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Playlist for 26 June 2013 Options | Brimstone in a Barren Land

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Simply Saucer  Illegal Bodies   Options Cyborgs Revisited 
  0:00:00 ()
Hawkwind  Assault and Battery / The Golden Void   Options Warrior on the Edge of Time 
  0:09:06 ()
The Relatives  Speak to Me What's Wrong with America   Options Live at the Bell House for WFMU 
  0:19:32 ()
Funkadelic  Maggot Brain   Options Title Track 
  0:26:42 ()
Music behind DJ:
Curd Duca 
Sin World   Options       0:36:07 ()
Curd Duca  Sin Swing   Options       0:42:38 ()
Curd Duca  Psychoswing   Options  
  0:44:22 ()
Curd Duca  Heart Swing   Options       0:46:56 ()
Curd Duca  Previn / Rose   Options  
  0:48:10 ()
Curd Duca  Omen   Options  
  0:51:30 ()
Curd Duca  Close   Options  
  0:53:25 ()
Curd Duca  120 Off Beat   Options  
  0:55:20 ()
Music behind DJ:
Curd Duca 
Close   Options  
  0:57:41 ()
Anna Domino  Summer   Options  
  1:06:06 ()
Danielle Dax  Brimstone in a Barren Land   Options Dark Adapted Eye 
  1:10:26 ()
Eurythmics  Le Sinistre (Kreidler Remix)   Options The Conny Plank reWork Sessions (V/A) 
*   1:14:28 ()
Tricky  Nothing Matters   Options False Idols 
*   1:19:40 ()
Fresh  Borstal   Options Out of Borstal 
  1:23:06 ()
Ricky Wilde  Teen Wave   Options Bupple Bop 
  1:26:48 ()
The Ark  Echo Chamber   Options  
  1:29:52 ()
Bryan Ferry Orchestra  Do the Strand   Options       1:33:23 ()
Dj Mako  Blu   Options Daora: Underground Sounds of Urban Brasil 
  1:41:43 ()
Los Rakas  Borracho   Options Chancletas y Camisetas 
*   1:44:05 ()
Espiao  Cada Um, Cada Um   Options Daora: Underground Sounds of Urban Brasil 
  1:49:13 ()
Klaus Dinger and Japandorf  Cha Cha 2008   Options Self Titled 
*   2:03:00 ()
The Allophone  Bow   Options Sonig Exp/Hop/DVD 
  2:15:13 ()
impLOG  On Broadway   Options  
  2:22:06 ()
Tom Jones and Art of Noise  Kiss   Options  
  2:28:52 ()
The Ex / Brass Unbound  Bicycle Illusion   Options Enormous Door 
*   2:38:47 ()
Khlam  Uncle   Options Sverkh Novy Sverkh Russkie 
  2:45:20 ()
Nihilist Spasm Band  I Have Nothing To Say   Options  
  2:50:17 ()
Bad news  Bphemian Rhapsody   Options  
  2:52:37 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:00am bobdoesthings:

Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:01am Ken From Hyde Park:

Good morning, ya'all!
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:01am yayson:

damn ken show em how its done!
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:01am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...already disturbed...
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:01am Cheri Pi:

Hi Ken. sad day for Devo fans :(
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:02am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...guesss I'll have to hang out my 'already disturbed' sign...
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:02am Dan B From Upstate:

  Wed. 6/26/13 9:03am Fº Fº:

Hola everybody!

Ken, this is a present for you:

The NSA listening station that is part of ECHELON in the US National Radio Quiet Zone:

(3600x7200 pixels)
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:05am KP:

Simply Saucer is great way to start day.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:05am Rich in Washington:
  Wed. 6/26/13 9:05am Sam:

Good morning Ken and Fofo and Ken FHP and the rest of you.
  Wed. 6/26/13 9:06am Fº Fº:

Hi Sam!

