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Playlist for 05 June 2013 Options | In, Demons, IN!

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
The Fall  Irish   Options Re-Mit 
*   0:00:00 ()
Gnod  Vision of Load   Options Chaudelande 
*   0:04:32 ()
Hawkwind  Motorhead   Options Warrior on the Edge of Time 
  0:11:20 ()
Edgar Broughton Band  Old Gopher   Options Sing Brother Sing 
  0:14:33 ()
Captain Beefheart  Ice Cream For Crow   Options Title Track 
  0:18:20 ()
Material  Upriver   Options Memory Serves 
  0:22:36 ()
Music behind DJ:
Isi   Options  
  0:28:24 ()
Improved Sound, Ltd  Hit 'Em in the Face   Options Engelchen Macht Weiter Hoppe-Hoppe Reiter      0:34:53 ()
The Melvins  In Every Dream Home a Heartache   Options Everybody Loves Sausages 
*   0:37:41 ()
Englebert Humperdink  Quando, Quando, Quando   Options  
  0:46:54 ()
In Every Dream Home a Heartache  Jane Birkin & Bryan Ferry   Options  

Click for the full size image
  0:49:40 ()
Vorsprung Durch Technik  In Every Dream Home a Heartache   Options       0:54:04 ()
Rockabye Baby  Redemption Song   Options  
  1:02:41 ()
OMD  Metroland   Options English Electric 
  1:05:47 ()
Klaus Dinger & Japandorf  Sketch No . 1-b   Options Self-Titled 
  1:12:45 ()
The Stranglers  Another Camden Afternoon   Options Giants 
*   1:17:50 ()
Khlam  San Francisco Nights   Options Sverkh Novy Sverkh Russkie 
  1:25:59 ()
Die Zorros  Paint it Black   Options Future 
  1:30:30 ()
Karel Gott  Rot Und Schwartz   Options  
  1:33:57 ()
Improved Sound Ltd  It is You   Options Engelchen Macht Weiter Hoppe-Hoppe Reiter      1:36:13 ()
Don Bartnick  Gefärliche   Options  
  1:38:01 ()
Der Plan  Junger Mann   Options       1:43:13 ()
Rolf Muller  Junger Mann   Options       1:44:31 ()
Harte 10  Ganz Leis Erklingt Musik   Options  
  1:44:47 ()
Nini Raviolette  Suis-je Normale   Options       1:50:12 ()
Curd Duca  Sin World   Options  
  1:59:34 ()
The Pastels  Secret Music   Options Slow Summits 
*   2:01:21 ()
Rge Liminanas  Une Ballade Pour Clive   Options Crystal Anis 
  2:05:13 ()
Serge Gainsbourg  Ballade de Melody Nelson   Options Histoire de Melody Nelson 
  2:07:53 ()
Pikelet  Shackson's Bottom Feet   Options Not so Still 
*   2:10:03 ()
Zephyr Nova  Oversized Gadget Laden, Gas Guzzler   Options The Box Set 
  2:13:44 ()
Dsh Dsh  Nesus   Options The Future Sound of Russia 

Click for the full size image
  2:15:19 ()
The Adult Net  Incense and Peppermint   Options  
  2:19:25 ()
The Vanilla Fudge  She's Not There   Options  
  2:22:27 ()
Brainticket  Brainticket Part 1   Options Cottonwoodhill 
  2:27:20 ()
Bruce McCulloch  The Doors   Options Shame Based Man 
  2:35:32 ()
Ray Manzarek  Where's The Bass Player?   Options Myth And Reality: Spoken Word History 
  2:38:49 ()
Unknown  The Doors Project   Options  
  2:40:55 ()
The Source Family  Expansion   Options The Source Family OST 
  2:43:55 ()
Mehrpouya  Shame Tanhai   Options Soul Raga 
  2:46:48 ()
Lord Sitar  If I Were a Rich Man   Options  
  2:51:55 ()
Music behind DJ:
Curd Duca 
Sin World   Options  
  2:57:30 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 6/5/13 9:01am bob:

yay i love wednesdays!
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:01am doca:

hello ken and fellow listeners.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:01am Detroit Mac:

Another fine-fun Wednesday with Ken.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:01am doca:

today is my birthday, ken, could you play khlam to celebrate it?
  Wed. 6/5/13 9:02am Grubbus:

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday!
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:03am duke:

Is it Wednesday already?
  Wed. 6/5/13 9:03am Grubbus:

Ken is FMU planning on filling the void that'll be left by Maxwell's demise?
  Wed. 6/5/13 9:03am bob:

hahahaha will he play khlam ?!?!!?
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:04am Rick from SC:

New Fall, in summer
  Wed. 6/5/13 9:04am common:

glad to have you back, ken!
  Wed. 6/5/13 9:05am F♋F♋ (:

Hola Keno, peopleos and peopleas! Good Wednesday to everybody!
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:06am Cheri Pi:

Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:07am Ken:

Hi everybody! I ran into a FMU listener in San Francisco last week and the first thing he said to me was "KHLAM!" It made me very happy.
  Wed. 6/5/13 9:08am F♋F♋ (:

Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:09am Jeezy:

Wow... I've lived to see another day.. hi all.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:09am Ken:

Grubbus - as soon as we have out permit, we will do shows from time to time, but we're not going into the club business, so no, we wont be filling the Maxwells void.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:10am Dave B:

Morning FMUers...
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:10am Dan B From Upstate:

Good morning, all. Ken, I'm enjoying the nameless animated image files, or AIFs you're posting this morning.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:11am doca:

@F♋F♋ (:: thanks!
did you know that the portuguese version of the happy birthday song is the only one in the world in which each and every line is different from the other?
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:13am Cheri Pi:

  Wed. 6/5/13 9:13am FH♋F♋ (:

Khen, dhoca, Dhetroit Khlamc, Dhave B, Dhan B From Upstate, Cheri Pi!

See? We all Khlam fans!
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:14am doca:

i'll make a khlam t-shrt! anybody's into it?
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:15am Dr. Goot:

Anything in the queue to honor the anniversary of Dee Dee's passing?
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:15am Ken:

doca - is the melody the same as HBTY?
  Wed. 6/5/13 9:15am F♋F♋ (:


Now I'm imaging Senhor Testiculo singing you the Happy Birthday portuguese song.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:16am doca:

hahah! testicle man can sing in the gonad's language.
  Wed. 6/5/13 9:16am common:

is that image for hawkwind from heavy metal? or rock n rule?
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:16am MD:

This show is all Organic....NO GMOS!!!!
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:18am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Joyeux Geminian Solar Return, doca!
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:20am doca:

@Ken: yes, it is. unfortunately i couldn't find a fine rendition on youtube to send you, but the verses are:

parabéns pra você, nesta data querida, muitas felicidades, muitos anos de vida (happy birthday to you on this beloved date, much happiness, many years of life)
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:20am Crow:

Ice cream? For me?
  Wed. 6/5/13 9:20am common:

I love the lyrics for ice cream for crow.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:21am doca:

@RRN63: thanks!
  Wed. 6/5/13 9:21am Ralphine:

What about "Happy Birthday to you. You live in a zoo. You look like a monkey. And smell like one, too."? Those lines aren't the same.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:22am Roberto:

Roberto is experiencing a full-on crisis of the psyche. Roberto doesn't know what he wants in life but Roberto knows he needs Ken and WFMU right now.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:23am doca:

@Ralphine: hahah! that song the testicle man would surely sing. from where it comes?
  Wed. 6/5/13 9:23am Monkey:

Hey! I smell great!
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:23am Dan B From Upstate:

Very nice, AnAnonymousParty.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:24am Rick from SC:

Great selections, Khlam
  Wed. 6/5/13 9:26am F♋F♋ (:


Perhaps that's because you haven't met the right person yet. Have you ever heard about Senhor Testiculo?
  Wed. 6/5/13 9:26am Ralphine:

Doca, I don't know who wrote it, but I just Googled "happy birthday to you you live in a zoo" and got 89,900 hits, so it must be legitimate.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:27am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

< @ . )

