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I play rhinoceros and psychedelic fork.

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Options June 18, 2013: Tony Coulter Presents Tape Hiss: Die Trip Computer Die (PLEASE NOTE: "Tape Hiss" shows are not archived.)

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Artist Track Album Label Year
The In-Theme  Holger Hiller: Toyshopshoptoy   Options      
Die Trip Computer Die  Sea of Bleach   Options Blind Puppies     
Die Trip Computer Die  The Kid / Head of Orpheus   Options Blind Puppies     
Die Trip Computer Die  Doom Patrol   Options Blind Puppies     
Die Trip Computer Die  Futility Belt / Happy Face   Options Blind Puppies     
Die Trip Computer Die  Phantom Kisses   Options Blind Puppies     
Die Trip Computer Die  Your Box   Options Blind Puppies     
Die Trip Computer Die  Germolene Tuesday   Options Blind Puppies     
Die Trip Computer Die  Hot Stuff   Options Blind Puppies     
Die Trip Computer Die  The Big Time   Options Blind Puppies     
Die Trip Computer Die  The October People   Options Blind Puppies     
Die Trip Computer Die  Mare Nectarum   Options Blind Puppies     
Die Trip Computer Die  I Was a Prisoner of the Feedback King   Options Blind Puppies     
Die Trip Computer Die  Lick Van Halen's Chops   Options Blind Puppies     
Die Trip Computer Die  My Rok Star   Options Blind Puppies     
Die Trip Computer Die  Interference   Options Blind Puppies     
Die Trip Computer Die  Summer Evilings   Options Shorter Circuits Vol. 1     
Die Trip Computer Die  Party Rally Anthem   Options Shorter Circuits Vol. 1     
Die Trip Computer Die  Bloodmilch   Options Shorter Circuits Vol. 1     
Die Trip Computer Die  The Rusting of Techno-Cop   Options Shorter Circuits Vol. 1     
Die Trip Computer Die  Anti-Fugue (Theme of the Horn Rimmed Ones)   Options Shorter Circuits Vol. 1     
Die Trip Computer Die  The Samantha Cycle pt. IV   Options Shorter Circuits Vol. 1     
Die Trip Computer Die  Ants...   Options Shorter Circuits Vol. 1     
Die Trip Computer Die  Buchwater – Agent of F.E.A.R.   Options Shorter Circuits Vol. 1     
Die Trip Computer Die  All Shag Ringo   Options All Shag Ringo     
Die Trip Computer Die  I Was a Prisoner of the Feedback King   Options All Shag Ringo     
Die Trip Computer Die  Loyal Telly   Options All Shag Ringo     
Die Trip Computer Die  You Will Forget Pain   Options All Shag Ringo     
Die Trip Computer Die  The Psilent Ones   Options All Shag Ringo     
Rascal Reporters  Freaks Obscure CMU Promo   Options Bonus Tracks, Vol. 1  Hebbardesque  2013 
Rascal Reporters  Gold Legs   Options Bonus Tracks, Vol. 1  Hebbardesque  2013 
Rascal Reporters  Fallen Mind   Options Bonus Tracks, Vol. 1  Hebbardesque  2013 
Rascal Reporters  In Opposition   Options Bonus Tracks, Vol. 1  Hebbardesque  2013 
Rascal Reporters  Get Outta Here   Options Bonus Tracks, Vol. 1  Hebbardesque  2013 
Rascal Reporters  The Beauty of This Earth   Options Bonus Tracks, Vol. 1  Hebbardesque  2013 
Rascal Reporters  Medley: Combat / Here Am I / The Image of Alcohol / A New Life   Options Bonus Tracks, Vol. 1  Hebbardesque  2013 
The Out-Theme  Gelbart: My Favorite Vacation [part of] + Die Trip Computer Die: Airborn [part of]   Options      

Listener comments!

Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 11:28am Tony Coulter:

Today's show will feature three mega-rare CD-R-only releases from London's Die Trip Computer Die, plus a bunch of tracks from a brand new archival release from Michigan's Rascal Reporters.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 11:53am listener james from westwood:

morning, tony! dtcd is one of those acts i always knew about, but never had an entry point into, until i began hearing it on wfmu. so this is quite timely.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 11:56am Uncle Michael:

Good morning drummers.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 11:56am Tony Coulter:

Morning, Listener J!
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 11:56am Tony Coulter:

And Uncle M too!
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 11:58am listener james from westwood:

howdy, uncle michael and all those still drifting on in!
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 12:02pm northguineahills:

Wait, what's going on Tony, you're going to be playing music of a band I've listened to before?
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 12:03pm Tony Coulter:

Shocking, I know. (Hey, NGH!)
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 12:04pm fleep:

New to me, just read the Wiki (very snide at points, possibly written by the band). Of course, almost everything is new to me, I've been asleep 40 years. Why hello, Tony.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 12:04pm Carmichael:

Happy Tuesday Tony and listeners.
  Tue. 6/18/13 12:06pm MrFab:

What-ho, chums!
"All Shag Ringo" was possible the first thing I ever dl-ed off Mutant Sounds. Probably off-line, now, like most of their posts...
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 12:08pm still b/p:

I'm one of those who just drifted in. I'm a drifter. So before I got here I was either under the boardwalk or up on the roof.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 12:10pm Tony Coulter:

Heya Fleep, Mr. Fab, and Carmichael! Yep, Fab, no longer available via Mutant Sounds -- that's one reason I decided to play 'em here. That wiki entry *must* have been written by a band member or close associate -- it's kinda tongue-in-cheek snideness, I think.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 12:10pm Tony Coulter:

Hey there, still b/p, you drifter, you.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 12:11pm duke:

Hello TC and happy listeners
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 12:11pm Tony Coulter:

Hola, Duke!
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 12:12pm Kay:

Tony, putting the GORP back into PROG.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 12:13pm Uncle Michael:

@still b/p: Are you sure you're not H.P. Lovecraft (band)'s difter?
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 12:14pm still b/p:

We loves the low-hanging acronyms: Exhibiting TICS...tongue-in-cheek snideness.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 12:14pm duke:

That snatch of Sgt. Pepper reminds me. On Dan Bodah's show last night there were several comments questioning whether Sgt. Pepper was really a good. album. Personally I like the earlier ones, especially Revolver.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 12:14pm FUNKED UP:

checking to some strange sounds!
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 12:15pm Tony Coulter:

Hey there, Kay! (Putting the yak back in Kay, are you?)
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 12:15pm Tony Coulter:

Greets, Funked Up!
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 12:16pm Kay:

It's a play on Rascal Reporters slogan, "Putting Prog Back into Progressive Music"
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 12:18pm Kay:

Better than putting the Ambien back into Ambient Music.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 12:18pm still b/p:

@UM -- I'm NOT sure.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 12:18pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

No crooning Morton Downey Jr?
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 12:19pm Tony Coulter:

Haven't broken the seal on that one yet -- maybe next time.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 12:24pm Tony Coulter:

This is painfully obvious, I know, but I'll say it anyway: the three Die Trip CD-Rs I'm playing today are pictured at the top of the playlist.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 12:26pm FUNKED UP:

duke - not really a question of whether musically sgt pepper was good or not, more like took pop music into a new phase, modernised the album, concept, art and boldly went where no album had been before!
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 12:31pm Tony Coulter:

You know, one thing that doesn't get mentioned is that the Beatles had an enormous advantage over most other bands: oodles and oodles of money to play with.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 12:32pm FUNKED UP:

Tony, whats the story behind the demise of Mutant sounds blog, was it simply the case of mega upload being hounded off the web or something else, and what became of the attempt to partner WFMU as is suggested by the site?
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 12:34pm Uncle Michael:

DTCD has a marked sense of humor about all of this. I like it.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 12:35pm Rich in Washington:

I honestly don't know how the folks of the good ship Mutant Sounds did it for as long as they did. I briefly ran a blog sharing rare albums n' such and it's a lot of hard work. The greedy mentality of downloaders made it even more draining.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 12:36pm FUNKED UP:

are there streaming problems or are the gaps intentional?
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 12:36pm Tony Coulter:

@ Funked Up: The demise was due to a mix of the changed Web environment and personal stuff. A collaboration with FMU is still hopefully in the future -- stay tuned.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 12:38pm Tony Coulter:

@ funked up: The gaps are intentional.

@ Uncle Michael: yep, humor in spades!
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 12:38pm Rich in Washington:

I'm not noticing any gaps but maybe the web streams gaps and my synaptic lapses are in sync
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 12:39pm Tony Coulter:

I think he's referring to the abrupt stops.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 12:39pm FUNKED UP:

UM - Ha ha ha, its so funny!
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 12:40pm Tony Coulter:

RE gaps: As I just said, they are as the Die Trip intended.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 12:41pm FUNKED UP:

die gaps die!
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 12:43pm listener james from westwood:

rich: it's be great if there were a real way to make a music-sharing blog adhere to a "take a penny/leave a penny" ethic, where you had to upload at least one new thing to be able to download, but that might needlessly screen out folks who are completely new to the sort of music on that blog and who legit have nothing to upload yet.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 12:43pm Tony Coulter:

Die Hiss Computer Die
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 12:43pm FUNKED UP:

Sgt Peppers lonely Gap club band!
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 12:44pm Tony Coulter:

umm, The Gap Band.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 12:45pm FUNKED UP:

were they a disco band on Westbound with parliament funkadelic!
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 12:46pm Uncle Michael:

Never mind the gap.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 12:47pm Tony Coulter:

@ Listener James: Doesn't soulseek sort of work that way? (I'm not a member, so maybe I'm confused.)
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 12:47pm still b/p:

Tuning Gap Band ease, I think I'm tuning Gap Band ease, I really think so.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 12:48pm Uncle Michael:

Soulseek allows you the option to only share with people that share.
  Tue. 6/18/13 12:50pm MrFab:

A blog can be a lot of work, but I get rewarded with tons o' free music from labels, indie artists, and my readers (there's this one guy in Salt Lake City who sends me entire boxes of old vinyl.) It can be a good deal.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 12:57pm Tony Coulter:

Where's my free box of Salt Lake City vinyl?
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 1:00pm Tony Coulter:

I'd even take Salt Lick City vinyl.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 1:01pm Tony Coulter:

Actually, just kidding -- I've got more than enough of the stuff around here. I've get to weed and winnow....
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 1:02pm Tony Coulter:

"got to"....
  Tue. 6/18/13 1:10pm MrFab:

weren't The Cows from Salt Lick city? or maybe that was Deerhoof...

But yeah, it's hard to weed and winnow when boxes of Xian family bands, acid-rock Hank Williams tributes, and EZ listening banjo records keep showing up in your PO box.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 1:13pm listener james from westwood:

for all the sampling, muttering, and odd noises out of nowhere, i find dtcd to be one of the most complementary bands to listen to while editing, proofing, and writing. must be how i'm wired. or how i'm weird.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 1:13pm Tony Coulter:

I've started collecting records by banjo-playing xian cows.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 1:17pm Tony Coulter:

Here's a king-sized gap for you.....
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 1:17pm Carmichael:

Lost the stream there (128k) for about a minute. Or was that artful silence?
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 1:19pm Tony Coulter:

Artful silence! You gotta watch these guys.....
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 1:22pm Tony Coulter:

@ listener james: For all Die Trip's wackiness, there's also something meditative, even brooding about them.
  Tue. 6/18/13 1:25pm Comatose Gus:

Any Color Him Coma(cassette)/ The Way Out/ Milk from Cheltenham/ obscure excerpts & or extracts in the future? Do you know of any current endeavors by this great group of mind melters?
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 1:28pm Tony Coulter:

Hey, Comatose Gus! Certainly I will play all that stuff sooner or later on my regular show -- and some of the as-yet-unreissued cassettes would make fine Tape Hiss material, now that I think of it. I'm not aware of any current projects, no.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 1:29pm Tony Coulter:

Tho Bing Selfish is still pretty active....
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 1:31pm northguineahills:

Holy craphorses, I got the job! I start Thursday, and they agreed to my salary demands.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 1:32pm Carmichael:

No kidding I gotta watch them. I kept turning up the volume, and POW!

My Dad used to say (about a bad baseball player) that he couldn't hit a cow in the ass with a banjo. Maybe he was onto the Xian cows ...
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 1:32pm Lewis:

Congratulations @ngh!!
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 1:32pm Tony Coulter:

@ NGH: Hurray! Congrats, NGH!
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 1:34pm FUNKED UP:

still gapping or still ___________ing! had my supper in between thought might have ended!
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 1:34pm Carmichael:

Congratulations NGH! Let's go out for a beer; I'll get there in the next 6 months to a year.

You start in 2 days?!? Get thee to a clothing store, STAT!
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 1:35pm Tony Coulter:

I toast you with a piece of toast, NGH.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 1:35pm DCE:

*(late arrival)
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 1:36pm Tony Coulter:

Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 1:36pm FUNKED UP:

fill in the gap:-
is this the ____________ show Tony has ever done?
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 1:37pm Tony Coulter:

Don't worry, be gappy.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 1:39pm northguineahills:

Thanks everyone. Now I need a haircut and a shave. I still have business attire from the last job that had a dress code, 3 years ago (the last full time job i had developing apps had no dress code)
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 1:39pm FUNKED UP:

is all ________ Ringo the same?
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 1:39pm northguineahills:

Beers for everyone!