What happened Cheri Pi ?!
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:06am Ken:

Morning everybody! A week late on the Simply Saucer but better saucer than never..
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:07am Rick from SC:

Mornin' all y'all
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:07am Ken:

A Devo guy died FoFo
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:08am Cheri Pi:

Drummer Alan Myers passed away from cancer.
  Wed. 6/26/13 9:08am Fº Fº:

Oh, yes. I was googling it. The drummer. Sad.
  Wed. 6/26/13 9:09am Mark:

You're not f***in' around this morning!
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:11am Cheri Pi:

I heard that Hawkwind were huge fans of Aphrodite's Polyp
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:12am Mike Sin:

Well all right! The new Hawkwind reissue! I'm hoping WFMU got "serviced" with a promo copy of this one!
  Wed. 6/26/13 9:12am Fº Fº:

What, Cheri Pi? I thought I was their only fan!
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:12am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- so this is the famous Stacia? - meh...
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:13am Cheri Pi:

RTD should be here any second.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:13am Ken:

Yes, Nik Turner plays flute on a few Aphrodite's Polyp tracks but you can barely hear it in the mix.
  Wed. 6/26/13 9:14am Allan in Germany:

Morning, Ken.
Can we Cha Cha with Klaus?
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:14am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...maybe it's A.Polyps dancer...
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:17am Ken:

No, that is Stacia, before she joined hawkwind, when she was working at a gas station and dnacing part time at burlesque houses in Dublin.
  Wed. 6/26/13 9:21am Fº Fº:

Focus, Hawkwind, Can, Soft Machine...Those were rock-prog bands! Rush?! Pfff...
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:21am Cheri Pi:

She's currently a toll booth operator on the Mackinac bridge.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:23am Ken:

She IS? Which lane? Im going out there next month!
  Wed. 6/26/13 9:23am Fº Fº (:

What's wrong with America?

As Vladimir Putin put it: "I'd prefer not to deal with this issue at all—it's like shearing a pig—too much squeaking, too little wool"
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:26am Cory:

Good morning Ken and my fellow music-nerds!
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:26am still b/p:

The undressing silhouette looks almost but not quite like Gold Diggers of 1933. Needs Carynthian assay.
  Wed. 6/26/13 9:27am Jan:

Will the Questlove memoir be discussed either on the program or in the listener comments?
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:29am Ken:

We shall commence discussing the Questlove memoir after we resolve all issues surrounding the forthcoming Broadway musical about Tupac, which is called "Holler Back at ME, Mister White MAN?"
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:31am Rob (from Mt Hope):

thank god, I was waiting for a convo to chime in on. just remember Tupac backwards is caput!
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:31am groucho:

Hello everyone. Had an operation on my back this week so I'm all sore, be gentle with me. Now, my views on Tupac: I have none, NEXT!
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:31am still b/p:

Auditions still open?
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:33am Ken:

Auditions have not even begun, except that Tupac has already been cast and shall be played by Channing Tatum. Except that the child Tupac will be played by Jaden Smith.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:33am Dan B From Upstate:

My dad used to say he was called tupac because he was four shy of a six pack.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:33am Uke Goldberg:

Who are those three in the Maggot Brain GIF?
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:33am KevinfromBayRidge:

Morning Kennites, Drove through CT last night. Turned on WPKN in Bridgeport( The Spazz's first station). They actually had a good freeform-ish show on. Lo & Behold, HAWKWIND. DJ talked about their upcoming NEast tour. No Khlam though.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:35am Cheri Pi:

Miley Lion is the understudy for Channing she revealed on Jimmy Kimmel this week.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:35am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

StephenHawking, CarlSagan - Arthur C. Clarke?
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:35am egal:

Gandolfini would have been perfect for Notorious B.I.G.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:36am Uke Goldberg:

  Wed. 6/26/13 9:37am Rammstein:

You never get that excited about me.