☝*See* how I puts on leetle leezard partyhats for yoo.
  Wed. 6/5/13 9:28am Ralphine:

Monkey, the song doesn't say that you don't smell great.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:28am northguineahills:

We sang Ralphine's version when I was in elementary school on the playground. I thinks it's something kids passed on to each other in the pre-internet days.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:28am Jeezy:

Wow Brooklyn's lookin' gorgeous today... but I threw my neck a drop sneezing. Stupid allergies...
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:30am Roberto:

As is the case with just about everything remotely useful in my life, Ken has introduced me to the magic of Sr T.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:31am tim from champaign:

Hen, your son parties with Bryce?
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:32am G:

you're gonna get splinters doing that, baby. come to bed.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:33am doca:

@Roberto: brazil's filled with weird stuff. you should look after et bilu, the brazilian extraterrestrial who speaks with a child's voice about love and happiness.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:34am G:

brasil, the soon to be obviously second most important country in the americas. just demography. plus a cool culture.
  Wed. 6/5/13 9:35am F♋F♋ (:

and which one is going to be the first one?
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:35am Roberto:

Obrigado doca. My crisis is melting away as we type.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:35am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...khlamdrawal ☤ - it's no joke...
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:37am Erella:

On Saturday night, a man watched me park my car and smiled huge when I got out. I said "Hi, have we met somewhere?" and he said he was smiling because he loves the WFMU bumper sticker on my little car. We had the best conversation about music and our favourite shows. Now the guy is a new friend. Thank you FMU.
Love that.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:37am G:

@F♋F♋ (: the culture that produced wfmu is the first, but unhappily the larger society is not doing so well and not trending up. india will be the most important country in the world in 50+ years, followed by china.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:37am Vivian:

Good morning all!

Ken, is that Olive or Rooster giving you some lovin'?
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:38am Ken:

That's Rooster.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:39am KOTJ:

Ice scream. You scream. Ice Cream for Crow.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:40am egal:

Interesting Roxy Music cover.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:40am Jeezy:

Homo Sweet home?
  Wed. 6/5/13 9:40am common:

is king buzzo singin?
  Wed. 6/5/13 9:40am F♋F♋ (:


Is Rooster the one that had its intestines floating around?
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:41am Vivian:

That Rooster, not a slut but a sweetie!
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:41am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:42am Seanbelly:

The combination of my musical erection and the animated playlist should be enough to get me canned finally. Thanks!
  Wed. 6/5/13 9:42am common:

Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:43am Mark S:

To me this is ruined by Jello Biafra's vocals
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:45am G:

Jello Man.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:45am Seanbelly:

Jello can't ruin anything
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:45am Ken:

No, that was Olive whose intestines had to be pushed back in. Yeah - Im not a fan of Jello's vocals either but still...
  Wed. 6/5/13 9:46am trish:

I built this with slow connections in mind, but it works for judgmental workplaces, too. What do you think?
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:46am egal:

Jane Birkin and Ferry sing this as a duet on Rendez-vous
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:47am Sean B.:

Great soundrack to a strange sunny morning!.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:47am Mark S:

"Art School" from Everybody Loves Sausages is good but not FCC friendly
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:48am G:

No, *you* hump her dink.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:49am doca:

@trish: i liked. i have a fairly good connection, but all the gifs are too heavy for my computer to take it.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:50am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:50am G:

many, this gif is heavy!
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:51am SeanG:

we're all gonna die
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:51am egal:

Ken delivers!
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:51am Ken:

Which is the heavy gif?
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:51am Sean B.:

$10 a month by snail mail for the rest of my life can't get me a heart?...KEN>?
  Wed. 6/5/13 9:51am F♋F♋ (:

thanks, ken. Poor Olive.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:52am amEdeo:

Is someone playing Bryan Ferry!?!!!!
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:52am doca:

i was thinking we all should give up our hearts so the new listeners won't feel they're out of the party
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:53am βrian:

Lets all get stigmata instead.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:54am βrian:

The Passion of The Free Form.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:55am doca:

@βrian: yes, that's what i'm talking about.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:55am KevinfromBayRidge:

A bright good morning from the window-less kingdom. Is there any chance that Maxwells will be replaced by an indoor themepark called "Khlam-World? Cmon Ken, use your resident clout!!!
  Wed. 6/5/13 9:56am pierre:

Bonjour Ken and Kenians !
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:56am tim from champaign:

That was the best crappy cover ever! Jumped right to the end of the song. More bands should do that with their originals even.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:57am Bilk Linton:

new NIN song today. i think.
  Wed. 6/5/13 9:57am bob:

ken you put the artist/song title backwards for vorsprung durch
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:57am G:

I look at things as they are and ask WTF
  Wed. 6/5/13 9:58am F♋F♋ (:

it looks the Lizard gif is the heavy one. It's 1.2MB
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:58am Vivian:

Ken, do you have a cold? You sound different..
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:58am Vivian:

I look at things and say ' Humans suck'
  Wed. 6/5/13 9:58am Ghengis Jung:

Hello Ken.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:58am KOTJ:

Boo-ya face.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:58am G:

@bob: freeform playlist.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:59am amEdeo:

@Bilk-- Think it's supposed to drop on Thursday actually.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:59am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...some people glare @ monitor's glare & ask - why have I not gotta cuppa yet...
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:59am Rev. Turnip Druid:

wah, missed my daily hawkwind deep fix...
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 9:59am G:

I look at things sometimes and say, I dont wanna live on this planet any more.
  Wed. 6/5/13 10:00am Sam:

The worst part is, even once the doll arrives, it takes SO LONG to inflate!! And you're sitting there waiting and waiting...
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:01am doca:

sometimes i feel like germany is the japan of the west
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:01am buısןǝɥ uoʌ pǝɹɟ:

"winged lesbian hobby horse sex slave."
it's got a beat and you can dance to it.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:02am Roberto:

Good advice for life. Don't mind the sounds in your head -- just turn up the background music.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:03am Bilk Linton:

KEN, where can I get your PARY WITH SLUTS glasses. I have court next week, and I think they would help my case.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:03am SeanG:

you are beautiful, no matter what they say
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:04am Jeezy:

I didn't realize Jane had such cute lil' boobies...
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:04am Planet Tyler:

Bilk - I dig your Venus transit :)
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:04am Mark S:

There's a new album from The Fall
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:05am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...?!: Jane was certainly not shy about them...
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:05am Ken:

Bilk - You can get your own "Party with Sluts" glasses at the Jersey Shore, on one of the remaining boardwalks.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:07am Bilk Linton:

THanks Ken. I'll have to send one of my assistants on a mission.. .
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:08am Ghengis Jung:

Where is my frilly blouse?
  Wed. 6/5/13 10:09am pierre:

darn, missed "Motorhead" Hawkwind too…
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:11am Mark S:

And I see I missed it the start of the show
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:12am People Like Us:

Ken's playing OMD
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:14am Ken:

Not no more Vicki!
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:15am Jeezy:

Jane Burkin is a little before my time, Rev Rabbit... Maybe that's why I missed them?!
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:15am tim from champaign:

Holy Prince rip off, Klaus Dinger.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:16am Jeezy:

Ken! PLEASE shout out my omelette! It kind out beautifully! Shame for it to vanish unsung...
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:16am Jeezy:

*came out kind of beautifully
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:17am People Like Us:

Ken played OMD
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:17am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

What Jeezy said!
  Wed. 6/5/13 10:18am F♋F♋ (:

German + Japanese = Krautdorf
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:19am G:

I feel absolutely certain that one could obtain party sluts novelty glasses on the interwebz.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:19am KOTJ:

Klaus Dinger was a real zinger.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:20am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

♫ Omelettes are Beautiful ♨
- no matter what they say ♪ ...
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:21am Dave B:

stranglers killed it Monday night @ Highline
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:23am Jeezy:

I missed the Stranglers?!
WAIT! Who saw Monochrome Set at Knitting Factory?! They were SUPERB!
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:23am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

@ _


- @
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:26am crateslinger:

Why is this the final Castle? Is Bill leaving?
  Wed. 6/5/13 10:27am bob:

Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:27am doca:

Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:27am Rob (from Mt Hope):

Morning Ken. What were you saying about Fuse TV?
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:28am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

khlamdrawal relieved!
- khhamvation!
- khlamditioning rewarded!
-ARF!ARGH! - Ahhhhhhh....
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:30am MD:

this guy really loves SAN FRAN!!!!
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:30am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:30am DCE:

Eric Burdon should kick this guy's ass
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:31am Jeezy:

By the way... If any wants to "gangstercize" your website...
  Wed. 6/5/13 10:31am common:

Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:31am doca:

have you noticed the live khlam videos that inhabit youtube?
  Wed. 6/5/13 10:32am bill:

To this Paint it black I'd do a spit take if I had any damn coffee
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:33am Andy says hi:

hi ken! liked the Glockenspiel earlier.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:33am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

☆ Just the Hits!
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:33am Ken:

Just how many Khlam videos ARE there on Youtube?
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:34am AnAnonymousParty:

Is this Englebert Humperdink again?
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:34am Ghengis Jung:

Keep the Paint it Black versions coming!
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:35am Andy says hi:

yes, excellent stuff
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:36am KOTJ:

It appears to be increasing. I see 1.5 YouTube pages of live Khlam vidz based on my search.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:36am doca:

kham videos don't just ARE on youtube, they spring up there whenever they want.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:37am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Karel Gott Soul. The Schwartz is w/ him.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:37am doca:

but there are a lot of videos, ten or twelve and there's even a playlist entitled "Moscow underground rock", check it out, ken
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:38am efd:

  Wed. 6/5/13 10:38am F♋F♋ (:

I ganstericed for WFMU and found this:

FMU (WFMU) on Twizzle - Cached
All tha sickest fuckin bullshiznit from WFMU (@WFMU). Da freeform radio station of tha nation. I aint talkin' bout chicken n' gravy biatch. Independent, creative, rockin radio. Tweeter up in Chief ...
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:38am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Improved Sound - Limited.
  Wed. 6/5/13 10:39am F♋F♋ (:

WFMU | Facebizzle - Get tha fuck in here - Cached
WFMU, Jersey City, NJ. 43118 likes . 553 rappin' bout this.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:40am Rick from SC:

This is fun
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:42am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Lihfe ist und Cabaret - ulde choom...
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:45am Jeezy:

I like FMU gangstercized...
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:46am AnAnonymousParty:

Sounds like the 50's have been abducted by aliens again.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:47am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...I'm not 50 'til November...
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:48am Revolution Rabbit Nov63: *that* what happens?? I thot my palm crystal might go back to clear...
  Wed. 6/5/13 10:50am F♋F♋ (:

Harte 10!!

My email address based is an homage to this band!
  Wed. 6/5/13 10:51am F♋F♋ (:


I meant to say: 'My personal email address IS an homage to..etc'
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:51am Dr. Goot:

Nice Buttocks!!!
  Wed. 6/5/13 10:52am Grubbus:

very nice!
  Wed. 6/5/13 10:53am bob:

Geeez ken! I'm at work here!! NSFW!
  Wed. 6/5/13 10:53am F♋F♋ (:

According to my Butt Manual by Dr. Bootygrabber that butt over there requires urgent medical care.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:55am crateslinger:

cet derriere me faire pas normale... mon dieu
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:56am Dr. Goot:

In other butt related news -
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:57am northguineahills:

It's sooooo hypnotic.....
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:59am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...'Da problem forced tha company ta cut its revenue n' profit forecasts n' hustled ta tha departure of its top shizzle executive'...
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:59am doca:

thanks ken and all listeners, you made my birthday-day a whole lot better. unfortunately, i won't be able to listen to the 'fmu through the whole day, so 'ill check the rest on the archives. live long and prosper.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 10:59am G:

Ken, the cheesecake king :-)
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:00am G:

  Wed. 6/5/13 11:00am Tenez:

Quelles belles fesses, qoui !
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:01am Caryn:

Hello all! Finally! Working alone now, so no longer get a ride from my colleague. End result: the commute home takes way longer...
Anyway, gif review:
-obviously, 1931's "Frankenstein"
-"Heavy Metal", and based on hazy memories (haven't seen it since the 90s), guy playing Devo's "Through Being Cool"
-2 gifs from Swedish scifi series "Hubots", or "Real Humans"
-Jean Vigo's "A Propos de Nice"
-back to "Frankenstein"
-not sure where those girls are from, but they make their location seem very inviting
-and "Gilda"
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:02am G:

@crate 10:26: I think I recall bill saying last week that he has home front things to do, and also that he feels his own focus changing away from that genre to other genres. he's had many shows with varying focuses over the years, and most likely will be back with a different genre soon... that's the recollection i have of what he said (it was late-evening and i was tired, and i've been really busy since then; maybe someone else recalls better)
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:03am Ken:

`Phew! The camera crew is gone so I can relax
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:04am duke:

I missed Khlam. Ken, can you play more Khlam?
  Wed. 6/5/13 11:05am bob:

share the link to Khlam/russian youtubes!
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:05am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- that's not Tina Louise in the middle is it? It's MarryAnn for all I know...
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:06am crateslinger:

Thanks G.
  Wed. 6/5/13 11:08am F♋F♋ (:

thanks, Caryn for the info!
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:09am Caryn:

Hands from Mamoulian version of "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde"
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:10am Caryn:

And "Lolita" of course.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:11am Caryn:

Oh, and the Christina Ricci gif is from "After Life"
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:12am Andrew Waterloo:

I've been reading the Sylvie Simmons biography of Serge Gainsbourg. He was surprisingly prolific.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:12am G:

The film computer is in da house and on da job.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:13am Caryn:

@G: don't you mean hizzouse?
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:14am G:

She is SO not decent.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:14am Ike:

YES! It's the stalling tape!

@Crate @10:26 and G @11:02:
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:14am G:

hizzizzlehouse, yo.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:14am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- no - Googling Tina L. - she looks like she was born statuesque - never that petite-cute-teenage...
  Wed. 6/5/13 11:14am Thelma Blitz:

Here's Melody Nelson with French & English subtitles (a hobby of mine to put them there):
  Wed. 6/5/13 11:15am paulWCBN:

Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:15am G:

@Ike: That's right, I'd forgotten he or someone posted that link of his last-week board, and I read it then. That's certainly a clear explanation :)
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:16am emma_dolores:

wnyu never let us have gifs :( they enhance the whole experience so much
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:17am G:

wnyu is for nursing home denizens, current or imminent :)
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:18am emma_dolores:

no, the old djs are the best
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:19am Caryn:

The horse on the ball is from Svankmajer's 1964 short "The Last Trick".
  Wed. 6/5/13 11:20am F♋F♋ (:

Svankmajer! horay!
  Wed. 6/5/13 11:22am Listening Out There:

...Caryn's initials should be "IMDb"...
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:22am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- great image!; efd hasn't shaved, interesting...
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:22am Rich in Washington:

Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:23am Rich in Washington:

What ever happened to her?
  Wed. 6/5/13 11:23am F♋F♋ (:


You managed to get both my grandmas' names in your username. Good!
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:23am Dave B:

Deerskin Jacket = Tommy Seebach Band "Apache"
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:23am Vivian:

Isn't Brix E. Smith the lead singer for The Adult Net?
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:24am Rich in Washington:

@Vivian: Yes.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:24am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Caryn is flat-out *frightening*.
...In the groobiest kinda way, I mean...
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:25am KOTJ:

.....and dated Michael Douglas.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:25am Mark S:

I think that was the original "Incense and Peppermint"
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:25am G:

syphilis? not a huge impediment, i imagine.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:25am andymorphic:

Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:25am Ike:

G, are you sure you're not thinking of WFUV? WNYU has some edge sometimes. No nursing home flavor to my ears. Not usually much personality though. The New Afternoon Show has its moments.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:25am duke:

long hair + now sounds + bell bottoms = syphilis
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:26am G:

@Ike: forgot to add "YMMV" :)
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:26am AnAnonymousParty:

Oh, the days when the worst thing you could get was syphillis . . . (sighs wistfully)
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:27am Caryn:

I seem to remember that sometime in 2012 or 2011, Ken had a gif of the dancers from Seebach's video on the playlist...
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:27am G:

as people age, many suffer "personality fade." QED
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:27am Carmichael:

Good morning Kenneth and all the ships at sea. Jesus, did Vanilla effing Fudge sing EVERY song? Did they do the Happy Birthday Portuguese song?
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:27am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...There's Zombies - & there's ...ZOMMMBIES.
- I dig nursing homes & syphilis. Hilarious combo.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:28am G:

Yes started as a Vanilla Fudge imitator. :p
  Wed. 6/5/13 11:28am common:

Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:29am Ken:

The Injun' Bob show on WFUV is good sometimes.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:29am DCE:

that's the ticket
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:30am DCE:

I'll take two!
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:30am Ike:

Ken, I still don't get it.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:33am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- B&W people talk about Color :
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:36am Caryn:

@RRN63: hey, just saw a documentary that included that clip! Now if only I could remember what the documentary was about...
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:36am People Like Us:

Nurse With Wound covered Brainticket too - Brained by Falling Masonary
  Wed. 6/5/13 11:36am xezzy:

Oh no the doors fan
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:37am ottovonbqe:

Bruce McCulloch is awesome.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:37am Caryn:

And the blindfolded man is old footage from an insane asylum. It's included on some music videos.

Yay, McCulloch! Makes me want to watch tons of KITH.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:37am G:

The Doors of Misperception.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:37am fleep:

He knows a lot of Daves.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:38am emma_dolores:

fuck i hate the doors, but i love this
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:38am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- Jim still has all his hair...figures, bastard...
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:38am Mike East:

viva la doooooors!
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:39am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

I'm a Dave, & I'm - a DooorsFan.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:39am Ghengis Jung:

I thought that Jim Morrison was Danzig.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:39am Dr. Goot:

@Caryn 11:37 - I thought that was from a US Army LSD experiment.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:39am Cory:

I like the Doors and wonder why people mock me for it.
  Wed. 6/5/13 11:39am F♋F♋ (:

This is my Social Media question of the day:

Why there's no Twitter way to tweet the world while listening to this show ? I bet some people would tweet to let their followers know they are listening to this show or watching this GIF in this show. Disclaimer: I'm not a Twitter user but as far as I know Tweeting while consuming media is one of those things young people nowadays.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:40am Vivian:

Bruce McCulloch appears in the latest Arrested Development series
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:40am Dave E:

I'm a Dave and I do not like the Door's.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:40am KOTJ:

My stream froze. I sneezed and it came back.
  Wed. 6/5/13 11:40am F♋F♋ (:

*do nowadays
  Wed. 6/5/13 11:41am Maria D:

Oh god, so glad you played this!!!
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:41am andymorphic:

just play some x
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:41am G:

Ray, virtually all Doors fans who came up to you were not music experts.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:41am Caryn:

@Dr. Goot: I wouldn't be surprised by that. The Army used to test things in rather unsavoury ways and with outside subjects.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:41am Carmichael:

When Manzarek gets to the part about Morrison's pants and billowy shirts, give this recording to Goodwill.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:41am G:

The void is centered between Ray's ears.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:42am tim from champaign:

Wow, Ray M is a stone corn weenie!
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:42am G:

Best Doors tribute EVAR :p
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:42am Cory:

would I be cooler if I like bands like Led Zep, the Stones, or Philip Glass?
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:43am fleep:

Cory: No, no, and no.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:43am egal:

@Cory Yes.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:43am Dave E:

Cool beans
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:43am G:

or, less uncool :p
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:44am Mark S:

No Tim, Ray Manzarek was a stone corn weenie
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:44am Carmichael:

@Cory: You should like Gentle Giant, Harry Partch and Bananarama. You'll have to trust me on this one.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:44am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...all bands should be best represented by their dumbest fans - esp. bands from as long ago as the late60's/early70's...
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:44am Cory:

I guess I keep liking uncool things. Why change now?
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:45am Cory:

  Wed. 6/5/13 11:45am trish:


1) Feed a small number of totalitarian megacorps ? Ugh.
2) Or a non-totalitarian and an eventual endless stream of icons. Ugh.
3) Copy and paste wherever any listener chooses. Have at it. Yeah.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:45am Caryn:

I think the wolf gif is from the Droopy cartoon "Northwest Hounded Police".
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:45am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Philip Glass is my *favorite* band.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:45am Dave E:

I prefer being cool in the Summer
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:46am other eddie:

whoa -- anybody else think ray manzarek sounded like dave emory...?
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:46am Fuzzy:

I'm through being cool.
  Wed. 6/5/13 11:46am xezzy:

F♋F♋: I feel that whatever this website is, it's better than twitter, and it's kind of ingenious. Too bad it's not free software.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:46am Cory:

hold on, just thought of a couple of cool things I LOVE. WFMU and you guys!
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:46am egal:

Uncool things are cool, until they become cool. Then they lose their uncoolness and one has to look for something else that's uncool.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:46am fleep:

Cory: You so cool.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:47am Cory:

fleep: no you are
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:47am Dave E:

@egal: How profound!
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:48am Cory:

I also seem to love typos....
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:48am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- awlright - cool it.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:48am Dave E:

Refridgerators are cool!
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:48am Ken:

Wow Other Eddie, you're right! Ray Manzarek DOES sound like Dave Emory!
  Wed. 6/5/13 11:48am xezzy:

Last time I thought something was cool is when I heard brainticket.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:49am Caryn:

The toga chicks are from the 1919 Chaplin film "Sunnyside".
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:50am egal:

@Dave E I'm glad we're cool.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:50am G:

cool it! :p
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:50am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

61F in NewHampsha - cool enuff to close the windows...
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:51am Andy says hi:

I feel slightly remote controlled :P
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:51am Caryn:

I feel like for a bit, this show has been a response to my saying last week that though there was some hippie music on WFMU, there wasn't much hippie dippie music.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:53am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...that banana peel is smokin'...
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:53am egal:

Wear your love like heaven, @Caryn.
  Wed. 6/5/13 11:54am F♋F♋ (:


Well, I agree. But if I were a social media enthusiast (like 99.9999001% of the population) I'd be happy to tweet soundclips or the gifs being 'played' here or with a click of a button, or I'd be happy to know that WFMU sells our personal details to big conglomerates so they can advertise their relevant ads up our asses.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:54am Caryn:

My arachnophobia is slightly disturbed by the spider hanging from Stanley's sitar.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:55am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- as long as it's the *cool* hippiedippie music...
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:55am Moishe Pradesh:

I heard this in Katz's Delhi the other day.
  Wed. 6/5/13 11:56am F♋F♋ (:


I neither know what this website is but I do know this show is like a malware, that is, gif-aded musical software designed to mess up with my mind.
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:56am People Like Us:

You haven't played Mr Ed for years
  Wed. 6/5/13 11:57am Andy Plants:

Killing it, thoroughly enjoying every minute
  Wed. 6/5/13 11:57am Andy Plants:

Killing it, thoroughly enjoying every minute
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:57am G:

That's ok, Mr Ed hasn't played him either
  Wed. 6/5/13 11:58am F♋F♋ (:

This show is over but my gratitude for it last forever! Ken for president! Senhor Testiculo for vice-president!

Till next episode everyone!
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:58am People Like Us:

oh I figured it was something like that
  Wed. 6/5/13 11:58am trish:

"Internet? What's that?"
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 11:59am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- you better be careful what the borscht might be spiked w/ ...I gefilte a little funny...
Avatar Wed. 6/5/13 12:00pm Caryn:

Oh look, the end from 1950's "The Basic Physics of an Atomic Bomb"!
  Wed. 6/5/13 12:01pm xezzy:

I like to think that Ken lies to sleep right after the show somewhere on the floor, and then he is awaken right before his next show. And `manager' is just an ironic nick name.
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