Now, I can give more to WFMU!
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 1:41pm FUNKED UP:

May be next time you play the all nothing band - plenty of gaps on that record, or the nitty gappy dirt band's - Will the gap be unbroken - plenty of gaps in that record!____________________
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 1:42pm northguineahills:

Mmmmm... toast! *gargle slurp*
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 1:42pm FUNKED UP:

Northguineahills - are there any gaps on your CV?
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 1:42pm listener james from westwood:

many congrats, ngh!
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 1:43pm northguineahills:

Actually, yes, I haven't had a full time job in 23 months.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 1:47pm northguineahills:

danke, James!
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 1:51pm Tony Coulter:

The "official" Die Trip releases, all on the simply fabulous Alcohol label: www.discogs.com...
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 1:52pm northguineahills:

I have 44 hours to bone up on Java, Python, Oracle and SQL. I'm a bit rusty.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 1:55pm Tony Coulter:

I didn't know pythons were native to Java, but then, I'm no oracle.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 1:56pm DCE:

way to go, ngh. we're proud of you!
  Tue. 6/18/13 1:58pm Comatose Gus:

I like Orchestre Murphy's-Frankincense. What can you recommend by Bing Selfish?
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 2:00pm northguineahills:

thanks, DCE! Beers will be available to all! (might have to wait until I get paid).

Carmichael, autumnal beer o'clock sounds fun!
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 2:01pm Doug Schulkind:

Be sure to tune back in to the Drummer Stream between 6-9pm (ET) this evening. Like some sort of (exceedingly handsome) conjoined radio twins, Give the Drummer Some and Kaminsky Kamoutsky will be doing three hours of live radio together from two different cities. The first hour will be visually accompanied by Doug's playlist (here: wfmu.org...) and the next two hours on Jesse's playlist (here: wfmu.org...)

Of course, Tony and Tape Hiss are on for another hour, so don't go anywheres!
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 2:01pm Carmichael:

Thank God for finding that typo, ngh ...
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 2:02pm duke:

@ngh congrats!
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 2:04pm duke:

@ngh now you can slack off at work like at work and listen to FMU.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 2:04pm Tony Coulter:

@ Comatose Gus: Anything Bing is great, but maybe start at the beginning, with the EP "Selfish Works," which was recently reissued.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 2:05pm Uncle Michael:

@NGH: Great news! (sorry about the dress code)
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 2:09pm fleep:

@ngh way to go
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 2:11pm Doug Schulkind:

Just been up-scrolling and now adding my full-throated congrats to the chorus, NGH!
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 2:11pm northguineahills:

Thanks, I imagine I can WFMU there, it's never been much of a problem any where else. Honestly, I post on here as much while unemployed as I did when I was working.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 2:12pm Jeremy N:

Congrats NG Hills! Good to hear of what is becoming a rare occurence, the gap in my CV is big enough to drive a truck through. Perhaps i should try driving the truck. Or The Gap.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 2:15pm Uncle Michael:

Something really weird about using Firesign Theatre in a sound collage.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 2:16pm Tony Coulter:

Hola-hoops, Jeremy, Doug, Duke, and anyone else I missed.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 2:17pm northguineahills:

Taking a long vacation after a stressful job might have closed some doors to me, just based on the gap on my CV. (three months chilling, one month travelling). Oh, and the year when I had a typo for my email on my resume that Carmichael alluded to didn't help either.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 2:41pm Tony Coulter:

Talking of vacations, I'll be off next week -- Thom Jones (DDDJJJ66) will be filling in, with an all-covers show.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 2:43pm northguineahills:

Well, I need to study a bit w/o commenting. Thanks a lot Tony for some awesome music. For the record, I hadn't heard any of the Die Trip Computer Die tracks before. Thanks again for the well wishes everyone, it means a lot! Cheers!
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 2:45pm Tony Coulter:

You're welcome, NGH. And good luck, you working stiff!
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 2:47pm FUNKED UP:

enjoy your break Tony - I'm sure DDDJJJ666 will be able to fill the _____.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 2:54pm Tony Coulter:

Somehow, the Rascal Reporters manage to summon the spirits of the Residents, the Carpenters, and Soft Machine all at the same time.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 2:55pm Uncle Michael:

I hear Take Five *and* East/West.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 2:57pm Uncle Michael:

Thank you for the show, artist presently known as Tony Coulter.
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 2:57pm listener james from westwood:

many thanks, tony, and enjoy your time away!
Avatar Tue. 6/18/13 3:01pm Tony Coulter:

Thanks, James and Michael, and everyone else. See you in 2 weeks!
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