[Germanic sniff]
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:37am Cory:

Ken, your screaming just woke up my cat.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:39am Cory:

and he's asleep again
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:39am Stevel:

"Springtime, for Tupac, and B.I.G...."
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:40am KP:

KevinfromBayRidge, im from LI and love WPKN. Ive recently moved to city and of course cant get it over air but still check in on net (and still pledge). By way, i still cant get WFMU over air even though I'm now only 10 miles from JC.
  Wed. 6/26/13 9:42am Neg-guh-tor:

Pill panner!
  Wed. 6/26/13 9:42am Jan:

@Ken- Fascinating article in the current New Yorker about Lime disease-and elsewhere I read that people are retrieving the computer pills at the other end of the alimentary canal for reuse.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:42am Caryn:

So, 2 minutes before I start my commute (unless the boss shows up at the last minute like last week and I end up hauling sofas when I should be leaving...), so: hello all! Tried to post a quick gif check last Wednesday when I finally got to my home laptop, so check that out if you want.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:42am still b/p:

"Oh, the East Coast and the West Coast must be friends..."
  Wed. 6/26/13 9:42am Sam:

Can I request William Shatner doing "Rocket Man"?
  Wed. 6/26/13 9:42am Fº Fº (:

Ken, thanks for the shout out!

Also thanks to whoever requested Simply Saucer (cuz' it wasn't me).
  Wed. 6/26/13 9:42am Neg-guh-tor:

Pill prospector!
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:43am KOTJ:

The Fecal Forager
  Wed. 6/26/13 9:43am Neg-guh-tor:

Stay loose!
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:44am KOTJ:

The Poo Prober
  Wed. 6/26/13 9:46am Dave B:

Pill retrieval made easy!
  Wed. 6/26/13 9:47am Fº Fº (:


Thanks! Indeed, I noticed you did your homework after class last week. Better late than never!
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:48am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- I requested SimplySaucer; must be part of the 'I only do AntiRequests' thang - they can be done but then must be attributed to another? It's an arcane & opaque phenomenon - perhaps best left to HeartyWhite to ruminate & expound upon...

...straining pee to catch a kidneystone was bad enuff
...once you find this thing in your poo - you have to swallow that again??...
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:48am KP:

Hey, Caryn.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:51am KevinfromBayRidge:

Yeah KP, Spent a good part of later youth(70's) listening to PKN . I guess it was a gateway, along with the very early WPLJ, to becoming an FMU listener. Sorry about the bad reception, lucky that I'm in a decent WFM zone in BR.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:51am KP:

Wonder if anyone has checked time lapse differences on FMu signal via air, computer and through iphone. Right now i have latter two working and they are not even close.
  Wed. 6/26/13 9:52am Fº Fº (:

Hey, I just noticed that if you click an image it zooms in within the window frame! Perhaps it has been around for some time but nevertheless it's a great feature.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:56am bobdoesthings:

I hope ken finds that pill soon....
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:56am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- often (?) arrows in bottom Right & it gets even bigger. Perhaps if you keep Clicking it just goes on; due to nature of Ken's images, no one has been brave enuff to try...
  Wed. 6/26/13 9:57am Jan:

Enjoying this extended Curd Duca set.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:57am Mike Noble:

I'm listening to BBC world service very quietly in the background of Ken's show. It's amazing how well Curd Duca syncs up with RP newsspeak.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 9:57am Rich in Washington:

Ugh. This just in: the human metronome behind all of Devo's classic albums has laid down his sticks. RIP, Alan Myers
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:01am Dan B From Upstate:

Yes, fofo. You can also use your keyboard's left and right arrows to switch pictures, and well as pressing f to make it its natural size. Neat, huh?
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:02am Dave B:

KP - I'll often stream at home from two different devices and they're never in sync. From Air to Webs depends on encoding time plus aggregation thru a CDN plus the seven seconds of delay for FCC I think..
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:03am Dave B:

add additional latency for cellular carrier...
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:05am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...& you can drag images around too - unfortunately not into the Comments column if one Posts something dumb...Does JoeFrank use CurdDoca? Cons & Inmates get very Pedantic & Moralistic...
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:05am KP:

not Weed Man! He was so mellow.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:06am Ken From Hyde Park:

I don't know who is Beer Man, but I (as far as I know) somehow came up with the name Beer Wolf. "Yo, Beer Wolf. How's it going?"
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:06am KP:

Kevin, i cant hear the station but i can feel the vibes.
  Wed. 6/26/13 10:07am Fº Fº (:

Dan B From Upstate,

Great hacks/tips! Didn't know those! You can even do a slideshow!
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:08am Ken From Hyde Park:

Again, Google proves me wrong. There's been some kind of beef wolf for years and is found on thousands of web sites.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:10am Ken:

Yes, the FCC Dump Button is a 20 second across the board delay, and then there is the web latency which can be an additional 2 seconds to three minutes...
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:11am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- oh - you *can* drag an image into the Comments section (while holding down clickey); please do so to cover my previous statement...
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:11am tim from champaign:

Good news. The supreme court ruled DOMA unconstitutional.
  Wed. 6/26/13 10:12am Sam:

Wow, that stupid court finally did something right!
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:13am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- yuh mean - I think ahm listenin' to Kewl Hip Live stuff
- & it's really all *in thuh Past* - ?!?..
  Wed. 6/26/13 10:13am Sam:

It's ok for gays to marry, but blacks can't vote.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:17am Uke Goldberg:

Supreme Court Strikes Down Defense of Marriage Act
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:17am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- still - times change: in the 50s when your car was overtaken by a herd of running theropod dinosuars - you could never *tell* anyone...things were Black&White then...
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:17am tim from champaign:

Yeah Sam, I don't understand either.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:22am Cory:

Sam, blacks are still allowed to vote. As long as they vote Republican that is.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:22am fred von helsing:

FCC Dump seems on-topic today
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:23am Dave B:

Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:24am Cheri Pi:

Supreme Court DOMA Decision Rules Federal Same-Sex Marriage Ban Unconstitutional!!!
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:25am Uke Goldberg:

By one vote.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:26am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- both decisions 5-4.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:26am Uke Goldberg:

Guess who the dissenters are.
  Wed. 6/26/13 10:27am Fº Fº (:

I read the FCC created the National Radio Quiet Zone years ago to let the NSA and other intelligence agencies snoop on us all! So it's ok for them to check us in real time AND not ok for us to listen to the radio in real time??! Indeed. Speak to me what's wrong with America.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:29am dc pat:

may I just but in here to say "Holy SHIT" to Pi's comment? Thanks.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:29am Dave B:

@ Fº Fº (:

The subject/show behind the GIF for "Teen Wave"

THAT is what's wrong with America
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:29am βrian:

Hah. I remembered to disable images. Those hard-g gifs crash my browser.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:31am dc pat:

Recording this morning so can't play but Ken better play Khlam.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:31am Vivian:

Oh my, is that Honey Boo-boo's Mom, June?
  Wed. 6/26/13 10:32am Fº Fº (:

It's worst than I thought then, Dave B.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:33am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- so we got what are supposedly the ultimate nine experts in the entire country on Legal & Constitutional matters of titanic import in the lives of us all
- & they keep coming up w/ 5-4 opinions...
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:33am Roberto:

Been craving the Echo Chamber. Excellent mind reading as usual, Kenneth.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:35am Uke Goldberg:

Rev Rabbit, they are just the top political hacks.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:36am G:

Defense of Marriage Act is no more
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:37am Uke Goldberg:

Who will save marriage now?
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:37am G:

whoever wants to :p
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:37am Cory:

happy loving couples?
  Wed. 6/26/13 10:38am ?:

Who is looking out for all those people in Alabama whose marriage is now ruined?
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:38am Uke Goldberg:

Single and loving it.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:38am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:'s a sad day for all the divorced bigots who give their offspring no attention...
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:39am still b/p:

But it's fun to hear the BFO version without looking at the playlist and eventually say, "Heyyyyy, I know what that is...."
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:42am john:

I've caught a fair amount of feces over the years for suggesting that Talking Heads weren't as good as they seemed at the time.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:43am tim from champaign:

Has anyone heard any Paula Deen jokes? I haven't but I would like to.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:43am chinchilla:

wow! Ken with the Talking Heads diss... I'm shocked!
  Wed. 6/26/13 10:43am ?:

Wait - but the Talking Heads just got voted #7 band of all time.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:44am Rev. Turnip Druid:

The test of time can be cruel. Revisiting certain mid-period Tangerine Dream records I loved as an early teenager now produce quite the stinkface on my stinkface.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:44am Dave B:

Ken - the Paula Deen demon video WFMU (or you) shared yesterday has my office in stitches
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:45am Uke Goldberg:

No Paula Deen jokes. But do you know how every racist joke starts? The teller looks over their shoulder to see if anyone is listening.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:45am Ken From Hyde Park:

I think I sense a great new business opportunity: handbaskets. As in "We're going to xxxx in a handbasket."
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:47am Ken:

For those who missed it yesterday: Oprah and Paula Deen Dine and Laugh with Satan:
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:48am Dave B:

Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:52am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- oh - so that's Oprah on the cover of Sabbath's 1st album. I have *always* wondered. ThankYou FMU.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:53am Manolo:

great show Ken!
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:54am Mike East:

I saw that yesterday, Ken, and it made my day. Thank you. Also, I like the new twitter feed on the homepage. I missed it for the period when it wasn't there and was about to email you...then like magick, it reappeared.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:54am Cheri Pi:

PROP 8 Struck down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:54am Dave B:

@Caryn - the answer to last week's mystery drummer, Ling Yun in the Shaw Brothers 1967 film "King Drummer"
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:55am still b/p:

It's all fun and games until someone loses an empire.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:56am G:

Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:56am Dave B:

@ still b/p:
and then it's f*cking hilarious!
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:58am Sem Chumbo:

I sense a Khlamour clamour building.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:58am G:

Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:58am βrian:

Who is Klom, now?
  Wed. 6/26/13 10:58am Zax:

Ken, the Los Rakas track is infact Ta Lista from that same EP. Just when things were going so well...
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:58am KOTJ:

Famous morbidly obese, house and bed bound, late legend Walter Hudson held his bowels and bathroom functions for two months at a time.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 10:59am fleep:

Way to uphold the Constipation.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:00am G:

I thought Ken already biked through a NJ tsunami
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:00am tim from champaign:

@G - That's great. Thanks!
  Wed. 6/26/13 11:00am r i s k y:

Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:01am G:

@tim: Topical humor has migrated to twitter for now, duh!
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:01am KOTJ:
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:02am bobdoesthings:

KHLAM!!! every night??? san francisco??? winter?!!?
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:02am Marcel M:

  Wed. 6/26/13 11:02am achim:

CHA CHA 2000
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:02am Mark S:

yea Khlam
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:02am Rick from SC:

Carla Bruni has a new album
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:02am Sigurdur:

could you play something for my mother, she is called Heida
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:02am KOTJ:

Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:02am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

KOTJ: Was he eating w/ Oprah & Ms.Dean?
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:02am Dave B:

@KOTJ - I worked at a florist close to where Hudson was laid out in '91. Delivered flowers to the open trailer where he was on display. Needless to say he looked like a melted candle that someone stuck a head into...
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:02am tim from champaign:

@G: No wonder I haven't heard a good joke in ages.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:02am bedheaded:

khlam, please.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:02am Uke Goldberg:

I don't care what you play.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:02am egal:

Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:03am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:03am jmd:

No Khalm? Next thing you're gonna tell me is Diane Kamkaze won't play Voivod! KHLAM!! KHLAM!! KHLAM!!
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:04am tim from champaign:

Let's have a Khlambake!
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:04am Mark S:

why not Klaus and Khlam?
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:05am jmd:

Oops. Should have been 'Diane Khlamakaze.'
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:05am Ken:

Sigurdur, What would Heida like to hear?
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:05am Dave B:

Maybe we can petition Diane to change her name to Diane KHLAMikaze!
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:07am Sigurdur:

She said something with..... wait now she wants to hear ... wait now she saying something with bob dillon
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:08am KOTJ:

Rabbit....Sadly Hudson didn't eat both when he had a chance. Dave B. There's a wax sculpture of hudson so...melted candle is perfect. When he was discovered I was obsessed with him as much as Ken fans and Khlam.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:11am Dan B From Upstate:

It's not Paula Deen related, but I read a pretty great joke the other day. How do you tell the difference between a plumber and a chemist? Ask them to pronounce the word unionized.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:13am Ken:

That's a pretty great joke Dan. In ways I will never understand. Did you hear the knock kock joke George Zimmerman's lawyer told the jury yesterday?
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:13am Uke Goldberg:

That dancer must be tired by now.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:14am Uke Goldberg:

Must be hell to be on an endless loop.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:14am Dave B:

@kotj - yep. just picture that lying supine in a crate that was constructed atop a trailer that was used as a catafalque, like this:
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:16am Dave B:

and think of the aspiration process.....
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:17am tim from champaign:

My doctor just called and asked me to come in for a colonoscopy. I asked him what was wrong with me. He said nothing was wring but he wanted to see what the inner workings of a champion looked like.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:20am G:

from champion, IL even
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:20am G:

just hope he doesnt tell you afterwards youre full of shit
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:21am tim from champaign:

That's why I decided not to go in for the colonoscopy, G
  Wed. 6/26/13 11:22am Jan:

@Ken- the oprah-dean link was terrifying and terrific. Wish it were in hi-def.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:22am Dan B From Upstate:

I have not heard the knock knock joke! (Just in case someone doesn't get mine, union-ized vs un-ion-ized.)
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:22am G:

good call. the prep for a colonoscopy is, well, uinique
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:23am Carmichael:

Good morning Kenneth and all the moving pictures.
  Wed. 6/26/13 11:24am Fº Fº (:

I don't get the Zimmerman joke. Totally lost in translation.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:24am Mark S:

and the prep for a colonoscopy is designed to make sure you're not full of shit
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:25am G:

the Zimmerman joke was a lawyer mistaking himself for a comedian. most really arent.
  Wed. 6/26/13 11:25am Fº Fº (:

Although I got 50% of Dan's joke.
  Wed. 6/26/13 11:25am trs:

This wfmu show:
where moving images aren't necessarily 24fps
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:27am andymorphic:

  Wed. 6/26/13 11:29am trs:

fps? rpm? Says who!?
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:31am KOTJ: D'mon that's funny. I want a new lawyer.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:36am rsj:

should not be difficult in FLA
  Wed. 6/26/13 11:37am thatsyourtrouble:

I didn't realize that Andy Breckman had begun practicing law.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:38am MD:

Hey Mr Zimmerman...knock knock...?
Who's there?
Jail who?
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:40am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...nothing inspires yucks like the shooting death of an unarmed fleeing minority youth by a man that's on tape being told by the police *not* to pursue him & was known to the police for his annoying calls...
- not funny? It's all in the timing I guess...
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:43am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- isn't it *The* Whykaipuhdyah?
  Wed. 6/26/13 11:43am Michael:

Sagan smoked dope near-daily, and claimed to have had insights on it that were still good the next morning. Hawking had a reputation as a party animal, albeit on Oxbridge scales, albeit in the early '70s. Clarke always seemed like a Scotch man to me.
  Wed. 6/26/13 11:43am Fº Fº (:

Thanks, Ken. Now I get the joke. I hope you don't include it in your own stand-up comedy act.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:43am G:

Z's lawyer should have followed up with, "If the joke is shit, you must acquit." People would actually have found that funny. And he'd have been slapped with an actual contempt cite.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:46am egal:

Finally, all the khlamoring has paid off.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:47am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- Khlamdrawal relief...ahhhhhhh~~~shivershudder~~~~
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:48am fleep:

ХЛАМ !!!
  Wed. 6/26/13 11:48am Sam:

Khlam is like the musical equivalent of a mosquito bite.
  Wed. 6/26/13 11:48am common:

oh khlam
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:49am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...Putin us in a better place....
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:50am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...there's no disPutin' his charisma...
  Wed. 6/26/13 11:51am Fº Fº (:

I have nothing to said but that I like this song better than the San Francisco one.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:52am MD:

Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:52am Revolution Rabbit Nov63: no - 'Shiloh' - this is 'Stiletto'...
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:53am Caryn:

Oh, hating these commutes, keep missing Ken! Anyhoo, superspeedy gif check:
-Not sure about the shadows. Reminiscent of the “Pettin’ in the Park” number in “Gold Diggers of 1933” or the start of “The Kid from Spain”, but those silhouettes were nowhere this blurry, so nope.
-Ballet movie “Evidentia” again
-The dancer? Looks terribly familiar (although I’m not sure if that’s just because Ann Miller wore the same type of outfit while dancing with a broken back in “Easter Parade”). If it was worse quality, I’d suspect a stag film.
-The end of “Destination Moon” (kinda boring, but let’s face it, paved the way for Kubrick and others)
-“You The Living”
-combo of “Psycho” and “Jurassic Park”
-I assume that’s Honey Boo Boo’s mom June behind the mask.
-“Single Ladies” video
-Cocteau’s “The Blood of a Poet”
-Aagh! This gif again with the 3-4 people I recognise, but which I can’t ID. Damn you beatniks!
-“We Lived in Grass”

Oh, Dave, just this morning I thought to myself, “Hang on, why did I think of Japan for that drummer?” And then thought of the Shaw bros. Of course, you don’t have to believe this, but now I’m irritated it didn’t occur to me before.
  Wed. 6/26/13 11:55am common:

love the bad news. adrian edmonson...or whatever his name is. funny personage.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:55am G:

get Khlam to write an epic Snowden song while it's a hot topic.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:56am Caryn:

BTW, I feel like in Ken might enjoy this song. Or heck, make gifs out of the performance:
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:57am G:

"Transit Lounge Rhapsody" -- a lot of Bohemian R lyrics could be tweaked and repurposed for that.
  Wed. 6/26/13 11:57am Fº Fº (:

Well, those weren't bad news after all.
  Wed. 6/26/13 11:57am paulWCBN:

yes please do hours of bohemian rhapsody please yes to id please. do it.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:58am Dave B:

Truth be told Caryn, the director was Japanese. (I've been on a Japanese film kick of late)
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:58am Caryn:

Great great idea! At least if you include that Japanese version once played on UWTP.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:59am Cory:

rain be damned I'm heading to the nerd store!
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 11:59am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

  Wed. 6/26/13 11:59am Fº Fº (:

Thanks Ken! Great gifusic! And Thanks Caryn! See you all next episode!
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 12:00pm G:

Rather was ok at fucksy aphorisms
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 12:00pm Dave B:

WinnyPuhh GIFS! Capital Idea Caryn!

Ken, be on the look out later today!
  Wed. 6/26/13 12:00pm Fº Fº (:

Who said Winny Puh?!?! Great band! By the way, that song's based on the Russian version of the Winnie Poo cartoon !
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 12:00pm Caryn:

@Dave B: yeah, I suspect that the Japanese nature of your previous gif kinda sidetracked me into thinking of Japanese films.

BTW, Ken, Putin's here today. We also have a hellish heatwave. Double oy.
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 12:01pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

The Great gifusic refusenik!!
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 12:11pm Caryn:

Oh hey, Dave B, I just realised that the guy who directed "King Drummer" also directed the drumming movie I first thought of, "Man Who Causes a Storm"! I see a pattern forming...
Avatar Wed. 6/26/13 12:13pm Caryn:

@fofo: I just bought an old Russian Winnie the Pooh toy at my job. Love the cartoons, so had to get the toy.
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