report yesterday?
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:13am northguineahills:

Will watch tonight. Damn it Ken, I need to get to work!
  Wed. 7/24/13 9:14am Cecile:

I love this song.
  Wed. 7/24/13 9:14am common:

THE kenny g?
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:14am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- Colbert on hulu is a day behind?
  Wed. 7/24/13 9:15am Cecile:

Got Chico Science?
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:15am Detroit Mac:

previous night's show Rebroadcast at 7 in the NYC area.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:15am KOTJ:
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:16am Detroit Mac:

Tango Time!
  Wed. 7/24/13 9:17am ◐ɟ◐ɟ (:

Correction. aaargh time!
  Wed. 7/24/13 9:18am Ralphine:

He was the main guest and went by Kenneth Goldsmith. His socks didn't match.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:19am KP:

Paul Major from Endless Boogie is going to be selling thousands of records & CDs cheap, from his house. I just downsized in big way but thinking of going.
  Wed. 7/24/13 9:19am bill:

Kenny G wants to fill a gallery with printout of the entire internet. There's a petition out to stop him.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:19am DCE:

I used to play this Floyd thing for my daughter when she was little.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:20am KOTJ:

Ken. Thanks for last week's colonoscopy talk. Since mine Monday, I want to start a prog rock band called Polyp.
  Wed. 7/24/13 9:20am Ralphine:
  Wed. 7/24/13 9:21am common:

Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:21am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- This I think :
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:22am KP:

There is DJ named Carlos Danger. Reached about the scandal, he said "Ewwwww!"
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:25am bobdoesthings:

don't rule out "danger" too!!
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:25am KP:

Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:25am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Carl Stalling is close to Carlos...
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:25am KP:

Carlos Danger Mouse.
  Wed. 7/24/13 9:25am common:

zatumba...that's right.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:25am egal:

Bun E Carlos of Cheap Trick.
  Wed. 7/24/13 9:26am r i s k y:

William CARLOS williams! Patersons own!
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:26am Rob W:

Prince Carlos?
  Wed. 7/24/13 9:26am ◐ɟ◐ɟ (:

Carlos Danger sexting image:

VSFW (Very Safe for Work)
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:26am tim from champaign:

Isn't the bass player of Interpol named Carlos Dingledorfer? Please don't play Interpol though.
  Wed. 7/24/13 9:26am Cecile:

I like Santana. Play Jingo.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:26am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...yer awlready Carlos stalling...
  Wed. 7/24/13 9:27am ◐ɟ◐ɟ (:

Carlos Aznavour!!
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:27am Brian in UK:

Carlos Alomar anyone, worked with Bowie, D.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:27am KevinfromBayRidge:

Morning all, Howza'bout Firesign Theater-" Nick DANGER -Third Eye"?
  Wed. 7/24/13 9:28am Ralphine:

Maybe Carlos's last name rhymes with "hanger" like that Doug Danger character of Phil Hendrie's.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:28am tim from champaign:

Carlos Wilson, a member of the Beach Boys?
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:28am KP:

Carlos Slim, used to own most of NYT.
  Wed. 7/24/13 9:29am Sometimes Jasmine:

BUMMER. My boss wants me to go to a meeting during Ken's show. How can I get out of it?
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:29am DCE:

Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:30am Ken:

If anybody has an online link for Kenny G on Colbert, please post it so I can play it. Kenny told me that they sang "Oh Susanna" together!
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:30am Caryn:

Hi all!
Working an hour extra today, but will try to sneak on the computer every now and then.
Quick gif check:
-1967's "Branded to Kill". Funny fact: the director, Seijun Suzuki, got fired by the studio once they saw the finished film. So you know it's right up Ken's street.
-The corn eating is from "Troll 2", and the mention of that title alone should make some of you giggle at the memory of the most ridiculous moment from that film.
-"A Royal Affair", which I'd recommend even for people who generally don't like costume dramas.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:31am tim from champaign:

Tell your boss you have SARS.
  Wed. 7/24/13 9:31am Ralphine:

Here it is, Ken:
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:31am Ken:

Jasmine - Have your boss call me right now! 201-200-9368
  Wed. 7/24/13 9:31am r i s k y:

@sometime jasemine, I usually pout a lot... Then they might excuse you!
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:31am Dr. Goot:

  Wed. 7/24/13 9:32am r i s k y:

THEE Kenny G? Anal Magic Kenny G?!
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:32am Brian in UK:

Ken, just play the whole of the CO soundtrack. Waddayoumean you aint godit. This is a fuckin' radio station?
  Wed. 7/24/13 9:33am trish:

Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:33am Caryn:

Funny, I've never felt the need to text anyone (in code or not) that I'm prolapsing my colon. BTW, "sex barbeque"? I think most parents would need a decoder to decode the messages after they've decoded the actual codes.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:34am Roberto:

Thanks Ken, now I finally understand all those texts I've been getting from my 17-year-old.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:34am Rob W:

Luis Carlos Vinhas - Ye Mele - on "Brazilian Beats 1" (WFMU library under South American comps) or (YouTube) - great track...
  Wed. 7/24/13 9:35am ◐ɟ◐ɟ (:

I use the PMC all the time when messaging, Caryn.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:36am Roberto:

How about something by Juan Carlos I of Spain.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:36am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Surrrrender - but don't Text yerself - awaaayyyyaaayyyy!!
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:37am Cheri Pi:

Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:38am KP:

My Carlos Danger Name Generator name is Rolando Trouble.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:38am Ken From Hyde Park:

I found out this this morning: If you put leftover taco meat into an omelet, it tastes very salty. Next time, I'm going to buy the low-sodium taco flavoring.
  Wed. 7/24/13 9:39am ◐ɟ◐ɟ (:

Don Carlos, the Jamaican reggae singer and composer
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:39am Station Mgr Carlos:

Spin the Carlos Bottle Coming Up!
  Wed. 7/24/13 9:40am bill:

Brian in UK, then he should play the Walter Carlos Clockwork Orange with the entire Timesteps, not just the Kubrick excerpt. But he probably "doesn't have" that either
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:40am tim from champaign:

How come I never picked up that Robin is singing about Women's Army Corp?
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:40am Revolution Rabbit Nov63: that was that belly gif is??: A woofmoo taco SBBQ? I just live in smalltown NewHampshuh...
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:40am Cheri Pi:

BT is the poor man's BEC
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:40am Dr. Goot:

Carlos Caballero with the Dickies "Waterslide" -
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:41am Mike Noble:

erasmo carlos
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:42am Mike Noble:

Roberto Carlos
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:42am Rev. Turnip Druid:

morning, troops.
Always thought Wazmo Nariz was the coolest name in music history.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:43am Fredericks:

Carlos Ward--great sax.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:43am Brian in UK:

@bill finishing with Singing in the rain. Full volume when that orchestra comes in.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:43am the glowing one:

@rrn63: no, I think it's a DLOD from a MHIO
  Wed. 7/24/13 9:44am ◐ɟ◐ɟ (:

Carlinhos (little Carlos) Brown!!
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:44am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...Wazmo up, RTD homes??
- me? No - Nar is...
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:44am Cheri Pi:

William Carlos Williams reads "This Is Just To Say"
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:45am Cheri Pi:

Whuzzah RTD!
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:45am costurica:

It's a great day to be called Carlos (like I am)...
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:45am Ken From Hyde Park:

Carlos Jones for me, please -
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:46am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...sweet Jehosaphat! I'd be lost in this Century w/out UrbanDictionary...
  Wed. 7/24/13 9:47am ◐ɟ◐ɟ (:

Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:47am Rev. Turnip Druid:

All rabbits!
Fellow apostles of the mighty Kenny G!
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:47am Brian C.:

Little-known fact about "Spin the Bottle" singer Jimmy -- his last name is Carlos! You can look it up!!
  Wed. 7/24/13 9:48am Cecile:

Jimmy Carlos Black, "the Indian of the group."
  Wed. 7/24/13 9:49am paulWCBN:

but is Jimmy "Spin The Bottle" Carlos' name meant to be said at 45 or 33?
  Wed. 7/24/13 9:50am ◐ɟ◐ɟ (:

I'd like to see this reporter interviewing Señor Testiculo.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:50am Caryn:

@glowing one & RRN63: surely, Ken and Andy are participating in an OMGB.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:51am KOTJ:

A car alarm outside is honking in experimental time with Baha Black.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:51am Mike Noble:

Erasmo Carlos - Maculino, feminino - great Brazilian country
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:52am Caryn:

McGoohan playing drums in the must-see (especially for jazz fans) Shakespeare-retelling "All Night Long".
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:53am Okasa:

Yeah, Jimmy Carlos Black singing "Lonesome Cowboy Burt". Isn't that off Waka Jawaka?
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:53am Dave B:

reeking at'cha
  Wed. 7/24/13 9:54am Michael:

'No Twitter security?---I spell my name "Danger!"'---from '"The Adventures of Carlos Danger, One-Handed
  Wed. 7/24/13 9:54am ?:

Big Carlos Palestine.
  Wed. 7/24/13 9:54am Sam:

It's Professor Dum Dum!
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:54am Caryn:

BTW, anyone read that "Oral History of Maxwell's" piece in the NYT?
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:54am Dave B:

Lonesome Cowboy Burt is from 200 Motels
  Wed. 7/24/13 9:55am Michael:

In tribute to Carlos Danger and the Stalling tape, something by Carlos Stalling, please.

Where's my waitress?
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:56am Dave B:

On "Broadway The Hardway" they re-worked it into a Jimmy Swaggart tale...
  Wed. 7/24/13 9:57am Sam:

Spin the bottle - but wait until I'm through.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:57am Mike Noble:

ken, you get your hawkwind tickets for the fall tour?
  Wed. 7/24/13 9:57am Duvid:

No, but I read the "History of Oral at Maxwell's" and tweeted the whole damned thing, what with its non-Euclidean angles and all.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:57am Caryn:

Dammit, missed a gif! The Luis Carlos Vinhas gif is from arty French scifi animation Fantastic Planet. Interesting soundtrack, too, though maybe a little proggy for Ken's tastes.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:58am Cheri Pi:

I've got my Hawkwind ticket Ken-see you in Cleveland?
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:58am Station Mgr Carlos:

is that tour the early Hawkwind Mike? Or the Hawkwind of the present?
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:58am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...Hawkwind was better w/ Carlos...
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:58am tim from champaign:

Ken, could you play "Smokin Weed with Helios Creed" by (Carlos) Honky?
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:59am Cheri Pi:

ken-they're touring the album Warrior on the Edge of Time
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 9:59am Caryn:

@Duvid: did you use any "teen TXT lingo" in your tweet?
  Wed. 7/24/13 9:59am Michael:

For real early Hawkwind cheese, try Michael Moorcock's "Time of the Hawklords"---Hawkwind as near-superheroes in an apocalyptic hellscape threatened by the music of Wings. (Honestly...I think Moorcock [whose porn name is his birth name] toured with them for awhile, and/or wrote for them.)
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:00am Okasa:

Just the tip. Only the tip.
  Wed. 7/24/13 10:01am ◐ɟ◐ɟ (:

Karlos Dinger and Japandorf!
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:02am Station Mgr Danger:

Whoa Cheri Pi - You mean it;'s the present-day Hawkwind playing the good early Hawkwind material?!
  Wed. 7/24/13 10:03am Vivian:

I haven't heard any Carlos Tonetta in some time...
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:04am the glowing one:

Carlos Perón of Yello
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:04am Mike Noble:

Cheri Pi is correct! They're also bringing an old school light show and sexy dancing ladies.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:04am egal:

Karla Bonhoff
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:05am Vivian:

Or Neil 'Carlos' Young.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:05am Cheri Pi:

Exactly yes Ken!!
  Wed. 7/24/13 10:05am Sam:

It would be pretty cool if NY had a Mayor Danger.
  Wed. 7/24/13 10:06am Lou:

of course you have to follow this up with Led Snoopelin
  Wed. 7/24/13 10:06am trish:

Who paid the kid to schill for what, there?
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:06am Mike Noble:

"The tour commemorates the anniversary and re-release of the band’s landmark 1975 album, “Warrior on the Edge of Time”. Hawkwind will perform the album in it’s entirety along with classic tracks selected from their 40+ year history. The tour will include a full light show, cosmic space dancers and psychedelic projections and is sure to be a far out experience"
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:06am Ken:

Whoa. NOW I wanna go!!
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:07am AndrewC.:

I thought I was going mad then. I could not figure out whether I was hearing Zeppelin or Sabbath.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:08am Irene Trudel:

How about a little of Carlos Nick Danger from Firesign Thetre?
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:08am Dave B:

Bled Sabbelin
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:08am rsj:

just tuned in, volume was set really high, super nice mashup!
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:08am bobdoesthings:

Led Sabbath or Black Zeppelin
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:09am Vivian:

October 13 @ Gramercy Theater!
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:09am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

zoʆo ⚡abbath =s ⚠DANGER⚠
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:10am Rich in Washington:

Bled Sabbelin
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:10am bobdoesthings:

Snoop Led Sabbath Lion Zeppelin
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:11am Dave B:

Lack Zebbath
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:11am Rich in Washington:

Lack Zeppelath
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:13am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

⚈C ●● █ zoʄo ⚡⚡ ???
  Wed. 7/24/13 10:13am Boscoverde:

Karlos Stockhausen, please.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:14am Mike Noble:

I can't believe him and Colbert did not discuss theft, plagiarism or printing the Internet.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:14am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

⚈C ●● █ < curse yoo RedBarrell!
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:15am Irene Trudel:
  Wed. 7/24/13 10:15am trish:

I'm listening with moving pictures
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:15am KP:

Cecile, excellent on Indian of group.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:16am Ken From Hyde Park:

Colbert's guest interview usually comes up about 20 minutes into the program.
  Wed. 7/24/13 10:17am Nelson:

Ha ha!
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:17am egal:

You broke it, you own it.
  Wed. 7/24/13 10:17am Jan:

Yeah- Ken, I did see the Kenny G interview this AM on DVR. I am so glad that you are here to help us through the cognitive dissonance his appearance has brought.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:18am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Right to Kenny after Ad :
  Wed. 7/24/13 10:18am Ralphine:

Sometimes the magic works, sometimes it doesn't.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:18am fred:

Did Hawkwind hire Maria Levitsky and Billy Jam for that tour?
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:18am Uke Goldberg:

Hawkwind: October 13 - New York City, NY @ Gramercy Theater
  Wed. 7/24/13 10:19am NSA:

Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:20am tim from champaign:

Kharlos Khlam?
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:21am Okasa:

Dr Memory. Hold. I read Gypsy Doctor. Unhappy: MkNam.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:21am northguineahills:

Will someone close the door?!
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:24am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...Townes woulda loved that...
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:24am Mike Noble:

ken, i've got the kenny g interview exporting to an mp3 right now. you want it?
  Wed. 7/24/13 10:24am trish:

Robots built to slap.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:26am fred:

What did Spotify recommend from Khlam?
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:26am Caryn:

Ah, back after some work.
Dean Martin gif is from the 6th Martin/Lewis comedy, "Jumping Jacks". Not much need for a gif ID there, though.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:27am Ken:

I do want it Mike! Please email it
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:28am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:28am Mike Noble:

dropbox link sent!
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:29am Mike Noble:

i downloaded the file for vicki last night, so i just happened to have it lying around.
  Wed. 7/24/13 10:30am dav0:

Morrisey or Captain Beyond
  Wed. 7/24/13 10:31am ◐ɟ◐ɟ (:

After listening to the Khlam Spotify messaged me: 'Whoa. Suggest me more bands like them'.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:33am tim from champaign:

I'd love to listen to the Dirtbombs!!!!!!
  Wed. 7/24/13 10:34am common:

i hear them, ken!
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:35am danjoseph:

"If you like WFMU, how about trying out LSD?"
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:35am rsj:

enough talk about dicks, especially those of holy men
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:35am BDR:

Type Khlam into Potifysay and see what it suggests.
  Wed. 7/24/13 10:35am Scott Williams:

I hear them, Ken! I know those voices
  Wed. 7/24/13 10:36am trish:

re: that curious common desire expressed by Colbert to remain in a state of denial

There's this interesting listen "The evolutionary power of denial"
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:36am Mike Noble:

realizing i missed a great opportunity to punk ken here
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:37am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...I hear TV but I don't see anything!!...
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:37am Uke Goldberg:

Next time.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:37am fred:

From what I know of their system, Spotify would probably block anything WFMU-related, and that includes playlists that include Khlam. Not kidding: that's how I weaseled my way out of user tests at work. They call it "long tail"
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:38am Mike Noble:

what you can't see is that kenny is wearing a pink suit and a straw hat. non matching socks (one red, one green)
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:38am fred:

You should have a pic of Kenny's pink suit and mismatched sock
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:38am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...I wanna have a SBBQ w/ KILF...
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:38am Mike Noble:
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:39am Ken From Hyde Park:

Are we going to goof on Eliot Spitzer later, or is that for another day?
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:39am Mike Noble:
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:39am Caryn:

@Mike: hey, you're just lulling him into a false sense of security by providing this. After you keep doing this stuff for just a little while longer, the punking will be better.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:39am rsj:

he sounds a lot creepier than he did on FMU
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:40am Rev. Turnip Druid:

I dig the colbert report usually but was really impressed with how much un-interrupted time KG had with that synopsis.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:40am Caryn:

I'm sure someone can do a gif of this segment for next week.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:42am Mike Noble:

colbert's like "u mad bro?"
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:42am Ken From Hyde Park:

@Rev - Yeah, Colbert usually interjects with the funny comments. Occasionally, he lets things ride and takes things just a little more seriously.
  Wed. 7/24/13 10:42am Ralphine:

I was disappointed that Kenny G didn't recite the verse about the "lectric fluid."
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:43am northguineahills:

hmmm, Thom Yorke pulled his music from Spotify..
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:43am northguineahills:

Beeb headline
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:44am Rev. Turnip Druid:

Captain Segue strikes again!
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:44am fred:

@RTD: this was the safe way to go. You don't want to try to out-crazy Kenny G and get your ass handed out to you
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:44am BDR:

This Neil Carlos? Still as silly as the first time you played it.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:45am Rev. Turnip Druid:

absolutely. What fred sed.
  Wed. 7/24/13 10:47am ◐ɟ◐ɟ (:

"If you like Thom Yorke, why don't you piss off?
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:48am Revolution Rabbit Nov63: Mama&Papa say stay away from that Chuck Berry...
  Wed. 7/24/13 10:49am common:

you cannot out-crazy kenny g...or ken.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:49am Rev. Turnip Druid:

Mamas & the Tapas:
great spanish hippie theme-restaurant idea, no?
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:49am KOTJ:

Beelzeken. Kenzebub.
  Wed. 7/24/13 10:50am Sam:

Oh fuck yeah!
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:50am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- I'd tapa that...SBBQ!...
  Wed. 7/24/13 10:50am ◐ɟ◐ɟ (:

I hear that, sir!
ANd I'm liking it, sir!
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:50am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...Mama Cass joke...uh - nah...
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:51am Stevel:

Oh, creatures of the night.
  Wed. 7/24/13 10:51am Sam:

I LOVE this song!!!!
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:53am fred:

@common: Kenny G can out-crazy anyone. Ask Bronwyn. Ken is not in his league (which may be a good thing for the station)
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:54am Mike Noble:

i don't know, i think colbert sort of unnerved Kenny near the end of that interview. and colbert does that silent treatment when he finds a guest really interesting.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:56am Dr. Goot:

Love the Stranglers version of this Bacharach tune!
  Wed. 7/24/13 10:57am Sam:

Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:57am Rev. Turnip Druid:

Goot-damned right. This song needed precisely this treatment.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:57am rsj:

what did we do to deserve this?
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 10:58am tim from champaign:

I know Colbert was playing devil's advocate but it seemed he was still pandering to the middle brow "well, that's different" viewer sensibilities. I don't get the appeal of late night shows at all.
  Wed. 7/24/13 10:58am kosta:

Big up the guilford four!
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:00am Carmichael:

Good morning Kenneth and Freedmanites. Mamas and the Tapas is the name of a food truck in Sacramento.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:02am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Colbert's in Character - sustained & brilliant. He put Kenny G & his book on national 'TV'. ...He's *playing* playing devil's advocate...altho' I see the truthiness of your point...
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:03am Stevel:

Colbert's schtick is often tough to see through.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:03am fred:

There's a re-issue of the Beggars Banquet years coming soon. I'm tempted by that box set
  Wed. 7/24/13 11:03am kosta:

Ah the queens english lovely jubbly
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:04am Stevel:

War and sex: There can be no finer men's publication.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:06am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Inglorious Beetchiz!
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:07am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

'Shackled Nudes of the Red's Monster General!'
  Wed. 7/24/13 11:07am Cecile:

I just woke up from a nap. Bet I missed all the good stuff.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:10am tim from champaign:

Yeah, that is good Colbert brought Kenny G's book to the masses. I'm probably projecting my disdain of Letterman, Leno, Conan etc to Colbert.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:11am Rev. Turnip Druid:

Tim: those are definitely worthy of all the disdain we gots.
  Wed. 7/24/13 11:11am Sam:

If Maxwell's moves to Jesey City that will be very good news.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:12am Stevel:

Hmmmmm, say too much again.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:12am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

'The Wild Raid of Gibbon's LacePanty Commandos'
...well tim - maybe Colbert *is* trying to have it both ways a little - but still great - reflects the geist &tc. ...
  Wed. 7/24/13 11:12am Cecile:

You haven't said enough. That's me in the corner.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:12am Listener 108581:

hi. checking in from the office--Ken's playlist is NOT appropriate when the boss is
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:13am Listener 108581:

can not believe I missed Kenny G on Colbert....DAMMIT.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:16am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

L108581: I & others Posty Links - scroll up ☝ ...
  Wed. 7/24/13 11:16am SeanG:

THis rocks
  Wed. 7/24/13 11:17am kosta:

Kane kaning it
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:17am Carmichael:

I was at the State Fair all night, so I missed Colbert. It's streaming on his website now, though.

My Carlos Danger Name Generator is "Eduardo Scourge".
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:18am Carmichael:

Nice, Cecile! Are you on Vaycay, or just losing your religion at work?
  Wed. 7/24/13 11:18am kosta:

!!!!!!! Glorious !!!!!
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:19am Station Mgr Danger Danger:

Which state fair, carmichael?
  Wed. 7/24/13 11:19am Cecile:

Losing My Religion working at home.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:19am Kurt Gottschalk:

television sounds like kiss with a hangover
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:20am Andrew Waterloo:

Mine is Maximiliano Smash
  Wed. 7/24/13 11:20am mary:

thank you ken, i can go on living
  Wed. 7/24/13 11:20am Cecile:

That's from their "pop" album.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:20am Rev. Turnip Druid:

Perfect synopsis, that (kurtG)
  Wed. 7/24/13 11:22am Cecile:

Mine is Esteban Hazard.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:22am Carmichael:

California State Fair, Ken. Commonly known as Cal Expo.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:23am Listener 108581:

I just had to delete a user account. Name: Mark Smith.
  Wed. 7/24/13 11:23am Cecile:

I heard you have great deep fried artichokes there Carm
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:24am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...I hear Live TV but I don't see anything!...
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:26am Carmichael:

Yeah, Jeanne's Artichokes are big sellers, along with the asparagus and broccoli. I went old school and had the deep-fried brisket burger. Later, it was the chocolate-covered bacon cheesecake.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:26am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:26am Stevel:

Live Pere Ubu gives new meaning to the term 'unhinged.'
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:26am Ike:

Uh oh. I need to descend into the third level of Hell, a.k.a. Home Depot. I fear this will cause me to lose the will to live.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:28am Sem Chumbo:

Ike: if you hum this Ubu thing while there, perhaps things will seem more cheerful.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:28am Station Mgr Mayor Danger:

What's your problem Ike? I love the Home Despot. I'll go for you!
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:28am Stevel:

Ike: If you sing this Ubu thing out loud it might get you quicker service.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:29am ᏠЄႶႶỊѺµЄ:

Ike - Vaya con Dios at Casa Depot.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:30am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:31am fred:

@Stevel: I'm still thinking there's an abusive component to that I won't endorse. David Thomas' behavior as part of Pere Ubu and on with Two Pale Boys was too different
  Wed. 7/24/13 11:33am Cecile:

Carlos Rendezvous Band!
  Wed. 7/24/13 11:33am Rob:

Hey Ken, don't often get to catch your show because of work, but always glad when I do!
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:33am tim from champaign:

Oh yeah! City Slang is one of my top 5 jams of all time.
  Wed. 7/24/13 11:33am Sam:

The home depot scares the hell out of me. They don't even have normal shopping carts, they have these massive dirty metal gurneys that you push through aisle after aisle of bewildering stuff that you have no idea what anybody would do with.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:33am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:33am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:35am Ike:

Great Ken, thanks. I just need two toilet seat screws. The cheap plastic ones that came with my toilet seat are garbage.
  Wed. 7/24/13 11:36am Sam:

Cheap toilet seat screws.....ah that brings back memories.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:36am Listener 108581:

Hey! Are we talkin toilets??
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:37am Ike:

We are now!
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:37am Stevel:

Dirty Metal Gurney will be my sexting handle.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:37am Listener 108581:

Luckily I have a fine Ace hardware store merely 3 blocks away.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:37am Dr. Goot:

Boy, what I would give for a couple of cheap toilet seat screws!
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:37am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

*Pre*-fertilized lawn screws??
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:37am Cheri Pi:

Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:37am Rev. Turnip Druid:

All the kids are talkin' toilets these days.
Avatar    Wed. 7/24/13 11:38am Cory:

What he said.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:38am Cheri Pi:

Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:38am tim from champaign:

Smokin' weed with Helios Creed!
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:38am Listener 108581:

I've become very intimate with my toilets...
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:38am Ike:

OTOH, maybe I should try making my own toilet seat screws. I'll never be a real man if I can't work this lathe and furnish my own nuts and bolts.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:40am Sem Chumbo:

108581:This project is about a multi-contextual interactive toilet experience providing both entertainment and relaxation. This toilet is very human-friendly, joyful, entertaining ... More from
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:40am fred:

@Cheri Pi: I'm so jealous you got to see Pharmakon. I've got to do some lobbying to catch up
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:41am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...yerknow - astroturf toilet screws - who's gonna know or care?? - worse things happen in Bangkok...
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:42am fred:

Avatar    Wed. 7/24/13 11:42am Cory:

Khalm Khlam
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:43am Okasa:

Yatta! Thanks Ken. You're my hero.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:44am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- Stay Alive w/ the MC5
...stay Calm w/ Khlam...
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:44am fred:

  Wed. 7/24/13 11:45am trish:

But it's the first result from
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:46am ᏠЄႶႶỊѺµЄ:

Best toilet scene in a movie was in Wild At Heart.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:46am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...even I know it's David McKhlam...or somebody...
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:47am bobdoesthings:

where can a guy get his hands on this Khlam album!?!?!? I want it!
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:47am peaceprayer:

  Wed. 7/24/13 11:47am trish:

"The Forms of Things Unknown" episode of The Outer Limits.
  Wed. 7/24/13 11:47am ◐ɟ◐ɟ (:

Sem Chumbo,

How do I unseen what I've just seen ?
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:48am peaceprayer:

Khlam should be pronounced something like HLAM without K, just H
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:48am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Stay Khlam & keep inbreeding...
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:50am peaceprayer:

bobdoesthings: in fact no idea where to get KHLAM cd's now, but check out the release page on discogs
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:51am Okasa:

@Caryn, would you have known the McCallum gif without any help?
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:52am bobdoesthings:

thanks peaceprayer.. I spent about 40 mins trying to find a purchasable copy online... to no avail. I was hoping someone knew a record store carrying it..
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:52am fred:

@peaceprayer: but is it more fun that way? not that Keili needs more help with her segment
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:52am Sem Chumbo:

◐ɟ◐ɟ (: I find humming Pere Ubu's Final Solution a great aid in forgetting the unforgettable.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:52am Listener 108581:

ah fuckin fuck! Missed Khlam. Must figure out how to get that gaddom CD!
  Wed. 7/24/13 11:53am Jan:

Back to Kenny G: Until his appearances with President Obama and last night's Colbert show, we only new him with his face and costume for radio- looking more like
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed than the Dandy wearing a pink suit and port and starboard colored socks he was on the Colbert show. Ken- have you thought of visiting Kenny G's Tailor?
  Wed. 7/24/13 11:54am ◐ɟ◐ɟ (:

I know how to pronouce Khlam!!

A Russian guy I know told me!! And ha! The K is not at all pronounced like in English. It has a weird sound. But I don't know how I would explain that to an English speaker here!

But for the Spanish listeners, this is how it is pronounced: the K is pronounced like the J as in 'Joder'. So it sounds like 'J-lam. '
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:54am peaceprayer:

@fred of course it's okay, i usually spell most of foregin band names like a stupid. wrote it just in case someone wants to try spell it a'la russe ; )
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:55am ᏠЄႶႶỊѺµЄ:

Gif for Khlam?
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:55am DCE:

this wins
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:55am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- this is my clucking jam!
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:55am peaceprayer:

@◐ɟ◐ɟ (:
oh, those languages :)
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:56am peaceprayer:

Vova (vocals from KHLAM) now plays in ZЭ TRAVЫ band :
  Wed. 7/24/13 11:57am ◐ɟ◐ɟ (:

oh, yes, peaceprayer! Didn't read your previous comment. Yeah, it sounds like the English 'H'.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:57am fred:

@peaceprayer: no worries, my tongue was firmly planted in my cheek there
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:58am ᏠЄႶႶỊѺµЄ:

Oh - if the K is silent, then this is the gif for Khlam:
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:58am Ike:
  Wed. 7/24/13 11:58am ◐ɟ◐ɟ (:

Voya, please come back next week to keep informing us about the Khlam! Thanks!
  Wed. 7/24/13 11:59am ◐ɟ◐ɟ (:


Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:59am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Wait! What? - This ends - ?!
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 11:59am peaceprayer:

@◐ɟ◐ɟ ( :))
  Wed. 7/24/13 12:00pm ◐ɟ◐ɟ (:

Show's over?! Again?! Why this has to happen every week?!

Anyway, thank you very mucho Ken! Have a great week. The same for everybody else! Till next episode.
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 12:01pm KOTJ:

KOOL KIEHT. Damon straight! Boston representin'
Avatar Wed. 7/24/13 12:24pm Caryn:

Home from work!
Final gif check:
-lots of gifs I've covered in previous weeks, so just go there
-monkey drummer is from The Avalanches' music video for "Frontier Psychiatrist"
-laptop rage from Jeunet's "Micmacs"
-aah, my darling David McCallum in the Outer Limits classic "The Forms of Things Unknown". That room of his with the clocks is unforgettable.
-And more "Branded to Kill"
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